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Business / Re: How Do You Retrieve Your Money From A Serial Onigbese? by tenry: 9:29am On Jul 29
Really sad reading about this. I gave someone I know very well 3million naira 4 years ago for business with a monthly return paiid to me. Less than a year, she defaulted and since December 2012 thqt I hav requested for my capital, I have been able to retrieve 600k frm her, still owing me 2.4m. I don't have a job at the moment, this is my life savings and it has beeen hard getting the money back. We hav a legal paper but family members and friends who are aware hav been beging me to take it easy. I trusted her because of our relationship in the past and I have been considerate cos her business collapsed whc I know but she's coming out of it already and she doesn't want to pay instalmentally until she's fully back to normal. This has been giving me headache, I don't even mind if she pays 200k monthly till she completes the payment. If this persists, I will hav no choice than to change the gear cos I cannot come and die of frustration. I have bills to pay and there is no job now. The lesson I learnt thru this is that any business you cannot run by yourself, never give your capital to anybody no matter the relationship between you. If you can't resign your job to run your buz, keep your money in fixed deposit. Lastly, never borrow any one money you can't let go.


Sports / Re: Nigerian Players That Flopped After Being Hyped Into The Super Eagles by tenry: 6:35pm On Jul 21
Drogba? So by this time you Don high eh?
Lol, funny.
Family / Re: I Lost My Job Less Than 5weeks To The Arrival Of Our Baby,wife's BP Rises,advice by tenry: 8:16pm On Jul 08
yemisolar: op, i would like you to look at it from another perspective; do you know that there are people around you who I'll give anything to be in your position? good caring wife, baby on the way within just a year of marriage, supportive parents, . . . . . i'm sure your job did not give you any of these so the loss of your job should not take the joy away.

the first thing is to think of the worst that can happen, then prepare against it. this is what i mean: if the EDD is five weeks, it means that he can arrive anytime from two weeks. i guess you should have started baby shopping from the beginning of the third trimester but if not just go for the minimum required materials and try to take your mind from what you cannot afford. plan around what u have ( your savings and your wife's salary) as if nothing else is coming from nowhere.

then as one of the contributors said, still leave home every day and search for opportunities even if they are below your level. then trust God for openings.

please be strong for your wife. it is okay to cry and feel bad as long as you are doing it alone. she needs you at these moment more.

i don't know if you are a believer but praying in the spirit helps me A LOT whenever i'm faced with challenges like this. it relieves the hurt, comforts and opens my mind to great ideas.

Going through ur previous posts i observed that you have come through some stuff and you have a rich background this is just another phase and will soon go away. God is your strenght.
I really appreciate bro. I have faith in God. Pls pray for us.
Family / Re: I Lost My Job Less Than 5weeks To The Arrival Of Our Baby,wife's BP Rises,advice by tenry: 8:03pm On Jul 08
samyan12: I have this personal testimony for your wife. I was in a far worse situation just a few months ago. In december last year, I was eight months pregnant with twins, me and my husband took the decision to go have the babies outside the country. I resigned my job, because I knew with twins I would have my hands full when the babies come.

Just about a month to my delivery date, while shopping we were robbed at gunpoint, my husband was seriously injured.he also suffered a broken leg. He landed at the emergency ward. you can imagine my dilemma, me heavily pregnant, in a country where I had no family. the only person I knew well had ended up in the husband was scheduled to have surgery. then as if things cudnt get any worse, during the surgery he was diagnosed to have developed a clot in his lungs.
he was in intensive care for 10 days, I was distraught, but I stayed strong for my babies.
my husband gradually started to improve, and he came home a few days before I put to bed. he didnt work for the next 5 months. But God took care of us.we got favour and mercy from even places we didnt expect.
Alhamdulillahi for his mercies.Moral of the story? This too shall pass!!!
here we are six months later, two beautiful twin baby girls, a healthy husband. your wife should stay strong, job loss isnt the end of the world.

