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Politics / Re: My Visual Encounters This Morning In Abuja by tenry: 1:29pm On Jul 02

Goodness!!! Some people are just so heartless sha. No tempting rate should warrant such abeg. Biko, fight for us over there grin undecided
I can only wish but it is beyond my power
Politics / Re: My Visual Encounters This Morning In Abuja by tenry: 10:33am On Jul 02

shocked shocked shocked 2 what

That's not possible oo cry cry

Baba God na your hand we dey so ooo cry
As I am typing, they hav not loaded any local in Ejigbo. Money bag oil dealers are hustling to purchase products meant for Abuja mega station at tempting rate.

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Politics / Re: My Visual Encounters This Morning In Abuja by tenry: 10:10am On Jul 02

I understand you. That's exactly what I'm saying. They already stated last week, that in 3 weeks time (which is now 2weeks from now) there'd be scarcity. So people had better prepare well this time.
Funny enough, this scarcity will be bloody than the last one. According to insiders at NNPC here who have first hand information, this scarcity will last beyond 2 months. We pray God intervein.

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Politics / Re: My Visual Encounters This Morning In Abuja by tenry: 9:26am On Jul 02
I took that route yesterday. It was very serious. I'm thinking most of those people are panic buyers.

But prevention is better than ehmmm empty tank undecided
Call them panic buyers but they are wise. I am sending this message from NNPC depot, Ejigbo Lagos and I can tell u authoritatively that fuel scarcity is imminent going by the shortage of fuel available for loading. Yesterday, a whole depot loaded 45 trucks, 25mega and 20 independent stations. Most of these 25 mega stations loaded headed to suleja. As at this morning, NNPC depot has not received fuel for loading. They will ration d little fuel available. Few trucks are on the line and most of them are Mega stations travelling to Abuja and Suleja. Nobody knows what is gonna happen cos Apapa depots are not loading too.

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Celebrities / Re: Caroline Danjuma Proves She's 28 & Not 34 By Sharing Her Masters Degree ID Card by tenry: 5:03pm On Jun 30


Don't mention. Anyways, boy would like to know you better, I'm not flirting ooo, just wanna make friend on nairaland cos I ve not met any nairaland babe before.

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Celebrities / Re: Caroline Danjuma Proves She's 28 & Not 34 By Sharing Her Masters Degree ID Card by tenry: 2:15pm On Jun 30
women and age issues tho
Cute you, I like chubby girls.

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Politics / Re: Ben Bruce To Osun Govt: I Will Not Respond To Your Attack During Ramadan by tenry: 6:39am On Jun 19

Was there a gubernatorial election in Osun state this year?

Ignoramus all over the Internet.
Bro, I think d guy was right cos I remember he owed them like two months salary prior to Aug 2014 guber election.
Celebrities / Re: Don Jazzy Shares Sexy Beach Photos by tenry: 2:43pm On Jun 18
I love him kiss

How I wish..... lipsrsealed
Ole! Ashewo
Romance / Re: How Can A Broke Guy Be Romantic Or Show Love To His Girlfriend?? by tenry: 4:52am On Jun 16

heart ke loun loun..
Broke boyfriend will only bring you backwardness...
what is their use without money
only money speaks.
It will be disastrous for a broke guy to give his heart to you in the first place cos it will compound his problem. How do I know? Your picture tells me so
Celebrities / Re: OMG!!! See How This Girl Exposed Her Boo**b by tenry: 10:18am On Jun 13

