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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 10:30pm On Aug 24
Her phone rang. It was beside her Mum. She looked at the caller ID before handing it over to her daughter.
“Good Samaritan!” Her Mum said and shake her head slowly. She knew her daughter can be dramatic. Tamilore disconnected the call.
“Why didn’t you pick your call?”
“Nothing, I’ll call back later”
“What’s his name?” Tamilore's Mum questioned.
“How are you so sure the caller is a ‘HE’?”
“I read the expression on your face, did he ask you out?”
“Far from it, we met last night” Tammy replied.
“Same night you got your heart broken?” She asked inquisitively. Tamilore explained how she met Femi Brown.
“His surname is Brown? What state could that be?”
“Mummy, I don’t know. I just me him, I don’t know where he comes from”
“Then why are you acting rigid, you just met him and it’s not as if he asked you out. I’m sure he won’t, at least not now. I mean he was present when another guy broke your heart”
“I didn’t mean to act rigid. It’s just that I’m having a bad feeling about the guy?”
“Hmm….I understand. Even if you don’t want to get close or be friends with him, you still owe him a ‘thank you' for the ride!”
“I know right! Okay, I’ll call him back” She concluded.
“Good! And follow your instinct”
“I will ma. Thanks” She replied and they said their goodnights.
When Tara's Mum left, she dialed the Good Samaritan’s number, it rang but he didn’t pick up. She redialed again and still he didn’t pick the call.
She knew he did not pick the call intentionally. At least he just called in some minutes ago. She wanted to get upset at first for him ignoring her calls but realized she was the one at fault. She should have called earlier to ask about his trip back to Lagos. She tried his line again, same result. Then she decided to send him a text. The text read:
“I won’t deceive myself, I know you are pissed. I know the right thing to do, I wasn’t raised to be an ingrate but I didn’t just do it because something scares me about you. So, I’m sorry. Thanks for the ride and I believe you got back to Lagos safely because I told God to protect you. Once again, I’m truly sorry. Have a wonderful night rest”
She went through the text again and sent it. Then she put the phone away. A minute later her phone rang.
“I don’t want to talk to anyone this night Jo” She said to herself. Then she checked the caller ID and to her surprise it was Mr. Good Samaritan. She sighed and then picked the call.
“If I want to return the favor I won’t pick your call, you know that right!” She said defensively.
“Sorry, I think I called the wrong line. I’ll hang up now” He said.
“You want to hang up on me?”
“I read your text and I thought you’ve sobered up, that’s why I called. I can’t believe you’re still trying to play the blame card. If I want to return the favor, I won’t call back” He snapped.
“You got me. Okay, I’m sorry” Tamilore apologized.
“Why are you scared of me? You know no Jack about me. And please don’t get over yourself; I’m not planning to date you. Not now, not ever" He stated.
Those words stung her and she decided to retaliate. “Good. Thanks for making this easier. The feeling is mutual. I can’t date you too, not now, not ever. Imagine, who do you even think you are?” She lashed at him.
Femi regretted saying that when Tamilore reply him harshly, he didn’t mean to dehumanized her or make her feel less of a woman. It's just that he doesn't like the fact that she pushes him to the edge. He regretted what he said and did the needful.
“Tamilore, I’m sorry that didn’t come out well. I will never look down on you. You are so gorgeous that any man would want to have you. What I meant was that…..”
“Mr. Just keep whatever you mean to yourself, I’m not interested in your damage control speech!” She scowled.
“I’m sorry……….Please, I don’t mean to step on your ego. Tamilore you are a goddess and you need no man to tell you how great your physique is; you know that already. So forget whatever I said earlier” He pleaded.
“Okay” She replied reluctantly.
“Can we still be friends? At least you know dating you is out of it now, you don’t need to be scared anymore”
It took her some seconds to think about what he just asked. Then she replied him.
“If it’s just friends, I’m in”
“Good. When are you leaving Abeokuta?” He asked.
“Sunday, after Church service” She replied.
“Can I come pick you?”
“No, my cousin has a birthday party to attend in Lagos, so he’ll bring me”
“Are you sure, or is this another strategy to turn my offer down?”
“Truthfully, my cousin is bringing me. I’ll come in his car.”
“Okay, I believe you. See you when you return”
“See you too. Bye, good night”
“Good night. Sweet dreams” He said and hang up.
She checked the call duration, it was close to 30minutes. She rolled her eyes and sighed. Then she lay down to sleep.
“I hope I’m doing the right thing by offering to be friends with him” She said to herself and closed her eyes to say few words of prayer before sleeping.
The next day, Tamilore and her hyper active cousins painted the town red, blue, green and whatever colour you can think of. Tamilore forgot her worries. After all their tours, they ended it at stadium, a popular place in Abeokuta to catch fun. There, they ‘chop the head of their life’ like some people use to joke. Even though she doesn’t take alcohol, still she enjoyed her ‘Asun’ with malt drink. She had so much fun that she thought of relocating back to Abeokuta but It’s just that she can’t quit her job. She loved her job and loved the pay as well.
The next day after Church service, she packed her things, went to her Parents room to inform them she was leaving. They pleaded with her to come home often at least every month, since Abeokuta to Lagos was not that far. She promised to try. They blessed her, her Dad who still gives her money despite the fact that she was working and earning well gave her some cash which she collected thankfully.
Tolu's blare horn made her remember she was keeping someone waiting outside. She hugged her parents and left.
Tamilore’s cousin dropped her off in front of her gate, he promised to check on her one of the weekends and left for the party.
She got into her apartment and felt alone again but she immediately put away those feelings by engaging herself with domestic chores. She put on her sound systems and played danceable songs, the sound coming from the speaker was blasting the room. She felt lively again as she danced along to the song 'Girls like you'. She cleaned up the whole house and did some laundry. Her new friend, Femi Brown called later in the night to check up on her, he was glad she was back in Lagos and sounded cool. He promised to check on her the next day, after work.

