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Celebrities / Re: Amber Heard Is The Most Beautiful Woman In The World According To Science by Worksunlimited: 10:40am On Jun 22
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Most beautiful women are closet saddists and manipulators..


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Which One Would You Take? by Worksunlimited: 6:00pm On Jun 21
A job on the island 150k or a job on the mainland 120k

You reside in Ketu

120k mainland
Politics / Re: Highest Office Attained By A Lagosian Is Chief Judge - Tinubu by Worksunlimited: 3:25pm On Jun 20
[quote author=itchykuci post=113971574]

Source: https://www.channelstv.com/2022/06/19/apc-ticket-when-i-was-almost-fed-up-i-resorted-to-prayers-tinubu/[/quote

Tinubu that's not from Lagos state
Properties / Re: How Do I Share The Rooms? by Worksunlimited: 11:20am On Jun 18

I got a 2bedroom flat because the place is close to me and my wife place of work.we couldn't get a 3bedroom around the area cos that was the one we saw at the time and it was not costly.

But here is the problem I have a 19yrs old boy waiting for admission and a 16yrs old girl in ss3 but I don't know how to allocate the 2 bedroom maybe my wife and I should take one and leave the other room for my son and daughter but my girl is already a lady and she doesn't want to share a room with her brother,,am also thinking my wife should share one room with our daughter while I share the remaining room with my son but what if me and my wife need each other.

Where we relocated from we had 3 bedrooms and everyone had his room but because that was the only apartment near and less costly we had to take it.

You and your wife dey 1 room, the girl one room, leave the guy make e dey parlour sleep.. he has to be ready for university life..
Politics / Re: NERC To Nigerians: Expect Improved Electricity Supply From July 1 by Worksunlimited: 10:27am On Jun 16

Whao !!!4 million meters for 250 million people . This is incredible. Who said nep, abi nepa abi nep plc is failure ?

Did you pay for your meter or not?
Politics / Re: NERC To Nigerians: Expect Improved Electricity Supply From July 1 by Worksunlimited: 10:26am On Jun 16
Politics / Re: Asiwaju Tinubu Visits Amaechi (Pictures) by Worksunlimited: 9:05am On Jun 11
Sanwo-olu leave em work for Lagos, just dey follow tinubu upandan...
Romance / Re: I'm About To Break Up My Relationship Of 3 Years Due To Indecent Dressing by Worksunlimited: 12:22pm On Jun 08

I won't mince words as i'll tell u what you need to know

Yes, your woman is an hookup girl, olosho, pr*stit*te, just pick whichever that suits you, so u know, she has someone bankrolling her currently more than you do. It's a big red flag if she wouldn't respect your decision and it clearly means she doesn't love or no longer in love with you. Now I'll tell you this for free. A woman fears and respects the man they truly love, as she wouldn't want to loose u. You don't force it as it comes naturally.

Now I'll leave you with this question to go and pounder on...

Can you go ahead with a woman that wouldn't take your words or rather respect you as man?

I believe you've gotten the answer. Now be a man and be logical. *drops_mic

Why you tell am everything na, small secret you can't keep
Romance / Re: I've Started Bleaching Coz Girls Like Fair Guys More(photo) by Worksunlimited: 12:20pm On Jun 08
check out my glowing skin now

wow till death!!!!

U better stop it, now that you still have hope.

I have met loads of women that don't like fair guys but love dark skinned guys.. The darker the better
Family / Re: I Refused My Husband From Sleeping With Me. See Why? by Worksunlimited: 8:48pm On Jun 06

It is the same you mistakes of men that insult women that ooze offensive smell down there, rotten fish smell and other nonsense saying they hardly bath, yet you want women to condone dirty stinky disgusting smell of men like Op's husband that hates bathing abi?

And your silly comeback is to use money as an excuse for a filthy man? In this 21st century that 99.999999% women work and earn a living? Either you are the Op's husband or you are also a filthy smelling slimey man with a terrible body odour.

Don't misconstrue things and point things out of context..
Romance / Re: My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me Because I Got A High Paying Job by Worksunlimited: 10:12am On Jun 03
I have been working for this company for two years. In December 2021, there was a change in management, a new manager was assigned to my Department. Before the change in management, I applied for some jobs in November 2021 but I didn't get any response.

Things between my new manager and I developed really quickly (he is not married and he is 10 years older than me). Although we have been working together, when he became the new manager we started dating. it was mutual, it wasn't like he forced me. We liked each other and we started dating in March 2022. We kept things professional in the office. Nobody in the office knows about this even till now.

