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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by ThaRuthlxx7: 5:37am On Apr 15, 2015
Guys,comments,opinions,corrections and even constructive criticism are welcome.

Ur doing good cuntunu
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by preciousswett: 7:20am On Apr 15, 2015
Nice write up kiss,update abeg

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 4:53pm On Apr 16, 2015
Elliot stood me up again that evening,he didn't show up,neither did he call,I tried to not care by not calling him too,my mind strayed to Evans,at least I still had him,so I called Evans rather,knowing that he would want me to come over,which actually turned out to be so.

Though I kept hoping Elliot would call,put him away from your thought,you are with Evans now,I murmured to myself,as I walked up to Evans kissing him so hard,that almost immediately I felt his bulging,what are you up to? he asked with his tongue shoved in my mouth,
You know I replied,pushing him to the bed,at least that was one moment I didn't have to think about Elliot,so I was grateful,when he starting exploring my body parts,I closed my eyes,but all I could see in my mind's eyes was Elliot,which made every of my senses heightened,I felt this voracious hunger in me,I wanted him more or maybe I wanted Elliot,the hunger in me was contagious,cos before I knew what was going on,my clothes were peeled from my body,all I wanted right then was just him inside me,with every touch accompanied a loud moan that resounded across the room,
Slowly he moved into me,it was like my world had inevitably shifted,all I could see was Elliot driving me back home,where he gave me a peck on the cheek became a hot passionate kiss,I saw him slipping his fingers slowly in my gown and touching my already hard ni..pples,I saw at the back of his car,me below him,while he pushed his full length inside of me and with just three mighty thrust,I held Evans really tight pressing him into me as we both screamed passing out loud groans.
Few seconds later we are laying apart catching our breath,
What's going on,we have been going out for a month,and we have never had it like that,Evans said smiling as he kissed me softly on my neck,
Well,I guess we are getting more intimate everyday,besides I missed you,I replied trying to hide the underlying meaning in my eyes,with that I curled up in his arms,letting myself imagine what it would have been if it were Elliot as my eyelids closed and I drifted away.

The next day Evans left early to work,I decided to leave too,I checked my phone,no message,no missed call,I scrolled down to Elliot as I hit the call button,the number was switched off.i could feel the anger building up,I pushed it aside and let the day go by,I decided I need to keep myself busy,so I don't think of him,I did some housekeeping,slept, until Rosie came home.

Two weeks went by,Elliot's number didn't still go through,I told Rosie and we made so many conspiracy theories,one of it being that he is married and probably just needed a girl's company when he comes to town,I quickly bought into that,but even if that were to be true,why wasn't he in a hurry to have s.ex?whatever it was,I had to put it behind me and make it work with Evans which was exactly what I did.

After about a month Elliot called
I know you must be furious with me now,but if you can just let me explain,he said sounding really pathetic.
No, save it,you might need it for other women you have deceived too,I replied sounding rude,he chuckled,which made me angrier,
You know what,i would like you not to ever call me again,I'm in a relationship now and i will hate to lose it over a pathetic liar,i snapped,
Ok very well then,but if you ever need anything,call me,he sounded polite
Yeah,you mean like a married man to buy me drinks,i will keep that in mind,thanks,i replied as i dropped the call.

That was the last time we spoke,but right now i needed help and my instincts tell me he might just be the one to give me just that...

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by ThaRuthlxx7: 6:49am On Apr 17, 2015
Ok next pls
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 8:10pm On Apr 18, 2015
At about 5am,people started leaving the church,I called Elliot he picked after two rings,I would have loved to tease him about picking my call just like that,but I was in a dilemma,so he got to do the teasing

Wow! What a lovely surprise!I could feel the gloating in his voice,so I cut in,Elliot not now please,I need your help,I sounded anxious,before I could make the next statement,
Where are you?he asked sounding eager,

Fifteen minutes later,I'm seated in the front seat of Elliot's car,
Good morning and thanks for coming,I said looking worn out,I hadn't had any sleep in the last twenty hours or so,he nodded with a smug smile,I relaxed into the front seat as he turned on the engine and screeched off.

We didn't say a word to each other after then,until he pulled into Fresia's palace,a popular hotel in town that plays host to the high class of the society,I awoke from my thought since we left the church and asked
What are we doing here?
He gave me that smug smile again,c'mon he said as he opened his side of the door and walked briskly to my side of the door opening it as I stepped out.
He held me by the hand taking some giant strides as I struggled to keep up with his pace,we slipped into the elevator,he pressed 5 on the keypad, as I thought to myself how I have never been in this hotel before,and what we are even doing here.we soon got out of the elevator as I watch Elliot produce his card from his wallet,swiped it,and we were ushered into a large exquisite suite,well furnished and spoke of class.

