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Business / Re: COVID-19: Shell Cuts Dividend For First Time Since WWII by YorubaEmir: 6:59pm On May 01, 2020
2020 dey show everybody pepper
2020 don cast



Dope song
Romance / Re: Reply To: Chai! Nigerian Girls In Canada Are So Lonely! by YorubaEmir: 4:15pm On Apr 09, 2020
My friend sent me this thread last night but I had too much to say so here we go.

I (A Nigerian girl living in Canada) will be responding to the OP's points and some other comments I found on the thread.

Are Nigerian Ladies in Canada lonely? Ofcourse we are! Are Nigerian girls in NIGERIA lonely? Hell yeah!!! Are Nigerian girls in other countries lonely? Absolutely!!!!! Being lonely is not a factor of location or person. It's about not finding the right friends/partner you vibe with.

Why did we immigrate? Bros are you kidding me? Canadian govt is paying me $2000 monthly and other benefits for losing income due to covid-19 Is that happening in Naija right now? All the money donated by philanthropist in Nigeria would soon disappear into the thin air without our govt giving explanation of any sort. Ofcourse, it's not bed of roses abroad neither were we expecting a man wrapped in a gift bag but please don't let your sentiments cloud your reasoning as to why people make immigration decisions abeg.

I personally feel attacked cry grin I recently posted a video on my YouTube Channel about finding love & online dating in Canada. It's asif this hope saw my video and wanted to attack me

What makes you think we would be interested in you to begin with? Don't pride yourself too much plis dear

If you like let the OP influence your decision and stop you from chasing your immigration dreams, last last it's up to you to decide what you want for your future.

Whilst I would agree with growing together with your partner and building with them. I think it's just shallow minded of anyone in this age and time to ask for women to chase marriage first before career. Marriage is not the ultimate not everyone sees marriage as an achievement. These days, if you crave for sex so much, you can pay someone to do it or get yourself a Love Machine, if you want a child, you can literally just buy a sperm and save yourself lots of stress. Most of us are yet to keep an open mind to these things, however if you want something badly there;s always a way to get it.

Most Nigerian men hate to see it happen, there are laws that protect women here and they would prefer dying single than to see women as their equals. A good number of them are control freaks and would rather their woman be at their beck and call for everything as opposed to having their marriage work as a partnership. Nigerian married man knowing the laws of the land will still go ahead and cheat on his wife with a girl living in the same condo with his wife. Una no even dey fear or respect una madam. If atall you really want to cheat, you cannot travel to Nigeria and secretly mess with girls that fancy IJGB crew or allen avenue. As expected, some women do exploit the situation but if you find yourself a god-fearing person and you do the right thing, no divorce laws or child custody issue would stop y'all from flourishing.

White men dont find us attractive? Laughs is Swahili
On the contrary most men of other races have FETISH for Nigerian girls and Black girls in general. Maybe not long term in all cases tho but they reaaaaaaally fancy us and admire our enthusiasm towards life. Whilst most Nigerian girls would likely not wanna go for the likes of 'Ryan', 'Billy' and co it's not cos we don't find them attractive. Firstly, Naija guys are smart, intelligent and goal oriented. You see the average ones already have plans for their future and working towards it unlike the counterparts who are comfortable with just a high school degree. If a Naija guy is even into technical jobs he would try to be the best at it and work towards starting his own company in the near future. Secondly, coping with someone with a different culture, lifestyle, food, etc is honestly stressful. I was talking with one Persian guy and he said before we can kiss or hold hands, we have to be temporarily married. undecided The other chinese guy is only about 5ft tall, I'm just wondering what he would look like in that department shocked

In Nigeria, when you visit a guy at home, some would expect you to know that's express ticket to get laid with them. But here if you visit a guy at home, you can be almost certain that if you guys have sex it's cos you wanted it, no guy will try to lure or manipulate you to straff them or tell you when you came to my house what were you thinking. They know it's important to ask for your opinion or even avoid the whole situation altogether.

Something the OP failed to address is that the Loneliness spans across both men and women living in Diaspora. Even the white people find it hard getting a partner for themselves much less an immigrant that would probably take some time to fully settle in. The system is built to have everyone mind their business, that togetherness or family-spirit is missing.

All the naija guys and ladies in Toronto have finish dating themselves. It's such a small city, everyone knows eachother thru another person only a matter of time before you find out that; the guy toasting you is ex with your colleagues' friend. Or the guy you matched with on the dating app went on a date with your housemate the day before. Some would be married and they would be on the dating apps lying to other women.

Some of us don't even mind going back home to bring men here, but 'em guys just they find paper. Only few genuinely love and care for you. I kuku know people here already do that as business tho, some ladies/guys now charge up to $30,000 to marry people from home to help them get residency here.

There are tons of Nigerians in Canada groups on WhatsApp and Telegram some are just for singles and you find people of age 35, 40, etc filled with both women and MEN. Some guys eventually resort to going back home to marry the less exposed girls, but guess what happens once they reach YYZ airport? Oh well your guess is as good as mine. Their eyes go open finish.

