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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 6:26pm On May 06, 2015
Captivating story,good story line but pls,sont keep ur readers waiting 2long 4 update.
I will try not to,I have just been busy lately, thanks.

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by xtremelygifted: 6:15am On May 07, 2015
winkI love your write up man, its filled with so much suspense to make the reader coming for more. keep it up. Grabbing a chair to take the front role in anticipation for new updates.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 11:59am On May 07, 2015
I woke up feeling like I had fallen from a two storey building, my body ached, I sat up, my mind adjusted back quickly to reality, I was so weak, I couldn’t move, my hands were sore, I tried to lift my body, but it was like I had a thousand pins stuck to it,
Try not to move or it will hurt more, a female voice cautioned, as I almost jumped out of my skin realizing that I wasn’t alone, then I heard a click and every where was illuminated,
Oh my God! flourescent lamps hanging at each corner of the hall, one at the centre of the hall
Light huh? Even God himself couldn’t think well in the darkness, hence the statement,”let there be light”,her voice distracting me from the light again, she was tall, light skin, bold eyes and a face that would have done well in a beauty pageant, her braids were tied in a bun,which made her face appear all the more cute, probably in her late twenties or early thirties,
Who are you? I asked, just then a man appeared at the door, I recognized his face from the SUV that picked me up from the police station, he was the one who sat with the driver, I could remember his completely shaved head,
Her name is Noami I’m Silas, since you actually pulled a half baked La femme nikita on our last agent, he had to take a break,while we brought in Naomi. For some reason I put up a lot of confidence , though I was still weak, and asked
Agents? Are you guys like Law enforcement agents or what, why am I here? Why am I being subjected to such torture?... I wanted to ask more when the woman introduced as Naomi cut in,actually we are not torturing you yet, but if you do not tell us all we need to know , then you will understand torture,
And what is it you want to know, isn’t it about time you started asking questions, I said trying to restrain myself from expending the little strength I had left,
Yes, we should, but not yet, Silas answered
How long have I been here?
Three days, Silas answered again sounding sincere, you have been in and out of sleep since your last show because of the little stuff we gave you,but now I see you are okay,
I’m hungry and I haven’t had taken my bath nor had change of clothes, so I think… you must really stink, Naomi cuts in with a silly grin on her face, I gave her a baleful look, which prompted Silas to say
Oh! Be careful with Naomi, she has a temper, and with that he headed for the door, I was not left in the hall with Naomi, I watched as she pulled out a pistol from the back of her fitting blue jean, which I’m sure her jacket had carefully concealed,she walked towards me, I was scared,
Relax sweet heart, I have no reason to use that yet, I’m just going to take off your cuffs, so you could go shower,but if you try anything stupid, I will blow your brains out, she stated the last part of that statement in a matter-of-fact manner,
Do you understand me?
she asked with a snare on her face,
Yes I do,nodding to affirm my agreement, now get up! She commanded, I did as she took me through the staircase up to the door where I was captured, which opened up to another large house, but this part of it seemed more alive, like it had a living room,kitchen, like people actually lived in it,

