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Re: The contract by Yawngdee(m): 10:07pm On Aug 05, 2018
Re: The contract by m003: 10:53pm On Aug 05, 2018
Nice story you have here but i notice you always mix she/he, him/her please try to take note of that.


Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 11:06pm On Aug 05, 2018
thank you..i will surely take note of that...
Re: The contract by izaray(f): 11:27am On Aug 06, 2018
Thanks Op
Re: The contract by jattopeter(m): 2:40pm On Aug 06, 2018
Nice one , you didnt post since yesterday?
Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 11:58pm On Aug 06, 2018
he yawned and stretched on the bed.the foam he was sleeping on was supersoft.there was no doubt he enjoyed his sleep,he couldnt remember the last time he had such a beautiful sleep.he looked at the wall clock.it was 11am..jesus!he couldnt believe he hd slept for that long.he got up and went into the bathroom.he brushed his teeth and showered,the water was cool as it poured on his body.he saw some clothes in the wadrobe,he picked the one he was going to wear.he creamed his body and put on the clothes then a knock came on the door..that must be catherine who he guessed came to check up on him.the knock came again this time more loudly..
"am coming"he went and opened to the door,he opened the door as it revealed the beautiful face of catherine.the strong scent of her perfume hit his nose.by the smell he could tell it was expensive.she was wearing a pink dress which was slightly above her knees and she was sexy with her thick pink lip gloss..God what was he thinking...he smiled at her
"good morning cat"
"morning,i just came to check up on you,i didnt want to disturb your sleep because i know you were tired"
"i was not just tired i was exhausted"
"that explains why you just woke up by this time...anyways thats by the way.i came to invite you to come and take ur breakfast.have already set it up in the dining"
"that is not really necessary because i will soon be on my way"
"with an empty stomach.am really sorry but you will have to take some thing before you leave.that was what my dad said before he went to church with mom,to make sure you eat before you leave.am just following their orders"
"which kind of question is that?why do you go to church.is it not to go and pray,and they have been going since they found he had cancer"
"alright.so there is no one else at home,except me and you"
"yes,except the maids and other workers,why do you ask?"
"nothing,and what about your cousins?"
"they left early in the morning back to thier domain.and they left some things for you?"he was surprised
"what did they leave for me?"
"i wouldnt know,because i didnt open it.now enough of talking lefts go to the dining.i think you are done dressing right?"he nodded his head in the affirmative,she dragged him outside and closed the door as they both went to the dining.it was a large dining room they have got.he sat down as he was served yam and egg and juice.immediately he saw the food his appetite became strong.he sat well as he devoured the food...****TBC

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Re: The contract by skubido(m): 12:11am On Aug 07, 2018
OP oya comma continue ooo
Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 12:28am On Aug 07, 2018
after he finished eating he did a loud belch as he drank the juice and relaxed,thankfully catherine was not thiere...he stood and found his way to the sitting room where she was tv..he took a seat as he joined her in watching.
"thanks for the food"he said as she turned and lokked at him,she just smiled and didnt give a reply.she stood up and went inside as she later came back with a small travelling bag.and she placed it in front of him
"my cousins asked me to give you this,"he opened the travelling bag and new and expensive clothes were inside.he saw a note.it read.."my dear brother it was really nice meeting a wonderfull person like you thus i have no doubt about you treating catherine right as you both embark on this marital journey.accept this as a token from a friend and dont feel burdened by this gift.i have left a small token with catherine.accept i as a gift and i will surely see you at the wedding..lots of love..federick"he folded the letter and smiled,he forgot catherine was standing in front of him..
"what did he say?
"he just said hi and promised to come for the wedding"he looked at the clothes including v shaped t-shirt long sleeves shirt,a shoe and many others they expensive and brands belonging to a company which was obviously not in nigeria.he closed the bag and stood up
"i think i should be on my way"he could see the dissappointment written all over her face as he said this he felt guilty,he enjoyed his little stay here but he had to go he was not going to get carried away.
"am sorry,i wish i could stay and keep u company but i really need to go but i promise to come back later in the day to check up on you"and that made her smile.she said okay as she helped him carry the bag and all his other stuff into his car.she promised to call him and she bade him farewell,she waited until he drove and she went back inside ****TBC

