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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Asl by uspry1(f): 2:13am On Dec 12, 2018

Nice one. May God see you through.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Asl by uspry1(f): 6:24pm On Dec 10, 2018

I have emailed you

Yes, i got your email and replied back.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Asl by uspry1(f): 7:03am On Dec 10, 2018

Hello, I am a professional voice-over artist. I can help you voice any of your scripts. I can do both American and British accents. Do check my profile for a few samples. Thank you.

Solepager is correct. I am deaf using American Sign Language (ASL) to seek someone provide me needed voiceover from ASL to be added it on my existing video.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Asl by uspry1(f): 10:23pm On Nov 29, 2018
Hello Solepager,

I am a sole entrepreneur who happens to be profoundly deaf (wear my pair of digital hearing aids and lipreading/ASL fluently), running my 18-years computer-related business that about to end this year or next year. I really want to pursue my dreams of startup business to establish tiny house communities for the impoverished Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing people with low to moderate incomes, who rely on ASL to communicate with, and had denied obtaining government-based subsidized housing (just like 1800s Martha Vineyard's (Massachusetts-USA) Deaf Uptopia) in order to hone my carpentry skills I am rusty with.

I am 2-years active member of two American Tiny House Movement organizations locally to gather all pertinent information and understand my home state of Virginia's building code/zoning regulation to build a tiny house on the wheel as well as permanent foundation.

I already created my finalized written crowdfunding campaign pitch, LLC formation paperwork(on the process), video storyboard, and website development to be launched soon. Right now I look for hiring a local experienced contractor, interpreter/personal assistant, realtor (sell/buy/rent expert) and social media promoter to work with me as subcontractors. Start with a small project that I found a distressed property to fix, flip and convert into rent as my first-time house flipper with my father who does not know any ASL but experienced certified home builder/contractor to work with. Also, I will attend to 4-days training workshop of building a tiny house once I receive succeeded fundraising goal. That's why I need an interpreter to do translating what I say in ASL into voice(conveying my messages/narrations) on my YouTube video for a black-owned real estate investment crowdfunding website I will sign up to post there...maybe remote interpreter in 4-days session workshop on my laptop/smartphone using video conference if that workshop trainer has WiFi access. (8am-5pm on Thursday-Sunday workshop, to be announced exact date next year)

Finally, I followed my instinct this morning to encourage me going back to my former NL veteran member/ex-job here finding someone who has ASL experience to do interpret fluently in American sign language{ASL} as well as the voiceover on my YouTube videos professionally I will provide video storyboard/script for you. That's how I found you on NL search.

By the way, i did check your profile that I find interesting that you also practice learning how to use blender software---that's great that I might need you to do some 3D tasks the best you can the more you get paid from me electronically. I will explain further details privately why i need 3D artist like you...remote job: interpreter and 3D artist as needed basis on-call each project one a time.

If you are interested in, please inbox (PM) me to discuss further details privately.

Best regard,

Webmasters / Re: Webmasters You Miss by uspry1(f): 4:09am On Mar 27, 2013
And uspry "does not exist".

LOL...actually that is the word (the number, 1) was left out. My screenname spell out exactly, "Uspry1" not "Uspry".
Yes Uspry1 does exist here!
Webmasters / Re: Webmasters You Miss by uspry1(f): 4:04am On Mar 27, 2013
kiss, AAaaawwww, i never knew you all miss me!!! Let you know i am very much alive here NL, just two years absence of NL i left behind due to full-time contractual job i got hired then laid off---came back running my own business to be continued until someone PM me going on here NL recently a month ago.

Last time i was visited to update my diary journal on NL was Feb 21, 2013. cool cool cool

I miss following webmasters below:
Dual core
(you here)
Nairaland / General / Re: ATTENTION Uspry1(f) by uspry1(f): 3:45am On Mar 27, 2013

Please check your email i sent you. Thanks!

