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Fashion / Re: Africans At Miss World 2013 (Coverage) by Wallie(m): 3:50pm On Sep 05, 2013
No she s got Lebanese Senegalese and Ivorian blood

I'm wrong! Her mom is mixed but not her.
Fashion / Re: Africans At Miss World 2013 (Coverage) by Wallie(m): 3:36pm On Sep 05, 2013
onila: Miss cote iviore is one the best

but she looks kinda mixed

She's not mixed but she *probably* has some Fulani heritage in her.
Fashion / Re: Africans At Miss World 2013 (Coverage) by Wallie(m): 2:21pm On Sep 05, 2013

That is a weakness in my view, not an asset.

Having the height of a man is not attractive to most men. Even guys that are 6ft 7 are rarely interested in any woman over 5ft 10.

I agree with you that that's a weakness for an ordinary lady but not for a model. I'm just barely over 6ft tall and I honestly feel inadequate when next to the girls especially the older sister! Can you imagine a girl bending down to give you a hug? To make it worse, she even puts on high heels!

But the guy that's 6ft 11 gets treated like a superstar everywhere we go. People just walk up beside him in public either measuring their height against his or striking up a conversation about his height.

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Fashion / Re: Africans At Miss World 2013 (Coverage) by Wallie(m): 1:27pm On Sep 05, 2013
I hope miss Cote D'Ivoire wins! Her older sister is just as beautiful and tall! Her mom is about 6ft2, older sister about 6ft3, one brother about 6ft11 and another about 6ft7.


Science/Technology / Re: A Nairalander's Remote Controlled Aircraft And SUAVS by Wallie(m): 12:53am On Sep 03, 2013

Ok, here we go... hope you enjoy the videos.
The F-16 flew really scale and nice

and having a feel of the G's and maneuvers with a GoPro camera on board the Ultra Lightning is just fascinating..

The pro guy on the stick is nice! What's the (1) endurance, (2) max speed and (3) max payload possible? It seems you guys have unfettered access to an airstrip? Nice! If I have the same access, I'll be going for altitude (optics limited) and endurance.
Science/Technology / Re: A Nairalander's Remote Controlled Aircraft And SUAVS by Wallie(m): 3:50pm On Aug 29, 2013


From the Nigerian Air Force Institute of Technology: Amebo

• Customisable flight control software
• Waypoint navigation
• High speed real time image processing for onboard Geo-location and Target Tracking•
Up to 40 km VHF communications• Modular and mobile GCSApplication Areas of AMEBO
• Pipeline Monitoring•
Border Patrol•
Traffic Monitoring
• Disaster Monitoring•
Maritime Patrol•
Aerial Surveillance• Pest Monitoring and Control

From the Israelis: Aerostar and Seastar...

• Customisable flight control software
• Waypoint navigation
• High speed real time image processing for onboard Geo-location and Target Tracking•
Up to 40 km VHF communications• Modular and mobile GCSApplication Areas of AMEBO
40km is on the high end of what can be cobbled together but possible with an antenna tracker and a directional antenna. Since one won't be flying line of sight, getting a reliable video link that far out is challenging but doable. You can also add a GSM module as a backup for controlling the craft to its pre-programmed way points.

• Pipeline Monitoring•
Border Patrol•
Traffic Monitoring
• Disaster Monitoring•
Maritime Patrol•
Aerial Surveillance• Pest Monitoring and Control
Science/Technology / Re: A Nairalander's Remote Controlled Aircraft And SUAVS by Wallie(m): 1:57am On Aug 29, 2013

Who are you trying to impress with all these power filters...magnetometer crap?

Just order the damn box and use a screwdriver to put it together.

Stay away from textbook materials and be more practical my man.

I bet you don't even know what a soldering iron looks like.

gps module ko, telemetry radios ni!


Science/Technology / Re: A Nairalander's Remote Controlled Aircraft And SUAVS by Wallie(m): 10:12pm On Aug 28, 2013

One of my buddies flies FPV, but I don't. My buddie (does most of our aerial shots) has the quads, with hd cameras. Has auto hold and a couple of waypoints. Send me pictures of your quad lets take it from there. I would like to know the maker, autopilot software and waypoint capabilities. You can PM me if you would like to sell it off when you come to Naija.

