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NYSC / Re: Jonathan Offers Automatic Employment To 164 Corps Members by tenry: 8:08pm On Mar 02
While this gesture has reduced rate of unemployment, much needed to be done. 164 is nothing compared to millions of people unemployed at the moment. As far as i am concerned, i wiLl vote a president who can improve power such that artisans who are currently riding okada can go back to their shops and many graduates with great ideas can also achieve their goal when power is stable.
Family / Re: Higher Education And The Female Child by tenry: 1:18pm On Mar 02
Disagree with you. When my twin sister and i were in the university, she enjoyed more than me in terms of allowance from parents and uncles. Most of the time, she receives bank alert before me even when we called home at the same time i once challenged my uncle why he usually sent kenny's'money before mine and his response was,"o boy you are a man, you can sort yourself out before getting money but kenny is a woman, she may be tempted to indulge in vices like 'runz' due to lack of money. So bear with me"

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Phones / Re: I Want A New Blackberry Phone, My Budget Is 30k by tenry: 3:38am On Feb 28

Sorry, no white Q10 and no unlocked black Q10 availabe. Thanks
Alright thanks and I really appreciate. Sorry if I have offended you
Phones / Re: I Want A New Blackberry Phone, My Budget Is 30k by tenry: 8:45pm On Feb 27

My dear in case you were sleeping when you called me. I would narrate our call conversations because I had to switch my phone to loud speaker for someone close by at the moment to also hear what you were saying incase I was misinterpreting your speech. Our conversation goes like

Tenry - Hello
Mavinc4u - Hello Good morning sir
Tenry - are you the one that sell phones? (with a harsh voice)
Mavinc4u - yes please
Tenry - are you a male or a female?
Mavinc4u - please why did you ask?
Tenry - you are a liar, why are you lying? what kind of human being are you? why will you be lying to people, why are you such a liar? you said that you are a female and you are a male. ( He said so many other things I can't remember and after all the insults he hangs his call).
Mavinc4u - turned her phone upside down to be sure she wasn't dreaming because he called very early in the morning.

After that he called again with another line to continue his insult, at that time, I was not in the mood to reply him rather I simply told him to check his mtn whatsapp to read the message I dropped for him there because his manner of speech sounded more like a frustrated person.

You need to know more about telephone etiquette, is very important and would help you to go a long way. Thanks
Thank God I sounded frustrated not hopeless. Needless to drag this issue further. Nevertheless, what's the last price for Q10 white and black?
Phones / Re: I Want A New Blackberry Phone, My Budget Is 30k by tenry: 6:03am On Feb 27

Okay, so you are the one that called me early this morning to lay accusations and insults on me, do I sound like a chameleon to you or what? What does my sex status show and what makes you think you were speaking to a guy? Please I would suggest you mind your choice of words when next you are calling someone you don't know. Thanks
Hey, who laid the accusation and the insult you are talking about? When I called you, the voice I heard on phone didn't resemble a male voice, so what's the big deal in confirming my doubts? If you can't respond appropriately to a simple question to give confidence to someone who meets you online for the first time and he's ready to transact with you, then something is wrong. I wouldn't know how someone would feel offended to asnwer the question "are you a male or female cos the voice I heard on phone resembled a guy's voice" you were begging the question by asking me why did I say so?. Pls don't make issues out of nothing, it is a free world cos I can get what I want somewhere else. Be good.
Phones / Re: I Want A New Blackberry Phone, My Budget Is 30k by tenry: 7:38am On Feb 26

Without the retail phone box/carton
But you told me you are a female.
Phones / Re: I Want A New Blackberry Phone, My Budget Is 30k by tenry: 10:15pm On Feb 25

New 9900 without box and accessories is 23k

New Q10 without box and accessories is 33k

Check my signature and call me
What do you mean by without box?
Phones / Re: I Want A New Blackberry Phone, My Budget Is 30k by tenry: 1:41pm On Feb 25
what about Q5 blackberry
Pls i hope i will not be putting off my data if i buy this phone? Cos i heard some Q blackberry phones require subscription above 1k. Pls dont mind my Ijebu
Phones / Re: I Want A New Blackberry Phone, My Budget Is 30k by tenry: 1:38pm On Feb 25
get a q10
thank me later