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Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 1:28am On Aug 07, 2018
he parked his car in the parking space in his rented apartment,he opened his boot and brought out the bag and closed the boot.he was tired and wanted to rest after the meal,he went inside.fortunately for him there was light so he switched on the fan, relaxed and layed back on the bed some minutes later he heard a gentle knock on the door.he wondered who could be at the door.the only thought that came to his mind was his other neigbhour iya ckukwuemeka who had three children two girls and a boy she always come borrowing one thing or the other,this was the last thing he needed.he managed to get up as he went the door,the person he saw was someone he could never have imagined would come visiting by this time of the day..it was sandra his girlfreind,his heart started beating faster as he wondered what she came to do,he opened the door for her as she entered,she was gorgeous..
"i must say am really surprised to see you.what happened?arent you supposed to be at work.."
"i took some days off to get some rest as the work overload is getting too much for me to handle.."
"likewise me,my boss gave me a day off,so what would you like to drink"
"am okay dont worry about me.part of why i came was because we didnt get to finish our discussion yesterday"his face changed immediately,he hd hoped she would never talk about it but it seems he would have to tell her the whole thing after all.he heaved a sigh as they both sat down on the bed.then he faced her and told her evrything from start to finish not leaving any details out.surprisingly he felt better after letting everything out and he waited for her reaction but there was none
"i want to ask you a question and i want u to answer me honestly"
"do you love me as you have claimed?"
"of course sandra.i love you.the only reason why i agreed to this whole thing was because of her dad,and moreso this was the man's last wish and i thought if i help her it would make the man die without any regrets,this doesnt change my feelings for you.i love you sandra"
"but do you guyz realize this is a dangerous game you are playing."
"i know you are scared but dont worry,everything we are about to do is a contract and she got it endorsed that after 6 months of the marriage we would divorce.and she would fulfill her own end of the bargain,dont be scared i belong to you"he looked deep into her eyes and assured her that everything would be alright..his lips connected with hers as they locked for a passionate kiss.they kissed for about two minutes as he explored his hand to her bouse as he removed it,remaimg only her bra,her boobs were big.he couldnt resist the urge to free them from thier bondage,squeeze them and suck them,as if she was reading his min,she took his hand to hook at her and he removed the bra unveiling her boobs.it looked ripe and ready to pluck.this was the first time of seeing a woman's breast.she relaxed on the bed as she allowed him to suck and play with her nipples.this action made her twist on the bed,as she was clearly enjoying it,he took of his trousers and helped her remove her pant also as he saw a well shaven and clean pussy,then he got down to business,she was wet as she began licking her,she couldnt wait to have him inside of her,she reached his for his dick and caressed it and she also licked it,after all this she parted her leg as he drived him deeply as she left out a soft mean,her inside was like heaven, sweet he began to go in faster and faster as they both moaned in pleasure.after about 45 minutes he released and rolled off her,he rested for a minute bfore he resumed .this time he entered from behind..
'argggggh.'he guessed it was her frist time taking it from the back,as he went in faster and faster ,he reached orgasm and released all over her buttocks.he rolled off her while she massaged his rooster it was a fulfilling sex...he kissed her and covered thier unclothedness and drew her into arms..he whispered 'i love you'into her ears,she smiled..like that they both slept off.***TBC

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Re: The contract by omamush(f): 10:33am On Aug 07, 2018
wonderful story line op, and u are also consistent with updates.. I kinda noticed there is little detail on the characters feelings, emotions, thoughts, it would make the some characters like Catherine more interesting and help us connect with them just an observation though.. i just love the story, weldone op.