Make yourself comfortable,he said as I stopped him midway,Elliot we have to talk,he stopped starring at me and for the first time since he picked me up,I looked into his face and it was as I remembered,only more handsome,but I ignored that thought and continued,
Why are we here?
He looked at me sternly and said because you are a fugitive,and you called for my help,and even though I didn't want to help,I just had to,so I had to keep you away from prying eyes until I figure out what I'm in for now that I'm helping you,he gave me that smug smile again.
My eyes popped in surprise,so...
I completed my words,yes Alice I know,it's on the news and papers,you are officially wanted as a suspect,
What were you thinking?
Killing Larry Jameson's son in law to be,he said,
I didn't Elliot,I swear,I felt tears begin to well up again,
Ok if you say so,he replied with his usual smug smile
I reached out for my phone,bur I remembered I left it in my backpack in Elliot's car,I wanted to go get it,Elliot insisted I stay in,he went out got my bag,
I rushed for my phone,switched it on and decided to call my parents now that I'm on the news,I tried both my mum and dad's number,they were both switched off,I decided to call my younger sister,
She picked up,
Where are you?she asked as she burst into tears,I could barely her
Rita please I know things are not right,but I would like to speak to daddy,I tried holding back the tears,
They are not here,
What do you mean they are not there,I screamed,
They were arrested this morning,
What? By whom? Why? I asked almost losing my breath
The police,
Ok,Rita listen to me,call uncle Andy,go with him to the police station,I will meet you there,I said now panting,
Alice,we did,but they said they made no such arrest,
What?but you said...Rita were this said policemen in uniforms,did they present any form of identification? I asked
No,they didn't before we could get the chance to make enquiries,they took them away.

Oh my God! The men from last night quickly registered in my mind,as my legs went numb,I fell to the floor,while Elliot who has been watching me all along rushes to my side...


Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 12:21pm On Apr 20, 2015
calm down!he said trying to lift me up from the floor,
Don't tell me to calm down,i yelled,my parents have been kidnapped,they may be hurt right now,i have to go,i said grabbing my phone and rushing towards the door,Elliot rushed over stopping me,
Alice,you don't want to do anything stupid right now,if you are sure they weren't taken by the police,that means whoever took them wants to lure you out,
Yes i know,so I'm going to give them what they want,better me than my parents,I said struggling to break free from his hold,
I won't allow you hurt yourself,he tightened his grip around me,as I broke into a loud cry surrendering to his grip,
It's going to be ok,we will find a way to deal with this,he said patting me on the back,he led me slowly to the bed and made me sit,he walked to the other part of the suite which served as a living room,then came back with a bottle of water and a glass,
Here! Take this,you will be fine,he said handing over the glass of water,I gulped it down as fast as I could,few minutes later I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up at about a quarter to four,I felt like I had slept for eternity,I felt better,until I realized where I was and why I was there,
Elliot was nowhere to be found,i got up from the bed walked to the living room,for the first time since i came in that morning,i looked around,the left wing of the living room was a well furnished dinning room with a large table and four glass like chairs around it,the covered tray on it caught my eyes,i walked right to it,i uncovered it,revealing a four set of what looked like expensive plates,containing white rice in one,stew made with animal liver and heart in the others,salad in the third and different kinds of fruit sliced up in the fourth,salad cream and a bottle of red wine were placed side by side,
At the sight of those,i instantly became hungry,then my eyes caught the note beside it,
"I'm out for a meeting,i will be back soon,eat because you are going to need all the strength you can get,Elliot"

My thoughts shifted,what exactly does he mean by needing strength,what kind of meeting has he gone for?i quickly reminded myself that Elliot never really told me where he worked or what he did,he had always skipped personal matters,my thoughts really slipped back to the tasty meal before me,
I settled down into one of the chairs,at least i get to eat a decent meal incase events turn out awry,i thought to my self as i started eating.

I barely finished my meal,when Elliot walked in,good to see you are up,he said smiling as he picked up the bottle of wine opened it and pour it into my glass,poured his too,and sat facing me,twitching his lips,

What?I asked anxiously,he smiled again
The thing is Alice,you know what harbouring a fugitive means,A person who is guilty of murder and and trying to elude the law..i quickly cut in...wait wait wait,Elliot what's your point? I didn't kill anyone,I said standing up with fear in my eyes,
I know,he said,then why...i wanted to ask further
Because that's what everybody out there thinks you are,A murderer and a fugitive,right now your parents are in danger,who knows...i cut in again,don't say it. Nothing will happen to them,I said blinking the tears away
Exactly,that's why I'm gonna tell you this,if you need my help like you said,you will play by my rules,no rash decision like when you wanted to rush out earlier to save your parents without a clue of what to do,you will do what I tell you to do because as long as I want to help you,I don't want to be wanted as an accomplice or get into any trouble whatsoever,you got that? He said giving me a stern look,

I nodded,
Good sit down and finish your meal and we will talk,
But first of all,if you didn't kill your boyfriend,what's his name again?
Evans,I mentioned,yes Evans,he said without any emotion,then we have to other people who were close to him like family members or friends.
How?I asked looking lost,
Pick any of his friends or family member who you think might have spent time with him before the deed day.
I quickly remembered the day before Evans's death when I went to cause a scene in the presence of his friends and fiancée,

Sam!I said skeptical of what is going on,
Good,then we will pay Sam a visit,he said giving me that smug smile,as he walked away from the dinning room.

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by ThaRuthlxx7: 7:26am On Apr 21, 2015
Have been busy.. I just came by
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 10:20am On Apr 21, 2015
Have been busy.. I just came by
welcome back,I'm sure you are keeping up.