Where is this place, I thought to myself as Naomi showed me to a bathroom, it was large with a bath tub on the side,it had everything a normal bath room should have from bathing liquids to clean towels, but I noticed Naomi didn’t leave, I looked at her as to signal her to leave, but she gave me that baleful look again and said
“if you really need privacy, you can roll in the bathroom curtain”, so I did just that, I could still see her from inside the bathroom backing me, just then a dark thought crept into me, it seemed like she read my thoughts so she turned, I immediately pretended to be taking off my clothes, I took my jean and pol off, I couldn’t believe I had worn that for three days, I was just standing there with just my Bra and pant, Naomi had turned around again, without thinking again the second time, I jumped, holding Naomi her hair tied up in a bun, dragged her into the bathroom, she struggled, trying to hit my sore wrist knowing it will loosen my grip on her, but I already shoved her head into the bath tub filled with water, pressing her down hard as she loosens her grip on my wrist, I reached out for the back of her jean and pulled out the pistol,
I pointed it at her, my hands were shaking, I didn’t actually know what to do, I had never fired a toy gun before in my entire life,let alone a real one, but I had watched enough thrillers to know how this goes, I shifted out of the bathroom,
Come out, I ordered, she gave me a cocky smile, what are you gonna do? Shoot me? I will if I have to, I said my hands and voice shaking, now listen to me, I have never fired a gun in my life, I continued,
I know, she said inching closer, while I stepped back, Good, that’s why you going to do all that I say or I might just decide to press anything and you know how bad that could be,I said,gaining more composure, now lead the way, I’m going out of this place, she laughed this time, Sweetie you won’t even get close to the gate,
How many do you think we are in this building? One sound from that thing and you are dead, she said sounding confident, well, then I guess you will dead before I am, I replied stating matter of factly, she got the message,
What do you want me to do? She asked , ready to cooperate, what was your next plan after I'm done taking my bath, I asked, he hesitated as I held up the gun to her face, I was to take you back to the basement until Silas gets back, she explained,
Good, then distract everyone in the house, tell them you took me back to the basement ,she cuts in, even if that works, what about the gate? There are two guards there, how do you get past that?
When we get to that bridge, we will cross it, just then her phone rings, we both look at her pocket where the ring is coming from, if I don’t pick it, you are screwed, they will come check on me, she said, then pick it, but you do know I have a good shot, I was surprised at the kind of confidence I displayed, I stopped considering the danger of what I was putting myself into, all I saw was my escape plan,
Naomi picked the call,and said all good, I’m escorting her back to the basement, I will be there in five, then she ended the call, I can lead you out through the back, but you have to figure out how to get past the gate,
Lets go! I ordered, Naomi took me past several rooms leading me through a back door which opened into a large kitchen, I made sure she stayed some feet away, so she doesn’t try to overpower me, which I knew she could, each time she tried talking, I threatened her because I didn’t want to be distracted,
I ordered as I heard voices outside, she gave me a mocking laugh and said you are beginning to see how your escape plan sucks, you are going to end up dead, or you could choose another option, allow me kick your ass a bit, then take you back to the basement, that way you don’t get to die like a rat, she stirred up the anger in me again, I felt like blowing her brains out, but I reminded myself that I didn’t need to jeopardize my plans, so I ordered her to pass her phone to me, which she reluctantly did, from the kitchen, I could see the men at the gate clearly from the kitchen,

You do realize you are naked,Naomi said mocking me, I looked down at myself, noticing for the first time that I pulled all these stunts half naked, even if I were to get out… a thought quickly hit me,
Move! We are going back to where we came from, I barked at her, how many people are upstairs? I asked as we move across the corridor heading back to the bath room, but she ignored me, we got to the bathroom, I quickly grabbed my clothes, the gun almost falling off my hand,
Game over darling, you can drop the gun now, a voice from my back startled me, it was Silas,Naomi was giggling like a kid already that she lost focus, I grabbed her by the hair again twisting it sideways while putting the nozzle of the gun to her head, listen to me, if you move an inch closer I pull the trigger, i said looking in Silas’s direction,Naomi tried to struggle, but I warned her as well, I turned around dragging her through the corridor, I felt the shivers run through me, I couldn’t tell if it was inside my body or outside considering the fact that that I was still half naked, since I didn’t have the chance to put my clothes which were going to be a major obstacle since Silas showed up, when we eventually made it outside, three other men were already waiting all armed, but I saw a car which wasn’t there earlier,which explains Silas arrival at the scene,he just drove in, I looked in the direction of the gate it was opened just as I thought it would be, they were closing in on me in a circular form, and I was slowly losing my grip on Naomi, which I suspected she noticed, because she was calm, my guess was she was anticipating the right moment to overpower,

Drop the fuccking pistol!

One of the three guys ordered as he made his way to me, I didn’t understand what I did,all I was conscious of was a loud scream from Naomi,blood was oozing out of her thigh, it was as if they all realized how messy things just got,Naomi kept screaming, but I wasn’t about to loosen my grip on her especially not after what had just happened,though I was beginning to be affected by the sight of her blood,knowing that I just shot her,I wasn’t about to also let my conscience get in the way of anything,
All of you drop your guns now Or I will deepen her wound until she bleeds out and die right before your faces, we got all the time, drop them and step away all of you, I ordered, seeing the seriousness in their faces,
Let her go and we will let you go, Silas screamed at me, Naomi was loosening her hold on me which was a sign that she was losing so much blood at a fast rate,which meant losing her strength too, Silas, do you really think I’m stupid? I said as I inched closer to the gate, I was now several feet away from the three men including Silas which had asked the other men to drop off their guns, I pushed the gate,it swung open, I shoved Naomi out of the gate,really hard that she tumbled and fell face down,brushing her wound hard that she screamed, I was now pointing the gun at Silas,who rushed to pull out his gun,with one hand I pulled out the padlock hanging loosely on the gate,then jumped out,before I could turn to face Naomi,she was already up on her feet, hit the gun off my hands,but I quickly hit her on the gun wound,she fell screaming, then I ran for the gun,pointing it from Naomi to Silas to the other man who were already at the gate,

Now,you two get in!

