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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In The Uk How Do You Survive? by DisGuy: 12:59pm On Jul 11
Good Day House.I sincerely need your input.I want to apply for a masters in project management at middlesbrough.what is the possibility of getting a job after the two years programme.Kindly enlighten me if it is possible to work part time for 8months to pay up a balance of 7000Gbp tuition fees for the second year.Gurus please your advice is sincerely needed here so I dont make the mistake f my life.Thanks

Not possible...Best way is to get your tuition fee ready and complete before applying. Might be possible to get some cash to assist with rent fees but just a bit
Travel / Re: How To Drive Safely Around Large Trucks by DisGuy: 10:20am On Jul 11
bonus: When overtaking flash your headlight several times.

Never drive side to side with a truck carrying a

Flashing your headlights several times when overtaking is pretty much useless, honking might make sense in Nigeria perhaps. excessive honking outside Nigeria might get you a ticket or telling off!
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 3:03pm On Jul 09

Thank you for the suggestion, how do I go about that?

You can email or write to your local CCG or ask for PALs in your area, they will speak to the Practice manager who will get in touch with the proper registration process...all in all avoid the Surgery as you will no doubt encounter the sloppy receptionist when trying to book an appointment or get repeat prescription
TV/Movies / Re: Screenwriter, Tomi Adesina Accuses Irokotv Of “swings” Copyright Infringement by DisGuy: 2:06pm On Jul 09

They are redistributing a content without appropriate permission. They are culpable and even as guilty as the people to sold it to them (IrokoTV).
Since Iroko did so unwillfully, here is what Iroko Must do:

What they should do is to settle out of court with the lady and pay up in order to continue streaming the content... then they agree on future royaties.
Afterwhich they will pay a one time fee (dESIST fee) to the people that shot the series and passed it off as theirs. They will never conduct business with those people or any of their affiliates in the future.

That is how its normally done!

How did you establish this is the case?

I wish and truly hope this goes to full course in court. Really feel sorry for her but shes backing up the wrong tree. the only reason why iroko will pay as it is will be purely sentimental/sympathy.

And as usual i love how Nigerians keep shouting sue sue sue.... I'm always craving for cases that make the full course in Nigeria. after 2 weeks everyone will forget things

anyone know what happened to the uber driver vs actress kidnap case?
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 7:04pm On Jul 07
You can/should also make a complaint against the GP practise. Gp receptionist are one of the rude clog in NHS. Getting an appointment is rocket science. Make a full blown complaint and also avoid the place afterwards.
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Life Tree Carving Of Oba Of Benin By Ibukun Emmanuel (Photos) by DisGuy: 1:52pm On Jul 06
who are those people posing in the picture like they did they work? comot for the main Artist jor!!
TV/Movies / Re: Screenwriter, Tomi Adesina Accuses Irokotv Of “swings” Copyright Infringement by DisGuy: 8:16am On Jul 06
Isn't she meant to be calling out the so called writer and producers? Seems she is looking for the big fish to trend...

And why the heck do people threaten to sue people in Nigeria instead of just going ahead to sue?

Marvin Gayes family/estate didnt make noise before suing Ed Sheeran...we just heard the case is in court after going through some experts shikena
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 9:51am On Jul 05
^^ True, most jobs won't expect you to start the next day except you told them you're available. they usually expect 4-6 weeks and you can even tell them you have Holidays booked already!

If you have only done a couple of months with your employee, you wont have to see out the whole notice period-You can also negotiate with your current employer to leave early or forego some pay covering your leave notice.
Crime / Re: Photo Of The Five Teachers Sacked For Impregnating SS3 Student In Kebbi State. by DisGuy: 8:25pm On Jul 04
According to reports, the affected teachers had forwarded an appeal against their dismissal to the school’s management board

They even had the audacity to appeal. It's not their fault, they should have been charged to court immediately afterwards

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Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 12:10pm On Jul 03
why risk it? rarely seen them checking people nowadays

this summer BBQ upandan....
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 3:32pm On Jun 29
Good day dear house ps my step sister wishes to apply for UK student visa from Nigeria for her master and she doesn't know how to go about it. Ps I really need someone that will be able to give us all the guidance she need and the procedures. The most important thing is that we want to know how much she can have in her savings account to procedure for all these. Will 4 or 5M be okey ps

There are several threads in the travel section discussing this comprehensively, she can look up the information on there and ask questions- If she is going for Masters she will have to do a lot by herself so its best she register or use the read up information from there, the school website and UK.
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 2:43pm On Jun 29
Which phone insurance cover overseas theft(Nigeria).

