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Religion / Re: Pastor Poju Oyemade Deletes His Tweets After He was Attacked On Twitter by Volksfuhrer(m): 5:29am On Jul 01
He lost my respect for that last line. He should let the youth take their destiny in their hands and let see the outcome. Poorly planned in what sense? Must everyone follow the same method. Election is next year and things are taking shape and more things will unfold for peter obi.
If he likes tinubu let him invite on platform and see how many people will turn up to listen to his nonsense.
Recruit 50m youths,what will they eat?Corn,igbadu,cassava. So lame and shallow in thought.

He is right. Success has foresight, ergo, you need to plan to succeed. If the youths want power, they must first position themselves for power. What Poju is saying is that: success takes time; it's never an overnight event.

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Politics / Re: Asked About Poor Economic Performance, Buhari Says ‘return To Farm’ - Prem Times by Volksfuhrer(m): 4:18pm On Jan 06
And get killed by killer herdsmen?(!) You clannishly allowed the farmer-herdsmen issue to fester, yet you dare suggest we go back to the farm?(!) This man fall my hand no-be-small! Buhari is too simple. It’s obvious now that PMB is a spent force, a dud. I still can’t believe I campaigned for this man!
Politics / Re: Joi John Blasts Dickson For Sitting 'Disrespectfully' With Obasanjo & Jonathan by Volksfuhrer(m): 6:49pm On Nov 19, 2019
Very, very disrespectful!


NYSC / Re: Suspension Of Ebonyi Christian Corpers: MURIC Reacts, Supports CAN by Volksfuhrer(m): 3:08am On Nov 13, 2019

Funny thing is that both Organization are headed by Yorubas...

I nearly died of laughter when I saw this. grin

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Politics / Re: Jaw-dropping Reasons Import Bans Have Never Worked In Nigeria by Volksfuhrer(m): 2:23am On Nov 13, 2019
The FG has done more harm over the years to Nigerians than all the states put together! Thank you for exposing the fallacies inherent in sloppy arguments advanced for banning imports.


~Tosin Adeoti ...

But Dangote employs people, you say…

Yes, he does. According to the Company's 2018 Annual Report (15, Page 38), Dangote Cement has 17,447 direct employees. But I have always made the analogy of fuel scarcity to explain the irrationality of this argument. Hundreds of jobs across the country are created during periods of fuel scarcity. Several young men who would otherwise be sitting under the bridge are gainfully employed, moving jerrycans and easing the pains of car owners. So do you think it makes sense to protest for the government to make available regular fuel scarcity episodes?

Of course not. It's the same reason it makes no sense to praise the tens of thousands of jobs created by Dangote Cement cornering the market and making Nigerians pay through their nose when millions of jobs are waiting to be created by allowing geneuine competition in the cement industry and its attendant effect on the construction industry. Think of the businesses and employment waiting to be created if we are to bridge the 22 million housing deficit in Nigeria.

Our situation is dire. More than ever, we need entrepreneurs whose creative insights would unleash the potential in our economy. People like Dangote stand in the way of that...

...If you ban wheat, milk or vegetable oil today, as being advised by Aliko Dangote, the price will simply get beyond the reach of the masses, just like it's happened to rice and cement.


...there are two ways to judge this policy:

1. How competitive will the Nigerian fruit juice market be if we lift the ban today, 17 years later?
2. How strong is our exports?

On question 1, the Nigerian market will not be competitive. Remove the ban today and Nigerians will be attracted to the lesser prices of the foreign fruit juice products.
On question 2, we don't have a strong export market. In fact, Ghana which did not ban imports makes five times more than we do in exports (17).

In other words, the ban has not helped the country improve its domestic production, especially when you realize that while we have banned imported packaged fruit juice, we still import great amounts of juice concentrates (18). Companies import juice concentrates, mix it with water, bottle them up and transport them to the various markets in the country. We have mastered the art of deceiving ourselves...

...Import ban is not a magic wand or formula. Until what makes import ban work in other countries are in place, businessmen like Dangote who tout import bans as shortcuts to sufficiency in anything are only planning for your pockets.

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Politics / Re: Buhari's 'Coup' Against Oil Companies by Volksfuhrer(m): 1:17am On Nov 13, 2019
The guy above me read only the headline.