Who is this "thing"and what's "it " ranting about?.
You better park well,you think i am one of those girls who gives a f*** about celebrities and scream at their pictures like u,
You must be a she-goat,odeeeee oponu.mtchewwww.
If u dare quote me again tongue
Lol take am easy
Family / Re: Nagging Wife Vs Cheating Wife: which Do You Think Is Worse? by tenry: 8:53am On Jun 13
Hisssss...use google.
Can't you shut your mouth if u have nothing reasonable to say?
Romance / Re: Am In Love With My Salesgirl by tenry: 7:10am On Jun 13
You didnt give enough information.... Is she married? Are you married? If the answer to those questions are no! Then I see nothing bad in it.. The business yaf turned to Joint venture niyen. Lobatan.
Oga did u read what the ops wrote before u posted this?
Politics / 22 Years After,share Your June 12 Experience With Us! by tenry: 7:51am On Jun 12
Hnmmmm, I can never forget that day! My brother participated in the riot and got punished by my dad in the night. Few years later, I blamed my dad for punishing the poor guy just because he was fighting for his right. I would have participated in the riot if I had reached voting age then. Will forever miss you MKO. Hopefully one day,God will give us leaders that will immortalise you and appreciate your contribution towards democracy. For those who witnessed June 12, 1993, share your experience of that memorable day.
Crime / Re: Let's Join Hands Together To Fight RAPE! by tenry: 5:07pm On Jun 10
what do u mean?
I'm wondering if u put on a decent cloth!
Crime / Re: Let's Join Hands Together To Fight RAPE! by tenry: 4:29pm On Jun 10
Gbam!!so where do we start from now?
By their picture you shall know them
Religion / Kindly Help With The Lyrics Of These Songs by tenry: 10:32am On Jun 10
I love to sing certain songs especially Ibo songs but getting the correct lyrics is a challenge most time. Pls do you knw this Ibo song?
Poya, Poya Poya,
Poya Poya, Poya
Poya Poya Poya
.......... pls help me complete it. Yinka Ayefele also sang this song in one of his albums.
Also "I have a living God, I have a future, God has a plan for me.... (help me fill in d gap)
Jesus you're my firm foundation, I know I can stand secure....
Your response will be appreciated.
Education / Re: Davido Is The Only Graduating Student In His Department by tenry: 3:04pm On Jun 08

That's why you're gonna be the dumb ass your wife thinks you are... I can't remember ever saying life is all about certificate, did I ?
Mumu, when u talk of class of degree and the university attended, what is the end product of the two? You had better go an read your book, omale jati jati
Education / Re: Davido Is The Only Graduating Student In His Department by tenry: 2:21pm On Jun 08

Yeah, I know that, but coming from an unfortunate and unlucky chap like you - horrid.
Needless to join issues with egocentric certificate crazy dude like you. If life is all about certificate,we will table some certificates too and from universities better than yours, that I am very sure!. The boy is doing very well in business. We keep our certificates just in case mofo like you come up to brag with your Bsc. Change your thinking or remain poor for ever!
Education / Re: Davido Is The Only Graduating Student In His Department by tenry: 12:32pm On Jun 08

What mouth? Why didn't he go to any Federal University na? He for try UNIBEN, UNILAG or OAU....that him first class for be 3rd Class I swear!!
Keep bragging about the school! After graduating, what becomes of you? Lot of Ife and LAG graduates walking about without any sight in view. Broke ash! What u don't knw is that many of these Private uni graduates are employed quickly thru connection unlike many federal uni graduates. Third class or forth class, Davido has been to places your Ife certificate will never take you to in your life!. Certificate lasan lari, nothing for pocket.


Crime / Re: Abuja Prostitutes Protest .. Enough Is Enough; Prostitution Should Be Legalized by tenry: 4:20pm On Jun 04
One thing I knw and I am sure of, I can never have an erectionn by looking at a Unclad Ashewo. The fact that I am aware you are a prostitute puts me off. Oko mi o le ever le si ashewo.
Family / If You Can Adopt This Saving Formula,you Will Never Be Broke In Your Life. by tenry: 3:41pm On Jun 04
Do you know it is possible to instruct your bank to fix a certain amount of money on your behalf once salary drops? Many of us are not prudent when it comes to spending but the only way to control this is by reducing the amount of money you have access to taking into consideration your budget for the month. For instance, my total income from salary and investment monthly is 180k. So I instructed Skye bank to fix 100k once d money drops. I only have access to about 80k. I will pay my tithe and give wify money to run the family for the month. My wife earns little but we have a joint account where each of us save 20k into monthly. This joint account is meant for urgent family need like helping friends and relatives or sending money to parents, paying our baby's sch fee and other pressing need.
What I am saying in a nutshell is that, one of the ways to be disciplined and be prudent is to reduce the amount of money to have access to so as to avoid the temptation. We hav a plan at the beginning of the year to achieve some things and God's willing, we shall achieve them cos our reality check shows positive.
When u have little cash at your reach, the temptation of sitting at the bar to eat a plate of pepper soup @ d rate of 1k will not come. You can buy 500naira cat fish home and let your wife cook it and enjoy it together. May God help us.

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Education / Re: UNILORIN Students Nab Two Thieves During Night Class (Photos) by tenry: 5:49pm On Jun 02

you are advocating Jungle justice in a supposed citadel of learning. what happened to been civil?