Nairaland / General / Re: ATTENTION Uspry1(f) by uspry1(f): 4:02pm On Mar 25, 2013
Odunnu: Welcome Uspry. I will get the OP here for you. Didnt know you are still around.
I rarely visit NL...not like i used to be addicted in the past---faded away feeling dishearten by one person you know what i talk about---stop visited NL almost 2 years---thought i trusted them, but i only get noticed by PM(send email) to get me back NL what's it up to.
Nairaland / General / Re: ATTENTION Uspry1(f) by uspry1(f): 2:20pm On Mar 25, 2013


Hi greateros, check your email i sent...thank you to bring me your attention!!! Have a good day!!!
Business / Re: My Experience With The Lady Website Builder Urspry. by uspry1(f): 10:41am On Feb 26, 2013
shopclue: Btw, two days ago, your second work order was printed and there's nothing about the work done on deltavag and inspiredautos?

I thought I asked for this specifically? Or you just don't care to give me work order of what am paying for? You just want to get your own money and not give me any evidence of what the work was about? Is that too much to ask?

This is work order I already done specifically per your request. There is my mailing address on the top-left of my work order...what are you waiting for?

What is so hard for you to understand reading this? But 2009 invoice i submitted is more DETAILED DESCRIPTION WHAT I COMPLETED DONE WORK.


Business / Re: My Experience With The Lady Website Builder Urspry. by uspry1(f): 10:09am On Feb 26, 2013

Here I found that you had two rejected invoices in the amount of $70.00 and $100 dated August 26, 2009 from my yahoo mail. I was not aware of this...

Business / Re: My Experience With The Lady Website Builder Urspry. by uspry1(f): 9:54am On Feb 26, 2013
shopclue: As a matter of fact, I ought to get an attorney to make the work of your own state attorney job easier.

You have a lot of nerve , Ms.

You really do.

Am sure a debt collector in United States will not do one tenth of what you are doing to me before you throw the book at them. And you think you can hide behind that "am disable" and have the state behind me stuff?

We will find out about that, won't we?

I never hide my disability: DEAFNESS anywhere...every courts do provide interpreter to set up for me per my request...no problem!!!! My disability DOES NOT HINDER me appear in the court, working my business, consulting with my clients....i have been to court many times in the past early 1990s and i won the case on financial service that defrauded me because of my disability---they RIPPED OFF on me, and two dismissed for traffic tickets which i had car accidents twice in the past, because drivers not show up in court.

Wait and see until March 2013 as my WORK ORDER SAID SO!!!

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Business / Re: My Experience With The Lady Website Builder Urspry. by uspry1(f): 9:28am On Feb 26, 2013
SAME INVOICE back in 2009: there are detailed description shown what i charged you that i did done my work----NOTHING TO CHANGE:

Proof from previous NL the same:

Uspry1 posted:

Siena posted:

inspired_m posted:
Business / Re: My Experience With The Lady Website Builder Urspry. by uspry1(f): 9:01am On Feb 26, 2013
shopclue: Even if you have been paid in full, will BLOCKED be pleased with the capacity of your final work? And I know for a fact deltavag.com was not satisfied with website either. How many days and months of frustrating and draining online chatting was spent trying to give you instructions via yahoo messenger, getting other people to clear up your mistakes? Was the confidence giving to you to build and work on this templates not done out of the mindset of an inexperience website owner as I was then? Was I knowledgeable to know better than wasting hard resources on you thinking you can get the job done?

1.$180 x 2 websites templates was purchased for deltavag.com alone. What was paid for ssl, template pictures replacements, hosting, etc. How much pictures was used to simply get his forum to look like he wanted, install music files on the forum. How much was the total money actually sent by owner of Deltavag himself? We are still waiting till present to find out.

2.How much was paid to shopclue to complete all this tasks for all the hours and months working endlessly setting these up? Zero.

Yet, 3.this is a woman who had a toddler child with her, working endlessly on her own site and that of a male e-friend, and going away every few hours to work and come back to complete the website she thought will provide a livelihood for her and her child. And you screwed it all up, all the energy, resources everything. Even till now, do I have the website files? I didn't even know I am entitled to have that till years later.