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 10:02pm On Apr 22, 2015
Hold on!why are we talking to Sam? i asked in surprise as i rose up from the dinning table following him into the other wing of the suite which is supposed to be the bedroom,
well if you want to actually find out why Evans was killed,and like you said you didn't have a hand in that,then you must find out who did,and what better way than to start asking his close buddies,cos who knows they might just have the answers you need,he said sounding like all these was just a big joke to him,

why would i want to do that?
isn't that what the police are meant for? i said with a bit of confidence,
oh yes, but until then they can have you and your entire family for keeps,
Alice,aren't you a bit curious? why would someone kill your boyfriend and and try to frame you for it,don't even get me started on the men who made an attempt on your life,
and Alice what about your parents? do you know where they are? cos your sister just...

stop! just stop please,i managed to find some words,realizing the truth in his words,i will find my parents,everything will be okay,tears spiraling down my cheeks,
that's why you need to take this step,let me help you cos you asked for my help,all you just have to do is trust me,he said walking towards me,with his right hand he lifted up my chin so that my face meets with his and I'm thinking he wants to kiss me,i felt uncomfortable,as much as years ago i would have so loved this gesture,in fact i would have ripped his clothes off,but the timing was just too wrong,

just when i was about pulling away,he said you do trust me right?
i nod in a yes gesture,then you have to call Sam,tell him you want to meet and talk at Food house tomorrow,Food house is a popular eatery in town,tell him to come alone,I did just that.

the next day after tolerating a long and boring day of being in Elliot's suite watching TV,eating,trying hard to sleep,but could not as my thoughts kept spiraling,i kept having nightmares of my parents,and Rosie and Evans,i turned on my phone,ignoring the fact that Elliot told me not to earlier after telling him i was worried about Rosie,that i had to check on her,he insisted i shouldn't that it could pose a whole lot of problems,just when i was about arguing further,he pulled the Truth,A national newspaper and tossed it at me,

Open to page 7,he said with all amount of seriousness,i flipped quickly,there it was,a full page of my picture with the caption "wanted"
further down was a full description of me and a reward of 3 million naira to whoever has useful information to my where about,my eyes popped,
before i could say another word,Elliot interrupted,right now don't consider anyone a friend,
hell! i could even turn you over and get that money for myself,he gave me a cocky grin,look all I'm saying is you can't trust anyone,except off course me,with that he unlocked the door,turned to me and said see you in a bit.

At 3:30pm we
were headed towards Food house,with Elliot driving,for the first time since he picked up,i noticed he wasn't driving
the car he was three years ago,he was now driving the 2015 Lexus IS 250,i tried to distract myself by wanting to focus on Elliot,so i smiled,

why are smiling? he asked smiling too
cos i just realized you are a walking mystery,i don't know who you are,you drive this flashy car,live in a suite,go out and come in from time to time,
and i still don't know why you are helping me,and not turning me in for 3 million naira,which reminds me what about the hotel management,they know I'm here,they might turn me in,i said with fear in my eyes,

don't worry,we also pay them for discretion,back to your question,i rather not talk about me,you are the woman of the moment,with that Elliot dodged my question while he pretended to be focused on the driving so i took the hint,while i drifted back to my thoughts,

will Sam even show up?
i was nervous,cos of the way he reacted when i called earlier,he was furious,almost threatening to rain hell on me,i kept pleading,until he agreed to meet,i was confused about what i was going to say to make him believe i didn't murder his friend,but i was brought back to reality when Elliot suddenly stopped,

why are we stopping? i asked
because we are here,he replied shrugging his shoulders,i opened the car ready to step out and walk the remaining meters to the eatery thinking he stopped there cos he didn't want to meet Sam,but he drew me back,

call Sam,tell him you are inside the eatery,i did just that,Sam told me he is running late,i should bear with him,
Elliot pressed the automatic lock,locking us in,

Ten minutes later,Elliot drew my attention to someone,is that Sam?
i said yes,urging him to unlock the door,let me go meet him,just then he said then why is Sam accompanied by policemen when the instruction was come alone?

I gaped in surprise,Sam wanted to set me up,my jaws dropped,how could he? after he convinced me he was coming alone,
that's why you cannot trust anyone right now,Elliot said gloating,we sat there and watched Sam and the police men go in the eatery and left in their van,
I couldn't still say a word,not to worry,you know what they say,if the mountain wouldn't come to you,you go to it,with that he gave me a cocky smile as we headed back to the hotel...

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by ThaRuthlxx7: 8:25am On Apr 23, 2015
I suspect sam.. Badt guy
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 1:23pm On Apr 24, 2015
Episode 3

I couldn’t believe Sam would do that, I thought I convinced him to at least give me the benefit of the doubt, well, can I really say I blame him, everyone thinks I’m guilty, if Sam too does, then probably Rosie thinks even worst of me, especially with the fact that I had become a fugitive, and I haven’t even cared to check on her since I got her arrested, my parents, the police didn’t take them I’m sure, whoever did, have they even told them why they took them, are they even fine wherever they are, or maybe they have been told their daughter killed a man, what would they think of me, that will probably break their hearts, tears began building up in my eyes again,
I shouldn’t listen to Elliot, I should try to make some calls and make sense of all these, I thought to myself, but before I could reach out for my phone I heard Elliot unlocking the door,

Hey! It’s 8pm already, get dressed, it’s show time, what do you mean? I asked, we are going to see your little friend, since he refused coming to us, he removed his shirt and I stood there gazing at his abs and wondering for a moment why Elliot hasn’t made any move on me, I remember asking him three nights ago if he was going to join me on the bed, he just smiled and said we are staying in a suite, there is enough space to go around, maybe he just doesn’t want to bug me yet, seeing I’m in a dilemma,
Are you ready? His voice brought me back from my reverie, I never even noticed he had changed into a black polo,

Yes, I am,

We hit the road, and I realized how much I have missed my freedom, the night life, the cool breeze and just the thought of walking freely, I haven’t been out since I was chased by unknown men, I wandered away again into my thoughts, but I was quickly brought back by Elliot’s voice again, you know I have no idea where Sam's place is, so you will have to get out of those thoughts and lead the way, I gave him a soft smile masking how I really felt about going to see Sam,