Re: The contract by izaray(f): 10:52am On Aug 07, 2018
Its seems Catherine is begining to fall for Richard

Op thanks for the wonderful breakfast you offered us this morning kiss
Re: The contract by jattopeter(m): 11:04am On Aug 07, 2018
Nice one . hmmmmmmmmmmmmm lets see how it goes.
Re: The contract by seuncyber(m): 11:58am On Aug 07, 2018
Nice one

Hope you will update before lunch oh

More ink to your pen
Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 12:37pm On Aug 07, 2018
thanks for ur observation @omamash..its noted and thank u all 4 following my story ur comments and support has been motivating me to write..God bless you all...dont worry more updates is coming ur way
Re: The contract by emprorbolaji(m): 1:04pm On Aug 07, 2018
i must say i belong to read and pass association of this forum but i hav to say this to u Op, a nice story u hav got, coz i really love the way ur timing update.kudos bro, more ink to ur pen

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Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 1:37pm On Aug 07, 2018
thank you so much @empror bolaji
Re: The contract by Nobody: 7:31pm On Aug 07, 2018
Nice one dear, thanks for the updates

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Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 9:28pm On Aug 07, 2018
she was pacing to and fro in her room,restless she wanted to see him again,he promised he was going to come back but it seems he wasnt going to come.she was tempted to call him but she resisted the urge,strangely enough she always felt relaxed wenever he is around.she had tried to get rid of that feelings but all to no avail.she had to do something to take her mind off him..she picked up her phone and dialed his number it rang many times but he didnt pick up.when her parents came later in the evening,she still felt lonely.she dressed up and picked up her car keys even though she had no idea was she was going.she told her mom that she was going out.she drove the car out and went straight to his house she wasnt sure of what she was doing but she needed to see him that night so that she could sleep.it has always been like that.if something was bothering her or there was something she wanted to,she wont have peace of mind until it is accomplished. She packed in front of his house and was about to come out when she saw richard and sandra talking and laughing,they were in each others arms kissing and cuddling.what am i even doing here in the first place?she asked herself.she was still in thought when a gentle knock came on the glass,he looked up and saw richard standing.she quickly regained her composure as she wined downed the glass,putting on a fake smile.
"catherine,what are you doing here by this time?"
"am on my way to my friends place,so i decided to say hi to you and i wanted to know why you didnt come back"
"sorry about that i totally forgot,my girfriend sandra came by so i couldnt go out.am sorry"
"thats alright.."
"do you want to say hi to her"
"no,dont worry maybe some other time,and i also want to tell you that you and i are both going somewhere tomorrow "
"just to pick and try our wedding outfit"
"alright.by which time will that be"
"i will call you and let you know the full details"
"alright."she turned the ignition,and the car roared into life.she exchanged thier goodbyes as she drove off...******

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Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 10:13pm On Aug 07, 2018
she parked in front of a big store,which is a renowed store for ceremonial outfits and many others..the introduction was the first step then follwed by engagement and then the real wedding.the outfits for those were not yet ready,though it would be in time for their use.she removed her sealt belt and came.and richard did likewise.the sun was a little bit harsh that day..they both went in,they asked to see the manager.catherine had came some weeks ago to discuss everything with the man.and he promised it would be ready on time,he called earlier to inform her that the wedding outfit for both the bride and groom was ready.she knocked before entering...his name is mr kunle.they both sat after they were offered a seat..
"you are welcome miss catherine."
"thanks.i came to see the outfit.am sure you know it must be the best.please dont dissapoint me"
"of course."
"and about the engagement outfit,how long will that take for Gods sake i have showed you how i want it to look like,why is it taking so long"
"am sorry for the delay,we having one or two problems with the machine but its sorted out,i assure you it would be ready in three days time"
"shall we?"they stood up and they went to the room where both the wedding gown and the suit was on display.the wedding gown was perfect likewise the suit it was made of the best quality.
"can we try thi on"
"of course"both were taken to different rooms as someone was thir to attend to them after some minutes they both came out..richard was standing and waiting for her,as she stepped out he thought he was seeing an angel she was beautiful,he was felt mesmerized.what am i even thinking?get hold of yourself.sandra is the only girl for you.his inner man was telling him...he moved closer to her..
"waohhh...i must say you are beautiful."he turned to the manager "you people did a nice job"the manager just smiled
"thank you but it still remains putting the finishing touches and it would be perfect.i hope the suit is okay"
"definitely its perfect its not tight and it fits me perfectly"
"alright..i think you should take pictures."the both went to a corner were it was set for that purpose and mant pictures were taken.after the pictures.they changed into thier original clothes,bade the man farewell..as they both went out..****TBC

