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Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by Nobody: 4:27pm On May 16, 2012
olajide_07: Just reading posts from the beginning to page 1 I ask myself how many of the posters were born then, how many heard of the War Against Indiscipline when people automatically que at bus stops when the back of bus stops were clean and not mobile toilets when their was scarcity of rice and a bag was smuggled in and sold for 40naira because of hoarding and in one fell swoop Buhari forced your parents to revert to 10naira when all peugeot was adopted as nigeria's official vehicle and mercede benz, volkswagen had to open assembly lines in Nigeria, the figures of 1983-or 84 are still being used buy the bureau of statistics to measure inflation even in 2012 years after he had been ousted from power if you want to continue to wallow in this level of corruption which is continuing un-abetted that's your problem, but I would like to say this its not the corruption and looting of yesterday that is affecting us but the continuous looting perpetrated now that is our problem! A statement was made and the facts not critically examined rigging can not and should not continue we the people have seen what wrong voting can do and the hardship it is bringing, this government is mismanaging nigeria and possibly wants to perpetrate itself in power by all means hook or crook so what and how would an average lagosian feel and act if they had been brutally driven from freedom square for protesting an illegal increment in fuel price how would labour act when another labour union is installed in their place and all their powers ursped what would be your reaction when you pay an increment in power tariffs and your power cables are dropped off the poll and taken away? Do you people think I personal am smiling?

Either most of these people on NL are kids or they're dense as hell and don't know their history. Either way, education clearly needs to be invested in heavily in Nigeria because you can see that a lot of these posters (especially GEJ supporters) are barely literate. Then again, check out GEJ and the barrel-bellied Dame. . . . .
Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by Nobody: 4:28pm On May 16, 2012
cnario: I've tried to distance myself from this issue, but Gen. Buhari is a disgrace. He comes out looking all calm and simple, but the guy is a blood thirsty bigot - yes I said that and I don't care what anybody thinks. Innocent blood have been shed as a result of the words that he has uttered. In the wake of violence in the north, this fool never uttered a word to calm/condemn his Boko Haram supported, instead he keeps threatening more violence. Is this guy normal at all? I think he should be locked up in a cellar somewhere in Ita-Oko Island.

Im not saying yore clearly insane for asking that Buhari be locked up, but what then should happen to GEJ who has been f*ingered as the mastermind behind the Oct1st, 2010 bombings?
Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by Odukes(m): 4:44pm On May 16, 2012
Why is GEJ finding it difficult to resign, alot of us that voted for him have realised it was a big error. Simply put, he was and still not competent to rule nigeria, he does not have the capacity. If only he had responded to Boko Haram, Corruption & Poverty with same speed and zeal he responded to Buhari's statement we wount be in this condition today. Seriously, he lacks so much qualities of a president, even common NATIVE INTELLIGENCE, ability to read inbetween lines, e no sabi. Mtschewwww!!
Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by abacus(m): 4:59pm On May 16, 2012

Daymauler, its like you forget 2 soon, the last time Buhari threatened what happened? innocent people, especially corpers died in their numbers. this man is highly respected and adored by a lot of youth Islamic extremist in the north who are ready 2 suck as many blood as possible, with his go ahead orders(with comments like this). for GEJ, He is very slow though, but how many president of this country in the time past has suffered the kind of set back that this administration has suffered. Northern leaders should please caution this elder state vampire-Buhari
You need to grow.
Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by DaDoctor: 6:51pm On May 16, 2012
SNC Ȋ̝̊̅§ all we need!
2. Buhari will NEVA taste elective governance again.
Oobu ka oham ‎​Ω̴̩̩̩̥α onu
Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by calaway: 7:29pm On May 16, 2012
Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by andyanders: 8:25pm On May 16, 2012
Buhari is the Senior Gboko Haram. Jonathan is been too soft on this idiot.
Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by chemashie(m): 8:35pm On May 16, 2012
Hmmm! Boko Haram blows up, GEJ keeps mum..Buhari Blows words, GEJ, ABATI and co wake up sharply and start shouting 'Blue Murder' !!issokay
Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by otokx(m): 8:44pm On May 16, 2012
Another attempt at diverting the attentions of Nigerians from the untold hardship they suffer everyday, there is still no electricity or good roads not to talk of basic educational and health facilities.
Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by honeric01(m): 11:16pm On May 16, 2012
Bloody 2015 Controversy: CPC Replies Jonathan On Buhari:

By Rotimi Fashakin
The Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, has noted the response of Dr Goodluck Jonathan, as President of Nigeria, to the altruistic statement credited to our National Leader, General Muhammadu Buhari (GMB) wherein he had stated inter-alia dire consequences for the perpetual riggers of our electoral process in 2015. In the statement signed by Dr. Reuben Abati, Special Adviser to the President on Media, GMB was grotesquely characterized as a sectional leader.

