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Romance / That Thing Called EX!! by Undilutedme: 8:48pm On Aug 22, 2023
Health / Re: How To Migrate And Work In The US & Canada As A Doctor Or Pharmacist by Undilutedme: 2:26pm On Aug 02, 2023

Your Father And Mother Were Not Alright When They were Making You Up.

Your Birth Certificate is Obviously An Apology Letter To Your Father from The Condom Factory, Nit-wit.

Your Silly Mother Could Never Have Given You Proper Home Training - That's Why You are here writing trash. I would have advised you to go use your time to do better things but what can a slowpoke like you do with his time than waste it wandering to insult other people ?

Wasteful Generation.
Shût up Oga. Your whóre mother who fvcks
for a penny and bastàrd father are who you're referring to tongue tongue. I asked a question, are you alright? I knew you weren't tho, but I wanted to be sure, but you just proved me right now by dragging your dîrty and filthy hoe of a mother into something she knows nothing about. Tell your usèless father to take you to a psychiatrist before you become more useless than he is.

I'm ready to drag your dîrty parents into it too, since you have no respect for people's. Foólish scumbag grin grin grin
Health / Re: How To Migrate And Work In The US & Canada As A Doctor Or Pharmacist by Undilutedme: 7:42am On Aug 02, 2023

This is really insightful.

Nice one.
You had to quote the whole post, are you alright?
Music/Radio / Re: Northern Muslims Tear Infinix Billboard With Davido's Face by Undilutedme: 10:35pm On Jul 28, 2023
Of there's anyone who behaved like an animal it's definitely David and his supporters. His foolishness is the reason why we are arguing here. It's very simple RESPECT BOUNDARIES
Please shut up, you cûrsed bastàrdd, if them born your pàpa well, enter south south with this your rubbish, I go sponsor you kîlling. You useless bàstard.
Music/Radio / Re: Northern Muslims Tear Infinix Billboard With Davido's Face by Undilutedme: 10:26pm On Jul 28, 2023
religion is tabu....
you want to mess around,migrate to western nations....
May thunder kîll you and your bastard Mohammed. Idîót
Education / What Can I Learn Online? by Undilutedme: 7:54pm On Jul 25, 2023
Hello family
I have a laptop with specs, 6gb ram, almost 690+gb ROM, 2.5Hz et al and I am wondering what skills I can learn online. I'm a student (Medicine and surgery) to be precise and I really don't mind the time though, I can always struggle my way round that. Please, what skills can I learn online? I'm not really a fan of graphics design, so I'll pass please. I need suggestions, data won't be much of a problem.

I'm waiting guys.
Romance / Re: I Made A Very Terrible Mistake by Undilutedme: 1:31pm On Feb 10, 2022
Alaye , when u dey Bleep , you did not create any God damn thread , why giving us headache now ? , Get a life fool
It's your father that's a fool. Did I insult you, bast*rd?
Romance / Re: I Made A Very Terrible Mistake by Undilutedme: 7:43pm On Feb 09, 2022
Go and get tested so that you get rest of mind
I will, after my exams. I just want to be done first
Romance / Re: I Made A Very Terrible Mistake by Undilutedme: 7:42pm On Feb 09, 2022

Before u Bleep, u dy think with your dick and u no know say STD/HIV dy & now wey u don jam agbako of fish odour pussy u dy reason HIV & coming here to be a motivational speaker cheesy cheesy cheesy.... Oga go do ur test & u collect result within an hour..

Las Las na u go nurse ur wound grin grin grin All mallam with en kettle
Pussy odour?. That's totally out of it, she was totally neat, I mean totally and looking healthy. It's not like I'm saying I have HIV, it's just that unprotected sex is not something I'm used to and I just want to clear my mind with a test.

PS; I'm not motivating anyone, it's left for anyone to do what he/she likes.
Romance / I Made A Very Terrible Mistake by Undilutedme: 7:31pm On Feb 09, 2022
Hello people, how are y'all doing?

About 2 weeks ago, I had unprotected sex with a lady, not like the condom broke, it was unprotected and it was for a period of good 2days. Now I totally regret my actions and I want to go for an HIV test but fear won't let me, I just hope nothing happens to me. How long does it take for HIV symptoms to start showing?. And when will HIV result show on a test?. I just hope I can gather enough courage to do it soon. I'm not just at peace with myself anymore.

