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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by 7kahfe(m): 12:30pm On May 31, 2015
Captivating story line mixed with intrigues, suspense and romance, try n read out ur blunders for corrections. Corrected mistakes brings Perfection.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 3:18pm On May 31, 2015
Captivating story line mixed with intrigues, suspense and romance, try n read out ur blunders for corrections. Corrected mistakes brings Perfection.
Thank you, I don't really go through, but I will now,thanks again.

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 4:39pm On May 31, 2015
I walked outside, somehow the beach had become a soothing balm for any predicament I found myself in, from Gloria’s taunt to a bad nostalgic feeling, but I didn’t know how long that would be because each day in that beach house felt like another day i wasn’t sure I would make it through especially with the fact that I was closer to finding out who was the cause of my predicament, coupled with the fact that rather than Elliot helping me like he promised, he was keeping things away from me,
I didn’t tell you about recent events, because I’m scared of what you might do, Elliot said startling me as he sat beside me looking straight into the deep blue sea as if there laid his courage to open up to me,

Someone introduced me to a guy named Skiter, two weeks ago, he works for Lucas Mathews, so I paid him to feed me information on Lucas, but it was pretty hard getting it, because Lucas has his eyes everywhere, from his most trusted henchman to the man that cleans his toilet, he doesn’t trust anyone so he suspects everyone around him, and suspects those not around him more.
You make this guy sound invincible, like some kind of god that cannot be touched, why don’t you just tell me who the hell this guy is, i sounded confident in myself, but Elliot looked at me as if to say this girl has no idea who she is dealing with and the truth was that I didn’t.
Alice, he is the most dangerous and dreaded criminal in this country, for starters, he is a drug baron, he runs most of the drug cartels across the nation, he is involved in illegal oil deals, bunkering, arms and ammunition smuggling, you name it, he is involved in everything criminal, Alice, I’m talking about a guy who ships in arms into this country, you can guess who are his major clients, I don’t know how true this is, but it is rumoured that recently he went nuclear…

Wait! What do you mean nuclear? I had been staring at Elliot like he was speaking some language I didn’t understand, but when I heard nuclear, I wasn’t sure if I understood the meaning, so I cut him in, but he gave me that look again, I was told… he stammered like he didn’t know how well to put it, I was told he’s the point man for the insurgent groups terrorizing this country presently,
Oh my God! I screamed, yeah that’s why you have to think Alice, because guys like that don’t just accidentally cross your path, think! Have you ever had any link to someone,… I didn’t let him finish, Elliot don’t go there,
Oh! it might not have been you, maybe your Evans, was he into some kind of drug deals that you know of?
I’m not doing this with you, I said as i stood up about to walk away, Elliot dropped the bomb,
Lucas I heard takes credit for all the people he kills, because somehow he makes sure they can’t trace it back to him, but they also say that sometimes he also frames people up for murders they didn’t commit, and it doesn’t end well for those people, Alice, it’s a game to him, they say he enjoys the torture they go through, the pain they feel, the money they spend fighting for justice they will never have, and these victims are not just random people, they are people he has a personal vendetta against, people that may have crossed his path. My mouth dropped open, I felt like jumping into the water in front of me, I couldn’t quite process all Elliot had said, he walked slowly to me and placed his hand on my shoulder and said

Alice please think! Then he walked away leaving me standing in the cold, what did he mean by think? I had never met anyone like that, I had never crossed him or had i? I began even doubting myself. Evans was sure as hell not a bad guy let alone a criminal, he may have jilted me for another woman which by the way, i wasn’t sure why, because I knew everything about him or at least I thought i did,
Wait a second! If Evans was dating Sarah behind my back, and it took me that while to figure it out, what else was he up to that I didn’t know? I thought as I began to let Elliot’s words get to me, I walked back into the house, Elliot was already at the bar pouring himself and Jerry some glasses of scotch, alcohol had become our escape routes from many things, for me, it was one way to keep myself from attacking Gloria each time I had to see her face, or from avoiding Jerry and Steve’s lustful stare, or when jealousy creeps in each time I feel Elliot is ignoring me but getting closer to Gloria or the thought of some mad man framing me up for a crime I didn’t commit and wanting to kill my family, I always had an excuse to drink.

I have to meet this guy, tell me where he is, how I can find him! I said spitting the words out of my mouth as I walked up to Elliot, you need to calm down, you are upset, that’s why you are acting this way, Elliot said dropping his glass,
Upset? I’m not upset, I’m furious, I’m going insane, I’m losing it, can’t you see? Look at me! look at my life! Elliot I’m scared, the more I try to understand what’s going on, the deeper this thing gets, that’s why I need to meet this guy, you said it yourself that he is targeting me for a reason, I need to know why, why he is torturing my parents, I broke into tears as Elliot held me lifting me up to the couch, Jerry got up with his glass and left, that was the first time he did not give me that look that made me uncomfortable, I could actually see seriousness in his eyes, I didn’t know if he actually felt pity for me, but whatever it was, I know he couldn’t just stand my tears.
It’s okay, Elliot held me close, as he kept patting me on the back, we are going to figure this out, we? I thought, I was glad to hear him say we for so many reasons, he kept patting my back, then slowly running his hands in my hair, both our bodies reacted to each other's warmth, we both found our lips as we kissed hungrily like we both missed it, actually we did, but it was short lived as Gloria walked in, noticing the act, she turned right back, I wasn’t about to see Elliot feel guilty about Gloria seeing us kiss, so I stood up and headed for the living room downstairs.
Another excuse to pour myself some scotch, I sat on the couch as I sipped casually,
Sorry, I just came to get some drink from the bar, Jerry said creeping up on me, knock yourself out, I replied making an effort to sound indifferent, you do know Elliot is right, Lucas is not your everyday type of dangerous guy, the guy is bottom line crazy, I could see the seriousness in his eyes, I didn’t even know Jerry could be that serious, in fact the only eye I thought he had were those ones that stared at me lustfully,

What do you know? I asked sounding curious, as he poured himself some bourbon, settling into the couch in front of me, it’s true Elliot isn’t telling you everything because he is scared for you, Lucas is somehow above the law, he is smart and gets away with the things he does because he is protected by the high and mighty of our society, he has the money to buy his way out of any crime he commits, he is rich.
How do I find this guy? I mean he isn’t God, there is always a way, where the hell is he from, where does he stay? Please tell me, I need answers.
He hesitated, Jerry, if you know something, say it, I beg of you, I said curiously
He could be anywhere at any time, but when he comes into town, mostly he stays in the horns.
What? I asked not sure of what I heard,

The horns, he repeated, is that a hotel of some sort? I asked well, the hotel is just one part of the building, the horn itself is another part which is the club, you mean he lives in a club? I asked no, he doesn’t, there is a penthouse…we were both interrupted by Elliot’s appearance, he stopped halfway staring at us, then he walked up to the table where his laptop was, picked it up and walked up to where we were, he sat down beside me, clicked on one of the keys, something like a blueprint came up, he turned the laptop in a way I could see clearly,
This is a blueprint of the horns, in fact some part of the building including the hotel, the club, and the brothel, my contact couldn’t really lay his hands on the other parts, because those parts are off limits, I went through so much to get this. Then he looked me in the eye, this entire place is owned by Lucas Mathews,and trust me when I say that there is a lot that goes on there that meets the eyes, we all stared at each other and no one could actually speak anymore.