Really blessed through this testimony, I hope I will also be in a position to lift the spirit of others facing similar challenge very soon. Thank you Ma.

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Family / Re: I Lost My Job Less Than 5weeks To The Arrival Of Our Baby,wife's BP Rises,advice by tenry: 7:50pm On Jul 08
my previous work was with a business development company. I hold Bsc in Mass Communication and MA in Communication and Language Arts
Family / Re: I Lost My Job Less Than 5weeks To The Arrival Of Our Baby,wife's BP Rises,advice by tenry: 7:49pm On Jul 08
subzidi: Sorry about your situation Bro! Please do exactly as Egopersonified has advised. It is well with you and may the unborn child bring you more blessings! If I may ask, what kind of field were you working someone might have an offer for you as God works in mysterious ways.
Stay blessed
my previous work was with a business development company. I hold Bsc in Mass Communication and MA in Communication and Language Arts
Family / Re: I Lost My Job Less Than 5weeks To The Arrival Of Our Baby,wife's BP Rises,advice by tenry: 2:43pm On Jul 08
egopersonified: Op, am so sorry. Since u said u leave home together before, here is what u do. Start leaving home as u used to, submit unrequested applications, ask to work for free(that is if it is a big org ohh), visit yr friends that work in their offices for just five minutes ohh, dont go and spend the whole day there, do menial jobs, if u ve to pack a change of clothes, so be it, but dont let yr wife know, go and buy office shirts, etc from the cheapest market in yr state of residence and sell in offices, that thing u ve always loved doing, create a market for it or even be a driver(i know someone who is paid 60k for driving kids to sch). No matter what u chose to do, still keep looking for a higher pay and ensure you bring money home weekly or monthly. If yr wife sees u still providing, no matter how little, she will calm down, she is only afraid of the lack of money. And finally CUT DOWN ON EXPENSES for now, dont keep leaving the same lifestyle u used to on only one salary, if not u ll run into debt and draw near to your God and he will draw near to you.

Thank you so much, God bless you
Family / Re: I Lost My Job Less Than 5weeks To The Arrival Of Our Baby,wife's BP Rises,advice by tenry: 10:35pm On Jul 07
@all, Thank you for your advice.
Family / I Lost My Job Less Than 5weeks To The Arrival Of Our Baby,wife's BP Rises,advice by tenry: 9:44pm On Jul 07
Tears flow freely from my eyes as I type this message. i am depressed, sad and emotionally down. i lost my job two weeks ago. Less than five weeks to the arrival of my baby, the hitherto joyous mood in my house suddenly turned to sorrow. To make the matter worst,my wife went for antenatal today and the doctor said her blood pressure is very high, placed her on medication and asked her to come back on Thursday. According to him, if it does not go down, she will be admitted. 'This is dangerous for both the baby and the mother' says the doctor.
i am worried, i don't want double tragedy. i have been begging my wife to stop thinking about the present condition, our parents have also assumed the role of counsellors. we both live home together for work everyday, now she lives alone living me behind. Our wedding is less than a year, i feel we are too young for this. I trust God to provide another job soon. For those who have experienced this kind of challenge in their marriage, how did you overcome it? Your advice/counsel will be appreciated.
Education / Re: HND vs First Degree Battle Is Now In Court by tenry: 5:30pm On Jul 07

We were introduced to Normative theories in Mcom101(Introduction to Mass Communication) as a starting point just that The Two added by Mcquail were not taught Not until in 200l ( Theories of Mass comm Mcom201.) Where we even did Some of the Effect theories. According to the syllable, we would be introduce to Critical theories in 300l and 400l in Media criticism..
ABU zaria, u? What level and school? or a graduate already?

