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Politics / Re: 'i Am A Talent Hunter, I Put Talents In Office' - Tinubu Brags by tenry: 4:40pm On Apr 25
enough talents of silver and gold in his pockets too

well.. fresh breath is obviously not his talent.. undecided

and i am very talented at comeback statements and insults.. quote me and see angry
Goat! Is that a great achievement when your mates are boastful of outstanding success. Small brain like that of fish.
Celebrities / Re: Pastor Enoch Adeboye, Others To Be Awarded Professorship At Unilag's Convocation by tenry: 10:39am On Apr 25
Gamaliel onosode is one of the most upright Nigerians I know. In fact, he is my role model. Very sincere, generous, respective and highly competent. He is adored in UI cos of his philanthropic character. He is chairman of many companies and board member of many corporate organisations including donlop,airtel cadbury etc. Many university has confered on him honorary degrees. Above all, he is a christian. My dad once told me how he saved a 10 year old boy's life in 1982 by paying millions to undergo sugerry in India. I really wish to be like him.

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Politics / Re: Fayose Pictured At Ado Chicken Republic Eating Meat (pic) by tenry: 10:27am On Apr 25
My ROLE MODEL grin cheesy cheesy grin. GEJ my HERO! FAYOSE my ROLE MODEL!!
I have never seen a nuisance like this temitemi guy before! U no dey tire? I am sure u aren't sleeping again just to write GEJ your hero...

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Open Letter From A Nigerian Lady To South Africans by tenry: 5:42pm On Apr 24
The beginning of the write up sounded like your words, at the middle, I noticed copy and paste, then you concluded with your thoughts. In all,it was a good effort. Those zulu cannot hustle, they are jealous of fellow hard working Africans with proven results. They had better wake up and take up the challenge.
Politics / Re: PDP CHIEF- Bode George Worked For Tinubu by tenry: 7:59am On Apr 23
God has promised to disgrace 'Awon agbaaya oloselu' holding us back as a nation. e.g Bode George
Politics / Re: President Elect Gen. Buhari On TVC Live!! Lets Discuss The Info From Him by tenry: 3:40pm On Apr 22
I will stabilize the price of crude oil....Buhari
Goat, go and eat cassava


Politics / Re: America Declares Orubebe, Dokubo, Others Persona Non Grata by tenry: 3:30pm On Apr 22
Amaechi's parallel government threats, Lar numerous lies; those were non issues. Both parties produced attack dogs but who cares, so long they're on the other side. US, congrats on installing a new puppet. Ride him well.

Let's I forget the list don't seem complete. FFK, Fayose, Orukpe, Kashamu, Bode George...

one sided as always just like they keep blind eyes to repressive government elsewhere so long they do their bidding
Cry more... puppet ll rule you till 2019. You cannot do anything about it.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Sterling Bank Aptitude Test Records Mass Failure by tenry: 7:04pm On Apr 21
I used the three browsers available on my PC and phone all to no avail. Those who didn't know what happened can keep judging. 95% of the applicant could not access their portal. The same thing happened during the first stage of the test. I was expecting them to send a message as they did then only to see this tonight. Out of the figure reeled out, majority could not open d test, so it is unfair on the part of sterling bank. Obviously it is their elimination strategy but that was not fair. I wish all the applicant best of luck in their future endeavours.

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Events / Re: OMG: Wedding Palava: See Dressing Ooo by tenry: 10:54am On Apr 20
I doubt it if she wore this to the church. I recently heard some brides buy two wedding gowns, one for the church and the other one for reception. May be she wore this for reception. If a pastor allows this kinda gown for joining,something is wrong.
For me, the groom, how can I imagine one small boy self servicing with my wife's image stored in his head the same night I'm having the memorable wedding night sex with her? It is a No No for me.
Politics / Re: PDP Rejects Lia Mohammed's Training Offer For Olisa Metuh by tenry: 5:51am On Apr 20
PDP even tried by lasting 16 years. You guys won't even last 4 years.
I will remind you of this post in 2019 by God's grace. When Doyin Okupe predicted his own in 2012, he asked us to call him one name like that. I have kept that name for you cos that ll be your new name after 2019