Actually, I'm trying to sell my fixed wing not the quad. The autopilot is an open source based arduino controller. I'll send you an email.
Science/Technology / Re: A Nairalander's Remote Controlled Aircraft And SUAVS by Wallie(m): 4:49pm On Aug 28, 2013
BigBen10: What material did you use to build the body(exterior) and where and how much can i get it

He did not build the frame that you're looking at but if you want to build one, the best material when considering weight vs strength vs cost is EPO (expanded polyolefin) foam.
Science/Technology / Re: A Nairalander's Remote Controlled Aircraft And SUAVS by Wallie(m): 4:39pm On Aug 28, 2013

There is no freaking way this dude built those bodies with such finesse.

He assembled it using assembly manual which any diy-er could do.

The post is misleading or the OP is just being plain dishonest

Of course he didn't build the air frame! You buy all the parts needed, and depending on the configuration, program as necessary. In an autonomous plane, which is what I did, it is akin to buying the different parts of a car and trying to build one from scratch. You have to program the controller for the air frame type so that it flies straight, solder the autopilot, gps modules, telemetry radios, on screen display, power filters, voltage regulators, magnetometer, amplifiers, batteries, antennas, servos, cameras etc

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Science/Technology / Re: A Nairalander's Remote Controlled Aircraft And SUAVS by Wallie(m): 4:08pm On Aug 28, 2013
This is what mine looks like!


Science/Technology / Re: A Nairalander's Remote Controlled Aircraft And SUAVS by Wallie(m): 4:03pm On Aug 28, 2013
I'm selling my half-built FPV flying wing that is fully autonomous . Just don't have time for it any longer! I also have a quadcopter. I was going to bring it to Nigeria but...

Airframe: Flying wing
Controller: APM
Telemetry: 915 Mhz
Video TX/RX: Wireless Video Receiver
On-Screen Display: MinimOSD
Motor: high efficiency brushless motor
ESC: brushless ESC
Porpeller: foldering props with Spinner
Servos: HITEC HS-225MG
Battery: 5000mAh X 2
Ground station Display: 16" Widescreen HD LED
FPV Camera:
Video Recorder: high quality digital video recorder
Camera: Camcorder


What do you have in yours? Are you flying FPV yet? If so, how far can you go?
Celebrities / Re: 'Oprah Lied" - Salesgirl Accused Of Racist Comment by Wallie(m): 3:53pm On Aug 13, 2013
I'm not one to make excuses but it is very clear that Oprah was profiled as not being able to afford the bag. Even from her words, the sales lady said Oprah wanted to look at a more expensive bag behind her but she suggested looking at the cheaper smaller version claiming that they’re the same. That's like walking into a car dealership with the hope of buying a Benz S600 but car sales guy gave you the keys to a C250 claiming that they drive the same.

Isn't she from the same Switzerland that introduced a law banning refugees from playgrounds, swimming pools and libraries?

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Car Talk / Re: PHOTOS...MY 1951 Plymouth Business Coupe American Classic Home Restoration..phot by Wallie(m): 6:14pm On Aug 01, 2013
Nice!!!! I'm also looking for a classic car to restore but I don't really have the time right now! Although, if I come across something nice, I'll just buy and park it till I can work on it. I almost bought a Lotus Super Seven kit a couple of years ago and I might still go that route if I can't find a reasonable priced classic that I like. The '67 Mustang Shelby GT-500 is my dream classic.

Politics / Re: Obahiagbon To Patience - "Wole Is Far From The Problem, Your English Is" by Wallie(m): 10:23pm On Jul 15, 2013
With regards to disrespecting a public figure, one of the downsides of being in the public eye is that you open yourself up to ridicule. It is true that PEJ didn’t run for office but it was her choice addressing people at rallies and other public events.

If you’re thin-skinned and have a thing or two about you that people find funny, stay out of public eye. Simple.