Ok cool. I hav ND, HND(Iree poly) Bsc(Ilorin) Msc(Unilag)all in mass communication.Starting my Phd this year by God's grace.
Education / Re: HND vs First Degree Battle Is Now In Court by tenry: 5:52am On Jul 07

lol...Kul..did most of These things in my 100L except 4 d last question which we did in mcom206(news writing and reporting).. if i decide to put pen on paper , i can beat 50 if it's over 60.
Which university offers theories of mass communication in 100level? It is a 300l course,most universities I knw offer Theories in 300l. They might have introduced some theories to u in 200l in d process of teaching some courses like media and politics, development journalism. However, theories of communication as a course comes later in 300l. Whc uni are you? Just asking anyways...

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Education / Re: HND vs First Degree Battle Is Now In Court by tenry: 8:20pm On Jul 06
Sodiq3: I'm a 200l Mass comm student..Can i have an intellectual debate with an HND 2 student or graduate of 2 a polytechnic?
Differentiate between straight news and features.
What's the work of a sub editor?
What are normative theories?
Differentiate bet authoritarian and soviet communist theories
Mention any 4 models of mass communication and tell me whc is considered d mother of all
Differentiate between research and theory
Write a script for 15mins radio programme.
Answer these mass comm related questions first. Then debate follows.

Time allowed: 10minutes lol. Joking...
Education / Re: HND vs First Degree Battle Is Now In Court by tenry: 7:20pm On Jul 06
I have been to both university and polytechnic. put differently, I have both HND and Bsc certificates. Please dnt compare the two. If you attend a uni like UI, you won't think of comparing uni wit Iree poly where I had my HND. Brilliant professors, robust discussion in the class unlike poly where most people who thought me were poly graduates wit little or no exposure. Some of them didn't even proceed. Even when you have PHd grade in your Msc, your Hnd certificate will deny u dat grace to proceed with your Phd. Howvwer, what you become after becoming what you want to become that matters regardless of your degree.
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by tenry: 1:58pm On Jul 05
I saw this in d newspaper and I would like to knw the intrepretation and d benefit to forte oil share holders
"Forte oil joins high priced stock on NSE"
...Consequently, stockbrokers will be able to move the prices of Forte Oil Plc, in addition to the existing High Priced Stocks, with 10,000 units. Only these 12 Securities are currently set with a market trade quantity of 10,000, while all the other Securities are set to 50,000. Thanks.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: S S S Recruiting Test by tenry: 7:24am On Jul 03
olabiz2010: Yes, the same thing happened in Osogbo, osun state as well and it seems they are going to have another one today as well. When did you apply?
Pls bro, where is SSS office located in osogbo? I want to submit my application there. Thank you.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: SSS Cadet Course 28 2014 Recruitment!!! by tenry: 10:35am On Jul 02
Please can we submit our application at any state office or we are required to go to our state of origin? Secondly, someone should help with SSS state office address in Ibadan. Thank you
Sports / Predict Super Eagles Players That Will Make Africa Fines XI Tonight by tenry: 12:41pm On Jan 09
The following super eagles players will be included in the africa fines XI tonight.
John Mikel Obi
My prediction anyway! What about you? Predict super eagles players that ll make africa fines XI tonight.
TV/Movies / Link To Download Bollywood Films(indian Movies) by tenry: 1:26pm On Jan 07
I love indian films, I hav lost count of the ones I have watched, most of whc were given to me by my nephew who has now relocated abroad. Since he left, I hav nt been watching latest indian films. I would like u to assist me wit the site I can download indian films. I use blackberry phone but I would like to download big size that I can watch on my laptop. Thanks
Family / Re: Living With Parents After Wedding by tenry: 9:40pm On Jan 06
[quote author=oluswaggz]
Busted!!!! shocked
Wu be dis?
Martins,Badmus. Aren't u d one?
Family / Re: Living With Parents After Wedding by tenry: 11:02pm On Jan 04
oluswaggz: Anyways it depends on d niggas tribe cos as a yoruba guy nd from yorubaland, its not ideal. By living in his fathers house it doesn't show dt he is responsible nd dat he is not man enof to get married. Buh I dnt know abt any oda tribe!!! Just my take dou

