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Politics / Re: A Silent Whisper To President Buhari by Wsdm: 2:13pm On Aug 01, 2015
A very beautiful write-up! I hope the people around him takes this advice very serious. The other day. He was almost overwhelmed in the mosque. What if those boko boys were among the crowd? The president should not play with our mandate ooo!

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Politics / Re: Jonathan Sent Anyaoku To Beg Buhari Not To Probe The $20 Billion Missing by Wsdm: 9:32am On Jul 16, 2015
Whoever is begging for a thief should be treated as a collaborator. The man should rather beg the thief to return the money they stole.

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Politics / Re: Fuel Prices Up By N25 —NBS by Wsdm: 8:15am On Jul 16, 2015

May it be so to you but not to the rest of us. You may be wondering how it could happen to only you: in one family where they eat from the same pot, drink from the same bowl and sleep under the same roof, you will fine one of them desperately ill while the others are just fine.
So your life may be worst than Syria at the end of Buhari's tenure and not the rest of us.
Do not mind them. Replying them is like giving them undue recognition. They are children of hate who feels that everybody is a lair like them. At least we have not heard of any financial scandal involving any body under Buhari since resuming office.

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Politics / Re: Whit Man Turns Black After Receiving Liver Transplant From African-america Donor by Wsdm: 5:06am On Jul 13, 2015
It is true! According to metaphysical acupuncture philosophy, the liver is responsible for skin colour.


Politics / Re: Apc Urges Fg To Probe Past Nlgn Payments, Condemns Pdp Grandstanding by Wsdm: 4:17pm On Jul 12, 2015
i be apc man but no matter what, let dem forgive dem. Let him arrest doz dat dont want to change.
It is not the APC that refuses to forgive the PDP but the PDP who are yet to recover from the punching defeat they suffered in the hands of the APC.
Science/Technology / Re: Extreme Military Technology: Reason We Must Avoid World War III by Wsdm: 4:40pm On Jun 27, 2015
Then, who are the terrorists?
Politics / Re: Shekau Has Finished His Business by Wsdm: 6:07am On Jun 27, 2015

Of course, they are entitled to think that way. Have you not seen babies and mothers being killed in the north? For your information I have lived in the north for a long time. In 1991, close to my house in nomansland, Kano I saw muslims coming back from Ahmadiya School kill a family and burnt them in their car. I saw a church burnt down to ashes in sabon gari. Why? Because Reinhard Bonkkke (cannot spell his name) came to preach. Fast forward to 2009-2015, the same ideology, the same people still killing. Many muslims think this way. In primary schools - Kano Capital School etc, kids as young as 6-7-8 years even had this hardcore hatred. When it was time for CRK/IRK, the christian kids had to leave the class to go study CRK, men, you could see how the irate IRK students became. When I flash back am like damn, those poor kids...what did they listen to at home?

Those kids are grown now some maybe in the house of assembly. Many say Boko Harm wreck terror, how many of them condemned it?

Did you see BUhari condemn them? No . He said Boko Haram are his brothers and if you attack them, it means you are attacking the north. You have some Yorubas who support them. Not all because I know some Yorubas who are logical and can see the scam.

So people have every right to wish for an atomic bomb to fall in the North. They have an insatiable thirst for blood.

- Cartoon riots, miss world riots, WTC bombing riots, boko haram, etc. They always look for reasons to spill blood. This time they used the elections as an excuse to launch Boko Haram - because GEJ was in power.

Where is Boko Haram I ask, where are the rescued Secondary School Girls?