Do you think this is a good idea? I asked not being able to hold back my thoughts,
Well, I don’t know about good, but I do know it’s a lot better than sitting around crying and feeling pity for yourself, he gave me a mocking grin, which made me laugh out, okay, thanks for the mockery,
Take the next turn on the left and proceed, I added, feeling grateful that I had someone like Elliot in this situation, which brought me back to the question of why he even decided to help me in the first place, I dismissed it immediately and focused because we were at our destination, Elliot parked a bit away from the Sam's compound, as we both walked, though the road was a little dark, but they were rays of light emanating from the various flats in the Sam's compound, thereby lighting up the road slightly,
We walked up to Sam's door and knocked, there was faint music emanating from the inside, but it seemed quiet, I knocked again, then we heard footsteps walking towards the door, the door swung open and we are face to face with Sam,
I could see the fear in his eyes when he saw me,

I just want to talk, please Sam, I said in a soft voice that was intended to send out a pity signal, I have nothing to say to you, and who is this, he said referring to Elliot,
Elliot cut in, I’m a friend, Can we come in, actually we can, holding me by the hand and forcing himself inside,
I’m going to call the police, are you here to threaten me in my own house, and you, you killed your own boyfriend and now you are bringing in a thug to threaten me, what do you guys want from me? Sam said raising his voice, I could see Elliot tightening his jaw in anger, I quickly held his hands while trying to get Sam to stop raising his voice, Sam please I’m just here to talk, I just listen to me, I wanted to when I called you out in the day, but you showed up with the police, I didn’t kill Evans, I don’t who did and I don’t know why I’m framed for it, I need answers too, that’s why I’m here,
If you not guilty, why don’t yourself in, and let the police do their job, don’t you think running away, and breaking into my house with some macho guy makes you look even more guilty, he said giving Elliot a stare,

Okay, I can’t do this anymore ,it looks like a sick job, Elliot said producing a phone from his pocket, and placing it on the table, this phone has only one phone number, mine, you will use it to communicate with me,
What are you doing Elliot, I asked, totally lost, relax, I’m just trying to get your little buddy here to cooperate with us,
Sam let out a loud laughter filled with mockery, and Mr. whoever the hell you are, why would I want to do anything you say,
It’s your choice Sam, but errrrm… what’s her name? Patricia, your little sister, she stays in the school campus right? She’s so beautiful, it would be a shame knowing that something happened to her because of her brother, we were both confused as to what Elliot was talking about, Elliot rushed to pick his phone and dialed a number holding the phone to his ear, while Elliot sat down feeling relaxed as if he anticipated something,
Hello…Sam said, when Elliot dragged the phone from him and turned it on loudspeaker mode, it was Patricia’s voice frightened and crying, Sam… Sam…please help me! help me, Sam rushed for the phone, oh my God! Patti what’s going on? Where are you? Just then Elliot ended the call, tossing the phone back to him as he took me by the arm, dragged me towards the door and turned to Sam and said

We will keep in touch…
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by ThaRuthlxx7: 6:55pm On Apr 24, 2015
Wow am loving this
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 4:54pm On Apr 25, 2015
Elliot,what did you do? I asked, my voice shaking, as we left Sam’s place,going back to the hotel, Elliot didn’t reply, he was more focused on the driving, which was uncessarily too fast, Elliot I said what’s going on? My voice now raised, was that really Patricia?, there was no answer, he tightened his jaw, and I could see a frown across his face, he turned the car stereo up, that wasn’t because he needed the music, but It was to calm his nerves,

Elliot! Elliot! Answer me, this time I said screaming, with that, he screeched and stopped abruptly, making us both jerk, I almost hit my face on the dash board if it weren’t for the seat belt that was strapped across my body,
Yes! Yes! That was Patricia, Sam’s sister, Elliot screamed back at me,
What did you do to her Elliot? I asked with tears in my eyes,
What did you have in mind? that you were going to ask Sam nicely and he would have told you whatever you needed to know, and wait Alice what did you even want to ask him?, or maybe you just wanted to go there,shed a little tears and everything would have been alright in the world, he screamed back at me, then suddenly as if he realized he was screaming, he let out a huge sigh of relief,
Look Alice, I’m sorry,but that was the only way we could get Sam’s attention, and I promise you that Patricia is okay,she is just scared,
You kidnapped her? How could you? How did you even know about Sam’s sister? I asked admist tears
I have my ways,Alice, just trust me,
Trust you? How can I when I don’t even know what you are up to or who you are? And why are you even helping me? I need to know, what do you want?
Okay Alice, if you want to know why I’m helping you,maybe you should ask yourself why you called me and asked for help after all these time,of all the people you know,Alice why did you?
Because I didn’t know who to call,
Lie! he screamed,

maybe I trusted you at first,but I guess I don’t have to anymore,
Lie! He screamed again,this time louder, Elliot want do you want me to say? I replied,my voice betraying me, the truth Alice,say it, he said sharply, I could see the seriousness in his eyes and for once it was like we were about to be open with each other,I swallowed the lump forming in my throat,as I reached out for the words hanging in there,then I heard my voice release the words,as I said
Because somehow I trusted you from the very first time we met,and I wanted to have more with you,even though deep down in me,I never really understood your person,so when it didn’t feel like you cared,I told myself I had moved,but that wasn’t true because part of me still cared, he let out another sigh of relief,as he eyes radiated,reigniting in me an odd feeling, but I wasn’t about to cave in because of my feelings,so I turned away from his glance and ordered,
Take me home! He smiled and turned the engine on as we drove in silence back to the suite.
We never spoke until the next morning,I got up from bed early, took a shower,then I packed up my toiletries into my backpack,Elliot was in the part of the suite that served as the living room,working on his laptop,

