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Celebrities / Re: Photo: Before Tonto Dikeh Lost Her Innocence by tenry: 1:06pm On Mar 26
We were once a virgin... life fvcked us all
Hnmm, your eyeballs though! Scary
Romance / Re: Am 29 And Am Scared Of Marriage! by tenry: 11:09am On Mar 24
I hate reading dis kinda story. Lots of people have configured their brains to believe that marriages can never work and no wonder they experience crisis few months after. My guy, I got married at 30,I was positive my marriage would work and it is working. My wife has even become better than who she was before I married her. Just pray to God to give you your own wife and I can assure you marriage opens doors of blessings. I am a living testimony. Lastly, if u wanna marry becos she has agbani darego's legs or tinning waist or one of those silly things guys look for, then be prepared for calamity.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: It's Unfortunate That Intelligent People Don't Get Jobs These Days by tenry: 10:44am On Mar 24
Companies need to find other ways apart from certificate grades during recruitment to get their ideal candidates . People just cram and pour because they hear that you have to graduate with a 2:1 or first class to get a good job without truly understanding what the course they studied is about. So unfortunate
I was thinking you would say something better and 'intelligent'. Your post was far from that. You may have a point but you have not presented it intelligently. I can only see 'beef' undertone. Pls you can cram too to finish wit a 2.1 or go back to school to correct your mistake of not cramming enough to finish wit 2.1

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Got A Job O! Thanks To God And To Nairaland..#anything Them Do #NA GODWIN# by tenry: 10:32am On Mar 24
Soo happy for you my brother. Humility is a virtue, keep being urself and God will always see u through in all your endeavors.

Best of luck.
Iya Laisi, what happened to your tongue in that pix? You wanna lick some water?
Family / Re: He Did Something An Adult Wouldn't Do by tenry: 5:48am On Mar 24
Touching... just shared it on my whatsApp. Hope you don't mind?
Lol after you done share am. You suppose take permission first ooo. Don't mind me, it is good you said the truth.

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Family / Re: Ladies: How True Is This? (photo) by tenry: 12:21pm On Mar 23

Ok but modtly women whose had kids within the marriage tend to put on. N u cant b totally on true i git friends who got kids n dey all double the weight undecidedlol
Hnmnn! English... it is well.
Politics / Re: See The Gift Emir Of Damaturu Gave To President Jonathan by tenry: 11:57am On Mar 20

But am much better than you that is a product of dog's sperm because your mother forks dogs So much

Thunder fire your mama and papa there
Hopless son of a rabid dog And a harlot mother
Otu nne i
Otolo gbagbuo nna i
Kitikpa gbagbuo nne i na nna i Useless nonentity
Ikpu nne i
Buhari is a terrorist
Apc Is bokoharam
Gej till 2019
You are such a pathetic human being, oloriburuku omale jatijati. Iya re ati baba re ti fi obo Jona, omo Abi se ya rada rada. Omo adanu ti aye re ti Jona pau.
Politics / Re: See The Gift Emir Of Damaturu Gave To President Jonathan by tenry: 8:08am On Mar 20
GEJ till Buhari dies of high bp
Sorry ooo, but can you wish your father the same death? Where is no 6 for God's sake? I guess this forum has to be restricted to matured people of voting age so that we can be spared of childish comments from these 16 year old teenagers. However, if you are above this aforementioned age, the sperm that produced you has been wasted, it would hav been better to flush it in d toilet than to allow it form a nuisance like you.
Religion / Re: ‘how I Slept With Prominent Pastors And Ministers’ – International Prostitute by tenry: 4:16pm On Mar 19
I'm beginning to wonder if summary is no longer taught in secondary schools
I am beginning to wonder if laziness has not been injected into some people's blood. How many minutes does it take to read the post?

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Romance / Re: Ladies: Can You Marry A Man Who Is Currently Earning N50,000 Monthly As Salary? by tenry: 3:57pm On Mar 19
we know your type, your pix even speaks volume.

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Politics / Re: Gunmen Kidnap Diezani Allison-Madueke's Brother by tenry: 3:05pm On Mar 19
I don't have to pity him, his sister has money and can afford to pay any amount demanded by the kidnappers. Diezani has been 'choping' oil money since 2010.
Politics / Re: Survey Tips Buhari To Win March 28 Election- The Sun Newspapers by tenry: 10:13am On Mar 19
Even my young daughter knows Buhari will win this election. I was surprised to read OKonjo Iweala's prediction of a difficult year. This iis the same woman who assured us all will be well in Dec 2014 as they have been putting measures on ground to make things work. I guess she must hav seen the level of lavish spending of GEJ in d last one month, and the effect it ll have on our economy. This is what happened when people live in pretence or disguise portraying all 'is well' attitude. Dugbe Dugbe to n mi loke yi, really afraid cos there is fire on the mountain. But as a child of God, the period will not be difficult for me, rather I ll blossom and become richer. Yes, the word of the lord will not fail.