First, GMB has been out of office as Head of Government for about 28 years, yet his relevance to the Nigerian nation is something firmly acknowledged by a broad spectrum of Nigerians, including his adversaries. As Head of State, his Oil Minister was Professor Tam David-West, a Kalabari man in Rivers state. As a Leader, he created the ambience for his ministers to work unobtrusively and devoid of executive meddlesomeness. But what do we find with Dr Goodluck Jonathan? All the appointees as Oil ministers in his two-year reign thus far as President of Nigeria have been Nigerians of Ijaw extraction, like himself!

Second, in October 1, 2010, there was a bomb blast during the year’s independence anniversary celebrations, with attendant deaths of many Nigerians. Without waiting for any preliminary report from the Security Agencies, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, as President, told a traumatized Nation, “it is not MEND!” Meanwhile, MEND is the name for the militant group from Dr Good-luck Jonathan’s ethnic extraction that had in the immediate past waged relentless and potent insurgency against the Nigerian state but had been placated with more slice of the Nation’s resources ceded to the region. Indeed, MEND impugned the President’s statement and admitted responsibility.

Third, so far as President of Nigeria, Dr Good-luck Jonathan has shown very generous affinity for Nigerians of Ijaw stock in terms of appointments and promotions in the Federal Public sector. There is a marked lopsidedness that smacks of clannishness and ethnocentrism by the President!

On Corruption and sleazy tendency, the Jonathan administration transcends all others before it! Nigerians are still befuddled by the impeachable show of arbitrariness by the regime in expending N2.67Trillion on fuel subsidy instead of the appropriated N240Billion in the 2011 appropriation act. As expected, the regime has attempted all manner of subterfuge to give Executive cover for the indicted people in the scam, who were the bank-rollers of the President’s electioneering campaign. Could it be that the missing money was funneled deliberately to the Jonathan Presidential Campaigns, with the acquiescence of the President?

GMB was quoted as saying that the Jonathan-led Federal Government is the greatest Boko-Haram. Understandably, this elicited awful response from the President. In a jejune, puerile, and very pedestrian communication, the presidential spokesman defined Boko-Haram as “Western education is sin” and went on to posit the administration’s investment in Education. How awkwardly inane could that be?!

It is common knowledge that Boko-Haram has become the euphemism for subtlety in devious schemes that cause mass killings of the innocents! As GMB aptly stated, Boko Haram has three variants, with varying degrees of severity and murderous content: the original Boko-haram that seeks to avenge the extra-judicial killing of its Leader by the Nigeria Police; the Boko Haram that pursues criminality for monetary gains and of course, the Political Boko-haram that is bent on setting the stage for ethno-religious pogrom in the Nigerian nation. It is the Political Boko Haram, with its extremely lethal content, that the Jonathan-led Federal Government represents!


In January 2012, Dr Good-luck Jonathan told a bewildered nation, still smarting from murderous Bombings, that his government has been infiltrated by Boko Haram.


In February 2012, a serving PDP senator from Borno South (Mohammed Ali Ndume) was arrested for being a member of Boko Haram.


In March 2012, Ndume deposed to an affidavit before a Federal High Court wherein he stated that Vice-President Namadi Sambo was aware of his activities with Boko Haram.


In April 2012, General Andrew Owoeye Azazi , the National Security Adviser, averred that there was indisputable proof that Boko Haram is PDP. As things stand, President Good-luck Jonathan is the national leader of PDP.

· In April 2012, Henry Okah (while standing trial on Terrorism charges) deposed to an affidavit before a South African court that President Good-luck Jonathan was the sponsor of the October 1, 2010 bombing at Eagle square. It is on record that as governor of a Niger-delta state, Dr Good-luck Jonathan (together with his brother governors) had used the MEND to command the attention of the Nigerian state.