I had been locked up in that white room for two days, I hadn’t had food or drink, I was so weak, I could barely move my feet, no one had come in here since Lucas left, I wish he comes back, I would tell him anything he wants to know, at least for a sip of water. I know I told Elliot not to come looking for me, if I don’t come back that night, so as not to compromise anything, even if he wanted to, he should do it with caution, but right at that point I wasn’t sure if I meant what I said, because part of me wished Elliot came, but the other part was still resilient, I wanted to get to the root of all these, I laid there letting my thoughts race while my stomach kept rumbling, my throat was dry, and like a miracle, the door creaked open,
I couldn’t move so I laid there and watched as he walked in accompanied by another man, they were both dressed in suit, they both looked smart,
Nice suit!
You know, you disappoint me, I managed to voice out, looking up to the man I recognized, I heard so much about you, things like how you could spend five thousand dollars on just breakfast, yet you want to starve me to death, I chuckled, anyway, I also heard you have no compassionate bone in your body.
He chuckled, you are right about the compassionate part, that’s why i came to ask how you would prefer to die,

A bullet to the head?

A knife to the chest?
Or even rape, he walked close to me running his fingers down my cheek, I’m wondering what would happen to this face if by some chance, some amount of acid were to splash on it, I felt my heart thud instantly,
Now, what are you doing here? He dragged me from the bunk throwing me to the floor,
I swear to you, I came here on my own, all I told you was the truth, I had a contact who told me about the lounge here, that I could come lay low for some time, while I made some money for myself, I said coughing out the words from my mouth, I swear to you, I’m not lying,
Then give me a fucking name?

Who is your freaking contact? He screamed, all this while the other man just stood there doing nothing like he was waiting for some kind of order,
Please, he said not to tell, that he might get in trouble, I said shaking, he stretched his hands out, and the other man brought out a hunting knife from his jacket and handed it to him, he walked towards me,
Please, please, please, I found myself begging as tears began dropping down my cheeks, please don’t hurt me, I will tell you everything,
Then start talking, he screamed, I don’t have a real name, but I know him as Skiter, a friend introduced me to him, so he didn’t want us to meet in person, we traded emails, that’s how he gave me all the information about you, he said he works for you, that you help people out in this sort of ways, he refused giving me his phone number, I swear, I’m not lying to you, I watched as he and the other man both exchanged glances, then he passed the knife back to him as they both turned and walked out locking the door behind them,
I sat there leaning against the wall, catching my breath.
What if he finds out? What if he knows you are lying? What if he just connects all these? Remember you will be lying to one of the best criminal minds in this country, Alice you still have time to change your mind about all of these…Elliot’s words
I found myself considering what Elliot said, if this goes wrong, I might die alongside people I care about.

Ever since Elliot and me had that little kissing moment, he avoided any moment where it was just me and him, I guess he did it for Gloria, because Gloria totally avoided us, she didn’t come out of her room, so after he showed me the blueprint, Jerry left, Elliot seeing it was just us, immediately retired to his room, I couldn’t really think straight anymore, in fact I hadn’t ever since those pictures of my parents, I woke up most nights to make sense of it, and the more information I got about this guy, the more obsessed I became with him, i went upstairs and headed to Elliot’s room, there were many rooms in that beach house I hadn’t entered before, in fact I made sure I restricted myself to some, I knocked, few seconds later, Elliot opened up, he was on briefs,

Can I come in? I asked, sure! He said rushing to put something on, I turned away trying to stifle the smile spreading across my lips, I came to tell you that I want to leave tomorrow, i’m tired of hiding out, I want to meet this Lucas guy, at least it will be a step to understanding why he is messing with my life, why he is doing all these, my voice was edgy as I spoke,
Hold on! Hold on Alice! How are you going to do that? You know nothing about this guy… that’s the problem Elliot, you keep telling me about what this guy is, and how invincible he is, yet nothing on how I can get my parents back, this guy is a step away from hurting them, or perhaps that’s what he is doing already, he took them for a reason, he took them so that I might come to him and that’s exactly what I will do, and please don’t try to stop me,

Okay fine, even if you knew where he was, you would just show up and ask him where your parents are, and he would give them to you, you think this Skiter guy was my first contact? No, he wasn’t, I met others who refused to do the job, because there were scared of him finding out and killing them, to meet this guy Alice, you must have a plan, I mean a good one, and just in case that one fails, you have another, and another and another, because this guy is always three steps ahead of everyone, he is a fucking criminal for God sakes and a smart one at that.
Alice, please give me one more week to coerce Skiter for some more information, then we work on that, since you want to play undercover agent, but if you want my opinion, I would say it’s risky, don’t do it, Elliot said looking at me straight in the eye,
You said one week Elliot, if you don’t, I will figure out a way to get out of here, and you won’t be able to stop me, I said, walking towards the door as he stood there staring at me, I walked down the corridor and turning into the living room, I saw Steve sitting on the couch, lost in his laptop, Steve was more of an indoor person, I hadn’t really seen much of him, as I walked into the living room, he minimized whatever he was doing and gave me a cold stare,

Why? I’m not the porn police, I said in an annoying tone, for some reason I was in a mood to be a bit sassy, he simply chuckled, I’m not a porn kind of guy, I prefer the real deal, it’s more satisfying, he said moaning a bit, anyway,
why is she talking to me today? He asked in an attempt to start a conversation
Oh! don’t flatter yourself, I’m not, I just wanted to be sure I’m not seeing a ghost, I turned and went down the stairs before he could say something else. The next day Elliot and Steve left for town,
crap! I was stuck in the house with Gloria and Jerry, but at least Jerry started acting a bit normal, that didn’t mean I trusted him, though I still kept to myself, I got more books from Elliot’s shelf, I only went up to the kitchen when I was hungry, in fact I avoided that part of the house like a plague, but Gloria always had a way of getting to me, because she sure did when she came down from the stairs and sat right in front of me just staring,

I dropped the book I was reading, I asked sensing trouble brewing, I came to talk to you, she said with an air of authority,
then talk, I replied, I wasn’t ready to go easy on her too,
I don’t know what you think you are doing here, or with Elliot, but let me give you a friendly advice, get your sorry ass out of here, because I won’t let you come here and ruin everything.
What do you mean? I asked

Don’t pretend girl, I don’t know what lies you spun to get yourself attached to Elliot, but I can see beyond your lies, you are just a time bomb waiting to explode, and if I let you, you will take everyone I care about down with you, and that’s not going to happen, so get the hell out of here or it is going to get really messy,
I broke into a loud mocking laughter, how long have been this delusional?
You are crushing on Elliot?