4.Did the deltavag owner himself not confessed he once tried to build his own website in London with a guy and found the work too intimidating till he abandoned it? Yet you all have the nerve to come here chanting guilty and death to a woman who not only gave the websites her best shot, but spend all those precious time and energy with ZERO compensation. You Tessy, at least got paid for something, and even about to get paid for balance owed. What did I get out of this? Zero, and character assassination of "scam allegations"

You twisted every words i pointed out all bold texts mentioned above. The work order you already received that has detailed for you what i did all part of my work.

1. What is so hard for you to read the description of my work on both invoice and work order? You can see my invoice that has many initial dates shown when to start work on each description to follow each task i done.

Deltavag.com i done fixing ZenCart template syntax error that was exposed public, re-do header logo, and music random playlist that was requested by Siena after he fired previous programmer who installed ZenCart template before me...that programmer could not do the job fixing syntax error. Siena was the one discussed with me after he found out that you, Wumni hired me working on pinkequity.com in which Siena was your business partner...he waited for me to finish my work on pinkequity.com...but you took over Siena's request on deltavag.com. Siena gave his money to you to me that i am done fixing template syntax error, header logo redo and music insert that Siena was 100% happy. Siena did asked me how much it was charged. I said $50.00. Later you hired me working for BLOCKED....Siena posted NL under inspired_m comment asking me if I got paid $50.00 that Siena gave you. I NEVER GOT IT!!!

Inspired_m for BLOCKED asked me on NL asking me if i got $150 from you. NOPE! I never got $150 after you changed destroying all my work on BLOCKED header logo...it was up running website...wait, wait, wait you never respond me. Apparently you did hired someone else programmer to get rid of all my work. I was disappointed.

( 2 days ago i found it that you, Wumni did cancelled paying $170 on August 2009 i was not aware this) I will show you a copy of cancelled $175. I remembered you told me you planned to pay off $170 but your GoogleCheckout/PayPal account problem you struggled with...i did not aware...i found it last week on old yahoo mail.

2. I sweated coding, created all navigation custom image buttons, modified all more than 100 product pictures to be resized smaller, modified all 5 different templates you bought asking me changing the looks(Grocery, Wedding, Gift, Pinkbloomer, PinkChatRoom)---all took 3 months work at the same time working on deltavag.com. It was lot of work creating pinkequity.com with 5 different database creation set up, 5 different CMS(Content Management System) that you told me you do not know how to edit/add/delete all more than 100 product pictures on CMS Admin login---i did all my work...not you. NOTHING FREE!!!

You on yahoo messager constantly change your mind re-do product pictures, navigation buttons, goes on and stressed me to finish the website all night long. THIS IS THREE MONTHS WORK. Your pinkequity.com IS FUNCTIIONALLY READY FOR CUSTOMERS CAN ORDER ITEMS..."add to cart" button on each items is FUNCTIONALLY. Everything completed. You partiality paid me $130 for this pinkequity.com.

3. I had babysit my grandson, that was my grown adult daughter's son at that time he was toddler every Wednesday while my daughter go night school and my parent go bible study at church...nobody watch my toddler grandson...i was only available to babysit every Wednesday...I have my rights to take one day break from stressed work you pushed, pushed, pushed 7 days a week long hours 12 hours. I have other my own son at that time he was 15 years old back in 2008.

You constantly complained at other programmer lousy to fix too big footer button, i did fixed to resize button for you.

4. pinkequity.com already shown lists on invoice you should check with initial dates and description what i charged you that i completed each...ALL WERE FUNCTIONALLY WEBSITE.
Business / Re: .::. Scam Alert : Omowunmi Allen And The Pre-order Mess .::. by uspry1(f): 5:28pm On Feb 24, 2013
by FXKing2012(m): 6:51am

She has sent a western union to fhemmy for $200 with a balance of $500

She has also sent $150 each to two members who paid admin fees towards her estate project.

She is waiting on the third lady to confirm her info before she can send her money to her.
@Fhemmy should please come here to confirm this.

Have some questions though:

1) What about @Fhemmy's balance?

2) Who are the two members who paid admin fees mentioned in your post so we can confirm from them?

3) Who is the third lady also mentioned in your post?

4) No mention was made of uspry, siena and inspired_m. Care to explain?

Thank you and have a blessed Sunday.