I screamed at Silas and the other man,who hesitated at first,then moved,
Far away from the gate!

I repeated, they did, now you! I pointed the gun at Naomi,who was growing weaker and weaker, get up! i said, she pulled all the strength she got and found her feet, standing upright, I picked up the padlock,gave it to her, pressing the nozzle of the gun on her wound, I ordered her to lock the gate, Silas again tried to react,
God help me! I will blow your brains out, I said with all amount of seriousness, I watched as Naomi pulled the gate close, locking Silas and the rest inside,I pulled her away from the gate, for the first time I realized that we were standing a large acre of land which was covered up in grass but a big enough path that leads from the gate to the road, enough for a car to drive through,
Now lead the way, I said to Naomi who was so weak , I almost felt pity for her, I knew at that point she might not really have the strength to overpower me,so I helped her to her feet, as she limped, we barely took a bend,when I began to hear the sound of cars horns,which was a sign that I’m close to the road,Naomi took another limp,then fell,
She passed out instantly,as I contemplated what to do, but all I could hear was RUN!, I did just that…

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Mario1983(m): 4:18pm On May 07, 2015
nice one
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by biddieluvzyaho(f): 5:58pm On May 07, 2015
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Felinize: 6:01pm On May 07, 2015
Nice update waiting 4 more
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 8:00pm On May 08, 2015
Episode 4
I ran as fast I could, but when I was almost getting to the road, I stopped to think of how I looked, I was half naked, I had some of Naomi’s blood on me, but each time I wanted to stop and fix that, I felt like Silas and the rest are after me, so I ran, I was as if I was going to lose my breath any minute, the thought of all that had just happened didn’t let me consider how I was, just when I was almost close to the road, I saw another tiny path on my left, I didn’t know what I was thinking, but my instincts told me to go that way, rather than heading for the road, so I did, I didn’t quite get ten feet, when I ran into an old man and woman working on a small piece of farmland, that must have been the only cultivated one I saw, because it was surrounded with by other acres which grew the same tall grasses I had been running past,
I immediately ran towards their direction, I guess I startled them, as they also ran at the sight of me, I screamed for them to help, they didn’t stop, until It occurred to me that I was speaking English, so I quickly said something in our southern dialect which translated to please help me, immediately the man heard that he wanted to stop, but he was urged to keep running by the woman I suppose was his wife, but I ran and caught up to them, holding the man by the heels, they were forced to stop, we all were seriously panting, when the woman decided to ask in the same dialect,

Young lady, what is wrong? why are you naked with blood on your body? I didn’t need a question and answer session, neither would they understand, even if I had the chance to explain, so I quickly depended on a popular mythology of head hunters attack as my cover story which I knew would not only keep them from asking further questions, but will also gather enough sympathy that will appeal to the part of them that will want to readily help me,
Immediately the woman untied one of her wrappers, and handed it to me, which I carefully tied around my chest, they both helped me up on my feet, i asked them where I was, they mentioned a village I knew was about twenty to thirty kilometers from the town where I was brought from, they offered to take me home, I wanted to decline until I thought about the it and found it a good idea, we followed a bush path that lead us straight into a small village where I saw more mud houses than people, I quickly thought of how under developed some places still are, but I wasn’t about to judge them, at least they were living happily, not having their lives threatened like I was,
I was given water to take my bath, which I was grateful for, offered food, I didn’t think it was a good idea to eat, so I politely said no, thanking them at every instance, the poor woman gave me a change of wrapper and a large faded polo big enough to fit in three people my size, and looked like it had been passed down from generations, but I was grateful, they tried asking me in detail what happened, so I cooked up a fine story that got their mouths open about how I was travelling back from somewhere, only to wake up in a house where I eventually escaped, they both swallowed the lies hook, line and sinker, I could see their sympathy for me written on their faces, they soon left me to rest, but I couldn’t really rest, I tried to think about the ordeal I just went through, when I overheard the man and his wife talking about meeting the youth leader so I could be taken be taken to meet the chief at dusk so I could explain to him, because they thought the supposed head hunters were youths from the village, just at that point, I knew trouble was in motion, so I bade my time until it was dusk, I took the back door and headed for the road they had ignorantly told me earlier which the traders from the village easily used to access town, I felt bad for the nice couple as I ran across the road halting a taxi on reaching the access road, but I wasn’t about to be a victim again.
Inside the taxi were two men including the driver, it was grateful it was dark for a lot of reasons,