I’ve always said that GEJ and PEJ suffer from the worst handlers in history! Someone like PEJ should just be given a script to read and advised never to deviate from it. Why do you think most politicians, especially in the US, sound so intelligent? In today’s world of social media and mobile phones, why would you risk your embarrassing moments being immortalized? You want to sound smart, prepare!
Celebrities / Re: Ruggedman Blasts Celebrities Over Silence In OJB False Donation Rumour by Wallie(m): 4:25pm On Jul 03, 2013
I believe in charity but do not succumb into shaming people to donate to people in need especially when the person in need is a celebrity. Every life is sacred whether one is a celebrity or not. The right thing for people to do is appeal to those with extra to spare. If a celebrity with all his influential connections is finding it this hard to raise $100k, I wonder what that says about our culture of giving to the needy!

Also, if a celebrity is rumored to have donated, why place the onus on him/her to clear the air about the donation? Whether or not the celebrity donated, he/she owes no duty to anybody to explain his/her action or inaction. I also don’t like how this donation is turning into a popularity contest. If any of the celebrities are like me, I do not like to advertise my donations because whatever I donated is really nobody’s business and is strictly between me and God.

Why can’t OJB every so often publish a list of his donors and how much they donated?

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Snubs US, Looks On To Build Economic Relations With China And Russia by Wallie(m): 4:32pm On Jun 28, 2013
sambos994: Eh, we can do without the US. What have they done for us, honestly? I can't think of one thing. The only thing I saw them do is protest to the State of Emergency.

The Obama administration on Friday threatened to cut off aid to Nigeria or even sanction the African country after the government of President Goodluck Jonathan pardoned a former governor accused of corruption.

“The United States government is deeply disappointed over the recent pardons of corrupt officials by the Nigerian government,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said. “We see this as a setback for the fight against corruption and also for our ability to play the strong role we've played in supporting rule of law and legal institution building in Nigeria, which is very important for the future of the country, obviously.”

Asked if the United States could cut off aid — Nigeria was slated to receive $660.5 million in the president's 2012 budget, more than any other sub-Saharan country except Ethiopia — Nuland didn't rule it out.

“We have made clear to the Nigerians that this puts a question mark on the kinds of work that we've been trying to do with them,” she said. “We haven't yet taken the kinds of steps that you're suggesting, but we're continuing to look at what's appropriate.”

The U.S. embassy in Abuja also condemned the pardon, saying it was “deeply disappointed” on Twitter.

"We see this as a setback in the fight against corruption,” the embassy said. Nigeria is a top oil provider to the United States and a crucial ally in the fight against Islamist militants in the region.

Politics / Re: Nigeria Snubs US, Looks On To Build Economic Relations With China And Russia by Wallie(m): 1:24pm On Jun 28, 2013

America consumes mostly Chinese products ... This guys are coming into Naija with a bank, modular refineries, fast train lines. Who cares who benefit, as long as their is basic amenities for everyday NIgerian.

Unfortunately, this is the myopic view that caused us to be still enslaved to the west! EVERYBODY looks out for their own pecuniary and/or social interest. Have you ever wondered why China is investing in Africa when they could have invested all that money in China to get their people out of poverty?

Here’s the statistics on China as of 2008.
Live less than $1.25 a day 13.1% (172 million)
Live less than $2 a day 29.8% (394 million)
Live less than $2.5 a day 39.9% (528 million)
Live less than $4 a day 62% (821 million)
Live less than $5 a day 71.6% (948 million)


We shouldn't be naive to think that the ONLY reason China is in Africa because their care about us. We should welcome their Yen/dollars but also make sure that we are benefiting long-term from the relationship.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Snubs US, Looks On To Build Economic Relations With China And Russia by Wallie(m): 8:22pm On Jun 27, 2013
doncaster: yes they will pop up but where are going to source for their merchandize? In US? that will not come cheap hence they will close shop again leaving Americans without wall mart and no mum/pop stores. America are not doing china a favour by buying their goods rather they are buying from where their consumers can afford. If plasma/lcd tvs are being produced in US or Germany many house hold around the world will still be using boxed black and white at the moment.