· As a Party, we are aware of the role played by Jonathan’s PDP in the way the People’s post-electoral angst (at the subversion of their electoral will) was turned into murderous ethno-religious mayhem.

· We are also aware about how the Jonathan administration has consistently used the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) under the leadership of his fellow Niger-delta Nigerian, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, to demonize GMB in the despicable attempt to veil the murderous intent of the administration.

Meanwhile, with the hullaballoo that Dr Jonathan and his PDP elements have unwittingly caused within the Polity, should it be interpreted that there is a real effort towards ensuring that the 2015 election is also rigged as before in giving vim to the PDP Leaders’ claim of ruling Nigeria for 60 years? As a Nation, we are witnesses to the manner in which rigged elections have foisted on the Nation cluelessness in governance and rapacious impudence; it is indeed a dreary road to tread.

We insist that it is never ignoble to lose elections because President Abraham Lincoln, before being reputed to be the best American President that ever existed, was known to have lost elections several times. GMB, though lost Presidential elections three times to the rigging collusion of the Nigerian presidency and the electoral umpire, took the loss each time (like Abraham Lincoln) with equanimity!

In the meantime, we shall continue to trumpet the sterling qualities of the Buhari brand which is still a rarity among the Political players in our nation’s season of anomie. We stand unwaveringly by the statement credited to GMB!

God bless Nigeria.

Rotimi Fashakin (Engr.)

National Publicity Secretary, CPC

(Wednesday, 16th May, 2012).

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Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by GenBuhari(m): 12:58am On May 17, 2012
[size=13pt]Major-General Buhari was selected to lead the country by middle and high-ranking military officers after a successful military coup d'etat that overthrew civilian President Shehu Shagari on December 31, 1983.

At the time, Buhari was head of the Third Armored Division of Jos. Buhari was appointed Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, and Tunde Idiagbon was appointed Chief of General Staff (the de facto No. 2 in the administration). Buhari justified the military's seizure of power by castigating the civilian government as hopelessly corrupt.[/size]

[size=18pt]General Buhari's Maiden Speech: - 1st January 1984[/size]

In pursuance of the primary objective of saving our great nation from total collapse, I, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari of the Nigerian army have, after due consultation amongst the services of the armed forces, been formally invested with the authority of the Head of the Federal Military Government and the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is with humility and a deep sense of responsibility that I accept this challenge and call to national duty.

As you must have heard in the previous announcement, the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (1979) has been suspended, except those sections of it which are exempted in the constitution.The change became necessary in order to put an end to the serious economic predicament and the crisis of confidence now afflicting our nation. Consequently, the Nigerian armed forces have constituted themselves into a Federal Military Government comprising of a Supreme Military Council, a National Council of States, a Federal Executive Council at the centre and State Executive Councils to be presided over by military governors in each of the states of the federation. Members of these councils will be announced soon.The last Federal Military Government drew up a programme with the aim of handing over political power to the civilians in 1979. This programme as you all know, was implemented to the letter. The 1979 constitution was promulgated. However, little did the military realise that the political leadership of the second republic will circumvent most of the checks and balances in the constitution and bring the present state of general insecurity. The premium on political power became so exceedingly high that political contestants regarded victory at elections as a matter of life and death struggle and were determined to capture or retain power by all means.

It is true that there is a worldwide economic recession. However, in the case of Nigeria, its impact was aggravated by mismanagement. We believe the appropriate government agencies have good advice but the leadership disregarded their advice. The situation could have been avoided if the legislators were alive to their constitutional responsibilities; Instead, the legislators were preoccupied with determining their salary scales, fringe benefit and unnecessary foreign travels, et al, which took no account of the state of the economy and the welfare of the people they represented. As a result of our inability to cultivate financial discipline and prudent management of the economy, we have come to depend largely on internal and external borrowing to execute government projects with attendant domestic pressure and soaring external debts, thus aggravating the propensity of the outgoing civilian administration to mismanage our financial resources. Nigeria was already condemned perpetually with the twin problem of heavy budget deficits and weak balance of payments position, with the prospect of building a virile and viable economy.