Fresia’s palace, I told the taxi driver, he argued about not going that far into town, I offered to give him a large sum of money which he couldn’t refuse, I sank into the front seat with him, ignoring every other presence in the car, facing the window as the evening air touched my face, and for the first time I appreciated the smallest things of life,
I was brought back to reality by the little nudge from the driver, I sprang up, I must have dozed off, I didn’t even notice when the other two passengers alighted, but the bright traffic lights and the large neon light on the sign post of Fresia’s palace was at least a great sign of relieve, I was still sipping it in when the taxi driver reminded me of his pay, but Ignored him, opening my side of the door and walking straight to the gate, the driver came out of his own side of the vehicle hollering at me for his money, but I walked up to the security man at the gate who starred at me as if he just saw an alien,
How may I help you Ma? he sounded professional but skeptical, I’m here to see… I didn’t finish my statement when the taxi driver interrupted harshly demanding for his money, I screamed back at him to wait , I turned back to the security guard who looked even more skeptical of me,
I want to see someone in suite ten, I said, Ma, is the person expecting you? he asked , but the sound of his question almost made me lose the little patient I had left because the driver was losing his,
No! I screamed at him, but there is something called a telephone, this is the point where you get it, he saw the seriousness in my face, he quickly detached the walkie talkie from his waist, while he asked,

Ma, Name of guest please,
Elliot! I said spitting the words out of my mouth,
Any last name please, he asked again, is he serious?, I didn’t even know Elliot’s last name,
No! no last name, I screamed almost jumping out of my skin with impatient, I watched as he spoke into the walkie talkie, my mind quickly considered the thought of Elliot not being around, I dismissed it immediately knowing how horrible it would be, I turned to the taxi driver and for once I actually sounded polite, please I will pay you, just have a little more patience, but he didn’t seem like he wanted to listen to me, so I turned back to the security man who was still on phone, I shrugged my shoulders as to ask him what’s going on,
He took the phone away from his ear and asked, your name please Ma,
Alice! Alice Daniel, I gave my last name in case he dared to ask for it, he spoke back into the phone, then dropped,
Ma, hold on a while please, the security man said, the taxi driver was already threatening hell, when Elliot showed up, I felt like my saviour just came along, literally my saviour just came along, he must have watched us for a few seconds or more because he just walked straight to the driver who was almost taking me by the neck, took out his wallet and counted out an unusual number of currency notes which I knew was way more than he should have given, I tried to say something, but the driver had suddenly picked up pace heading towards his taxi, while Elliot took me by the hand and walked past the security who kept looking at me as if he had recognized me from somewhere,
Just then it occurred to me that I was still a fugitive, but I never felt as safe as I was now since I left this hotel some days ago…

