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Crime / Re: 6-Year-Old House Help's Facial Skin Cut & Flushed! (Disturbing Photos) by Vireani79: 6:02pm On Sep 24
I do appreciate, the evil lady's numbers are 08104800517,07034409455, Her name is Ginika Nebafe

The bastard don off her phone.
I for swear for am
Business / Re: FHA Transfers Festac Mechanic Village And Market To Amuwo Odofin Local Govt. by Vireani79: 5:43pm On Sep 24

And Tinubu is the reason why your are poor, sad, bitter, miserable, depressed and suicidal.

Money I make
U no get am
U are the poor man here
Business / Re: FHA Transfers Festac Mechanic Village And Market To Amuwo Odofin Local Govt. by Vireani79: 10:43am On Sep 24
The land is gone
Festac na hot cake
They will allocate it to tinubu
And dats the end of the story


Politics / Re: Sanusi To Nigerians: We Must Suffer To Get Things Right, Stop Cursing Leaders by Vireani79: 9:41am On Sep 22
Useless thief
Why are u not suffering
Why are u not eating grass like ur fellow people
U are living well
And u don't want curses cos ur Islam says they shouldn't insult ur leader that are Muslims
But it's ok to insult christain leaders
How many new wives u don marry

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Politics / Re: Anti-Open Grazing: Southern Governors Passed laws They can't Execute - El-Rufai by Vireani79: 5:21am On Sep 22
wow the laws cant be implemented but sharia can
this man is showing us that he will be worse than buhari if given power
Food / Re: What I got for #1800 versus how I prepared it. by Vireani79: 8:49pm On Sep 19
This is a lie....u bought two Titus inside this 1800
Madam na lie


Politics / Re: Why Is Borno State Not Paying VAT? (Photos) by Vireani79: 8:46pm On Sep 19

Op olodo...no VAT on food items. You must be a graduate without knowledge.

The moderator that brought this to front page should be sacked

Na u be olodo
Anywhere u eat in a restaurant
VAT is included in the bill as long as it's a good eatery

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TV/Movies / Re: Saskay Evicted From The Big Brother House by Vireani79: 8:39pm On Sep 19
They don use politics evict all the Northerner for the show.

Reality tv shows is haram na grin
Celebrities / Re: Destiny Etiko Acquires Another SUV Car (Photos) by Vireani79: 8:30pm On Sep 19
Congrats dear. We winning

Why are men always bitter when women are winning? I have never seen a lady here shamming a male celebrity whenever who has acquired a property.
When Phyno bought his car, the news came here and all the ladies here were praising God for him. You people need to change.

So na this one film give am the money to buy this car ba

No worry we dey see una grin

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Celebrities / Re: Destiny Etiko Acquires Another SUV Car (Photos) by Vireani79: 8:29pm On Sep 19
Abeg which film she dey act?

Blue film for senator room grin grin

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Travel / Re: Pilot Fights Passengers Over Max Airline Flight Delay (Video) by Vireani79: 8:24pm On Sep 19
When u think u have seen it all
Nigeria will shock u
A whole pilit grin grin
Conductor go fight u
Okada man go fight u
Nepa go fight u
Uber go fight u
God is good motors go fight u

Even chairman of govt office go fight u

We dey cruise for this country

Na real TV channel for comedy nigeria be to angels grin grin
Celebrities / Re: Uche, Pete Edochie's Son Spends N6M Treating COVID-19 That Damaged 80% Of Lungs by Vireani79: 9:17pm On Sep 18

have you read the account of those who had covid? the case of Pete Edochie son, I know of a guy who lost his dad to covid,he was always paying 100k everyday for his treatment. because we feel it's not affecting us that much shouldn't make us sleep nor slumber, prevention is always better than cure. You can decide not to take but please don't advice another because when the chips are down, you won't cone to their rescue.

But they said taking doesn't make u immune to it.
A thing that hasn't worked
Why do u want to take it
.even the UK said if u took it in Africa
South America.

