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TV/Movies / Re: List The Popular Movies You Feel Ashamed To Tell People You Have Never Watched by UrennaNkoli(f): 11:47pm On Feb 27, 2018
Shawshank Redemption.
TV/Movies / Re: List The Popular Movies You Feel Ashamed To Tell People You Have Never Watched by UrennaNkoli(f): 11:43pm On Feb 27, 2018
Shawshank Redemption.
You should see shawshank redemtion o. Its one of my favs of all time.

"Andy Dufrense, the man who crawled through 500 yards of shít and came out clean on the other end .
Family / Re: Did You Have This Kind Of Parent As A Kid? How Did You Survive? by UrennaNkoli(f): 8:52am On Feb 27, 2018
lolzz when i was 12, i burnt the meat my dad asked me to cook and he told me that all the money being spent on me is going to be a waste. i couldnt get that out from my mind even though he apologised years later.
i was not even permitted to greet males unless visitors,my elder brothers and our pastor, if not my dad would be ranting on how i've become a wayward girl. mind you,i was 12.
We can only look back and thank God for the kind of woman we have become. Mine was hell on earth.

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TV/Movies / List The Popular Movies You Feel Ashamed To Tell People You Have Never Watched by UrennaNkoli(f): 8:46am On Feb 27, 2018
I'm a movie freak but even at that, there are some popular movies I have never seen before and sometimes, I feel ashamed to tell people lol. Here goes mine.

1. Gladiators

2. Lord of the rings

3. Kingkong

4. Snakes on a plane

5. Once upon a time in china

6. shaolin temple

7. Robocop

8. Tomb Raider (lara)

9. Men in black

10. Mr and Mrs Smith

That should be all. When I have time one of these days, I should download them and watch.

Bonus, I met a movie craze months back while at office. This guy can't be argued or compared with when it comes to movies. The day Black panther hit Nigerian cinemas, we both went but before then, I caught him watching titanic. He was shocked and quickly covered his laptop in shame then we both laughed while I confessed I also watched titanic for the first time 3 yrs ago.

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Family / Re: Did You Have This Kind Of Parent As A Kid? How Did You Survive? by UrennaNkoli(f): 8:30am On Feb 27, 2018
First, you must know that the scenarios you painted are not peculiar to your family alone. Nigerian families have their peculiarities, save for one or two differences.

That said, I would advise your brother not to go ahead with his wedding without their presence. The reason is not for today, but for tomorrow, plus the kind of impression he will give his would be in-laws about his family and indeed himself. This can be used against him in the future. Note that this doesn't necessarily erase his opinion about your parents. Its for his own good.

Finally, like I said before, what you guys went through isn't new. Just persevere until you can be independent and if this will count for anything, I'm particularly glad your parents are in good terms.

thanks dear. We are however independent now. I sincerely hope future generations don't go what I went through. And as for the good terms part, they used to have disagreements alot during the 90's straight into the mid 2000's. And as for my lil bro, he himself is strong headed. He's even planning a court marriage if things dont go as planned.

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Family / Did You Have This Kind Of Parent As A Kid? How Did You Survive? by UrennaNkoli(f): 7:35am On Feb 27, 2018
Well I'm over into my 30's, independent and not doing bad. So lets get straight to the story and mind you, its a true life story and all I say here is God's honest truth. Growing up was really tough for me and my brother but to be honest, my brother suffered more than I did so I'll emphasize more on him.

The kind of dad we had was more like a dictator. Life in that house was highly regimented. We were hardly allowed to go out or mingle with friends. This really affected us later in life as we ended up becoming introverts. My brother dared not be caught playing football or playing playstation 1 in the game house, he'll be severely dealt with. Our dad expected us to be with our books 24/7 which was near impossible. He dictated the kind of cloths my brother wear. My brother even flared up for our dad one day because he asked him to cut off his afro hair and his goatee beards. Sometime around 2008, he refused to give him pocket money to the university after they had a fight that morning because dad told him to surrender all his phones and laptop and take one visaphone to school instead. This resulted in an heated arguement which escalated to physical fight. I was there, dad who is naturally very aggresive and behaves like a lunatic hit lil bro first. The guy just stood still looking at dad and suprisingly, he never returned any punch. He was even asked to raise his hands and kneel as punishment. As if all these weren't shocking enough, lil bro was about 21 yrs of age at that time and all this was caused by the woman we call mother whose story I'll talk about later too.