You seem to forget that the US is one of the most entrepreneurial countries on earth! You have no idea what you're talking about in terms of manufacturing. The ONLY reason China is used to source products is because they're cheap. Why are they cheap? Because their workers are paid a fraction of what American workers are paid.

Let me flip that same question around for you. Why are some manufacturers currently leaving China for Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and the Philippines? Wages in China have quadrupled over the last decade. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/09/business/global/wary-of-events-in-china-foreign-investors-head-to-cambodia.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

Bottom line is that we buy from China because it is cheap and if we were to close the boarders, products will still be manufactured but they will just cost more!

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Snubs US, Looks On To Build Economic Relations With China And Russia by Wallie(m): 9:39pm On Jun 26, 2013
doncaster: The impact will be felt all over. How many workers do you think works for wall mart? The heat will be too much if half of all the workers are sacked.

Dude, do you know how many mom and pop stores closed due to Walmart? Do you think people would rather work for someone that pays $7-8/hr or $10-$12 per hour? If Walmart shut its doors today, by midnight little stores will pop up to fill the vacuum.

See the effects of Walmart below:
Politics / Re: Nigeria Snubs US, Looks On To Build Economic Relations With China And Russia by Wallie(m): 9:33pm On Jun 26, 2013
solomon111: what the fucck are you talking about?
Nigeria alone accounts for 13% of the FDI in africa,the highest in africa and is estimated to even get bigger.
Nigeria growing at the rate of 7.2%,which is probably the highest in africa.
Nigeria is already positioned to be the largest economy in africa in the nearest future.
Nigeria is far more pivotal in africa than those countries you listed and it will be a collosal mistake for american interests in africa, if they let Nigeria go east-ward.
The advisors in obama's cabinet must be cretinns.
Anyway,i am happy that Nigeria is finally moving east thanks to america shooting themselves in the foot.
We should be looking to join the BRICS.

Calm down! There's no reason to get emotional. No one denies the potential that Nigeria holds. But Nigeria's case is like that of gifted athlete that could have made it to the world stage but keeps messing up and never moved past the local league. I'm sure we all know of a brilliant classmate in high school that we run into later in life only to comment on how intelligent the kid was back then!

Wasted talent/gift is worse than not having the talent/gift in the first place.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Snubs US, Looks On To Build Economic Relations With China And Russia by Wallie(m): 9:26pm On Jun 26, 2013
djon78: Good move by the present government, I think our policy now should be more towards the east and less of west, because Africas relationship with the west has been more of master-servant while the east relates to us with mutual respect and as equal partner. Another imperative is that many countries in the east are now major players in the global economy with sound economic blueprint for the future while majority of economies in the west are bugged down with astronomical debts and poor economic future. We really need to relate more with those guys, cos we have so much to learn from them.

Here's a slightly different perspective and, frankly, my pet peeve with most African governments.

China or any other country investing in Africa is not doing so out of goodwill. They are doing so because they can make a profit and in the case of China, secure energy sources and sell us finished products from our natural resources. I have no problem with that because they're looking out for their own interest.

However, my problem is with our politicians that fail to look out for our own interests. China comes to Africa with money, they invest in a particular sector but they use that money to buy their own equipment and hire their own foreign Chinese personnel. Little, if any, of the money actually stays in the local economy. After exporting the raw materials, they then manufacture it into finished products in China and import the same into the local economy.

My question is what have we gained or going to gain from the entire transaction?

Technology Transfer - The government should put measures in place that will force the Chinese to hire the local population especially for the skilled labor aspect of the job. We have enough bricklayers but not those skilled enough to take on an industry. You need technology to compete in today’s marketplace!

Monetary policy - make it more difficult or more enticing to keep currency within the local economy. This will force them to invest locally; otherwise, the money will just sit in a bank losing value to inflation.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Snubs US, Looks On To Build Economic Relations With China And Russia by Wallie(m): 8:48pm On Jun 26, 2013
Here's why China will continue to hold US debt just like the Japan has always done: trade deficit - they sell more to us than we sell to them!