head to that link and ask
there will be people close to u
who will want to sale
Please how much is Q10? And can i subscribe with 1k fixed monthly subscription just like bold 5 and touch?
Phones / I Want A New Blackberry Phone, My Budget Is 30k by tenry: 1:00pm On Feb 25
I want a black berry wit a fixed monthly subscription of 1000 cos i dont usually exhaust my data before month end sometimes owing to my busy schedule @ work. Similarly, i want a touc screen phone that also has key pads cos touch screen can be messy for me at times( dont mind me, i be bush man). Pls whichbb would you recommend for me that will hav these features and within my budget? Thank you
Phones / Re: OAU Student Purchases Iphone6 That Uses Nokia Battery by tenry: 12:32pm On Feb 25
Ohhhh my goodness lord may this not happen to me..A student of OAU (name unknown) and her roommate would be telling a story for a very long time as they recently purchased an iphone 6 that uses a Nokia battery.

According to her, except for the Apple logo and Iphone 6 boldly written at the back, the phone is just exactly like a cheap techno phone.

She added : "The camera quality is not only pathetic, the touch pad is terrible with its sinking effect. For the screen, it's just a write-off."

"This is saddening for my room mate who not only saved up, but sold her former phone to order for the phone online and get it delivered at over 100k." What other reason does a person need to get a heart attack?

source :
Great Ife! Unsmart student of a sch who prides herself'oba awon university'
Travel / Re: Meet Josephine Agwu, The Lagos Airport Cleaner That Returned N12m To Owner PICS by tenry: 12:23pm On Feb 25
Am sure she did nt knw it was money. About the salary #7500? I cnt bliv dis. She earns dat and can still make up and wear fashionable cloth. Ask mizmycoli,and nairaland babe to estimate the cost of her cosmetics, then you know am saying d raw truth. Wel sha good for her.
But if she take it away is that corruption or stealing. Gej has the answer. Lolz...
One of my neighbours works as cleaner in the airport. She told me that they usually make money everyday cos when they assist travellers with their loads, some may tip them 3k 5k 4k depending on the passanger's'generousity. According to her, a traveller onced asked her what she wanted and she simply said anything sir, the dude dashed her 10k. Because they have ID card as cleaners, it becomes easier for them to do the job unlike other unlicenced worker who are usually chased by task force. In a nutshell, she can afford the dress and make up judging by my neigbour's'explanation.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Flown Abroad For Prostate Cancer Checkup - The Herald by tenry: 4:23pm On Feb 21

Foolish man
Take that home for your brothers
Celebrities / Re: Meet The Twin Sisters Who Are Married To One Husband by tenry: 5:39pm On Feb 20
If both of them need the man at the same time, how ll he satisfy them? If he has fun wit them at d same time? Who ll be lucky to take the sperm?

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Help Me Get A Job And I'll Marry U!!! by tenry: 5:30pm On Feb 20
Guy, I can see that you are giving yourself unnecessary pressure. Be calm,don't be too desperate, I was in your shoe for 3 years, thank God the story has changed now. Pls think of what u can do for yourself. Be positive wit your life and never loose hope in God. This phase will surely go, it cannot be forever.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Be Brave And Quit That Job Now.....a Personal Story!!! by tenry: 5:20pm On Feb 20
Oga, please complete your story, tell us about your plans cos I knw there is sight in view for you, otherwise you would not have resigned based on d reasons you mentioned in your post. I'm sure u have saved for raining days, u wanna start your buz? You have been promised a new juicy job? But why are you misleading others who ll be gullible enough to believe resigning hopelessly is the solution to ethnic descrimination being faced at work? If you don't have hope somewhere, you won't take such silly decision. However, d only way you can be free frm that is to set up a buz wit your savings(that is if u have one), expecting to work in a place devoid of those things that made u to resign is future impossible dream.

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Politics / Re: Governor Fayose Accuses Buhari Of Embarking On Secret Medical Visit Abroad by tenry: 4:38pm On Feb 20
English na ya fada language?
No. It is my motherses languages,lol olodo
Politics / Re: Governor Fayose Accuses Buhari Of Embarking On Secret Medical Visit Abroad by tenry: 2:58pm On Feb 20
He don't reside in lagos but do he reside US and UK?
See how both of you are murdering english? Iyalaya oyinbo!!!lol
Politics / Re: Buhari In London (Picture) by tenry: 2:48pm On Feb 20

I don't have your time
Politics / Re: Buhari In London (Picture) by tenry: 2:15pm On Feb 20
I know some of you don't have sense but are you all really that dumb ? This is a special unit for the sick at Heathrow for people with medical visa & emergency ailment they are often isolated and do not get out from the main exit they come here to sort their clinic documents and pick up. Why are you rejoicing ?
Hey shut up your bleeping mouth, egbere! Omale jati jati.