Guys, please stay away from premarital sex, whether protected or not cos it can mess with your peace of mind. If u can't please use condom oo. I've promised to remain celibate for the time being, nothing is even in the sex, it's so over hyped.

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Romance / She Told Me She Likes Me! by Undilutedme: 12:15pm On Dec 05, 2021
Hey nairalanders.

A colleague of mine in school, I'm a student in of the the federal schools here in the west. A female friend here in the university told me she likes me. She's always been saying it, she says it often BUT she doesn't want to date me. She told a mutual friend friend of ours she likes me, she shows it quite well and it's obvious she does.

She goes out with guys tho, a couple of guys but I dunno if they have anything. She tells me anytime she's going out with guys, it makes me feel bad though, because I've got a little feelings for her.

We've had intimate moments but not s*x anyways. I know she does like me, she shows it but I asked her out, she insisted on going slowly but she keeps reminding me she likes me.

So recently, we had a fall out and I got offended and stopped talking to her. I barely call or receive her calls, I barely even chat with her now and I honestly have peace of mind.

But why do ladies behave this way?. I find it really funny.

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Education / Re: The medical students and aspirants thread by Undilutedme: 7:38pm On Feb 21, 2021

Sorry for the late reply sir, my jamb score is 332.
I sincerely believe my chances will only be high up there with only UTME.
What do you suggests pls?
I don't have access to this mail anymore. Drop ur number and I'll send u a whatsApp message ASAP.
Education / Re: The medical students and aspirants thread by Undilutedme: 7:25pm On Feb 21, 2021

Sorry for the late reply sir, my jamb score is 332.
I sincerely believe my chances will only be high up there with only UTME.
What do you suggests pls?
Nice Jamb score u got there. Well, from speculations, it may just be jamb score only but anything can happen.

If u want to change, u got to do it very fast. All the best.

what happened to ur first choice?
Education / Re: The medical students and aspirants thread by Undilutedme: 4:17pm On Feb 21, 2021
Hello Docs, I have a lot of questions about Unical admission processing for this year.
I was told it's all about UTME score and that post utme has been scrapped for now. How true is this pls?
Will Olevel result be used as a criteria for admission?
What are my chances of being admitted with a good JAMB score but average Olevel, I'm from kwara state.
Will it be a good thing for me to change my choice of institution to Unical now?
Firstly,What's ur jamb score?

And it seems true that there will be no post utme this year for Unical, at least I'm 90% certain of that. You can still change to Unical now but it is at ur own risk, just be prepared for any eventualities but it should reflect before they start anyways. To be safe, make sure you have a very sound O level result with ur high jamb score just in case they decide to use waec just the way Uniport did.

So back to my first question. What's ur jamb score? ��. Let's start from there.
Education / Re: The medical students and aspirants thread by Undilutedme: 3:37pm On Jan 26, 2021

I can see you are a busy body.. Your ITK too much dude. did I tell you that I picked Unilag for 2020 UME? I said I picked Unilorin.. Unilag last cut off was 81.375 sef..I still wonder why I'm still talking about this... I said I'm considering the school for next utme.. If you truly have some self-respect, don't comment on this issue anymore and don't quote any of my posts on this thread. see guy, for this thread just dey your dey bro..
You're taking it quite personal.now. I don't see anything wrong in what the guy said, you're taking it too far. Just chill, except you got issues with him before because this here, is not enough reason to quarrel.


Education / Re: The medical students and aspirants thread by Undilutedme: 3:12pm On Jan 20, 2021
Wow!, wow!.
So much hate on medicine. It's not surpising though, most people who fail to get it into medicine are always frustrated and tend to discourage others from trying with the excuse of medicine being "overhyped". Reminds me of a friend who tried medicine severally but couldn't get in, he wanted medicine so badly but couldn't just get it, he then applied for med lab and got it, if you see the way this boy was badmoutting this same medicine he had been struggling to get ehn, he was like nothing is special in medicine and that he prefers med lab. He decided to try once one when he was already in med lab and luckily he got medicine, I'm just waiting for him to downgarde medicine again now that he has gotten it, he won't dare!. He will claim medicine is the best now.