A good number of Naija guys are single and desperately finding love as well as ladies. Truth is, we all crave for love. And that's not a bad thing to want. Finding a good match or significant other is a honestly a game of chance. Home and Abroad, White or Black race finding a partner is truly difficult and if you got lucky finding that one special person, you better love and cherish them truly.

I rest my case; I am in the comment section waiting for someone to jump on my mention and before you do so just remember: Opinions are like as5holes and everyone is entitled to one. So this is my opinion, I have free time today grin

Link to Original thread https://www.nairaland.com/5782313/chai-nigerian-girls-canada-lonely

I wan relocate to Canada even if na to marry the girl
Travel / Re: Coronavirus: China Ejects Nigerians, Other Africans From Homes, Hotels by YorubaEmir: 9:00am On Apr 08, 2020
Politics / Lock Down: Government Should Start Patching Potholes And Clearing Gutters by YorubaEmir: 3:29pm On Apr 07, 2020
Governments, especially Lagos state should use this opportunity to start repairing our roads before the rainy season commences in earnest. It’s not good to come out from the pandemic and lock down and meet smelly drainages and pot holes
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Told A Guy She Is Not In A Relationship by YorubaEmir: 11:38pm On Apr 01, 2020
Some girls are mean sha cheesy. Just try and meet her one on one and ask her if she still interested with the relationship and if she says yes, then you can show her ur evidence.

Ur babe is just wasting your time. smiley

Are u taken ? You look cute

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Business / Re: Naira Depreciates To ₦410 Per Dollar As Local Currency Weakens by YorubaEmir: 6:36am On Mar 28, 2020
Hahaha Sai Buhari, Sai Baba till 2023 grin

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Health / Re: Coronavirus: U.S Overtakes China, Italy With 84,400 Confirmed Cases, 1093 Deaths by YorubaEmir: 6:19am On Mar 28, 2020
Prayer for Nigeria in Distress.

All powerful and merciful Father. You are the God of Justice, Love and peace, you rule over all the nations of the earth. Power and might are in your hands and no one can withstand you. We present our country Nigeria before you, we praise and thank you for you are the source of all we have and are.

We are sorry for all the sins we have committed and the good deeds we have failed to do. In your loving forgiveness, keep us safe from the punishments we deserved. Lord, we are weighed down not only by uncertainties but also by moral, economic and political problems. we are weighed down by clueless and inept leaders. Listen to the cries of your people who confidently turn to you.

God of infinite goodness, our strength in adversity, our health in weakness, our comfort in sorrow. Be merciful, to us your people; spare this nation Nigeria from chaos, anarchy and doom. Spare us bad leaders. Bless us with your kingdom of Justice, Love and Peace.

We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Reminds me of st. Theresa’s College Nsukka

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Health / Fight Against Corruption Is Useless If Our Health Care System Is Not Funded by YorubaEmir: 7:04am On Mar 27, 2020
The Coronavirus has opened up many cans of worm. It has shown the decadence in the health sector and the government’s deliberate unwillingness to fund them. One cannot help but wonder the usefulness of the looted funds if the government cannot provide basic health care facilities.

A government that has prided itself as the leader of corruption fighting has failed to impact the recovered funds on the lives of the citizens. Wether the corruption fighting is a hoax or not is a story for another day but this government has failed woefully and should bury its head in shame
Health / Re: Coronavirus named ‘Covid-19’ - WHO announces (Video) by YorubaEmir: 6:23pm On Feb 11, 2020
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Never Put These 5 Things On Your CV When Applying For A Job In Nigeria by YorubaEmir: 8:03pm On Jan 31, 2020
Only a few will understand the message. My CV that landed me my current job is barely 1 page. If you have so many skills and qualifications, you shouldn’t be wasting the employers time with your primary school details. Things like hobbies, date of birth Religion, marital status, references is a waste of time and space.
Programming / Re: Google Launches First Developer Space In Nigeria by YorubaEmir: 12:03am On Jan 30, 2020
Nice one google - tapping into our rich talent reserve.

Proudly a software engineer
Proudly Naija
Celebrities / Re: Adeyin Ben Blessing: SARS Extorted Me Of N55k by YorubaEmir: 1:17pm On Dec 27, 2019
As a software engineer, I take my personal laptop to work everyday and I know it’s just a matter of time before they come for me. grin


Education / Re: Can I Still Go Back And Write My Carry Over After 2 Years? by YorubaEmir: 9:06pm On Dec 23, 2019

Chill Bro, don't be foolish sir.. I was just joking.... The comment was funny and I knew u were joking sir..

I’m not the poster of the comment. It’s obvious you’re ill bred; calling people mad and foolish with no iota of regard to them
Education / Re: Can I Still Go Back And Write My Carry Over After 2 Years? by YorubaEmir: 8:55pm On Dec 23, 2019

Sorry to say sir, u r extra mad sir...