The next day at the office, Alex, Tamilore’s boss was so happy to see her glowing.
“I like your spirit, girl” That was what he told her.
Tamilore also thanked him for giving her the day off. With that, work commenced as usual. She made sure that she buried herself in work all through the day.
She got back home, fixed her dinner, by 7:30pm, she was done cooking. She was about to eat when the door bell rang. She placed her tray of food on the stool.
“Who could that be, no one informed her of visiting” She said thought then she remembered Femi Brown promised to come around.
Tamilore was dressed in a tank top and a knee length skirt. She opened the door to him as they exchanged greetings.
He brought a bottle of wine and handed it over to her. She accepted it and thanked him.
She ushered him to the couch and he sat comfortably, she offered him food but he said he was okay.
Tamilore turned on the TV and sat quietly beside him both staring at the TV while she continued with her food. After like 10minutes, Femi broke the silence.
He coughed to draw her attention. “I know just three things about you. One, I know your name, two, I know you are single and thirdly, I know where you hail from aside that I know nothing else. So….can I know more about you now that we’ve agreed to be friends” He asked politely.
“Really, at least you know three things about me. Do I know anything about you? So why don’t we start from you instead” She said as she dropped her plate on the stool beside her and drank a glass of water to step down the food she just ate.
Then she faced him since he has also turned facing her on the couch where they both sat.
“Well you know my name, that’s one. I’m……
“Hold on!” She stood up and took few steps away from him.
“What is that on your finger? Is that for fashion or what I think it is?” Tammy asked curiously.
“I’m about to tell you”
“You are about to tell me what! No wonder I have a bad feeling about you!”
“I wanted to tell you the other night when you were in Abeokuta but you didn’t allow me say it" He defended.
“I can’t remember me hushing you from talking about this Femi Brown!”
“I told you that day that I can’t date you now or ever, remember!”
“That didn’t sound like you meant to tell me this, you only said those words in order to step on my ego”
“I never did, you assumed that and you never allowed me complete my statement that night because you thought I bruised your ego and it’s far from it!”
“So you are….”
“I’m a married man, Tamilore” He revealed.


Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by BIGGIE121(m): 8:01am On Aug 25
Nice story ,keep the updates flowing ...

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by kaysmart4real(m): 8:39am On Aug 25
Nice one following

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Shola2019(f): 1:05pm On Aug 25
I'm loving this story like mad
Thanks for the update, Shola2019 come and read
present ma

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by izaray(f): 2:59pm On Aug 25
Thanks for the update

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Ann2012(f): 6:40pm On Aug 25
Thanks for the update ma'am, at least Femi Brown opened up on his relationship status, I'm loving Tamilore's cousins, they sure know how to enjoy themselves cheesy

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Humbleness: 10:50pm On Aug 25
O my goodness, Mr Femi is married. Thanks for the update dear

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Uthman2senior: 11:01pm On Aug 25
You are all invited.
felico52 Reva1 Investorrtbankz , Prudent5217 , space01 , Barnarazy01 lanryblaq Nostradamus , Uthman2senior , boladex1 , Blessinzy stainless190 queen1494 , Sammysparkcutie, Mogaji95 , tessygold Devilpen, bossy512 Franasoan opalk fattprince
Keep the updates coming...Thank you

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Kaycee9242(m): 10:10am On Aug 26
e dun be, thanks op

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 11:36am On Aug 26
“I’m a married man, Tamilore” He revealed.

“My God!” She slammed her palm against her temple. “So a married man drove me down to Abeokuta! A married man brought me home and left here late in the night when you have a wife at home to be with! Please where did you tell your wife you were that night? Oh! You’ll tell her you were running a humanitarian service or something. Now it’s 8:30pm and you are still not home and not planning to go home any time soon, I guess" She poured out.

"At least allow me.....” He was saying but she cut in.

"Men! What exactly is your problem? If you know your eyes are still outside why get married why not take your time before committing yourself to marriage than making your wife unhappy and miserable! Why?"

“Wow! You are judging me you know and I don’t like it” He said as a matter of fact.

“Fine! So why do you want a single lady as your friend when you have a wife at home! Ere kini aja ba ekun se(What kind of friendship is the dog having with the Tiger) You know what, this is over. Just leave my house” She said and carried her plate to the kitchen leaving him there.

“Please use the door” She shouted from the kitchen while washing the dishes. She finished washing, came back to the parlour and met Femi standing.

“Tamilore, I said it before and I’m saying it again, this time for the purpose of clarity. Don’t get over yourself, I don’t want anything else from you. I only need a friend, that’s all”

“Sorry to disappoint you, but we can’t be friends. Is your wife not supposed to be your best friend?”

“I should be the judge of that. I need a friend and I know you are the only girl that wouldn’t take advantage of the opportunity”

“Hold on, I don’t get you”

“I know the kinds of single ladies out there, they can turn my heart against my wife by been friends with them but I took time to study you this few days, you are not that kind of a lady and that’s why I’m not surprised with the tantrums you are throwing right now. I know your type we never date a married man and that’s the kind of a lady friend I need in my life right now”
The words that came from Femi hit Tamilore. She took a seat as her legs became weak and Femi sat right beside her.

“What do you want from me?” She asked softly.

“Just friendship Tamilore” He replied softly too.
She sighed deeply. “Tell me everything I need to know about you” She demanded.

“I’m Femi Brown, I’m from Lagos State….”

“My mum asked where you’re from but I told her I don’t know” She cut in unconsciously.

“Your Mum” He said giving her a questioning look.

“Hmm…yes. Actually she was with me in my room when you called that night. She asked why I rejected your call and I told her everything about you and when I told her your name, she asked. She was even the one who told me to call you back to thank you for the ride” She explained.

