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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by ThaRuthlxx7: 8:17pm On May 14, 2015
author=Crixina post=33549977]guys pls pardon all errors, editing isn't
my strong suit, i will strive to write without too many errors
subsequently. thanks[/quote] GURL U DOING GREAT.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 8:34pm On May 14, 2015
God I have to confess you are truly bless with what you are doing just wish you can agree to mentor me. Have no other option than to be ur follower cos I like being close to intellect
thanks for that,don't you think I might be the one needing mentoring?
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 10:03pm On May 14, 2015
Are you going to get away from the window, he teased as he poured me a glass of fruit juice, then poured himself some bourbon,
Elliot it’s eight in the morning, whiskey? , well, I need to find some balance, it’s a funeral,
c’mon, he said winking at me, you know next time it will be a bit nice if you gave me a clue to your mischievous plans, I said as I settled into the fancy couch,

Where’s the fun in that? He teased as he picked up the car key, Do you need anything? I could make an order, he said in a more serious tone, no, I’m good, Where are you going to? I queried noticing the car key, I will be back soon, I promise, he headed for the door, then turned around,
The mini bar is stocked just in case you need to find some balance, then he winked again,closing the door behind him, I turned the TV on, the programme “cookbook” is on air, a family recipe programme,I felt down, because it reminded me of my parents, where are they right now, I thought to myself, I hadn’t even heard from Rita or Uncle Andy, i thought about my phone which I left at Rosie’s. I tried to black it out of my thoughts because each time I thought about it, it made me angry, somehow I felt the same group of people that captured had kidnapped my parents and threatened my family, I no more felt self pity, but anger and hatred for who ever they were,and all I wanted was just to find out who this person or persons are, then get my parents back and make them pay for all the hurt and pain they had caused me, i stood up and grabbed the bottle of bourbon Elliot drank from earlier and poured it down my throat in a way that almost made me choke,
Enough of all this!

What have I done to deserve this?

What have my parents done? Why would people want to kill me?

Why would I even be framed for a crime I didn’t commit? , I could feel my heart constrict in my chest, as if I was about to explode,my hands shook and it seemed as if all my emotions were heightened, all the pain I have been locking in came gushing out as i threw the bottle of bourbon on the floor, a thousand shards of glasses scattered across the floor, and I broke down in tears, Elliot is right, tears does not help, I got to learn to fight my way out, that’s why we are here, that’s the whole essence of this, I didn’t know if it was the bourbon that sunk in or just some inner self confidence, but somehow I found no more tears rather some kind of eagerness to do whatever it took to end this.

I was trying to clean up, when Elliot came in, Oh my God! What happened here?, I ignored him trying to put up an act to shield the fact that I was whipping up my self in pity, but he pushed on, he lifted me up,
Were you crying? Have you been drinking? He asked sounding concerned, I tried to break free from his hold,
Hey! Hey! Don’t move, I got this, he led me to the couch while he spoke into the telephone, few minutes later, a housekeeper appeared at the door,while I got into the shower, I felt okay again when I stepped out of the shower,
Do you want to talk about it, your feelings I mean? Elliot asked looking worried,
No I don’t , in fact I’m okay, I think you were right about ridding myself of tears, so I could think clearly, that’s what I will do, I mean that’s why we are here, so lets do it, I said, Elliot was surprise as it showed on his face,he didn’t believe where the gut came from, up until yesterday, I was scared of this whole plan, but suddenly I was eager to see it done,
You can talk to me, you know, what happened while I was gone?

