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Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 6:01pm On Jul 24, 2018
am sorry i didnt see the mail i have checked like a hundred times..nothing..maybe u shud send it to d oda mail
Re: The contract by Nobody: 6:54pm On Jul 24, 2018
No update today?

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Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 11:18pm On Jul 24, 2018
the following day t work he was more than happy because of what happened the previous day,it was like he had never fell in love all his life,his happy mood was felt by everyone in the office,he was elated,that after so many weeks of wooing and stuffs like that she finally consented.the next step was to make feel like a queen.he entered his office humming his favourite song john legend-all of me.he sat down and was about to start the days work when a call came in through the land line.he wondered who could be calling so early in the morning.he picked the call.
"hello.please who....?"
"hello its me catherine..good morning"his mood changed immediately she said her name.
"please maam,what can i do for you?"
"i would like to see you in my office now"before he could say another word she hanged up.he replaced the receiver,his happy mood was gone,which kind of human being is this,she surely knows how to spoil ones mood.he stood up,came out and closed the door and headed to her office.he knocked and she answered telling him to come in.that morning he could notice she was different.she was beautiful no doubt,but he always wondered someone as beautiful as her is so brainless.
"please have your sit.mr richard"he sat down am sorry to call you very early in the morning".
"its okay maam.please what is it that you have to say?
"the main reason i called is to know your decision on what we discussed yesterday.i need a reply now."he didnt know what to say
"have heard all what you said.but am curious about something?"
"do you even have a heart?even if you have am sure its dead.because how can you even think of making me your secretary.thats ridiculous,am sure you just want to get back at me for what hapened that day.please maam let me reserve my dignity,dont disgrace me like this.."
"mr richard,i think you are misunderstanding me,am not trying to make you suffer am doing dis because you are an hardworking worker and i like people like you.you are a rare gem"he scoffed wen she said that.he stood and faced her
"your wish is my command"
******** TBC

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Re: The contract by Georgeisco2007: 11:25pm On Jul 24, 2018
Please update tomorrow. This story is very interesting. More strength to u.cheers!

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Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 9:21am On Jul 25, 2018
good morning guyzz.update coming soon.please bear with me
Re: The contract by profjones(m): 1:23pm On Jul 25, 2018
Nice story line.. Update! Update!! Update!!!
Re: The contract by izaray(f): 3:54pm On Jul 25, 2018
Wonderful story, please keep the updates coming

More ink to ur pen
Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 6:43pm On Jul 25, 2018
he came back into his office really pissed.he checked his phone which was on the desk earlier and saw that he missed a call,it was sandra,he smiled.he went to the message icon on his phone and typed a message and sent it her.he must do something about the harassment he was suffering from the so called boss,he was going to lodge a complaint to the director of his department.he took his phone and headed to his office.fortunately for him he was in his office.he went in after he was allowed to come and he was offered a sit.he removed his glasses and stopped what he was doing so as to liten to him very well.
"what is it you want to discuss with me early in the morning am sure its something very important"
thats right.he leaned forward and looked serious."please sir i would like you to help me on an issue.our new m.d is hell bent on making me his secretaru,which i find absolutely ridiculous,a man of my calibre becoming a sscretary is out of it.perhaps you could talk to her and change her mind."
"mr richard,i really understand your point,but am sorry there is nothing i can do about it.when she told me few days ago i objected but she insisted on making you her sscreatary,and there is nothing i can do about it."
"i think i know what to do"
"please mr richard i want you to apply wisdom.i know you wil be tempted to confront her and you might say words you will regret later and that will put your job in danger and i dont need to tell you how the outside is like,there are a lot of people out there who are very desperate for job.please i want you to look it from this angle that its a shame you have to suffer for a greater future.so thats all i have to say on this."he sat there looking defeated.actually there is nothing he can do about it.he just needs to accept it as his fate.he said thank you and went to her office.he knocked and came in.he didnt even sit.he looked at her straight in the eye.
"i will follow all your command and i will resume tomorrow.if thats okay by you."he was fuming inside as he said those words,those were the words he vowed to never say he was almost crying.he was going to make her pay for the humilation he suffered today.she noticed his tone was down.but she said nothing she was going to make life very unbearable for him to the extent that he will have no choice but to quit.
"its okay.i will send my schedule and everything to you later and am sure what the work of a secretary entails"
"am well aware,if you dont mind i would like to be on my way"without waiting out really angry.what a bitch!