The last general election was anything but free and fair. The only political parties that could complain of election rigging are those parties that lacked the resources to rig. There is ample evidence that rigging and thuggery were relative to the resources available to the parties. This conclusively proved to us that the parties have not developed confidence in the presidential system of government on which the nation invested so much material and human resources.While corruption and indiscipline have been associated with our state of under-development, these two evils in our body politic have attained unprecedented height in the past few years. The corrupt, inept and insensitive leadership in the last four years has been the source of immorality and impropriety in our society. Since what happens in any society is largely a reflection of the leadership of that society, we deplore corruption in all its facets. This government will not tolerate kick-backs, inflation of contracts and over-invoicing of imports etc. Nor will it condone forgery, fraud, embezzlement, misuse and abuse of office and illegal dealings in foreign exchange and smuggling.

Arson has been used to cover up fraudulent acts in public institutions. I am referring to the fire incidents that gutted the P&T buildings in Lagos, the Anambra State Broadcasting Corporation, the Republic Building at Marina, the Federal Ministry of Education, the Federal Capital Development Authority Accounts at Abuja and the NET Building. Most of these fire incidents occurred at a time when Nigerians were being apprehensive of the frequency of fraud scandals and the government incapacity to deal with them. Corruption has become so pervasive and intractable that a whole ministry has been created to stem it.

Fellow Nigerians, this indeed is the moment of truth. My colleagues and I – the Supreme Military Council, must be frank enough to acknowledge the fact that at the moment, an accurate picture of the financial position is yet to be determined. We have no doubt that the situation is bad enough. In spite of all this, every effort will be made to ensure that the difficult and degrading conditions under which we are living are eliminated. Let no one however be deceived that workers who have not received their salaries in the past eight or so months will receive such salaries within today or tomorrow or that hospitals which have been without drugs for months will be provided with enough immediately.We are determined that with the help of God we shall do our best to settle genuine payments to which government is committed, including backlog of workers’ salaries after scrutiny. We are confident and we assure you that even in the face of the global recession, and the seemingly gloomy financial future, given prudent management of Nigeria’s existing financial resources and our determination to substantially reduce and eventually nail down rises in budgetary deficits and weak balance of payments position.The Federal Military Government will reappraise policies with a view to paying greater attention to the following areas:

The economy will be given a new impetus and better sense of direction.
Corrupt officials and their agents will be brought to book.
In view of the drought that affected most parts of the country, the federal government will, with the available resources, import food stuffs to supplement the shortfalls suffered in the last harvest.
Our foreign policy will both be dynamic and realistic. Africa will of course continue to be the centre piece of our foreign policy. The morale and combat readiness of the armed forces will be given high priority. Officers and men with high personal and professional integrity will have nothing to fear.

The Chief Justice of Nigeria and all other holders of judiciary appointments within the federation can continue in their appointments and the judiciary shall continue to function under existing laws subject to such exceptions as may e decreed from time to time by the Federal Military Government. All holders of appointments in the civil service, the police and the National Security Organisation shall continue to exercise their functions in the normal way subject to changes that may be introduced by the Federal Military Government. All those chairmen and members of statutory corporations, parastatals and other executive departments are hereby relieved of their appointments with immediate effect.

The Federal Military Government will maintain and strengthen existing diplomatic relations with other states and with international organisations and institutions such as the Organisation of African Unity, the United Nations and its organs, Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries, ECOWAS and the Commonwealth etc. The Federal Military Government will honour and respect all treaties and obligations entered into by the previous government and we hope that such nations and bodies will reciprocate this gesture by respecting our country’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Fellow Nigerians, finally, we have dutifully intervened to save this nation from imminent collapse. We therefore expect all Nigerians, including those who participated directly or indirectly in bringing the nation to this present predicament, to cooperate with us. This generation of Nigerians, and indeed future generations, have no country other than Nigeria. We shall remain here and salvage it together.

May God bless us all. Good morning.


Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by GenBuhari(m): 1:00am On May 17, 2012
[size=18pt]3rd January 1984 ITN News (video clips)
Buhari moves fast to rescue economy with prompt debt repayment few days after military take over[/size]

Look at Nigerian economy after takeover by military rulers who have just paid off $50m loan;




God bless Buhari![/size]

Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by GenBuhari(m): 1:04am On May 17, 2012
[size=18pt]05 January 1984 - ITN News (video clip)



Nineteen military governors were formally appointed by the new Head of State, Major-General Mohammed Buhari, and other members of the country's Supreme Military Council (SMC) in Lagos on January 4 to run Nigeria's federal states.

