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BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo / ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo / WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo (2) (3) (4)

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Joecristiano7: 9:59am On Aug 29
nice story...

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by izaray(f): 10:38am On Aug 29
Well done sis

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Nwiboko26(f): 1:35pm On Aug 29
Well done dear

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Ann2012(f): 3:29pm On Aug 29
Dem suppose beat Phillip jor cheesy
Tam Tam and Femi meeting in Kenya again, hmmmm

Well done ma'am

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Cocotrendz(m): 6:38pm On Aug 29
Op come and continue na
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Humbleness: 7:22am On Aug 30
I will not say anything now, well its good the meet again. Let continue and live Philip and his matter.
Thanks for the update

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by lonesome501(m): 9:15am On Aug 30
arabinrin toyintaiwo,,where are thou

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Nogodye(m): 7:52am On Aug 31
This story ehn.... rachealfst is always on point. God bless you real good.

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Ven97: 1:36pm On Aug 31
Another blockbuster from rachealfst! Ride on ma'am

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Treasure17(m): 2:44pm On Aug 31
They should not have released Philip. Interesting story.

Thanks for the update.

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 5:52pm On Aug 31
Tamilore looked into the eyes of this tall handsome man standing before her and of course his wedding band was well fitted on his ring finger.
“Hello” He greeted.

“Femi Brown!”

“I’m as surprised as you are” He shrugged.

“We are here for the same purpose but as I was rightly informed you have cleared all the goods I came here for!” She said with a straight face.

“Goods! Do you run a food processing company?”

“I work with Dacosta and Sons Mills International!”

“Really, I never knew we were in similar field. I know your boss well and we’ve met quite a number of times at conferences. About the goods don’t worry things will soon be sorted out here and you can have your deliveries in Nigeria”

Mr. Adika had to come in at this stage. “Sir, it’s a good thing both of you know each other. Madam Tammy actually needs your help but I want you two to sort it out yourselves” The man said and excused them.

“What can I do for you Miss Tamilore” Femi Brown asked.

“Don’t worry. I’ll go back home to give them feedback. Like you said, we’ll wait till the problem here is fixed” She said snobbishly not ready to get any help from him.

“The receptionist told me someone is here from Nigerian who needs the same goods I just cleared, so why not asked politely and let’s see if I can be of help” He teased.

“Femi Brown, I said I don’t need your help in fact, I’m out of here”

“Really, who sent you here? Is it Alex? I think he made a mistake by sending you. You need something so badly, something that can even lead to company loss and you are not willing to ask for it! Even if I ask you to beg, shouldn’t you do it for the sake of your company! But here you are, you can’t even draw the line between business and personal issues. Do you know this singular act of yours can cost you your job if I report this to your boss? Oh! He won’t fire you, you are his best friend's ex girlfriend!” He scoffed.
Tamilore knew he was right. What she planned on doing was unprofessional, so she decided to do anything to make him release part of the goods.

“You know what, you are right. What do you want me to do? Should I go on my knees and beg, cos I’m willing to”

“No one is asking you to beg. At least ask politely, if it doesn’t work then you can be plead. Just know where to draw the line next time” He paused, and then continued.

“Now, what do you want from me?” He asked.

“I heard you’ve used your connection to clear all the readily available goods but can I please get some, pending the time my company’s delivery will arrive, please…..

“Point of correction, I didn’t use any connections. I only offered to help them, that was all”

“And in return, they allowed you clear all the goods” She with sarcasm.

“And how’s that my fault. More so, my company ordered before yours. I saw it in the ledger at the warehouse. I was also here before you, I’ve been around for two days now. So how is that my fault?”

“Let’s get out of here, we’ll solve it when we get back to Nigeria” Femi Brown said.

“Why Nigeria, can’t we sort things out here?”

“In case you’ve forgotten, the goods had already been cleared in my company’s name. So there’s nothing we can do until the goods arrive Nigeria”

“That’s true but does it has to be you saving me every time! Is this fate or doom?”

“Tamilore you are asking if our meeting is fate or doom! Well you better see it as fate because no one get to meet me and is doomed. So let's get out of here and find a place to settle our differences!”

She picked her bag and followed him out of the office. They bump into Mr. Adika as they walked into the reception. The man asked if the issue has been resolved. Femi Brown replied him that it’s all settled. He was happy and gave him a handshake, he also promised Tamilore that in two weeks top, her company’s goods will be delivered. He bade them goodbye and they left.

