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Politics / Re: Gov Alia A Dictator, Running Benue Like Parish -APC Lawmakers by YouandiAllofus: 11:31pm On Dec 21, 2023
They can cry all they want, as long as Mr. Gov. is moving the state forward judiciously!


Politics / Re: It's Funny How Everybody Wants Nigeria To Be Fixed Overnight by YouandiAllofus: 9:15am On Dec 18, 2023
The APC has no better legacies than manufacturing excuses for failures in the place of possibilities.


Politics / Re: Ben-Chioma Resigns As Rivers State Commissioner For Environment by YouandiAllofus: 4:34pm On Dec 15, 2023

Delta State dey on a very loooong thing.
Very long o... I tell you.
Hopefully one day, the people will get the right kind of leaders
Politics / Re: Ben-Chioma Resigns As Rivers State Commissioner For Environment by YouandiAllofus: 2:54pm On Dec 15, 2023
All these resigners, who them help? Let them all resign!
I wish this was Delta State!

Now is the time for Rivers State people to take their government from political gladiators into their own hands by actively participating in the election/selection process to fill those vacant positions with the best of capable hands who are not loyal to a godfather somewhere.

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Food / Re: Those Who Are 25y And Above, What Are The Harshest Life Lesson You've Learnt ? by YouandiAllofus: 10:41am On Dec 15, 2023
People change. Even family members!

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Politics / Re: CJN Ariwoola Appoints Younger Brother, Adebayo, As new auditor for NJC by YouandiAllofus: 8:59am On Dec 15, 2023
Corruption has no better definition!
Sadly, this cankar warm is swelling monstrously from having a good feast at the heart of the judiciary!


Family / Re: These Attributes Will Make People Like You by YouandiAllofus: 11:19am On Dec 14, 2023
Add the Chris Tucker type of lamba too. Incase you ran out of money to give. 😂
Car Talk / Re: What Is The Law On Overtaking Police Convoy? Was I Wrong? by YouandiAllofus: 10:18am On Dec 14, 2023
You are there overtaking! While we are here shifting to the slab by the side of the road upon sight of their vehicle approaching from behind through our rear view! grin
Once beaten, twice shy.
I don't even like to claim right on the road, especially with the Nigerian security forces involved. I just avoid them like plague when possible to save my time from pointless and useless explanatory conversations.
Travel / Re: Why Do Nigerians Think The Whites Are Richer compared to them? by YouandiAllofus: 1:23pm On Dec 12, 2023

I am sorry but you are missing the point.

Look at the subject matter, you are straying into another topic entirely.
My guy, I am right on point.
The westerners have a better standard as compared to Africans.

Take a good look at our society today, it is entirely driven by Western innovations. Roads, cars, houses, clothes, water systems, electricity, technology etc... I mean everything!
Aside copying the same west and traditional ways, what can Africans really do for themselves let alone offer the world?
Even the system of government they introduced Africans to, the black man is simply failing hard in all ramifications. Basic management, they cannot. They loot everything to the west, buy properties and even citizenship of Western countries instead of developing their own country and improving the standard of living for their citizens.
Nigerian politicians are classic examples.

Just look at Burkina Faso, instead of tackling the huge poverty crises, the government is busy trying to eradicate french language asif french is the cause of poverty in that country.

What I am trying to say in essence is, a better standard elevates the status of the citizens of such society. That's why people whose standard is largely below pair might want to associate and show off with the ones who has better standard.
I don't think it is about skin type or being a Westerner as your post is trying to insinuate.

China, India and their citizens were not any better than Nigeria and Nigerians few years ago. But today, they seems to be rewriting history, and the perception about the Chinese and Indians is gradually changing, so will the mentality of being fake, poor and wicked change overtime which will ultimately increase their worth in the eyes of the world and this will build confidence in their citizens if their country continue on the path of positive progress.


Travel / Re: Why Do Nigerians Think The Whites Are Richer compared to them? by YouandiAllofus: 11:34am On Dec 12, 2023

Our government usually refocus on the wrong things.

I believe they do not proritise that and might be afraid that it is not our culture to buy on credit.

They might feel citizens will find the loopholes to not pay back.