It is not jungle justice, just a way of teaching them some lesson and letting them knw that they shouldn't be stealing in the school environment again. Did u attend uni in Nigeria? If u did, u would understand dat kinda 'shishi' I am referring to...
Education / Re: UNILORIN Students Nab Two Thieves During Night Class (Photos) by tenry: 7:13am On Jun 02
They don't knw how to turture thieves in that school bah? Cos these guys are still looking fresh without any sign of 'shishi' on their bodies.

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Politics / Re: PHOTO: Is This The Most Beautiful Governor's Wife In Nigeria? by tenry: 5:13am On May 31
shocked shocked, I reserve my comment until I see pictures of the rest.
Hope they're all coming with brain, not just beauty.

What do you need their 'brain' for? Did you vote for them or their husbands? You just wanna show yourself as one brainy girl right?
Celebrities / Re: Photos: Chidinma's Fans Attack Her On Insta For Wrongly Saying Vice Governor by tenry: 12:28pm On May 30
reminds me of my first few days back then in school as a fresher. I had course forms to sign and I was to sign them at the Assistant H.O.D's office. I packed my course forms and rushed to his office only to meet close to 10 mean looking lecturers in his office in a heated discussion all staring at me. At that moment, all my composure flew off immediately.

Me: Good morning sir, my name is friedplantain. I am here to see the Deputy HOD.

Everone: Buhahahahaha...... Who did you say you want to see again? cheesy
*noticing I'd goofed, I strategically tried to redeem myself * _fuck this damn lecturers angry

Me: errrrrrm sir I meant I am here to see the vice HOD. sad
*everyone bursts into another round of laughter once once again*

I was about saying "deputy second - in-command HOD" when the assistant Hod himself came to both of us rescue after getting tired of me murdering the name of his position.

Assistant Hod : Mr man give me your course forms and get the hell out of here. Olodo oshi! angry

Where were you yesterday instead of that boring guy called Akpororo? He was paid without making his audience laugh and here I am laughing in my sitting room without paying u kobo. Good one bro.
Celebrities / Re: Comedian Akpororo Disgraced Himself At Buhari's Gala Night. by tenry: 6:55am On May 30
Yesterday was a bad day for him cos I doubt it if he ll get called to perform at any presidential event again. Even those amateur national troop elicited laughter frm Mr President, something a so called professional comedian could not achieve. He was called thru his contact wit VP. He usually performs in Redeemed churches. In fact I have watched him life at d redemption camp before and according to someone, he attends one of their parishes in Lagos. Osinbajo might have brought him in. Btw whether he says something good or not, his account balance has changed.


Romance / Re: After Introduction, Whose Responsibility Is It To Pay A Girl's School Fee? by tenry: 6:37am On May 30
It is only a father without self respect that will tell his daughter's fiance to pay her fees when she is still under his roof!
Abi ooo, don't mind this people. One of my friends got married immediately we completed our course work for Msc at UI and u knw that UI masters is minimum of 3 semesters. Her dad still ensured that he paid for the third semester even when the girl is married along the line. According to him, he started it and must complete it cos that certificate will carry his name and not the husband's name.
Romance / Re: Man Shocked As Prostitutes He Ordered Turn Out To Be His Daughters (PHOTOS) by tenry: 3:57pm On May 27
I pray that experience will change them and they ll all thread d right path
Romance / Re: Man Shocked As Prostitutes He Ordered Turn Out To Be His Daughters (PHOTOS) by tenry: 3:55pm On May 27
Good for him! I pray that experience will change the entire family for good.
Romance / Re: Guys,,what Would You Do If U Are Alone With This Chick <picture> by tenry: 3:51pm On May 27
Guys,what would you do if u are alone wit this chick.check out d picture below
remember:speak d truth[img]Guys,what would you do if u are alone wit this chick.check out d picture below
remember:speak d truth[/img]Guys,what would you do if u are alone wit this chick.check out d picture below
remember:speak d truth
A quick check on your picture shows a young girl in her late teen or early twenties who should face her study instead of creating such nonsense thread. God will help dis generation
Politics / Re: Subsidy 101: Q &A On Subsidy. by tenry: 11:51am On May 27

I know 3 marketers but there are more. The ones I know are Oanda owned by Wale Tunubu, Capital Oil owned by Ifeanyi Ubah and Con Oil by Femi Otedola
Oga Con oil is owned by Jimoh Ibrahim. Forte belongs to Otedola
Family / Re: Its Children's Day: Upload A Picture Of Your Baby And Send Him/her A Shout Out. by tenry: 9:56am On May 27
My angel, happy children's day. May you continue to bring joy to our family. Daddy loves you.


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