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Sexcapade With Neighbor's Daughters. 18+ / The Tale Of My Greedy Neighbor (2) By Tosan Tarre / The Tale Of My Greedy Neighbor By Tosan Tarre (2) (3) (4)

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Nwiboko26(f): 11:45pm On Jul 29
Thank you for the update.

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by tijehi(f): 3:35am On Jul 30
Thanks a lot for the update.

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Nmezor(f): 10:59am On Jul 30
Thanks for the update dear

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Kingso23(m): 3:05pm On Jul 30
More pls.....

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by arinze3131(m): 4:23pm On Jul 30
this is one of the best stories I have read here. thank U so much for a wonderful story like this and may the gods favor U.

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by efeteb: 5:53pm On Jul 30

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 7:11am On Jul 31
Chapter 14

“Have you come to check if I am dead?”

Mezie eyed his arch enemy with mouth down-turned. Okorie hadn’t gotten over the fight of the other day. He didn’t blame him- it wasn’t a fight, it was a beat-up, a show of shame. An act that would keep Okorie humbled and teach him not to open his wide mouth.

“It would have been better if you were dead” Mezie would have love to tell Okorie to his face, but that wouldn’t do anything to solve his problem

“That is not why I am here Okorie” he said rather. Sank his butt on the sofa that threatened to disintegrate.

He saw the cold flames in Okorie’s eyes “does he think I want to be here to see his ugly face or be infected with his poverty?” Mezie hissed “Nwokem sit down! Nodu ani!” he growled, Okorie didn’t budge. “Well I am not here on a friendly visit” he scratched his nose.

“Then why did you come?” Okorie said with seething resentment

“You know we have been summoned by our kinsmen because of that beating I gave you yesterday?”

Okorie’s face darkened “What does that have to do with you being in my house this early morning?”

I want to remind you that you have not paid me the money you borrowed eight years ago” his eyes danced with scorn


“So before you open your miserable mouth and tell them about my…” he swallowed hard “…my predicament. Remember you will have to pay me the whole five hundred thousand and with interest- eight years’ interest!” He saw Okorie narrowed his gaze, his chest rose and fall with the burden of hatred he bore.

“You are not only a selfish idiot, you are also terrible Mezie.”

He smirked “I am not moved by whatever you chose to call me, all I want to tell you is you must not talk about me and my wife! Or I will make you pay what you owe me there” Mezie knew he had Okorie where he wanted him. The wretched fool had no money- his eldest son just entered secondary school and he had to sell a part of the only parcel of land he had to see the boy to school. Except he will sell another part…

“When I caught you humping my wife like mkpi, you bought my silence with this debt” Okorie accused “you said you will not bring it up again- you wanted all that had bitten in the night to be counted as mosquitoes”

“But you didn’t allow it to rest my good friend, you had refused to reverse whatever you said with your Ofo and had kept taunting me with my woe! And if I leave you, you will still open your mouth waaaa like diarrhea” the man is not as tough as he looked. Just threaten him with his poverty and he cowered like a fool. Looking at his pitiable face now, Mezie felt like laughing so hard until Okorie shed tears.

“You climbed my wife and the gods of my fathers are punishing you for your sins, now you want to take it on me?”

“Your wife’s big buttocks were too big for you to carry, I helped you do what you couldn’t do…” both men glared at each other, nose flared, fists tightened

“Just as someone has also helped you do what you couldn’t do…and is still helping you oil your wife’s Ikpu!

How many times have he heard this man say these heart wrenching words? How many times had he imagined another man climb his Akwa and had painstakingly willed himself to turn his heart away from dwelling on that thought? Yet each time this man opened the gutter he called mouth- and reminded him of his wife’s unfaithfulness, he felt like letting out his anguish on someone.

“Nobody is climbing my wife! Akwaugo is not as loose as your Hot insatiable wife!” his retorted, earning himself a guffaw from Okorie

“You are as blind as a bat; you think she stayed waiting for your limb manhood all these eight years?” Okorie laughed again “you think you still owe her? You are a looser Mezie, a dead man. It won’t take long the owner of that baby you brag about would come for it and the Umunna would know the truth eventually”

“Shut up!”

“You think you owe the world? And that you can have everything you want? Well plead with the gods to restore your manhood so you can enjoy what remains of your wife!”

Mazie felt a sudden throbbing in his head, anger gave his face an ugly contour and like a mad dog, he bared his teeth “I will kill and bury you in your house and nobody will look for you!”