Such a robust system takes time and deep thinking which average africans find annoying.
No matter how educated the son of a poor man who is still poor like the father, they will always feel privileged having a wealthy dangote's son as friends!
Because the stakes are greatly uneven!

As the number one image maker of a country, if the government fail to provide standard facilities just like others have easily in their country, people would naturally lean towards where they feel they can get what they need including fancing friendship with the people of such regions.

The government here is the culprit!
Car Talk / Re: No Car Brand Or Model Is BAD. Do You AGREE Or DISAGREE With That? by YouandiAllofus: 11:10am On Dec 12, 2023
I bought 06 Chevrolet Aveo 6yrs ago against all advise and opinion because I just needed it's fuel efficiency at the time because of my every day trips which is to and fro and with only me inside the car.

I bought the car with my heart in my hand expecting loads of problems from the get go.
Funny enough, apart from regular maintenance, I didn't have any other major reason to visit the mechanic for 3yrs.
This encouraged my impression about American cars being the best brands of cars one can possibly get in terms of reliability and fuel efficiency.
Even though spare was a little scarce, I felt it was no problem as long as I can get them even from far regions and have them waybilled to my location.
Naso I kon garra mind go buy 012 cruze to use as my main car join the Aveo which I now intend to use only for petty outings.

The moment the cruze came in, that was when I saw the real premium shege about American cars.
For a whole year, the Aveo and the cruze, both cars showed me shege simultaneously back to back!
From one problem to another everyday. I got tired and sold both cars same day and the money wasn't even enough to get 06 Corolla which is a compact car just like the Aveo.

Till date, I am still thanking God for providing the buyer for both cars same day. And ever since I got Toyotas, I now have course to tell people - "go against popular opinion at your own peril."

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Travel / Re: Why Do Nigerians Think The Whites Are Richer compared to them? by YouandiAllofus: 8:52am On Dec 12, 2023

Government need to drive regulations and policies, an independent body needs to handle the ratings.

Then why isn't the government driving such regulations and policies so that independent bodies can handle ratings so as to improve the quality of dividend being delivered to the citizens?
Travel / Re: Why Do Nigerians Think The Whites Are Richer compared to them? by YouandiAllofus: 2:57pm On Dec 11, 2023

Yes I agree with you but africans lack robust system to manage it.

They owe it to the bank via credit card and mortgages, and NOT to the government.

Western worlds have developed a robust process, driven by cutting edge technologies to manage their debt portfolio. Credit rating agency will show lenders if you are credit worthy, by so doing, you always wish to pay your debt.

The whites are no way as rich as people assume. It is the system that makes them to APPEAR rich.
Who will put this "robust system driven by cutting edge technologies" in place, Isn't it the government?

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Travel / Re: Why Do Nigerians Think The Whites Are Richer compared to them? by YouandiAllofus: 10:41am On Dec 11, 2023
If only every civil servant and traders have access to these types of loan facilities by the government (and not cooperatives) that allows one to buy a house and make payments on installments, the middle and lower class would be in a better place.
Much of the homelessness in the country would have been solved

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Politics / Re: Burkina Abandons French As An Official Language by YouandiAllofus: 10:34am On Dec 09, 2023
Will this improve the standard of living for the citizens?!
Frivolities x-rayed out of misplaced priorities!


Politics / Re: Minister Of Power, Bayo Adelabu To Rejoin APC On December 15 by YouandiAllofus: 5:09pm On Dec 07, 2023
If he likes he can rejoin, enjoin, adjoin and cojoin... A political chameleon! Will change it's skin colours to match the majority colours!


Crime / Re: Video: Thief Begs For Mercy As Resident Use Broken Glasses To Shave His Head by YouandiAllofus: 4:51pm On Dec 07, 2023
Very lucky thief Indeed
Foreign Affairs / Re: IDF Finds One Of The Largest Gaza Weapons Stockpiles Ever Near School, Hospital by YouandiAllofus: 10:42pm On Dec 06, 2023
This comes from a naive mind.

"Terrorists should be handled with dialogue"


Does it mean you do not comprehend what the word "Terror" means?

They are not Activists

Please read my comment again... It is a general comment regarding nations going to needless wars that only cause losses and destruction when dialogue and compromise of mutual benefit can help prevent or resolve.

