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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Emex100(m): 7:55pm On Sep 02
I'm sure we two are beginning to think the same then? wink

on this matter we are both on point


Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by YoungBruzzy: 8:54pm On Sep 02
Invite: YoungBruzzy Pinkfeet Aforke27 rosebuzz genius43 rubby001 Durhleepee Fijumokesayo Ann2012 solmantb Divineroyalty efeteb zeejewel Jagaban880 daddio jaydave226 GeniusHawlah Janesquare efeteb Oluwakemisolami
Thanks for that invitation..

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by YoungBruzzy: 8:56pm On Sep 02
Invite: YoungBruzzy Pinkfeet Aforke27 rosebuzz genius43 rubby001 Durhleepee Fijumokesayo Ann2012 solmantb Divineroyalty efeteb zeejewel Jagaban880 daddio jaydave226 GeniusHawlah Janesquare efeteb Oluwakemisolami
Thanks for that invitation..

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Humbleness: 9:09am On Sep 03
Tamilore should be careful, this kind friendship stuff no make sense. Thanks for the update.

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 10:05am On Sep 03
Tamilore drove into the company and parked her car in the parking lot. She alighted and picked her bag. She was about to close the car door when her phone rang.
She grinned. “Monitoring Boss” She said and picked the call.
“See me in my office” He said and ended the call. She just shaked her head and smiled as she headed to Alex’s office.
“I was told you stayed back while others left!” He said with a straight face.
“Good afternoon to you too. You need to see your face” She said playfully pointing to his face.
“I’m dead serious here Tamilore”
“Okay, let me start by reminding you that I’m no longer your friend’s girlfriend. Secondly I told you Femi Brown is not asking for anything you may be assuming right now. We are just friends and we are cool. I waiting over have nothing to do with the company’s transactions”
“Umm um” He coughs.
“Oh! You think I was getting down with him when others left. Everyman is not like you, Alex” She said slyly.
“Ouch! Do you just cast me?”
“I didn’t say anything” She smiled and walked majestically out of his office.
“Tamilore and her mouth” He said out loud as he watched the door closed.
Alex wished Tamilore believed that he has changed. He no longer womanizes anymore. But She believed in the once a thief rule. He also cautioned himself with the way he acts around Tamilore like a mother hen because the truth is that she is no longer dating his friend as she had rightly said.

Philip finally got out of the mess he got himself into or let’s say Zainab helped him out when she told him that she was no longer interested in the marriage. Zainab lost it completely after losing her pregnancy. His Father tried everything to make her think straight and not cancel the wedding but she refused and since she was a spoilt brat they had to dance to her tune. She concluded that if what happened to her on her first day at Philip’s house is the hell she was going to experience after getting married to him then it’s safer for her to back out.
Philip, Alex and their other friends all gathered at Philip’s house to celebrate his freedom from Zainab’s shackles. After the celebration the other friends left except Alex and her girlfriend who helped in cleaning up the sitting room. The both friends were later at the pool side discussing.
“What next Philip, now that you’ve regain your freedom?” Alex asked.
“I want to have my girlfriend back or what do you think?”
“It’s a good thing, at least everybody deserves a second chance!” He said.
“Do I really deserve it, I broke her heart Alex”
“I know but let’s hope things we turn out well”
“I need your favour on this. Can you come with me and plead on my behalf?”
“Philip!” Alex said, giving him a 'what is that suppose to mean’ look
“Alex, I can use your influence. You are her boss”
“More reason why I can’t interfere, Bro you have to do this on your own or take one of our friends” Alex objected.
“Don’t do this to a brother. You are her boss, she won’t say no to you”
“I’m sorry I can’t. I can only wish you good luck and hope you have her back. Aside that my hands are tied, Tamilore did not even trust me, she believes we are all the same”
“Can’t you….”
“Threaten her with her job!” Alex took the word from Philip’s mouth. “No way, I don’t do such and more so, we both know she can resign if I try that. I tell you, she’ll get her another job ASAP” Alex stated.
“You are right. But I, Philip will do everything to get her back!” He said beating his chest.
“That’s the spirit man! I wish you all the best” Alex said patting his back. He called out his girlfriend and they left.