General Buhari attended the official swearing-in ceremony, which came four days after he led a bloodless coup ousting former President Shehu Shagari.

Speaking at the ceremony, Buhari reminded his new governors of their duties.All were chosen, he said, for their ability to discharge their responsibilities in the best interests of the country.He went on to warn them that crime and corruption for personal gain, one reason for the coup, would be ruthlessly punished.

General Buhari added the corruption and hoarding in the private sector would not be tolerated.He ended his speech by telling the assembled governors they were answerable to the country's military chiefs of staff and subject to redeployment at any time.

All former state governors have been given a week to report to police.

General Buhari has pledged to revive the country's economy and also to end the armed robberies in major cities that have become commonplace in the last few years.The fate of former top officials in the Shagari administration is still to be decided by the new military government, and Shagari himself is being held in custody.


God bless Buhari[/size]
Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by GboyegaD(m): 5:52am On May 17, 2012
maddock: Honestly I feel like crying just like the General for Nigeria. Is it that I can't comprehend simple english or everybody is just hypocritical just like PDP,Abati,Reno etal. No wonder Nigeria is really in a deep shyte today if lots of us could respond in this manner. The way PDP is running this country do we need a soothsayer to tell us the country is at its brink? Are we not so tired of everything that if not for the cowardly strains in our blood we would have all stood up to demand for a change either violently or peacefully? Does the general need to drum up any war story before one know one is inpending except God intervened. If everybody could come out and castigate Buhari for this statement then Nigerians do not deserve any better. Nobody prays for war,I for one certainly do not wish for even civil unrest because like every cowardly Nigeria and good christian I believe one day e go better. But the way the politicians are running the country is making war inevitable.

To make matters worse, GEJ and his cohorts are just exaggerating things beyond measures and unfortunately, some people got so much beef for Buhari that once they hear his name, they go wild.
Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by hubreality(m): 6:55am On May 17, 2012
If Gen Buhari(rtd) is selfless, he should drop the ambition to rule Nigeria again. Tribalism and religious fanatism are worst than clamoured corruption in Nigeria. See the gross less value for human lives in the society caused by ethnicity and religion. His sentimental statements most times incite blood shed and anarchy among the people. No ambition of any politician in Nigeria is worth the lost of any soul(s) and bloodshed. People ought to know that corruption is only curbed collectively and not one man because corruption is not only when public monies are stolen and abused, its also found in religious and ethnicity interests. We expect Gen Buhari(rtd) to see to the success and peace of Nigeria with healthy and selfless comments until 2015. A good leader must value humanity and dear lives irrespective of political ambitions. Very important!
Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by andyprez(m): 7:58am On May 17, 2012
I love Buhari's boldness but hate to see him on that seat. Abeg, Nigeria is not created for a certain group of people but for us all. My problem is anybody that have ruled before SHOULD NEVER RULE AGAIN!!!!!! Haba!!!
Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by rabzy01: 7:58am On May 17, 2012
Definitely, GEJ, PDP and their supporters are suffering from BUHARIMANIA, a highly contagious disease normally suffered by corrupt Nigerian politicians.
No where did BUHARI mention blood in that speech. But here they are shutting and crying.
Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by GenBuhari(m): 8:14am On May 17, 2012
06 January 1984 - ITN News

Nigeria's new leader, General Mohammed Buhari, outlined his social and economic policies on January 5.Speaking at his first news conference five days after assuming power in a bloodless coup, the general said priority would be given to clearing the backlog of foreign debt while improving the lot of the ordinary people.

He confirmed that his government would pursue negotiations for a 2.5 billion US dollar loan from the IMF (International Monetary Fund), started by the ousted civilian government of President Shehu Shagari.He said the money was needed to bail Nigeria out of a severe economic crisis caused by a slump in the country's main export, oil. About 90 per cent of Nigeria's foreign earnings come from oil.

Earlier, General Buhari said economic mismanagement had prompted his takeover, and that Nigerians had to watch helplessly as President Shagari's government mishandled the economic crisis, causing high inflation.He said promised economic improvements were applied inadequately and imported food supplies to supplement domestic output were hoarded by corrupt officials or sold at very high prices.