Huh? Here is a proof that Wummi already received my invoice/work order....LOOK AT DATE/TIME she emailed me.

From Nairaland topic:"My Experience With The Lady Website Builder Urspry" at following link i replied:


Note: if images(NL snapshots) above disappear due to my hosting server downtime, here same quoted below:
by uspry1(f): 8:44am On Feb 19

Done emailed you my work order/invoice directly to you at gmail you mentioned previously posted. Look forward to hear from you soon.

by shopclue: 12:19am On Feb 20
shopclue: Got it. Have sent you an email of receipt too. Cheers.

Here is proved from my yahoo mail i received on Feb 19, 2013 at 9:46pm (East Coast in the USA):

If i don't receive money from her by March 19, 2013, then good bye Wunmi---i will TAKE ACTION SERIOUSLY.

Go back read further statements shopclue/Wumni had posted recently at this link:

Business / Re: My Experience With The Lady Website Builder Urspry. by uspry1(f): 5:19pm On Feb 24, 2013
by uspry1(f): 8:44am On Feb 19

Done emailed you my work order/invoice directly to you at gmail you mentioned previously posted. Look forward to hear from you soon.

by shopclue: 12:19am On Feb 20
shopclue: Got it. Have sent you an email of receipt too. Cheers.

Here is the proof that i received from my email on Feb 19, 2013 at 9:46pm (East Coast in the USA):

If i don't receive money from her by March 19, 2013, then good bye Wunmi---i will TAKE ACTION SERIOUSLY.
Business / Re: .::. Scam Alert : Omowunmi Allen And The Pre-order Mess .::. by uspry1(f): 5:48pm On Feb 19, 2013

but arent you telling uspry not to accept the repayment on that thread?


Why will you want her to accept check? She will send fake check and claim she has paid

I told shopclue/coolfaced8/Wumni on my work order/invoice plus email message that i gave her my specified type of payment methods she choose how to pay me, period!!! I know about fake check/money order...no problem!!!

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Business / Re: My Experience With The Lady Website Builder Urspry. by uspry1(f): 8:44am On Feb 19, 2013

Send me info where to make payment to, not just invoice.

Send me work order I gave you via Yahoo messenger regarding deltavag and inspired autos. Surely I did email what work to be done on these two sites correct? I want those for my own records.


Done emailed you my work order/invoice directly to you at gmail you mentioned previously posted. Look forward to hear from you soon.
Business / Re: My Experience With The Lady Website Builder Urspry. by uspry1(f): 5:25am On Feb 19, 2013
shopclue: Urspry,

I checked the email given above several times, you still didn't send any details.

Look, I have things to do.

When you finish with seeking attention and trying to prove "I was right and you are wrong, you will do what is asked"

I have said my piece.

At your posted you asked me to answer each questions...i done my part.

now i am working on sending you the details to your gmail you mentioned previously---copied same invoice i gave you in 2009...nothing to change. In my invoice, there is combined details of my work order for you to complete job project per your request...no question to ask.

I expect you pay up what you posted above.

Uspry1 aka Teresa
Business / Re: My Experience With The Lady Website Builder Urspry. by uspry1(f): 4:54am On Feb 19, 2013

I was perplexed reading what you posted above thinking I used your website to scam people. Wow, you twisted everything what I am stand for my own legit business for 12 years...i have many satisfied customers to pay me in full for my service rendered at varied amounts depend on what kind of job assignment/project I worked for.

Mostly I communicate with hearing customer thru video relay service provider that is toll-free third party operator, in turn, translate from sign language to voice to hearing caller to convey message what I say...THIS IS NEW TECHNOLOGY for deaf callers on the phone thru video relay service.

NO LONGER USE YAHOO MESSENGER/MSN MESSENGER or any text chat ANYMORE. We deaf people can use smartphone/tablet/computer/laptop to download video relay service APP in order to make video call talking to hearing caller. Deaf caller on the smartphone/tablet/computer/laptop with front-camera(webcam) can see the third-party interpreter on video, in turn, translate conveying message what deaf caller say in sign language or vice versa voice what hearing caller say FACE TO FACE video on the phone.