He read the article, he was only being cynical!

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Politics / Re: Buhari's 'Coup' Against Oil Companies by Volksfuhrer(m): 1:04am On Nov 13, 2019
I hope the writer is planning to sell his 2007 Toyota Camry to invest in deep sea exploration when the Majors pull out their FPSOs

Here we go again!
Politics / Re: About The Name ‘Yoruba’. By Prof. Stephen Akintoye. by Volksfuhrer(m): 11:45pm On Oct 29, 2019
From my observation, the original word was Phoenician meaning west later used to mean those who are civilized without submitting to Allah. The Songhai corrupted Europa to Yoruba.

I like this "Europa" twist, it blends well with "Yoruba"...worth looking into!

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Politics / Re: There Are Not Up To 100 Yorubas Or Hausas That Can Speak Fluent Igbo by Volksfuhrer(m): 5:31am On Sep 17, 2019

An igbo intellectual wrote the unitary decree. He is still alive. An igbo president implemented the unitary degree. That's why i said most of the real and perceived issues are self inflicted. Doesn't matter if successors expanded on it, the Pandora's box was opened and engineered by Igbos

Chop big knuckle!
Politics / Re: BREAKING: Sowore To Be Detained In DSS Custody For Next 45 Days by Volksfuhrer(m): 5:08pm On Aug 08, 2019

And they need to detain him forever before they can investigate his other covert dealings, right? Like they have been detaining and investigating Dasuki and Elzakzaky since 2015 without any tangible breakthrough?

See, let’s call a spade a spade and stop supporting nonsense. Sowore will only gain more popularity and notoriety for as long as they keep detaining him. Detaining him any much longer is not good for the image of the government. All supporters of Buhari must demand for the immediate release of Sowore.

I agree with you: Sowore's arrest's an overkill!
Politics / Re: Was Tinubu Wrong To Have Asked Such Question.? by Volksfuhrer(m): 8:11am On Jul 15, 2019
It was the wrong time and place for such a question!
Politics / Re: Buhari Is A Cheat For Rigging 2019 Election With Help From INEC’ – Obasanjo by Volksfuhrer(m): 6:33am On May 23, 2019

I know the context I used "descendants" man , I used it in grouped singular context so "knows" was valid at that instance . gerrout man

If someone like you gets political power, you'll be too corrupt! Intellectual dishonesty is the bedrock of corruption in high places. What Odeshi "grouped singular context" are you pitching here? Incredible!
Politics / Re: How To End Godfatherism In Lagos Politics – El-rufai by Volksfuhrer(m): 9:24am On May 06, 2019
El Rufai is an intelligent mo.ron! Need he also shade PMB to make a point?
Politics / Re: The Truth Of The Kano Riot Of 1953 by Volksfuhrer(m): 4:50am On May 06, 2019

Oga you are allowed to hate Igbos it's your business but you are not allowed to lie. Adewale Ademoyega in pages 75-76 of his book "Why we struck" states in clear terms when the "nucleus" of the coup first began to meet. Adewale Ademoyega, Kaduna Nzeogwu and Emmanuel Ifeajuna began the plot in 1961. How can you boldly post that Nzeogwu was recruited few months to the coup abeg grin

Honestly I'm not interested in the rest of the embarrassing stuff you posted because it's just too easy to debunk and we have laid all these your James Bond stories to rest over and over again. Its getting boring. I want that person I quoted to answer the question I asked. All these coup stories are a diversion to be frank

Sorry, I read Ademoyega but all he said was a bunch of stuff! I find it funny if not disingenuous that you readily quoted Ademoyega who was recruited by Nzeogwu himself. You don't present "facts" of a case by reading only one source, especially a self-serving one! It's obvious you haven't thoroughly researched the Jan 1966 coup...I repeat, Nzeogwu was recruited by Anuforo in October 1965! Many sources seem to corroborate this, including the report of Police Special Branch which investigated the coup! Try harder.


