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Re: Entangled by joiful(f): 9:07am On Jul 27, 2017
Thank you Shalomdee
Re: Entangled by FreshestManny(m): 10:07pm On Jul 27, 2017

Dedicated to EvaJael Ayoomolabake holuwanoisy111 Lilyjoe567 queenitee mhizgap hormobolanle Chumzypinky Ifecoded talk2saintify MhizDerbee Kayzybaba anambraamaka abefe99 Hadampson WHOcarex Nathblessing Pearl105 VETSURGEON123 yewande1234 Kimardashain bossy512 kesterkendra royalty18 babyface224 crislyn Psalmwhyte Toyin223 VeeGeeCee Godmother Odufanabasa Loboski bossy512 joiful Misselocon AyarmBoye FreshestManny Labrey95 elyna Queensiju bummybummy smokeydrinky, sorry for keeping y'all waiting.

Thanks for the mention shalomdee. I'm following bumper to bumper.
Re: Entangled by queenitee(f): 11:23pm On Jul 27, 2017
Eyinimofeoluwa oya come here quick quick
Re: Entangled by hormobolanle: 7:03pm On Jul 28, 2017
tanks for d dedication but today is 28 o

abi NEPA dy observe strike for ya side I don't understand D reason y Jane have to lie. na her own palaba b dat
Re: Entangled by Toyin223(f): 1:00pm On Jul 30, 2017
SHALOMDEE Where Ar U,i Hope All Is Well
Re: Entangled by Akazeta: 1:26pm On Jul 31, 2017
Shalomdee,hope ya fine? still waiting for ur updates
Re: Entangled by Dessydemmy: 9:27am On Aug 03, 2017
Madam!!!! how far? where is our update now?
Re: Entangled by Pearl05(f): 5:04pm On Aug 03, 2017
One might even forget the story line with the delays in update. Hope you re fine .
Re: Entangled by missTreasure(f): 10:46am On Aug 30, 2017
please, next o!
Re: Entangled by EternalTruth: 10:31pm On Aug 31, 2017
I have a strong feeling Jane will fall for Rahila's husband.... But I wonder why Rahila can't cook... I learnt how to cook mostly online..
etie didie? Are u Efik?
Re: Entangled by itsandi(m): 10:36pm On Aug 31, 2017
Wow! Interesting story. Read other cool stories on Tushstories via

Re: Entangled by Cmyname(m): 12:27pm On Sep 01, 2017
Nice story @Shalomdee, but the waiting though. Please come and finish this. It's interesting.
Re: Entangled by FreshestManny(m): 11:00am On Sep 02, 2017
Hello shalomdee I hope u are okay. U usually don't take this Long to update. Hope there's no problem.
Re: Entangled by Shalomdee(f): 12:16pm On Sep 04, 2017
Please I'm so sorry guys for not updating for this long, I know you guys are angry with me but please forgive me, I had been experiencing a few personal crash ups but I have not abandoned the story, love you all.

CHAPTER TEN continued

Terna, Chukwudi and Queen appeared at the left hand side of the building. They stopped when they saw Jane and Lancelot. Jane caught their eyes and was flushed with mortification. They came nearer to see clearly what was going on; obviously they wanted to be sure if she was doing something wrong.

“Hi guys.” Jane said self-consciously. “This is my brother-in... my elder brother who works in a hospital... as a doctor.” She felt like dying that very minute.

“Good afternoon Sir,” they all greeted still looking for evidence of something wrong.

“Afternoon people,” Lancelot said, “Just came to see my little sister over a private matter, I am glad she has friends like you, she’s usually lonely at home.”

The three of them smiled. They waved to her as they went away and told her not to be late for the noon class. When they were out of earshot, Jane looked upon Lancelot.

“I thought you would not really come as you said, don’t you have work to do?” She asked.

“I had free time and decided to use it well.” He smirked.

“Oh yeah, coming to see me at the centre is really a good way to spend your precious free time.” She deliberately wanted to sound sarcastic, anything to make him know she found his visit irritating.

Lancelot shrugged and looked aside. She felt sorry for him as he did so, he was trying to show his care for her and she was overreacting. She decided to lighten the mood.

“Would you like to see the flower field at the back of the centre?” She asked him.

“I thought you are supposed to have a class by noon?”

“Yes, but I got a little time on my hands, so why not?”

They climbed up a slope toward the field. It was a shrubby grassland with many wild flowers growing alternately. Grasshoppers were visible; they hopped awkwardly under the bushes. In the distance, half-wild mango trees were lined out creating a demarcation for the end of the centre’s land. Birds could be heard far off on the trees chirping. They stopped at the railings of what may have seemed a row of old shops that had been destroyed. They leaned on the railings and surveyed the space before them.