Does he even know you are? Does he look at you that way? You must be so afraid to tell him how you feel because you know he will turn you down, Gloria was already fuming as I kept taunting her with words,
You know when I asked Elliot who you are, he told me you are a disturbed woman, I guess that last sentence broke Gloria as she jumped on me, I tried to fight back, but she was too strong as she wrestled me to the floor, she fought like someone who had been trained in some kind of martial art, I screamed as she twisted my hands backwards, when she was almost breaking every bone in my body, Jerry ran down the stairs pushing Gloria away unto the couch,
Break it up, what’s wrong with you two?

I could barely move my body, Jerry helped me up, he brought out the ice bag from the refrigerator and gave it to me to place on the swelling part of my cheek, I can’t believe she attacked me, she is crazy,
I can’t believe you two, seriously! fighting over what? He shook his head and went after Gloria who had left still fuming. I really wanted to talk to Elliot, but what was I going to tell him? That I was beaten by a fellow girl because of him, where did she even learn to fight like that, I thought, i decided not to tell Elliot anything until he is back.

The anger in me kept piling up, but Jerry was right, he came down afterwards telling me that I was better off focusing on my predicament than getting in flimsy things like this, he asked me to channel all my anger to coming up with a plan since I insist on meeting with Lucas, so I did exactly that. Jerry kept an eye on Gloria and me, while I spent the week figuring things out, first I brought out the tab Elliot got me, I called him, and asked him to forward all the mails from Skiter to me, he did, I went through every one of them, avoiding the ones with the picture attachments, because I was prepared to be heartbroken, I found myself obsessing about every content of those mails, I looked at the blueprint over and over, I was never good with maps and all that stuff, Elliot kept calling from time to time, most times he asked if I was okay, which got me thinking if Gloria or Jerry said anything, until at some point he told me I was edgy, that’s why he kept asking if was okay.
He was right, my obsession had began to make me edgy, where I couldn’t quite make sense of what to do, I became more angry at everything, it went on, until Elliot came back, he was surprised when the first thing I asked him was if he got some answers, he realized at that point that I wasn’t myself anymore,
Are you ready to do this? He asked looking straight in my eyes, I have never been more ready, I replied clenching my jaw,
Get ready, your training starts tomorrow, he said sounding different from the Elliot I know, once again that serious face returned…


Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by biddieluvzyaho(f): 5:27pm On May 31, 2015
Hmmmm,nice one babes but we'v bn waiting 4 days nau,pls add more updates,ejoor!
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Felinize: 9:44pm On May 31, 2015
I just luv dis story nd d best op in dis section pls don't keep us waiting 4 too long, U'RE THE BEST CRIXINA
more mb to ur phone
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Nobody: 9:40am On Jun 02, 2015
FINALLY I'm here

I didn't sleep last night, I couldn't keep my phone down till I finished the story

more updates please
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Essyprity(f): 5:55pm On Jun 02, 2015
Yesss! Keep it coming
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 9:11pm On Jun 04, 2015
We all sat at the breakfast table, not that I really wanted to be there because that was actually the first time Gloria and me will be sitting together since the fight, that, I didn’t like, but Elliot always had a way of getting his way, my guess was that Jerry had told him what transpired between Gloria and me, because I heard both of them with Steve the night before all chatty in the wine bar which followed with occasional laughter, and just this morning he decided to make breakfast, which he mostly did when he wanted everyone together at the dining table, well a breakfast of toasted bread with omelet and tea wasn’t bad.
For some reasons the three guys were discussing politics, they were talking about the Governor’s ten billion naira fraud, Jerry was on the defensive, I guess he was a staunch supporter of Governor Charles, on a normal day I would contribute but Gloria was awfully quiet, stealing glances at me which made me uncomfortable, each time our eyes met, there were so many unsaid expressions in them, at some point, the boys may have noticed because their discussion abruptly ended, it sounded as if we were asked to observe a five minute silence, as the only sound that filled the room were the clattering of cutleries.
Why are you not using cutleries? Elliot’s voice broke the silence, as we all looked at him, I realized he was referring to me?
Huh? I asked not really understanding the awkward question, why would he ask that? I had a spoon in my hand, yeah there is a set of cutlery before you, why are you not using them? He asked again keeping a straight face,
What is he up to? I wondered as I kept staring at him strangely, in fact everyone was, including Gloria who kept rolling her eyes, he dropped his cutleries, and reached out for the napkin as he spoke,
Lucas Mathews may be the devil, but he is classy, in fact at first I thought him to be some low life truant but recent information shows that he has a Masters degree in human psychology from the University of Sussex, he holidays in the best countries of the world, last Christmas, he was in Monaco, he can have any kind of woman he wants with his money and charm, in fact women are not his problem, because he runs his own play boy mansion which plays host to all kinds of women, which he can choose from, he doesn’t just sleep with one woman… I cut in immediately,
Okay wait, where is this going to? I mean what has that got to do with food and cutleries, in fact what is the point of all these tales? I could see confusion on the faces of the others too, so it was like I asked the question on everyone’s mind,
My point is Impression,
Impression? What does that even mean? I queried,
How do you intend going into this guy’s life, if he killed Evans, framed you up for murder and kidnapped your parents, don’t you think he knows you already? Don’t you think you won’t even get pass the gate, so I think if this is even going to work, you have to figure out a way to impress this guy, get his attention, starting from the little things like using cutleries, the way you talk, walk, think, just be different from the women around him,
Gloria burst into a loud annoying laugh, which stirred up a bit of anger in me, Elliot gave her one of those his cold stare which made her behave, Steve stood up and left as he murmured under his breath, “this plan sucks”,
I turned to Elliot and gave him a smile,
What? He demanded,