“Really and I would have loved to meet her but you wouldn’t let me take you home that day”

“Here we go again, why do you want to meet her for heaven sake? Are we not supposed to be friends?”

“And what’s wrong with knowing a friend’s mum or even the whole family. Are you telling me your friends don’t know your family members?” He stood up to her.

“Of course they do!”

“So why’s my case different? Oh! I think I can answer that. I’m a married man” He sighed.

“That’s not even the issue”

“Clearly, just try and be flexible with me. See me as every other friend you have. Is that okay?”

“It’s okay. Although I’m a lady with few friends, my cousin’s are the close friends I have”

“I’m not surprised. You look it”

Tamilore calmed down and they both went back to their seat.
“You can continue” She urged.

“Okay. I’m a food technologist and I run a food processing company here in Lagos. I….”

“Name of the company, don’t skip that. Remember, I need to know everything!” She demanded.

“Okay! It’s Brownies Food Industrial Plc.”

“Jesus! You own Brownies?”

“By God’s grace” He replied. He then continued.
‘Well…. I came from a wealthy home, so I got support from my parents who are now late. My Mum died last year and my Dad who was so much attached to his wife to the extent that he couldn’t do without her, passed away three months after” He explained.

“Eyah…. Sorry about that. Your siblings?”

“I’m the only Child”

“Hmm… no wonder you need a friend. You know what, you can take me as your sister” She said and he laughed.

“Let’s be real, we can only say that in words but the reality is that we can’t be siblings because we are not”

“Sincerely we can and I’ll be more comfortable with that than being a friend to a married man or what do you think?” She asked.

“You can see me in any light that you want but I’ll only see you as my friend” He said and Tamilore feigned anger.

“Whatever….let’s move on”

“Sure. I have a close friend, his name is Olawale, and he lives around here. He’s married too. He came to pick me up the last time I was here”

“Your friend knows my place already!”

“I told you, he came to pick me up that night, there was no way I would have gotten out of this place without his help” He explained.
She didn’t like the idea one bit. To think that the person she hasn’t met, already knows where she lives.

“Fine! Go on” She said feigning anger.

“I have a house in Lekki where I live with my wife. We don’t have Children yet. I think that’s all” He gestured with his hands.

“That is not all. I mean that couldn’t be all. I’m about to enter into a friendship with a married man, don’t you think I should know little about your wife!”

“Aww….okay, here’s my wife” He brought out his wallet and retrieved a small size picture and handed it over to her.

“What! Tara Benson!” She said and he nodded.

“Tara Benson is your wife!”

“Yes” He said and Tamilore stood up pacing up and down the room.

“What is it? Why are you tensed? Come and have your seat” He stood up and motioned for her to sit but she refused.

“You know I said I have a bad feeling about you from the start. Why will the husband of a celebrity Model wants to be a friend with me. Tara Benson is a kind of woman that is enough for any man! Femi Brown! What exactly do you want from this friendship?”

“And what does having a wonderful wife got to do with making friends with another female. I thought we’ve past this stage of ‘I don’t want to be a friend with a married man' he gestured.

“That was before I found out who your wife is for crying out loud!” She stated.

“Tamilore, why are we going back and forth? She’s a public figure, so?” He said angrily. “You know what! Let’s forget all this, let’s even pretend as if we never met. I’m out of here!” He said and started towards the door. She left the parlour too and went into her room. Then she heard the front door slammed.


Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Humbleness: 12:15pm On Aug 26
I love this story. Simple and Interesting. Thanks for the update Ma

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by izaray(f): 12:18pm On Aug 26
This story just the burst my brain wink

Thanks for the update

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Shola2019(f): 2:44pm On Aug 26
thanks for the update

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Ann2012(f): 3:17pm On Aug 26
Hehehe, Tamilore and Femi's confrontation is really fun

Thanks for the update ma'am

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Divineroyalty(f): 3:44pm On Aug 26
Wow! Feels nice to be here. Thanks for inviting me to another masterpiece from you rachealfst.
Interesting story up there.
Keenly Following!