“Tell me something about you that I still don’t know?” Jane said circumspectly

“I doubt if there is anything you don’t already know.” He answered, his eyes were staring on the wild flowers on the ground and the grasshoppers that seemed to bounce like a basketball being played. He was now thinking of his childhood, the green poppy fields in Rayfield where he once played upon with his immediate younger brother and sister. He thought of their silly shouts as they caught grey grasshoppers en masse and put them in old Bournvita tins. It was beautiful, his childhood, Beautiful and bittersweet.

“What sports do you enjoy?”

“I don’t do sports anymore. In the past I enjoyed martial arts, you know- taekwando.”

“Hmmn,” Jane seemed bemused, “odd for a gentle man like you. Tell me something else, do you have a medical condition? Any medical condition?” She felt jittery now and her palms were sweating.

“Uhm...” he began, “kind off.”

“O-kay, do you mind telling me what it was about?”

“Wait a minute, why are you asking me that?”

Oh no, Jane thought, what am I going to tell him now?

“I’m just curious, you know I am inquisitive”, she said giving him her innocent girl smile and hoping he would be convinced.

“I had no idea,” he quipped and fell instantly silent.

Jane decided it was not going to work this time around, she looked at the phone. “I have to go now Brother, my 12:00p.m class is on.”

They started back quietly, before they parted ways Lancelot held her by the wrist, “One of these days you will get to know about my medical condition.” He released her and walked past her as she stood looking at him.

At the centre things started to take a down turn for the clique. It first of all started with Terna and Queen, they had a row that affected their relationship and saw they were no longer in talking terms. Jane inquired the reason for their fight, Queen confided in her when the boys were not around; it had all started on the day Terna had persuaded her to come to his house. She was not in support of going to a boy’s house, but he insisted and gave her his own reasons why he wanted her to come, eventually she yielded and he took her home after their noon class. Terna had entertained her nicely with some food his mother had prepared; he told her his parents had gone out and would not be around till evening, this had set off fear in her and she hurried up with the food so she could take her leave. Terna would hear nothing of her leaving when she stood to go, he told her they needed to go to his bedroom, ‘what for?’ she had responded; he started to kiss her and tried caressing her. She pushed him aside and told him she was not cut out for that rubbish and if he tried anything bad she would have her father who was a police officer arrest him. This had sparked off a war of words between them; Terna calling her a pretender and Queen calling him a Casonova. They both became offended and Queen walked out of his house to avoid something worse happening. When they came to school the next day, she had expected Terna to apologize but he behaved cold towards her and she also decided to keep to the tune as well.

“That was bad of Terna, that is no way to treat a lady.” Jane said.

“He thought I am like one of these girls that sleep around, I am not. He had better found someone else because I won’t be any boy’s foot mat.” Queen said emphatically.

Jane nodded; her mind went to the day Chuks had also persuaded her to come to his house. She had told him no over and over. Had the boys both planned to sleep with them in their houses? She did not want to think so because Chukwudi still behaved innocently, but she remembered her mates always said people who had innocent looks were more dangerous. She had to be cautious. Most girls were wiser now, who would have thought the sophisticated Queen had limits of her own; what with all the kissing and hugging she displayed with Terna. Both boys were up to something, Jane concluded.

Queen left the group and after she did the group lost the savour that struggled to be present when they were four. Jane loathed having to meet Chukwudi and Terna from then on, they were now annoying and even when they tried to make her laugh they only infuriated her. Day by day she dreaded meeting the two. Her infuriation over the two had to do with a present lack of trust from the both of them. She was convinced that Terna was a terrible person and had succeeded in influencing Chukwudi to be like him. Sometimes she contemplated ending her friendship with the both of them but had no real reason to do so, besides, she had no other people in the centre she could hang with. The other youths in the centre all seemed too chic or too untamed for her accompaniment, but within her she knew one day she would have to move on from whatever was binding her to Terna and Chukwudi.

April was just a month and two weeks away, the heat was returning now and everyone seemed more serious with his studies. Jane had started keeping away from Chukwudi and Terna and spending lonely moments with her books in a secluded class during breaks. Chukwudi hated this and it was their number one topic when they started quarrelling, according to him, she was trying to show off to them that she was more studious and brainy. Jane on the other hand was doing this to evade them but told him that she did not want to fail her JAMB because she was hanging out with friends. They stopped talking eventually.

Jane was in the secluded class one day reading past questions. There were three other students as well in the class who had come to escape the noise of the centre and catch up in their lessons. But the class was becoming more commonly used now and just then Loud Talker and his gang came walking towards the class chatting in loud voices, they stopped at the window and when they saw the four students reading they started laughing. Loud Talker began making his jokes; students hardly read except when examinations are at the corner, who had warned them of the wrath that was to come? His group cheered. Jane looked at them and wondered if these ones were to be called students or comedians.