General Buhari also condemned the previous system of import licenses, allotted, he said, by favour, and not to the manufacturers and genuine importers who needed them.He said the people had been misled by the government and criticised it for failing to deal firmly with rising crime.

General Buhari has also confirmed that Nigeria would remain a member of OPEC (Organisation of Petroleum Export Countries)


Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by GenBuhari(m): 8:18am On May 17, 2012
[size=18pt]8th January 1984 - The NY Times
Buhari steps up search for all Politicians and Officials who have failed to report to a Police Station.[/size]

LAGOS, Nigeria, Jan. 7— Nigeria's new military Government is stepping up searches for former politicians and officials of the civilian Government that was overthrown in a coup a week ago.

The new regime is making television appeals for news of the whereabouts of former officials and other Nigerians who are wanted for questioning and is urging citizens to telephone the police if they have information about those who are being sought.


Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by hubreality(m): 11:43am On May 17, 2012
If Gen Buhari(rtd) is selfless, he should drop the ambition to rule Nigeria again. Only in Africa, do leaders want to rule and die in power.
Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by GenBuhari(m): 5:18am On May 18, 2012
[size=21pt]10th January 1984 - The NY Times

Western diplomats reported today that as many as 4,000 officials of the ousted national and state governments had turned themselves in to the police as part of the new military Government's investigation of corruption. The diplomats said most of the former officials were released, some after their passports were confiscated. But about 400 were reportedly still held under what was described as ''military protection.''

At the same time, the Western diplomats and Nigerian sources said, many of the former officials who were on what the military Government of Maj. Gen. Mohammed Buhari called its ''most wanted list'' have managed to flee the country. Some who were abroad during the military takeover have decided to remain there.


Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by GenBuhari(m): 2:33am On May 19, 2012
16 January 1984 - ITN News

This year's celebrations were said to have been kept deliberately low-key by the new military administration in view of the nation's ailing economy

Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by GenBuhari(m): 7:47pm On May 19, 2012
17 January 1984 - ITN News

Warehouses in the Nigerian capital, Lagos, where soldiers found hoarded supplies of rice, sugar and car tyres, were thrown open on January 13, and good sold at low prices.
Large crowds gathered outside the stores several hours before the sale was due to start. Police with whips controlled the crowds, ensuring that buyers only obtained their assigned rations -- one sack of rice, 50 kilos of sugar, and two car tyres each.
The tyres, which fit Peugeot cars, had been selling at four times the price under the government of President Shehu Shagari, toppled in a military coup on New Year's eve.

The goods on sale at six locations in the Nigerian capital, were either very scarce, or subjected to sharp price increase before Major-General Mohammed Buhari took over in the bloodless coup.

The sale, the latest in a series of actions by military governors in Nigeria's 19 states, reflected the new regime's efforts to fight the profiteering and corruption associated with the previous government.

Meanwhile trading was said to have slumped on major markets in Lagos, as dealers awaited the announcement of new prices by the federal government. Wholesalers said they were not buying new goods for fear having to sell them at a loss.

Prices of locally-manufactured consumer goods soared last year following a prolonged shortage of raw materials caused by a sharp drop in foreign earnings from oil -- the country's main source of foreign exchange earnings. Armed soldiers raided markets soon after the coup, forcing traders to cut prices, but the new government said the raids were unauthorized and had been stopped.

Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by drake2(m): 5:30pm On May 20, 2012
Wait, who be 'Dogs and Baboons'? PDP members or other Nigerians including Me?
Answers pls b4 I contribute to ds thread
Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by GenBuhari(m): 3:21am On May 21, 2012
[size=18pt]19th January 1984 - The New York Times
Buhari Cabinet installed - only 7 of the 18 Ministers are career military men[/size]

Nigeria's new leader, Maj. Gen. Mohammed Buhari, swore in the members of his Cabinet today, warning them that the ruling Supreme Military Council ''will keep a keen and watchful eye on your performance, your style of life and general public conduct while in office.''

He said the new administration, which came to power after the overthrow of the civilian Government of President Shehu Shagari on Dec. 31, ''will not tolerate fraud, indiscipline, corruption, squandermania, misuse and abuse of public office for self or group aggrandizement and other vices which characterize the civilian administration of the past four years.''