Ogbeni, so u dey naira land? I don catch u. Lol
Politics / Re: Governor Amaechi Live on kakaki, A.I.T by tenry: 5:20pm On Jan 02
Ndi Anambra: I am sure this Amaechi media hype is for those of you who do not leave/stay in Rivers state. For those of us who who had been leaving here for over a decade and till date, we know what we pass through to power our homes with energy from our generators because there is nothing like improved power supply in Phc. We know what we pass through in the hands of government "touts" sticker guys who their activities stampede business growths in Rivers state. We know what we pass through when we drive through the roads and streets of woji and many other areas in Phc. We know what we pass through during rainy season in this state. The schools that were built are heavily under utilised, no chairs and no committed teachers. How can they be committed when the 13,000 teachers Rotimi employed are yet to receive their first salaries after over 4 months they were employed!!! You cant find teachers in the class rooms of Phc public schools on wednesdays, I mean the popular oil mill market days!!!! We know what we pass through during the rainy season in Obigbo and Iriebe areas in Port Harcourt. Rotimi, please stop and rethink!! You have not performed any wonder, no you have not!!! I have visited "poor" Enugu state and I can see the magic of sick Chime with no oil money. I have been to Uyo and I can see Akpabio magic. Not in Rivers, not by Rotimi Amaechi. God bless Nigeria!

You are on point guy! Absolutely correct.

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Religion / Scandals Will Hit Winners & Co, Prophet Olaye's Prophecy For 2014 by tenry: 4:51pm On Jan 02
Scandals Will Hit Winners & Co, Prophet Olaye Issues The Mother Of All Prophesies For 2014 (See Full Predictions)
Every new year in Nigeria is heralded by prophecies from different Ministers of the gospel who all claim to be the mouthpiece of God.

2014 has gotten more than its fair share of prophecies already and more prophecies are still rolling out from God's mouthpieces. Prophet Olaye George of God Cardinal Miracles Ministry has issued what is seen as the mother of all prophecies concerning 2014.

The Prophecies are as follows:

Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets - Amos 3:7
1. Thus saith the LORD GOD; the hearts of men shall be more frightened in 2014 for the horror in 2014 shall be great.
2. I shall visit several homes and break curses in families in 2014.
3. There shall be school shooting in the United State of America which shall take lives in 2014.
4. There shall be scandals in Roman Catholic Church, Celestial Church of Christ, Creflo Dollar Ministries, Deeper Life Bible Church, Synagogue Church of All Nations, COZA ministries, Living Faith Church Winners Chapel, Christ Mercy Land Deliverance Ministry, Word of Life Bible Church, Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church, Christ Embassy, Presbyterian Church, House Hold of God Church, Benny Hinn Ministries, House on the Rock Church, The Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Church, Omega Fire Ministries and Latter Rain Assembly in 2014. These churches shall try to conceal their scandals.
5. There shall be scandal in White House in 2014.
6. There shall be scandal in Catholic in 2014.
7. Terrorist threats shall affect flights in 2014.
8. There shall be plane crash in Nigeria in 2014.
9. An African President shall die in 2014.
10. There shall be releases of new vehicles and new electronics in 2014.
11. There shall be more threats from terrorist groups in 2014.
12. There shall be new discovering of ancient artifacts in 2014.
13. There shall be discovering of a new species of animal in Africa in 2014.
14. Hardship in some part of Africa and Asia shall be increased in 2014.
15. There shall be problem with the earth layer in 2014.
16. There shall be a great change in the atmosphere in 2014.
17. Some plants and animals shall be polluted in 2014.
18. There shall be a new disease in 2014.
19. There shall be attack in the United States of America in 2014.
20. There shall be bloody riots in Egypt, Greece, Turkey and Madrid Spain in 2014.
21. There shall be new release of LG, Apple, Black Berry, Samsung and Tecno new products in 2014.
22. Several states in Nigeria shall be attacked by unknown gun men which shall take lives in 2014.
23. Bangladesh, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan shall be on fire in 2014
24. There shall be riots in Brazil stadium in 2014.
25. There shall be secret war against Nigeria Government which will get violent in 2014. It is already at work right now.
26. There shall be attack at military base in United State of America in 2014.
27. People shall drown in Lagos Nigeria Beach in 2014.
28. There shall be earthquake in China, Japan and America in 2014.
29. There shall be terrorist attack in America, China, India, Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan and England in 2014.
30. There shall be flood in Nigeria which shall destroy lives and properties in 2014.
31. A hotel shall be on fire in the United State of America in 2014.
32. There shall be cyber-attacks in the United State of America in 2014.
33. Great storm shall hit United State of America, Japan and Australia in 2014.
34. There shall be building collapse in Nigeria which shall destroy lives and properties in 2014.
35. Objects from space shall hit United State of America and China in 2014. The Government of these countries shall try to conceal it.
36. There shall be great disaster in Adriatic Sea in 2014.
37. There shall be Influenza and Hepatitis outbreak in 2014.
38. There shall be fire in Benin City Nigeria in 2014. The fire shall spread and the authority shall be blamed.
39. Niagara Falls shall overflow and causing Niagara River floods in 2014.
40. There shall be volcano eruption in Peru in 2014.
41. Prophet Olaye George and his ministry shall move to Lagos, Nigeria in 2014.
42. There shall be landslide in China and United State of America in 2014.
43. HIV AIDS shall be on the increase in 2014.