I have been thinking if this guy is this powerful, influential and evil like they say, he killed my boyfriend, framed me up, and kidnapped my parents, so do you think finding me is the problem? Remember he found me once when I was kidnapped and locked up in some basement, so I don’t think he doesn’t know where I am, he does, like you said it’s a game to him, he wants me to come to him, he wants me to bring myself to him, even if he wants to kill me, I don’t think he wants to do that just yet, or I would have been dead by now, you were right this may have something to do with Evans, that’s why i want to meet this guy, I have a feeling he is looking forward to meeting me more than I am to meet him. Elliot and Jerry stared at me like they just saw a ghost, I guess they were both thinking she has finally gone mad, but I smiled at them,
Elliot, you are right, the only thing that will work on this guy is impression, so I agree what do you have in mind, I have been studying all the information from your mail, there is more to them that what we know, something behind the curtain, something behind the facade of being a cold blooded son of a bitch, a weakness, I’m about to explore that weakness, I looked at them as I drain the last amount of my tea which had gone cold, I placed the mug on the table with an air of satisfaction, knowing that somehow I have impressed them in some way, especially Elliot who kept staring at me as I walked out of the dining room.
Few minutes later, Elliot walked up to me,
What are you doing?
What? I asked lifting up my face as if my spirit had just been called back to my body, I mean what are you doing with my laptop? I’m trying to make sense of all these emails, I replied focusing on the screen, if you are going to be obsessed with Lucas’s life and these mails that we are not even sure of, you might as well print them out. it’s okay to be scared of Lucas, Elliot, but I’m not more scared of him, if he wants to play games, I’m up for it now, yeah you are right, I should print them out, but Elliot immediately spun the chair I was sitting in such a way that I was facing him,
No Alice, I’m not scared of Lucas, I’m scared for you, I’m scared that this whole thing is making you go crazy, you are obsessed with these mails, what choice do I have? I raised my voice, Elliot, I don’t get it, one month ago, you were serious about helping me find whoever is doing this, but what’s wrong now? Are you scared? we are halfway to getting answers and you suddenly develop cold feet?
Yes Alice, back then, I didn’t realize we were dealing with a derange psycho. Well, good for you, you have that luxury of choosing who to deal with, I don’t, so just let me do the best I can do, you said something about training, what did you mean? I asked making it obvious to him that I wasn’t about to give up, he heaved a sigh of relief and said I was just thinking, maybe we should just put you in a position where you can defend yourself if anything goes wrong,
You mean like physical combat?
Kind of, he said chuckling, that and otherwise,
Did you say we? I asked again, yeah, Jerry, Steve and me, even Gloria could help, he said twisting his lips in a way that showed he was careful about mentioning Gloria’s name,

I bet she can too, I replied frowning, fine, I’m open to anything right now,
Good, then we will start with the simplest and fun ones, he said smiling,
we are not training right now are we? I asked,
no, we are not combat training right now, we are brain training, he winked, I was confused, as he walked to the shelf, did I mention or did you read in one of the mails that Lucas is a gamer, poker, chess, he has a game lounge inside his club, he said retrieving a board game from the shelf,
Great, distract me, you think I’m losing my mind, so you bring this up, but I will play along, I have always wanted to learn how to play chess anyway, he smiled as we both sat on the floor.
The chess game is a very tactical one, he began with a voice as if he was lecturing a class of graduate students, it is played between two opponents, he continued as he arranged the pieces, the board contains sixty four squares, each player has sixteen pieces, he counted lifting up each piece, one king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights and eight pawns. The goal of the game is to checkmate the other king, I curled up my lips, I guess he knew what I wanted to ask, so he quickly gave the answer, checkmate is when the king is in a position to be captured and cannot escape from the capture,
Now, the second row or rank is filled with pawns. The rooks go in the corners, then the knights next to them, followed by the bishops, and finally the queen who always goes on her own matching colour, the white queen stays on the white square, the black queen on the black square, then you place the king on the remaining square, the player with the white pieces moves first, he was about to continue, when he looked at my face
Alice, are you even getting me at all?

he was right to ask that question, because as much I wanted to learn how to play chess, but so far all he said was complicated, I only managed to get all that because I felt they were the basics and I was sure he was going to ask me to explain that back to him, he was about to say some other thing, when Steve rushed down the stairs,
You need to see this! he said referring to Elliot, Elliot stood up so fast that I wondered what the urgency what all about, but my curiosity got the best of me, I followed them and they both were focused on Steve’s laptop, but before I could walk up to them, Steve minimized whatever it was, Elliot walked back to me,
What is it? I asked curiously?
Nothing that concerns you, Elliot replied trying to walk pass me, I immediately knew he was lying, he had that look that he puts on each time he tried to keep things from me, tell me what is it, I asked this time following him as he headed down the corridor leading outside the beach,
he stopped abruptly,
You remember the mail that listed all of Lucas’s properties here in the state, one of the last mails Skiter sent, Elliot asked trying to control his breath which was unusually fast,
Yes, I do, what about it?

There was this blue seal, he continued, you mean the private security company, yes, how did you know? he asked Surprised, I have been doing my research too, so what about the security company?
Did you try accessing their website? He asked,
No, why? There is a part of that website that is accessible to just the agency, that means you must have the password to be able to access it, so I asked Steve to try his hacking skills, he has been on it for a week now,
Wait! Steve is… yeah he is, he quickly interrupted and continued, he broke through, but what he found were just some information about the agency that the public doesn’t need to know, though he found another link, he clicked on, and it demanded for another password, so he tried again and cracked it, he paused, looking at me all bright eyes,

Yeah, so what did he find? I asked almost jumping out of my skin with curiosity,
A lot of pictures and videos, pictures of Evans, you, Evans and you, without waiting to hear another word, I ran back into the house,
Show them to me! I screamed to Steve who was still busy on the system, I want to see them now, he looked at Elliot who was already at my back, as if to seek for his approval, Elliot nodded to him, and he stepped away from the laptop, I clicked the first folder,
Oh my God! They were pictures of Evans from three months before he was killed, Elliot at work, Elliot at the supermarket, Elliot by the roadside, even pictures of him at his mechanic’s, the second folder contained pictures of Elliot and me, some I couldn’t even remember where we took them, our valentine’s day outing to the park, pictures of us sitting out with friends, pictures of Evans and his mum, pictures of Evans with Sarah Jameson, so they even had time to be going out and I didn’t know, pictures of them in Sarah’s car, some of those pictures didn’t even seem like they were taken in the state, but that wasn’t the issue right now, I assured myself as I was about to get jealous of a guy who is dead and was probably murdered by a sociopath, I quickly clicked the on the videos, but what I saw was so shocking, I couldn’t bring myself to even look at it a second time,
Videos of our lovemaking sessions in his apartment, videos of Evans and Sarah’s lovemaking sessions, Evans entire life was on tape, it was as if I was watching a reality TV show, I quickly minimized the window, out of shame, I left the living room.
That single discovery set a turn of events in our lives that fuelled our intensity to finding out more about Lucas, and also preparing me for my meeting him which went against all efforts by Elliot to convince me to change my mind, well, we decided that we were going to play Lucas by his own game, in order to fight evil, sometimes you have to become the evil yourself, I told Elliot, each time he tried to talk me out of the plan, I soon got close to Steve whom I later found out started out as an internet fraudster, who has soon gone into hacking, he spent most his time reading manuals and books written by the world best hackers, he once told me that his dream was to be one of the greatest hackers of the twenty first century, I still remember telling Elliot how deluded he is, for keeping a friend like Steve, but Elliot told me he wasn’t always like that, that they have been childhood friends,