Constantly, we were always embarassed in front of visitors. We dared not go out whenever a visitor was around else we'll be sent to get or do something after which dad must find a fault in it when what you did was obviously faultless. This will be folllowed by a rain of insults and verbal abuses to the extent that the visitor will even be pleading on our behalf. Dad did several things that made us question his psychological condition part of which I will list below.

1. He has his own masters bedroom which contained a washing machine. He can leave cloths in the washing machine and go to work without telling us anything. When he comes back, he start raining insults on me asking why I didn't finish up his cloths for him as if he was expecting us to use magic to know that there was cloths in there. So basically, he can leave a task and go out while expecting you to complete that task without telling you he left a task behind.
Even when you travel, they will never call you. Rather they'll expect you thats on transit to call them that you've arrived. If you don't call for months, they will never call to ask about your welfare whether you were sick or dead. They'll rather start raining insults on you for refusing to give them a call then I'm always left to ponder, since you dindn't hear from me why didnt you make any effort to reach me? what if there was something wrong from my own side. Their excuse was that anytime I called, I called only to ask for money.

2. I remember when we packed into our new house around 2009, the fence of that house collapsed one day due to heavy rainfall. The next day, he asked some bricklayers to come check the house and he told us to count the blocks they'll be bringing. That was all he said, count the blocks which we did. Lo and behold, he still came back from office to find a fault in what we did, raining insults on us and telling us how dumb we were because we failed to separate 9inches block from 6 inches block lol . For crying out loud, how was he expecting us to know? funny enough he didn't even give any instruction before he left.

3. So many encounters and bullshìts space and time will not permit to list them all but all these mess got my brother fed up as he left the house late 2009 and never returned till the following year. Funny enough, dad /mom weren't even concerned. They didn't even bother to look for him. He came back briefly after some 3 months to say hi to me and packed his load for good. TILL TODAY, HE NEVER RETURNED TO THAT HOUSE.

The Woman We Called Mom
This woman always supported dad whether he was right or wrong. To be honest, I never liked her one bit and I always felt bitter about it when I saw my peer groups and their everlasting bond with their own mom. They loved their mom like Gold but mine was a different story. She was stingy, she didn't know how to keep her mouth shut thats why I dreaded telling her any secret. She was someone that found it difficult sending me ordinary 2000 naira while in the university but if she hears there is a party tomorrow and she is to contribute 60k, she will look for that money. Honeslty, dad payed most of bills but this woman contributed nothing. She was earning close to 100k at that time and I've always wondered what she uses her salary for. She found it difficult keeping secrets, she must alow the whole world know. When I gained admission into the university, the whole world knew. When I graduated, the whole world knew. her friend even wrote a letter to her one day cautioning her about how she runs her mouth like tap. And mind you, she was very lazy. She'll rather sit in the living room watching africa magic than cooking for the family. She left everything to me. When I travelled, the whole house was in a mess. She didn't even bother to waah the bathroom and toilets or weeks as it was already turning brown. My brother before he left them wasn't close to her at all. They can be in the sitting room from morning till night together without exchanging a word. I don't blame him though, I blame the kind of parent we had. I pray my kids never go through all this. Dude is interested in bringing a wife home soon. I can't wait for the drama to unfold lol. He categorically called me and said If they accept fine and if they don't, he go on with his wedding. Even if na only 5 people attend, mariage na marriage.

