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Autos / I Need 2005 Toyota Corrola, Tokunbo(lagos Cleared) ASAP! by tenry(m): 10:16am On Jun 20, 2017
Please i urgently need 2005 toyota corrola, tokunbo direct as soon as possible. i want the car to be in good condition(not accidental) very neat with low mileage. My budget is 1.7m. Can i get the car with this amount? pls i need urgent response. Thanks.
Properties / Quotation For A 3 Bedroom Bungalow With Room And Parlor Self Contained At D Back by tenry(m): 6:34pm On May 12, 2017
How much will it cost to build 3bedroom bungalow with room and parlor self contained at either the front or the back. Pls let it cover from foundation to 'linted '. The quotation should include both workmanship and cost of materials (for example number of blocks, cement, etc) Location is Ipaja Lagos.
Properties / Re: Architects In The House, Pls What Can I Build On Half Plot Of Land? by tenry(m): 11:52pm On May 11, 2017
please examine these two enquiries from total strangers

1): please what is the correct measurement of a plot?, is it 120x100 or 100x100?

2): Please what is the measurement of a plot because i just bought one in lekki.


1): Half plot can contain a 5 bedroom duplex, a boys quarter, gate house and even a parking lot

2): When i was in London, i saw houses build with wood. they were so beautiful, and they were massive too. but i really dont know the measurement of the plot they were built on, so id say a half plot can take any massive house like the ones i saw in London.

some things are just not necessary to be said or known by strangers.
when a person learns to avoid subtle show off in his questions, statements and answers, he becomes more secure with his wealth. he has inner peace, not caring if hes praised or congratulated. his family and loved ones are sufficient for him as supporters. if you live in a neighbourhood of haters, you will learn how to make enquiries without passing any unnecessary information with it.
Mumu, look at the way you have dwelt on this topic, writing epistle in a bid to justify your stupid opinion. You must be a terrible miserable and God forsaken somebody in real life if you can display this kinda hatred online. You really need help cos even people around you will be scared to allow you know anything concerning them cos of your display of bad belle Whc you cannot hide. May God deliver you ooo
Properties / Re: Architects In The House, Pls What Can I Build On Half Plot Of Land? by tenry(m): 11:46pm On May 11, 2017
maybe its the way i put it. many people dont get my point. im not bashing him for buying a plot of land. trust me. i facilitated the procedure for my junior colleagues to share lands in geneva estate near agbara in ogun state. it was 300k per plot at that time. i totally encourage it. what im against is rubbing it in. rubbing in your achievements in other peoples faces is totally not necessary. there are ways to ask questions and make enquiry without beating drums. this age of social media has really made people so external in their affairs. if a person goes to a hotel, everyone must know, if a person enters a plane, everyone must know, if a person secures a property, everyone must know. there are still people who never upload pictures depicting their landmarks and achievements. the need to be appreciated, and commended by the general public is gradually turning into a mental illness for some people. oh! i just bought a plot in epe, 1000likes, oh i just lost my dad, 2000likes, i mean common.... whats with all this publicity? i spoke to him the way i would to my brother or friend. maybe im wrong. its just my opinion and im sorry the way i put it. there are people who dont change dps , upload updates about their lives or boast about their achievements, yet one would marvel about their wealth and how much they keep their cool. i know a cotonou boy, 24 years old, he is a carpenter, he roofs houses. that little boy has a plot inside lekki sceme 1. i had known him for more than 3years before i knew that about him. he didnt go about beating drums under the pretext of making enquiry. im sure if it was this guy he will run to nairaland to say "please what is the correct measurement of a full plot because i just bought one in lekki" if i want to know the measurements of a plot, do i really need to tell you i just got one?? especially when you are a stranger? what do i benefit from the congratulations you will extend. thats my point. if i have
a son, il teach him how to code himself.
Capital MUMU
Properties / Re: Architects In The House, Pls What Can I Build On Half Plot Of Land? by tenry(m): 6:13pm On May 10, 2017

brainless teenager you say? why not ignore the comment

what's a mature man doing here asking for advice on what to ask on what to build on a half plot or didn't you plan before you bought the land? you could ve simply hired the services of a firm and discuss with them and pay them. I am very sure you won't take anyone's advice here but to let them know you got a piece of land.