“Please don’t disturb us Sebastine, you can see we are seriously studying.” A girl who wore a black trouser and red blouse that was exposing parts of her breasts said. She was sitting in front and was studying a science textbook.

“Eyah... Alice, so sorry to disturb you. Maybe next time when Mr Segun is teaching you will pay attention and not sleep in class the way you usually do with your mouth open and allow your spittle to fall on the ground.” Loud Talker mocked.

His group laughed and applauded. Jane could hardly concentrate now, she turned her face and stared hard at Loud Talker, was this someone who was supposed to be an A student? She asked herself and hurriedly made to go back to her book before he caught her eyes.

“Hey you with the jet black beret!” He shouted.

It was too late, he had already seen her, but she kept her face down as she did not want his trouble that morning.

“Look at me when I’m talking, hey, scared of me? I don’t bite, even if I bite you, you shouldn’t be sacred because I have been vaccinated.”

More laughs and more claps, this time some of his friends were holding their stomachs and the students in the class could be heard sniggering. Jane looked up slowly with a scowl on her face.

“Oh my G... precious Lord. Why have I not seen this face before?” He exclaimed.

The others stopped laughing and came to the window to look at her properly. Jane lowered her face; the silly boy was trying to embarrass her now.

“Did you see her?” Loud Talker elbowed the cute dark and tall boy who had now joined his clique. “Men, that is my lady.”

“Wow, you mean your new lady.”

“You mean I had an old one, yo whatever man but that is my girl.”

“Are you sure she is not your elder sister’s mate?” His friend talked on with him discussing her as if they were discussing a specimen.

“Can’t you see her, she looks younger than me and even if she is older the gap can’t be much. Hey everybody, give it up for my new lady.” Loud Talker motioned to her.

His group members started clapping, hailing and cheering. Jane had automatically become a member of their group.


Re: Entangled by Toyin223(f): 12:43pm On Sep 04, 2017
Welcome Back Ma

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Re: Entangled by Shalomdee(f): 1:49pm On Sep 04, 2017
Thank you Toyin223
Re: Entangled by Bb4u(f): 3:00pm On Sep 04, 2017
welcome back ma

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Re: Entangled by Pearl05(f): 4:05pm On Sep 04, 2017
Welcome back ma, we really missed you.

Hope you are on your feet now.

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Re: Entangled by Ayoomolabake(f): 4:18pm On Sep 04, 2017
Welcome back ma

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Re: Entangled by itsandi(m): 4:26pm On Sep 04, 2017
Interesting story! Read other cool stories on Tushstories via


Re: Entangled by Shalomdee(f): 7:02pm On Sep 04, 2017
Your welcome means alot to me Ayoomolabake, Pearl05, Bb4u and itsandi thanks
Re: Entangled by SPDAZZY(f): 7:49pm On Sep 04, 2017
Finally read this today. You are doing a great job Shalomdee.

I feel Lancelot is just intuitive when it comes to his loved ones. Pan might have evil plans for Jane and he could be the one to save her.

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Re: Entangled by Pearl05(f): 9:21pm On Sep 04, 2017
Come over here sister, this story is just something else. You will stay glue till the last post. @ cbella

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Re: Entangled by cbella(f): 11:37pm On Sep 04, 2017
Come over here sister, this story is just something else. You will stay glue till the last post. @ cbella

Eeiii this girl again! As you dey invite me, no wahala! Make you prepare to update my own for me because am already stuck here
Re: Entangled by Pearl05(f): 6:10am On Sep 05, 2017

Eeiii this girl again! As you dey invite me, no wahala! Make you prepare to update my own for me because am already stuck here

Babe I didn't say you should start reading it at once , just mark your presence on the page and come back for it later.

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Re: Entangled by Shalomdee(f): 10:44am On Sep 06, 2017
CHAPTER TEN continued

At home, things continued to be normal with Rahila not noticing her husband needing help, Lancelot trying to pretend everything was in order and Jane taking note of all Lancelot did in order to find out what was happening to him. Rahila and Lancelot were no longer on night duties so they were able to spend a lot of time together. Nothing appeared really strange on the surface but Jane was aware of all the new changes; for instance she noticed Lancelot was now taking drugs at a particular time in the morning and night and that he now seemed a bit drowsy in the day time. He had stopped waking up at night to sit and stare at nothing in the sitting room which Jane considered a big improvement. But she was worried about his drowsy state in the daytime. That afternoon when he came back for lunch, he sat at the dining table waiting to be served, in the process he fell asleep with his hands on the table.

“Brother, your food is here.” She said to wake him. When he did not stir she roused him by tickling his nose.

He pretended it was alright and that he was only tired.