I agree with greener pasture but Op, if u tell him say he great grandma born twins, then u r finished. Don't listen to his advice oo

Small pikin de worry you. A very obvious joke that everyone understood is what is making you masturbate and cry like a baby


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Got Two Job Offers At The Same Time by YorubaEmir: 8:16am On Dec 22, 2019
Passion. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ? Where will you grow ?
Romance / Re: Is My Girlfriend A Threat To Me? by YorubaEmir: 1:31pm On Dec 21, 2019
Romance / Re: When A Lady Says "I'm Not Ready To Suffer A Second Time" by YorubaEmir: 7:13pm On Dec 17, 2019
"I'm Not Ready To Suffer A Second Time" What Does it Mean When A Lady Says This?

My friend has been down since yesterday.

He was talking over the phone with his girlfriend friend, in the course of the discussion, he chipped in marriage to the girl.

The girl stylishly told him "she was not ready to suffer a second time".

They both laughed over it then.

Both the guy and babe are from poor backgrounds but the guy is gradually hitting it steadily recently (though he has kept this from the girl)

I don't even know put this to the guy as he seams hurt by the statement.

Me: "It's nothing, just a way to "ginger" you to hustle or you want make she come your house come suffer"?

Guy is seeing things from a different angle.

My guy, my friend, my sister, ..... we all know it’s you
Politics / Re: Court Affirms Ganduje’s Power To Dethrone Emirs by YorubaEmir: 7:09pm On Dec 17, 2019
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah grin


Politics / Re: Ahmad Lawan: Why The Senate Will Pass Buhari’s $29.9 Billion Loan Request by YorubaEmir: 9:13pm On Dec 16, 2019

I read your first post n thought you had something but this your next post just made no sense of your earlier post n someone else will see it as a post you made just because you hate Buhari n not because you love the progress of the country.

Too bad

If you’re on live TV arguing politics, you don’t go about telling your opponent how their preference for a particular candidate influences their view. That will be very childish to say the least.

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Politics / Re: Ahmad Lawan: Why The Senate Will Pass Buhari’s $29.9 Billion Loan Request by YorubaEmir: 8:47pm On Dec 16, 2019

Sorry, you sound very aggrieved to reason critically. With this anger and bitterness in between the lines of your statement it will be extremely difficult to see any good thing in this government.

Unfortunately i can't help your situation either.

There’s a difference between intellect and daftness. The latter runs away from logical reasoning.
Look at the facts and figures he gave you but all you could see is the “anger” between the lines


Politics / Re: HURIWA Describes EFCC's Sealing Of Sun Newspapers As "Unjust And Unfair" by YorubaEmir: 7:12am On Dec 16, 2019
It is evident that this government does not have legal advisers at all
Celebrities / Re: Tacha's First Studio Picture At 17 (Throwback Photo) by YorubaEmir: 5:52pm On Nov 25, 2019
Politics / Re: Buhari Says He Won't Accept Underperformance From APC Governors by YorubaEmir: 4:32pm On Nov 25, 2019
Cosmetic President


Politics / Re: Lawan: Senate Will Act Expeditiously On Presidential Requests by YorubaEmir: 5:39am On Nov 22, 2019
Rubber band stamp senate president


Romance / Re: Please Help! My Boyfriend Irritates Me by YorubaEmir: 12:38pm On Oct 01, 2019
same thing happens to me. I see a girl I like, I crush on her. After talking with her for the first time, i start feeling there is nothing special about her and I will lose all the attraction towards her


TV/Movies / Re: This Is How Much Nigerians Have Spent Voting On BBNaija by YorubaEmir: 7:48am On Sep 30, 2019
The last season I voted was season 2.

Even then, some things about the show didn't add up.

They all seemed to know one another.

Too many familiar faces from Africa magic(whatever happened to friends and family of the organisers being exempted from participation)

The disqualification of Kemen
Khloe and Kbrume
And now Tasha

The provocation and physical violence between Lolu and Ceecee (and the punishment)

Dstv is beginning to look like a brand who don't have values and clear cut rules and laws.

see as u been carry TV show for head like pomo. Ordinary people with flesh and blood na him u de monitor their activities like say them de pay you. How many Nigerian intellectuals u sabi ?

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Celebrities / Re: IK Ogbonna And His Son Spotted After His Divorce by YorubaEmir: 11:50am On Aug 10, 2019
I swear I go marry Oyibo to born white children.

Please nobody should tell me about inferiority complex.
Just look at how that boy is beautiful

It’ll also save my daughters money from buying bleaching creams. You see? It’s a win win

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Sports / Re: Juventus Had Only 8m Followers On Instagram Before Ronaldo Joined, But Now (Pix) by YorubaEmir: 8:25am On Aug 09, 2019
Fallacy. Tell us how many fans Ronaldo himself has on his personal Instagram

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Jobs/Vacancies / Who Else Received This Invitation From BEDC by YorubaEmir: 12:06am On Aug 09, 2019

Phones / Re: Facebook To Change The Names Of Instagram And Whatsapp by YorubaEmir: 10:45pm On Aug 05, 2019

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