Another idiot .my tread is not meant for idiot like you. I have received the message I needed from good guys here. If you care to know, a good architect on nairaland has already been commissioned to draw the design.
Properties / Re: Architects In The House, Pls What Can I Build On Half Plot Of Land? by tenry(m): 1:35pm On May 10, 2017

Pls. if you don't mind. Can you please tell me how much you bought it and the area. Pleas, i am anticipating your reply.
2.5m Ipaja
Properties / Re: Architects In The House, Pls What Can I Build On Half Plot Of Land? by tenry(m): 1:33pm On May 10, 2017

Pls what did you have in mind to build before buying the land? Or you just bought the land sha! Its not an offence to ask question but some questions are not necessary. This is what you should have asked before buying and the advise given to you would have guided you into what to do, but asking after buying is not necessary cos you already have an answer.
Assuming you are now told here that your half plot cannot contain your structure, what will you do? This is my personal opinion tho.
You should have ended wit your stupid personal opinion. I have seen brilliant advice from experienced people unlike your own deluded opinion.
Properties / Re: Architects In The House, Pls What Can I Build On Half Plot Of Land? by tenry(m): 11:35am On May 10, 2017
hes not brainless. so you mean outside nairaland you have no other way to know what half plot of land can contain. stop showing yourself. nobody is interested in petty things like you buying your first plot or last plot. go and ask the agents that sold it to you. im sure they told you already, you just want to show yourself.
Hnmm another weere! Who born all these pickin?waste of sperm...
Properties / Re: Architects In The House, Pls What Can I Build On Half Plot Of Land? by tenry(m): 6:42am On May 10, 2017
Build mosque or church on it.
Brainless teenagers everywhere on nairaland

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Properties / Architects In The House, Pls What Can I Build On Half Plot Of Land? by tenry(m): 6:06am On May 10, 2017
I just bought my first property ever. It is half plot of land. Being a novice, sometimes I just look at the land and keep imagining what one can i build on it. Long but not wide. I think my brother who measured it said 30/120 or 30/100 thereabout. Pls I need suggestions on what I can build on it. Can it contain 4 bedroom and also have parking space in the front ? Duplex? Or three or four flat whereby I can live up and rent out the down? Pls don't mind me if I sound confused. I just want to be guarded and I know people on this forum will be of help.


Religion / Re: Stephanie Otobo Charged With Blackmail Over Apostle Suleman's Sex Scandal by tenry(m): 10:42pm On Mar 20, 2017

LOL, the photo evidence wasn't meaningful right? Oh yeah, I forgot, "photoshop".. Most of you lots that shout" photoshop " don't even know how it works.
What is your relationship with Otobo? Put differently, what's your interest in this case? Are you a paid agent of Otobo?can we be fair to both side by giving them benefit of the doubt?Cos I noticed you are very aggressive wit your reply... Pls don't abuse me ooo cos I don't have time for that anyways.....


Celebrities / Re: Flavour Mourns The Death Of His Dog, 2pac (photo) by tenry(m): 10:22am On Jun 23, 2016
Why showing us his back? Looks HOMO-ish...sorry
Babe, you are very pretty. Just appreciating you Sha..
Religion / Re: Osun Christian Students Must Wear Garments If Muslims Wear Hijabs – CAN Insists by tenry(m): 1:44pm On Jun 16, 2016

fvck you for this statement How dare you judge him/his people? Is this what your pastors have been preaching to you tha the only way to heaven his through his church and other places of worships don't matter? You are one hell of a religious bigot
eyah! truth is very bitter, anyway learn to deal with it, obviously you are a Catholic, Pele.
Religion / Re: Osun Christian Students Must Wear Garments If Muslims Wear Hijabs – CAN Insists by tenry(m): 6:46pm On Jun 15, 2016
They should na. Who dey stop dem before

Buh let's see for how long it'll last.

Is this some sorta competition or what Muslims are known for wearing Hijabs. Whether they abuse it or not is no one's business. Let the kids be competitive in other areas of their lives, rather than in religious 'battles'

Can CAN be CANdid and let things go the right way??

Another FTC in one day!!! Azonto on point!!!