He told me how Steve defrauded an investment company of a hundred million naira, the guy was just too creepy for my liking, but I had to put up with him because he was a genius when it had to do with figures, codes, and systems.
Jerry on the other hand was something else, we didn’t really relate as such until one morning when I passed down the corridor, I saw his room open, so I was curious, I had never been in his room, I snuck in, I didn’t know what I was there for, maybe I wanted to just have a look, but the bedside drawer was slightly open and something caught my eyes, at first I wasn’t sure what it was until I moved closer, I removed it, looking at it, wondering why Jerry will have this, immediately I had flashes of the scenario from months ago,
That’s a Beretta M9, a voice from my back startled me, causing me to drop the handgun on the floor, he jumped pushing me to the bed, as a loud sound enveloped the building, and the chandelier splattered into a thousand pieces,
In a split second Elliot, Gloria and Steve rushed into the room, Steve was still holding me tight on the bed to stifle my resonating screams,
What the hell? Steve screamed, while Elliot rushed to my side holding me up to see if I was hurt, what happened here?
She was just in here, the gun in her hands, the next minute, she drops it on the floor, Jerry explained stammering,
You mean you left a loaded gun here? what’s wrong with you man? Elliot asked sounding angry, I’m sorry, Jerry stammered again, but what was she doing in here by the way? Elliot took me out and the rest followed,
Are you okay? Elliot asked, for the umpteenth time, I am fine, I just saw the door open, and I…why would Jerry even have a loaded gun on his bedside drawer?
For security reasons Alice, you had no business being there in the first place, Elliot stressed the point,
is he having security threats? It’s a licenced gun, Jerry just like his toys, he said downplaying the situation, few minutes later, I went back to Jerry’s room, he was busy clearing out the broken chandelier,

Let me help, I said, I’m sorry, I just saw your door open, I don’t know… I stammered, I’m just sorry, it’s okay, it is I who should be sorry, I shouldn’t have left a loaded gun like that, I bent down, helping him pick up a shard of chandelier he didn’t see,
Teach me? I said looking sternly into his eyes, excuse me, Jerry replied, pretending not to understand me, I chuckled, you guys try so hard to lie, okay, Jerry enough of the lies, the first time I came to this place, Elliot drugged me, and then I came here and met three of you, a lady that is a bitch, and two guys that can’t take their lustful eyes off me, and not too long ago, I got into a fight with the bitch of a lady and she kicked my ass like some well trained fighter, Steve is some pro in defrauding people and can break the codes like he is some walking computer, and then you, you have a gun, and you do all that weight lighting and punching that bag every morning like you are training for the Olympics, and all four of you just happen to be in this beach house separated from the land of the living by tons of water,
I don’t know what shit is going down here, seems like everyone has their deal and somehow I’m a part of it, so it’s about time you all helped me get a handle on mine, you are going to teach me everything about fighting, guns, knives, every goddamn thing, because I’m sure you taught Gloria, so you will teach me too,

Jerry looked at me like he just saw a ghost, his jaw dropped, then he managed to stand up still fixing his gaze on me, Elliot was right, you are delusional, he said trying to make me feel stupid,
Well, you maybe right, I took slow steps towards the door, but who knows one of these days, that gun might just decide to go off again, after all I am delusional, I said giving him a mischievous smile as I walked out the door.
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i know i will be fried for not updating more after the long delay, but i promise an update tomorrow,bear with me abeg.

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Where are all these guys and the rest?

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Present ma. I have been around. You know its been long you update my brain. Welcome back. Taught you have abandoned the post.
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Where are all these guys and the rest?
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Where are all these guys and the rest?
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Get up! I heard a voice, next thing I felt was sudden cold, I tossed a bit on the bed then opened my eyes, and realized he had pulled away the thick duvet and the cold I felt was the morning sea breeze, the glass door was slide open,
What are you doing? I asked as I sat up on the bed, we are going for a run, Jerry said in a hoarse voice, it’s five A.M, I retorted,
That makes it all the more fun, up! up! up! he said as he walked towards the door, he was on sweatpants and sneakers, I thought he was leaving because I wasn’t ready, I wanted to lie right back when he came in again, don’t let me drag you, he said in a harsh voice, tossing a pair of sneakers and sweatpants to me, I reluctantly got up, we got outside, Gloria was already waiting, as she saw me,
Great! so she will be joining us, she said looking in Jerry’s direction, she didn’t wait for a reply as she jogged away, Jerry held my hands, come on, we will be running not walking, we didn’t quite get far, I stopped, panting, trying to catch my breath, I’m tired, I screamed to Jerry who kept jogging, but he jogged back, held my hands again, this time tighter, until we ran for what seemed like forever, when he noticed that my heart was almost constricting, he let me stop, I fell on the sandy beach panting,
Isn’t this what you want, yet you act this way, you have to be physically fit for this, Jerry pointed out, Gloria who sat not too far from us, got up and walked right to us,

Someone sure needs babysitting, she said, I knew she was trying to spite me, I felt like I should throw words back, but after our last encounter I knew I should be more cautious, so I ignored her, she walked past us and started jogging back to the house, you know she is just trying to mess with you right? Jerry said with a bit of mockery in his tone, and you think you are helping by reminding me of that, I said, standing up,
You can stand up to her, Jerry screamed out, his voice almost being covered by the roaring waters,
yeah, because the last time I did, it turned out so well, he ran up to me,
have you ever fought someone before? he asked trying to lighten my mood? It’s very simple, you just punch them like this, he said giving me a light punch on the shoulder, laughing,