We deaf people can download Skype, Tango, ooVoo, Qik, FaceTime, Fring, apps on their smartphone/tablet making video calls to communicate with both hearing and deaf people...COOL!!!

So all video relay service providers in the USA ARE FORBIDBED(not allowed) using international calls, ONLY USA CALLS. That is equally functionally that both deaf and hearing people can make phone call no problem!!!! BIG THANK TO TECHNOLOGY that improves the quality of our life much better.

We deaf can get interpreter for court lawsuit to speak up their own mind, voice, and our deaf civil rights in the USA whatever the case might be. We deaf can drive our own car, can buy house our own to live, can get married to raise family...WE ARE HUMAN BEING LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. No difference!!!!

THEREFORE, my deafness DOES NOT HINDER me to work on job assignment I submitted you my website agreement contract that you agreed with prices you have to pay for my service rendered....you did pay partly $130.00, still remaining unpaid left $515.00 that I gave you my invoice.
You were the only one not pay me for all my work to employ actions/behavior resulting in PHP, XML, Flash Actionscript on osCommerce template for 3 sites namely pinkequity, deltavag, and inspiredautos.

At that time back 2009, you were in love with Siena you claimed Siena and you as boyfriend and girlfriend to decide become business partner for pinkequity and deltavag. Siena agreed with you letting you use his UK address to set up new website, pinkequity.com and deltavag...that is how it started.

NOW 4 years overdue, both site namely deltavag and inspiredautos were dead sites no longer running in service due to non-payment service rendered you owed me.

Why you are assumed that I feel horrified back in 2009? At that time I was victimized by few other Nigerian scammers long before I meet you and joined NL as new member that you are not aware...PROOF: I have posted my bad experience I wrote up at my NL dairy journal I revealed publicly. Back then 2004-2009 it was awful job hardship for me to look for permanent full time job until I got job(read further detail next few paragraph).

WHY? Because of, in my country, America's ignorance in the name of four whammy: racism, ageism, deafness, and sexism on most deaf applicants that companies in the USA refused to hire them deaf applicants---that is why we deaf experienced unemployed people got stuck behind...but I was fortunate lucky to have my own business I keep running for 12 years that I ain't give up.

I am REAL DEAF BUSINESS OWNER, I have a business license and Federal Tax ID for my business in my hometown in the USA as required by state law for tax return purpose. My business is everywhere you can find on Google search...i have nothing to be ashamed of or hide from you.

I had employed for Califorina-based (USA) Telecommunication provider as full time contractual outreach representative position for one year in 2009. I did asked your permission to add your name as my business reference where I worked as website developer for pinkequity.com on my job application during the job interview phrase. As of result I got job that lasted one year until they laid off all 400 deaf contractors due to company reorganization reason.

After laid off contracted job in 2009, I still continue running my business, changing new additional services: computer training, computer repair/upgrade, smartphone-tablet tutor, and internet router troubleshooter, and creating new Facebook Group called “Deaf Computer Tech Support” that is designed for deaf Facebook members who rely on sign language to communicate with me to join on Facebook. It grows 764 members so far. Very busy in 7/24 a week everyday.

Your name is no longer I use as business reference on my job application anymore after I was laid off in 2009...i changed 3 new people who know me very well that I asked them their permissions putting their names on my job application each time I look for job...not anymore I seek for full time job. I am more than happy running my own business...no need to look for full time job anymore.

NOPE, I never use any of your materials, osCommerce templates that you bought after you had not paid my service rendered. YOUR WORTHLESS osCommerce templates back in 2009. Therefore, I changed different template, WordPress I am currently develop, modify, and install on my clients' web hosting servers according to my proposed website agreement contract that client had agreed to pay 50/50 split payment due upon the deadlines. Many clients are happy with WordPress theme website so far...

Meanwhile economic woes in the USA, I still survive long-life thru my accomplishment so far. That is how I contribute my time to devote my helping to all deaf customers to answer their computer/laptop/smartphone issues, and to remote access control fixing their computer---the same way I used to be in NL as former moderator that NL members nominated me to perform on Computer, Webmaster, and Graphic/Video for two years (2007-2009)!!! PROOF: see my NL dairy journal for more details.