Travel insurance...
Travel / Re: The Bus Terminal That Ambode Is Building At Agege (PHOTO) by DisGuy: 4:54pm On Jun 28
erm where is it? Dont they every produce proposed or artist impression of the final structure in Lagos?
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 12:59pm On Jun 28
I don come. Thank God for a safe trip. Straight to business no time to count bridge.
But shebi una say na summer be this, Omo I want to freeze oh. How winter go come be.
This is to thank you all that guided me in one way or the other through your post in reply to my many "learner questions" and your replies to the questions of others. Counting on your guidance as I begin this new phase of my live.
God save the Queen, abi na bless the queen, all join.
Make I go find that winter jacket.

Welcome Oga, this weather no be here o. Maybe na Airport fresh breeze dey worry you
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 11:45pm On Jun 26

them no stab am wella

Looool grin

Didn't know wales had this much vile people
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 4:47pm On Jun 26
I also think its depends a lot on Industry/Sector and cities...Why Wales... aren't they still counting the number of sheep in the field

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Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 11:14am On Jun 25

Thanks. Do I need to have some dollars with me or will pounds be accepted for my transactions?

Your bank card will do
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 11:12am On Jun 25

A pleasant tour around the airport, on those electric buggies.......

True, this will give you time to start reset your body/brain from Naija mode to Za Other mode.... cool
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 8:23am On Jun 25
About booking my flight, can't afford a direct flight now so I'm thinking of one of those one stop flights. I'm seeing some with as much as 6 hours layover in Dubai. My question is what happens during those 4,5,6 hours layover when you are in Dubai, Istanbul etc. Do u just sit in the airport or do they accommodate you somewhere. Are you allowed to leave the airport to tour the town while waiting? Who is responsible for your feeding during that period?

This summer prices are crazy expensive. Never knew summer peak affects Nigeria too! You will be responsible for your feeding and extra curricula activities mate except the delay is caused by the airline. If you have a very long layover in dubai i believe you can arrange a tour round the city with the airline arranging your hotel/ connecting flight to suit you- at a cost.
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 12:13am On Jun 25

Ensure you have your cold wears on standby.......

Not for another 2 weeks at least...in fact running out of short sleeves for work.

hmm those extra hours in the gym are now paying off, only if my belly go corporate cool
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 9:59pm On Jun 24
This weather has been making sense past few weeks....make i no talk too mushhhh

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Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 9:57pm On Jun 24

One of the lessons I learnt is that if ur right hand gets a job abroad don't even let your left hand know, man is wicked, some are just waiting to hear that you have been put to shame and such people abound in my office. They won't even see my face there again, I have applied for my leave, they think I just went to hide my face, but the next thing they will see is my resignation, nobody will even know I have Left, all their calls go just de enter voicemail. Maybe all this happened to expose those that don't wish me well, but God pass them. Make I go arrange my load.

Congrats bro!

I was having this kind of conversation yesterday..Not telling her 'friends her travelling routine or new job or any good news...my friend said its becos of Oyinbo thinking...I really want to understand this...Do you honestly believe someone was responsible for this....what was in effect your own mistake
Actually I have myself to blame, cos I actually saw the link for IELTS for ukvi and I chose the normal IELTS general, because the next available date for ukvi IELTS was too far for me
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In The Uk How Do You Survive? by DisGuy: 8:48am On Jun 21
Hi guys,

Anyone here in Oxford /OBU ?

Or if u have stayed or visited, what was your experience ?

not too specific but...above average cost of living, plenty student hang out and activities, good links to major cities...
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 3:09pm On Jun 13

Idon't know about that. All I know is that your economy ticket does not include checked in luggage, you either pay extra or go premium economy. Just for those who booked economy and think it includes luggage and then get to the airport.

Noticed this with Virgin late last month, they have this new category called Lite/Light...no luggage!!- costs £65 each luggage!

Also Emirate are in on it too...just one piece of checked luggage for their cheapest ticket!!!