Elliot, I’m okay, I said with an indifferent tone as I turned to the mirror and began applying some make up.
At about ten A.M, the crowd in the square increased, people were mostly dressed in black, Elliot was still on the couch with his laptop, I walked up to him,
What exactly would we be looking for in this Funeral ? he heaved a sigh of relief,
Any thing out of the ordinary, suspicious movements, strange faces, over concerned sympathizers, Alice, just imagine you are detective Lauren Jackson , what will you be looking for?
Seriously, Elliot, we are having a book review in the middle of a crisis? I asked acting all serious, look! All I am just saying is, pay attention to details, don’t leave anyone out, from the Jamesons to colleagues to friends and even family members, we were disrupted by the sound of the siren, we rushed to the glass window and watched as a van drove into the square accompanied by some other cars, the van parked closed to the stage in the centre of the square while some men stepped out and dragged the casket out of the van dropping it on the decorated podium, I recognized one of the cars that accompanied the van,

Ken’s car, I wasn’t wrong, as I saw him step out in a black jacket, and sunglasses,Do you recognize anyone? Elliot asked, yes I do, that’s Kenneth, one of Evans’s friends, Sam and Dean were in the car behind, I saw Evans's colleagues and relatives which I kept introducing to Elliot as they took their seats, Ken, Sam and Dean sat at the podium where the casket was laid with other family members, some I recognized, some I didn’t, but we both noticed the seats on the front row were not taken, few minutes later we understood why, a convoy of cars drove in,Those are the Jamesons, talk about class, Elliot said making a funny sound in an effort to joke, but ever since I saw Evans’s casket, i felt guilty for a lot of things, I thought about the last time we met, even if he hurt me, he didn’t deserve to die like that, and I wished I could really say a proper goodbye, so I wasn’t about to make jokes about anything here, Elliot was right, we watched as some police men stepped out from the first vehicle, then other aides stepped out from the fourth vehicle and two of them moved to either sides of the third vehicle opening both back seat doors as Mr and Mrs Jameson stepped out, then stepping out of the third vehicle was Sarah Jameson and her brother.Sarah looked pale, immediately she stepped out, she broke into tears, her brother rushed to her side patting her on the shoulder, then held her hands as they both walked to the front row at the podium, I was too engrossed with Sarah Jameson that I didn’t notice the other woman that stepped out from a car that just drove in,

Who is that woman? Elliot voice redirected my attention, she was pale,lean, she was a shadow of herself, she stepped out of the car and could barely put herself together, we watched as some sympathizers rushed to her, consoling her, while she tried to steady herself, I was moved to tears, at seeing her that broken,
Who is she Alice, Elliot asked with a worried tone , seeing the tears in my eyes, I didn’t reply immediately, I watched as she was helped slowly to her seat next to the Jamesons as they all reached out to console her, I turned to Elliot who was still looking at me anxious for an answer,
That’s professor Anthony, Evans’s mother, I let the words escape out of my mouth as I wiped the tears off my eyes.
I met Stella Anthony the year I started dating her son,Evans was always keeping me away from family, he barely talked about it, until I accused him of not being serious with me, not that it made him introduce me to mama,but at least I got him to tell me his mum was a professor in Chemistry department in the university I graduated from, I never really met her,until she stopped by Evans’s place one day without fore warning, Evans was in the shower when I heard a knock at the door, I opened and saw a really beautiful woman in her late fifties with a little too much make up for her age,

Good morning ma, can I help you? I sounded polite, but I almost lost every bit of politeness when she gave me a straight face and said I should be asking you that young lady,before I could say another word, Evans interrupted, Good morning mum, I froze for about a second before taking myself away from the door, she walked in, mum you should have at least called, Evans said, then gave her a warm smile,
Mum, this is… I didn’t come here to have introductions made, she cut the words off Evans’s mouth, I have something important to tell you, but obviously we can’t talk now, she looked to my direction where I stood not knowing what to do, so, see me in the office tomorrow, she added turning to the door, as she was about to leave, I didn’t know where I got the courage to say it was nice meeting you Mrs Anthony, she turned and gave me a resentful look, then murmured a thank you, I watched as she climbed into her green colour highlander and drove off. That was intense, I said in a moody tone,