Obviously you call me being scammer to you. Oh come on, look at total 764 Facebook group members of Deaf Computer Tech Support on Facebook and 20 both hearing/deaf customers on my business I work for. They do paid me for my service rendered. You are the only one not pay me my service rendered I gave you my invoice the same way I do submit my invoice/website agreement contract for my customers. Nothing to change so far.

USPRY1 aka Teresa
Business / Re: .::. Scam Alert : Omowunmi Allen And The Pre-order Mess .::. by uspry1(f): 12:49am On Feb 19, 2013

2jideofor: Hello, please someone should clarify.

Who is shopclue? May be I am dreaming or didn't surveyprof say it's the Mrs. Allen we are searching for?

What is this ==> https://www.nairaland.com/1199904/experience-lady-website-builder-urspry

I guess you did not read whole thing to follow what Surveyprof posted lately recently.

surveyProf: Update of on some of Omowunmi Omotayo Allen's user names here on Nairaland.com

Pristine ===> she uses this username as a male
My original revelation about her Coolfaced8/Shopclue/Wumni at below link you should read whole thing:

Business / Re: .::. Scam Alert : Omowunmi Allen And The Pre-order Mess .::. by uspry1(f): 8:11pm On Feb 18, 2013
I, uspry1, done respond to Wunmi what she requested for at following link:


Have a good day!!!
Business / Re: My Experience With The Lady Website Builder Urspry. by uspry1(f): 8:03pm On Feb 18, 2013
Paypal receipts that Wumni did paid partly, $130.00 USD.


Business / Re: My Experience With The Lady Website Builder Urspry. by uspry1(f): 7:52pm On Feb 18, 2013
In fact that Wumni did paid partly totaled $130.00 USD, remaining non-payment balance of $515.00 USD she still owe me in the following snapshot of my invoice.


Let discuss with me finding the payment solution how you pay me what you owed me.

I no longer access your website control panel via your web hosting server that you changed username/password yourself long time ago. All my work, all database backup and your materials were lost on my old hard disk drive that was crashed and not recoverable. I am sorry that nothing i can be saved them.

Please shut down your website once you paid in full.

Wumni knows where to find my email address that is still existed that i wait for her to pay in full in the amount of $515.00 USD.

Business / Re: My Experience With The Lady Website Builder Urspry. by uspry1(f): 7:42pm On Feb 18, 2013

I want to clarify you about your posted statement above in refer of me being incompetent programmer working on your website. Please look at the following snapshots of my previous posted on NL showing you proof how wrong you are...

You hired me only doing for osCommerce template installation project per my 5-working days job duration proposal contract you agreed with.

Please tell yourself truth that you hired 3 incompetent programmers i was not aware of...i thought i had deal with only one programmer i gave him full source file with instruction in a zipped format in order for him to unzip fixing syntax error of your website right after i done with my osCommerce template job project ended. (those templates were blank web content at that time.)



Uspry1 aka Tessa/Teresa/Tesa
Business / Re: .::. Scam Alert : Omowunmi Allen And The Pre-order Mess .::. by uspry1(f): 6:30pm On Feb 10, 2013
Hello Nairalander,

I am sure some of you remember me as uspry1, from my previous posted back in 2009 at this link: https://www.nairaland.com/297712/set-record-straight-pinkequity-pinkbloomer

It needs to be stopped!!!! angry It is time for me to file complaint against her immediately.

Nairaland / General / Re: How To Find Nairaland User by uspry1(f): 10:35pm On Sep 27, 2011

top left

Home - Help - Search

I don't want use "Search" box, too much hassle searching specific NL user on new posted topic the latest update. NL used to have a button "Search User" on Search page look like this at below:

Nairaland Forum | Search | Search User

I guess Seun removed "Search User".
Nairaland / General / How To Find Nairaland User by uspry1(f): 10:13pm On Sep 26, 2011
Why "search user" button/link has been removed on nairaland? It is too difficult for me finding my favorite NL users to choose specific topics reading their postings offline. Don't want to use "notify" message automatically send to my email. There are over 764,401 active NL members. sad

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