Of the 18 ministers named, only 7 are career military men. The proportion surprised some Western diplomats here but essentially accorded with statements by Mr. Buhari in an interview on Tuesday in which he said ''only a small number'' of military officers would be named to top political posts.

[size=28pt]The Buhari Cabinet [/size]

Head of State : Muhammadu Buhari 1984–1985

Chief of Staff :Tunde Idiagbon 1984–1985

Defense: Domkat Bali 1984–1985

Agriculture : Bukar Shuaib 1984–1985

Trade : Mahmud Tukur 1984–1985

Communications: A Abdullahi, Lt Col 1984–1985

Education: Yarima Ibrahim 1984–1985

Finance : Onaolapo Soleye 1984–1985

Abuja: Mamman Jiya Vatsa 1984–1985

Health: Emmanuel Nsan 1984–1985

Internal Affairs : Mohammed Magoro 1984–1985

Foreign Affairs : Ibrahim Gambari 1984–1985

Minister of Information : Sam Omeruah 1984–1985

Transportation: Abdullahi Ibrahim 1984–1985

Energy : Tam David-West 1984–1985

Justice: Chike Offodile 1984–1985

Works: Patrick Koshoni 1984–1985

Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by GenBuhari(m): 1:48pm On May 24, 2012
[size=18pt]23rd January 1984 - Business America
General Buhari Meets Nigeria's Debt Obligations, Issues New Foreign Exchange Rules[/size]

Nigeria's Federal Military Government, which removed the civilian government of President Shagari in a coup on Dec. 31, has emphasized the importance of Nigeria's meeting its external payments obligations on time. International bankers were relieved when Nigeria paid the first installment of its rescheduled trade debt on time. General Buhari, the head of the supreme Military Council, announced his intention to keep Nigeria in OPEC and to continue discussions with the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and commercial lenders.

On Jan. 9 the Central Bank of Nigeria issued new controls on foreign exchange, effective from Jan. 1, 1984. The provisions of most interest to U.S. companies are as follows:

(1) Compulsory Advance Import Deposits

The following rates of compulsory advance deposits will continue in 1984:

Raw materials (except petroleum products) 10 percent

Spare parts 15 percent

Food (except rice) 50 percent

Medicines 50 percent

Building materials 50 percent

Capital goods 50 percent

Books (except single copies), periodicals 50 percent

Motor vehicles and trucks 200 percent

Motor cars 250 percent

Other 250 percent

All importers must pay the applicable rates when registering Form M, the Application for Approval of Foreign Exchange. The advance deposit is now applicable to all imports, whether or not they enjoy credit facilities of more than 180 days.

(2) Commissions

The commission payable to agents or confirming houses which act as intermediaries between importers and exporters has been reduced from a maximum of 4 percent to 2 percent of the f.o.b. value of the consignment.

(3) Technical/Management Service Fees

The existing allowable rate of 20 percent of net profits before taxes that may be remitted in foreign exchange will continue in 1984. However, payment of technical and management fees will not be allowed except in exceptionally deserving cases, such as for manufacturing companies where high technology is required.

(4) Consultancy Fees

The present 20 percent limit of consultancy fees payable in foreign exchange continues, but consultancy fees for feasibility or pre-feasibility studies will not be allowed because such studies may be performed locally.

(5) Travel Allowances

The Basic Travel Allowance will be N100 ($135) per year per person. The foreign exchange allowance for business travel has been suspended until further notice.

(6) Student Remittances

No foreign exchange will be made available to any new student. Students already studying abroad will be able to obtain foreign exchange to complete their studies.

For additional information, contact the Nigeria Country Specialist, Office of African Affairs, Room 3317, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C. 20230; phone 202-377-4388.

COPYRIGHT 1984 U.S. Government Printing Office
COPYRIGHT 2004 Gale Group


Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by GenBuhari(m): 1:20am On May 26, 2012
[size=18pt]2nd March 1984 – ITN NEWS
Nigeria's military ruler, Major-General Mohamed Buhari, visited the northeastern Nigerian city of Yola - in Gongola state - February 29 to assess the extent of damage caused by violent communal rioting two days earlier.