Philip started his 'Please take me back’ mission but Tamilore made it clear to him that she is no longer interested. Despite her warnings that he should stay away from him, Philip still persisted. He kept on sending everybody he could think of to help him plead with Tamilore. He even went as far as calling Tamilore’s Mum to plead on his behalf. Her Mum was surprised when he saw his call.
“You didn’t call me when you broke up with her but you can call me when you want her back. Well I wasn’t the one who matched make you two, she was the one who brought you to me that he likes you and if she changed her mind, there’s nothing I can do about it. I’ll talk to her though but the ball is in her court” That was the response Philip got from Tamilore’s Mum.
He pleaded all over again with Alex who told him it is not in his place to talk to her but after much pressure from Philip, he decided to shoot his shot. Then he asked Tamilore to see him in his office. They exchanged greetings and he told her the reason why he sent for her.
“Boss, I’ll tell you what I told every other person Philip sent to me. I am no longer interested. And if this is about the job I got through him, then I’ll gladly resign” Tamilore said out rightly.
“Chill……No one is asking you to resign here. This is just a plea on a friend’s behalf this has nothing to do with work. If you say you are over him. It’s all good, life goes on” Alex said.
“Thanks, I appreciate you keeping me here”
“It’s not about keeping you here. You are one of my most valuable employees. You get that?”
“Yes. Thanks”
“It’s okay, you can go back to your office now” He said and she left.

Tamilore heard a knock on her door. She stood up and dumped the remote control in her hand on the sofa.
“I’m coming” Tamilore said as she walked towards the front door.
“Femi Brown!” She said sounding childish. As they both side hugged each other.
“Good evening, how’s work today?” He asked as he settled down on the couch.
“Fine. And yours?”
“Great” He replied.
“What can I offer you?”
“Anything but I don’t want junk food” He said with a straight face.
“Seriously, junk food is all I have. You should have eaten out before coming here since you want real food” She countered.
“Tamilore, we’ve been friends for months now and still you can’t treat me to a homemade food” He accused her.
“That’s because you have a wife. You should be eating at home and not here”
“Are you for real, so if your elder brother pays you a visit, you won’t cook for him because he is married?”
“That’s a different case. Like you’ve rightly said, he is my brother. You are my friend” She pointed out. And he wondered when she'll finally drop her rigid act.
He left his seat and stood before her “A friend should take care of her friend you know”
“And I’m trying. I keep you company, and I mean late night company. You leave here late in the night when you have a wife at home. I don’t like all this stuff, I’m just trying to cope”
“Why is it that you always have problem with everything. I leave here late, so. You are single, I’m the married one here” He said softly.
“Reason why you shouldn’t keep late night. I’m a woman too, I have to put myself in your wife’s shoe”
“Really, so this is about looking out for another sister!”
“Yes, so go home and stop using my place as a hiding”
“So you want to push me out, you want me to go and waste away in a bar, right! Is that what you want? I thought you care about me”
“Of course I do. I’m always looking out for you but I have to draw the line”
“So you want to shut the only door of happiness I have left!”
“Door of happiness you say!” She said with suspicion.
“Just cook for me, I’m tired of my own cooking” He spilled.
“Tired of your own cooking?” She said with a quizzical look.
“God! I didn’t mean to say that”
“You didn’t mean to say what! Femi! Fine nothing stops a married man from cooking but for crying out like you have a wife”
“What are you running from? We’ve been friends for a while now. What is it that you are still not telling me?” She demanded.
“Tami…..” He couldn’t finish the word as he broke down into tears. Tamilore was moved as he saw a grown man weep. She moved closer to him and hugged him as he held on to her tightly.
“Femi calm down, I don’t know what’s going on in your life right now but I know for sure that everything will be fine. Just calm down” She said, patting his back.
He sniffed repeatedly and nodded.
“You can talk to me” She said as she released him.
“My….my…. wife….”
“Just breathe Femi, breathe. You don’t need to say anything for now. I need you to first put yourself together” She said as he held on to her.

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Ann2012(f): 10:37am On Sep 03
Ehn ehn..... Femi be very careful,
Dis ur cry better be for real and don't use it as a means to sneak into my Tam Tam. Philip leave Tam alone na, it's not a must to take you back
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by izaray(f): 10:40am On Sep 03
I'm loving this story like no man wahala

Thanks for the update dear
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Ettabel195: 10:57am On Sep 03
nice update
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by emmytemmy: 11:03am On Sep 03
hmmmm,dis is getting interesting sha bt femi shld knw dt marrying a celebrity is OYO nw. kudos to u mummy racheal.pls au can i get d full story on okadabooks
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Shola2019(f): 11:53am On Sep 03
this kind of suspense eh thanks for the update
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Treasure17(m): 12:48pm On Sep 03
This story sweet die. Why is he crying for goodness sake. Baby husband.