Politics / Re: The Truth Of The Kano Riot Of 1953 by Volksfuhrer(m): 12:40pm On May 02, 2019

Nzeogwu coup or Ifeajuna coup who cares what the name was. Nzeogwu read the speech, Nzeogwu did the interviews, Nzeogwu trained the plotters. It was Nzeogwu's coup to the world. Besides Igbos practically controlled the Army so leave all this pettiness

If Igbos wanted to take over it would have been the easiest thing to do. Ironsi foiled the coup in Lagos, Ojukwu and Ike Nwachukwu kept Kano free from the plotters. In the West and North Igbos ensured the coup failed so your point is baseless. Your region was in a civil war called Operation Wetie and the plotters wanted to put Awo in power. Even primary school students know this now grin grin

Your attempt to divert attention has failed grin Pls teach us how Igbos forced the country into a nation before independence. Or just admit you have no facts and were faking it the whole time

He said the truth! Your rant only showed you knew next to nothing about the January 1966 Coup.

"Nzeogwu trained the plotters..."(!): which of the "plotters"? the ones in Kaduna or Lagos?

"Nzeogwu read the speech..." : that ipso facto made him leader of the Coup plot? Dogoyaro read the speech that brought Babangida to power...it didn't mean he lead the plot!

If you were truly familiar with the coup you would know that Nzeogwu was recruited only a few months before January 1966! Unbeknown to Nzeogwu, the "coup" was not a coup originally planned by Ifeajuna to take power from civilians and foist military rule on Nigeria...it was devised only to eliminate the political enemies of Zik and the NCNC, which explained the patterns of killings! Nzeogwu was duped big time by Ifeajuna and co. The "coup" was a success as planned by the "inner circle!"

Igbos did take over through Ironsi (Plan B) when the move to install Mbadiwe as acting Prime Minister (Plan A) failed! The North that called the coup an "Igbo coup" were not as clueless as once thought...they saw right through the charade. Events of the time forced such conclusion and I don't blame them...I put the blame on Ifeajuna's head and Igbo elders who didn't foresee the morbid consequences of his intent.

Having said that, I would like to add that Ironsi didn't foil the coup, he was too incompetent to do so...that lofty credit was Gowon's and Ejoor's!


Politics / Re: Why Atiku And PDP Wanted New Electoral Law by Volksfuhrer(m): 10:53am On Apr 17, 2019
For years the PDP used our current electoral laws to conduct elections and there were good with it as it kept delivering a positive outcome to them. Just at the run up to the just concluded Presidential Election, the PDP and their candidate frantically pushed for a new electoral law to be adopted...

...Now that election has come and gone - seeing the lame attempt of Atiku and his party to smuggle fabricated figures with the claim it is from INEC Server, we can now look back and see why PDP wanted a new electoral law that uses electronic transmission of results. By now PDP would have simply relayed on the law to present figures that favour them and claim it were true result.

Also PDP's claim to have complete and unapproved access to INEC servers and database shows their confidence that the dubious Dubai Strategy was a go.

We are grateful to Mr. President for his vigilance in taming the massive fraudulent scheme deployed by Atiku and his crew to take power, institute corruption and enrich his friends.



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Culture / Re: Whenever You Search Google For Information, You’re Consulting Ifa —ooni by Volksfuhrer(m): 8:49am On Apr 13, 2019
This man should stop embarrassing yoruba race which nonsense is this.

What's with information input and iffa correlations??

People spend countless numbers of hours inputing information online just this comment am making now becomes a file for Google search and someone was referring it to one divination that is gone long years ago.

Abeg we need history back in our system

It's obvious you have no idea what Ifa is and how it works!
Culture / Re: Whenever You Search Google For Information, You’re Consulting Ifa —ooni by Volksfuhrer(m): 8:33am On Apr 13, 2019
very true. All modern electronics use the binary number system created by the ifa divination thousands of years ago.
Hehehehehehe...I agree! There's a lot of Ifa in system software! LWKMD... gringringrin
Politics / Re: NJC Advises Buhari To Retire Onnoghen Over $1.7m Cash by Volksfuhrer(m): 3:57am On Apr 04, 2019
I don't understand...the source of those deposits isn't clear but we ain't sure they are not bribes...is this what the NJC is saying? grin

The "soft landing" clearly indicates the NJC is familiar with issues of corruption within its fold...but frankly speaking, the salary of the CJN is a big joke!