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Politics / Re: Why An Igbo President Is The Solution To Nigeria's Problems By Nwachibuzor by UrennaNkoli(f): 5:33am On Dec 30, 2017
Which state has the Igbo man liberated from the yoke of periodic abuja dependency ?
We like to play stupid politics in Africa(blacks), if not OP won't attempt to foòl us here with ethnic junks? Instead of rallying round characters with good morals we prefer ethnic affliations to merit.
Lol @ merit if the OP wants to talk about merit, he dare not mention the northerners. The yorubas are neither a good mention. Ohanaeze Ndigbo is still a better choice.
Politics / Re: Why An Igbo President Is The Solution To Nigeria's Problems By Nwachibuzor by UrennaNkoli(f): 5:28am On Dec 30, 2017

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Politics / Re: Why An Igbo President Is The Solution To Nigeria's Problems By Nwachibuzor by UrennaNkoli(f): 5:02am On Dec 30, 2017

Chai see lies from ipob beaureu of statistics
Google was created for you.
Politics / Re: Why An Igbo President Is The Solution To Nigeria's Problems By Nwachibuzor by UrennaNkoli(f): 3:47am On Dec 30, 2017
Kwụsi! Don't you know they've failed to realize we contribute nothing less than ten billion to the economy of each of the 36 states every year? Something their indigenes can't even achieve. I always wish we all could just form a consensus and leave Nigeria for them one day lemme see how dem go feed.


Travel / Nigerians In America Don’t Want To Return To Their Huts – Trump by UrennaNkoli(f): 5:53pm On Dec 25, 2017
United States’ President Donald Trump described Nigerians as people living in huts which they would not want to return to whenever they visit America, the New York Times reported Saturday.

The paper published accounts of some administration officials who were present at a meeting about the administration’s immigration policy in June.

Mr. Trump has pushed controversial immigration policies since becoming American president in January.

Amongst his first policies was to ban visits from several countries — mostly from the middle east.

The policy has been overturned and upheld by different American courts.

The Times reported that Mr. Trump had a ready-made excuse for almost all the countries his controversial immigration policy targeted.

He said he was banning people from Afghanistan because the country was a terrorist haven.

When asked about why he was restricting people from Haiti, he described them as being infested with AIDS.

On Nigerians, Mr. Trump said they would never “go back to their huts” in Africa, the Times reported, citing two officials who were presented at the meeting held in Mr. Trump’s office but who sought anonymity.

lalasticlala mynd44

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Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 4 by UrennaNkoli(f): 7:44am On Dec 19, 2017
I graduated more than 10 yrs ago but I intend going for another undergraduate degree. Please can those in germany recommend any university that teaches in english?

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Travel / Re: The Crazy Way Nigerians Have Colonized London And Other Cities Around The World by UrennaNkoli(f): 7:40am On Dec 19, 2017
UK no be am jor.

Na Chelsea fc dey make me reason that place.
So u prefer that hell hole called naija to here? grin
Travel / Re: The Crazy Way Nigerians Have Colonized London And Other Cities Around The World by UrennaNkoli(f): 11:02am On Dec 17, 2017
At least we don't say "innit" in a Igbotic accent grin
I'm not trying to be tribalistic but truth be told, just like you can argue Igbos run Asia and the USA. The yorubas run the UK (from the nigerian perspective). This place is Nigerians second home.


Travel / Re: The Crazy Way Nigerians Have Colonized London And Other Cities Around The World by UrennaNkoli(f): 10:56am On Dec 17, 2017
How does any of this affect you .. Why can't we learn to mind our business. Why not face the reason why you are in the UK
I can only laugh at your stupidity. Telling me to face the reason I'm here? You lack manners. You don't even know what brought me here so it will be best you keep quiet.