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Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 7:29pm On Jul 25, 2018
throughout that week,it was hell for him.he was in charge of her schedule,her food almost everything,he follows her everywhere.working with her was very demanding.and he almost didnt have any time calling sandra which was breaking his heart,but he makes sure he sends her messages at intervals.it was not an easy job.after they came back from a conference she attended in abuja which was long journey he still had to sit down in his own office and finish some paper works in his office,as he was working a fax came it must be her schedule tomorrow.when he read it he couldnt believe his eyes,there was so much programme lined up for the next day at this rate he was surely going to collapse.first on the list was a meeting with the board of directors and they would both be on thier way to meet some foriegn investors.he couldnt beleive that ther could be so much workload on him.its like how people use an ox.a call was coming it was sandra.he picked it
"hello sandra,good evening"
"evening how is work richard?i called you the other time but you werent picking"
" am sorry sandra.i was in a meeting."
"is everything alright richard?"
"of course.its just that work is much.am sorry."
"i understand."
"am just sorry that i cant spend quality time with you and am nt happy about it.
"dont worry about me and just do your work?"
"and always remember that i love you"
"i love you more.get back to work.before he could say another word he hanged up.he smiled and continued with his work.another call came in.it was catherine.
"am sure you would have received my schedule for tomorrow"
"of course it just came in now"
"alright then i guess i dont have to explain the details to you.come to my house by 5am"
"alright."he hanged up and continued with his work...TBC

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Re: The contract by izaray(f): 9:34pm On Jul 25, 2018
Thanks for updating.

That Catherine get wahala sha, though I love the way Richard is handling the whole thing!
Re: The contract by Nogodye(m): 9:42pm On Jul 25, 2018
You're becoming a good writer...You just have to be careful with the way you use punctuation mark and how you start a sentence.Keep it up and keep it coming.
Re: The contract by pale105: 10:02pm On Jul 25, 2018
Thanks for the update....... We need more bro
Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 10:35pm On Jul 25, 2018
mr anthony omar came down from the plane.his flight just landed at the muritala international airport.he jsut came back from a business trip and did his normal medical checkup.he was so happy to be back after about four months in the united states,and his business venture was successful.he now had connections abroad if used wisely it would turn his business to another level entirely.he checked into an hotel after getting his luggages,he called his family to tell them that he was home.the driver would arrive the following day to pick him up.after eating that night he layed on the bed and slept...*******
she just heard that her dad was back after so many months she was very happy,she quickly called richard to come over so that he can drive him over to her house.he could see how happy she was.she and her father must be very close.he opened the door for her as she entered into the car and he got into the drivers seat.he drove out of the compound.when they got to the house the gate was opened and he drove in,since he was familiar with the house.he always wondered how much the man must have used to build the house as he was sure most of the materials used where imported.they both went inside.mrs mrs anthony was in the sitting relaxing and watching t.v.on seeing her dad she couldnt hide her excitement as she swung herself on him.this lasted for some seconds before she finally withdrwe from him and sat besie him.
"daddy,do you know how much i missed you?"
"thats beautiful.and how is company work going?".i hope its not too stressful"
"not at all.but the workload enormous.there is so much work to be done.now i see the reason why you come home very late.but all of this wouldnt have been possible if not for him"she pointed at richards,who both husband and wife didnt notice was there standing.
"oh..forgive me.i didnt knw you were there.please have your seat. "he sat down.i heard you are the one thats making the job easier for my daughter.i want to really appreciate you"
"dont mention.i was only doing my job,so there is no need to thank me"he was tempted to tell him that his daughter turned him into her secretary,but he decided against it.
"so what would you like to drink or eat,name it we will gladly prepare it"
"never mind am okay sir"mrs anthony was busy with the telemundo she watching talked
"maybe he is shy".are these people deaf i said am okay.it was frustrating.he smiled and repeated what he said earlier
"am okay sir.i ate something before coming so dont bother"
"alright.if you say so".and catherine i must discuss something important with you"
"whats that?
"come with me to my library and we will discuss it"
"alright dad".he stood up and she followed right behind"when they got to the library he sat down and she also grabbed a chair.
"catherine am sure you know you are not getting any younger,i think you shlould start thinking about getting married."she smiled at his statement
"daddy i undestand your point.but am still young am just 24.marriage shouldnt my priority.my priority should be making our company known globally.
"thats right,but think about what i said"
"alright dad,i will do as you have said.is that all?.
"yeah dats all."she stood up
"daddy i think i shouldd get back to the office,i just came to say hello".she kissed him on the cheek and went out.she came to the sitting room and bade goodbye to her mom.she got inside and they drove out of the compound and headed back to the office:::::*******TBC. 2moro