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Fijumokesayo(f): 4:07pm On Aug 26
Oh my, I have a feeling that his marriage is not that sweet abi why would he need a female friend.

I just want my baby to be safe o, nothing must happen to her.

Thanks for the update, but please can it be steady? The story is too sweet abeg.

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by stainless190(f): 8:34pm On Aug 26
You are all invited.

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thanks for the mention, you've got a nice story here can't wait for the next episode

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Kaycee9242(m): 8:46pm On Aug 26
always on point, Rachael stories are always bomb
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by guruzmarstk(f): 11:01am On Aug 27
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Nostradamus: 1:33pm On Aug 27
You are all invited.

felico52 Reva1 Investorrtbankz , Prudent5217 , space01 ,
lanryblaq Nostradamus , Uthman2senior ,
boladex1 , Blessinzy stainless190
queen1494 , Sammysparkcutie, Mogaji95 ,
tessygold Devilpen, bossy512 Franasoan opalk fattprince
you've got a nice piece here.please don't starve us of updates.i'll back soon to drop a comment on something I notice about this story.
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 3:36pm On Aug 27
A month later, Philip and all is family members gathered at his DSS in-laws’ mansion. He knew if he told his family about the truth behind his forced marriage to Zainab they wouldn’t follow him there. He was doing this to protect himself, his family as well as Tamilore that would be drag into the mess if he refuses to comply with Zainab’s father’s demands. He dare not report the threat case to the police either. He knew whose side they’re going to take. His case was like someone who was sentenced by God, there’s no court of appeal he can take the case to.
Philip hoped guys like him who do ‘chop and clean mouth’ would learn from him. He had a wonderful girlfriend who he lost all because he fell into the hands of a manipulative side chick. Zainab is not even a side chick to him, he is just a friend who turned out to be friends with benefits and no string attached, who could have thought that she has a hidden agenda.

Philip’s family members especially her siblings were surprised when he told them about his engagement with Zainab. They never met her before. The only girlfriend they knew was Tamilore. He only told them he impregnated another lady and had to let Tamilore go so as to father his unborn child. They were not really happy but they had no choice since a baby was involved.

Philip didn’t smile for once all through the introduction ceremony, Zainab is not the woman he had pictured spending the rest of his life with. His parents noticed his mood and try to cheer him. They thought he only had cold feet because he is about to become a father but they didn’t know it was more to that.

After the introduction the bride’s father had a brief meeting with his in-laws and he insisted the wedding should be stated for the next month before her daughter starts showing. He didn’t want her rocking her wedding gown with a baby bump. That was the excuse he gave. Philip was furious but his beggar had no choice.

Thankfully, Philip Parents too were rich so there’s nothing to worry about regarding money. So they agreed with Zainab's Father.

To Philip’s surprised, Zainab had packed all her things in his car. The father said she can go with him since the wedding was just in a month. Philip’s parent objected that they don’t do such in their place.

“The wife comes in after the wedding” Philip’s Mother said.

“Those rules are for men who are decent enough not to put their girlfriends in a family way before the wedding and not the other way round” Zainab’s Father said scornfully.

Philip and his family were speechless. The man was right to some extent, the girl is pregnant already. So they left with Zainab.

Philip and Zainab got home. She alighted happily and started getting her things out of the car. Philip left her there and went inside. Few minutes later he rushed out furious.

“Seriously, Zainab is this how you want to play the game. Have you not ruined me enough? You still have the effrontery to call your mother that I didn’t help you move your things in!” He lashed at her.

“Why won’t I call her? You left me here without giving me a helping hand. And you know my condition” She said pointing at her tummy.

“You desperately wanted to be my wife and now you are in my house. So make yourself comfortable by moving your things into the home of your dreams, snake!” He said to her face and left the house in another car.

Zainab opened her mouth and wasn’t able to close it.