The trade deficit will make China hold more US dollars than we have Chinese Yen. With all the extra US dollars that they have from selling stuff in the US, they need to invest or spend it. One of the ways of spending it is to buy properties in the US where dollar is accepted except the US congress always frown upon the Chinese buying any major US asset. Another way is to buy our bonds and treasuries, which is how they currently invest most of their dollars.

If the US were to close its boarder to Chinese imports, do you know what will happen to the Chinese economy and all those workers working in the factories? In the US, the major impact will be felt at mega retailers like Wal-Mart that make a killing from selling cheap products.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Snubs US, Looks On To Build Economic Relations With China And Russia by Wallie(m): 8:29pm On Jun 26, 2013

LMAO. . .NL and jokers

Chinese needs US to survive ? shocked

Not with that huge debt the US will have to cough out to china !

I think the debt thing needs to be put into perspective! China only holds $1.2 trillion of US debt. Japan holds $1.1 trillion.

China owns about 8 percent of publicly held U.S. debt. Of all the holders of U.S. debt China is the third-largest, behind only the Social Security Trust Fund's holdings of nearly $3 trillion and the Federal Reserve's nearly $2 trillion holdings in Treasury investments.

Also notice that the major holders of US debt are export dependent countries, wonder why?

Politics / Re: Nigeria Snubs US, Looks On To Build Economic Relations With China And Russia by Wallie(m): 8:18pm On Jun 26, 2013
There are some many ignorant people on this thread it's not even funny! There's nothing wrong in being proud of one's own or even being overly enthusiastic but one has to inject a semblance of reality!

Obama skipped Nigeria because Nigeria is perceived to be regressing. Do you guys also realize that he's skipping Kenya? Do you know why? The democratically elected Kenyan president, Uhuru Kenyatta, is currently facing charges of crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The foreign policy is simple. Do not encourage/reward bad behavior from foreign leaders. Do you know that as staunch an ally the US is to Israel, Obama did not visit Israel until a couple of months ago?

I head a commentary today on the News about a new push to stop lumping the African continent together when investment opportunities are spoken of. The investors realize that there are some countries that are truly reformed and provide a great atmosphere to invest. Countries mentioned were South Africa, Ghana and Tanzania. I wonder why the so-called giant of Africa is missing!

Lastly, you guys seem to think that the US will lose out if Nigeria is ignored. My question is lose out on what exactly, oil? Look at the oil import trend from Nigeria and you decide:

413,932 Annual-Thousand Barrels

361,659 Annual-Thousand Barrels

295,310 Annual-Thousand Barrels

373,297 Annual-Thousand Barrels

298,732 Annual-Thousand Barrels

161,42 Annual-Thousand Barrels

Romance / Re: Can Cheating Ever Be Acceptable? by Wallie(m): 7:14pm On Jun 24, 2013
(CNN) -- Kristen Stewart, Ryan Phillippe, LeAnn Rimes, Jude Law, Mark Sanford and Bill Clinton. What do they have in common?
Many are quick to label a person who strays from his or her marriage or relationship as a "cheater," but it's really not that simple. It's time for our culture to wake up and smell the sex pheromones: monogamy is not natural for many, or probably even most, humans.
With people living longer than ever before, a greater tolerance toward the human impulse to experience sexual variety is needed. Whether a person succeeds at being sexually monogamous depends as much on biology as environment.

The rise of the love marriage
Marrying for love is a relatively new concept. Beginning with Enlightenment -- the cultural movement of the 18th and 19th centuries -- when the pursuit of happiness became a legitimate human pursuit, marrying for love slowly but surely became an aspiration in the Western world.

But for most of human history, marriage was primarily a socioeconomic transaction. Spending the rest of your life with someone was more about the protection of property and the sharing of labor than it was about romance.

Husband: Monogamy destroys marriage
The side effect of the rise of marriage as a romantic proposition was that sexual jealousy became a more prevalent ingredient in marriage than it had been previously. Over time, sexual fidelity has come to be regarded as the barometer of a successful marriage -- regardless of what science tells us about natural human inclinations.
Mate debate: Is monogamy realistic?