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Re: The contract by Nobody: 10:49pm On Jul 25, 2018
Well done.
Thanks for the updates

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Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 7:00am On Jul 26, 2018
good morning guyzzz...i hope you all had a gr8 nite rest

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Re: The contract by izaray(f): 10:35am On Jul 26, 2018
Thanks for updating

Just keep it coming as e dey hot
Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 8:28pm On Jul 26, 2018
work was getting more and more strenous and kind of complicated.everyday she always works overnight.it was unbearable to she had no choice.she was seat in her office one evening.she was so engrossed her in her work that she didnt know her phone was ringing,it rang for the second time before she knew it was ringing.it was her mom.she picked it she was crying over the phone.she stood up immediately
"mom what happened,why are you crying?"she was getting very impatient as she was just crying.
"your dad is in the hospital".
"what happened and why is he in the hospital?".
"come to the family hospital."before she could say another word she hanged up,she quickly grabed her car keys and headed out.richard was very busy saw her rush out and wondered where she was going.she must be going to somewhere that he didnt want him to the there.perhaps she is going to meet her boyfriend he concluded and continued with his work.********
she got to the hospital in an high speed,her heart was beating very fast,what could have happened to him?he looked fine when she left home early in the morning?she meet the nurses at the counter and asked them which ward he was after providing his name.she was directed to vip ward room 209.she found the door,she turned the knob and entered.she met her mother sitting by his side and crying.
"mom what really happened?"she looked at her mother expecting an answer but none came.even though she was getting impatient she still waited,when she saw she wouldnt get an answer she stood and headed straight to the doctors office.she knocked before entering.
"good evening doctor,"she sat down without been offered a seat
"please i want to know what happened to my dad,i was told he collapsed"
"well.according to the results of the tests we conducted it was shown that he has cancer of the lungs"
"what!how did that happened?he was fine after he came back from a trip in the u.s."
"well we also found out that the cancer has damaged his lungs beyond repairs and iy has even affected some of his organs.the way i see it i think it has been long he has been battling with it"she was moved to tears but she tried hard not to cry.
"what is the solution?".the doctor shook his head.
"am sorry,am afraid there is no way out.he has at most a 6 months to live.perhaps a miracle can happen because i believe in Gods power of healing.but medically he is gone.am sorry i wish i colud help you.he stood up and took his notepad"and if you will excuse me i have some other patients i need to attend to"he patted her and went out.she just sat on the chair and allowed the tears to flow freely.when she was satisfied she went back to the ward.he met him awake.she quickly took a seat beside him and held his hands.
"dad,why didnt you tell us that you had cancer.why?."
"am sorry my princess i didnt want to worry you."
"dont worry everything is gonna be alright.we will surely find a way through this.am confident that God will do a miracle."she kissed his hand after saying soothing words to him.he hoped God does a miracle because he wants to see her daughter get married to a wonderful man."
"catherine.what are your plans concerning marriage and taking over the company"she sat up and wiped her tears.
"dad thats not whats important now.the most important thing now is for you to get better so that you can stay with us for a long tyme."
"nevertheless.you are no more a kid,sooner or later you will take over the company,getting married to someone should be your priority.and as you can see i dont have much time left"
"dad stop talking like that,dont you believe in God?am sure God has something maped out for you."
"i believe in God but we should always be prepared for the worst case scenerio.you know that."
"dad just relax.have heard you i will mng about it"
"whatever you want to do make it fast"
"alright have heard.so when did the doctor say you will be discharged ."
"he said tomorrow and he said i must rest and not go anywhere"
"we dont need a soothsayer to tell us that you need rest.and i will make sure of it"
"thank you my princess"
.she smiled and kissed his hand again.about that time his phone rang.it was richard.
"please maam i called to know where i sholud come and meet you for your... she didnt let him finish before he cut in.
"i would like you to cancel every of my schedule for tonight and tomorrow"he was surprised
"is everything alright maam?"
"of course.why do you ask?"
"ist just that i can feel your voice is down"
"dont worry everything is alright.just go home and relax.i will call you"she hanged up and looked at her father who was now asleep.she stood up and went to the rest room::*****