He that have ear let him hear what the LORD GOD have said.
Religion / Re: Best Way To Say Bye To 2013 by tenry: 5:00am On Dec 31, 2013
Moderator, pls move to the front page.
Family / Best Way To Say Bye To 2013 by tenry: 4:40am On Dec 31, 2013
just want to thank the Lord,nothing to add or ask, Just thanks. Only God could have brought us this far,the battle raged, the enemies roared, the trials intensified but God had the last say, the more the atacks, the greater the victories, the more the devil sneered, the more God interveined, God took us through, God showed for us ,He more than blessed us with stupendous grace, in all, we count blessings not trials, every living moment, He was surely there, the challenges were stepping stone to greatness. Nairaland members, how would you say bye to 2013?

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Religion / Best Way To Say Bye To 2013 by tenry: 4:31am On Dec 31, 2013
I just want to thank the Lord,nothing to add or ask, Just thanks. Only God could have brought us this far,the battle raged, the enemies roared, the trials intensified but God had the last say, the more the aatacks, the greater the victories, the more the devil sneered, the more God interveined, God took us through, God showed for us ,He more than blessed us with stupendous grace, in all we count blessings not trials, every living moment He was surely there, the challenges were stepping stone to greatness. Nairalanders, how would you say bye to 2013?
Family / Re: Pregnancy Test Shows Positive,what Next? by tenry: 5:01pm On Dec 08, 2013
Tpia or what is your name? But I said I only want matured/ married people to comment. You don't hav to remind me of availability of the info everywhere. Obviously u are still a kid. Don't worry ASUU ll soon call off the strike.

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Family / Re: Pregnancy Test Shows Positive,what Next? by tenry: 11:19am On Dec 08, 2013
[quote author=Efemena_xy]

Yeah, I remember your post.

Congratulations mami and papi! cheesy cheesy

In addition to all that's been said:

~ Make sure madam eats a healthy diet. Cut down on excessive sugary / fizzy drinks as it's all too easy to acquire pregnancy induced Diabetics. Make sure she eats a lot of fruits and vegetables

~ Avoid eating liver - it's excessively rich in vitamin A

In addition to that, if you can afford any of the below, encourage your madam to eat the following:

Carbohydrates - wholemeal (brown) bread, pasta, rice and cereals are better than white bread, cakes and biscuits

Fruit and vegetables - try to eat five portions a day, bearing in mind that the more colourful the fruit or vegetable, the more nutritious it is.

Protein - you can get the protein you need from meat, fish, eggs, pulses and beans.