Your wickedness will come back to haunt you I assure you. All the kids killed and taken from their mothers will haunt you people forever. You shall know no peace for ever.
The same Buhari is now fighting the Boko haram
If an atomic bomb drops on the North; christians, people from other regions living in the North are not spared.
If the North is so harsh to others, why is Kaduna state alone having churches higher than the whole of Ghana? Not to talk of the influx of people on daily bases into the North.
I only manage to reply you because of others reading your hate. Thanks for reading,bye!
Politics / Re: Shekau Has Finished His Business by Wsdm: 5:36am On Jun 27, 2015
U can rant and spill rubbish online 4rm d comfort of ur home bcs non of ur family members is involved in d evil happenings ravaging d core north.No Chibok girl was missing but several young girls and women have been rescued by our gallant soldiers.and boko haram boys use minors and women as shield during face-off with d military.We really need to mind our opinion on matters that involve lives........wu knows where d wind will blow tomoro
Your statement should be directed to people who cares. As far as I have come to understand; some people's hearts have become so blackened that they don't care even if an atomic bomb is dropped on the Northern people. The hate is too much and I pray to God Almighty to separate us in peace from those who hate us to the point of annihilation.
Politics / Re: Military Takes Over NNPC Pipelines In Lagos by Wsdm: 5:14am On Jun 23, 2015

You mean Jonathan was a former militant in the creeks?
Something like that or a sponsor!
Politics / Re: Military Takes Over NNPC Pipelines In Lagos by Wsdm: 1:52pm On Jun 22, 2015

Stop defending Rubbish.
Oh my goodness! I like how that post kept most people in suspense. jonathan surrounded himself with criminals because he has been their colleague in criminality. Do you get it now?
Politics / Re: Military Takes Over NNPC Pipelines In Lagos by Wsdm: 1:41pm On Jun 22, 2015
Another excuse again on behalf of the clueless one grin nawa o una no dey ever tire undecided so the opc he gave contracts were his colleagues too when he was a nobody Sometimes i read some comments and i feel like cry
I will lash you for not understanding my post! In other words,; Jonathan is a tout which made him associate himself with tout.
Politics / Re: Military Takes Over NNPC Pipelines In Lagos by Wsdm: 1:39pm On Jun 22, 2015

Your name infers wisdom but you lack it.
You didn't understand my post ma. I just tried to tell you who Jonathan was which made him to associate himself with touts.
Politics / Re: See This Libyan Rocket! by Wsdm: 8:42am On Jun 22, 2015
This man and Mugabe are true Africans. But the former was tagged terrorist because of his muslim background and the letter is still being forced to ruin because of his Africa liberation stands. Those of us with liberal stands understands but some people with gullible mind fail to understand. 'save your selves from mental slavery; non but our selves can free our mind'- The Legend Bob Marley!
Politics / Re: Military Takes Over NNPC Pipelines In Lagos by Wsdm: 8:28am On Jun 22, 2015
apologies man
Thank you very much.
Politics / Re: Military Takes Over NNPC Pipelines In Lagos by Wsdm: 7:58am On Jun 22, 2015
undecided undecided what is this one saying? You mean militants being Jonathan colleagues should handle our security matters
You really did not understand my post. It is in total support for your post. I am saying that Jonathan surrounded himself with people of questionable characters before he ascended to the presidency. That was why he could descend so low to give such high profile contract to touts. If you now understand my post apologise to me sharp sharp!

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Politics / Re: Military Takes Over NNPC Pipelines In Lagos by Wsdm: 7:41am On Jun 22, 2015
Really I don't believe u read this before posting. How can an arm of security be given "contract" of security when it is part of the government? Is the army a private outfit? Or is the army controlled by private individuals?
Oh; I only buttress the post with a jest on Jonathan. I am totally with the post. So could you read my initial post again!

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Politics / Re: Military Takes Over NNPC Pipelines In Lagos by Wsdm: 5:58am On Jun 22, 2015
Now I know Nigeria has a government. Thank God it's not the clueless one any longer can't just understand why a sensible government will give the security need of a whole country in the hand of ordinary touts and criminals
He only gave the contract to his colleagues. Just like Buhari is also giving the contract to his colleagues now(the soldiers). I have come to realise that a president employs most of his associates when he was an ordinary man because they are people who have lived with him for a very long time- jonathan is not an exception.

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Politics / Re: Why Buhari Has Refused To Meet Saraki by Wsdm: 4:59am On Jun 20, 2015
...And Buhari is dealing with them silently. I thought Saraki can succeed without the executive.