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 8:02pm On May 08, 2015
guys pls pardon all errors, editing isn't my strong suit, i will strive to write without too many errors subsequently. thanks
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by fabulousbrainzz(m): 9:19pm On May 08, 2015
No problems...
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by biddieluvzyaho(f): 9:28pm On May 08, 2015
It's a gradual thing,truthur story line gat me glue 2 ma phone 2-4-7,nice work#ilovegoodstories#
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by xtremelygifted: 9:50pm On May 08, 2015
so filled with suspense keep it up man. loving this all the way
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Skillz92: 2:19am On May 09, 2015
What should i say? Your story kept me awake till 2am. I most say i love it. Keep it up.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Felinize: 12:41pm On May 09, 2015
Elliot is really her saviour, keep d gud work rolling.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 9:23pm On May 10, 2015
I felt like i was here a decade ago, Elliot’s suite, not that there was any change except for the sweet fresh scent of Lavenda, but there was something about it, I guess that was just the safe, secured feeling I had since Elliot appeared at Fresia’s palace gate, Elliot’s voice interrupted my reminiscence,
You look like hell!
I looked away, thinking he was going to gloat, I am hell, I said, getting ready to take whatever I told you so sermon he was about to give me, but when I turned he was starring hard at me in a really sympathetic way that brought tears to my eyes,
Elliot they tried to kill me, I broke into tears, he rushed over to me and hugged me in a way that my head rested on his shoulder and I let out all the tears I have been holding up for the past few days, while he kept stroking my hair, I guess that’s exactly what I needed, a shoulder to cry on,
You don’t have to tell me anything tonight, you will just go into the shower, while I get you something to eat, then you get some rest, tomorrow we will sort this out, Elliot murmured to me as he released me slowly from his embrace, I nodded as I headed to the bathroom, as he picked up the telephone ordering something to eat, I got out of the shower wrapping around my chest a big white towel monogrammed on it the name of the hotel we were staying, he must have read my thoughts when I stood there starring at him, he quickly tossed me a polo shirt which had the scent of his cologne on it, then gave me a warm smile as he stood up to go to the other part of the suite,
Elliot! I called with a bit of tenderness, he turned, his face radiating , his beautiful features beaming in the coloured light that flooded the suite,
Thank you! he nodded and flashed that killer smile as he walked away, I got in the well laid king size, bed which I preferred more to the dark basement I had slept for the past three nights, I guess I dozed off I jerked up at about past three A.M, I rushed quickly to the other part of the suite that served as the living room, Elliot was there awake on his laptop again,
Someone slept off before bedtime, he teased as he saw me, someone is up past bed time, I teased back and we both smiled, I joined him on the grey leather sofa

Are you hungry? Your meal arrived last night but you were already in dream land, he said grinning, no I’m fine, I replied, so why are you up by three A.M? he asked again raising his eyebrows in a playful manner as he shut down the his laptop,
Errrm.. I guess I’m fully rested, he smiled as we both leaned back on the sofa, as my body brushed against his, I could feel a sudden tingle in my body,it suddenly seemed like my nerves just sprang up, the saliva in my mouth turned warm, I tried to ignore the feeling,convincing myself that it’s probably the chill from the air conditioning system that was more intense here than the part I slept in, just when I was about ignoring that thought completely by wanting to break the sudden silence that occurred between us, Elliot placed his hands on my shoulders and asked if I was okay, that tingle in my body doubled, my palms suddenly went cold, without thinking and giving an answer to his question,
I jumped on him, taking his lips in my mouth and kissing him hungrily, I guess he was surprise, because he didn’t instantly kiss me back, his mouth was so warm that I kissed harder, and just as if I transferred the shock wave to him, he responded fiercely, taking my lips in his, turned me over on the sofa while our mouths got intertwined, I felt a thousand electric shock run through my nerves, with each sending a sweet sensation,but before I could get totally lost, Elliot jumped up,
I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I mean…sorry..not that I don’t ,you know.. he said stammering not being able to complete each sentence, I looked away feeling shy as I sat up on the sofa,
It is I who should be sorry Elliot, I don’t even know what am I doing, but before I could say the next thing, he bent down before me and lifted up my face in a way that our eyes met and said,
Look what I wanted to say is that, I want to do this, from the moment I picked you up in that church, I have always wanted to kiss you, and every time I fight the urge to, because it wouldn’t be fair to you, you are going through a lot right now, I’m yet to know what happened to you when you left the other day, doing this to you would mean taking advantage of you, what kind of person would I be if I do that to you? trust me this moment will come and when it does, it will be perfect, I almost felt like crying, I had never meet anyone like Elliot, at that point he was the most considerate,sensitive and caring person I had ever known, in fact he was perfect. He gave me a soft kiss on the forehead as led me back to bed, curling up beside him, I drifted off to sleep,
I woke up by seven A.M, he wasn’t in bed with me anymore, I checked the other part of the suite, but he wasn’t there, I would never understand this kind of guy, I said to my self, just when I was about hitting the shower, he came looking sweaty and sexy in a blue sweat pants and a white polo with a little white towel on his neck,
Good morning! How did you sleep? He asked cheerfully, he didn’t wait for me to reply as he noticed my stare, I went for a quick run, so here is the thing for today, you are going to hit the shower, I will order us something to eat, because we have a lot to do today, before I could ask any further question,
Shower now! He ordered, and in twenty minutes we were all done and sitting on the large dinning table having breakfast of bread and tea with fried egg, I was still wearing Elliot’s shirt from the night before while he was dressed in a light blue shirt with black jacket, he looked so good that I kept stealing glances from time to time,
Are you going somewhere? You are dressed like you are headed for a business meeting or so, he looked up at me and said okay here is the thing, as he shifted his tea cup away
What really happened to you? I tried your number since the day you left here, you didn’t pick up, at some point it was switched off, then yesterday you showed up here looking all tattered and worn out, I heaved a sign of relief as I told him my story, when I was done, he was looking at me dumbfounded,