Good morning! I said not giving any emotion away, I just want to say thank you for your help,because I’m leaving,
He kept a straight face then asked why, because I don’t trust you and I have realised the more I run,the more I look guilty and people get hurt like my parents,Rosie,Sam’s sister and who knows how this may end,I need to go fix this,even if it means turning myself in for a crime I didn’t commit,I will do just that, and promise me you will release Patricia immediately?
Are you sure this is what you want? He asked trying to hide the emotion in his voice,I replied yes, then be careful,but if you still need me,you know how to find me,I turned and walked away as he moved past me and unlocked the door, I walked into the elevator and as the door closed between us,he gave me his cocky grin and nodded to me,
As I stood outside the hotel,I had a bad feeling,but I ignored it,telling myself that it is just the fact that Elliot is no more here with me,I assured myself that all will be okay,
Where do I go from here?

The police station?

Rosie’s place?

Sam’s place or


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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by ThaRuthlxx7: 2:51pm On Apr 26, 2015
Fire down
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 11:53am On Apr 28, 2015
Guys pls bear with me,i have been a lil bit busy,more updates are coming up soon.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Nobody: 7:06pm On Apr 29, 2015
guy update nw i dey follow ur story sotey i knw remember read for test wey i av today

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 6:10pm On Apr 30, 2015
I finally made up my mind to go home,at least they say family will always be there for you no matter what, I brought out my phone and called Rita, she must really be angry that I haven’t reached out to her since she told me mum and dad were kidnapped, but I’m going home anyway so I guess she will get to know why I didn’t or what has been going on this whole time, I dialled Rita’s number, it didn’t go through, I quickly dialled Uncle Andy’s number,Uncle Andy was my father’s youngest brother and he was very close to our family,uncle Andy picked up almost immediately,

Where are you,we have been trying to reach you? He sounded relieved to hear from me? hearing Uncle Andy’s voice almost brought tears to my eyes as I thought about my parents and how I missed my family, how I hate that all these is happening, I fought back the tears,
Uncle, I’m fine, I’m on my way home, I will see you guys when I get there, and how is Rita? I tried calling her,but her number didn’t through, I asked, there was a little pause,
Uncle are you there? Yes he replied,I could feel the fear in his voice, Alice did you say you are coming home? He asked, yes uncle why? I asked back sounding nervous,
Please don’t come home,it is not safe,

What do you mean Uncle, where is Rita? We left home Alice, the day after we found out that those men that took your parents were not really policemen, Rita got an anonymous call, the caller said he has your parents and if they don’t find you,they will come for us, so we didn’t have a choice,we had to leave home, so please Alice don’t come home, I wanted to argue, but the warning in his voice this time was stern,
How is Rita? I asked now allowing the tears to fall freely down my cheeks, she is okay,she was just too scared, so she switched off her phone too, but Uncle why didn’t anyone tell me all these? I tried calling you but your phone was switched off too and we got really worried,I guess my tears were beginning to attract passers-by,so I told my uncle I was going to call him back as I ended the call.
I retrieved the sunglasses given to me the other day by Elliot, I put it on,stopped a taxi as I headed for Rosie’s place. I didn’t bother calling her before going to her place,because I didn’t want to anticipate her response.

I stood at Rosie’s door contemplating ,but I finally stretched my hands,as I touched the doorbell softly,before the second ring,Rosie appeared at the door and looked like she just saw a ghost,
Hello friend,I said taking off my sunglasses,I didn’t know what to expect of her,
What are you doing here? She said looking surprised and scared, you shouldn’t be here, Rosie can I at least come in, before she could contemplate on saying yes or no,I pushed my way in, Rosie I’m very very sorry for what happened,I don’t even know how to explain this to you, things are a lot worse than I thought,and if you give me the chance I can explain it all to you,
Alice, I don’t think I want to get into all that, you are right things are a lot out of hands, do you know I was treated as an accomplice to a murderer,if I didn’t have my company to come bail me, which by the way took a lot of legal power,what would I have done,and you didn’t even call, or… Rosie, that’s why I want to explain it to you, I interrupted,I’m not just wanted by the police, they took my parents, my life, my family, we all are in danger,Rosie looked at me as if she didn’t a word that came out of my mouth,

What? Why are you looking at me like that?
Because I don’t know what to believe Alice,I watched as Rosie walked to her room and grabbed a newspaper and tossed it at me, I wasn’t surprised because I was expecting to see the same page that declared me wanted with a reward to who ever found me, I didn’t even open it and looked up to Rosie,I know I’m being declared wanted but this doesn’t mean anything,I’m not even guilty, I said trying to attract sympathy from Rosie,

No, Alice, check the date, then open page 4, I quickly did, it was the day after my parents were kidnapped,12th April 2014, I quickly turned to page 4, the caption was surprising,
“A COLD MURDERER” I quickly scanned through,it read of how my boyfriend found out about my involvement in criminal activities like drug pushing and he left me,so I got angry and shot him dead,and just when I discovered my parents may be used as a bait to draw me out,my gang and I broke into my family home and carted them away,
God! I read communication Arts,so I understood all about the press,and when they are out to mislead the public,they do a good job at it, I turned back to Rosie, you really believe this?
I don’t know what to believe, but whatever it is, Alice,if you need my help,there is only one way I can do that, you have to turn yourself in, let the law take its course,that way I can be of help to you,you are now in the full glare of the media,I am already being termed an accomplice,which until you are proven innocent,I wouldn’t be completely left off the hook,and this may affect my career,so please that’s the only way I can help you,Rosie said conclusively.