U have to do ten days or take again if u are coming to the UK
So tell me .
Which one works
Properties / Epe Land For Sell 4m by Vireani79: 9:28am On Sep 18
One plot of land behind yaba tech epe campus
Lagos state
In Ora estate epe

Deed of assignment
Stamped with lawyer NBA seal

Asking 4m

It belongs to me
Call 08066482808

Celebrities / Re: Uche, Pete Edochie's Son Spends N6M Treating COVID-19 That Damaged 80% Of Lungs by Vireani79: 8:02am On Sep 18

So what do you suggest we do to stay safe?

U do nothing
What have u done since to stay without the covid attacking u
Celebrities / Re: Uche, Pete Edochie's Son Spends N6M Treating COVID-19 That Damaged 80% Of Lungs by Vireani79: 4:27am On Sep 18

I know of a guy who just lost the dad to covid, the guy was paying 100k everyday and still the man died. Covid is real, take the vaccine.

Oga vaccine doesn't stop covid-19

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Celebrities / Re: Uche, Pete Edochie's Son Spends N6M Treating COVID-19 That Damaged 80% Of Lungs by Vireani79: 4:26am On Sep 18
Only if he had taken the vaccine, he would have saved 6 million without damaged lungs.

You can't have covid-19 without it leaving you with a permanent mark.

If you are smart, just go ahead and take the vaccine.

The rich can afford millions for treatment, the poor will be left in pains to die slowly.

May God help us all.


Which stupid vaccine..
Same vaccine that u have to take one two even booster shots
Yet they say it can still get u

When will u lots ever learn

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Celebrities / Re: DJ Cuppy And Her Dog In Tongue-To-Tongue Kissing (Pictures, Video) by Vireani79: 8:04pm On Sep 16
okay. which one she contact from the dog?
Bleep a dog and find out
Crime / Re: Police Wrongly Parade Movie Prop Manager As Criminal In Akwa Ibom (photo) by Vireani79: 2:00pm On Sep 16
Wawu. If this guy gets a good lawyer, he will not be making prop guns again. Sue the Hell out of the police, get paid in millions and travel out of Naija to study filmmaking properly in Europe.

They won't pay
Celebrities / Re: DJ Cuppy And Her Dog In Tongue-To-Tongue Kissing (Pictures, Video) by Vireani79: 12:04pm On Sep 16
y'all can trash talk her sha but i know the dog is more hygenic than some of y'all and if she gets infected with something, money dey for treatment. i can't say the same for y'all infested brain

Not all infection get cure
Celebrities / Re: Tacha Shows Off Her New House, Splashes Champagne To Celebrate by Vireani79: 9:00am On Sep 16


but what do we do then?

U do what u must or move to another business
Celebrities / Re: Tacha Shows Off Her New House, Splashes Champagne To Celebrate by Vireani79: 9:45pm On Sep 15
please my fellow nairalanders i just want to ask a question......
how profitable is chilli pepper farming?
is it a profitable farming venture or not just that profitable.
am in Lagos and a friend of mine is looking to invest heavily on chilli pepper farming
i want to know if there are steady buyers for it or not.
although pepper sells well but i don't really know of this chilli pepper
please how profitable is it here in Lagos?

There is money oh
But ready to jazz up
Mile12 market is for the spiritual
Dem no dey use clear eyes drop goods for there
Foreign Affairs / Re: Taliban Leaders Brawled At Presidential Palace by Vireani79: 4:11pm On Sep 15
Animal in human skin who are giving Islam, a religion of peace, envied by other religions a bad name

Who will envy hell
Crime / Re: Vicious ISWAP Leader, Al-barnawi, Killed by Vireani79: 5:05am On Sep 15
Guy don cash out
Them wan make am disappear
Settle am
And he will live in another place

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Family / Re: A 50-year-old Man Impregnated My 16-year-old Sister. by Vireani79: 3:06pm On Sep 11
Dear Nairalanders,

With a sad and heavy heart, I'm writing to seek your advice and/or recommendations.

My mum is late. She died 2 years ago and since her demise, everything has turned left for us - her children. We were deserted and left to fend for ourselves by our uncles, aunties, and other relatives that we thought were with us when my mum was alive. My dad is still alive but he only pretends to care about us. I can't even remember the last time he has done something good for any of us. Our school fees, food, everything, were taken care of by my mum.

