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BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo / ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo / WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo (2) (3) (4)

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by YoungBruzzy: 3:43pm On Sep 06
thanks for the update OP.
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by duruZed(m): 3:56pm On Sep 06
Very good write-up. But why is tammy taking such an unwarranted risk?
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Treasure17(m): 5:25pm On Sep 06
Thanks for the update.
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by izaray(f): 6:01pm On Sep 06
Thanks for the update dear
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Hardes(m): 8:49pm On Sep 06
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Odoogu(m): 10:51pm On Sep 06
thanks for the update... Meeehn the call na real set up!
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Humbleness: 11:17pm On Sep 06
Thanks for the update
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by skubido(m): 7:23am On Sep 07
Tanks for the update
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by kaysmart4real(m): 7:29am On Sep 07
Tammy i hope u wont get into Trouble following Femi. Nice update next please
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Shola2019(f): 8:02am On Sep 07
thanks for the update
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Ann2012(f): 9:54pm On Sep 07
Now Tami might be exposed to Tara, bia Philip, leave Tami alone na.
Thanks for the update ma'am
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Kaycee9242(m): 10:16pm On Sep 07
good work Rachael
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Blessinzy(f): 12:52pm On Sep 08
You are all invited.
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present! nice story
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by damis28crown(f): 2:30pm On Sep 08
let her die joor who cares
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by coscley112(f): 6:10pm On Sep 08
Chai this part got me suspense oh more update pls
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by kaytolee(m): 7:23pm On Sep 08
Thanks ma for the updates
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by PrudySara(f): 9:40pm On Sep 08
that's what you want nau
nwa baby
i miss you oo Amina and Tammy are planning to take over my heart
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Emex100(m): 6:28am On Sep 09
that's what you want nau

Cant i just play with you?
You know that no one can take your place nah

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 9:24am On Sep 09
Tammy did a good job by calming him till they got to the hospital. “She’ll be fine by God’s grace” Was the word she kept on saying.
They rushed to the emergency unit, They met with Tara's manager whose shirt was covered with blood and Femi feared the more.

“Where’s my wife!!” Femi inquired from him.

“The doctors are attending to her” He replied.

The doctor attending to Tara walked in right on time.
“Can I see her, hope she’s not badly wounded?” Femi asked the Doctor.


“Femi Brown! I’m her husband” He said impatiently.

“Mr. Femi Brown, she’s unconscious for now. Also, she lost a lot of blood. She needs to be transfused”

“Give her a blood transfusion then or what are you still waiting for? Money” Femi demanded.

“Far from it, her life is important to us too, so we are willing to do our best to revive her but her blood type is rare. We’ve contacted all blood banks and we were told to check back later but she has limited time!” He explained.

“My God!” He paced up and down in front of the doctor with his two hands on his head”

“Any family member around, I mean her blood relatives?” The doctor asked.

“The only person she shares the same blood group with is late and that’s her father” Femi lamented. Tammy was right beside him trying to calm him down.

“Doctor, there should be another way. Please help us” Tammy said.

“Doctor please money is not the issue here, you know that right” Tara’s Manager added.

“The only solution is to find a donor since we can’t rely on blood banks for now” He stated.

“What’s her blood group?” Tammy asked Femi.

“B negative (B-)” The doctor replied her.

“Hold on, let me call my parents first” She said.

“Your Parents, are they…..” The doctor tried to ask but was interrupted by Femi.

“They are doctors” He cut in.

“And they run a private hospital” Tammy added. The doctor nodded now that it was clear the reason why she wanted to call her parents. Tammy stepped aside to call. And after few minutes she dropped the call but the look on her face shows the blood type was not available.

“I said it, it’s rare except family members donates” The doctor said emphatically.

”I’ll donate!”

“Hold on, are you….

“I’m B-“ Tammy cut in.

“It’s a lie, Tammy!” Femi who was finding it hard to believe said.

“What’s her relationship with you?” Doctor asked Femi about Tammy.
“She’s my….

“I’m a friend” Tammy helped confused Femi out.

“Good! Let’s quickly run some test on you and we’ll continue from there” Doctor said.

“What test again, she said she’s B-“ Manager said, thinking the doctor was wasting time unnecessarily.

“It’s the normal procedure. We have to screen the blood first” He informed and Manager nodded in agreement.