Politics / Re: Nigeria Air Force Begins War On South-south Militants by Wsdm: 3:58pm On Jun 19, 2015

Yea i did, greeted u bt u didnt reply
I hope the greeting was not harsh?
Politics / Re: 350 Boko Haram Suspects To Face Trial – Nigerian Army by Wsdm: 3:55pm On Jun 19, 2015
So these people can really be tried? I have always said that if Jonathan's administration should be probed, we all will cry for the damages we have incurred within his misrule.
Politics / Re: Calaber Is Not South East Why Are Igbos Crying Over The Calaber Bombing? by Wsdm: 3:46pm On Jun 19, 2015
But na still Jonathan's men them be na. Remember say Buhari never sack any body. But the army should not be too overzealous just to please Baba o! Our dream as progressives is to see a Nigeria where everyone will be proud to be a citizen. But that is not also to say the army should not do a good work.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Barcanista! See This :) by Wsdm: 2:41pm On Jun 19, 2015
1Buhari has ordered the sale of 9 jets out of 11 that he inherited from Jonathan.
2 The Refineries will start to function in a month time.
3 Fuel attendants now smile to lure customers to their pumps due to the availability of fuel.
4 Thieves have started to return the money they looted under PDP administration.
This is even when Buhari is still doing press-up before kick-starting the KOKO.
Sorry I digress; It is deliberate!

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Politics / Re: Buhari To Move Into Aso Villa, Announce Some Appointments Next Week by Wsdm: 1:41pm On Jun 19, 2015
So this man never really start and all the pump attendants in most filling stations in Abuja just dey sleep for their stations? I hope things will get better in the coming days.
Politics / Re: French Muslim Leader: Make Empty Churches Into Mosques - Photo by Wsdm: 4:34am On Jun 19, 2015
Only God knows what would've happened if the table were turned. Too many hypocrites in this world.
This is a community where sane people live. If muslims abandons their mosque for 30 whole years, let the mosque be used for other purpose.
Politics / Re: PMB Orders Disposal Of Nine Presidential Jets by Wsdm: 4:24am On Jun 19, 2015
Talk less and act more- Buhari's trade mark. Imagine how things are falling in place with less noise from Mr. President.
Carry on sir!

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Fashion / Re: Lady Wears A Bum Short To Young-Shall-Grow Park Onitsha (pic) by Wsdm: 11:26am On Jun 17, 2015

am from the north ADAMAWA state, I reside in Maiduguri just came to buy motor parts, before batch B core members are called cos am graduate of UNIMAID (university of Maiduguri).
So it was you who even risked your life to go to a kidnappers den? Safe journey to you back to the North oh. There is insecurity in the North, but certainly not as people down South are viewing it. That lady's dress you saw is a societal thing. If it is a crime in the area,, that girl could not have dressed that way.


Politics / Re: Buhari To Probe Jonathan’s $9.7m Failed Arms Contract by Wsdm: 7:02am On Jun 17, 2015
One thing you can't place on this man is stealing. He is serious minded and will never allow anyone to rubbish him. I wish you the very best My President.
Politics / Re: APC Allows Northern Nigeria to Make History by Wsdm: 6:22pm On Jun 16, 2015
I hope at the end of it all, an average Nigerian benefits.
Politics / Re: Buhari Release New Official Picture by Wsdm: 4:32pm On Jun 14, 2015
He's old enough to be ur grndfather and he s also the president so have some respect will ya??
That is if they even know who their fathers is not to talk of grand father. These are people lacking complete basic home training. So let them be.
Politics / Re: The Emptiness Of Their Justification For The Name-calling Against PMB by Wsdm: 7:43am On Jun 14, 2015
The more you open threads to pacify their vituperation the more justified their intentions are. My take is to let them be. All that concerns objective observers are the positive ways this government should drive the ship of the nation. If he fails, be ready to criticise him and if he performs be ready to give him kudos. But giving credence to people who deliberately hate out of no substance gives me reasons to be worried.

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