Outside the manufacturing company, Tamilore and Femi Brown walked to the gate together waiting for a cab.

“We should go our separate way now. I’ll contact you in Nigeria” Tamilore said.

“Will you stop treating me like a stranger?” He said sternly.
She looked at him and decided to take a chill pill.

“Okay, fellow Nigerian” She rolled her eyes.

“Fellow Nigerian! Is that the best you can come up with this time? Anyways, I’ll make do of that. Do you know your way around here?” He asked her.

“No but a cab will take me anywhere I want to go” She replied.

“Where did you lodge?” He asked and she told him. It was the same hotel where he lodged too. He offered they go together and she reluctantly agreed as he waved down a cab that took them to the hotel.
He followed her to her room but stopped by the door.

“I’ll come pick you in an hour’s time. Or are you good with Kenyan food?” He enquired.

“Not really, I was just managing since I got here yesterday” She said calmly.

“I’ll take you to a Nigerian kitchen here in Nairobi. I can even show you around before we return tomorrow. Or are you not going back to Nigeria tomorrow?”

“I’m going back tomorrow”

“So…..what do you say?”

“Okay! I’ll be expecting you” She used her key card to open the door and entered. Femi Brown left and went to his room.

He wondered why they met again, he was still trying to forget everything that happened between them a month ago in her apartment, now that he is trying to forget her gradually, he met her again. He really needed a female friend but he can’t stand Tamilore’s rigidness.

Tamilore got to her room and threw herself on the king-sized bed. She was also thinking on why she had to meet Femi Brown again. They even met outside Nigeria this time around and he saved her head again the second time.

The truth is that Alex will have her head if she returns to Nigeria without those raw materials. She was happy that Femi Brown did not take the rift between them personal.
“Maybe meeting him won’t hurt me. Maybe it’s just me imagining things, he is a married man who is looking for a female friend that will not ruin his marriage. And he is right, I could be that friend because the last thing I will do in my life is to date or marry a married man” She said to herself.
Indeed she detests women who do such. Tamilore decided to take things easy with him.

She sent an email to her boss and told him everything including her encounter with the owner of Brownies Food Processing Company Plc. Then a WhatsApp call came in from her boss.

“You mean Femi Brown offered to give us some?”Alex questioned.

“Yes boss”

“Are you sure, because to be sincere nobody in his right senses will give out a scarce commodity willing, even I, can’t do such favours” He admitted.

“Let’s say its God intervention”

“Tamilore! Hope he is not asking for something in return. I mean…..” He tried to get the truth out of her but she knew where Alex was going.

“Far from it”

“Tamilore is there something you are not telling me, no one gives out…..

“Okay, we know each other before now!” She revealed.

“I don’t get, you know him as in date him? Were you cheating on my friend with him?” He asked, getting jealous in his friend’s stead.

“I can’t believe you just said that. Who impregnated another girl?” She threw at him.

“Philip!” Alex replied.

“So who is the cheat here?”

“Easy….I was only…..”

“I never cheated on Philip” She pointed out.

“I know….I was only pulling your legs. But are you sure Femi Brown doesn’t want anything in return, I will never put you in a compromising position” He said with all concern.

“Far from it Alex, he is married. I hope you know that”

“Who cheat most?” He scoffed.

“That’s not the case here. Just leave everything to me. Once I get back to Nigeria we’ll get the raw materials”

“Thank you, I didn’t regret sending you to Kenya” Alex commended.

“You are welcome. How’s Philip?” She asked.

“He’s doing well”

“I’ll call him when I get back to Nigeria”

“Okay, take care. Bye” He said and ended the call.

Alex was glad Femi Brown was willing to help with some of the raw materials he bought and he was willing to pay twice as long as they can have access to the raw materials.

Exactly an hour later, Tamilore heard a knock on her door, she knew who was knocking at the door. All set, she picked her purse and left the room.


Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by izaray(f): 6:43pm On Aug 31
Thanks for the update

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Lilly4endu: 7:19pm On Aug 31
this went well

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by divinelypruned(f): 7:44pm On Aug 31
Thanks for the update

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by kaysmart4real(m): 7:53pm On Aug 31
Thanks for the update

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Ann2012(f): 5:22am On Sep 01
I hope they sort out their difference
Thanks for the update ma'am
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Kaycee9242(m): 5:55am On Sep 01
thank op
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Humbleness: 12:19pm On Sep 01
I like the way things are going for Femi and Tamilore.
Thanks for the update.
Happy new month
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Treasure17(m): 2:46pm On Sep 01
Tamilore dey do strong head.
Thanks for the update.
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by GeniusHawlah(m): 9:29pm On Sep 01
YoungBruzzy Pinkfeet Aforke27 rosebuzz genius43
rubby001 Durhleepee Fijumokesayo Ann2012
solmantb Divineroyalty efeteb zeejewel Jagaban880
daddio jaydave226 GeniusHawlah Janesquare
efeteb Oluwakemisolami
Thanks for the mention. cool I'll follow and read up later.
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Wuhmie: 9:05am On Sep 02
Very nice story. Can we get it on okada books. Thanks
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 1:32pm On Sep 02
Femi Brown led the way while she followed. Minutes later they settled at the restaurant called ‘Mummy D Nigerian restaurant' They both placed their orders.
The food was so tasty that Tamilore almost asked for more, if not that she was full. They left the place after eating and Femi showed her to Nairobi gallery in Kenyatta Avenue. The place is a combination of art and history. He also took her to Bomas of Kenya, a tourist village in Langata, Nairobi. She took pictures of herself.
“Am I not good looking enough, I brought you here and we can’t even take a single picture together” Femi said. And she reluctantly took a selfie with him.
Tamilore enjoyed their little tour, she was surprised that Femi Brown understood Swahili, Kenya language. He happened to have taken language courses while growing up.
Afterwards, they returned back to the hotel at the early hours of the evening.
“Thanks so much for the treat Mr. Femi Brown” She said trying to be formal with him.
“You are welcome” He said and Tammy turned to leave.
“Don’t tell me you are going back to your room already. We know all this is just camouflage, we haven’t talked about what happened in your apartment back in Nigeria” He pointed out.
“I know. You didn’t raise the issue and I assumed you don’t want to talk about it” She defended.
“I want to talk about it, in fact I've been meaning to talk about it even before we met here in Kenya but I wasn’t sure if you’d pick my calls that’s why I refrained myself from doing so” Femi explained.
“Okay. If you want to talk about it, it’s fine by me”
“Good, let’s go somewhere quiet to sit then” He said and led her to an open but quiet part of the hotel. He pulled out a sit for her and sat opposite her.
“Thanks” She said.
“So where are we?” He asked.
“The part where I discovered that Tara Benson is your wife” She replied.
“And you went haywire because of that” He said and she rolled her eyes.
“Philip knew you right?”
“Yes, you know he runs a modeling company and my wife is a model, I met him a couple of time at fashion shows”
“Husband of a model needs a female friend” She quoted with two of her fingers. “That will sit well on the front page of the magazine. Don’t you think?”
“Here we go again” He threw his hands in the air. Tamilore grinned.
“You know I can make money off you and sell a juicy story to a blogger”
“Tamilore!” He straightened her.
“Hey! It’s just a joke”
“I just want someone new in my life, someone I could count on. I mean… someone I can rely on”
“Will your wife know about this friendship?” She asked.
“I know you won’t like to hear this, but I’m sorry she won’t. This is between the both of us”
“Huh! If you don’t have a hidden agenda, why can’t you just introduce me to her as your new friend?”
“I want a friend for myself alone. I want to be selfish about this”
“Now I’m getting scared!”
“Tamilore don’t be. Just trust me”
“Is this the friends with benefits kind of relationship?”
“No! No! No!” He said shaking his head sideways.
“Are you in an open relationship with your wife?”
“Far from it, we are normal couples”
“So…why do you want a secret friendship?” She asked again.
“Tamilore haven’t you asked enough. I need this favour, please oblige me” He pleaded with his eyes.
“Okay. I’m in” She gestured with her hands.
“Finally” He sighed. “Thank you” He said and covered her hands in his palms.
They started talking freely this time, she told him her age, she’s 28 and he’s 34years. Her qualifications, she studied Public relations. They talked about their likes and dislikes Tamilore told him all that he needed to know about her. And at the end, Femi Brown turned out to be a wonderful company. They both retired back to their hotel room late in the night.
The next day, they both boarded a flight back to Nigeria and that was the beginning of their friendship.