There is a 50-year-old man who we were later told is our distant relative. His house is a stone's throw away from our house. When I was at home, I used to run errands for him, like going to the market to buy things for him. So it was normal. He used this same method on my sister. He took advantage of my sister's naivety and impregnated her. She's barely 16 and I swear to God, she has not known any man until this bastard did this to her. He even ran away from home and plan to come back when tensions are low.

Note: we left her in the village with my dad and my brother. We, the elderly ones left the village to hustle in the city. We have not settled and we couldn't afford to take them with us.

Please I need your advice. What should be our next line of action? He's 50 and won't marry my sister. There is also a high tendency that he won't even take care of her and the baby.

Please what should we do? We are all we've got and nobody to turn to to help us fight this battle. What should we do?

Thank you.
U are so foolish to even consider he will marry ur sister
This is rape
She is a minor
When will u lots have sense
Find him and report to gender crime department in your state

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Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh: I Would Have Killed Churchill With ‘Rat Poison’ (Leaked Audio) by Vireani79: 5:39am On Sep 08
This woman is a nut head
Even the gaze of her eyes says it all
I wonder people who sleep in the same room with her
People like this can wake up at night and kill u

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Politics / Re: Afenifere to MACBAN: ‘There is no indigenous Fulani in Yorubaland’ by Vireani79: 10:31pm On Sep 05

I have really missed Yinka Odumakin. I did not believe he passed away until I saw his corpse.

Only a handful of Yorubas can stand shoulder high & walk in Yinka Odumakin’s shoes.

Some paid BMC bastards said Tinubu paid his medical bills & was flown abroad for a surgery when he had a swollen arm.

But these bastards failed to mention that it was during the administration of the greedy heroin-sniffing bastard of bourdillon when they were still together.

Yinka Odumakin fell out with Tinubu in 2006.

Was it that you didn’t have money when I told you in December 2006 that it was over between us politically? Have I ever looked in your direction ever?

I recall how you said to me in 2006 about Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi and I quote you “Adiye ni Tokunbo, yin agbado fun a pada” (Tokunbo is a fowl, throw corns and it is U-turn). Has he not turned his back at you today? You don’t have “corns ” again? This was the man who was your fall guy when you made all the forgeries in 1999. He was among the team that went to bury your biological mother in Iragbiji when you could not show your face, has his exit not shown you there are men who place value on principle than money? ~ Yinka Odumakin


If not for Tinubu, these uncircumcised Fulani bastards wouldn’t be claiming indigenous rights over my ancestral land with me in South West.

When Pa Fasoronti’s daughter was murdered at Ore by these uncircumcised Fulani bastards, the only question that this greedy & self-serving bastard could ask was WHERE ARE THEIR COWS?

In an attempt to absolve these uncircumcised Fulani bastards of their grevious crimes and also to preserving his selfish interest of ruling Nigeria - which will NEVER EVER COME TO PASS.

One wonders, do the Fulanis go with their cattles whenever they embark on their rampage of havoc & destruction?

Some other paid BMC bastards on Nairaland always chant the mantra “YORUBA, DEFEND YOUR OWN”.

Of course, I will defend my own when my own defends me.

I will defend my own, when my own is remorseful & admits his grievous mistake for foisting an illiterate, certificateless, quota-system calamity on me as a President in the name of messiah.

I will defend my own, when half of the 9Billion Naira Tinubu makes from the IGR in Lagos EVERY MONTH is transferred to my GTBANK & Zenith Bank Accounts.


Until then, Oku e lo ma gbè pada bo wa si ilu Eko lati London (Na him dead body dem go carry come back to Lagos from London).

Except I, Omo Oduduwa tokan-tokan, “Zoharariel Underscore Obatala aka Iskander-M of Ijebuland” have not been at the receiving end of Tinubu’s greed & self-serving interests; Sango and all the Gods of my ancestors shall obliterate & cast into the abyss, every bastard (including all their family members) that defends Tinubu directly or indirectly on this matter. Ase!