C’mon don’t feel bad, my mum is that intense, it’s nothing personal, I pretended to be okay until some days later when I couldn’t hold it anymore, I confronted Evans, your mum hates me, I said in an attacking manner, but he laughed and said baby please don’t let my mum get to you, she doesn’t hate you, Evans noticed that I wasn’t taking the whole issue lightly, so he decided to talk about his family in detail for the first time,
We lost dad two years ago, since then mum hasn’t been herself anymore, so she feels the urge to protect me, I am all she’s got now, so you mean you have no siblings, I asked ,no I don’t ,then he concluded with I don’t think my mum has ever approved of any of my girlfriends the first time,but with time she settles in, so don’t worry.
So I avoided her like a plague since then, if I had the slightest inkling she might come around Evans’s place, I stayed away especially after my cousin in Chemistry department told me she was the most dreaded professor, that was the little I knew about her, even when Evans wanted me to tag along some family gatherings, I said no, I remember telling him that I would only meet his mum again, if we were ever going to take our relationship further, but seeing her in that funeral fragile and broken, I felt her pain, I remembered Evans’s words
“I am all she’s got” Soon the Preacher took over the microphone for about fifteen minutes, people kept driving in, Senators, Academicians, top politicians in and out of the State, even the Governor sent a representative, most of the influential people were there because of the Jamesons and Evans’ mother,

So what happens after all these? I asked as people mounted the stage to eulogize Evans, but just when I was about turning around to take a seat on the couch, my eyes caught a BMW X5 that just drove in, for some reason, my instinct was particular about it, so I paid close attention, A tall handsome man in a custom made suit alighted, he wore a pair of sunglasses, he was probably in his late fifties or early sixties, his complexion was a bit light, I watched as he walked into one of the tents, most of the Jameson’s rich friends and Mrs Anthony’s highly placed colleagues sat in the tent by the podium, but for some reason I didn’t know this man in custom made suit walked right into the other tent, he looked rich, he should have at least gone to exchange a few pleasantries with the Jamesons or the Anthony’s if he came because of one of them, but he didn’t, I called Elliot’s attention to him, I was now more interested in this one man, I had that nagging feeling about him, so I focused on him, he sat there quietly just watching.

The eulogy session was almost over, people were heading out of the square, because the corpse was about to be taken from the square to the cemetery, did you notice that? Elliot interrupted my gaze on Mr mystery, what! I asked, where did Mrs Anthony go?, we both scanned the crowd looking for her, because no vehicle had left the square yet, most people were just walking to their vehicles,
Got her! Got her!, Elliot screamed, she is headed for the pavilion, the pavilion is some metres away from the square, everything about the funeral was restricted to the square, everything including rest rooms, so she had no business heading for the pavilion when her son’s corpse was about heading to the cemetery, okay Elliot watch where she is headed, while I keep an eye on our mystery man, I sounded suddenly confident and in charge, which made Elliot take a quick look at me, he wasn’t still sure of what suddenly made me this confident,
Oh my God! Our mystery man is gone, i turned immediately to see if his car was there, it was, Elliot this isn’t a coincidence, something is going on here that we don’t understand, we are going down now! I said in a commanding tone