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Romance / Re: I Just Made Love To A Married Woman Today. God Forgive Me! by tenry: 6:35pm On Mar 11
Like seriously? You didn't knw she was married until you finished d show. There was nothing in d house indicating she is married? Also, if u are indeed sober, u wouldn't come here to share it. That should be settled between you and God. Your choice of words gives d impression that u enjoyed d scene and will still repeat it if u hav d opportunity. It is well.


Politics / Re: How Mark Ruled Ashafa Out Of Order And Approved Obanikoro As A Minister by tenry: 3:49pm On Mar 11

This is what am talking, a lot of bullshit in our news media houses.

A man has not been served but is on paper.

Thumb up Senate Mark.

Till this miscreants know that news means nothing than noise, they will not seek the right avenue of doing things.
Hnmmm! Are you serious? Hilarious... even dis one you hav just read is a noise?really not good enough to generalize bro.

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Politics / Re: APC Alarmed By Alleged Plan To Air “Damaging” Amaechi Documentary by tenry: 3:03pm On Mar 08

well those children may weep but you and your generation will never be alive to witness it; because you would have been killed by trailer then.
Aye e ti Jona,i reserve d remaining curse till march 28 for you when final curse will be placed on your miserable life.
Politics / Re: APC Alarmed By Alleged Plan To Air “Damaging” Amaechi Documentary by tenry: 2:23pm On Mar 07

sebi me i will still have generation? But unfortunately for you, you and your whole family will be killed by trailer and there will not be anyone to continue your already cursed generation. This means your family name will end with you.

Bring it on, APC bastard!
A cursed mofo,those children will weep and prefer not to come to this planet earth than to come thru a disaster like you and your fore-fathers. Oloriburuku omaale jati jati.
Politics / Re: APC Alarmed By Alleged Plan To Air “Damaging” Amaechi Documentary by tenry: 7:53am On Mar 07

in your case, your whole family will run mad at the same time. Your father, mother and your siblings and everyone ever related to your moronic life will run mad. No one will take your family to aro or apá òsì because your family madness is beyond the scope of medical care.

While your family is running mad on the street, you will all be hit by trailer and your bones and flesh and blood will paint the expressway.
Exactly the calamity that ll befall your generation. It ll be so great that your children's children ll curse you cos they ll share in it. Woe unto you and you are cursed for life.
Politics / Re: APC Alarmed By Alleged Plan To Air “Damaging” Amaechi Documentary by tenry: 11:12pm On Mar 06

in fact, those documentaries are false. Tinubu is a "saint" and he couldn't have robbed lagos state at all. And to underscore his "sainthood", tinubu WAS cannonized by the catholic church NEXT WEEK.

and to think your eediotic self is even calling someone "brainless". You that is brainfull, tell me just one aspect of dat documentary that is false. You that is brainfull, tell me why your god tinubu has not come out to deny any of the allegations.
You are a big fool, I swear! So you are so gullible to the extent that you think those nonsense included in d documentary were true? You really need help. If Tinubu is indeed guilty, why don't they try him? After all he is no longer in power. Thousands of TANoids cannot tackle larger than life Image Tinubu.
Politics / Re: APC Alarmed By Alleged Plan To Air “Damaging” Amaechi Documentary by tenry: 11:05pm On Mar 06

so, anyone who doesn't blindly support your party, like you are doing, must be sharing dollars with gej? Chai! You need quick neurological examination.
Your father! We ll take your father to Yaba left and he ll remain there for life. He ll be released when u get mad too and u ll replace him.
Politics / Re: Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu Has Formally Sued African Independent Television (AIT) by tenry: 4:21pm On Mar 06
Tinubu no get shame, wasting his time.
Na your papa money he wan spend or your unproductive time he wan waste?


Crime / Re: BUSTED: How Fuel Stations Cheat Customers by tenry: 2:50pm On Mar 06
While working as a filling station manager in a popular area in lagos, I used to settle so many cases between customers and attendants. At a point, we sacked all d attendants with the aim of sanitising the system. In d course of interviewing new attendants, we made sure we employed only those without experience of fuel attendant. But what surprised me was that barely two months after, those inexperienced attendants have acquired tricks to cheat and we were back to sqare one. One thing I will tell people is to pay attention while buying.


Politics / Re: APC Alarmed By Alleged Plan To Air “Damaging” Amaechi Documentary by tenry: 1:54pm On Mar 06

what's the meaning of that nonsense you commented? So anyone whose comment doesn't support your party must belong to pdp and must be "sharing dollars" with them? You are myopic.
You must be silly, why are you denying them? You either belong to A or B. Sitting on the fence only portrays you to be more silly than anyone can ever imagine. Stuwpid man.