Those companies I applied to in November 2021 reached out to me for an interview. I got two offers at the same time. Both offers come with great pay (similar to what my boyfriend currently earns) and a significant boost to my career. I spoke to my boyfriend about it and being my boss he told me to reject both offers, he told me he would be able to cater for my needs that the only commitment he has now is paying for his house and once he is done paying for it, he would have more money to take care of me and I didn't need a job where they would pay me what he's currently earning and be in a role similar to his.

I told him it's not the money but it would be about moving up the ladder in my career. These are offers people do not have, now I have two, he is asking me to reject them. He told me even if I have to move the only offer I should take is the one close to the company where we work which has a lower pay compared to the second offer. I told him I would go with the second offer which has more opportunities for me. Both offers are in the same state although my preferred offer is a bit far from where I live but it is still a reasonable location to commute everyday. At one point he told me, I was too ambitious and I took it as a compliment.

I noticed he changed since then, he informed the company management that I was leaving and we began the handover process, I noticed he changed after we had the discussion about me accepting the second offer but I thought it was about him missing me. May 31 was my last day and I noticed few days to my last day he was acting strange so I asked him what the matter was. He said he doesn't feel anything for me and we should stop seeing each other.

This is a man that was really excited when we were dating, all of a sudden doesn't feel anything for me because I got a high paying job? Is it wrong for a woman to be ambitious? When has it become a crime for a woman to aim high in her career? My role will still be to support him. I have never been rude to him and I am not going to be rude to him because we now earn the same salary. I really like him and I feel disappointed that he could act this way.

Is it now a crime for a woman to be ambitious?

Move on... Better man dey for front. See babe wey be my prayer point na em 1 guy dey mumu break up with am...
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Meets Flavour, Phyno, Others (Photos, Video) by Worksunlimited: 9:23am On Jun 03
Great news. I like his strategy.. Getting his people to hear his plans for the country.

But the un-evolved anthropoids should not come crying and wailing like motherless toddlers when Osinbajo and Tinubu decides to have discussions with the likes of Brymo, Olamide, Reminisce and co.

6 persons don turn people
Politics / Re: Tinubu: Buhari Was A Serial Loser Until I Made Him President, It Is Now My Turn by Worksunlimited: 9:20am On Jun 03


Buhari Was A Serial Loser Until I Made Him President, It Is Now My Turn - Bola Tinubu

Previous thread https://www.nairaland.com/7158466/tinubu-without-me-buhari-lost

Afobaje is talking.. in other words Afobaje no wan do Afobaje work again, e wan be Oba himself.

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Celebrities / Re: Johnny Depp's Reaction To His Victory In Court by Worksunlimited: 4:40pm On Jun 02
New pirates of the carribean loading.... grin

He has said he would never work for Disney again


Politics / Re: Pictures Of Obiano After His Tenure As Anambra Governor by Worksunlimited: 1:13pm On Jun 01


So he can remove his glasses and behave with sense
Politics / Re: Atiku To South East Leaders: I Will Only Serve One Term by Worksunlimited: 4:43pm On May 27
O fe gbe wan ni GG Atiku to win 2 terms
Politics / Re: 2023: I Don't Need To Be Strong Like Ronaldo To Lead Nigeria - Tinubu by Worksunlimited: 10:22am On May 27


I don't understand how Nigeria thats in need of surgical operation is and still wants to be ruled by a sick Nigerian..

I don't just understand
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: The Dilemma Of A Young Graduate With Many Job Offers. by Worksunlimited: 9:09pm On May 26
My sister is 26 years and a graduate of Statistics from a federal university in the South East. There is an issue, more like a blessing. She had been writing aptitude tests since and failing but something remarkable is happening this year. She has been passing all the graduate trainee tests and interviews this year. She is at the final stage of Cerdar group, Stanbic, Meristem and Oilserv graduate trainee program. Just waiting for offer letters. She got an offer into Wema bank graduate trainee but rejected it because of 2 years bond. She is currently in Gt Bank graduate training school.

The issue is that KPMG just invited her for their test which is physical on Saturday. The Gt bank program runs from Monday-Saturday. I have been trying so hard to convince her to take take permission from the tutors at Gtb and go to write the KPMG test. She refused that she does not like Accounting as she read Statistics but she was open to it before this year and had been writing tests of different audit firms. I prefer KPMG to Stanbic and GT and want her to give it a shot.

She is 26 and this is her last chance at any graduate trainee program. Please what do you guys think? She is confused too.

KPMG ( yet to write the test)
GTB ( in training school already)
Meristem ( Waiting for offer letter)
Stanbic ( Waiting for offer letter)

Which among the above listed is the better choice for a graduate of statistics and is the KPMG test worth taking the risk. Please I need opinions from Nairalanders as I told her to allow me take my time to think about it.