Travel / The Crazy Way Nigerians Have Colonized London And Other Cities Around The World by UrennaNkoli(f): 12:34am On Dec 17, 2017
From Peckham to Abbeywood to Brixton, kent road etc, I must confess Nigerians have really messed up this city. I have been around london in the past days and to God who made me, I never expected the Nigerian Population to be this much. I was in total shock. Nigerians boku here no be small. Its here you'll hear mama toyosi shouting on top of her voice early in the morning telling her kids to get ready for school even speaking youruba like "ton ba bi yin da e malo we" ( If they born you well don't go and have your bath) . Its here you'll meet a supposedly black English man and he'll ask yoi "bawo ni, ilu wo ni naija lo ti wa" . I noticed the yoruba's generally form the majority of Nigerians in London then the Igbos, then other tribes. I've met some hausa too tho. Met some at a trade fair displaying kaftan and fula. shocked. Nigerians are generally not difficult to spot. You'll easily find them talking at the top of their voice in restaurants usually in their native language, you'll easily find them eating in the streets while walking. You'll even find them in the streets fighting and exchanging blows, raining insults on eachother like they are in oshodi. Oh did I tell you of a next building neighbor who wakes the whole neighborhood every morning with beats from pasuma and sunny ade? The cops even showed up one time to ask whether all was well. Here, you'll feel like you are in lagos. I even heard its worse in the USA with places like baltimore , maryland. Nigerians nor dey try at all. At least if you can't behave yourself in your own country, try to be sensible in another man's land.


Music/Radio / Re: Why Is Music In Nigeria Today All About Love And Women? by UrennaNkoli(f): 1:18pm On Nov 27, 2017
undecided Dats d quickest way 2 make money, if dey sing abt al dose tins u mentioned up dere, pple wl nt buy.
as in i've been on trace tv since 7am and i've not heard any song aside love, big booty and women.

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Music/Radio / Why Is Music In Nigeria Today All About Love And Women? by UrennaNkoli(f): 1:13pm On Nov 27, 2017
I mean when last did you hear songs of other genres like politics, conflict, everyday events, disasters, poverty etc. Ever since the war on boko haram started, have you ever heard a song condemning the sect or a song to give hope to those displaced and affected?

The Americans are even trying with the likes of Rihanna's "American oxygen" and many more. All we hear in today Nigeria is going crazy about big ass, meaningless love, money and women. I just watched lil kesh' "rora" video and I must confess that the music industry is in deep rot.

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Romance / Re: Why Does The Society Look Down On Smokers And Tag Them Negatively ? by UrennaNkoli(f): 1:29pm On Nov 15, 2017
Because you are willingly poisoning yourself and others around you
So drinkers are not poisoning themselves abi? People are more lenient with drinkers and see not too much wrong in it. Same can't be said for smokers.
Romance / Why Does The Society Look Down On Smokers And Tag Them Negatively ? by UrennaNkoli(f): 12:45pm On Nov 15, 2017
Why should smokers be generally seen as negative or bad people as compared to drinkers. Drinkers are even worse in my opinion. Normally, cigarettes were originally sold as expensive handmade luxury goods for the urban elite. It was not until mass-production methods coupled with aggressive marketing that the industry began to see off traditional pipe-smoking and tobacco-chewing habits, particularly in the United States.

Lets take some instances, you are walking along the way, two paths lead to your house. Path A , you can sight a bunch of guys smoking away their sorrows from afar. Path B, you can sight a bunch of guys drinking away their sorrows. Which path will you feel is safer to your house? Path B of course. Or another is you being asked to identify who the prostitute is among two women. Both are nearly half naked but one is holding a stick of cigarette while the other is not. Who will you tag as the prostitute among them? Your guess is as good as mine.
Smokers are humans, drinkers are even worse than them. Its high time we stopped our negative view toward smokers, tagging them as touts, prostitutes and hooligans.


Health / HIV/AIDS Conspiracy Theories: Do You Believe The Virus Is Real? by UrennaNkoli(f): 8:26pm On Nov 09, 2017
So I was having a discussion with friends at work today about HIV and shockingly not all of us agreed on whether the virus is real or not. Some said it a development from the American government to wipe out the African population. They further backed it up with the following theories

1. Why is test results not always constant. They said whatever result you take, its all lies. Why is it that you get tested in a hospital and it reads positive. To clear your doubts, you move to another hospital the following day to get a test and it reads negative

2. Many people who have multiple sex partners never get the virus. (forget about theories that some people are immune to the virus) But a first time who decides to have unprotected sex contacts the virus. Isn't that unfair grin Aunty yetunde who is a prostitute is negative while sister chiamaka the choir mistress is positive.

3. Some said HIV might be real but doesn't leads to aids. Its the ARV drugs you take (supposedly developed but the western world to decrease population) that leads to AIDS.