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Re: The contract by profjones(m): 8:17am On Jul 27, 2018
Re: The contract by izaray(f): 11:05am On Jul 27, 2018
Nice job, keep the update coming!
Re: The contract by Nobody: 2:02pm On Jul 27, 2018
cheesy cheesy Nice update... *runs out*
Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 12:52am On Jul 28, 2018
so many weeks has passed now and she was looking for ways to please his dad,getting married is not a child plays,if you rush into marriage you will rush out and time is running out.every moment she spends with her dad she always cherishes it.he was now better and they all knew sooner or later the end will come so they made he was comfortable and very happy.and they also made sure he didnt travel.as she was brooding over the matter an idea,which was very ridiculous came to her.after careful thought she came to a conclusion.she would give it a shot.he pressed the intercom and called richard to come in.he came in and she offered him a seat.he could notice she looked serious.what could she want to discuss.
"please richard i need your help.and what we are going to discuss here is confidential.its must be between only me and you."
"alright maam,am all ears"
"i want us to get married"that he didnt expect,he thought he was joking and he started to laugh,when he saw she didnt flinch he stopped.
"am sure this is a joke.and a ridiculous one at that"
"this is not a joke richard.its the truth.i really need your help on this matter.i dont what you to look at our history together and the things i have done...."
"so you know you have done a lot of things to me now that you need my help..well the truth is i cant help you" " i will do anything you ask me to do ."

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Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 10:22am On Jul 28, 2018
"am very sorry i cant help.after all the insults i received from you and you expect me to help you"he stood up and went out slamming the door behind..she knew this was not going to be easy but it was the only shot she had.she will have to try again and make him see reasons for it.she heaved a sigh of relief.
it was a long day indeed she was indeed tired,she looked at richard who was driving,she felt sorry having made him do ridiculous things just because she wants to get back at him.when they were in thier compound they both came down he handed over the cars keys to her and turned to leave..
"wait..."she really did not want to talk about this but she had no choice.
"have you thought about what i told you this afternoon"
"there is nothing to think about.i gave you my reply right there and nothing can change my mind"
"i know have hurt you,i have done things that i shouldnt have done,things that i really regret now.but please help me just this once.for me to be begging you like this you should know there is more to it."
"am sorry but i cant help you"he continued walking but her voice stooped him again.she came closer
"my dad has cancer and he has approximately a year to live.he said his only wish was to see me tie the knot with the man i love"what she said made him turn around,as she talked she could see that her voice was shaking.he was almost carried away but he gained composure,no way he was going to lose to her,not agian
"but we have nothing in common"
"i know but the marriage will only be in paper,we will divorce after he goes to the great beyound and we will go our seperate ways.this marriage is just for me to make him happy and also to make him pass away without any regrets.please help me i know am asking for too much.but this is my life"
"lets assume i were to accept your offer,what about my girlfriend.how do you expect her to feel"
"that can always be sorted out.you can sit her down and explain everthing to her.am sure she will understand"
"and also what do i get in return for all this"
"of course,you will get promoted to any post you want,except my own post and a sum of 1.5million naira.please dont think am trying to bribe you.this is just a token"he was thinking fast 1.5m..waoh thats a whole lot of money and any post of his choice.thats really enticing but he had to be careful.what do you need to think about!his inner mind was telling him..
"i will think about what you said and give you a reply tomorrow"she was relieved she thought he was going to reject it,but with what he said there is still hope.she prayed that the ansers will be positive.
"thank you..its kind of late why dont you spend the night here and tomorow you will go home"
"dont worry,i will be alright and moreso am not used to sleeping outside.dont worry about me.i have to be on my way now.good nite"
"good nite."she watched her as he opened the gate and went out.she gave some intrustions to the gate man and she also went inside..TBC