An hour later, the results were out. She was fit to donate. They draw one pint of blood from her and they commenced the blood transfusion. Tammy was sitting right next to Femi in the waiting room, the manager had left. It was 1:00am in the morning and his wife hasn’t opened her eyes yet. But the doctor promised she’ll soon regain consciousness.
“Are you alright?” Femi asked Tammy as she looked tired.

“I’m fine. At least I took milk and a bottle of malt”

“You should be relaxing and not sitting here. Let me talk to the doctor, we can organize a room for you to relax” He said with a concerned look.

“Femi Brown! I’m fine, who you should be worried about now is your wife don’t include me in your worry”

“Tamilore! But you need to get some rest”

“I’m not a kid, if I need a nap, I’ll get one”

“Okay” He said though still checking her out to see if she actually looks fine as she claimed.

By 5:00am, the doctor informed them that Tara was awake. They both thank God and felt relieved. Femi asked to see her wife and he was allowed. He spent some minutes with her and came back to the waiting room to join Tammy.

“How’s she?” She asked.

“She’s okay, she’s weak though but at least she’s now conscious”

“Thank God”

“You can come see her too” He said.

“No, I can’t. She doesn’t know me and she already suspected you are cheating on her. She may think you brought in your girlfriend with you while she was fighting for her life”

“But….She'll still find out about you, you save her life for crying out loud”

“You don’t need to give her details about the donor, Femi. There’s no big deal in this, I do donate voluntarily without even knowing the recipient!”

“If you insist on not meeting her, it’s fine. Let me take you home then, I’ll come back once I drop you off”

“I can find my way it’s almost 5:30am”

“No way! That I won’t take. I’m taking you, now let’s go” He said with a tone of finality. Tammy allow him take her home since he won’t back done.

Tammy knew she needed rest that morning, since she didn’t sleep overnight. She got home took her bath and went straight to work. Knowing that If she made any attempt to sleep, she will sleep off and be late for work.

Luckily for her, she had few things to do at work. She was in her office all through resting. Femi called to ask after her and she also asked after his wife. When she closed at work, she went straight to the hospital.

“How is she?” She asked after exchanging greetings with Femi.

“She’s better than this morning, thanks. You should have gone straight home, you know. A call will do”

“I said I’m fine, more so, I’ll be leaving anytime soon”

“Okay. Thanks once again, I’m grateful” He said.

Tammy didn’t go into the ward to check on Tara. She told Femi she was leaving, he then saw her off. They stepped out of the hospital building and bump into Olawale, Femi’s friend. They exchanged greetings and Femi introduced Tammy.

“Good evening, I’ve heard so much about you” Olawale said.

“Well, he only told me little about you” She said with a beautiful smile. And the three laughed.

“Miss Tamilo……

“Just call me Tammy” She cut in.

“Tammy thanks for your help, I was told you saved Tara’s life”

“What! Femi! How many people have you told?” She asked, feigning anger.

“Just one and he’s standing right in front of you” Femi replied with an apologetic look. He knew she didn’t want him to tell anyone about it, not even his wife.

“Anyways, it’s nothing. All thanks to God” She said to Olawale.

“Also, I’ll be an ingrate if I fail to thank you for looking out for my friend. You’ve brought much joy into his life in ways I can’t even explain”

“Well, I know you two talk a lot but I think he’s exaggerating things” She said.

“Believe it or not, you are God sent” Olawale said.

“If you say so. Let me be on my way” She said and discharged the two friends

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by guruzmarstk(f): 9:39am On Sep 09
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Treasurewamiri(f): 9:49am On Sep 09
Tamilore sure do have a large heart...
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by emmytemmy: 10:39am On Sep 09
TAMILORE ,has a very large.God bless u ma'am.can't stop reading dis story over&over again.
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Blessinzy(f): 10:56am On Sep 09
hmm this Tammy of a girl really tried o.. the average Nigeria girl won't do it. hope she won't fell in love with femi brown or vice versa. and I am also very sure femi's wife won't be grateful.

thanks for the update ma'am.
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by izaray(f): 11:09am On Sep 09
Tammy may God bless you for saving a soul
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Treasure17(m): 2:21pm On Sep 09
Interesting. Tammy did the right thing, it's obvious she has a good heart.