Romance / Re: Ladies, Was I The Only One Who Prayed For Big Boobs When I Was Little? by tenry: 3:33pm On Apr 18
I think the moderator is on heat period with the kinda topics making front page this afternoon. First, it was d one on self-service and now small/big boobs. I pray you get a he-goat or she-goat that ll deliver you soon.
Events / Re: How I My Wife Had Our Wedding With N50k. Its Possible by tenry: 12:07pm On Apr 18
@OP stop giving us zobo here!! Even 50k can't be enough to celebrate one's birthday let alone of wedding!! You can't tell this honourable house of nairaland that you bought 2 bags of rice which I know is worth 20k, bought packs of fish and other miscellaneous expenses with 30k!! That's trash man! WHAT IS WORTH DOING IS WORTH DOING WELL! You ended up embarrassing yourself before your inlaws and the entire whole village! You should have saved up atleast 200k for an average wedding I wonder why the rush in the first place when you aint even ready!! I'm planning to do my white and Trad this year and I've tried all I can to make an average budget evrything will cost about 400k. That's even the minimum!!! For both traditional Rites which include marriage LIST, Trad, and white wedding. All will be done same day just to save cost. When I saw your thread I got attracted to read how you made it with just 50k but then, that's way below average! Just CLASSLESS! How do you do such lifetime event without serving people with common pure water, mineral and meat? Wow!! Who does that? Shameful bro!!!
Stop abusing him. We cannot all be d same. Let individual organise his/her party as he or she deem fit. I budgeted about 700k for my wedding, I ended up spending 1m. Yet I have a friend who spent 350k for his wedding and there was no difference from mine.


Politics / Re: I Won't Appoint PDP Defectors As Ministers - Buhari by tenry: 7:19pm On Apr 16
you deranged mention should win the most daft mention of the year cos your foolishness is in fables.
I return that to your brothers and sisters at home. Awon omo alaileko ile.
Politics / Re: Photos: Another Nigerian Soldier Dies by tenry: 5:55pm On Apr 16
haha, see names o women Don suffer
It is a pity you guys can be spewing dis kinda rubbish on a thread like this. Somehow for you.
Family / Re: Missing Orekoya Kid Finally Gain Freedom, They Are Now Back Home by tenry: 8:49am On Apr 15
Thank God they are back. I hope this has taught us lessons! Parents should be careful. Omo wa o ni sonu ooo.
Phones / Re: Photos: Checkout The Phones That Were In Use 10 Years Ago by tenry: 5:15pm On Apr 14
Sony Ericsson K750 was my dream phone then. I loved d phone but could not afford it. As a matter of fact, I envied those who used it then. My first phone was Nokia fluorescent light.
Politics / See Festus Keyamo's Tweet On the Just Concluded 2015 General Elections. by tenry: 4:11pm On Apr 14
I hear my colleagues (lawyers)are angry about this new wave of losers- congratulating-winners. They said it's bad for business.
Festus Kayamo was actually quoting his professional colleagues but I am sure he will be feeling the same. But for me, democracy is developing, politicians are getting wiser and ultimately, elections are becoming free, fair and credible.
Politics / Re: Fayose’s Victory: Gunshots, Wild Jubilation In Ekiti by tenry: 12:27pm On Apr 14
Assuming the victory was for an APC the wild jubilation would have resulted to death of more than five people stealing and killing en mase.
If you know APC is an evil party click like.
If you know APC is a peaceful party click share.
Too much ogogoro isn't good in the morning.