Many people tend to expend all the frustrations they've had from not getting medicine into hating the course. Medicine is not the cause of your problems, find fulfilment in whatever u studied/studying and let people find fulfilment in theirs, it's childish to keep badmouthing a course just because you couldn't get it. You're not in any shoes to advise anyone on a course he or she wants to do except the person seeks advise from you. Everyone is responsible for the choices they make. The hate is just too much.Take your frustrations outta the thread. The title of the thread read "MEDICAL STUDENTS AND ASPIRANTS THREAD". Bad energy isn't needed here!.

90% of those hating on medicine are people who couldn't get it. Take that to the bank

Live and let others live. I hate nonsense!.


Romance / Re: Did I Over React? by Undilutedme: 2:54pm On Jan 11, 2021
You have serious anger issues, and you have no one to tell you.
It shows in majority of your nairaland posts here.
Work on your anger so you won't lose a good girl.
Grow up.
How many comments have I made on nairaland that would make u feel I have anger issues?. Saying her brother talked sense into my head was belittling even though it was a joke!. There are things you joke with.

If I have reacted to your comments angrily, then pardon me, I only find your hypocritical nature annoying at times. See ya!


Travel / Re: Usuma Dam, Abuja: You Won't Believe This Is Nigeria (Video, Photos) by Undilutedme: 1:24am On Jan 10, 2021
NAIJA IS BLESSED all over with Natural beauty and resources.

Only some evil minded and devilish people all over the tribes in Nigeria are holding us down as a nation.

We have everything we need to stand and succeed as a great nation.

Unfortunately, tribal and religion shenanigans have eaten deep into the brain of an average Nigerian.

The CHANGE we all seek for begins with us.


Awwwwww kiss.
This is like sweet music to our ears.
Some of us @[b][/b] will most def be there before the end of this month. BGG!
Just shut up guy.
Romance / Did I Over React? by Undilutedme: 1:29pm On Jan 05, 2021
Hello guys
Please I want to know if I overeacted to this.

Weeks ago, I had a serious disagreement with my girlfriend that led to her elder brother calling me(We are kind of serious with the relationship, like we have plans). We talked and sorted things out.

So today I was on a call with her and I spoke with one of her other brothers, after talking to him, I was like "Is this A or B(I'm using A and B to represent the brothers now). So she told me it's A and not B and was like " B" was the one that called and "talked sense" into me the time we had a quarrel. I really found the statement offensive, like saying her brother talked sense into me, I got angry and replied her quite harshly. She was like "It's a normal talk" and it's not enough to get someone angry. She got sad and angry I think.

So ladies and gentlemen, please do u think I overreacted?. Is that enough to get someone angry?. I want to know so I can apologize

Thank you!.
Education / Re: The medical students and aspirants thread by Undilutedme: 8:02am On Dec 24, 2020
Please people I need advice.
My sister is awaiting post utme for the course Radiography with a good jamb score, along the way she got admitted into school of nursing.

What should she do, the SON is resuming soon btw,
Should she forfeit the school and focus on the University?
A bird in hand....... I guess you know that parable. Since she was the one that willingly bought the SON form, meaning she wants to go. My advice is, if there is enough finance, let her resume the school of nursing and still be preparing for the post utme, if she gets it, she should quickly accept the admission as Bsc is higher. A lot of people do it, some will be in 300L and still write jamb for medicine so she too can do it.


Celebrities / Re: BBNaija's Erica Nlewedim Visits Abia State For First Time (Photos, Video) by Undilutedme: 10:18am On Dec 17, 2020
Just see youths, just see them, see what they are investing their time into. Smh
Education / Re: The medical students and aspirants thread by Undilutedme: 10:15am On Dec 17, 2020
Hey guys, so I just passed my Mb exams. I need book recommendations for path and pharm.
Congrats chief
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Leipzig Vs Manchester United UCL (3 - 2) On 8th December 2020 by Undilutedme: 10:58pm On Dec 08, 2020
I don't understand u guys oo
Miracles can happen, Besikas win PSG and Man U the Zebras will qualify grin grin grin cheesy

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Education / Re: The medical students and aspirants thread by Undilutedme: 12:02pm On Oct 30, 2020
Good morning all,please what books should I read in preparation for my jamb examination,a good book that can help me score 300+.

