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Education / Re: Meet Chiamaka Deborah Motilewa, 25-Year-Old Covenant University PhD Holder by DisGuy: 9:08am On Apr 16
Congratulations to her!

I personally prefer to be taught/lectured by someone with real industrial experience than..... i mean especially for business!

Impressive stuff nontheless
Travel / Re: Can I Drive In Texas During A Short Visit With My Valid Naija License by DisGuy: 10:51pm On Apr 07

Thanks for the hint, but i read on the Texas traffic website that valid internal ID is allowed for temporary visitor. However residents must go thtpugh the test. Have you had any experiences you can share.

Many Thanks.

Are you doubting what you read on the official website? You can use your license just make sure you arrange insurance with the car hire company or before driving
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 12:37am On Apr 01


Are you fully back in Nigeria?

Mbaa for this apc pdp economy.....!?!?

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Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 8:50pm On Mar 30

Hadji, so you still dey Nairaland.

Eku ojo meta.

I kuku dey o. Reporting live from Opebi

Silently following sir

Was at moleye st on Wednesday!

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Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 11:18pm On Mar 21
Seriously guys, what does it take to own and maintain a car in the UK?

Cc: disguy
Aphrodite 007

To add to what mr Lexusgs430 said... you can easily pick up a car....but as a jjc or newly qualified UK driver your insurance could be well over £3000 ....the bigger the engine the higher the premium....also depending on your location


Travel / Re: Diary Of An Uber Driver (interactive) by DisGuy: 1:46pm On Mar 14
Thanks Romeo for opening an interactive diary

Just want some tips to avoid major faux pas riding uber Lagos

From different uber threads- can you decline a ride just because it's not cash? My uber is linked to paypal/debit card. Thought this would be the most ideal method as there's less stress for the drivers faffing around looking for change

Do drivers get pick up and destination details when they accept a ride? I notice a lot of drivers saying they call to confirm destinations. Then cancel if they dont want to go that route. perhaps taxify?

What does a riders rating do to you as the boss, i notice you rate almost all your riders. Do you check a riders rating before accepting a ride?
Celebrities / Re: E-Money Poses In His Tastefully Decorated Sitting Room (Photos) by DisGuy: 2:01pm On Mar 12
Face cap?
Travel / Re: Airlines To Save N11.6b Yearly From Removal Of VAT, Others by DisGuy: 9:14pm On Mar 10
But the burden of VAT charges is on the passenger not Airline Operators.Airlines are not saving anything but save all passengers the burden of VAT.

Basically they keep charging the passengers VAT but won't pay it to the FG

Nigerian business model 101!

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Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 4:02pm On Mar 10
Thats because its French. They sell it in regular supermarkets too. I like the Sainsbury's brioche bread

Hot angel bread with togolese beans hmmm sunday evening chops


Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 9:05pm On Mar 09

not sure if these guys do delivery..

and seeing as you are well versed in DIY now you can also DIY agege bread at home

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Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 9:02pm On Mar 09
some people go say dem no fit live for London because e full of naija pipu...now dem go dey crave naija food ntoi grin grin

They are usually available in African shops, if not Nigerian bread, it will be Ghanian or at worse Jamaican hard dough bread


Car Talk / Re: 22 Essential Tips For Uber, Oga-taxi & Taxify Drivers by DisGuy: 1:31pm On Mar 06
15. Cash or online payment . If you prefer cash transaction, politely explain why to the passenger before the trip is started.

Really? Might as well just quit the gig. Thought Uber was primarily cashless until they introduced cash as AN OPTION.

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Career / Re: Injustice In My Workplace; Should I Return The Money? by DisGuy: 1:23pm On Mar 03
OP, tell Firm A you have used the money to settle emergency medical bills - if they want to up their profitability they should lose some managemnt staff or stop paying Oga's weekend bonus!

Nigerian companies and evils sha- incompetent and vindictive!

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Career / Re: Injustice In My Workplace; Should I Return The Money? by DisGuy: 1:21pm On Mar 03

What salary was stated in your signed contract of employment?
Was the contract of employment between you and firm A or between you, firm A and firm B?
Have firm A been paying the salary specified in the contract you agreed to?

Sentiments aside, if you were happy to take up the job at the stated salary regardless of how low you thought it was, then you should carry on as normal. If your contract does not state Company A will pay you the salary agreed with Company B, then I don't see the issue here.