So you mean Rosie your friend gave you up to the police? and these guys that took you, they didn’t tell you what they wanted? The police told you, you were being transferred? He seemed to be more confused than I was, his phone rang and he stared at it for a while, then stood up,
I have to go, stay here until I’m back, do you understand me? it seemed like the Elliot I was talking to disappeared and was replaced by serious Elliot, I nodded as I watched him take long strides towards the door. I didn’t do much with the rest of my day other than sleeping, eating and drinking all the “what not” I found in the mini fridge, when I got bored, I watched TV and slept again, Elliot came back at about past 4 PM, I opened my sleepy eyes when he walked in,
Hi, I’m glad you are back, I was almost dying of boredom, how was your day? I asked sitting up on the bed,
Great! He answered in a tone that did not really portray “great”, he dropped a white polythene bag on the bed next to me, these are for you, I was curious, the monogram on the polythene read ”THE IT WOMAN”, so I caught an idea of what the content of the bag might be, THE IT WOMAN is a popular boutique in town that deals on all kinds of women's wears, they sell stuffs made by top designers from all parts of the world, it is rumoured that the boutique is owned by the governor’s wife,
Oh my God! I poured out the content of the bag, I couldn’t believe my eyes two pairs of black coloured Christian Louboutin boots, a pair of blue sneakers and a pair of gold coloured flat sandal, then three shirts, three polo shirts, two pairs of jean and two skirts, two jackets, panties, a box of make up set and a cologne, even though I might not have gotten all the names of the designers, but no one needed to tell me that these things were expensive, I was supposed to be happy, I was supposed to jump up and thank him and be grateful for these expensive gifts, but I found myself heading to the part of the suite where Elliot had left me to, I found him powering up his laptop,
Elliot, what are all those for? I asked in not so impressed tone,

I thought you needed change of clothes, he replied without looking in my direction, I don’t need… okay maybe I do, but those things are damn too much and expensive, I have clothes at home you know, I sounded like I could just walk into my home and pick them, okay the point is, I continued I don’t even know why you are doing all these, protecting me, what do you stand to gain?
Elliot snapped, that’s the problem with you, you don’t trust me, I wanted to cut in, but his tone had suddenly changed as he stood up and stood face to face with me, you don’t trust me that’s why you ran the other time and almost got yourself killed, you need my help but you don’t trust me to give it to you, I want to make everything crystal clear to you Alice, I’m going to give you two choices, you can either walk out that door right now and don’t come back again to ask for my help,ever he said sternly or you can stay and let me help you get to the root of this problem, and if you choose to stay, I will be making all the rules and you follow them without asking too many questions,
Got it? He asked sternly, i do, I replied completely shocked at how he just acted
Good, he said as he went back to his laptop, I stood there trying to figure out why he is that mad,could it be he had a rough day or my questions actually infuriated him?
I didn’t know what to do or say anymore, so I went back to the bed and consoled myself with my new expensive gifts bought for me by this strange man…


Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by biddieluvzyaho(f): 10:34pm On May 10, 2015
Wow,really dying 2 knw who dis Elliot of a guy is n why he is helping u#op,dis ur update sha small o,not getting enof,nice work thou#
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by ThaRuthlxx7: 9:41pm On May 11, 2015
crixina pls forgive me. exams has been taking all of my time thats why i was MIA i promise to read when am through
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 11:34pm On May 11, 2015
crixina pls forgive me. exams has been taking all of my time thats why i was MIA i promise to read when am through
it's ok,Exams first You know,this will always be here waiting, best wishes.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Ka52y(f): 6:06am On May 12, 2015
nice story
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 12:38pm On May 12, 2015
I was still on bed letting my thoughts race, when Elliot came in and sat on the sofa by the bed, look! I’m sorry for raising my voice at you, i was just… I mean I just want you to completely trust that I will never do anything to jeopardize your safety, I understand you are going through a lot right now,but just trust me to do what is right,