Politics / Re: BREAKING: Nigeria Ranks 6 Miserable Country In The World by Volksfuhrer(m): 1:24pm On Apr 01, 2019
If you notice, the countries on the top 6 of the list are these large developing nations like Brazil, Argentina, Nigeria, Turkey, etc. I'm surprised they didn't have China in there as well. The list is driven by geopolitics, not reality.

America is so paranoid that it sees these nations as potential threats to its hegemony, hence these ludicrous 'reports' they publish to distort reality and downgrade those nations. Nigeria for instance, is projected to become the 3RD most populous nation on earth after China and India, by 2050. Just 30 yrs from now. That's a big deal to bigwigs in the US and other western powers.

Venezuela has the world's largest oll reserves..... Brazil is the second largest economy in the Americas... Argentina is a growing economic threat, etc etc.

One way to curtail these places, in the US' eyes would be to paint them in the worst possible light, such as by claiming incredibly, that they are the ''most miserable places on earth''. More miserable than even war-torn hellholes!

Many here don't know these pronouncements are made to further some secret agenda of The West. I'm glad you saw through the shenanigans called "empirical studies!"

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Politics / Re: Restructuring: Fayemi Urges S’west Leaders To Adopt New Strategies by Volksfuhrer(m): 10:02am On Apr 01, 2019
Scrap those wasters called "states" and go back to regional governments. There are to many civil service administrations plundering critical funds for infrastructure, in the name of "salaries" which directly only benefit the civil servants. Fiscal federalism with the current 36 states will not succeed; in fact, many states will become bankrupt...and that is the major reason why restructuring is being challenged!


Politics / Re: Buhari And Tinubu " Both Attended A Fake School,not In Existence. Atiku by Volksfuhrer(m): 9:38am On Apr 01, 2019
Atiku and his atikulating clowns may just run mad before this case is over grin grin grin

So much money pissed away, just like that...Atiku was scammed left, right and centre! That's enough to run any person mad biko!

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Politics / Re: Eastern Nigeria And The Hypocrisy Of Restructuring. by Volksfuhrer(m): 10:06am On Mar 28, 2019

Go and read up on Nigerian history. The declaration had nothing to do with the coup, it had everything to do with Gowons refusal to honour the Aburi agreement he signed in Ghana

If those came after Ironsi did worse than he did then Ironsi should be praised for being the best of a bad bunch

Compare Ironsi to Gowon:

Ironsi kept the 4 Regions he inherited, Gowon came in and abolished the 4 Regions and created 12 states. Other Military leaders continued Gowons "state creation" and we have 36 states today.

Ironsi maintained resource control/and fiscal responsibility for the 4 Regions. Each Region kept 50% of what they produced, Gowon came in and scrapped resource control and changed the revenue sharing formular. Today, states are begging for 13% when it was 50% under Ironsi

What is funny about the whole thing is that the Northerners said one of the biggest reasons for removing Ironsi was the unification decree, they came in and enacted decrees that were far worse than Ironsi's unification decree. The Northerners and their Yoruba cohorts have done far worse than Igbos or Ironsi ever did and have lost the moral right to criticise Igbos


Ironsi planted the "power grubbing" seed for selfish reasons...the North responded with their own upgrade! Whether "Northerners and their Yoruba cohorts" outdid their Igbo compatriots in "power play" is not the issue, the real "koko" is that Ironsi taught Nigeria how to use power solely to the benefit of their kinsmen. When you set a bad precedent and later complain that others did far worse is, frankly speaking, emotionally unintelligent...isn't revenge usually much worse than the original sin?

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Politics / Re: Eastern Nigeria And The Hypocrisy Of Restructuring. by Volksfuhrer(m): 5:46am On Mar 27, 2019

They said that Igbos were greedy and conducted a coup. To this day, they keep talking about it. But here are some interesting facts:

1) When Igbos declared their own country and went their way, it was the same Nigeria that decreed war and came to fight for 3 years to bring Igbos back into "one Nigeria"

Igbo officers sowed the wind, it backfired...they then decided to run away from the whirlwind by declaring Biafra...the rest is history. Ironsi and co decreed "one Nigeria," you go enjoy the "one Nigeria" nah.