Mods, please push to front page for more experienced professionals to help us. Thanks

Kpmg is better.. Alot of opportunities
Sports / Re: PSG Offer Mbappe £4m Monthly Salary, Others In Desperate Bid To Keep Him by Worksunlimited: 6:41pm On May 20

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Career / Re: My Experience With My Boss At The Office Today. by Worksunlimited: 4:33pm On May 20
My Experience With my boss at the office today.

Am a serving corps member with one company serving.

At first, I usually carry my boss bag from the office to his car whenever we close (in the evening) but in a recent time he promoted my kind gesture to always call me from the office to pick his bag in the morning not minding whether am busy or not which has being getting me infuriated before now, but I keeps being calm.

The last stroke that broke the camel's back happened today. He called me outside as usual, I picked up the bag from him and he equally went further to tell his friend to equally handed over his own to me, to bring them all to the office although the friend told me not to bother myself, which really got me really mad boldly written in my countenance � and he noticed it which he asked me at the office and I express my displeasure to him in that regard of carrying his friend bag together with his own and he attempted to defend himself by bringing in irrelevant ideas and admonishment, of which I took flimsy excuse that I was not feeling fine and left, but trust me it was still as a result of the anger.

Now, my concerns is that, am I being foolish trying to be nice and at the same time being humble to always doing that for him willingly because I started it which he took it to be daily routine,? And again I want to stop doing that to him from today's on even when am called upon, if he thinks I do them all for him as a result of ignorance or that am being naive( what do you think � that my plan may result to) .
Am talking about a guy who should be in his early thirties( 30) here.

Please �, what's actually your advise to me in this circumstance.

Stop been nice at the work place. I learnt the hard way..

My own got so bad, my boss used to ask me to buy food for client, client would mock me in front of my boss and my boss will join them to laugh...

E reach 1 day, i couldn't take it anymore, i lashed out. Omo! That day be like film to people.
Politics / Re: Amaechi Lands In Kano In Full Fulani Regalia: Pictures & Video by Worksunlimited: 10:02pm On May 18


As part of the political consultations across the country, Chibuike Amaechi has landed in Kano for consultation in full fulani regalia. He was warmly received in the ancient city of Kano

Election year has come and all manners of sakamanje has started
Career / Re: My Female Colleague Stopped Talking To Me Because Of This by Worksunlimited: 2:46pm On May 18
So this female colleague of mine doesn't pick my call when I need to get information of the happenings in the office yet I pick hers and always ready to give her reliable information concerning work.
I urgently needed her one day and had to call again, she didn't pick my calls, she didn't apologise afterwards. I had to block her. So she needed me again and called my number and it wasn't going through. When she saw me she reacted negatively and wasn't talking to me. But do I care? She's not useful to me but want me to be useful to her


Na so e suppose be, no send am. I have a colleague thats just like that..

What is good for the goose is good for the gander..

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Romance / Re: ”It’s Enough” – Bride’s Mum Separates Couple Kissing At Wedding Ceremony (Video) by Worksunlimited: 6:10pm On May 17
Sports / Re: NFF Confirms Jose Peseiro As Super Eagles Head Coach, Finidi As Assistant by Worksunlimited: 9:46pm On May 15
But they denied he wasn't chosen to be the super eagles coach and now they announce him as super eagles coach...

Na wa for NFF and FG as a whole
Politics / Re: MURIC Condemns The Murder Of Deborah Samuel. Warns Against Insulting Prophets by Worksunlimited: 8:42am On May 14
I laugh when people say that Yoruba Muslim are very peaceful.. lol

Why won't they be peaceful when the southern region they found themselves is dominated by christians ?

Muslims are peaceful when they are in minority..

Put Youruba Muslim in a Muslim dominated region and watch them and be like other muslinms..
Just look at what is coming out from this man's mouth..
I Pity Yoruba christians.

This comment has no basis and lacks knowledge of the culture and tradition of the Yoruba people.

Don't miscontrue a tribe that separates its culture and tradition from its religious beliefs with the one that joined the two of them together as 1 entity.

The Yoruba tribe is first its culture before its religious inclinations...

We are not like the Hausa/fulani that imbibed their religious beliefs into their culture and tradition.

This is why Yoruba Muslims and Yoruba Christians get along perfectly, while same cannot be said for the other tribe.

This statement isn't to flare tribalism but to correct an erroneous thinking of a fellow that didn't do history.