The same way afonja sins still speaks even in his death by the conquering of kwara .
Even if tinubu dies
His deeds have already opened the gates of hell into yoruba land
Politics / Re: PDP Is A Terrorists’ Party – Aisha Yesufu by Vireani79: 5:54pm On Sep 05
Nigerians failed to understand that they're not the ones thinking but rather allow few Politicians to think for them using social and mainstream media.
Between 2011-2015 average Northerner believed that GEJ was behind Boko Haram and FG and DSS were used as an agent of terrorism. Many believed GEJ used security agents to bring weapons to terrorists BH by deliberately allowing the terrorists to ambush arms transported to military in North-East, at the peak of BH insurgency more than 60% of BH weapons were looted by insurgents from military ambush; these allegations was further propelled by Late Gen. Andrew Azazi who was former COAS, and NSA who publicly claimed that PDP is Boko Haram and he shortly died in plane crush which many people believed that he was assassinated for trying to expose hidden agenda of PDP and Nigerian Politicians which is commonly acceptable by average Northerner.

More over, some few years after PMB took over in 2015, BH was pushed to boaders of Borno and Yobe and banditry by Fulani herders become the order of the day, they kill, rape and kidnap people. This prompted many people especially from the south to believe that PMB and APC are terrorists and behind all these insecurities.

Finally, it is very sad how both educated Nigerians and illiterates are so brainwashed & delusional not to understand the media twist and unfounding speculations of dangerous accusations we play which will never solve our seemingly unending problems. Media houses are being paid by opposition parties to play such a dangerous game and the gullible citizens believe everything media feed them especially propaganda driven by ethno-religious bias. This mistrust is proliferated by some extremist religious leaders from both Christians and Muslims who have strong affiliation to party politics and politicians use them to propagate falsehood which they believe gullibile citizens will quickly believe. These religious leaders know nothing about governance but they've few people around them who tell them that they've access to security reports and they know what is happening and govt is planning to do this and that; during GEJ era many of such people deceive Northerners that Southern, Christian President is using BH to depopulate them while under Northern Muslim President they deceive southerners that North want to Fulanize/Islamise them when in reality North is the worst hit and biggest victim of the banditry and kidnapping.
We all have to wake up from being used by ethno-religious division politics!

Shut up

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Family / Re: My Brothers life Is Becoming Messed: Becoming a Theif. Pls I need advice by Vireani79: 7:25am On Sep 04

My dad is late since 2015
Before then my dad wasn't in the country for more than 5years. My brothers sisters during those periods are all in school even me
He was the only one with our mum

Yet u told another person that he wasn't pampered
Yet he was all alone with ur mum
Family / Re: My Brothers life Is Becoming Messed: Becoming a Theif. Pls I need advice by Vireani79: 7:21am On Sep 04
My brother is 24 years old. His entire life has been spent fucking up. The thing is he lies, cheats, gamble and steals. He has succeeded in selling almost everything in the house be it fridge, stab, pressing iron, electronic and manymore
Now he has extended it by going out to steal from neighbors and people.
He as been arrested so many times and been bailed. Now everyone in the family is tired of him mostly my mum she can't eat good food because of him because his becoming worse.
Pls Advice me on what to do.

A failure from ur parents
He didn't start today
He started as a kid
And ur parents looked away
Leave am
He will change
And this is the result
Celebrities / Re: 2baba Married My Daughter - Pero Adeniyi's Father, Prince Jide Adeniyi by Vireani79: 5:11pm On Sep 03
The interviewer is so dull and his exclamations are ********

Whether Tuface married her or not is not our business. What we know is, Annie thought she could pull a Disney love story with a community gbola. If our husband were a human being, it would be Tuface.

Pero done kuku do breast and nyash. We die here. Na unofficial second wife she be.

Annie should take heart o. Naija men no fit retire from brolosho duties until they are old, broke and sick. They will now find their way home like the prodigal son. Straight into the bosom of the virtuous wife. She would have to spend her retirement posing for family frames, reminding him to take his drugs and cooking unripe plantain swallow with oilless vegetable soup.

grin cheesy
U sabi the drill
Politics / Re: ISWAP Distributes Fliers In Borno Threatens Residents Giving Information To Army by Vireani79: 2:18pm On Sep 03
Maybe they've not heard.........nobody 'up there' can read!

arabic...they can read arabic
Crime / Re: Woman Busted After Making Her Son Pose As A Cripple In A Wheelchair To Beg by Vireani79: 1:02pm On Sep 03
Nawa for this people oo....Hungerbad

may his soul r.i.p

used to be a great guy here

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