What! We can’t, remember? Elliot said trying to stop me, listen Elliot you said it yourself, we can only get answers here in this funeral, and ever since mystery man drove in, I have had this disturbing feeling, and you think it is a coincidence that he just disappeared? Maybe he went to the rest room, Elliot gave an excuse again to stop us from going down, besides it may take us ten minutes to get around to the square, we have nothing to lose Elliot, I picked up my sunglasses as we took the elevator down, suddenly it was like all my fears were gone and I was prepared for what ever might happen,
Five minutes later, we were down at the square, we made in from the back of the hotel, so our chances of being seen was limited,
I will check the pavilion, I suggested quickly to avoid him suggesting otherwise, you check the rest room, then you meet me up over there, and don’t worry I will avoid the square, I added, noticing the caution in his eyes, I was about leaving, when he held me back, please be careful, if you sense anything, just back off quickly and head back to the hotel, Got it? He asked being serious, I nodded and ran off quickly across the field heading to the pavilion, I stood some metres away from the pavilion shielded by the abandoned building that was supposed to be an art exhibition centre watching Mrs Anthony, she was talking to someone on the phone and pacing along the steps of the pavilion, I wondered what she was doing, just when I was about to turn back to see if Elliot was coming so as to tell him that Mrs Anthony may have probably walked few metres away from the Square just to make calls, I saw approaching in the opposite direction, the man in custom made suit, our mystery man, he picked up pace on sighting Mrs Anthony, I watched as Mrs Anthony rushed into his arms in tears while he kept patting her on the back,
Well! Well! Elliot startled me, so Mrs Anthony knows our mystery man, yeah obviously he does, but why did they come all the way here to talk? And it doesn’t just seem like talking to me, Elliot said letting out a funny grin, I think we should head back to the hotel and start doing some research on our mystery guy, we were about to head back again when Elliot drew my attention to a 2014 model of a Toyota Avalon that drove in few minutes back and parked twenty metres from the pavilion, it was just parked there, nobody came out of it until our mystery man and Mrs Anthony both left in the different direction they came from,
The Toyota waited few minutes, then followed our mystery man in a slow pace that one could barely notice they are being followed, Elliot and me both exchanged glances, Elliot quickly brought out his phone and took a picture of the back of the vehicle capturing the plate number, as we both turned back to the hotel in silence with a lot of unsolved puzzles in our heads.

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Felinize: 11:12pm On May 14, 2015
thanks 4 d update i think Mr mysterious is d one behind d kidnapping in collaboration with Mrs Anthony
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Ka52y(f): 11:22pm On May 14, 2015
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Nobody: 11:33pm On May 14, 2015
pls do well to update at least two pages per day i must confess to u, u r awesome i enjoyed it we r on ur side
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by drtwist(m): 5:35am On May 15, 2015
thanks for that,don't you think I might be the one needing mentoring?

jez you are shy of your responsibility my dear. you know you are a guru on writing, I have taking time to check your previous post.
Cos I'm na one of your followers
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by drtwist(m): 6:00am On May 15, 2015
crixina I'm angry now, why must you update only one page when you know you got an interesting story readers are waiting for.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 8:20am On May 15, 2015
crixina I'm angry now, why must you update only one page when you know you got an interesting story readers are waiting for.
I'm sorry boss,more updates are coming.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 8:21am On May 15, 2015

jez you are shy of your responsibility my dear. you know you are a guru on writing, I have taking time to check your previous post.
Cos I'm na one of your followers
I'm flattered,but I really appreciate that.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by biddieluvzyaho(f): 6:14pm On May 15, 2015
Wow,ur storyline is wow,d suspense but dis ur update sha o,pls add one 4 us again,abeg.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Nobody: 6:56pm On May 15, 2015
to b candid this z one of d best write up i am reading on Niraland infact i am addicted to it already keep up d good work and u will definitely get d reward
clamouring for update soon pls
one of ur fan

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 10:12pm On May 15, 2015
At about six P.M, we already packed up from hotel de rouge and headed for Fresia’s palace where we stayed, ever since I saw that mystery man and the car following him, I had been fixated on them, I kept bringing up several theories which got Elliot worried, something in my gut kept telling me that there was something about all that,