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Politics / Re: APC Alarmed By Alleged Plan To Air “Damaging” Amaechi Documentary by tenry: 1:29pm On Mar 06

and what is stopping your APC from airing defamatory commentaries about PDP if they have any concrete evidence? And did you just say APC is not corrupt? Pls kindly tell me another joke.
Brainless TANoids like you won't see any thing bad in those documentaries. Desperate people who want to win election at all cost. Still wondering why a ruling party will reject the usage of card reader. Corrupt set of people parading old fools that ll soon be disgraced. Billions of naira you are wasting on dose stu.pid documentaries can go a long way to provide amenities unlike the leaked roofing of MM airport.
Politics / Re: APC Alarmed By Alleged Plan To Air “Damaging” Amaechi Documentary by tenry: 1:22pm On Mar 06

it doesn't matter which station airs it as long as it is the truth.
I hope you will come back here to cry after 28th when you might have lost. You really don't know what's going on out there. Keep on sharing dollars, GEJ is a 'goner' already.
NYSC / Re: Jonathan Offers Automatic Employment To 164 Corps Members by tenry: 8:08pm On Mar 02
While this gesture has reduced rate of unemployment, much needed to be done. 164 is nothing compared to millions of people unemployed at the moment. As far as i am concerned, i wiLl vote a president who can improve power such that artisans who are currently riding okada can go back to their shops and many graduates with great ideas can also achieve their goal when power is stable.
Family / Re: Higher Education And The Female Child by tenry: 1:18pm On Mar 02
Disagree with you. When my twin sister and i were in the university, she enjoyed more than me in terms of allowance from parents and uncles. Most of the time, she receives bank alert before me even when we called home at the same time i once challenged my uncle why he usually sent kenny's'money before mine and his response was,"o boy you are a man, you can sort yourself out before getting money but kenny is a woman, she may be tempted to indulge in vices like 'runz' due to lack of money. So bear with me"

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Phones / Re: I Want A New Blackberry Phone, My Budget Is 30k by tenry: 3:38am On Feb 28

Sorry, no white Q10 and no unlocked black Q10 availabe. Thanks
Alright thanks and I really appreciate. Sorry if I have offended you
Phones / Re: I Want A New Blackberry Phone, My Budget Is 30k by tenry: 8:45pm On Feb 27

My dear in case you were sleeping when you called me. I would narrate our call conversations because I had to switch my phone to loud speaker for someone close by at the moment to also hear what you were saying incase I was misinterpreting your speech. Our conversation goes like

Tenry - Hello
Mavinc4u - Hello Good morning sir
Tenry - are you the one that sell phones? (with a harsh voice)
Mavinc4u - yes please
Tenry - are you a male or a female?
Mavinc4u - please why did you ask?
Tenry - you are a liar, why are you lying? what kind of human being are you? why will you be lying to people, why are you such a liar? you said that you are a female and you are a male. ( He said so many other things I can't remember and after all the insults he hangs his call).
Mavinc4u - turned her phone upside down to be sure she wasn't dreaming because he called very early in the morning.

After that he called again with another line to continue his insult, at that time, I was not in the mood to reply him rather I simply told him to check his mtn whatsapp to read the message I dropped for him there because his manner of speech sounded more like a frustrated person.

You need to know more about telephone etiquette, is very important and would help you to go a long way. Thanks
Thank God I sounded frustrated not hopeless. Needless to drag this issue further. Nevertheless, what's the last price for Q10 white and black?
Phones / Re: I Want A New Blackberry Phone, My Budget Is 30k by tenry: 6:03am On Feb 27

Okay, so you are the one that called me early this morning to lay accusations and insults on me, do I sound like a chameleon to you or what? What does my sex status show and what makes you think you were speaking to a guy? Please I would suggest you mind your choice of words when next you are calling someone you don't know. Thanks
Hey, who laid the accusation and the insult you are talking about? When I called you, the voice I heard on phone didn't resemble a male voice, so what's the big deal in confirming my doubts? If you can't respond appropriately to a simple question to give confidence to someone who meets you online for the first time and he's ready to transact with you, then something is wrong. I wouldn't know how someone would feel offended to asnwer the question "are you a male or female cos the voice I heard on phone resembled a guy's voice" you were begging the question by asking me why did I say so?. Pls don't make issues out of nothing, it is a free world cos I can get what I want somewhere else. Be good.
Phones / Re: I Want A New Blackberry Phone, My Budget Is 30k by tenry: 7:38am On Feb 26

Without the retail phone box/carton
But you told me you are a female.
Phones / Re: I Want A New Blackberry Phone, My Budget Is 30k by tenry: 10:15pm On Feb 25

New 9900 without box and accessories is 23k

New Q10 without box and accessories is 33k

Check my signature and call me
What do you mean by without box?
Phones / Re: I Want A New Blackberry Phone, My Budget Is 30k by tenry: 1:41pm On Feb 25
what about Q5 blackberry
Pls i hope i will not be putting off my data if i buy this phone? Cos i heard some Q blackberry phones require subscription above 1k. Pls dont mind my Ijebu Attitude.lol

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