Politics / Re: Watch How Sick Hon. Dagogo Was Bundled Shoulder High Into The Court By Police by Worksunlimited: 8:23am On May 14
Onice dey enter police hand, dem go dey fall sick up and down..

When they are in the position of power, they would be treating people worse than the sewers, expecting them to flourish and be healthy, but now they are in the same environment, they will be falling sick.
Romance / Re: My Ex Is Making Me Depressed by Worksunlimited: 11:25am On May 12
I broke up with my ex 3 months ago. I have not been able to get her out of my mind.

She moved on got dumped by the guy in less than one month and she contacted me 5 days ago and I responded today. I tried settling it out and she said I responded late. That it can't work now. She even said she was going to see another guy . Like wtf.

What type of useless mind game is this please.
The fact is I love her so much. She is not the type that is after money or material things.
And I don't believe in double dating. We have been moving alone for 5 years now. I don't know how to get her off my mind. I have watch countless YouTube videos on how to get an ex off your mind but non is working. I have tried having sex with different girls just to get her thoughts off but its not working. This thing is affecting my hustle seriously.

Damn, let me drink some beer.
Life has been unfair to me relationship wise cry

The worst thing you can do, is to take it on alcohol. Trust me I have been there and I have don that and to be honest it's a struggle to quit thereafter.

The best to do is to take it 1 day at a time.. breathe more, live more, work on yourself, hang out with your guys that cheer you up and not pinpoint your weaknesses.

Trust in a month or two you would have gotten over her.

The yeye girl will still come back down the line and try this same rebound trick on you but by then you go chase am commot with the higher standard you have attained.

Women dont think twice on dropping something they have cherished for years for a new thing in a blink of an eye.

So why should you live in the pain created by a woman that doesn't think twice about you?

Life is full of more pains, how you handle this one, will teach you how to deal with the next pain down the line.

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Romance / Re: What Lesson Has Friends Taught You So Far by Worksunlimited: 8:02pm On May 11
Friends that want the best for you, the ones that want to see you fail. The real and the fake. What have been your experience so far keeping friends?

Make I sit down learn...

Trust no one but God

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Romance / Re: What Lesson Has Friends Taught You So Far by Worksunlimited: 8:02pm On May 11
Friends that want the best for you, the ones that want to see you fail. The real and the fake. What have been your experience so far keeping friends?

Make I sit down learn...

Trust ni one but God

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Rejects VIP Treatment, Assists Stranded Nigerians At Abuja Airport by Worksunlimited: 9:59am On May 11


Peter Obi Rejects VIP Treatment, Assists Stranded Nigerians At Abuja Airport (Photos, Video)

Former Anambra State governor and 2023 presidential aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, Peter Obi, came to the rescue of passengers who had been kept waiting for over 24 hours at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, IGBERETV reports.

On Monday morning, Peter Obi refused to board his flight at Abuja airport in order to assist stranded Nigerians.

Obi who has been traveling across the six geopolitical zones to consult stakeholders and party members over his presidential bid, was reportedly moved by the plight of the travelers.

IGBERETV gathered that Air peace, for unknown reason delayed Abuja-Benin flight for 24hrs, since, Sunday. On Monday morning, they reneged on the 7am rescheduled flight, for no reason. This led to argument as the situation got rowdy.

While the argument was going on, Peter Obi arrived at the airport enroute to Jalingo.

IGBERETV also gathered that Air Peace officials offered him a VIP treatment by attempting to pass him through a different boarding but Peter Obi declined, and went further to question why ordinary Nigerians like him were stranded at the Airport.

But Obi decided to stand amongst other travelers. He immediately made some calls and all the stranded passengers were boarded.

The over happy crowd erupted in chants of Obi! Obi! Obi! at the airport. Many snapped photos with him.

Twitter user, @Chude__ shared the video with the caption;



Election has come na.. rubbish.

I am waiting for osinbajo and co to be eatin in bukas and buying boli from the road side
Sports / Re: Manchester City Sign Erling Haaland by Worksunlimited: 8:58pm On May 10
Damnnn niggar
Oh lord

Epl next season is already over again

Rest in peace epl
Their Bench na die....players for inside field na die.

Na to just dey use my money play over 4 for any mancity match....mancity to score more than 4 goals na sure odd

I can't wait for man city Vs man utd.. na over 8goals I go play am.

4 goals in first 30mins

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Agriculture / Re: What Kind Of Sickness Is This On My Chicken? (Disturbing Photo) by Worksunlimited: 12:13pm On May 09

Those are indeed the symptoms and one is dead already from this ailment.. Please, any effective med for it??

Isolate it first before it infects others

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