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Romance / Re: Man Disrupts Girlfriend's Class In UNIJOS To Propose To Her (photos) by tenry(m): 10:47pm On Aug 26
Ask google.ng
You are too dull.
Romance / Re: Man Disrupts Girlfriend's Class In UNIJOS To Propose To Her (photos) by tenry(m): 10:39pm On Aug 26
grin grin grin grin

So interested
What kinda english is that?
Phones / Re: Awoof: Get More Than 3 Million Airtime From Airtel To Call Any Network In 9ja by tenry(m): 11:14am On Aug 26
wow, hope it's real
Babe be careful
Fashion / Re: Mosunmola Oladipo Wins Miss Virgin In Lagos 2015 by tenry(m): 3:33pm On Aug 19

So what are you insinuating?
Lemme attempt the question on behalf of the guy, he is insinuating that you have been sampled severally, wayward since your teen, bleeped diff types of pennis and sex means nothing to u again.ash
Culture / Re: “The Next Ooni Will Not Eat Sijuwade’s Heart” - Ife Chief by tenry(m): 10:41am On Aug 15
Was it not the same chiefs who denied the pass away of the king? I can never believe them.
Romance / Re: How Do You Prefer Your Man To Have His Facial Hair? (photo) by tenry(m): 5:24pm On Aug 14
2, 4, 5 they are all cool sha cool.
Nice pix, and cool boobs.
Culture / Re: 20 Popular Yoruba Charms And Their Uses(With Direct English Translations) by tenry(m): 10:01am On Aug 04

Thanks jare
Culture / Re: 20 Popular Yoruba Charms And Their Uses(With Direct English Translations) by tenry(m): 9:18am On Aug 04
(To Frighten). A charm used in frightening an adversary or an antagonist in a place of work, school e.t.c or is there anyone you want to take advantage of that you want him/her to keep mute while you express your opinion and explore every good things to your advantage. Ijaya will do it all. it causes overwhelming fear unreasonably to human and animals.

(Fear) if you place someone on "Eru" he or she will be afraid of you for life when around your vicinity

3.Mayehun (Refuse me not) it is used when you want a person to grant your request after a command is made) could be used in wooing a lady, request money from people, Miser, tight-fisted friend or wealthy man. There is a simple incantation that goes with some Mayehun formulas:

"In Yoruba Language; Orun Lo ngba towo omode Orun Lo ngba towo agba " x5

Translation: "Sleep takes from the young Sleep takes from the old Part of the preparation goes thus. You put a cowry (cowrie shell) in each hand when going to sleep . The following morning it would have dropped from your hands. Pick them up and pound them (to powder) with the herbs"

(To Speak and come to pass or Speak and happen) is a quite advance form of Ase. it is usually prepared with black soap
and put inside an Animal's horn e.g Cow's, Antelope's, Cow' e.t.c
Whenever Afose is Spoken with happens immediately or later in the future depending on the potency of the charm or the nature
of the issue the Afose is addressing.

Yoruba forefathers possessed some Afose to address nature elements such as rain, fire, outbreak e.t.c and on the negative size to curse(Epe)
I personally had one that i use to stop a car from starting also have seen one that is use to dry up a very big tree in three days.
The tree was cursed with that Afose
with Afose you could place a curse on somone or any Object be it animated or Non.

This is more of a hypnotizing charm. The person under the spell doesn't really know what he is doing. It is used in compelling people to do the most impossible things. Things they would naturally not do or refuse to do. It is somewhat difficult to prepare but there are some simple formulas too, however they also vary in degree of potency. The powerful ones that I know has in it as part of its ingredients the rope that a man hanged himself with. To illustrate its power I would narrate an incident that happened which was manipulated by the use of Gbetugbetu. A friend once used it to call a stubborn but pretty lady into his room. (Normally she would have shunned him right off.) When she got inside he commanded her to strip, which she instantly did, but he didn't touch her. 3 days later the girl came to her senses, she confronted my friend and an argument broke out. It was settled but after that incident the girl avoided my friend from then onwards. Moral of story -- You don't play such jokes 'cos you've got the power. Our forefathers used it when they were attacked by a gang of thieves; they just commanded them to fight (each other) or hand over their weapons

The "sound picker." It is believed to be a powerful spirit that picks whatever is said and makes it happen, if not immediately very soon. (Even if u mistakenly curse your children out of frustration.) Now this is not a genie that will drop things physically in front of you, like food, wine and a flying carpet. However it will create a situation that will cause your request to be met. It is not kept in the house but far away in the bush and its consulted only once in a while.