You have until tomorrow morning to decide on that,before I could even say another word,she grabbed her laptop and a few documents and left without even turning to look at me…

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by ThaRuthlxx7: 11:26pm On Apr 30, 2015
what a pity
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by murphymakun(m): 11:20pm On May 01, 2015
Am a ghost follower pls when is the next update cus I can't wait to complete this story
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 8:58am On May 02, 2015
I paced up and down Rosie’s apartment trying to process why all this was happening, and I thought Rosie of all people would be on my side,but obviously she was confused or maybe she didn’t know what to believe like she said,
Rosie did not return in hours,could she have gone to work,? But I met her at home at about 10 AM, she goes late at times, so maybe she went there after all, I began to feel the rumble in my stomach, the signal for hunger,so I quickly dashed into the kitchen,it was as if it hasn’t been used in weeks, I opened the refrigerator and found some apples,I made do with that as I walked into Rosie’s bedroom, everything was turned upside down, her clothes were on the bed,like she hasn’t slept in it for weeks, I could even see the dust in the air,so I decided to keep myself busy, i started cleaning up,

By the time I was done,I checked the time it was 3pm already and Rosie wasn’t still back,I was very tired and hungry,the thought that I couldn’t just walk out because I was a bounty made it worse, so I just hit the shower and after that I decided to catch some sleep,I was awoken by Rosie’s entry into the house,
Hey! You are back,I said forcing myself to sit up, yeah she said looking around surprisingly,I see you kept busy, she sounded indifferent,it was unlike the Rosie I know,so I ignored all that and tried to play nice after all I don’t know if I would have acted the same way if the cases were reversed, so I changed the subject,
I’m hungry,can you at least get me something to eat, she chuckled as she headed for the door,few minutes later came back with some noodles and fruit drink,which I volunteered to prepare as a way to reminding her that I’m still me and the me she knows wouldn’t kill someone, we sat and eat and Rosie didn’t say anything all the while so I broke the silence, Rosie I know all you feel about all these,but I would never this,you know me, we have been friends for a while now,
I know Alice,but you know I felt this was just a joke until I was said to be an accomplice to murder,the only reason I’m still working for now is the just the trust my boss has on me,which he boldly told me to my face that I have to sort it out or if it gets beyond this,he might not have a choice,my mother is not even talking to me right now, and I don’t even know why you are here, she said sounding angry,so I tried interjecting, she cut me in again,
Have you thought about what I said earlier? Rosie asked, I…errrm….Rosie, it’s not that simple, I said looking for the appropriate words, it is, she interjected almost immediately,

You are not even listening to me, I shouted angrily back at her,she dropped her spoon and looked at me like she saw a different person,shaking her head,she headed for the bedroom and I could hear was the door being slammed. I immediately lost my appetite,I decided to let her calm down, but 30 minutes later, I heard a loud knock on the door,I hesitated opening the door,I rather rushed to Rosie’s door to asked if she was expecting anyone,the knock grew impatient, just then Rosie opened the door to her room and came out, she wasn’t surprised and and she didn’t look like she was expecting anyone,she just walked past me and headed straight for the main door where the knock came from, she opened it slowly,
I couldn’t believe my eyes, how could Rosie? The saliva in my mouth went dry,my palms went sweaty,tears began to form slowly at the corners of my eyes,
Rosie gave me a sympathetic look,I’m sorry, I had to do this,it’s for the best,you just have to trust me to help you… I wasn’t listening to her anymore as she the next voice I heard overwhelmed whatever it is she was saying,

Alice Daniel,” YOU ARE UNDER ARREST FOR THE MURDER OF EVANS ANTHONY,YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT OR WHATEVER YOU DO OR SAY MIGHT BE USED AGAINST YOU IN THE COURT OF LAW,YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO AN ATTORNEY…” I felt my heart jump into my mouth as my hands were cuffed by a man in uniform accompanied by two others leading me out to the van parked at the entrance of the compound, the tears flowed down my cheeks,I turned to Rosie who also had tears flowing down her cheeks too, and said,
You have no idea what you have just done.

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 9:00am On May 02, 2015
Am a ghost follower pls when is the next update cus I can't wait to complete this story
why ghost mode?

you do know comments et al are allowed?
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by fabulousbrainzz(m): 10:23am On May 02, 2015
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 2:47pm On May 04, 2015
It wasn’t as bad as I thought I would be,at least I had heard stories of police harassment and hostility towards people arrested,though they were not exactly friendly,I was taken into a small room that had just a table and a plastic chair,it looked more like an interrogation room, I was asked to sit down,while the men who brought me here left the room, I sat for about ten minutes before another policeman whose face looked like he hadn’t eaten in days came in and dropped a white plain sheet of paper and a pen in front of me, I looked at him as to ask what I was to do with that, just as if he read my mind, his face curled into a frown as he said in a very annoying accent
“can you read and write? He asked audaciously”,