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Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 11:12am On Jul 28, 2018
the next day she was very nervous,it was today she was going to know his true stance,and she hoped he would help him or she will have to look for alternatives.she didnt want it to see like she was desperate so she didnt call her,she was relaxing when she heard a knock
"come in"the door opened slowly and richard entered,he as holding a paper with something written in it,but she wasnt sure what it was."please seat"he sat down and looked straight into her eye
"when will i meet your parents,so that i can introduce myself properly?"he didnt get what he was trying to say
"meet my parents for wha..."and immediately she got the the message,she just opened her mouth.
"so that means you have agreed to help me"he ignored her question and handed her the paper
"those are the rules i set,which must be followed,failure to do so will lead to breaking of the contract"
"yes.she was moved beyond words despite all what she had done.she stood up and hugged him.thank you so much richard"
"you are welcome"she went back to her seat after disembarking,she took some tissue and wiped her teary eyes.
"why did you agree to this"he sighed and stared at nothing in particular
"my mom,when i was young she was sure i was going to succeed,and she was always sure that she would still be alive to witness it.but in the end she died in an accident when i was 15 years old.when you told me about your dad i felt pity.so thats why i decided to help so that he wont pass away with regrets"she just listened as he said those words nevertheless she was thankfull to him..
"still i want to thank you..and i will start making preparations starting from tomorrow.dont worry about anything i will take care of the expenses.trust me its going to be a grand wedding"
"why a grand wedding,we should do a simple wedding,with few people invitedwhy waste a lot of money when we will divorce at the end"
"i inderstand your point.but my mom wont allow she has always wanted a grand wedding,she will invite a lot of dignitaries from home and abroad"
"dont worry about everything,you just make sure you play your own part very well"
"of course i will"
"i will let you know any important details as time goes on"
"alright."he stood and made to leave.
i want to thank you once again i really want to appreciate your help"
He smiled"dont mention"he came out and closed the door.she was indeed happy now she can now send her dad away peacefully....TBC*****

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Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 11:13am On Jul 28, 2018
good morning guyzzz..hapi sanitation day...can someone guess what going to happen next
Re: The contract by Nobody: 11:51am On Jul 28, 2018
I just hope his girlfriend is aware already
Re: The contract by Nostradamus: 3:58pm On Jul 28, 2018
The thing is before they divorced,the couple would likely fall in love with each other.kudos marv

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Re: The contract by Ann2012(f): 12:12pm On Jul 29, 2018
Thanks for d update