“Did he just leave me here?” she asked herself and busted into tears. She remembered what her elder sister told her.

“You can drag a horse to the river but you can never force him to drink” Says her sister and she started crying.

She was dragging her suitcase into the house and crying at the same time. Minutes later she was done. There was no one to show her around the house. She found her a way to the kitchen and took a glass of water.

There was no light in the house, actually, there was light we must not lie on the country’s electricity distribution company. It’s just that Philip had intentionally removed the cut-out before he left the house, reason why there was no light in his apartment.

Zainab was hungry, but there was no food in the kitchen, nothing to cook not even junks and to crown it all Philip was nowhere to be found.

”How long can she cope with all this” She said to herself. She tried to call her mother but she remembered calling her mother earlier was the reason why Philip left the house angrily. So she decided to take it all in. Hoping he’ll be back soon.

Philip came back late in the night. He opened the door and entered into the sitting room. He gasped at the figure he saw on the floor. Zainab had passed out. She carried her hurriedly and rushed back to the car. He drove her straight to a nearby hospital. She was rushed to the emergency room in a stretcher.
Philip kept shouting “Please help me, she must not die, she’s pregnant” The nurses calmed him that his wife will be fine.

“She is not my wife!” He almost screamed that out at least they are not married yet but that was not the issue on ground. If anything happens to Zainab, her father will kill him that is sure.

Twenty minutes later, a doctor came out of the ER to attend to him.

“Your wife is now stable” He wondered why everyone is referring to her as his wife maybe because of the ring she had on her ring finger. The ring she gave herself because Philip never gave her a ring.

“Thank you doctor. You said she’s stable, right! Can I take her now?”

“No you can’t, she’s weak. I think she starved herself and that is not good for someone in her condition. I’m sorry she lost the pregnancy”

“What! Just like that” Philip did not know what to feel, maybe to be happy or sad about the news. No emotion but he tried to be sad that is better and of course that’s his first issue, he never got any woman pregnant before.

“See the Nurses at the reception, you need to make some payments. She will be spending some days here before her discharge. The doctor instructed.

“Okay, I will.”

“You can go in an
d see her. She has been moved into the general ward”

“Ah! Doctor, please move her to a private ward, her parents must not meet her in a general ward” He pleaded.

“I’m sorry we have few private wards and they are all occupied by other patients” The doctor said.

“Alright” He said scratching his head. The doctor left and he went into the ward to see how Zainab was doing.


Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by izaray(f): 3:50pm On Aug 27
Thanks for the update

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by divinelypruned(f): 6:19pm On Aug 27
Thanks for the update

But I doubt it, if Zainab is really pregnant, because her desperation is telling me something else, I love how Philip handled her when she complained to her mum, at least they can't push him around.

And I hope that the lose of her fake pregnancy will not put Philip into more trouble.

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Humbleness: 1:41pm On Aug 28
Philip is in trouble. Thanks for the update

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Ann2012(f): 1:57pm On Aug 28
Philip don enter one chance, Zainab's father won't spare him