For Y'all quoting me, asking me to go tell my Muslim brothers this or that, FYI, I'm a Christian!!! A proud CATHOLIC!! Buh let's call a spade a spade and not a gardening tool, these Muslims are known for this! It's quite true that high school students wear 'uniforms' to school, buh hey!! Did the Muslim folks JUST started wearing this habit to school??!! Broses and sises, itaf tayed!!! Why is CAN suddenly attacking it now??! Dem no dey see am before

Someone quoted me asking me to tell my Rev.Fr. to go build a mosque opposite my church cheesy cheesy
The name of my parish is OUR LADY OF FATIMA, Aguda, and it was given that name cos the owner of the Land where the church is built was a Muslim and he was sooooo happy bout the fact that a church will be built on his land. So the Priest of our mother parish gave it that name in honor of Our Lady that appeared to 3 little children in Fatima, Portugal and coincidentally, the daughter of the landlord bears the name Fatima grin

So itaf tayed wey we don be friends with Muslims


Like I always tell whoever cares to listen "salvation is a personal race"
No wonder! You are a Catholic. Bro you aren't a Christian ooo. Perhaps you are hearing this for the first time but that's the truth. Your doctrines are not biblical so stop calling your self Christians.
Music/Radio / Re: Video: Korede Bello – One & Only by tenry(m): 4:30pm On May 26, 2016
I don't like this song and the video!


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 5 Highest Paid Jobs In Nigeria. Is This Still Correct? by tenry(m): 5:31pm On Oct 30, 2015

Chairman, what do you mean by rent a filling station? I thought one could only own a petrol/gas station. Who would lease his station out anyway? Kindly explain.
Hundreds of filling stations available for lease in Lagos as I am talking to you. Most of these owners hav several stations that they could not run together, while some are old and didn't trust their children to take over, hence they lease it out and get paid. It depends on d location but a good filling station that ll fetch u a reasonable income goes for between 5- 10million annually and most owners collect 5 years up front. That means you ll pay 25million for 5 years if d lease is 5m annually. If you have your money, just contact me and I will link u up with agents who have filling stations for lease.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 5 Highest Paid Jobs In Nigeria. Is This Still Correct? by tenry(m): 5:16pm On Oct 30, 2015
I just laugh at all these career people. My friend who rented a filling station is making 5million naira monthly. He told me few days ago that his target for dis year is 70m but he has surpassed it even when d year still remains 2month to end. Yours sincerely just started too and d story is changing.
What am I saying, nothing can pay you better than business. Not even politics.

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Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by tenry(m): 11:06am On Oct 29, 2015

Hi, why did madam have the first CS?
She went into labour for more than 20 hours so d doctor said she was tired and for d safety of both d baby and mother, she had to do CS
Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by tenry(m): 7:49am On Oct 29, 2015

Its possible if medically she is certified ok.a friend of mine had d same issue, she gave birth wen d baby ws 1yr 7 month using Vbac though in national hospital.
Let her discuss wit her doctor am sure he wil be able 2 advise better.
Thank you my sister, God bless you

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Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by tenry(m): 5:56am On Oct 29, 2015
My wife delivered our first baby thru CS, and she's currently pregnant with our second baby, may be I need to mention that d second baby will come exactly when d first baby clock 1 year and ten months. Wify is afraid that d spacing is too close and d experience of CS gives her goose pimple. Pls house, is it possible to give birth naturally dis time or d person must still go thru CS?

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Politics / Re: Abacha Loot Is Outrageous - World Bank by tenry(m): 6:07am On Oct 28, 2015
I begin to wonder how much Abacha stole that we have not fully retrieved back since 1998. That moment when u remember Mariam Abacha's boost that they cannot be as poor as Dangote! May God forgive that family.
Romance / Re: Advice For Singles Planning To Marry by tenry(m): 5:38am On Oct 27, 2015

Oohh really? Well u look like an Id!ot to me asking a stup!d question which is irrelevant as u r.....smh
tongue tongue tongue olosho!
Romance / Re: Advice For Singles Planning To Marry by tenry(m): 6:44pm On Oct 26, 2015

No tnxxx..I'm not really interested to settle down.
Attention seeker or ashawo! Which one u be?
Crime / Re: Female NTA Newscaster Disarms Robber (Pictured) by tenry(m): 10:30am On Oct 26, 2015
I just hope someone will not try to do this when rubbers come around. It is very dangerous and i know God helped her not to be injured.