I foresee love brewing in the future between them
Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 1:11pm On Jul 29, 2018
hapi sunday palzz
Re: The contract by Nobody: 3:04pm On Jul 29, 2018
Marvel15 give us food
Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 7:58pm On Jul 29, 2018
after leaving work a little bit early that day,she was on her way home to discuss her marriage plans with her dad.as usuall it was richard that deove even though she told him that she would drive herself but he insisted,afer parking the car they both came down.he was a little bit nervous even though they both knew it was only pretense,but he was still nervous,she smiled at him to let him know that everything was alright and he got the message,he smiled back.they both stepped inside.her mom was in the parlour watching t.v as usuall and her dad was in the bedroom relaxing as usuall.richard prostrated and greeted her mom she just waved at him as she was so engrossed in what she was watching.
"richard,please sit down while i go bring dad"
"alright,he sat down comfortably and crossed his legs,that day he had to dress in his best suit so that he would look good,catherine had earlier bought some clothes for him and did some shopping he rejected it at first but with so much begging and pleading he eventually accepted it,and he actually didnt regret it because it was of great quality.some minutes later catherine and her dad came in.she took her to a seat and he sat down.
"dad,mom this is the man you all have been waiting for"the declaration took her mom by surprise she instantly switched off the t.v to listen to what she said.
"what do you mean?i dont really understand you"
"his name is richard and i love him.he his everything thing to me,i know he might not be the kind of man you have always pictures but he is okay for me"his dad cleared his throat and everyone was quiet.
"catherine my daughter,i know you are no more a kid anymore,am you are at a stage where you are capable of making decisions by yourself am sure you know whats best for you.but i dont want to rush because of wht we discussed earlier.you know marriage is a life contract,once you sign it there is no way out.so i want to ask you have you thought this through?"
"yes dad.i have thought about it.not only do i want to make you happy but i think now is the right time,like you said am not getting any younger.and i love him,he is my dream man.i deliberately kept this as a secret from you to surprise you"richard was surprises at how good she was at lieing,only God knows how many times she has lied to get something from her dad.
"alright.if thats what you want,i wont object to your choice.but i dont her mothers view on that"at this point he expected his wife to talk which she did.she adjusted herself on the settee,she looked at richard from head to toe as if she was scanning him
"well,am quite dissappointed in,because this is not the kind of man i have always dream for you,nonetheless what can i do? Since he is your choice aslong as you are ready to take respoiblity for whatever happens later on."
"mom,i undertands that you want the best for me,but i can assure that he is the genuine article he is the one i have alwayswanted."
"i hope he is not a gold digger,am sorry young man if my words hurt you but pardon me because am just looking for the best for my daughter,she is all i have left."even though the words felt like a scorpion stinging,he held it in.thtas why he had vowed never to have anything to do with families that are wealthy,who do they think they are?he wanted so badly to put them in thier place but he managed to hold the insults in
"i inderstand that you are worried,but i can assure you that i will take good care of her.for better for worse till death do us part.since the day i met her she has been a revelation to me,she is everything i could ever wish to see in a woman.she means the world to me and i can say it bodly that i love her."
"time will tell whether what you are saying is true"she switched back on the television but made sure she lowered the volume.
"so which date did you pick for the wedding"
"actually we havent decided on the date yet.but we will decide after i meet his family.we are still contemplating on doing a introduction,engagement before the real wedding."
"that has always been the usual trend,that is how it should be.marriage is only done once you dont do it twice"her mother continued with watching the t.v after chipping this in.
"once you have decided on the date let me know so that i can start telling my friends it"
"dad is this really necessary,i mean inviting a lot of people,i was thinking we will do a low key wedding ceremony"
"thats impossible,this is my daughters wedding it has to be the greatest on earth,trust me a lot of dignitaries will attend.dont worry about the expenses i will take care of it."she was moved to tears as she ran and hugged him.
"you are the best dad.i love you"
"i love you to my princess."after breaking up from the hug,he stood up
"am going back inside to rest"
"alright dad"she watched as he walked back to the bedroom.richard stood up as he was ready to go.
"ma,i would like to be on my way"
"alright.i wish you safe return to your house"
"thank you ma"he signalled to catherine,and she followed him and they both went out.once outside catherine couldnt stop thanking him for the help he rendered as it meant a lot to her.he bade her good nite ashe walked into the dark nigh******TBC

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Re: The contract by Nobody: 8:29am On Jul 30, 2018
Nice update.. Thanks
Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 8:34am On Jul 30, 2018
its okay

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