Twuale Rachael.
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Shola2019(f): 3:02pm On Sep 09
thanks for the update
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Kaycee9242(m): 4:29pm On Sep 09
thanks op
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by damselposh(f): 4:56pm On Sep 09
I have finally landed, oya OP feed us with some updates.
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Humbleness: 6:38pm On Sep 09
Smiley. So sweet of Tammy. Thanks for the update dear Keep it up
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Ann2012(f): 10:14pm On Sep 09
Tammy has a good soul
Thanks for the update ma'am
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 4:00pm On Sep 10
On Friday morning, around 6:20am, Tamilore was prepared to set out for work. She retrieved her car keys from her bag and stepped out of the house. She was about to enter into her car, then her phone rang. It was her brother, Yomi that was calling.
“Early in the morning” She thought, trying to figure out why he was calling at that particular time.
She entered into the car before picking the call.
“Let me guess. Your wife has put to bed, right?”
“Prophetess, you are right” He smiled.
“Congratulations bro”
“Congratulations to you too. Your niece is here”
“It’s a girl...Wow! I’ve you called Mum and Dad?”
“Yes, I have. Mum is coming tomorrow while Daddy is coming next week for the naming ceremony” He informed.
“Since tomorrow is Saturday, I will come with Mum. I doubt if I’ll be available to attend the naming ceremony. We have a program in church next week and I’m in charge of the program planning”
“Okay, no problem”
“I’ll call Anty Omolara later in the day” She said.
“Okay. Have a nice day” She replied him and he ended the call.
Immediately after the call ended, Tamilore’s Mum’s call came through. They congratulated each other, her Dad also spoke wither as well. Then she informed her Mum that she’ll be travelling with her.
“I’ll book our flight ticket” She informed her Mum.
“Okay. I’ll come over to your place this evening, we’ll leave first thing tomorrow morning”
“Okay ma. Have a nice day” Tamilore said and her Mum replied her before ending the call.
Tamilore turned on the engine and drove off.
Later that day, he called his brother’s wife to congratulate her and asked how she was faring. She also called Femi who was still in the hospital with his wife. He informed him about the new born baby and told him she’ll be travelling to Abuja the next day.