(To command Power and authority) it has the ability to make whatever Statement you make to come to pass or happen or ability to compel anything to compel to your will which include Animated and inanimated object)

By Chowlade
Is your father babalawo? Okare omo egbedi oloogun...

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Romance / Re: Imagine This Kind Of Love? Could This Be ????(photo) by tenry(m): 6:00pm On Jul 31
Cute you.
Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Rapper Splash Puts Her Hard Nip*les On Display At The Beach (photos) by tenry(m): 5:46pm On Jul 29
nice headline
Cute you, love your picture.
Celebrities / Re: PHOTOS : Maheeda Dance Unclad Again With 3 Guys !!! by tenry(m): 5:21pm On Jul 27
Where is the sexy na
By the way, you look good.
Religion / Have I Sinned If I Throw Away Tracts, Handbills Without Reading? by tenry(m): 8:43am On Jul 26
I was on my way out yesterday and I encountered so many people from different churches distributing tracts, handbills inviting me to their programmes. The first person I came across invited to winners chapel @ canan land and afterwards, I met four other people frm the same church inviting me to the same programme. I told them that I ve be given the same handbill by a member of their church and that it will amount to waste if I collect again. These ladies wouldn't listen as they insisted that I should take it as if someone would beat them if they didn't share all the bills in their hands. I collected them reluctantly and after departing from them, I tore them. A friend accused of committing sin. That I should have rejected it instead of tearing it. I know u too would have found yourself in this situation. What is your attitude to handbills, posters, christian tracts and others? Is It a sin if I collect and didn't read?
Career / Re: A Thread For School Owners(proprietors And Proprietress) In Nigeria by tenry(m): 12:48pm On Jul 24
Please I would like to ask school owners one question. I don't understand d current trend these days among you people whereby u will not award positions to school children again. Gone ar the days when we used to compete for the 1st position in primary school. Now, every pupils get gift in one subject or the other. Two days ago, my sister told me that her son came second in d class and that his class teacher secretly told him cos proprietress must not know as she had warned them never to award positions to pupils. In my opinion, we are not helping these pupils to appreciate the dignity in hard work. Let them knw that if u work hard, u will get d 1st position and this mentality will follow them till them get to university. If a parent is annoyed that his son did not get the first or second position and he or she wants to withdraw him or her from your schoool, let them go! Don't dwell much on making money thru your school, create standard, create good competition among your pupils,stop deceiving their parents cos u don't want them to withdraw their children from your schools.

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Jokes Etc / Re: Imagine What Rain Can Do To A Married Woman. by tenry(m): 5:58am On Jul 23
This woman's lie is Epic.. i bow o
You've got a bleeping sexy nose.


Romance / Re: See What The Girl Am Asking Out Sent To Me ... by tenry(m): 11:44am On Jul 22
Keep those rules and enjoy her for life. She wants relationship, no more, no less. Such girls are very nice if only u know how to relate with them.

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Family / Re: Beautiful Pictures Of A Nairalander And His Family by tenry(m): 6:52am On Jul 20
It was my birthday yesterday, my wife and decided to go for a photoshoot.

What's the address of the studio? Love their work

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Car Talk / Re: The Man Who Has The Largest Car Collection In The World! by tenry(m): 2:37pm On Jul 12
the broke ilks will say 'vanity upon vanity'
Point of correction, vanity of vanities. It is grammatically wrong to say vanity upon vanity. Even the bible recorded vanity of vanities
Politics / Re: My Visual Encounters This Morning In Abuja by tenry(m): 1:29pm On Jul 02

Goodness!!! Some people are just so heartless sha. No tempting rate should warrant such abeg. Biko, fight for us over there grin undecided
I can only wish but it is beyond my power
Politics / Re: My Visual Encounters This Morning In Abuja by tenry(m): 10:33am On Jul 02

shocked shocked shocked 2 what

That's not possible oo cry cry

Baba God na your hand we dey so ooo cry
As I am typing, they hav not loaded any local in Ejigbo. Money bag oil dealers are hustling to purchase products meant for Abuja mega station at tempting rate.