I sited the Ukraine war as example and had to add Gaza war because it is actually a war ongoing. So neither ethnic or religious views were taken into account while constructing my comment.
Foreign Affairs / Re: IDF Finds One Of The Largest Gaza Weapons Stockpiles Ever Near School, Hospital by YouandiAllofus: 4:07pm On Dec 06, 2023
There is no solution in war, only destruction and losses.

Sometimes, these destruction and losses far outweighs the bragging rights. And when destruction and losses outweighs bragging right, that means there is nothing left to fight for, only vengeance and ego.

See how the world has moved on from the war going on in Ukraine. Same way everyone is gradually moving on from what is happening in Gaza.

That is why the need for deplomacy, negotiation and compromise cannot be over emphasized to reach a two way solution.
Politics / Re: Akpabio Cancels Dubai Trip Amid Outrage Over Nigeria’s COP28 1,411 Delegates by YouandiAllofus: 3:15pm On Dec 06, 2023
Verily, may the fear of very vocal and out spoken Nigerians be the beginning of behave well for all politicians!

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Sports / Re: Messi's Inter Miami Relegated From The MLS by YouandiAllofus: 3:08pm On Dec 06, 2023
It's time to Japa! grin
Messi is surely not going down the relegation lane with inter miami!


Business / Re: Can I Arrest A Furniture That Refuse To Do My Work? by YouandiAllofus: 10:45am On Dec 06, 2023

Alot of workmen these days are unserious and insincere. I hope he complies and do what is necessary for amicable resolution

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Business / Re: Can I Arrest A Furniture That Refuse To Do My Work? by YouandiAllofus: 10:24am On Dec 06, 2023

Thanks. But I hate stress. I hate it when people don’t keep up with agreement.

My previous plan was to simply go if he is around, I will start taking the uncompleted works. And once I take my own, I will take more. And if he try to stop me, then one of us will be beaten up.

But I didn’t meet him at the shop (he didn’t open). He refuse to pick my call too.

if the job is yet to be completed, and you don't want him to continue with the job. Then you can take the job away together with the remaining materials for the job.
Do your calculations with him and balance out the financial aspect either by paying for the specific services he has rendered sofar or ask for a refund for the remaining part of the job left undone in the case that you paid him upfront in full.
Business / Re: Can I Arrest A Furniture That Refuse To Do My Work? by YouandiAllofus: 9:56am On Dec 06, 2023
You want to arrest a piece of furniture or the carpenter? grin

Firstly, If you break his shop in his absence, you're a burglar. And you may have created another case entirely.
Secondly, you can't order the police to beat anyone or keep them in custody beyond the stipulated time specified by law. Unless the police dimmed it necessary pending the outcome of investigations into a complex situation, and the police will have to seek the approval of the law through the court. Else, you break the law in conjunction with the police who are supposed to maintain law and order.

You can only lay your complaint and the police will give the most suitable reaction to the situation either by inviting him, visiting him or taking him in for questioning for possible resolution if available and within reach without further complications. Otherwise, you will have to press charges against the carpenter and you both dig it out in the law court.
Politics / Re: Tinubu, Shettima To Spend ₦10bn On Trips, Meals As Villa’s Animals Get ₦201M by YouandiAllofus: 9:18am On Dec 06, 2023
While villa animals get a whopping 201m a year, workers living on 30k minimum wage salary per month only get 360k a year!

Funny enough, these villa animals, 90% of them might be animals in human body! grin

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Career / Re: I Received My First Salary Today (PHOTO) by YouandiAllofus: 3:44pm On Dec 05, 2023
You received your first ever salary of 22k and the first thing on your to-do-list is marriage?
You will surely have a longer than expected way to go if you keep on reasoning this way!

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Orders Investigation Into Kaduna Village Bombing by YouandiAllofus: 1:25pm On Dec 05, 2023
Surviving Buhari 8years, bandits & bokoharam only to be killed by the army.
Reminds me of the movie, 'a thousand and one ways to dye in the west'.


Travel / Re: Nigerians React To A Video Of A Paris Neighborhood Likened To Nigeria by YouandiAllofus: 12:58pm On Dec 05, 2023
"be ready, it's gonn be a long day old man." 😂😂😂

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