Okorie was laughing hysterically at him, like everybody in Umunnealam. How many people knew already? And had been sneering behind him? Not knowing what else to do- he stormed out of the house, scooping dry sands with his slippers as he hurried out.

She had deceived him all these while- NO, the gods had failed him. They promised him Akwaugo would not sleep with another man and live, yet they had watched her being ravished by men of this village and had kept quiet! How many of his Umunna had tasted his Akwa? deepen their filthy fingers inside her vagina and buried their miserable erections inside her? “You think she stayed waiting for your limb manhood? Someone is still servicing your wife’s Ikpu” Okorie would not say these things without knowing something he- Mezie didn’t know.

“itaaa!” Amaka slapped her little girl, sending particles of food flying from the Child’s mouth. The little girl gave out an anguish howl and ran out of the room.

“I told you I will kill you the next time you complain about food here, you will tell me how many your father brought for you?” she hissed and went back into her mother’s room to borrow some body cream.

She wouldn’t not blame the little girl who wasn’t used to eating stale and overnight food. But what would she do? Even the money that would take her back to Port Harcourt was not available- all gone, sunk in feeding two ungrateful Oyibo kids.

If only there was a way she could get Akwaugo to talk to the man on phone. She didn’t know it would be this difficult to convince a man that his sister was sick and needed money. Not that she believed that that man was Akwa’s brother

“you said she is sick? I was with her this morning!” the rich baritone voice had said over the phone. And that conniving bitch didn’t even tell her that her money bag was in town!

“has she been taking to the hospital?” he sounded worried, but why he wouldn’t ask for a bank account immediately baffled her.

“Yes, I mean no! there is no money to take her to the hospital, that is why I am calling you” Amaka had said

“I want to talk to her! Can you get the phone to her? Can you get her to talk to me?” smart stingy man. Nwamaka tightened the wrapper on her chest and picked the big comb to straightened her hair.

What is wrong with my…my sister?” the man had pulsed before calling her sister. Who are they kidding? She knew Akwa’s siblings and also knew those two are not related. How she wished she could get the identity of this man.

He sounded rich! She could smell it from her other end of the phone “I can fly back to come and see her” Nwamaka clutched her chest. A man that would fly out and in any time, such man sure would be able to let go of so much cash- such man should be hers.

She would get Akwa to speak to this man one way or the other, lying had never been difficult for her, except Akwa may not want to lie! But she had to, after all, she needed the money even more.


Mezie kicked Akwaugo on the ribs. She was sprawled on the floor when he stormed into her room.

“Aldulterer!! He kicked again, the body budged, shifting from one spot to another, but she didn’t stir

“How many are they? How many have you spread your legs to?” Kicks “Akwuna! Shameless prostitute!” his anger squeezed him like a cloth in a wringer. His shame. Anguish. Frustration. He wished he could abandon her and her bastard. But his kinsmen would want to know why, he would not live with the stigma either. On the other hand, he didn’t care anymore. Most of them knew already- they must have slept with the who*e he had as a wife

he cowered at the corner of the white-washed room groaning “Akwaugo you have killed me…how many men have you indirectly told about my predicament? You dine with my enemies and they laugh at us behind our backs!” he keened
by the time he calmed himself and went to the body- she was far gone


“Akwaugo come o!”

Nwamaka Jostled through the gate and matched into the compound, froze at the sight that greeted her. She slowly approached Mezie who also sat with legs spread wide and hands supporting his jaw, covered with perspiration


Silence…blank eyes…

She drew closer, squatted and gave Akwaugo a close scrutiny, turned back at Mezie “Mezie!!!”


“she is not breathing…she is not breathing…” Nwamaka mumbled, turning Akwa’s cold pale face side to side, slapping her palms. “Mezie do something now! Call people biko nu! Let us take her to the hospital!!!! She sniffled, wiped her nose “Akwaugo bilie nu o…please don’t do this now…Akwa biko zia nu!!!!”

Mezie let out a loud yelp for the first time “What will I tell people?” he muttered with his hands on his head “Who will tell my story?”

Nwamaka gave the grieving man a stern look, leaped up and dashed out of the gate, running down the part with tears that blinded her eyes as she wailed.