ouch! That hurts Jerry, I ran back to him trying to push him, he shifted back, before I knew it I was chasing him around on the sandy beach, then he let me catch up to him, as I tried to punch him, but he held my hands pinning me to the ground, I struggled as we both laughed and rolled on the sandy beach,
I never knew Jerry could be that playful, when we got home, we were all covered in sand, that Elliot and Steve who were in the living room stared at us as if to ask what happened, but I ignored them, Good morning guys! I said walking to the refrigerator, I brought out a bottle of water,
Steve gave Jerry a cocky smile and then asked, Did you two do it on the beach? Elliot for a second seemed to agree with Steve’s question as he eyes popped open, and for a second there I saw a flash of jealousy, so I took advantage of that, I wanted to make him jealous,
Yes Steve, we did. you know, we went out on a run and somehow Jerry,… Jerry cut in suddenly, hey! hey! hey!, nothing of such happened, she is kidding, I gave them a cocky grin as I walked out of the living room, leaving Elliot, standing there with jealousy dancing in his eyes.
What was that all about? Elliot asked as I pull off my messy clothes, you tried to make me jealous back there,
Did it work? I asked giving him a grin, you do know Jerry is my friend right? but I ignored him, if you will excuse me, I will like to take a shower now, I deliberately pull off my clothes in front of him, walking out of him with my pant and bra in a seductive way, I turned on the shower and the warm water splattered on my body, I was applying the bathing liquid on my body when I felt a hand, I was spooked suddenly, I turned it was Elliot, I wanted to ask what he was doing in there, but he pushed me slightly backing me up against the tiled walls, and slowly he kissed me, I hadn’t felt that sensation in a while, his warm lips against mine, his hands running against my bare body, in an instant my body responded, how does he do this to me? everything south of my waist responded as he kept kissing me, the water still splashing on our bodies, he didn’t even mind the fact that his shirt was getting wet, and my passion was burning hotter, he slide his hands down my breast igniting more flames as he got to my ‘woman business’ he stopped, tickling me there, I let out a soft moan, he took his lips off my mouth and ran tiny kisses on my neck then to my left ear and to the right, then he suddenly stopped and whispered
“two can play this game”, with that he pulled away from me slowly, leaving me shattered and wanting him, he gave me a mischievous smile and walked out of the bathroom dripping with water, as I stood there feeling numb.
He didn’t just leave me hanging, did he? Suddenly I began to feel cold, I had to hurry myself out of the bathroom, I dressed up, I wore a bum short and a T shirt to at least shield me from the warm breeze which may likely give me a cold after the shower, for some reason, I felt like making breakfast, I made my way into the kitchen.
I noticed that all through the while I was making breakfast of white rice and chicken pepper soup, everyone at some point was drawn to the aroma which made them come peek at one point or the other, the only person missing was Jerry, so I immediately I served breakfast, I asked Elliot to go call Gloria, as I went looking for Jerry, Steve was already on his laptop as usual in the living room, I never knew that at the end of the balcony where the boys occasionally went to exercise was a staircase that led to a basement, I was startled by the sounds that came from there, I followed it down, the inside was large, one could barely hear the sound of the roaring sea.
You seriously turned this place to a shooting range? I said to Jerry who was busy cocking the hand gun in his hands, is it even safe in here?
You wouldn’t have even heard a sound if I had locked the door, he answered without even looking, so don’t worry about the bullet taking the staircase up to you, he joked, if you are going to stay in here, you will need to put this on, he handed me another pair of the ear protection thing,
Give me the gun! I asked audaciously,
What? He asked, I want to try, you aim at one of those numbered places right? I pointed to the labeled mannequin, he was about objecting or perhaps showing me what to do, when Elliot appeared at the door,

Guys! Breakfast is served, his tone was straight as if he didn’t really approve of what we were doing, when we were all seated at the table,
Alice! Seriously! After what happened yesterday, you almost hurt yourself, and Jer, what is going on with you? he turned to Jerry, his tone was reprimanding,

Elliot, I’m not a baby, I can handle myself, okay, what are you protecting me from? Okay fine you have protected all these while, has it changed the fact that we haven’t been able to sort things out, are you waiting till Lucas finds us here and kills us all which he will eventually, Gloria chuckled which made me more angry, I’m tired of your protection, I think I can start fending for myself,
Look, Alice, I care about you, those words of his caused everyone to turn and stare at him, I could see Gloria’s face,
Really? I said pretending like I wasn’t pleased to hear those words, I felt Elliot was acting that way because he thought I was getting close to Jerry, hence he was trying to create an impression. I was hurt, I stood up, I think I just lost my appetite, as I took two steps, I heard a deafening sound, it was as if everyone heard it too as we all tried to pick where it came from, as they rushed off the table,
What the hell is that? We all went to the glass door overlooking the beach and peeked, it was a sail boat, I never even knew they were curtains that shielded the glass doors overlooking the beach, with one swift move Elliot dragged them down, Steve rushed and dragged the rest,
What is going on? I began shivering,
ssssh! Elliot said signaling me not to say a word, the next thing I saw Jerry rooster his hand gun, Elliot retrieved his from where he kept it under one of the couches, Steve too retrieved his, I turned to look at Gloria who for the first time I saw fear in her eyes, I was almost passing out urine when the sail boat came to a halt, Elliot kept signaling to me and Gloria to go into the basement, but I couldn’t, if I was going to die, I have to face my killers squarely, three guys jumped out of the sail boat, they were all dressed in black jeans, black T shirts with black boots, they shielded their eyes with huge black sun glasses, as they approached the building, I was almost passing out when the name on the sail boat caught my eyes,
“Blue seal security” I froze as two of the guys went round the house, one stood there in front of the house, we were all watching from inside, Guns were cocked already in case they decide a break in, but I knew if that happened, it was going to be messy, I found myself calling on God again, Gloria was on the floor already shivering, but we were all amazed when they jumped back into the sail boat and headed back into the sea.
We all sat on the floor for about ten minutes, no one could really say a word,

Are you convinced now that you can’t protect me? I stood up, directing my words to Elliot, with tears in my eyes, do you think those guys didn’t know we were in here? they saw the yacht out there, I’m tired of this, It’s either you all play by my rules, or you let me leave, because I’m tired of your protection, I’m not saying you have not helped me enough, but Elliot I have to figure out a way to solve my problems, not hide from them, I know I didn’t kill anyone, neither did I beg for this to happen to me, so that alone assures that if I fight this battle, I’m going to win it, and I will with every last breath I take. I left them all staring at me, some with pity, some with expressions I couldn’t read. Some minutes later, Gloria walked in, I swore in my heart that if she said anything to piss me off, I will hurt her, I reached out for the scissors that was on the table,

Elliot is trying to convince everyone that all is fine, because of his sick need to protect you from something you obviously got entangled in, thereby risking all our lives, Gloria said, but I didn’t turn, I still backed her because I felt the disgust in her voice, turning to look at her face will only fuel my anger, those guys were here for you, and Elliot still thinks he can protect you by hiding you here, she chuckled, but they are all blind or probably just acting tough like the men they are,
She chuckled again men!, sometimes they are just pathetic, I turned looking at her, she sounded bitter, I didn’t think she was still talking about the subject at hand,
I began thinking if a guy had broke her heart, then again, she was a girl with many issues, so I just stood there, folding my arms and staring at her, and she continued,