Tamilore and her Mum got to Abuja and find their way to the hospital. They met with Yomi at the hospital lobby, ready to receive them. The three hugged each other and congratulated Yomi. He led them to his wife’s hospital room.
“Grandma…..” Omolara said when she sighted her mother in-law who walked up to her bed and gave her a hug. Tamilore too hugged her too. Yomi took the baby from the cot and handed her to his Mum. She took the baby from him and sat on a chair. Tamilore also sat next to her Mum waiting for her turn to carry the baby.
Dr Mrs. Adeyemo, looked closely at the baby. She checked every part of her body, she feels the baby’s hands and feet.
“Mummy the doctor…. Dr. Mrs Adeyemo, you sha want to examine every……”Tamilore was saying and her Mum cut in.
“Something is not right”
“My wife and I noticed too. We’ve complain to our baby’s pediatrician and some test had been run this morning. We are waiting for the result.
“Thank God you two observed” Dr Mrs. said.
“You people should not scare me, you know I’m the only non-medical personnel here. So what exactly is wrong?”
“We are waiting for the result too. I believe all will be well” Omolara said.
Dr. Mrs looked at her daughter in-law with a questioning look. Yomi saw the look his Mum gave his wife.
“Mummy, what?”
“Okay o, I hope it’s not what I’m thinking” She shrugged.
“Mummy, I’m getting scared now. What are you thinking?” Omolara asked her mother in-law curiously.
“Let’s just wait for the result” She said and the room was silence. The baby was sleeping in her arms.
“Tamilore, you want to carry her, right. Here” She said and passed the baby to her daughter. Tamilore observed the baby in her hands.
“I think I now get what you people are saying. She is not breathing well” Tamilore said.
“Not only that, her feet and hands are cold and she is pale. Very….pale” Dr Mrs. added. And everyone sighed.
The door burst open, the Pediatrics doctor, Doctor Eben who is also Yomi’s friend and colleague walked in. Everyone sit up except Yomi who stood up to face the Doctor Eben.
“How far with the result?” Yomi asked.
“I can see you have company. Can we talk in….”
“Say whatever it is you want to say. This is my Mum and sibling” She pointed at them.
“Oh! My bad, I just remembered the faces. I saw them at your wedding”
“So…..” Yomi tried to hasten him.
“Here” Doctor Eben handed the medical report to Yomi. “Ordinarily, this test should take two to three weeks for infants and I only did this because of you”
“I know and I appreciate. Thanks” Yomi said. He went through the result and shouted.
“This is a mistake. This can never be possible”
Dr Mrs. Adeyemo took the report from Yomi and went through it.
“My guess was right” She said.
Omolara collected the medical result from her mother in-law to see for herself since no one is talking while Tamilore looks confused.
“No this can be. I’m AA for crying out loud how can I give birth to SS when my husband is AS?”
“Jesus! Are you saying the baby has sickle cell anemia?” Tamilore asked.
“Let’s do a rerun. This is a mistake” Yomi said.
“We’ve done it thrice, two from here and the third one in another lab outside this hospital and we got same result” Doctor Eben explained.
“How can? Despite the fact that my wife and I knew our genotype, we still had another one before our marriage”
“As it is, the two of you have to run another genotype test. We need to know how the baby turned out to be SS. I’ll send a nurse to come take the blood samples of the two of you” Doctor Eben said to the couple.
“Okay” Yomi said and the doctor left.
The three adults in the room were silent. A nurse walked in and took the blood samples of the couple and left.
“I need to get fresh air” Yomi said and turned o leave.
“Yomi! His mum called out.
“Mum, please….” He said and left. Omolara started crying.
“Haaa…. SS…..How will I live with this. How will I cope? We got married knowing that our blood group was compatible. The two genotype results I have said I’m AA!” Omolara lamented.
Tamilore and her Mum tried to calm her down. Few minutes later, Yomi returned. His eyes were swollen.
“You are crying too. You have to be strong for your wife and the baby” Tamilore counseled.
“Yomi, remember I asked for Omolara’s genotype result myself and what you two showed me was AA. I know my son is a carrier, reason why I asked us to run another one back then but the two of you said, you’ve done the test twice. So I kept quiet now we have a sickle cell baby” Dr Mrs. said and bowed her head in sadness. She raised her head and continued.
“Aside Tamilore, the three of us are medical personnel and we know what he takes to have a sickle cell child. The poor baby will…will….The excruciating pain she’ll be subjected to and…and…My God!” She shakes her head repeatedly and buried it in her palms.
“All will be well” Yomi said courageously and everyone chorused “Amen”
Few hours later, the pediatric doctor walked in with the result in his hands. He looked at Omolara’s face.
‘I’m AS” Omolara said rather than ask. The doctor nodded and she busted into another round of tears.
“God sees my heart, I know nothing about this. All my life I thought I was AA”
“Sweetheart, calm down. I know, at least I took you to the lab where we had the one before our marriage. I even collected the result myself. So calm down nobody is accusing you of anything”
“Your husband is right. It’s not your fault. To be sincere, things like this happens. I have quite a number of couples who are victims of lab result errors”
“You are right ma and now couples have been advised to run the test at least three times in three different laboratories” The pediatric doctor added.
“Yes, just to avoid things like this” Dr. Mrs. affirmed.
“All we need to focus on now is how to care for the child. So we’ll start administering all the necessary drugs” Doctor Eben said. Everyone nodded, they thanked him and he left.
On Sunday morning, Tamilore returned back to Lagos, while her Mum stayed behind.

Omolara and the baby were discharged from the hospital four days later. They got back home at their Abuja residence. Omolara’s Mum too was now around. She was aware of the issue on ground, she cried and all but crying can’t solve anything. The grandmas and wife started making plans for the naming ceremony but Yomi shocked everyone when he told them he was not having a naming ceremony.
His Mum tried to persuade him to no avail, she took her phone and called her husband to talk sense into his son. The man called but he insisted that they are not having any naming ceremony until he says otherwise.
News got to Tamilore, Yomi did not even attend to her sister’s call at all. Omolara cried and pleaded with him but he didn’t agree. His father decided to stay back in Abeokuta since the naming ceremony is not happening.
Two days later, Omolara woke up on the day that was supposed to be the christening but she didn’t see her husband. All she saw was on a note that read “I took a leave of absence from work. I’ll be back soon. Take care of yourself and the baby”
Omolara screamed and the two grandmas rushed to her bedroom. They also read the note and pacified Omolara that her husband will come around.


Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by guruzmarstk(f): 4:17pm On Sep 10

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