Lovebirds cheat
Biologically, we humans are animals. So it makes sense to look to the animal kingdom for clues as to what we are built for. Let's start with birds. For some time, bird species such as lovebirds and penguins were celebrated among humans for their seemingly monogamous ways. About 90% of birds were thought to be strictly monogamous.

But DNA fingerprinting knocked birds off the monogamy perch. Analysis of avian DNA indicates that many nestlings' fathers are not their biological fathers.

This led experts to distinguish between unions that are sexually exclusive and those that are socially monogamous -- meaning a pair that raises a family together but indulges in what are called "extra pair copulations."

"Faithless pairing" is the norm
The evidence shows that monogamy is a rarity among mammals. Only 3% to 5% of all the mammal species on Earth "practice any form of monogamy." In fact, no mammal species has been proven to be truly monogamous.

One species, the prairie vole was subjected to scrutiny by biologists because it appeared to be truly monogamous. But it turns out that as a species, it just has a very high rate of sexual monogamy. Not every prairie vole resists straying.

Studies of prairie voles helped scientists understand that from a chemical and biological standpoint, sexual monogamy depends not just on particular hormones that are released in the brain, but on receptors for these hormones.

Among humans, here's the rub: we have the chemicals and the receptors, but it varies from person to person how much we have. Based on brain wiring alone, inclination toward fidelity can vary dramatically from one individual to another.

In other words, "once a cheater, always a cheater," might have as much to do with brain wiring as with a person's moral compass, upbringing or culture.

The bottom line is that flings are far from folly, at least in the animal kingdom. Even swans -- symbols of fidelity -- are not immune.

One partner for 50 years?
It's also important to look at human longevity with respect to cultural expectations of monogamy.
As recent as over 100 years ago, it was far more likely that an individual would lose his or her spouse at a young age. Remarriage by widows and widowers -- also known as serial monogamy -- was one way for humans to fulfill the need for sexual variety.

Today, the median age for first marriages is 28 for men and 26 for women. Disease is far less likely to kill someone in their prime and life expectancy hovers in the late 70s.

Because fidelity is considered the barometer of a successful marriage, this means that a person is theoretically expected to have one sexual partner for about 50 years.

This seems like a lot to expect of any human being -- even the most honorable, ethical and moral.
Those who are able to stay with one partner for a long haul are sometimes looked upon with awe. Certainly, a lasting and happy marriage tends to be far better for the children.

It has long been assumed that men struggle more with monogamy than women. Some experts have started to question this theory. With the development of a drug that promises to boost female libido, one can argue that sexual boredom and the temptation to stray is as big of an issue for women as it is for men, if not more so.

Human monogamy is influenced by many factors. Instead of pointing fingers or acting morally superior toward those who stray from marriages, we should recognize that strict sexual fidelity is a lofty but perhaps fundamentally doomed aspiration.
No two individuals, and no two couples are alike, and we should respect that.

Moreover, one's perspective on monogamy is not necessarily an indicator of one's personal practices. Many people have incorrectly assumed that because I've read, thought, and written about the problems with human monogamy that I am myself promiscuous.
For the record, nothing could be further from the truth. Nor am I, as many commenters on this Yahoo post suggested, a Satanist or a LovePeddler.

I am just a woman with a healthy respect for science.

Politics / Re: Nigerians Can't Have Free Potable Water- Minister by Wallie(m): 5:36pm On Jun 19, 2013

Why should any governor deny me access on the road because I don't have money to pay?

In other words, people who can't afford to pay the token for water supply can also explore other alternatives like ; Rain, Stream, River,

Roads are only tolled if there's an alternate route. In other words, you are paying for a convenience that is fundamentally not necessary to achieve your goal.

I see that you still fail to see the fundamental responsibilities of a government! Based on your argument, why should the government provide any services at all?
Politics / Re: Nigerians Can't Have Free Potable Water- Minister by Wallie(m): 3:49pm On Jun 19, 2013
Acidosis: Shes right.
If Fashola could ask us to pay for the road he constructed with our money before we walk on these roads...then there is nothing wrong in paying a token for the water we drink/use everyday

We try to justify FREE FREE things because of the poor, and the more we provide free things, the poor becomes even poorer cos they no longer see any reason to work!