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Re: The contract by francium001(m): 11:22pm On Aug 07, 2018
Nice one, keep it coming
Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 11:30pm On Aug 07, 2018
she sat down on the bed, the whole room was buzzing with different kinds of people.mainly all of them were her friends who came from very parts of the country to celebrate with her.the introduction and engagement was a success as she knew his family...her best friend emelia who was also her best lady was with her.they were preparing to eat dinner.the house was full to the brim with so many guests..there was added security in the house,armed policemen...she sat amongst her friends who were trying to ask questions from her about her groom to be,she answered them cleverly.her friend emelia was very happy for her
"catherine am so happy for you my friend,because you are getting married to the best man on earth"
"of course my friend he is my everything.i love him,just make sure you support me with prayers to be able to maintain my matrimonial home.its a long journey"
"dont worry my friend,it is well.be rest assured that i will be praying for you."as they were still gisting her mom came in.she had been running up and down just yo make sure everything was ready for the wedding,she is a mother indeed,everything she does she puts all her strength into it.
"my daugther.why are you still up by this time?am sure you know you have a long day tomorrow."
"am hungry so i need to eat something before going to sleep"
"thats right.make sure you eat quickly and go to sleep..so as not to wake up late"
"alright mom..thanks"she said as she walked away...she beckoned unto the maid and gave her orders.her food was served in no time as she ate and went to sleep..***TBC...

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Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 11:31pm On Aug 07, 2018
i hope u like dis episode...good nyte brodas and sisterss


Re: The contract by rukidanty: 3:42am On Aug 08, 2018
thanks for the updates
Re: The contract by pacifust058(m): 6:31am On Aug 08, 2018
Thanks for the update, keep it flowing
Re: The contract by profjones(m): 7:22am On Aug 08, 2018
kip it up marvel! u've always bin like dat, updating as fast as possible.. kudos pal
Re: The contract by Ann2012(f): 8:41am On Aug 08, 2018
Well done @Marvel15, sooo interesting
Re: The contract by SirNumeroUno: 8:55am On Aug 08, 2018
You're doing a nice job here. I'm already love with the story man. The Contract issa goal!
Re: The contract by Sveen: 9:20am On Aug 08, 2018
OP, i feel youre in a hurry to finish, the story is loosing it's uniqueness, please take your time OP.

Nice story btw... following
Re: The contract by izaray(f): 10:44am On Aug 08, 2018
Op thanks for the update
Re: The contract by oyinella(f): 11:16am On Aug 08, 2018
nice storyline op, but I feel you should work on your script, there's no suspense, too predictable, and I dunno why I feel like you're rushing the story, the typos are just too much, it makes the story really hard to read but you have a good story here all the same. Well done


Re: The contract by Nobody: 11:19pm On Aug 08, 2018
Nice one!
Re: The contract by donteanz(m): 11:04am On Aug 10, 2018
Marvel15, You Need To Work On Your Sentence Construction. You Need To Be Observant Of Your Puntuations And Spacing If You Intend To Get To The Level Of The Best Writers On NL.
You Have Quite A Good Work Going Here. Goodluck

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