Milk and milk products - these contain lots of calcium, which is important for bone development

Fat - try to get your fat intake from vegetable sources like olive oil, or oily fish like salmon, herring or mackerel

[i]Foods to be wary of, or better still, avoid them for the duration of her pregnancy:[/u]

~ Raw eggs and raw or undercooked meat or shellfish: These may contain salmonella or other organisms which can cause food poisoning

~ Unpasteurised dairy products, liver or liver pâté and leftovers: These foods can contain Listeria, which can lead to miscarriage or stillbirth.

~ Liver/liver products: These contain high levels of vitamin A, which may be harmful for a developing baby so should be avoided.

~ Vitamin supplements NOT labelled "For Use in Pregnancy": Vitamins and other supplements should only be used if it says on the container they are safe to use in pregnancy. This is because some vitamins, if taken at high levels, are extremely dangerous for the developing baby. It is important to take folic acid as mentioned earlier, so either buy this as a single supplement or buy a supplement designed specifically to be used in pregnancy.

~ Be careful with medication: Discuss any medication you're taking with your doctor, let the pharmacist know you're pregnant if you need any over-the-counter medicine. Even simple remedies like decongestant nasal sprays can contain ingredients that should not be used when pregnant.

~ Be aware of toxoplasmosis: Unwashed vegetables, undercooked meat and cat faeces carry the risk of toxoplasmosis – which can cause miscarriages, stillbirth or damage to your baby. So always wash fruit and vegetables, only eat thoroughly cooked meat and wear gloves when you're gardening or emptying cat litter trays.

Hope this helps and congrats once more!

*** I love reading happy stories on the Family Section - be sure to let us know when Junior arrives, make we follow una celebrate! ***

Thanks bro, I shall do just that.
Family / Re: Pregnancy Test Shows Positive,what Next? by tenry: 3:17am On Dec 08, 2013
Thank you my sister, I ll act accordingly. God bless you.
Family / Re: Pregnancy Test Shows Positive,what Next? by tenry: 12:55am On Dec 08, 2013
Thanks everyone. I really appreciate. I ll keep you posted as the baby grows till my wife delivers. Lest I forget, madam is denying me access to 'SHOW' adding that until she sees the doctor for Whatever the situation, man is ready to sacrifice.
Family / Pregnancy Test Shows Positive,what Next? by tenry: 10:10pm On Dec 07, 2013
Hi nairalanders,i came on this forum to seek for your advice sometimes in October over the fact that sperm usually come out of my wife after Erupting and some of you counselled me that there was no cause for alarm. God has done it! My wife went for preg test today after missing her period whc was suppose to come last sunday/monday and the result showed positive. The last time she saw her mestruation was 5th of Nov. My wife said she read it in everywoman that scanning canbe done in the third month to knw the sex of the baby. My question is at what stage can we see the doctor? Should we allow the pregnancy to clock one month or two months before doing so? In other words, what step is expected to be taken @ this early period of pregnancy?. Pls I need responses frm married/matured people in the house. We just married in Oct and we have no experience in this regards. Thanks.
Business / What Business Can I Do With 3.5 Milion Naira In Ibadan? by tenry: 1:05pm On Nov 19, 2013
This money has been fixed in the bank since last year and ll mature in december. I decided to fix the money while I was searching for job with d hope that I would use it to build my own house and sponsor my wedding if I was able to get a job. Unfortunately, I have not been able to secure a job even with masters! I want to start something cos I'm tired of searching for job. I need your honest advice on how best to invest this capital.i want a business I can supervise. Pls take note( a buz I can supervise). I don't want to send money to u or partner wit u in any deal.Thanks.

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Investment / Re: What Business Can I Do With 3.5million Naira In Ibadan? by tenry: 12:13pm On Nov 19, 2013
Debeey, thanks so much. I have been considering it too but the challenge I'm having is that almost everybody in my area is into poultry farming but I want something diff. All the same, thank you.

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