Elliot, I know but how can i? I don’t even know who you are, even before all these you never talked about yourself, one minute you are here, the next minute you are not, you live in this big expensive suite, you buy expensive things for a fugitive whom you barely know, I don’t even know your last name and you know what beats me how you are so out to help me, I held his hands, talk to me please I begged,
Did you kill Evans? He pooped the question of nowhere, no I did not, I said emphatically,
You see, I believe you did not, and I didn’t even have to ask you a thousand questions, he replied, look Alice I would rather have you see things for yourself than tell you, that’s why I want to help you
How? I asked sounding confused, he leaned towards me and said, if I tell you now then what’s the point of getting to know me at all, I was like he completely charmed me with his body close to mine that for some reason I felt he was right, my thoughts was more on him than the subject at hand, so I quickly changed the subject,
I guess I shouldn’t be arguing with you, but be thanking you for all those lovely but expensive things you got me, thank you Elliot, I said meaning every word of it, he gave me that cute smile and said my pleasure, I watched him as he returned back to the sofa beside the bed, the smile quickly disappeared as he brought on his serious face again,
So Sam has been cooperating, huh? I asked as the name Sam popped up, he’s been giving me information like I asked him to,so are you saying you didn’t release his sister? I asked feeling uneasy, actually I did, but I found another leverage and please don’t ask because I wont tell, but that’s not the point, the point is I asked him to snoop around Evans's place of work to get me some information,

What kind? I asked
Did he have problems at work with a colleague or boss?
Was he in a romantic relationship with any female colleague? Etc… but according to Sam, he was clean
How would Sam even know all that? Because Sam was not my only source there, my other source affirmed that too, he gave me a grin and said I know what you are thinking, you are thinking who the hell am i?
I chuckled, he continued, but he gave me another important information, then he looked away
I asked with all amount of curiosity,Evans will be buried next week Wednesday, my mood changed at once, I felt like I was just waking up to the reality of his death, we sat in silence, I guess Elliot also understood the effect on me, then he continued, Sam has also been keeping me in the know about the arrangements, The Jamesons are handling everything, so we are looking forward to a top notch funeral, it’s going to be airtight security wise, I was worried about that until I got the venue, it will be held at the Amazing square,

I don’t understand, why are you so concerned about the funeral, I asked, he paused for a while, then said because we are going, for a second I felt like I didn’t get him well, so I asked again, what do you mean by we are going? In case you have forgotten I’m still being wanted by the law for murdering the said man, and you said it yourself that the security will be airtight, besides why we are we even going,
To say goodbye to your boyfriend, he said trying to be humourous until I found out I wasn’t sharing in the humour,he became serious again and continued, Look Alice, I think Evans wasn’t just randomly killed, whoever did it had a personal vendetta, he dumped you for a girl with a lot of family wealth, how many other girls did he dump? I hated the mere fact that Evans dumped me, but the thought of others made me irk, one of those girls may have done it, or it could even be connected to the royal family he was going to be a part of, anybody could have done this, and to figure out any of this we have to go to the funeral, the killer may likely show up too either out of guilt or to gloat over his corpse, Elliot stated sounding like a detective which made me wonder if he was okay at all, maybe that was the mask an inner feeling in me that agreed he maybe right,

Elliot, even if all these your theories are in line, I’m sure there with be hundreds of people there, and how do we even get in, Good! Elliot said looking all the more detective than ever, we are going to be looking for two categories of people,family members,close friends and complete strangers,
I chuckled, these are the two groups of people we will find there,I said with a tone that suggested he was delusional, but we will be looking for something unusual about them, don’t worry you will understand all these in time,he said assuringly
Okay, how do we even get in? I asked skeptical of the plan, he gave me a smug smile and said don’t worry about it, as much as I wanted all these to end, but I wasn’t just comfortable with Elliot’s plan, I didn’t have a plan of my own, and I wasn’t going to hide forever, there were so many questions not answered, I wasn’t just wanted by the law, someone else was trying to kill me, so I didn’t have too much of a choice than to stick to Elliot’s plan, we had just four days before the Funeral, I spent those four days trying to convince Elliot to forget his plan, but he kept assuring me that it will turn out good.