2)They said that Ironsi took away powers from the Regions and introduced unitary rule. But those who came after Ironsi did far much worse. They not only took even more powers than Ironsi did, they went a step further to abolish the 4 regions and create states, thereby making Nigeria far more unitary than Ironsi

Yea, "those who came after Ironsi" perfected Ironsi's idea and created more states for their own benefits! What the heck was wrong with that? Were Ironsi's intentions in the first place not beneficial to his kinsmen?


3)They said that Igbos conducted a coup and killed people from other Regions...

Na lie? Answer the question and quit tap-dancing around it!

Get this, Ironsi and those who supported the Unification Decree were myopic, self-serving morons who created this current mess. Why didn't Ironsi just leave the regions as they were with their autonomy. Nooo! He needed to invade the Northern Civil Service with his kinsmen and dominate the "backward" Northern Region, just because he was the Supreme Commander of the Nigerian Army! But when power changed hands, the slogan was no longer "one Nigeria" but "Biafra or death!"

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Politics / Re: Saraki, PDP Plot To Install Goje As Senate President by Volksfuhrer(m): 6:29am On Mar 26, 2019
I don't trust Lawan...he might still stick a long one in PMB's back.

I'll prefer Ndume as SP...to terrorize PDP as payback for Saraki's sins! grin

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Politics / Re: Breaking: Yinka Odumakin Writes Letter To Bola Ahmed Tinubu by Volksfuhrer(m): 10:00pm On Mar 20, 2019
Odumakin, you fall my hand big time! Agbalagba wey no get self control. SMH.

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Politics / Re: What Happened To Jubril Al Sudani? by Volksfuhrer(m): 7:55am On Mar 09, 2019
The job's done, Jubril has returned to Sudan. grin
Politics / Re: Why Are White People So Developed And Cool by Volksfuhrer(m): 7:49am On Mar 09, 2019
You really want to know? Well, here it is ina rubbadub stylie...

They plundered everywhere they went and stole everything in sight including the identity of others! They were originally nomads who stole the civilization of others and later claimed what others invented as theirs. There's nothing cool about them as a race please! Even their poster boy Alexander of Macedonia was so wicked he sold women and children (nay, an entire population into slavery) as he plundered cooler civilizations much older and more advanced than his own!

I will always respect the Chinese...yea, those ones are truly cool. When they were on top centuries ago, they were sailing around the world trading peacefully. They had the might to seize "living space" for themselves but chose contentment over unbridled greed!

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Politics / Re: Sen Ogunlewe Blows Hot: Don't Push Igbos To The Wall, I Know Their Capability by Volksfuhrer(m): 5:43am On Mar 08, 2019
Why an experienced politician like Ogunlewe would openly fan the embers of tribal hate is beyond me! This man just made things worse.

I am not a Yoruba or Igbo person, but in my honest opinion, this man is talking nonsense. It is statements like this that are causing the issues as well as the increasing animosity towards the Igbos. One of the reasons for the Holocaust is that Hitler was able to make the Germans believe that the Jews were going to control everything in Germany. When you keep making such silly comments you only cause indigenes to start building up resistance and becoming hostile.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria About To Become The Next Venezuela - UK Telegraph by Volksfuhrer(m): 6:07am On Mar 06, 2019
They have started with their doom saying again. they talked about this 4 years ago, and they were proved wrong. At least we were able to survive and manage it well.The structures of Nigeria and Venezuela are different. Yes, poor economic policies by buhari led government may allow some foreign investors to be skeptical about investing in nigeria but is not as bad as they foresee. The main problem is that many free and stolen money that many advanced countries like UK see from Nigerian government in the past has drastically reduced. They depend on those money to grow their own economy and how no free corrupt money while the one they are protecting are been put under pressure to be recovered. They should face their brexit wahala and leave us alone until things stabilize.

Don't mind them, they have their own agenda!

Can you imagine the trope, "...he glorified poverty and vilified success:" I smelled a rat when I saw that...a hatchet job!

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Politics / Re: OPINION: South West’s Fatal Leap by Volksfuhrer(m): 1:39pm On Mar 04, 2019
Typical paid hatchet job. Look who's calling someone "alagabagebe!"

Brown envelope political analyst! You didn't fool me with this shitty submission.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Bans Ajimobi From Appearing At APC Governorship Rallies by Volksfuhrer(m): 12:59pm On Mar 04, 2019
Ajimobi...a whole governor...brazenly thrown under the bus!

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