The goods arrived Nigeria, Femi called Tamilore to come over to his company to get the share of the goods he was willing to part with. She informed her boss and left with the quality assurance manager who will inspect the product. She went in her car and the company’s truck also followed. They were directed to the personnel in charge of the company raw materials. The raw material was inspected and certify by the QA manager. All the necessary transactions were made and the goods was loaded into the company truck and transported to Tamilore’s company, Dacosta&Sons International mills.
She wasn’t able to meet with Femi Brown, who was in a meeting by the time they got there but his secretary gave out her boss’ message to Tamilore. She was asked to wait for him in his office. Tamilore told the quality assurance manager to go ahead while she stayed back to see the company's MD.
She was in his office and was entertained by Valentina, the ever smiling beautiful secretary. Twenty minutes later, Femi Brown showed up.
“My cute friend” He said and they shared a hug and sat beside each other on the sofa”
“Let me thank you all over again for helping my company out. You didn’t even inflate the price despite the fact that it was a scarce commodity” She said in appreciation.
“I did all that for you, you know. I wouldn’t have even shared in the first place. It’s a basic raw material here in our company too”
“I know because my boss said the same thing. He was even scared of you asking for something else in return” She shrugged.
“Something like what?” He smiled sheepishly and replied himself. “Oh! Like sex? No…I don’t do that”
There was a tap on the door “Come in” he said and the secretary came entered.
“Sir, your wife called, I told her you were in a meeting. She is actually on her way to the airport sir…..”
“Airport you say! He cut in.
“Yes sir. She said she had called severally and you didn’t pick up”
“Yes, my phone was on silence but since she was on her way to the airport I doubt if her phone lines will be available” He said and brought out his phone from his pocket and saw several miss calls. She tried her lines, it was all switched off.
“I said it, her lines are not going through. You can leave Valentina. Thanks” He said and his secretary left. He went through his phone and saw some messages. One was from his wife. Who informed him he has an impromptu photo shoot in Los Angeles. He smiled after reading the message. He looked up and smiled at Tamilore.
“I’m sorry. So where are we?” Femi asked.
“We are in Nigeria” She replied and he laughed. “Anyways this is my first time here and I love your office. It reminds me of Harvey Specter's office in Suit”
“Yeah, you got it right, that was where this idea came from and I love that TV series”
“Same here. I like your secretary, she’s very hospitable” She digressed.
“Just because she served you this?” He said jokingly, pointing to the drink in front of her.
“You know she is and she is also beautiful. And you would have made a good friend out of her you know”
“I know but I prefer a strict officially inclined employer- employee relationship”
“Hmm…. I should be on my way now. I’ve spent close to 30minutes already.
“I’ll come over to your place in the evening. So be expecting me” He informed.
“You are coming down to my place because your wife is out of town?”
“Yes” He smiled.
“You can’t even deny it” She smacked him.
“Deny it, why? That’s the truth. And guess what I’ll bring your favorite Pizza”
“No way, you bring pizza every time. I’m even tired of eating it, thanks to you”
“I’m so sorry, I never knew you were tired of pizza, what should I get you this time?”
“Nothing, just come with your big head” She said. And they both laughed as he saw her off.


Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by guruzmarstk(f): 2:01pm On Sep 02
Nice story

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Wuhmie: 2:21pm On Sep 02
Thanks for the update. Can we get it for a price on okadabooks.

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Treasure17(m): 2:26pm On Sep 02
Just waiting for the end product cause I don't believe Femi's sermon.

Thanks for the update.


Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by kaysmart4real(m): 2:29pm On Sep 02
Thanks for the Update. Am really Enjoying the story

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Emex100(m): 4:44pm On Sep 02
Now this friendship remind me of my two beautiful friend. Blessing and Roseline. They were and still and will continue to be my best friend.

Thanks for this update

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Ann2012(f): 4:58pm On Sep 02
Hmmmm, I just truly hope there's no hidden motive behind this friendship stuff.

Thanks for the update ma'am

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by izaray(f): 6:54pm On Sep 02
Femi is too eager with this friendship stuff, hope is not what I'm thinking sha

Thanks for the update

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Emex100(m): 6:56pm On Sep 02
Hmmmm, I just truly hope there's no hidden motive behind this friendship stuff.

Thanks for the update ma'am

Nne this friendship and friendboat is welcome biko.
Femi need a female figure to be close to since his wife got time for him

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Emex100(m): 6:57pm On Sep 02
Femi is too eager with this friendship stuff, hope is not what I'm thinking sha

Thanks for the update

its what you are thinking sis

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by izaray(f): 7:12pm On Sep 02

its what you are thinking sis
I'm sure we two are begining to think the same then? wink


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