The known death toll from the religious disturbances is nearly 140, with at least another 60 persons injured, some critically. Gongola's acting state governor, Colonel Cyril Iweze, blamed the turmoil on fanatical followers of Moslem fundamentalist Muhammadu Marwa Maitatsine's religious sect. Marwa himself was killed in vicious rioting three years ago, when an estimated 4,000 people died.

In disturbances on February 27, the army was eventually called in to quell resistance from thousands of religious fanatics, at least 715 of whom were arrested by security forces.

General Buhari visited the Yola Specialist Hospital during his one-day tour of the gutted city, and also met with the Lamido of Adamawa, Alhaji Mustapha Aliyu, to discuss the situation.

Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by GenBuhari(m): 10:26am On May 27, 2012
[size=18pt]21st January 1984 - The NY Times
Buhari's new Government Recovers stolen Millions From Ex-Ministers[/size]

. .LAGOS, Nigeria, Jan. 20— Nigeria's military Government has recovered millions of dollars in currency hoarded by former officials and is trying to retrieve millions more smuggled out of the country, a member of the new regime says.

Brig. Tunde Idiagbon told reporters Thursday that the stockpiles of money ranged from $56,000 found at the home of former Vice President Alex Ekwueme, to $4.5 million at the residence of the last civilian governor of Kono State, Alhaji Sabo Bakin Zuwo.

Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by GenBuhari(m): 11:51am On May 28, 2012
[size=18pt]12TH APRIL 1984 - ITN NEWS
The swearing-in took place in Lagos on April 11 of members of Nigeria's special military tribunals which will try 475 detainees charged with financial misdemeanour.

The military government, in power since a coup on December 31, 1983, arrested public officials and businessmen accused of diverting millions of dollars of public money under the previous civilian regime.
The tribunal members, 20 military officers and five judges, were sworn in by Chief Justice Sodiende Sowemimo, and will begin their work around the end of April in five regional centres.

When Major-General Mohammed Buhari came to power in the New Year's Eve coup, he promised a crackdown on public corruption as one way of solving Nigeria's economic crisis.

In February, 1984, his government launched a "War against Indiscipline" to encourage a more efficient society. More recently, security forces in Lagos rounded up 6,000 suspected criminals, political extremists and illegal aliens.

A drive is currently in progress to force down food prices through raids on shopkeepers and others suspected of hoarding food.

NAVAL OFFICER: (SEQ 5) "I (name indistinct), affirm that as member of the special military tribunal in (indistinct) set up under the recovery of public property (special military tribunals) decree 1984 and 1984 Number 3, I will faithfully and impartially, and to the best of my ability discharge the duties devolving upon me under the tribunal, so help me God."


Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by GenBuhari(m): 12:32pm On Jul 01, 2012
Buhari is still today trying even at an advanced age to save Nigeria!

I am very grateful to him for his efforts.
Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by ifihearam: 11:17am On Jul 20, 2012
God punish buhari
Re: GEJ Reacts To Buhari's Prediction Of Bloody 2015 by GenBuhari(m): 9:45pm On Jul 20, 2012
[size=18pt]21st January 1984 - The NY Times
Buhari's new Government Recovers stolen Millions From Ex-Ministers[/size]

. .LAGOS, Nigeria, Jan. 20— Nigeria's military Government has recovered millions of dollars in currency hoarded by former officials and is trying to retrieve millions more smuggled out of the country, a member of the new regime says.

Brig. Tunde Idiagbon told reporters Thursday that the stockpiles of money ranged from $56,000 found at the home of former Vice President Alex Ekwueme, to $4.5 million at the residence of the last civilian governor of Kono State, Alhaji Sabo Bakin Zuwo.

[size=18pt]28TH FEBRUARY 1984 - ITN NEWS

The large Indian and Lebanese communities in Nigeria have been under attack by the leading Nigerian independent newspaper, accusing them of economic sabotage.The Guardian editorial followed another one last week in the National Concord.

The Indian and Lebanese communities have been accused of bribing bank officials to illegally move foreign currency out of Nigeria, and hoarding goods.The economic success of the Lebanese and Indian communities has been the subject of some jealousy.Between the two communities, they own numerous factories and small businesses.

The new military government which seized power on December 31, 1983 has promised to fight corruption and bring down food prices.
Indians and Lebanese are alleged to be some of the power behind corrupt middlemen. Long jail terms for economic sabotage are being mentioned in the national press.

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