As much as I hate to admit it, you are right, this Lucas or whatever you call him is deceptive and you can only play him by being deceptive, so I think we can figure out something together, she said cringing at her own words, probably hating herself for saying that.
I was surprised, I couldn’t believe my ears, but before I could say something she continued, besides the sooner you figure this out, the sooner you leave us alone, I love Elliot, and I’m not going to let you take him from me, she sounded really helpless and for once, I saw a woman who was just trying her best to get a man’s attention, so when we do figure out a way for you to solve your problem, and you lurk one more day behind to try and take him away from me, Lucas won’t be your worst nightmare, I will, I swear to you. she turned to walk away, but stopped and she said,
And drop that scissors, you don’t stand a chance with it against me, my eyes popped open as I thought,
This girl is a complete psycho.
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am here. Wen is diz story ending I taught diz is a short story
Lol, i can understand the anxiety, but the fact is that this story wasn't the original one I had in mind, the one I did would have been too hard core for a forum like this, if you know what I mean.
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I hope it's all clear now.
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Thank for the update. Oliver twist
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The next few weeks of my stay in Elliot’s beach house launched an unexpected turn of events, Gloria had decided to help me not because she hated me any less, I got to know that she was as deceptive as a serpent, we both analyzed Lucas’s life via the mails we got of him, and we worked with that, I knew it was serious when Gloria started lecturing on how to be a high class prostitute,
Are you kidding me? I howled at her, when she first suggested,
No, I’m sure you are going to just walk up to Lucas and ask nicely, the guy runs a freaking brothel, there are only two set of women that are likely to be there, those that go sell their V sections and those that go with their men to have fun, and I don’t see you going there with any man which leaves you with just one choice, she howled back at me,
You forgot to mention those that work there?

She let out a huge mocking laugh, oh please! I know you are not smart, but common sense should tell you that Lucas should run a background check on those working in a place as illegal as a brothel, so unless you want him digging into who you are before you even get a chance with him, I would rather you go in as a LovePeddler, and don’t think I have missed the irony of that, she said, upsetting me, but I controlled myself because I had promised I would ignore her no matter what she does as long as she has made up her mind to help me,
I blinked the pain out, okay, so how do we go about it?
Lucas knows who you are already, so no point trying to act like you don’t know who he is, go in, do something to get his attention, I cut in immediately, something like what? I asked, but she simply shook her head as if to show how pathetic I was, I ignored her again, she didn’t answer my question, she just continued, when he comes to you, tell him you need his help,
What? I screamed, need his help? Why? For what? You should even be telling me how to face w the idiot who is hurting me and my entire family,
Oh God! Why am I even doing this, I should have known I’m dealing with a kid, Gloria muttered as she turned to leave, okay, wait! I found myself begging,
Listen to me, you can only succeed in this, if you gain this guy’s trust, do you think he is a fool? Don’t you know he is going to put you through series of test to find out if you are lying and if you fail, he blows your fucking brain off, that is the essence of this, showing you ways around this guy’s psychology, training you on how to be a good liar, to play him at his own fucking game, please tell me I’m not wasting my time here.
Gloria had a point, and I soon came to see it, I agreed to follow through, the whole deal was for me to go in there as a fugitive which I was, convince Lucas that I need him to protect me from the law by allowing me stay there while working for him in his brothel, our plan may have been flawed because Lucas would ask how I got to know him, and have access to him, because he was a very secretive man, most of his crimes were rarely traced back to him except by insiders, but Gloria had it all figured out.
Off course you have a contact on the inside, she said curving her lips in a satisfying manner, we just need Elliot’s help,
What are you talking about? I asked, she paused for a while,

No, No No, Elliot bolted down the staircase towards me, what’s going on with you guys?
Okay ever since Gloria and me decided to be in cohorts, the guys had been wondering what’s going on, they were surprised that Gloria and me were always together, talking in hush voices most of the times, yet we didn’t seem like we were having a friendly conversation, they kept watching us and eavesdropping at times, but none of them were bold enough to ask any of us what we were up to, it was as if we created a team, girls versus boys.

Is this what you guys have been up to? No, my answer is no, we are not getting anybody involved in this, do you know what it took me to get this guy to snoop around? No, I won’t, by the way what else have you guys been up to? Do you know what could happen to him or us if Lucas ever got to find about this whole plans of yours? His voice vibrated with anger as he looked from me to Gloria
They are right, Steve’s voice resonated from where he stood with Jerry on the stairs, his voice didn’t sound as though he were pleading with Elliot, it sounded like he was stating the obvious, his hands were in his jean pockets as he stepped down the staircase, Skiter is collateral damage, it happens in every war, or would you rather protect him than protect princess here, I smirked at the fact that Steve has not really stopped calling me that, but quickly, I returned my thoughts to the subject at hand. Nobody has to be collateral damage, and there is no war, will you all please give this madness up, I can’t believe you guys, Elliot stated still sounding angry,
Okay fine, Elliot, it’s either that or Skiter starts wondering why you want all that information about Lucas, then he turns you in, oh wait! He said acting as if he was thinking, he already that, that explains those bastards who were here to Bleep us all up, I’m just saying that I love my sweet life far more than that of anyone, so I’m ready to risk it, or I leave because this supposed safe house isn’t so safe anymore. I watched as Elliot’s anger suddenly fade, and for one second it looked like he agreed to it as he sat down on the couch.
Now tell us an elaborate plan, he looked at me while I turned to Gloria who stood up feeling accomplished ready to act tutor like she had been doing with me in for a while only that now she had more than me to show off for.
Okay, she says taking a deep breath, the plan is Alice will go into the club, get Lucas’s attention who we all know is privy to every camera in the club, we are counting on the chance that Lucas will recognize her and invite her up to the second floor where the brothel is, Steve cut in, hold on a second, I think I worked on the schematics of the building from what Skiter gave, he rushed upstairs, bringing down his laptop, and he dabbled a few things with his laptop, the full schematics came up on the plasma TV on the wall,
Wow! I gaped, Gloria gave him a smile and winked, then continued, from what Skiter sent, the brothel is somewhere here to the screen, chances are that he will take you through a corridor from the club, but there is also an elevator, we watched intently, everything was a lot easier to understand that the first time I saw it in Elliot’s mail,
So when she meets with Lucas, that’s where your most deceptive character comes into play, you will convince him enough to make him believe that you need his help to protect you, he will want to know the links, that’s where Skiter comes in, he said as he threw a quick glance at Elliot to gauge his reaction, but you are not going to tell him at once, when he threatens you which he will most definitely do, tell him you never met Skiter, that you traded emails, Elliot cut in a voice that was trying to point out to Gloria how flawed her plan is,
And when Lucas asked for evidence of the mail? We all wanted to know, because we all stared at Gloria, but she gave us that smile again that proved she was in charge,
That’s when she will agree to have met Skiter, but that she lied to protect him because Skiter warned her not to ever mention him, she said beaming with confidence,