She would shake Mezie to reality and would get Akwa to the hospital

But the hospital would not help

It was time to pay back debt owed to the gods

Debts that was never appeased at all…

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by xaviercasmir(m): 7:35am On Jul 31
Wow another breath taking one. This is the height of egotistical tendency displayed by Mezie.
Nwamaka and her gold digger rotten self will know no peace angry
Thanks ma'am for the update

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by oyinella(f): 7:38am On Jul 31
please Akwaugo should not die, Rosemary please
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by zubizareta(m): 7:43am On Jul 31
fuming with anger after reading this update. Rosemary pls I beg you, don't extend Akwa sufferings so much. since the beginning of the story, she has continued to suffer. that Mezie is the biggest selfish character I have ever seen or read of.
Morgan pls do something, vultures are sorrounding your Akwa both Mezie and her selfish friend Amaka.

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Gheeohh: 7:57am On Jul 31
Please nothing should happen to my Akwa. Mezie is the cause of all these,he forced her to take the oath and made her to break it too when he knew he hadn't appeased their god, knowing fully well the consequences. He's a very selfish man.


Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Fejimummy: 8:25am On Jul 31
most unfaithful people are the most jealous of all

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Puvo: 8:27am On Jul 31
How can somebody be so stupid and clueless
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Samamerc(f): 9:32am On Jul 31
Please don't allow Akwa to die, please
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by do4luv14(m): 10:29am On Jul 31
Am vexing seriously here, pls Morgan show ooo,

that Idiot Mezie must pay,

and Aunty Rosemary, pls ooo Akwaugo must not die oo, she is just unconsi, or in coma,

so that Morgan would take her to the city
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Gloriagee(f): 10:55am On Jul 31
well writteen. the Mezie guy has inferiority complex
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Abosede512(f): 11:43am On Jul 31
Akwa should not die, pls Rose temper justice with mercy, don't let let anything happen to my wife. thanks for the update, more knowledge
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Gloriagee(f): 11:47am On Jul 31
Your wife ke?
Akwa should not die, pls Rose temper justice with mercy, don't let let anything happen to my wife. thanks for the update, more knowledge
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 12:45pm On Jul 31
Akwa should not die, pls Rose temper justice with mercy, don't let let anything happen to my wife. thanks for the update, more knowledge
grin grin cheesy grin Wife ke cheesy grin
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Ayemileto(m): 1:07pm On Jul 31
Akwa should not die, pls Rose temper justice with mercy, don't let let anything happen to my wife. thanks for the update, more knowledge

Mama, Akwa don die. The debt owed the gods have been paid.

As for Mezie, he is a very stupid man. He knew his thing is not functioning at all and still forced his wife to take an oath.

He also encouraged her to break the oath, and refused to appease their gods all along despite all the dreams.

Chai. I pity women who fall into traps of men like Mezie.

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by gal10(f): 3:54pm On Jul 31
Thank you � this suspense is killing
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by EARLE99: 5:45pm On Jul 31
Abeg o.... Hungry is catching me
I need more.... Dis mezie of a guy sef, his cup should b overflowing by now into river Niger nau...
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by centmanuel(m): 9:13pm On Jul 31
This episode or chapter is terrible and I m sad right now. please don't let it be a come-tragedy stuff please. Akwua should not die. please let her go into coma and I will understand.
She kind and sacrificial heart deserves a better life

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by tijehi(f): 11:28pm On Jul 31
What a stupid and wicked man Mezie is. They should castrate his already flattened manhood.

Rose, biko Akwaugo should not die ooo....pleaseeeee
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Ann2012(f): 5:00am On Aug 01
Mezie just needs to be dealt with......my Akwa must be saved

Thanks for the update
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Odoogu(m): 9:30am On Aug 01
is this love that Akwaugo has for Meize or something else...
knew this was gonna come to her sooner or later. all the writings were so clear and legible on the wall. but I fear this is not the last or worse of such to happen to her.
why y'all begging Rosemary33 to save her? grin
she is acting like she doesn't need saving! it's the truth
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by xaviercasmir(m): 3:57pm On Aug 01
is this love that Akwaugo has for Meize or something else...
knew this was gonna come to her sooner or later. all the writings were so clear and legible on the wall. but I fear this is not the last or worse of such to happen to her.
why y'all begging Rosemary33 to save her? grin
she is acting like she doesn't need saving! it's the truth
I don't think it is love my brother. I think she is doing it because she felt that since that fool Mezie is the one that sponsored her in school, she took it as her way of paying him back of his"investment ".
Beside that mentality is common to almost all ladies that grew up in the village where from there infancy they where thought that marriage is their highest achievement.
This will later result to infidelity because as time goes on, they may find whom they love and start cheating on their husband. That is why some siblings may have the same mother but different fathers.


Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Odoogu(m): 4:54pm On Aug 01

I don't think it is love my brother. I think she is doing it because she felt that since that fool Mezie is the one that sponsored her in school, she took it as her way of paying him back of his"investment ".
Beside that mentality is common to almost all ladies that grew up in the village where from there infancy they where thought that marriage is their highest achievement.
This will later result to infidelity because as time goes on, they may find whom they love and start cheating on their husband. That is why some siblings may have the same mother but different fathers.

say no more!
you couldn't have said it better.
all them city girls sef no dey excluded... the world no balance true true.
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by FlowerGirl040(f): 8:33pm On Aug 01
Ehyah!!! I don't know who to blame. But one thing is for sure. The god's don get time for their matter
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Nmezor(f): 9:37pm On Aug 01
Oh my, Akwa must not die o.. Mezie is so annoying. Thanks for the update Rosie
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 11:27pm On Aug 01
Chapter 15

“we can only operate on her to bring out the baby, hopping the babe would survive when incubated. There is little or nothing we can do after that until she comes out of the coma…”

‘What the f*ck!’ Morgan tapped his fingers on his steering wheel, head lowered. he shouldn’t have left her in the first place- should have hurled her inside his car, took her with him and damned the consequences.

“Not again please” he muttered and sank his head on the headrest. The thought of losing another woman to child birth scared him. “I don’t know what happened sir but she is really in trouble” the lady that called him had cried “You need to come now please!” it was all he needed to hear before he did a U-turn back to the village.

He shook his head. Another death on his hands- and for the first time he was genuinely in love with a woman, “God please don’t do this to me…I can do anything for you but please don’t take her away”

A tap on his windscreen got his eyes opened. He wound down and a lady smiled weakly at him “sir the baby is out and the doctor would want to see you now”

As he walked the long hall that led to the doctor’s office, he realized he had not seen her husband anywhere in the hospital since he arrived

“Has her family arrived?” he asked

“Her father left few hours ago, her mother is still here”

No mention of a husband and he didn’t ask.

“You made your choice the last time you came here Mezie”

What choice was this mad man talking about? Mezie would have asked if the priest was okay mentally, but that would compound his problem. His wife and his baby lay unconscious in the hospital and he was telling him about choice.

“I don’t know the choice you are referring to. For all I know, I did what you asked me to do!” once the doctor told him he couldn’t find anything wrong medically, he knew his answers may come from here. So he had rushed like a man with a runny stomach to Edo shrine.

“You were given two options- the third was an afterthought” the priest gave him an intense stare while chewing noisily “you knew this day would come, why are you pretending like the battle caught up with you unaware?”

Mezie remembered. “when you took the oath, you didn’t consider unforeseen circumstance like this. the oath was if she ever opens her legs for another man…” the priest had told him that day he had come for solution “There is no reversal to the oath taken with blood. Your blood was dropped at the altar of Edo, only blood would nullify it”

He had thought it was what a rooster or a goat could do- even if he was tasked a cow, he would have provided. But the tricky Edo didn’t want any of that “It is either her life or yours” the priest had stated

Nothing was good enough, except a life.

But there was a third option “If you could make her not to set her eyes again on the man whose seed she carry, we can then make some sacrifices and everything will be fine”

It was okay by him, after all Akwa told him that the man who slept with her may not even be from the community, there was no way they could have seen each other- except…

Forehead burrowed, mouth set in a hard line “There is no way she would have met with this man whose seed she carry. It was done once” his eyes flicked to the priest’s face “She swore to me”

“She may not have met him like a woman meets a man, but definitely must have set her eyes on him” an uncomfortable silence settled among them, the priest spoke again “You have little time to save her, we have to hurry with whatever decision before dusk”

“What would the gods take from me?”

“An incision on your chest, a drop of your blood at the feet of Edo and we then wait for whatever they would decide to do with you” Hesitation “but let me warn you…your life may go for it. However- Edo has the ability to kill or make alive, it now lies on her to spare you after the sacrifice”

Mouth hung opened, eyes widened, Mezie weighed the heaviness of what was laid before him. Gradually stood up and walked out of the shrine


The figure got closer, staggering like a drunken man. When he got to the entrance of the hospital he abandoned himself on the floor, hand supporting his head.