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Politics / Re: Tribunal Cancels The Election Of Nyesome Wike, INEC To Conduct Fresh Election by tenry(m): 1:20pm On Oct 24, 2015
You guys are thinking election re-run, I am thinking d the number of innocent souls that will be killed again in dis fresh re-run. Moreover, d court asked them to conduct d re-run withing three month, meaning that between now and January, 2016. By implication, some families may end up dis year crying or begin a new year with agony. I'm not praying for evil but if u remember hw many people were killed in rivers state's guber election in April, u will not but pray to God to allow peace reign in Dat re-run. Dear God, me and my family will not be victims of evil circumstances in d remaining days of this 2015.


Romance / Re: His Dad Called His Girlfriend,warned The Girl To Leave His Son by tenry(m): 2:43pm On Oct 23, 2015
Nairaland:A place where you use the word "my friend" to narate your stupidd experiences and seek for opinion.
Your father! Abi oloriburuku ni eleyi ni? You must be daft for sending this brainless post.
Romance / His Dad Called His Girlfriend,warned The Girl To Leave His Son by tenry(m): 1:54pm On Oct 23, 2015
My friend reported his younger brother to their dad abt the young boy's romance with a lady. Both of them are 200L law students at the university of Ibadan. The boy is 19 and I'm pretty sure the girl will be d same age or younger than the boy. My friend has been following their expression of affection on facebook for sometime, posting pictures of how they used to hangout together at eatery, UI zoo and other places around the campus He warned the boy to face his studies and quit the relationship but it seems these young lads love each other so much cos all my friend's warning and advice was turned down by his younger brother.
So he resorted to telling their dad who is a disciplinarian. The man summoned the boy home, beat him and asked him to dial the girl's number. The father raked for the girl on phone and warned her never to call his son again. He also threatened her that he had planted a spy in UI to monitor them. The dad was also reportedly said that the girl is d devil sent to his son to derail him and dat he will not allow that to happen. My friend(the boy's brother) was a bookwarm in sch. He didn't hav a social life,he wants his younger brother to follow his steps. Actually he graduated wit a 1st class and he currently works with a software house in lagos. I blamed him for reporting to their dad but he kept justifying himself to have done the right thing.
House, how would you react to this? Has my friend did the right thing? What about the action of the father? If you are those two lovers, what would you do?
Celebrities / Re: 8 Female Celebrities Who Rocked The Septum Nose Ring by tenry(m): 7:35pm On Oct 18, 2015
This is disgusting and very irritating. It is one of the symbols of Ashewo and runz girls.

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Family / Re: My Husband Is Ashamed To Ask Our Family Friend For Financial Help by tenry(m): 2:19pm On Oct 17, 2015
Seriously, I hate begging too. That's why I don't condone beggars. I know anyone can find himself at a tight corner, but there will always be a way out. Explore other means, when u beg, u reduce your self worth and dignity. Call it ego if you like but I have survived with 20k till even a year after our wedding. I didn't even call my rich siblings talkless of a relative somewhere or a stranger. Even when my wife travelled home and brought loads of food stuff, I asked questions. Thank God the story has changed now. If u are not lazy and you are focused, u don't need to beg. I ll rather do jobs tagged as demean or unworthy of my status(bricklaying,cutting grasses and flower for others or sweeping/mopping) and get paid rather than beg someone. I ll do that while I continue to earn my respect frm d so called rich relative. That alone can make him look at your side and help you. Don't think those rich people don't kknw what they ar doing. When u become a constant beggar, they ll instruct their gate men never to open d gate for you again.
So woman, respect your husband's decision, nevr do something that will make him unhappy.


Car Talk / Re: I have 800k for Toyota Camry 2001,but read what my friend said... by tenry(m): 1:12pm On Oct 17, 2015

When you dont have money, you become so confused..you are still hoavering because of that your 800k..guess you think you have got a very big money and want to be extra careful..lol, Poverty is a bastard. Before I forgot, Someone from Nairaland just rushed and grab the car i recommended for you..Cotonu is wide open bros,by the time you pass the cotonu experience and come back, you will realize that over brain no good ooo
Mr desperate stolen car dealer, I went to Cotonue as advice, I made my choice and I bought what I liked at a reasonable price. Thank u for your advice Mr hungry car dealer.

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Politics / Re: Alamieyeseigha's Wife Ill, Son Killed In Dubai by tenry(m): 1:35pm On Oct 11, 2015

dickk head.. I knw wat i mean.. You don't knw d man more dan me. You don't knw abt his financial scandal... Olodo.. See talk like vomit
Instead of you to simply accept you were wrong, all you could do was to abuse the person who brought out what everyone who had read the news saw in your comment. Na wa ooo

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