Chemistry- Study New school chemistry AKA Ababio extensively, back it up with Lamlard chemistry, finish all the exercises. You can also use Essential chemistry in absence of Ababio

Biology- Use Modern biology. It contains more detailed information more than any other textbook, though I used Essential biology. U can also use Idodo Umeh, but Modern biology should be ur first choice

Physics- Use new school physics, Lamlard physics and All inclusive physics. Those are all you need for physics, I believe

English- Use Invisible teacher by Dele, A-Z jn English and you're good to go.

Read them very well, I can assure you 300 and above. No cap.

U should use jamb past questions for revision too. All the best.

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Education / Re: JAMB UTME 2021 Thread by Undilutedme: 4:13pm On Oct 29, 2020

Nope, biochemistry but opted for med again.
Education / Re: JAMB UTME 2021 Thread by Undilutedme: 12:35pm On Oct 29, 2020

What are you saying boy? You can check my thread about Health courses you grasp? Never mind my manners if I sound rude.
You will get admitted ehn just work hard
I'm already a student bro.

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Romance / Re: See Moments A Corper Proposed To His Girlfriend After Faking He's Dying(video) by Undilutedme: 12:29pm On Oct 29, 2020
Watch how nairaland guys will come here andcall him simp angry angry

Congrats bro. Love is a beautiful thing, the girl truly loves you. I pray your marriage works wink wink
Education / Re: JAMB UTME 2021 Thread by Undilutedme: 12:26pm On Oct 29, 2020
Kids never cease to amaze me. gringringrin.
Which one is 370 again. Damn Jamb for making exam look easy by repeating questions.
Kids kee ur head there. Carry your oldage go collect money from first bank na angry

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Education / Re: The medical students and aspirants thread by Undilutedme: 12:52pm On Oct 04, 2020
Why wouldn't anyone do that? Is EBSU a bad school or you just think it is?
He must have transferred maybe cos he wae having issues with the school or her sysyem. UNN is more reputable than EBSU in every ramification save for the teaching hospital the governor is building now. No one for obvious reasons would want to transfer to EBSU from UNN.


Education / Re: The medical students and aspirants thread by Undilutedme: 12:07am On Aug 28, 2020
the registration closes tomorrow I don't even know what to do .
Registration will surely be extended. I can bet my balls
Business / What Business Can I Do With 20k? by Undilutedme: 12:17pm On Aug 27, 2020
Hello guys

I have 20k currently and I don't want to spend it foolishly, I want to invest the 20k in something profitable. I know it's little but I know there are some businesses I can that can fetch me little income so when I get admission I can be helping myself. I'm a aspiring medical student and I wrote my jamb, awaiting post utme.

Please guys, I need suggestions, no matter how little. Thanks

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Education / Re: The medical students and aspirants thread by Undilutedme: 5:36pm On Jun 22, 2020
Greetings every one,

I'm a medical aspirant,

I'm having some issues but I need you all opinion on this

This is my 3rd attempt (281) in UTME I'm from the South, Edo state

I'm having some issues in picking 2 University since they closer to me

University of Benin (Uniben) and Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma (AAU)

I would have chosen Uniben but the chances with my score for Medicine and Surgery are slim, I'm a student already in that school, 200L biochemistry... I chose this university twice

Now, I picked AAU in my form without true knowledge about the school fees, I found out the school fees is N165, 000 plus other charges, my admission is sure, as they don't write post ume and My chance of getting medicine is 90% due to my good Olevel grades

But the finances is a major issue. I'm raised by a Single mother, my dad is late. I discussed this with her but she doesn't even know what to say

I need your help please

AAU screening just commenced

Impulse. So you're applying for medicine too huh??... Nice man. I know you won't know me but I'm your course mate in Uniben. Biochemistry, 200l as well. I wrote jamb as well for medicine and surgery. You may not have seen me or know me even if I show you my picture because I don't miss up with course mates.

Can we talk outside here??...


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