If you feel the salary stated in your contract is too low, simply wait till the end of the contract and negotiate a higher salary and ensure it is written in your employment contract.

Remember - "you don't always get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate". Be guided.

he is getting paying -20k of what the salary with Firm A entails!
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 12:26pm On Mar 03
why don't they build with red brick in Nigeria

capacity and trend..once something is popular in Nigeria, you'll need god almighty himself to stop us doing it!


Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 1:58pm On Mar 01
I noticed in the pictures, and in movies that many houses built in the UK use red bricks, which I always admire but same cannot be said in Nigeria ,WHY is that so?

Why is that ....?

Why dont admire the house built with brick in Nigeria or why dont they build with red bricks in Nigeria?
Health / Re: Formalin: Why You Should Reduce Eating Frozen Turkeys And Chickens by DisGuy: 5:27pm On Feb 26
the veterinary doctor, who specialises in food hygiene, food safety and zoonoses

Health / Re: Formalin: Why You Should Reduce Eating Frozen Turkeys And Chickens by DisGuy: 5:26pm On Feb 26
poor report

Vet. doctor
An Economist
Poultry association members
Travel / Re: On Vacation: New York City by DisGuy: 1:08pm On Feb 23
NYC..... in one of the many State Parks. This one has many sections.... for shows... football fields... indoor rink for hockey. .. stage shows...swimming pools... baseball fields... athletic track.... this is the relaxation/picnic/let's get away from the city section. This is a man made park..... sits on top of a sewerage treatment plant. Hmmm.....city planning!

Thing I love about changing seasons, is the gradual transformation you actually see the leave changing as the season is changing
All these Unclad trees will be full of green leaves in some few months, then as the season changes they turn yellow, then drop and the cycle continues with the seasons!

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Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 12:34pm On Feb 22
Just to balance things out a bit..

There are stories aplenty of Men bringing women from Nigeria and elsewhere, who 'cook' them up well well, get them signed up for all the care training, RN courses and other lucrative easy entry roles with bucks coming. Then sit back and reap their investment, hop into Naija frequently to celebrate their accomplishment by getting hooked to Fresh/Fresher Naija girls who won't mind have a far away hubby sending salary for her and new baby's upkeep lipsrsealed


Health / Re: Her Smile After A Successful Dental Re-arrangement Is Quite Adorable - Pictures by DisGuy: 12:26pm On Feb 22

$5000 minimum from a good dental clinic.
And they charge in dollars too most times.

In the US, it is $3000 upwards depending on severity

weird that people travel from US, UK to South America, Eastern Europe to get the same treatment at cheaper rate and almost same quality
But the price in Nigeria is actually higher than it is in US shocked

Economics in Nigeria almost always defies logic!

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Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 1:07am On Feb 22

Lols. But this is not the USA where I presume it's relatively hard to get ur Citizenship.
Most of the "fresher" uncles came on a good visa that in no distant time, they getting their ilr and citizenship noni. Plus, they getting paid well.

So issue of papers/benefits is really not factored here.

You're talking the new regime- skilled migrants- I'm talking about uncle Bode and Jegede that went through 6months visiting visa or student visa since 2002 and still on that visit...


Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 12:44am On Feb 22

grin what if she is the one falling heads over you nko? Like you are in possession of her mumu button.

Fear of these go still dey?

Make Una give us better reasons abeg.. wink

Nothing wrong with actually dating anyone as long as its genuine and you are not taking advantage of the other person. When I see a 'freshie' uncle and an Oyinbo woman, the first thing that comes to my mind unfortunately is - Papers/benefits

There are so many Naijas/Africans all over the country i don't understand the whole traveling to village to get a wife thing, but seems some men like someone to be indebted to them

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Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 12:18am On Feb 21

I honestly don't know how to shop. cry

I go begin write list carry dey go. angry

You think employing consumer psychologist and all those fancy experts is for fun, you will go there to buy just 3 items you will come out with a trolley full of small fancy chops!! grin


Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 12:15am On Feb 21
Abeg I wan hear from Una wey Sabi pass me.

Why e be say most naija people wey dey here go just run go naija find wife?

Not like it's bad, don't get me wrong. What's with the fear of the "white woman"?

I read the "be careful of the white ladies" in most articles of dudes in the abroad.