Politics / Re: Buhari In London (Picture) by tenry: 2:10pm On Feb 20
And yet they say he did not go for treatment. Somebody should tell me if that inscription beside him is for mr Biggs or shoprite
Bush man, where is your village self? Your situation will surely get better soon. Somehow for the bush-like fellows who liked your post.


Politics / Re: Buhari Flown Abroad For Prostate Cancer Checkup - The Herald by tenry: 9:25am On Feb 20

What has his dad gat to do with dis?
Look @how u are insulting urselves over d case of dis blood suckers.
Your stupidity is legendary. Brainless slowpoke that ll die on someone else's matter.
Politics / Re: Buhari Flown Abroad For Prostate Cancer Checkup - The Herald by tenry: 7:02pm On Feb 19

Oh well... 'APC children of anger' spotted.
Who be this mofo? Abeg park well.
Politics / Re: Buhari Flown Abroad For Prostate Cancer Checkup - The Herald by tenry: 5:09pm On Feb 19
They should check his throat as well for pronunciation defect, jest saying undecided
The same way they will check that of your father! That is if he is still alive. Oloriburuku somebody

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Politics / Re: Charles Eruka, Channels TV Staff Who Was Stabbed At APC Rally Tells His Story by tenry: 2:27pm On Feb 19
Pelee ooooooo... Next time stay away from apc because nothing good comes from them! GEJ till 2019!!!
Fish brain. Only God knows the sper.m that produced you. Opolo eja.
Politics / Re: Court Asked To Stop APC From Presenting Tambuwal As Candidate. by tenry: 8:07am On Feb 19
Truth always sounds like trash to fools like you.

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Politics / Re: Court Asked To Stop APC From Presenting Tambuwal As Candidate. by tenry: 6:06am On Feb 19
Apc with numerous problem
Apc can go and eat a sack of babies dick.

GEJtill 2019
The last time I checked, the party with the highest number of court cases resulting from illegal conduct of primaries is PDP. This is the same party that cannot be without crisis in a week. IF A is not tearing his card, B will treaten to disburb the internal peace of the party and in d long run, bribe him with ministerial post. PDP have successfully increased the problems they inherited frm d military 16 years ago rather than solving them.


Politics / Re: Court Asked To Stop APC From Presenting Tambuwal As Candidate. by tenry: 5:59am On Feb 19
Apc with many problems... GEJ till 2019!!!
But PDP is a problem itself! Can a day pass by in this country without reading abt PDP crisis? A party without peace for a day,in fact that party is responsible for the woes of Nigeria. They have successfully doubled the problem they met on ground 16 years ago.


Celebrities / Re: Don Jazzy's Fleet Of Expensive Cars And Their Prices (Photos) by tenry: 9:04am On Feb 17
How many people has he helped? How many widows has he empowered? How many ophans has he put smile on their faces? Perhaps I can appreciate him and celebrate his wealth when he does these.
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Is An Embarrassment To The Military - Nigeria Defence HQ by tenry: 10:27pm On Feb 16

Ūя̲̅ Fathers Foolishness has no boundary...
♈όϋ are an evidence of a frustrated and demented product from a man you call your Father!
Omo ale jati jati!
...don't quote me again cos I have no time to argue with a low lifer like you! Unless you want thunder to faya you! Eediot !
Your father! Even dead OBJ will still be relevant than your struggled fore-father. People who amount to nothing will spew trash here just becos MB is now very cheap like the price of ogogoro. I blame service providers. Oloriburuku somebody...
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Will Not Be Missed In PDP, Says Anenih by tenry: 6:32pm On Feb 16
Sure. We would not miss him. Jonathan will be re-elected and pdp will move on more stronger this time. Obj, your time to go into relegation has come. You are fading off soon. I bid you goodbye in advance. grin
Who are you? Anenih we know, Fani Kayode we know, even Modu sherif we know, who are you? You spoke as if you are one important figure whose opinion carries weight. Say the truth and shame the devil, you will miss OBJ.

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Politics / Re: Obasanjo Is An Embarrassment To The Military - Nigeria Defence HQ by tenry: 6:26pm On Feb 16
Foolish dirty old soldier! undecided
OBJ dirty? I'm sure your father's dirtiness is worse. All these children whose parents are busy hustling to feed them ll come on nairaland and disrespect those who have made impact unlike their God- forsaken fathers.

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