Thanks for the update.
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Treasure17(m): 12:49pm On Sep 03
Ehn ehn..... Femi be very careful,
Dis ur cry better be for real and don't use it as a means to sneak into my Tam Tam. Philip leave Tam alone na, it's not a must to take you back
Is this your twin sister Ann2012?

Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Emex100(m): 1:26pm On Sep 03
femi my guy.......this your tactics wee nor work. Look like Alex is already feeling something for tammy
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by kaysmart4real(m): 3:32pm On Sep 03
Femi as other plan for Tammy and it will not work
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Kaycee9242(m): 3:52pm On Sep 03
hmmmm i dy watch femi for 3D any funny thing from him i go knack am
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Ann2012(f): 5:04pm On Sep 03

Is this your twin sister Ann2012?

Nooooo, just a namesake using same 2012
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Treasure17(m): 5:10pm On Sep 03

Nooooo, just a namesake using same 2012

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Jagaban880: 6:21pm On Sep 03
Following nice 1 op
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by YoungBruzzy: 7:38pm On Sep 03
Rachealfst is simply the best. Ya stories is always on pointcheesy Kudos to you on this..

more update pls
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Wuhmie: 8:08pm On Sep 03
Very nice story. Please can u try n reply my previous messages
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Humbleness: 9:47am On Sep 04
Looks like Mr Femi is going through pains in his marriage. Feeling for him. Thanks for the update Ma
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Humbleness: 9:49am On Sep 04
Looks like Mr Femi is going through pains in his marriage. Feeling for him.
Thanks for the update Ma
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by damis28crown(f): 11:26am On Sep 04
this is interesting rachealfst gud work
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by uchedora(f): 3:21pm On Sep 04
Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 6:04pm On Sep 04
Ten minutes later, Tamilore led him to the bathroom. He washed his face and came out of the bathroom.
“Here” She said and handed him a glass of cold water. He took it from her and downed the content. He looked into her eyes as he narrates the story of his wedlock life.
“I don’t know where to start but it all started three months after our wedding. The first three months was fantastic and I thought that if that feeling was what marriage is all about then I’m glad I took the right decision. She was a model before we got married but she was still struggling with her career. I gave her all the support a husband can give to his wife including financial support. And finally she had her first breakthrough, she was signed as an ambassador to a brand owned by an international company and that was how she started climbing the ladder of success. That same month a telecommunication company also signed her, I guess you know the rest. Tara knew how much I wanted a baby, so in those first three months into the marriage, I already wished she was pregnant. I’m not the type that waits for months after marriage before making babies. She got pregnant the very month she became an ambassador. I was so happy when she told me, God gave us the greatest gift anyone could wish for. We celebrated and then my wife went on a trip to UK, for a photo shoot for the job she just got. Then she gave me a call one day when she was still away that she lost the baby. You need to see the way I mourned my baby even in her absence. She came back weeks later and consoled me or let me say we consoled each other. We moved on and started trying again but babies were still not coming. We continue to trust God and I also pleaded with her to reduce her work load but she wouldn’t have that. I have the right to stop her from working for that period because her doctor warned her to avoid stress if she wants us to have a baby but I know how passionate she was about her job so I never stopped her” He paused for some seconds and then continued.
“A year into the marriage things got worse, she was hardly around. I buried myself with work, I was born into a Christian home and well trained. So I couldn’t do what a guy in my shoes would have done, my church mind won’t let me and more so I love my wife. When I realized I was dying inside, I decided to talk to someone. I told my close friend, Olawale, who was happily married what I was going through. We grew up together and we both have this moral conduct so he only advice me to try to make time out if I want my marriage to work. He advised me to go meet her wherever she is anytime I miss her. Tara most times work outside the country. You won’t believe I will travel out of the country just to get laid and then come back to Nigeria”
“Huh!” Tamilore eyes almost popped out. Femi Brown continued.