Yes, I said,

Then write about the night of 29th march 2014, where you were? Who you were with? What you were doing?, just tell us what happened the night Evans Anthony was murdered, then he smirked at me and closed the door behind him,I heaved a deep sigh, I didn’t know what to write, so I just wrote about where I was and who I was with, when I was done, I dropped it on the table, few minutes later, “hungry face” came in and pick up the pen and paper,smirked again at me and left, something in my guts just hated him,but I was more worried about what will happen to me,
One hour later, I heard the sound of the door open,I was relieved that finally someone is coming to at least say something to me, sitting down there all alone in an empty room was suffocating, that I wished I was being interrogated, after all, the earlier someone talks to more, the sooner I would know what my fate, I recognized him as one of the policemen who arrested me, I jumped up from my seat at once,
Please sir, can I just get a phone,so I can reach out to people, you said I had a right to an attorney,I said realizing that I took nothing with me earlier when I was arrested, he chuckled and said off course you do, but right now you are being transferred,

Move it!

What! Transferred to where? I asked, but the policeman was already pushing me to the door of the “interrogation room” past an office where a couple of policemen were seated,leading me towards a black SUV parked outside,before we got there, the doors already swung open, and I was shoved into the back seat,before I could even turn to the policeman to say something else, he was jammed the car door,
Inside the car were three men,two sat in front,while one sat with me in the back seat,there were all wearing black jackets and a white shirt with a black tie, they looked smart ,but they all shielded their faces with huge sunglasses,and I didn’t recognize anyone as the engine roared to life,and we hit the road, i was more confused than scared,
Please Can I ask where I’m being taken, I asked looking at the one seated beside me,but I got no answer,I couldn’t even see where we were headed because the windscreens were all black tinted,
We drove in silence for about thirty minutes without a word from these men to me or to each other, I tried from time to time to look at the driver in the rear view mirror, but each time I did, I could feel his scary eyes piercing at me through his sunglasses,his face was dark and his beards gave him a terrorist look.

I felt like we broke from a major road and took a turn to the left,just then the one sitting with me said give me your hands, I didn’t know which spook me,him asking for my hands or his baritone voice,
What!!! My hands why? I asked feeling scared,I was about to ask the second question,when he dragged my hand, and took out a syringe from his jacket pocket,and gave me a quick stab on the shoulder, I wanted to scream, but almost immediately it seemed as I lost my voice, my vision got blurry,as I let my self slump leaning back as I drift into oblivion…

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by xtremelygifted: 9:37pm On May 04, 2015
Hmmm getting more interesting. kudos!!!
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Mario1983(m): 4:59am On May 05, 2015
interesting, thought I was watching an america movie not bad at alll
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by biddieluvzyaho(f): 7:46am On May 05, 2015
Nice story dear,pls keep up with d updates on time.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Felinize: 3:10pm On May 05, 2015
What a nice story you got here, please keep d updates rolling more ink to ur pen
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Essyprity(f): 4:59pm On May 05, 2015
Who's this Elliot? Crixina, I like this story o,but it seems u don't update often.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by murphymakun(m): 5:31pm On May 05, 2015
more mb to your phone plssssss keep the update rolling
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by biddieluvzyaho(f): 7:00pm On May 05, 2015
Wow,one of d best stories so far!keep it up#
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 1:38pm On May 06, 2015
Help! Help! Please someone help me! it seemed like the more I screamed, the thinner my voice became, I tripped and fell, I got up and continued running across the tiny path in the large green field, I’m losing my breath,gasping for air,my lungs are tight, I tripped again and fell, until I tumbled down a hill, rolling into the huge ravine, and everything goes black, just then,
I opened my eyes, oh my God! It was just a nightmare!

Everywhere is dark, where am i? I tried to move my hands but the jingle of the cuffs quickly resets my brain, my hands are cuffed again, the last thing I remember is being in a car with three men going somewhere I don’t know…no! I remember being ordered to stretched my hands, I remember the sting of the syringe before passing out,oh my God!
Where am i? I cried as I shook the cuffs in an attempt to remove them, my eyes still didn’t adjust to the darkness, there was no ray of light, I kept wondering whether to scream or not, before I thought it through,my voice went out,
Is anybody there? It sounded like i was being replied, until a few seconds when I realized that it was just the echo of my voice,it sounded like it wasn’t just a room, but a large hall, i started crying again as my voice echoed the sound of my cry,I tried to find a door or window or to even figure out where I was, but I didn’t quite take three steps when I tripped and fell face down, it felt as if my leg was broken because I couldn’t move it, so I dragged myself on the floor till I found the wall, I sat up leaning against it as I thought to myself what I did to deserve this, I kept crying until I didn’t realize when I drifted back to sleep,

I’m seeing the path in the field again… I’m running, this time across the field, running as fast as I can, I fell again, just then I jerk, oh my God! I slept off, no I’m hallucinating, no! it must be the content of the syringe, what was I injected with, I thought to myself as I resolved that the best thing was to try not to sleep again, I got so weak and thirsty that I felt I was going to die,
I thought of praying,but the truth is though I was raised in a christian home,but all my ideologies about Christianity or religion as a whole had changed in my final year in school, I stopped going to church, I can’t even remember the last time I said a word of prayer, in fact that was the crux of the fight I had with mum the last time I saw her, that thought alone made me feel more guilty about what has happened to them, so I thought praying to a God I didn’t totally believe in would be useless, but I had to do something to get me out of here,
I got up again,this time my eyes had adjusted well to the darkness, so I took it slowly,leaning against the wall,I took one step at a time, it seemed like I had taken ten steps yet I couldn’t find a window or a door,just a long wall that led to nowhere, just when I was about giving up, I heard the sound of the door creak open,
Who’s there?
I asked hearing the shiver from my own voice, but there was no answer,only the sound of a metal door opening,then a flood light just shone at my direction,piercing into my eyeballs, I closed my eyes,using my cuffed hands to shield the light from further penetration, then I heard footsteps approach me like the sound of boots and dropped something which I knew through the sound as plates, I tried to open my eyes,but I couldn’t because the light was too bright, then after a few seconds, I heard the person walk back then the sound of the metal door closed, I opened my eyes slowly trying to adjust back to the darkness,only to spot a tiny light pointed at my direction, I immediately stood up and walked to where the light came from, I struggle to pick it up because of the cuffs on my hands, when I did finally, it was a flash light, I pointed it down and I saw what the person had dropped,