Don’t dwell too much on that, we will find out who they are, Elliot interrupted my thoughts as we drove in silence back to Fresia’s place, but I wasn’t in the mood to talk, I threw my face the other way pretending to be focused on the road, we pulled into the parking lot some minutes later, okay I’m hoping this will cheer you up a bit, he reached out to the back seat, and carried a bag tossing it at me, I opened it up,
Elliot, you didn’t have to do this again, he just bought me a brand new Samsung galaxy Tab S2, that was supposed to cheer me up, but it got me even more moody than I was because it reminded me of how I’m being a burden to a total stranger whom I barely knew, it also made me revisit the question of why Elliot is helping me, you don’t like it, he asked as he read my mood, no I do, but, can we just go inside? I said as I popped open my side of the door stepping out before he could even give me a reply, we took the elevator in silence,
Okay, I know we promised not to talk about this again, I promised not to ask questions and I did promise to trust you, but after today, I mean not knowing anymore which hotel I will be tomorrow, or who will take me hostage or kidnap my parents or who I will be running from, I just need some answers Elliot, this phone I love so much, it is expensive, classy, the clothes, jewelries and all, they are all cute and I love them, not to talk of you, you are kind, caring, and handsome that most times I fight the urge to kiss you and rip your clothes off, but I need to know,
Why are you helping me? who are you? I said, almost raising my voice,

You know Alice, you should just learn to say thank you, when you are given a gift, besides I don’t have time for this, I have had a long day, and I’m hungry, he said controlling to urge to raise his voice too, while he walked out, I heard him talking on phone, few minutes later, we were brought dinner, we sat and ate in silence, stealing glances at each other from time to time, I couldn’t eat, I had lost appetite, so I left the dinning table back to the bed, some how I felt bad for treating him that way, after all he has done, but the truth is I think I was beginning to have deep feelings for Elliot, yet he wouldn’t just open up to me, we had been in that hotel together for over three weeks, yet he still felt like a total stranger, if this were to get worst, and he decided not to help me anymore, where would I go from here, I thought to myself as I reached out for the new phone on the bed, I dropped it and went back to the living room where Elliot was,
Elliot, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be doing this after all we have been through today, it’s just that giving me this phone reminded me of how much you have been there for me in this past weeks, and it hurts me, because I really wish the circumstances were different, it’s okay Alice, he said giving me a little smile, no it’s not, it is as if I don’t appre… ssssh! He said placing his fingers on my lips which made my body quake in a good way, but he quickly moved away, walking to the mini bar, he backed me, when he turned, he held two glasses of red wine, I gulped it down at once, as he whispered in my ears, let’s go for a ride,

I chuckled as we made our way down the elevator, he was about to bring the engine to life, when I asked, Are you sure this is a good idea, I’m feeling a little light headed, I guess the wine is seeping in, he gave me a smile and said that’s the whole idea, as he brought the engine to life zooming into the night city life, while I leaned back into the car seat, my eyes closing slowly.
My body felt cold, I turned trying to reach out for the duvet, but I didn’t seem to reach it, I tried to move my body, but it felt heavy, I couldn’t even open my eyes because I still felt sleepy, at first it felt like I could hear the sound of breeze, no wonder I felt cold, but as I tried to drift away, the sound got louder, I turned a bit on the bed, then forced my eye lids open, at first, I didn’t seem to recognize where I was, the sound of the breeze grew louder, my eyes cleared up, the bed was different, a fluffy pink bed sheet, I looked around, I wasn’t in the suite, this place was way larger, the interior was mostly white, on the left side of the bed, few feet away was a staircase, there was a fire place beside the staircase, the tiled floor was impeccable as if has never been stepped on, there was a large table and some chairs around it, placed on the table was a vase of white roses, expensive art works hung on the walls, some looked weird, but I was caught off again by the sound of breeze which dragged my attention to the glass windows in front of me which were about ten feet wide, that was how big this room I found myself was, I moved closer to the window,
Oh my God! This beautiful wide space I was in, was overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the water was so blue and fierce that each time the waves splattered, I could feel the adrenaline in my body, where was I? where is this place? I tried to remember last night, I was on a ride with Elliot, what’s happening? I looked down on my body, I was no more wearing my clothes, except for my bra and panties, I was now wearing a white transparent shirt,