Thanks for the update

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 4:05pm On Aug 28
Tamilore got to her office on a good Monday morning all refreshed and ready for the new week. Unlike every other employer, she loves Monday mornings. She sat down to work, and then her telephone buzzed. It was her boss.
“Good morning boss” She said and he replied.
“There will be an emergency meeting at the conference room in 30minutes. Please inform all managers. Thank you” Alex said and dropped the call.
She sent a message to all the managers. She also sent her office assistant to drop a formal letter on each manger’s desk because some may not get the SMS.
Thirty minutes later, they were all gathered at the conference room. Mr. Alex, the acting CEO was carrying a straight face. He went straight to the point and asked all managers why the production of one of their major products was stopped for the past 72hours without his knowledge.
“Sir, production was stopped because we’ve exhausted the raw materials for that production.” The production manager said.
This got him angry the more and still he insisted they should have brought the matter to his desk before now.
The production manager apologized and explained further that the raw materials had finished since Friday morning and they didn’t try to bring the matter to him since orders has been placed for the raw materials. They all thought it would be delivered by weekend but to their surprise the goods wasn’t supplied yet when they got to work that morning.
“For God's sake why didn’t you place the order when you realized you are running out of the materials” Alex tackled.
“That was exactly what we did sir. We placed the order sir but the raw materials are not forth coming” Says the marketing Manager who works hand in hand with the production Manager.
“We’ve contacted them on phone and online but we were told the materials will be delivered soon” The sales manager added.
“And you Tamilore!” He pointed at her. “So you don’t know what to do right! After they’ve waited for so long and didn’t get the delivery”
“Sir, I wasn’t aware of this until yesterday evening when the production manager called me. It was a Sunday and there’s little we can do. So I told him I’ll contact you to know the next step to take on the matter but your line wasn’t reachable”
“Yes, it wasn’t reachable because I don’t even have time for myself. Philip was locked up since Saturday evening and charged with a serious case” He spilled. He wasn’t supposed to say that but Tamilore made him spilled, at least Philip was her ex- boyfriend.
“You mean Philip, your friend!” Tamilore was shocked. She can’t wait to find out what happened and she hoped it was not as serious as her boss said.
“You know what Tamilore, pack your bags, you are going to Kenya tomorrow morning!” He instructed.
“You heard me, go to the company where we source the raw material from in Kenya and find out what is happening over there. We desperately need these raw materials, this is our major export products for crying out loud and production has stopped since Friday for God’s sake. So you have to save us all by going down to Kenya!” He gestured with his hand.
“Okay sir, I’ll go” She complied.
“Good, your flight will be booked and the account manager will wire some money into your account” He said and they closed the meeting.
Tamilore rushed to her boss side, collected the folder in his hands and tagged as they walk side by side.
“Alex what happened to Philip?” She asked. She call him by his name whenever they are alone, Alex doesn’t like her being formal with him when she was dating his friend.
“That girl’s father…. I can’t even remember the name of the girl, arrested Philip for negligence or something because the girl was hospitalized. But thankfully Philip has been released this morning.
“Thank God. I hope he’s okay?”
“He will be, I know things will eventually get to this stage, that girl’s family are dangerous”
“You may not believe me but I really feel sorry for him” Tamilore said truthfully.
“I believe you”
“Really, then why did you send me to Kenya out of spite?” She feigned anger.
“Yes, I’m mad at you. You should be there for Philip too. You know how much he loves you!” He poured out.
“Egbami”(Help me out) She gestured. “What has this got to do with me? Didn’t he tell you the girl’s Father threatened to harm me if he didn’t break up with me and marry her daughter!”
“I know but you didn’t fight for him at all”
“Are you kidding me? So I should die on top of his matter? The mess he got himself into without even thinking about me before sleeping with the girl!”
“Boss, I’ll drop this in your office. Let me run along so as to go and start preparing for my Kenya trip” She said angrily and left her boss standing. Alex startled as he looked at her retrieving figure.