A plate containing fried ripe plantain and an omelet, still hot like it was just prepared, and a bottle of water, then I realized why I was left with the flash light, which was going dimmer and dimmer by the minute,
What could they possibly want from me? offering me food? That means at least they want me alive or maybe for a while, if they wanted me dead, they would have just killed me, or maybe this food is poisoned, I thought to myself, but I was too hungry and thirsty to be thinking of all that, I struggled to open the water, then drank it as a cow that was starved then suddenly taken to the river which obviously I was in that case, then I devoured the food with my bare hands ignoring the stupid spoon in the tray, if they really wanted me to use the spoon,they would have taken off the cuffs. After eating I was a bit okay that few minutes later I felt drowsy again,but I fought the urge to sleep because I was scared of the nightmares or hallucinations returning, so I stood up and kept pacing, until I was tired, I didn’t know when I slept off,
I woke up, something told me I had slept for hours, at least I was grateful they were no nightmares this time, I wished I could just know what time of the day it was, just then the metal door opened again, the flood light beamed again into my eyes, and I heard the footsteps again approach me,
Can’t someone just tell me why I’m here? I said unsure of the confidence in my voice, I was told I’m being transferred from the police station I was, but since then no one has told me what the hell is going on, I added, I heard the footsteps stop at the sound of my voice, then proceeded to drop something and I quickly understood that he was dropping off my food, I heard him walk back towards the door,
Can you at least tell me what time of the day it is? I asked impatiently, then I heard the metal door close, i reached out for the flash light, switched it on, which was now so dim that I could barely see an object that is some feet away, I pointed at what he dropped, I realized he had picked up the other tray dropped a new one, I felt a surge of anger driving through me, the frustration of someone not talking to me and the fact that they thought all I wanted was someone to feed me, I kicked the tray and the content spread across the floor,
Tea! I screamed, you think I need tea? I picked up the flashlight, holding tight on to it so it doesn’t spiral out of my cuffed hands,pointing it at the direction of the metal door, that was the first time I had a closer look at it, it was huge, it could have passed for a mini gate, I dropped the flashlight while I banged on the door with both hands, the sounds from the banging kept echoing while my frustration was heightened, but no amount of banging opened the door,I picked up the flash light to search for a window, but it had completely gone off , I threw it against the wall, and sat down wallowing in my frustration,

I thought of Elliot, I should have listened to him, maybe this wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t leave, Elliot would have gotten me out of this mess, if only I could reach him, even if I could reach him, he would want me to tell him where I am which I don’t know, I have to figure out a way, my hands were sore because of the cuffs, my eyes were now used to the darkness, I could take some steps without tripping, but an idea had just popped into my head.
if I really wanted someone to talk, I had to provoke it, I had noticed that the flood light is always pointed to the direction which I’m sitting, and the light is probably in front of the metal door which explains why the light comes immediately the door swings open, though I know that the flood light is usually rotated to where I’m sitting, but if I could stand beside the metal door, so that the flood light points into the hall when the door swings open,before it rotates in those few seconds to find me, I could maximize some seconds, with that thought I waited patiently for the next meal time which came,

i reached out for the broken mug which was suppose to serve my tea, then sat by the metal door,held the broken part of the mug contemplating if I was going to be able to carry out this process, when I finally hear the creak of the metal door, my heart beating as if it was almost ready to pop out of my chest, the door finally swung open,the flood light beaming into the hall, I could see a faint shadow of a man, without thinking I rushed in stabbing him with the broken edge before he could turn the flood light to look for me,
Arrrrgh! He screamed loudly, I wriggle out of the door, into a corridor that was a little illuminated from the rays of sunlight, I almost tripped and fell because of the light blazing into my eyes that were accustomed to the dark hall, but I closed my eyes and kept running down the corridor, then I was a if I heard footsteps running behind me, so I ran as fast as I could up a staircase I found at the end of the corridor,at the end of the staircase was another door, I pushed open the door, only to be greeted by two men standing as if they were waiting for me to show up, I almost fainted,

Please! Please! Don’t hurt me, I cried as one of them lifted me, I fought, struggling to break free, while he took me down again back to the hall, which I had realized was a basement, I continued struggling while he dropped me, pinning me to the ground, while the second man produced a syringe from his jacket pocket,
I screamed no! no! no!, but he I could feel the sting of the needle on my shoulder as my vision went blurry,last thing I saw was the man I had stabbed walking past me with band aid on his arm where I stabbed him, while I’m being taken in, then everything went black.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by biddieluvzyaho(f): 2:55pm On May 06, 2015
Captivating story,good story line but pls,sont keep ur readers waiting 2long 4 update.

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