Hello there! A familiar voice startled me, I turned,
Elliot! I exclaimed, where are we? I asked confused, but he kept a straight face, Good morning to you too, he said walking over to the chair beside the table and sat down, he looked fresh and cute in his blue polo and black jean,
Are we in another hotel? No, we are in my home, he said, you mean like your family home? I asked, so I decided to bring you here for a start, besides I felt you needed a change of environment, he said climbing the stairs, I hurriedly followed him, Elliot wait! We are still talking, I said running up the stairs after him, but before I could say another word, we were already in another room, though not as large as the former, but definitely as beautiful and well decorated as the former, but that wasn’t what stopped the words in my mouth half way, I didn’t know we had company,
Alice, I would like you to meet, Jerry, Steve and Gloria, they are all my friends, guys, meet Alice, she is my friend too, he said grinning, Jerry and Steve murmured a little nice to meet you, as they kept staring at me in a way that made me uncomfortable, I gave them a wry smile, and turned to Gloria, who looked instantly displeased to see me, she stood up, walked close to me, until she was standing face to face with me, she gave me a loathing pretentious smile, and said it’s nice to have you here, she walked past me brushing my shoulders, I turned to look at Elliot who seemed to be enjoying every bit of this drama.
I gave him a look that had a thousand meanings from anger to loathing, but he ignored my looks and walked into the adjoining part of the living room, a well set dinning, a large rectangular table with comfortable chairs around it, expensive silver wares laid carefully on the centre of the table,

Elliot, what is happening? Where is.. I mean how did, he gave me a mocking smile at my failed attempt at knowing what questions to ask, I felt frustrated at his taunts,
What the hell are you doing? I screamed, then quickly held it back when I realized Jerry and Steve were now watching us, I’m setting the table for breakfast, Elliot teased , Gloria is making breakfast in the kitchen, so I will suggest, you go take a nice shower, I’m sure you can find the bath room some where in this building, he winked, walking past me going towards the apartment I woke up from, I followed him down, Elliot I don’t understand any of this, he stopped, okay Alice what do you want to know?
Okay where are we? I practically woke up in the Atlantic Ocean, which I’m not sure I’m comfortable hearing this thunderous sound of water, I said exaggerating a little bit, where the hell is this place?
Ever heard of Canaan Island? He asked raising his eyebrow in a bit to lighten things up,
You mean like Canaan Island where the high and mighty of this state dwell? I asked, If you say so, he gave me a smile at my little attempt to sound funny. Canaan island is actually a piece of land in my State surrounded by the Atlantic ocean. Okay for starters, only the likes of the governors, senators and extremely rich influential people owned properties here, it was rumoured that properties here go for about twenty to fifty million US dollars or more depending on some factors, there was a time back in school when desperate people made it a point to do anything just to have peek of life here, it was quite popular but not many people have been here. But here I was,
Are you done now? Elliot interrupted, you said this is one of your family homes, then where are your parents? I continued my interrogation, one of my family homes, he said stressing the homes, which means my parents could be in any one of them, definitely not this one, that will be all for now, he said as he pointed the bathroom to me,
Where are my clothes? I asked remembering I was still in his shirt, oh! They are in the closet over there, he said pointing to the closet, he was about to go back up the stairs when I called him,
Elliot! What really happened last night? Because the last thing I remember is taking a ride into town with you, he didn’t reply but rather gave me a straight face, but I pushed further, that glass of wine, was it induced? Elliot why would you drug me? I raised my voice, why?
It was nothing, just some sleeping pills, he argued trying to calm me down, I don’t bloody care what it was, point is you shouldn’t have done it, I don’t really know what you are…