The four days dragged slowly by,Elliot kept coming and going as usual, but when he was around, he made sure I was happy, I didn’t even know he was a lover of books, until he I asked him to get me some,as I completely got turned off by the TV ever since I saw Evans obituary announcement on it, that was when Evans opened up his box and brought out lots of them, he insisted I read one of them as he said would help in what was ahead of us, THE DEED, written by Richard Jenkings, about a detective who was trying to solve a murder he committed,which was later figured out by his girlfriend who was also a detective, quite a thriller it was, I finished it in about two days, we talked about it each time Elliot was around, I was a fan of detective Lauren Jackson, because she was the hero, while Elliot preferred detective Ben Rowlings because of his smart moves and villainy ways, we had some good time that I wished the D day never came, but it did anyway.

It was Wednesday, the 29th day of April 2014, Elliot woke me up as early as six A.M, Good morning sunshine, rise and shine, it’s gonna be a busy day, he was unnecessarily in a good mood, I guess he was trying to ease my the tension I felt, I can still remember convincing him the night to abort his little plan, but he still stood on the ground that it will turn out well,
Already! I said strectching, not from tiredness, but from tension, yes, he answered grinning, okay in case you don’t know, no funeral starts by six A.M in this part of the world, but rather than answer,he gave me a mischievious smile, I noticed the already packed bag pack on the bed, what’s in the bag? I queried, all what we would need for today, Elliot, we are going for a funeral, not a week end trip, I know,
Now shower! He ordered, I rushed in and out of the shower, Elliot was already dressed in jean and a black jacket to go, God! He looked hot, he left the room when he noticed me coming out of the shower,I was about to dress corporately when I remembered Elliot was wearing a jean, so I changed my mind, I put on one of the jeans he bought for me, matched it with the maroon shirt that fit as if I tried it on,and the black colour jacket, he has a good fashion sense, and how did he know it will fit, I thought to myself as I wore one of the boots he got, I quickly applied a fair amount of make up, Elliot was taking coffee when I showed up, when he looked up, he paused, starring at me for few seconds,
God! You clean up pretty nice, and bold choice of outfit, he said flashing a smile that made my body tingle for a second, thank you I replied trying not to giggle like a child, I sat down making myself a warm cup of tea. Few minutes later we were in the elevator, heading for the reception where I had that sudden uneasy feeling because the blond receptionist kept starring at us, Elliot noticed as he held my hands, don’t worry,she doesn’t recognize you, even if she does, I told earlier we also pay them to be discreet, I nodded as we walked to the parking lot, Elliot picked up two pairs of sunglasses from the back seat and handed one to me,

Here! This will make you feel more comfortable, I wore it, as he brought the engine to life,and we drove out into the bright morning sun.
We pulled into hotel de rouge, a five star hotel in the State, we had to stop at the gate for a routine security check, I was glad I had my sunglasses on and Elliot who kept shielding me from prying eyes, we finally drove into the parking lot,
Elliot what are we doing in yet another hotel? I asked confused again, but he didn’t respond, rather he took my hand as we walked into the reception lobby, he walked to the man in the smart jacket standing at the end of the lobby, shook hands with him, and collected the key card, we made our way to the elevator up to the fifth floor, Elliot swipe the key card,and in an instant we were ushered into a large exquisite suite, the interior was out of this world, the walls were all all white,the marble floor felt delicate beneath my feet,
The other expensive suite wasn’t comfortable enough? Elliot what is it really going on? But he ignored me, and walked over to the beautifully adorned cottons,dragging them apart, my mouth dropped open,
Nice view huh? He gave me a grin, feeling impressed,
Oh my God! I couldn’t believe my eyes, I took slow steps approaching where Elliot stood, the view was indeed wonderful, I looked down , it was rowdy down there, decorations were going on,cars driving in and out, people seemed to be busy with one task or the other, I turned to Elliot and smiled as we both gazed down at AMAZING SQUARE, where Evans funeral will be held.


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nice story
thanks dear.
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Glued 2 ma phone,#wow#
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nice write up keep the update rolling
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I just can't wait to know who actually killed Evans
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Wow. More pls

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samsondavid seriously?
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God I have to confess you are truly bless with what you are doing just wish you can agree to mentor me. Have no other option than to be ur follower cos I like being close to intellect
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samsondavid seriously?

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hmmm no update yet
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hmmm no update yet
patience pls,I promise more update today.

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