4. The virus was an initial experiment but somehow escaped from the lab

5. Some said its real and have a cure but the pharmaceutical industries are after financial gain. They'll make more profits with patients managing the virus rather than an instant cure/#.
Ever heard of HIV DENIALISM ? Some denialists reject the existence of HIV, while others accept that the virus exists but say that it is a harmless passenger virus and not the cause of AIDS. cheesy

My own candid view is that the virus is real. But I don't believe it leads to AIDS. All the same, protection is key, abstinence is the best. If you test positive today, its not the end of the world. Life goes on.

well whats your take?

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Crime / Re: Could This Be The Reason Why The 16-year-old OAU Student Died? by UrennaNkoli(f): 9:36pm On Oct 29, 2017
Actually I did not read the post but I think the girl has no right to beat up her boyfriend in public. Maybe they should report the matter to their village elders but if the neighbour refuse to pay his rent they should just kill the landlord and forget about the missing car.
Pets / Re: What Is Your Favorite Security/guard Dog Breed And Why? by UrennaNkoli(f): 9:33pm On Oct 29, 2017

Bingo will be cool. Because e no get anybody time
bingo's are always kinda lonely. Most times they spend their day sleeping and occasionally standing up to stretch at intervals. When they wake , they are either going to look for food or play with their friends 3-4 streets and come back late in the night.
Pets / Re: What Is Your Favorite Security/guard Dog Breed And Why? by UrennaNkoli(f): 9:30pm On Oct 29, 2017
Pets / What Is Your Favorite Security/guard Dog Breed And Why? by UrennaNkoli(f): 9:25pm On Oct 29, 2017
Mine will be a boarboel. A breed that is fearless and doesn't take nonsense. The sight of a boarboel alone will send chills down your spine. They are good barkers which is enough to tell you that that compound is a no go area. They have a very deep bark to which will tell passersby that the dog in that compound must be a beast. They are simply the best. I prefer them to GSD'S or rotts. They are extremely smart too and make a good family dog.

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Romance / Re: My Experience With A Health Personnel by UrennaNkoli(f): 9:30am On Oct 05, 2017
one yahoo boy don use u do wayo.


Pets / Re: What Breed Of Dog Is This by UrennaNkoli(f): 10:03am On Oct 04, 2017
Op, that's an Ekuks you have there.
Calling it a dobbie is taking it too far...
the boy is trying to make himself happy.. Thats a very black and tan ekuke.. we have them plenty for my street.

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Pets / Re: What Breed Of Dog Is This by UrennaNkoli(f): 9:56am On Oct 04, 2017
Anybody commenting on this thread is wasting his/her time. I just found out the Op kingdaro is one and the same person behind the moniker babatunde360... We have heard, your dog is a dobberman. I'm sure ur happy now.. Bye and don't include me in ur mentions again..
Pets / Re: What Breed Of Dog Is This by UrennaNkoli(f): 9:55am On Oct 04, 2017
Dobber man breed plenty, but this particular dog no be dobberman except say the back of the dog looks like it
Nairaland / General / Re: What's The Most Traumatic And Scariest Event You Have Ever Witnessed? by UrennaNkoli(f): 9:44pm On Oct 03, 2017

That's the school I attended. 07 set.
The thought came to my mind too when I read his comment.
Wow.. I'm class of '01
Religion / Re: See What Rev. Fathers And Sisters Were Caught Doing by UrennaNkoli(f): 8:22pm On Oct 03, 2017
Is drinking really a sin.. I don't see why someone should be sent to hell because he took alcohol...Where was it written in the bible sef?
Technology Market / Re: 2months Used Infinix Hot 5LTE For Sale @30k by UrennaNkoli(f): 7:46pm On Oct 03, 2017

Why will u speak like I've met u before, you re really immature and should be banned for this outrageous insult, if ur not interested in something kindly shut up.
Do u think this is the joke section.
I don't even know what to say to you anymore. angry sad
buy this cream called 3 days 2 nights hand lightening balsam. You have a variety of shea butter, carrotte oil and argan oil to choose from

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