You see Alice, that’s why, you want to know why I did it? He asked raising his voice, because of this, because you don’t trust me, if I told you I wanted to whisk you away to some place you don’t know, would you have agreed to come with? Wouldn’t you have questioned my every move? Wouldn’t you have attached a motive to every single thing I do or say? You don’t trust me Alice, and that’s okay because I don’t trust you, in fact I didn’t trust you, that’s why I drugged you, there! You got your answer, and you know what? He was about to make another statement, when we were both interrupted,
Guys! Breakfast is served! Gloria said looking from Elliot to me, then turned back and left, Elliot looked at me for a few seconds, allowing his anger to simmer down, then he left me standing there wondering how it all came down to this, some minutes later, we were all sitting on the breakfast table in awkward silence eating, we all served ourselves from the big silver ware on the centre of the table, the meal was delicious, Rice and fresh fish stew, I didn’t really feel comfortable about Gloria’s first impression on me, but she was definitely a good cook, we ate in silence, but I couldn’t wait to leave the table, I felt like disappearing each time Steve or Jerry gave me that look, like they were staring at a naked me, not to mention Gloria’s resentful look, Elliot didn’t even look in my direction, I couldn’t really tell if he was still mad at me, but the silence was awkward,

So! ”friend” what’s your story? Gloria broke the silence, referring to me, as she crunched in an annoying way, okay, I wasn’t sure if I liked the silence more than Gloria’s sudden conversation,well I’m Alice and… before I could say another word,
And you are hot, Jerry cut in, licking his lips in a lustful way, I felt angry at once, looking in Elliot’s direction, who didn’t even flinch or look in my direction, he concentrated on his food, so I decided to also be subtly annoying too, and ultimately I wanted to get Elliot’s attention,
Well, I shot my boyfriend oh sorry ex boyfriend at point blank range, because he left me for some rich girl, and now I’m wanted by the law, so Elliot here is hiding me, right Elliot? I said crunching annoyingly the way Gloria did, looking from her to Steve to Jerry, then finally to Elliot who had suddenly dropped his spoon staring at me, then I gave them a grin, they all paused and looked at me like they really just saw me the first time, then Jerry burst into a loud laugh,
Impressive! I see why Elliot likes you, he has a thing for sassy beauties like you, he said winking at Gloria, whose happy countenance dropped, I looked at her, feeling satisfied that somehow I got to her, I poured myself a glass of wine from the table, gulped it down, then I shifted my chair backward,

Guys! Thanks for breakfast, and Gloria, you are such a wonderful cook, I said in a sarcastic tone, but I would like to be excused, I stood up and walked out while they all stared at me.
In between the living room and the staircase that lead down to the large apartment I woke up, there was a door I never noticed at first, I pushed it open, I led straight outside to the beach, it was so beautiful, more like the ones we see in movies, in a different situation or circumstance, I would have appreciated this much better, the breeze was so chilly it sent shivers down my spine, the thunderous sound of the waves gave me a mixed feeling, the sand on the beach felt good under my feet, so I just stood there staring while tiny drops of tears formed in the corners of my eyes, and just out of the blue, something hit me, how did we get here? , I looked around to make sure I’m not missing out something, I turned to my left, there was a yacht resting calmly just by the bank,
You got to be kidding me, I murmured to myself, a yacht? Is this guy some sort of rich prince from a kingdom made of money, I had never been this close to a yacht before let alone been in it, I walked close to it, I caressed it like it was some fragile thing about to break if not handled properly, I was so carried away that I didn’t hear Elliot sneak up on me,
She is beautiful, isn’t she? He said smiling, I kept a straight face, he wasn’t going to buy me over with a yacht talk or his charming smile, Don’t let my friends get to you, especially Gloria, they can be annoying sometimes, Gloria is having a rough patch with her parents, so she asked to come stay here for a while, Elliot said avoiding my eyes, I didn’t know how long I could stay mad at him, because seeing him there, the breeze blowing on his face, he looked terribly handsome,
Elliot, I don’t care about your friends, in fact I don’t want to know who they are, i have bigger problems, and I will appreciate it if you are being more open with me, now you just drugged and whisked me here, we had a lead yesterday, we were supposed to start following it up, why are we here now