What if Skiter says he has never met me? I asked having a little fear of insecurity, then we produced the mails not everything though,
But the mails were sent to Elliot’s, Gloria cut in, turning to Steve, hacker boy, can’t you pull some stunts? Steve shook his head and smiled at her, you are so impossible, I think I can break into Skiter’s mail and redirect some of the mails he sent to Elliot to your tab.
If by chance, all these work, and Lucas does not see past the façade, what will she be doing? Elliot asked still skeptical, living her life like a good little LovePeddler while snooping around, she said making light of the word she just used, Elliot felt so uncomfortable as he kept rubbing his fore head. That’s why we all need to work together, it doesn’t just end there, Gloria said sounding less her normal self, because we may be hoping to find answers in that his ridiculously large building, but they may not be there as we all know from the blue seal security website that Lucas loves to play with codes, so you know what that means, the memories of the pictures of me earlier flashed before my eyes as I blink it from my mind.
I can get her past the basics, at least, like tampering with computer passwords, security doors with codes Steve said confidently.
She already started something with me, I guess we will pick up from where we left off, Jerry who was silent all along said, giving me a faint smile which I returned, Good, because she doesn’t stand a chance against a fifteen year old, Gloria said obviously jealous of the fact that Elliot felt uneasy when Jerry and me smiled at each other,

And I know what to do myself, the rest is up to her, she said rolling her eyes at me,
Elliot chuckles, how long do you think it will take her to assimilate all these, codes, physical defense, not to talk of if she gets there and loses it, or becomes nervous, or breaks down, have you all considered that? Elliot asked, well don’t worry about her confidence, that’s what I’m here for, and for how long, few weeks or maybe a month, Gloria replied,
A month? I screamed suddenly from where I sat watching my life being decided for me, I don’t have all that time, my parents lives are at stake here,
Oh please! They were taken months ago, you waited till now, and suddenly you are in a hurry, besides for someone like you, I don’t think a month is even enough, I felt a pint of anger surge through my body, but I relaxed, because I wasn’t about to let anger ruin anything for me, and that’s why I need your help, she added, this time looking at Elliot.
I think I need a drink, Elliot said standing up, yeah, me too, Steve said joining him.
Beginning from that day, I felt like I was on the clock, i ran every morning, trained with Jerry, I could remember Jerry trying to show me how to fire a gun,

This is a semi automatic pistol. It is quite different from a revolver, just think of the former as an automatic car and the later as a manually driven car, off course this is a semi automatic pistol, he said referring to the gun in his hands, there is a difference between firing a gun and hitting your target, the later involves precision, balance, technique and practice, he turned to look at me,
Are you nervous? Because I can still remember you threatening me to teach you this, no, it’s not that, it’s just that the only two times I have handled a gun in my life, I almost killed someone and I almost killed myself, don’t worry that’s the essence of this, so that you don’t kill someone when you don’t have to, he reassured me,
Well, I don’t have to even kill someone at all, I retorted, don’t be too sure of that. Because you might not have a choice sometimes, he said sounding as if those words were meant for him not me, you know we could go back to punching bags and physical combat, I think that one is a lot easier, no, we are doing this now!
Here! He handed me the gun, first whenever you pick a gun, check to see if it’s loaded, unless you are sure it is, in a semi automatic like this, you pull the magazine from the gun, holding my hands we dragged it out together, and pull the slide back to look into the chamber, there, this tiny gold like things are shell casings, which means this gun is loaded, then if you are to fire, you slide it back in, keeping your finger outside the trigger guard like this, he kept holding my hands, make sure the barrel is pointed to the target, then you allow it slowly, and just like that,
Kaboom! Man down! I immediately gave it back to him shivering from the sound even though I protected my ears, I’m never going to get use to this, you will with time, we were about starting over, when Elliot appeared,
Enough guns for the day, Steve needs you, he had seemingly become protective and territorial in the last few weeks especially with Jerry, as much I didn’t want to come in between two friends, I was always glad making Elliot jealous, especially in the last few days, I had taken to seducing and leading him on, but each time he comes around, I taunt him, it was his own game, and Gloria never ceased to make sure that Elliot and me are not left alone.

I was faster in assimilating Steve’s codes than any other training, sometimes he made me played code games, which I cracked most times to his utter amazement, then he introduced scrabble as bonus points for each set of codes I cracked, we will play scrabble, it was quite interested and I understood why he spends so much time on his computer, even Gloria was impressed, but she always tried to pretend she wasn’t .
Her own part of the training was somewhat weird, which made me wonder who Gloria is, what is this pole doing here? I asked as I joined her in the basement, it’s strip time baby, you will be taking stripping lessons,
What? I asked frowning, what were you expecting? whores do these things and please don’t ask me again if this is necessary because that was practically my question when she decided she should teach me to walk and talk and reason like a LovePeddler, in her own words, we even had dress up and make up sessions, I objected at some point, Gloria I have seen call girls before, they are not really weird and removed from the world as you try to portray, but she made her point and I wasn’t suppose to argue, not until days later, I started seeing that she was impressed with some of the things I could do. Elliot on the other hand still maintained his skepticism but he helped whenever he needed to, we played chess, we solved puzzles and his favorite part most times was asking possible question he thought Lucas might just ask, most times I dazed him as I gave good responses.
Gloria was my sexual tutor, as she would put it building my deceptive self, Elliot was my mental tutor, Jerry, I still felt weird calling him my physical defense tutor and Steve was my cryptographer, I felt like I was going undercover, literally I was, soon the fear began to diminish as anxiety began to set it, as the days go by, I was getting better at every aspect, Jerry timed me at how fast I could pick a gun rooster and fire, he congratulated me when I made it in three one of those times, as the days go by, it was like the bond between us got stronger, even Gloria couldn’t really taunt me anymore, I saw the friend in her when at one point after our session was over and just when she didn’t expect it,
Gloria, I called out, she turned, I know we are not really friends but I just want to say thank you for all you have done, I said holding my breath, but she just stood there as she tried to suppress the smile, but she couldn’t so she just let it spread, and nodded,
Good luck with everything Alice, she turned and walked out, I stood there imagining what the next three days will be like because Saturday it will be…

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