“Brother, you have been looking really drowsy and weak for many weeks now, your naps are more frequent and you are not as agile as you used to be before, ever since you started taking those drugs of yours- your system is no longer the same again.”

“So you know about my drugs eh?” He asked while washing his hands to eat the semolina and soup before him.
“Yes, I have seen you drinking them in the kitchen after breakfast and before you sleep. What are they for?”

“Uhm... can you allow me eat my food first? I’ll tell you later.”

Jane gave a scowl. “You say later when in truth you don’t want to tell me anything at all. Are you keeping secrets from us in this house?”

“Jane, I will tell you later, do you want this food to choke me?”

Jane gave the food a frantic look and left the table for the sitting room where she turned on Cartoon Network. Lancelot did not tell her anything when he finished eating, he only said he would be back in the evening, took his briefcase and left for the hospital. Jane did not say anything to him. When husband and wife were back in the evening, she served them their evening meal and sat alone in the kitchen.

“Jane, where is your food? Are you not eating with us this evening?” Rahila asked in a cool voice.

“No Sister, I had my meal before you came.”

“But you always eat with us in the evening.” Rahila sounded as if she was hurt.

“Sweetheart, maybe she was too hungry to wait today, let her be.” Lancelot said holding his wife’s fingers.

After their dinner, she packed up the plates and washed them, mopped the kitchen and went to her room. Rahila turned to look at Lancelot, “What is wrong with her, did you do something to her?”

“Me, no, but I was planning to discuss something with her. I need to take a stroll with her this evening. My Girl.” He called but she did not answer. He went to her room and called her. “Do you mind following me outside so we could get suya?”

Jane came out but was still wearing a long face. Lancelot ignored her and held her hands as they went out together.

“We’ll be back quickly Wifey.” He called to Rahila.

At the suya stand, the Hausa fellows greeted Lancelot and Jane.

“Matan ka nen tan a de kyau wallahi.”( Your wife is really beautiful) One of them said to Lancelot.

Lancelot and Jane looked at each other; even though Jane was upset she managed to stifle a grin.

“Ba mata na ba, wanan ita yar’uwan mata na ne.” (She is not my wife, she is my wife’s sister) he said to them.

“Ama ya kulum ka na kawo ta anan, ba ka kawo matan ka?” (Why do you always bring her here and not your wife?)

“Tor, zan dinga kawo mata na kunji ko?” (Alright, I will start bringing my wife do you all hear?) Lancelot said.

He ordered for three wraps of suya and masa worth N600 each. They watched as it was warmed on the charcoal, cut into tiny pieces and garnished with cabbages, onions and tomatoes and wrapped in foil paper. Jane collected the packages. They started back after thanking the Hausa fellows. On their way home they talked as they walked deliberately slow.

“You asked me if I had any health challenge and lately what the drugs I was taking was meant for. I will tell you everything because I know you are somewhat concerned about me, you have noticed some of my strange behaviours and think you can help me, am I right?”

Jane felt ashamed but she did not answer in the affirmative.

“You’ve been reading my diary?” She asked him instead.

He shook his head. “I haven’t read your diary since I promised I would not. I just have some weird knowledge about people when I am in this state.”

Jane stopped in her tracks, “what state are you talking about?”

Just a few metres from them was a park where people sat to talk, there were some people there now- mostly boys with their girlfriends. Lancelot suggested they sit there, Jane obliged.

“I had a challenge mentally when I was younger, it was treated, I thought it would never surface again, but now it has.” Lancelot said as they sat on one of the old benches in the park.
The smell of cigarettes was in the air, Jane found it difficult to endure but she decided to bear it for now till she had gotten the story Lancelot was trying to tell.

“That is terrible,” she said. “What must have triggered it to come back?”



Re: Entangled by Shalomdee(f): 10:48am On Sep 06, 2017
I am missing some people badly: queenitee love, EvaJael, Kimkardashain, joiful, Ayarmboye, Godmother (I will hail others later biko)
hope you guys have not thrown me away ko? Please come and read my updates
Re: Entangled by Hantonia(f): 11:42am On Sep 06, 2017
Nyc One Bae It 2 Short More Pls

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Re: Entangled by aprilwise(m): 1:31pm On Sep 06, 2017
Finally u don come update. Will Jane be able to help him?
Re: Entangled by Godmother(f): 1:31pm On Sep 06, 2017
I am missing some people badly: queenitee love, EvaJael, Kimkardashain, joiful, Ayarmboye, Godmother (I will hail others later biko)
hope you guys have not thrown me away ko? Please come and read my updates

Chai, I have missed you too and also missed one of my favourite stories.

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Re: Entangled by Toyin223(f): 2:48pm On Sep 06, 2017
Am Short On WordS

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Re: Entangled by greatlinda: 3:01pm On Sep 06, 2017
welcome back

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