“She returned to back in Nigeria when she was done with her business deal. Our sex life got better again but my wife never cared about any other thing in the house. I was the one doing the cooking, laundry, everything all because she is now a celebrity model. Doing the chores is not even the problem, if she is busy, I don’t mind helping out but days she is at home all day, she will still sit around the house doing nothing expecting me to come back home from work to fix our food, clean the house and do the laundry. I complained when I could no longer take it and she said she will hire a cook. She got a female cook and because of the way she maltreated them, we started changing maids like clothes. I had to put a stop to hiring of maids so I went back to doing chores myself”
“Tara Benson!” Tamilore said. She was still trying to wrap her head around everything.
He continued again while Tamilore listen with rapt attention.
“Tara picks at everything I do, she’s always nagging me, complaining to the point where I almost lost it, but thank God I never for once raised my hand on her. Though, she hit me a lot of time whenever we quarrel. Before I met you, I can count the number of times I've slept in my office just to avoid my wife’s trouble whenever she’s at it. In a company that I own I’m always the first person to get to the office and the last person to leave just because there’s no peace in the house”
“Like seriously!” She gasped. He continued.
“The janitors and security men would have been talking behind my back or how do you explain why a CEO will be the first to be at work and last person to leave the office. My wife recently asked me to file for a divorce if I’m tired of her, imagine. That’s how much she’s willing to get rid of me but I love her, I can’t and will never divorce her. I still have this strong believe that she will change but I need something like distraction that will keep me sane and that is why I needed a solace outside my home” He rounded up his wedlock story.
“Hmmm….” Tamilore sighed heavily. Words failed her. She still remained mute after Femi was done talking.
“Do you believe me?” He asked and she gave him a long look as if searching for something in his eyes.
“I believe you, I don’t know why but I have a feeling that everything you said is true!”
“Tamilore this is me!” He opened his arms, fighting the tears that was about to fall from his eyes. Tamilore saw this.
“Don’t!” She stopped him. He shut his eyes and took a deep breath.
“Why did you keep this away from me all along?” She inquired.
“Tamilore I’m sorry I hid this from you” He apologized.
“I understand, you can’t go about washing your dirty linens outside” She said considerately.
“So she’s isn’t what everyone thought she is! She is a role model to many young ones and she’s something else in her home!” Tamilore pointed out.
“The truth is that I don’t have a happy marriage. I’ve tried everything to make things work but my wife is bent on choking life out of me. Tamilore, I love my wife. I can’t stand not having her in my life for a minute”
“What do you need?”
“I need my wife to love me back and respect me as the man in her life”
“Did I ask too much?” Femi asked.
“Not at all” She replied.
“Remember what I told you the first time I asked you to be my friend, that….
“You need a female friend that will not turn your heart against your wife” She took the words from his mouth.
“That’s why I’m in this friendship with you”
“And that’s why I never cooked for you” Tamilore confessed.
“Yes, you might start having feelings for me if I start cooking for you”
“Tamilore, cook for me, if I fall in love with you, so be it. As long as you don’t, I don’t mind falling in love with someone I can’t have”
Tamilore looked at him closely.. “This is a dream man of many ladies. And here he is suffering in the hands of another woman when some ladies will silently wish for his marriage to crumble so that they can have him and he is still saying he’ll never get a divorce” She thought.
Looking into his eyes, He pitied him.
“What do you want me to prepare for you?” She asked as she summoned all the courage in her to take that step. The truth is that she’s a damn great cook, she needs no one to tell her that.
“Anything Tammy, I just want a homemade food” He replied her. Tamilore stood up and went into the kitchen to fix him something to eat.
As she was cooking she only hope the food turned out well because she wasn’t concentrating. She was trying to wrap her head on everything she just learned from Femi, she has always had that feeling that something is wrong with Femi's marriage but she never knew it was that deep. She finished preparing the Amala and put the ogbonor soup on the burner to warm.
Still doing a lot of thinking, she placed her two hands on the kitchen cabinet and bowed her head.
“No wonder….right from day one, I’ve always have the feeling that Femi will get me into trouble or how can I handle all this, my God. I’m cooking for a married man whose wife is at home waiting for him to return” She said to herself.
“No one is waiting for me Tamilore, my wife will be on her phone enjoying her social media attention. And if peradventure she’s waiting, then it means one thing, she’s about to unleash her dragon” Femi replied her from behind. She didn’t know he was by the door listening to what she was saying. By the time she turned to face him, she already had tears in her eyes. She was scared. Femi walked closer to her and pulled her into a hug.