Imagine a dad who sent his 9 children to government schools for free.. the childen get to school in free uniforms & free books to eat free food and then come back home to meet their father sleeping and snoring on bed...

"We cannot eradicate poverty by providing free things"

- Acidosis

Eradicate idleness, joblessness & corruption; and poverty shall be nowhere close to the citizens!

I agree with your conclusion but your rationale is really flawed!

1. If one is unable to pay the toll on Fashola’s road, he/she can find an alternative route or simply not go to that area. EVERYONE needs water to survive! You need to drink it, bathe with it, cook with it, clean with it, irrigate your farms with it, etc. There is no alternative to having water and water is just as important as air we breathe.

2. You also need to be cognizant of the fact that the cycle of poverty can only be broken by preparing our youths for tomorrow regardless of their economical background. A father that has 9 kids he can’t care for will most likely end up raising nuisances. As a society, we have a choice of ignoring them today and dealing with them tomorrow or dealing with them today so that they can become productive members of the society tomorrow. The government providing the kids free basic amenities of life will only ensure that the kids have a fighting chance of being successful. If the kids are ignored, the end result is the almarijis in the North. Simple. Moreover, the kids had no say in choosing which family they got birthed into.

Lastly, the minister needs to be trained in effective communication! What she said is true but she should have highlighted the positives and not the negatives. For example, she could have said that with each family paying a token like N20, the government can provide clean drinking water to each house. The end result is still the same but she’ll get a more favorable response from the populace.


Education / Re: Student Debt In America by Wallie(m): 9:27pm On Jun 14, 2013
My student loan is well over $100k with a payment of $1k per month at 5.6% interest and by the time I'm done paying, I would have paid about X2 of what I borrowed.

I actually consider myself very lucky as I went to a private undergrad university that cost about $40k per year for a 5-year program. When you add my law degree to that, the cost becomes a number so obscene that only people that went though it can understand. It is very common to have spent over $200k to get a law degree (undergrad + law school).

My only advice to people that are able to borrow money is to borrow just what they need and not a penny more. Also, be extremely cognizant of the earning potential of the field you want to go into and make sure it correlates with what you borrow.

Lastly, make sure your lifestyle matches where you are in life. If you're a student then live like a student and not a king! Some people will borrow every last penny they qualify for and use the money to supplement their lifestyle without fully appreciating the fact that they will have to pay back every single penny they borrowed!
Career / Re: A Harsh Take On Locally-Trained Nigerians by Wallie(m): 8:33pm On Jun 14, 2013
1. People who “form” (make up accents) are usually only able to fool local people. grin

2. A Nigerian 1 or 2 years off the boat trying to speak with an American accent will not be understood by Americans.

3. Most people typically code-switch (change accents depending on who they're talking to). Unconsciously, people tend to speak like people around them. I have a 10 year old cousin that went to Nigeria for the first time for about 1 year and when she came back, her English was 100% straight out of Naija!

4. Excitement typically brings out a different accent in people that speak more than one language.

5. Any Nigerian that left Nigeria at a relatively young age to a foreign country will develop an accent.

6. At times, people with accent use it to impress people but that's just like saying a beautiful woman is using her beauty to impress people – she can’t help it if one is impressed by her beauty for that’s who she is. You can’t ask someone who speaks with an accent to change just because people might be impressed except if the accent becomes undesirable.

Lastly, you should use whatever arsenal in your “selling point” to your advantage – even D’Prince knows that!

Off-topic: I'm actually feeling a lot of Naija songs these days unlike Naija movies!

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Business / Re: Crowd Funding In Nigeria. Intelligent minds, lets discuss. by Wallie(m): 7:18pm On Jun 06, 2013

Are you talking future markets traded on the stock exchange and/or agricultural cooperatives? Either way, I think you're onto something great!

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