Why is this so?

because white woman no dey hear "it was the devil that pushed me to her"
she also wont understand why you are sending your 8th cousin twice removed money for school fees, aso ebi, upkeep, etc etc
and you cant threaten her you will throw her out and keep the kids


Crime / Re: Man Hides N8M In Birthday Cake, Smuggles It Into Nigeria by DisGuy: 9:56am On Feb 16
He, however, pleaded not guilty to the charges .
The prosecutor , Inspector Oladele Adebayo, told the court that the accused committed the offences on February 8 at No . 6 , Gbolade Adebanjo St. , Ilupeju, Lagos .

I don't understand this part. Was he arrested at the airport. How was the offence committed at a particular address?
Travel / Re: Jumia Travel Hotel Booking Reviews? by DisGuy: 9:45pm On Feb 15

And you don't think a hotel without a business/corporate account is a red flag, sort of.... ? When I say "someone in the hotel business", I know what I mean, emphasis on hotel business as a business. It will cost you virtually nothing to open an account for your business. So, I still maintain what I said. So, don't bring that up as a reason why you shouldn't guarantee your reservation. Get the hotel account, do an online transfer, send your payment advice to who ever you are dealing with, and save yourself all the drama, unless, you are d oing business with "mushroom" hotels

My point being..when i book a hotel online i dont want to do a follow up call to speak to anybody or do a separate online transfer. I want to book pay and receive a reservation number all in action. No point being online then calling to ask for account number when there's payment options -visa.mastercard.paypal that could be done in the same process

If you read the reasons things go wrong with online book by previous users- "maybe the person that took the booking is off duty" shocked
This is an oga at the top scenario in 2018. When oga is not around everything goes haywire lol
Travel / Re: Jumia Travel Hotel Booking Reviews? by DisGuy: 5:21pm On Feb 15
As someone in the hotel business, it is always advised you know about the hotel release time, which normally ranges from 4PM to 6PM. In that case, ensure you make payment prior arrival. These hotels are there for business. Who now pays after they reserved a room for you, and you didn't show up. And they might have turned down lots of guest just because your reservation is holding up on the system

As someone in the hotel business, you should know most hotels in Nigeria don't have online payment application on their website-that's if they even have a website. The last thing you want is the receptionist trying to give you some account number bearing no resemblance to the Name of the hotel over the phone to pay into for securing your reservation.

I think hotels should get rid of their "pay at reception" model, it's 2018, card/online payment systems shouldn't be rocket science for the web developers.
Travel / Re: The UFO Hotel That'll Leave You Starry-eyed! by DisGuy: 1:34pm On Feb 15
Very interesting, I wonder what will happen when all the snow on the mountain melts--or maybe they don't have summer months.

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Travel / Re: Jumia Travel Hotel Booking Reviews? by DisGuy: 1:26pm On Feb 15

Very true. I once booked a hotel in Osun, went there on a tourist visit. On getting there, my first impression was 'perhaps this is the old structure, the newer one portrayed online would be at the back.' My dear, I was shook when I got in. Sadly I got there soo late and decided to manage the place after much sparking for the manager (ofcus he gave me further discount).
My dear, that was the worst night of my life . Bed bugs literally killed me.
Since this hotel thing has come up, I have to start writing reviews on Jumia and hotelsng.

This is a very good plan, many customers will be warned in advance and manage their expectations
also the hotels will be forced to improve or follow up on complains

On TripAdvisor, hotel managers can respond to questions/reviews

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Travel / Re: Jumia Travel Hotel Booking Reviews? by DisGuy: 11:30am On Feb 15
I don't think Jumia themselves are scammers. Seems their business process is the problem particularly the hotels on their books

Imagine trying to check in-- Jumia and the hotel managers are only just negotiating fees/commission undecided
Travel / Re: Jumia Travel Hotel Booking Reviews? by DisGuy: 9:44am On Feb 15
The service actually works. If you worry that your reservation will be given out before your arrival, I will suggest you inform the call agent that will contact you of the time you intend checking in (they take note).

Remember that the reason hotels sell out reservation is because of the uncertainty with the guests. Try assuring them you will check in albeit late.

Of course, the only way to guarantee your reservation is to prepay. You can inquire about cancelation policy before making a commitment.

Please checkout hotels.ng It's a dependable platform and they render similar services.

I checked hotels.ng too. Their prices are similar.

Customers shouldn't have to call the hotels for confirmation though. When you book through expedia, booking.com you know that's set. Perhaps it's the same issue affecting online business in Nigeria- pay on delivery model

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