Because I want to protect you, he said sounding really protective, from what exactly? I queried, okay I was hoping you could let me handle this, then whenever you need to come in, I let you know, I chuckled, I was about walking out of him, when he drew me back, listen Alice, just trust… I completed it for him
Trust you? yes Elliot I do, I said walking out, Alice! Alice! Wait! He ran up to me, you want to know why I’m helping you? it is because I care about you in a way I have never cared about any woman, I have since the first time we met, that’s why I stood you up those times hoping you will forget me which you eventually did, and I was happy for you, but in those three years I never stopped thinking about you, I saw the seriousness in his eyes, I couldn’t believe my ears, I felt shivers all over my body, I wanted to say something but I was speechless, so he continued, the day you called me saying you needed help, I was happy and also sad, I was happy you found me again and sad that I was going to ruin it all if I let myself fall for you,

Stop! What are you even saying? I asked, I’m saying that I don’t want to ruin you, I find a way to ruin every good thing in my life, that’s why I don’t want to let myself fall for you, at the same time I want to protect you, I can’t stand you being hurt, and maybe there is a chance that I would have told you this sooner, but the circumstances we met was bad, it didn’t want to mess things up, which I’m sure I have now, so Alice, there! That’s why I’m helping you, I’m selfish, all these still drives right back to the fact that I want you in my life that’s why I’m helping you.
I watched as he walked back inside, I was speechless, but there just too many mixed feelings inside of me, but all I wanted to do was just kiss this man that has me searching to understand him in many different ways.

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 10:14pm On May 15, 2015
to b candid this z one of d best write up i am reading on Niraland infact i am addicted to it already keep up d good work and u will definitely get d reward
clamouring for update soon pls
one of ur fan
thanks, i'm glad you are reading up.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Felinize: 10:51pm On May 15, 2015
thanks for d update you are simply the best
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by murphymakun(m): 9:06am On May 16, 2015
thanks for the update
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by larrykay0(f): 12:27pm On May 16, 2015
i luv ur wrk n I must say u r doin grt n i luv d way u update cos its a handful.tnx
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 6:02am On May 17, 2015
Thanks guys for your nice comments, pls bear with me,update coming in soon.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Mario1983(m): 11:05am On May 17, 2015
waiting patiently no be jona own
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by murphymakun(m): 12:01pm On May 17, 2015
Thanks guys for your nice comments, pls bear with me,update coming in soon.
I trust yhu
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by SmilingB1(f): 1:20pm On May 17, 2015
Wow. This storyline is wonderful but not yet complete, Pls I can't wait for the complete write up.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Skillz92: 10:52pm On May 17, 2015
Girl i must say this words "U R GOOD"
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by drtwist(m): 12:10am On May 18, 2015
crixina update on time so that the topic can be move to front page.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Ka52y(f): 9:56pm On May 18, 2015
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no update yet ( angry mood )
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 12:11am On May 19, 2015
Guys, I'm so sorry for the delay, been busy, but I tried updating yesterday, the network was quite messy,

But since today is 19th of may, I'm going to try to update pleeeenty.
Consider it birthday exclusive.

Happy birthday to me!

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 12:13am On May 19, 2015
crixina update on time so that the topic can be move to front page.

does it really work that way, I thought you have to get in bed with the Super mods,before it can be moved to front page.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 12:14am On May 19, 2015
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no update yet ( angry mood )
pls, don't be o, blame the network,
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 12:15am On May 19, 2015
Girl i must say this words "U R GOOD"
thank youuuuuuu!
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by drtwist(m): 6:38am On May 19, 2015
does it really work that way, I thought you have to get in bed with the Super mods,before it can be moved to front page.

I don't really know if some people pass through those process to get their story on front page o,
but with your story being almost the best around( D9TY all in a circle) I believe it will be move there.

Solve the puzzle
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by lanjum(f): 7:11am On May 19, 2015
HBD! Crixina.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Nobody: 8:23am On May 19, 2015
Happy birthday @ OP
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Ka52y(f): 8:55am On May 19, 2015
happy buffday long life and prosperity ( waiting sha )

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