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Politics / Re: Akande Asks Lagos APC Chairman To Resign by tenry: 8:55am On Apr 14
I'd be careful if I were Ajomale.... Bisi Akande like Obj is not given to frivolities!
You see! Laziness can cause embarrassment! Did u read the piece at all? Oga it is not Bisi akande, so next time try to read a story and stop assuming.
Politics / Re: US Embassy Alleges Massive Rigging In Rivers, Akwa Ibom by tenry: 5:40pm On Apr 13
Poor proof reading before publishing. Apart frm writing congratulation instead of congratulating, the writer also wrote two different spelling of the first name of our president-elect. Mohammadu and then Muhammadu.
Celebrities / Re: Photos: Peter Okoye Builds Multi-million Naira Beverage Company by tenry: 4:45pm On Apr 13
Happy for you, trusting God to launch mine very soon. No be only you go get money ooo,we dey dis hustling race together.
Politics / Re: Vice Pres. Sambo To Head PDP Transition Committee by tenry: 4:36pm On Apr 13
GEJ and his cronies will be busy dotting their 'i' and crossing their 't's in order to present doctored documents that ll not send most of them(not all) to jail. Okonjo Iweala has much balancing to do between now and May 29th.
Politics / Re: APC Woman "waiting" to Emerges as First "Elected" Female Governor in Nigeria. by tenry: 4:22pm On Apr 13
who is then?
First elected female governor. A woman had governed Plateau before. I think when d governor was removed.
Health / Re: Is It Hygienic For People To Go To The Rest Room With Their Phones? by tenry: 2:58pm On Apr 13
I took my phone to the toilet one day in 2012 when I was doing my masters at the university of Ibadan. I was chatting with a female friend we grew up together, it lasted for hours and in order not to miss any gist, I took my phone to the toilet. I was using touch 1 then. After the 'show' lol, I waited for some minutes more chatting wit this babe. As I stood, I didn't want to drop my phone on the water closet so I held it with my mouth while I carried the water on the floor wit my hands to flush. Only God knows how the phone fell inside the toilet. My wife had warned me to stop going to d toilet with my phone but I wouldn't listen.. lol. Omo I dipped my left hand inside and brought out the phone. The key pad stopped wrking and the screen was affected too. I didn't tell my wife till today. I only told her my phone was bad and the engineer was asking for 4k to repair it. Have I stopped? No but I have been very careful now.
Politics / Re: I Won't Appoint PDP Defectors As Ministers - Buhari by tenry: 7:50pm On Apr 11
his actually pointing fingers at his boy/ driver Amaechi, I pity ameachi cos his a PDP defector and can't be appointed as minister in his grandpa's tenure.
Your post should win the most silly post on nairaland for the month of April. Your stupi.dity ho sorry foolishness is legendary.


Politics / Re: photo: Nigerian Voters Usin Stones And Bottles To Keep Space Ahead Of Votin by tenry: 1:20pm On Apr 11
They need to conduct a brain test for them.

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Politics / Re: Jonathan Lands In Otuoke, Gets Accredited by tenry: 12:20pm On Apr 11
My man,an epitome of intelligence,nt an illiterate who call people vivu
I.diot! Stop hating. You hurt no one but yourself. Whether u liike it or not, that man who call people vivu is your president. There is nothing you can do to change it cos whom God has blessed, no man can curse.

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Politics / Re: People Waiting Infront Of Tinubu's House Ahead Of Tomorrow's Poll by tenry: 11:50am On Apr 11
they will eat tinubu dollars and vote for JK!
tinubu is a wicked mugun,
everybody know that
Yes, everybody knows that you are silly. Sincerely, I am not a politician and I ll never be one, I only appreciate individuals who know their onions and give it what it takes to succeed. You guys keep hating this man cos he has counter strategy for PDP moves! In what way is Tinubu wicked? Pls tell me, not one of these lies going about that he is the one collecting 50% of lagos tax. Stop hating
Politics / Re: Jibrin, Dogara, Gbajabiamila, Others In Race For Speakership Position by tenry: 5:45am On Apr 09
Click "like" if you think Gbaja fits it based on merit.

click "share" if Jibrin actually seems a better choice.
I support APC and I love Gbajabiamila cos he contributes meaningfully to discussions on the floor of the house. However, he does not have the temperament for speakership. The person must be cool headed and must not be too partisan. Femi gbajabiamila ll be riggid and stubborn. This might cause problem in the house. We need a speaker wit the personality of Tambuwal.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Can Never Be My President by tenry: 7:43pm On Apr 01
seun so u are viewing this threaundecided i know u are apc supporter as expected...

why cant u take my thread to fp, cos i'm supporting jonathan abi..
your action shows u were not neutral at all
Your English is poor. This is not a front page content. You belong to Mama peace generation. Very childish in reasoning and composition. Grow up girl!
Politics / Re: Buhari Can Never Be My President by tenry: 7:27pm On Apr 01
most nigerians are backward and primitive(apc)
this country is already divided by the yorubas, fulani and hausa, take them out of this contry, then nigeria will be a better place.

people easily be deceived, that the same sets of persons that messed up pdp are now in apc.

jonathan is the best president we nigerians has ever had and some youths are too blind to see this.
i weep for nigerians cos we are back to 1960.

not forgetting that this election was rigged by apc(in the north), jonathan was wise enough to succumb to defeat cos he does not want killing of of innocent citizens in the north..

fvvvk apc

See sagging boobs, can't look twice.


Politics / Re: Wikipedia Updates Orubebe’s Profile Over Attempted Poll Disruprion by tenry: 4:20pm On Mar 31

That's too harsh! This is incalled for . If anything, jega showed us all how to do it.

So please be a jeganite!!
Let's give it to this guy abeg...

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