“I’m sorry to use my reggae to spoil your blues” He said to lighten her mood. She refrained from the hug and looked into his eyes smiling as he wiped the tears on her face.
“You still put a smile on others people’s face despite what you are passing through”
“I’m Femi Brown. And what does not kill you….”
“….Makes you stronger”
“Are you still on board with me?” He enquired.
“Yes, just see me as a shoulder to lean on”
“Thank you!” He mouthed.
She stirred the Ogbonor soup that was garnished with assorted meat and laced with bitter leaf. She turned off the gas.
“Food is ready!”She smiled at him.
She brought out plates and served his food. He carried the tray himself, Tamilore wanted to but he took it from her and they both went back to the parlour.
Femi Brown settled down to eat and he enjoyed every bit of the food. He did not even wait to finish the food before complementing Tamilore’s culinary skills. And she was like 'I know right'
“The only time I get to eat my wife’s food is when she sees any new dish or recipe online and wants to practice it and of course I must eat it by force even if the dish turns out bad. I can’t count the number of times that I had running stomach after eating those online sourced recipe foods”
“You are not serious. Are you?” Tamilore said as she burst into laughter.
“I’m dead serious, in fact there was a day we both landed in the hospital after eating the online sourced recipe food” He said and both of them laughed.
“So Mr. Femi Brown what did you and your wife tells the doctor that attended to your case” Tamilore asked still laughing.
“The truth of course, after that day I vowed not to take those online recipe source dishes, if she likes she should let loose hell. I won’t eat it”
Tamilore can’t stop laughing as they both went into the kitchen with the plates. She washed the plate while Femi rinsed and dry it and arranges the plates into the plate racks. They both left the kitchen when they were done.
“I’ll stay with you all step of the way till your wife gives you what you deserved” Tamilore said confidently.
“How are we going to achieve that?” He asked curiously.
“First, I believe in prayer. You need to talk to God about your wife”
“I've been doing that”
“What is your stand with God? You are praying to the God that you are far away from. Femi it’s high time you go back to your maker and set things right with him. Then you can call on him and he will answer you”
“You are right, I’m kind of far from God but I’ll work on it”
“Good. After you’ve straighten your path with God, then you can now tender your request. He will restore your home Femi. That I strongly believe” She assured.
“One more thing” She said.
“Oh! Okay, I’m listening”
“We’ll give her a competition”
“She is relaxed because she has no competition. And she knows how much you love her and she also knows that you are going nowhere”
“Hmm….you are right”
“So give her all the impression that you are seeing someone else. Be happy, be excited whenever you at home. Stop begging for her attention”
“Wow!! Great idea” Femi said.
“One more thing but I don’t know if you can do this”
“Just say it already, you said we are in this together”
“Stop begging her for sex except she wants it. Don’t deprive her but never make a move to sleep with her”
“So she’ll be convinced I’m getting it somewhere else” He nodded slowly.
“Yes, you get it. Can you do that?”
“Common I’ve been through worse, I’ve gone one year without getting laid in my marriage”
“It was during those periods that my friend advised me to go meet her wherever she is. So I had to travel out of the country to get laid after one year”
“Mehn…you have suffered. Anyways, now that you’ve agreed to all my counsel, let the game begin”
“Okay. Let’s play” He agreed.
“Good” She gave him a high five.
“You should leave now, its past 10pm” She said and he agreed to leave. She saw him off to his car as he drove out of her compound.
Femi Brown left Tamilore’s place a happy man, even before acting on all the plans, he’s already feeling excited he knew it will work.

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Ann2012(f): 6:46pm On Sep 04
Tam Tam the strategist cool
Thanks for the update ma'am

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by maxipharo(m): 6:47pm On Sep 04
Making sense

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by sharonmum08(f): 9:28pm On Sep 04
kudos to you ma

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by YoungBruzzy: 9:38pm On Sep 04
Gracia ma'am Thanks for the update.

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by Shola2019(f): 9:16am On Sep 05
you try,you try

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Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by divinelypruned(f): 10:02am On Sep 05
Thanks for he update

Some ladies don't value what they have just because they believe they can have it all until it slips out of their hands.

Had it been that Tammy was a bad lady, she would have wooed Femi

Don't lose the diamond you have while searching for common stones.


Re: TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo by izaray(f): 10:41am On Sep 05
Well don dear

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