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Politics / Re: My Visual Encounters This Morning In Abuja by tenry(m): 10:10am On Jul 02

I understand you. That's exactly what I'm saying. They already stated last week, that in 3 weeks time (which is now 2weeks from now) there'd be scarcity. So people had better prepare well this time.
Funny enough, this scarcity will be bloody than the last one. According to insiders at NNPC here who have first hand information, this scarcity will last beyond 2 months. We pray God intervein.

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Politics / Re: My Visual Encounters This Morning In Abuja by tenry(m): 9:26am On Jul 02
I took that route yesterday. It was very serious. I'm thinking most of those people are panic buyers.

But prevention is better than ehmmm empty tank undecided
Call them panic buyers but they are wise. I am sending this message from NNPC depot, Ejigbo Lagos and I can tell u authoritatively that fuel scarcity is imminent going by the shortage of fuel available for loading. Yesterday, a whole depot loaded 45 trucks, 25mega and 20 independent stations. Most of these 25 mega stations loaded headed to suleja. As at this morning, NNPC depot has not received fuel for loading. They will ration d little fuel available. Few trucks are on the line and most of them are Mega stations travelling to Abuja and Suleja. Nobody knows what is gonna happen cos Apapa depots are not loading too.

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Celebrities / Re: Caroline Danjuma Proves She's 28 & Not 34 By Sharing Her Masters Degree ID Card by tenry(m): 5:03pm On Jun 30


Don't mention. Anyways, boy would like to know you better, I'm not flirting ooo, just wanna make friend on nairaland cos I ve not met any nairaland babe before.

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Celebrities / Re: Caroline Danjuma Proves She's 28 & Not 34 By Sharing Her Masters Degree ID Card by tenry(m): 2:15pm On Jun 30
women and age issues tho
Cute you, I like chubby girls.

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Politics / Re: Ben Bruce To Osun Govt: I Will Not Respond To Your Attack During Ramadan by tenry(m): 6:39am On Jun 19

Was there a gubernatorial election in Osun state this year?

Ignoramus all over the Internet.
Bro, I think d guy was right cos I remember he owed them like two months salary prior to Aug 2014 guber election.
Celebrities / Re: Don Jazzy Shares Sexy Beach Photos by tenry(m): 2:43pm On Jun 18
I love him kiss

How I wish..... lipsrsealed
Ole! Ashewo
Romance / Re: How Can A Broke Guy Be Romantic Or Show Love To His Girlfriend?? by tenry(m): 4:52am On Jun 16

heart ke loun loun..
Broke boyfriend will only bring you backwardness...
what is their use without money
only money speaks.
It will be disastrous for a broke guy to give his heart to you in the first place cos it will compound his problem. How do I know? Your picture tells me so
Celebrities / Re: OMG!!! See How This Girl Exposed Her Boo**b by tenry(m): 10:18am On Jun 13

Who is this "thing"and what's "it " ranting about?.
You better park well,you think i am one of those girls who gives a f*** about celebrities and scream at their pictures like u,
You must be a she-goat,odeeeee oponu.mtchewwww.
If u dare quote me again tongue
Lol take am easy
Family / Re: Nagging Wife Vs Cheating Wife: which Do You Think Is Worse? by tenry(m): 8:53am On Jun 13
Hisssss...use google.
Can't you shut your mouth if u have nothing reasonable to say?
Romance / Re: Am In Love With My Salesgirl by tenry(m): 7:10am On Jun 13
You didnt give enough information.... Is she married? Are you married? If the answer to those questions are no! Then I see nothing bad in it.. The business yaf turned to Joint venture niyen. Lobatan.
Oga did u read what the ops wrote before u posted this?
Politics / 22 Years After,share Your June 12 Experience With Us! by tenry(m): 7:51am On Jun 12
Hnmmmm, I can never forget that day! My brother participated in the riot and got punished by my dad in the night. Few years later, I blamed my dad for punishing the poor guy just because he was fighting for his right. I would have participated in the riot if I had reached voting age then. Will forever miss you MKO. Hopefully one day,God will give us leaders that will immortalise you and appreciate your contribution towards democracy. For those who witnessed June 12, 1993, share your experience of that memorable day.
Crime / Re: Let's Join Hands Together To Fight RAPE! by tenry(m): 5:07pm On Jun 10
what do u mean?
I'm wondering if u put on a decent cloth!

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