Abeg Ryanair/EasyJet should start. Hoping Nigerian Airways get into the mix by year end. The prices are out of this world! they want to turn us to another Jamaica!
Travel / Re: Abuja Light Rail To Create 20,000 Jobs Says Perm. Sec. by DisGuy: 3:06pm On Jun 08
The benefits of the project include the potential for over 20,000 jobs, aside boosting the economic fortunes of the Territory

Lazy Youths - won't take time to read and comprehend grin


Crime / Re: Anthony Abraham Beaten Up By SARS Officers by DisGuy: 11:21am On Jun 06
I told them that i am a blogger and also an actor/entertainer

is that suppose to be a recognised profession or something, why would anyone introduce himself as a blogger in Nigeria to Police?
Politics / Re: NNPC Rejects Falana’s FOI Request On Fuel Importation, Not A Public Institution by DisGuy: 8:44am On Jun 05

The letter was wrongly addressed. The ministry of Petroleum was in position to receive and respond to such requests, not the NNPC.

The initial request was made to Ibechukwu he referred them to NNPC and DPR

Some of these our so called experts are complicit...this dude is always on social media preaching openness and transparency..something as basic as this has been turned into a buck passing exercise....involving lawyers SAN who would obfuscate the populace with their jargon subsection this and paragraph that

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Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by DisGuy: 4:02pm On Jun 01

It's very clear thanks. Home office is not smiling... For legal residents they should've made it shorter nah... If your kids are born here then they can apply for citizenship after 5 years regardless of the status of the parents application. I'm just wondering coz I hear some people's ILR app is not immediately successful. The kids will then suffer too.. if you're illegal that one is worse

They don't want to be seen as being 'soft'. plus there are a lot of people abusing the system-some have made a killing with their benefit systems esp Eastern Europeans- Romania etc. it's all about balance; imagine Nigeria giving everyone an easy pass when unemployment, crime is skyrocketing
Travel / Re: Nigeria Airways Begins Operations, December 2018 (Photos) by DisGuy: 2:10pm On May 25

What is the point of wasting value resources in establishing a national carrier in the 21st century if we are just going to sell it off?. Just encourage the massive private sector to establish their own airlines. I said it before the average Nigerian will not enter a plane in his or her life, we need the little money we have to be spent on 24 hours light, not vanity projects that will be misused by the corrupt board of directors appointed that will give themselves and their families free tickets.

Nigerians should not encourage this wasteful venture, which will only benefit the elite.

I am a PROUD NIGERIAN and I believe our NIGERIAN entrepreneurs have a better chance of having the best airlines in the world rather than a useless government airline. (Afterall a few years ago a Nigerian businessman was at the head of a private consortium that bought and ran the second largest airport in the UK, Gatwick Airport - would any Nigerian government allow that in Nigeria?)

I will see it as an investment actually, job creating opportunities, Forex Inflow etc... Most airline now are run as partnership between a big established Airline hence passing on the experience to local management. There are many businesses and policy of government targeted at the elite that has great trickle down potential for everyone, the elites wont man the check-in desk, run the back end of the airline website, or handle luggages..these are all jobs that will be opened to everyone..

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Travel / Re: Nigeria Airways Begins Operations, December 2018 (Photos) by DisGuy: 12:16pm On May 25


We do not need a national carrier. National carrier are just pride symbols and white elephants that developing countries use to deceive themselves. Which progressive country has a state run national carrier?

Nigeria should provide drinking water, 24 hours light, good health care to everybody in Nigeria before providing an airline that less than 0.01% of people in Nigeria can ever afford to fly.

The richest, most peaceful and developed countries in the world do not have national carriers yet their people have 24 hours light and water and their airports are busier and cleaner than ours

A national carrier doesn't necessarily have to be owned 100% by the state...many developed countries have national carriers..that they eventually dispose of totally to private investors or invest in through pension/sovereign funds
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In The Uk How Do You Survive? by DisGuy: 9:21am On May 23
I have been bored and lonely here in Manchester. The social life is missing. Social apps are not helping matters. Who's anywhere around Manchester pls? Hit me up once U read this

Try the colourful churches....
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In The Uk How Do You Survive? by DisGuy: 9:20am On May 23

That happens in almost every UK city I've been too. You'll learn to ignore.
Another racist behaviour is people refusing to sit beside you on the bus or train. grin
Or when you stand up to give the space to an old person, and the person ignores you and prefers to stand
grin grin

Anyway, I much prefer Glasgow to Murder Capital.

personally, I wouldn't class this as racism, as i don't know the reason why ...but i do this myself so i cant point fingers at other.
I sometimes prefer to stand even when there are seats available, space might be tight (the other person might be on the big side) or i want to make a call and don't want to inconvenience anyone...or could just be going a few stops..

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