The next day, Tamilore boarded the flight to Kenya around 12pm. Five Hours and 19minutes later, she landed at the ….Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Kenya. She waved down a taxi. “Intercontinental Nairobi Hotel” She said when she entered the cab, sitting at the back sit. Her boss had given her the name of the hotel to lodge and she had exchanged the naira on her to Kenya shillings. The cab driver pulled over in front of an exquisite hotel, she paid and alighted. She made the necessary payments and checked in. The next day as early as 7am Kenya time, she was out of the hotel heading straight to the manufacturing company that failed to deliver their supplies. She waved down a taxi in front of her hotel.
“Githunguri” She said slowly in order not to mispronounce it. She boarded the cab and greeted the driver in English.
“Where in Githunguri” The cab driver asked. Tammy replied and gave him the name of the company. Githunguri is one hour, thirty minutes drive from the hotel and the town is an Agricultural town in central Kenya's central province.
The taxi took her straight to the place. She asked around when she got to the company in order to know the appropriate place to lodge her complains.
She was directed to an office where she met with a receptionist, who had a name tag on. She greeted her and she answered back politely. The receptionist asked what she could do for her. She checked the name on the ID card she was wearing.
“Miss Kesi, right!” The receptionist nodded. “I’m from Nigeria, Dacosta and sons Mills International to be precised” She stated and lodged her complains.
The receptionist gave her a form to fill which she filled. She then sent the form to another office. Ten minutes, later she was called upon and she went into the office and met a man who was in charge of export deliveries.
“We are very sorry Madam…..” The man took a good look at the name in the form before him.
“Just call me Tammy” Tamilore cut in when she sees the way he was struggling to make out the name on the form.
“Madam Tammy, I’m Mr. Adika by the way” He said and she went straight to business.
”We’ve been doing business with you for a long time now and you know how this raw material is important to my company. We’ve called, sent messages via email and all and still we got no response from you. Production had stopped for days now in our company because of the delay in supply” She poured out.
“We are very sorry Madam, like you have said we’ve been doing business for long and you know we haven’t disappointed once before now. Actually, we have mechanical issues and we’ve been struggling with it for weeks now and that’s the reason for the delay. It was sorted two days ago and we commenced production but unfortunately the problem arise again, we had to sent some delegates to India this morning in order to fix the problem” He explained.
“I’m really sorry about that and I hope the problem will be fixed soon. But please can I have our own orders from the ones you produced two days ago?” She requested.
“I’m really sorry madam, someone else had already cleared all the goods. In fact he just left my office before you came in and he had gone to conclude the necessary paperwork”
“No, you can’t do that, do you know when we’ve placed our orders! So one person we now claim the goods on ground at least you should share it with the two companies. I just told you production as stopped in my company and you know what that means. Lost! So please you just have to do something” She tried pleading.
“That wouldn’t be possible madam, the goods as already been cleared and more so this company ordered before yours. And to be straight with you, the help we just received was from this person. He linked us to the Indians that we are expecting to come over to fix the problem. The least I can do in appreciation is to deliver the available goods to this person; he has really been helpful since he got here yesterday”
“We equally need these materials too. You can still do something, you can plead with him to release some. Please….”
“You are from Nigeria right?” He asked.
“He is Nigerian too, maybe you can work things out between you two but I’m sorry we can’t get involved”
“Where can I meet him now? Let’s see if we can arrange something, my company will pay him pending the time that our goods will be ready”
“He should still be at the warehouse, I guess”
“Thank you very much let me quickly run along in order to catch up with him”
“Okay but in case he had left, I can give you the name of the company in Nigeria”
“That would be nice. Thanks she said and they shook hands. Then the man’s telephone rang.
“He is back sir” The caller said.
“Okay, let him in” Mr. Adika said and the door opened.
Tamilore was shocked to the bone when she saw the person who just entered.
“Madam Tammy here is the person I told you about” The man informed. She couldn’t speak.
He was dressed in a Kenya designed print that sooth his dark skin colour. He took some strides towards Tamilore and offered her a handshake. Tamilore looked into the eyes of this tall handsome man standing before her and of course his wedding band was well fitted on his ring finger.
“Hello” He greeted.
“Femi Brown!”


Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Treasurewamiri(f): 5:01pm On Aug 28
Ghen! Ghen!! It's getting more interesting. Come to think of it: Wetin concern Tamilore with Phillip gbege?

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by kaysmart4real(m): 6:13pm On Aug 28
GhenGhen! Let see how it turns out Wetin concern Tamilore for Philip's matter?

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e dun be, this is getting more tensed and interesting

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Fijumokesayo(f): 8:22pm On Aug 28
Na wetin eye dey find, eye dey see! Wetin con concern Tammy abt Philip?

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Op nice piece . more ink to ur amazing pen.

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thanks for the update op, i just de observe the situation

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