Morgan approached “Everyone has been looking for you” he didn’t want to speak to this man. How could he abandon his wife since morning with no words on how and where to find him? Truly, some men shouldn’t be given wives- not ones like Akwaugo, she didn’t deserve this man

Mezie slowly looked at him, frowned “don’t I know you? what are you doing here?” he said depressingly

Fist clenched, Morgan would have wanted to grab his neck and squeeze “you should be asking how she is doing! How can you be this irresponsible?” if it was money this man went out to look for, he should have at least made it known. Besides, he had deposited more than enough to make the doctors give their blood if it came to that.

“She wouldn’t listen to me” Mezie muttered

“What are you blabbing about?”

“She went to him…it was not supposed to be…Edo forbids it…the oath would kill her”

The man was talking to himself, looking into an empty space unaware of his presence. But Morgan knew there was something serious about his soliloquy. Without thinking, he grabbed Mezie on the shoulder “Get your ass up and follow me” his voice raw with rage

An oath! What the f*ck! It now made sense. She wouldn’t want to see him, would recoil when he touched her. She had battled him mentally, torn between loosing herself and avoiding him…it was because of a bloody oath?

“Tell me everything about this oath or I swear I will make sure you don’t see the next day” and he meant it.

Mezie shrunk, the last time Morgan saw him- he was filled with ego so large that it would have gone round if shared among every man in Nnewi, now he looked like a little shrimp out of water.


“Son of Ochudo…why do you want to stake your life?”

Why he wanted to stake his life? it was his fault. He would have listened the first time she told him not to come looking for her but he had listened to his lust rather. “I am the man who slept with her” he answered. Wiggled his nose to the strong smoke emanating from a clay pot beside him.

The priest tilted his head backward, observed him with a squint “I knew your father very well…he was my best friend before he followed one reverend father to Enugu and later came back to become the school headmaster while I followed the call of the gods…”

He was trying to ease my tension, Morgan observed. That wasn’t what he wanted, the sooner they got this done, the better for Akwaugo, but the old priest seemed not to be in a hurry.

“…I heard you now owe big companies all over the world…you are a big man now and your father would be very proud of you”
What was he doing? Talk him into weighing his decision against what he was about to lose if anything went wrong?

“How many children do you have my son?”

“One” the old priest arched his brow up, waiting. “Two…if this one would live and if I could lay claim to her” he bit his lower lips

“and none is a son…none would take over what you would leave behind if Edo chooses not to show mercy” the priest pointed


“You can walk out of this place and nobody would blame you my child, after all it wasn’t your fault. You knew nothing about this whole thing”

He was right. It wasn’t his business what two stupid people chose to do with their lives. He shouldn’t care if they died as a consequence to their blind decision. He was contacted to help give another man a child and that he had done.

But it wasn’t just another woman who was entangled in this mess, it was his Akwa- a woman he had come to love more than he had ever loved anyone. Strange- the connection he felt between them, but he knew it was real. And the child she had belonged to him. When he stood by that incubator watching the little fragile baby struggle to survive, he knew he couldn’t walk away. And he wouldn’t leave this child without a mother.

“Son of Ochudo…why are you doing this?” the old priest steadied his gaze on him

“I love that woman…and the child is mine. I would give anything to save her and give my child a mother” he heaved “All I ask is for whatever god to give me time to put my life in order and make arrangements that would keep Akwaugo and our child comfortable”

He didn’t believe in deities, was never a spiritual man though his father was the village catechist. He had dropped his believe two years of arriving in Canada, though he did go to church once in a while but had always snorted when people tell stories about gods and deities.
He would have spat on anyone who would tell him he would one day crawl into the shrine of a deity seeking for help.

"The woman in question belongs to another- she is another man's wife...she may never be yours even if you are spared by the gods"

Morgan shut his eyes, the heaviness in his heart sat like a big rock- unmoved "I know this already, it is unfortunate that fate brought us together when i couldn't have her as mine. maybe i am being punished for my past"

The priest relaxed his back on his wooden chair, piercing eyes fixed on Morgan’s face, heaved a sigh

“the gods will not punish him whose heart is pure” he chanted

“Edo is merciful to he, that shows mercy”

“The ways of the gods are not the ways of men”

He stood up “Come” he entered into a room, Morgan followed.


Akwaugo inhaled and exhaled deeply, opened her eyes to two pairs of troubled eyes, a firm grip on her hand and many voices talking the same time

She was back!

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by iykeany: 11:54pm On Aug 01
I must commend you for this great work of art you've put out here, your dexterous use of words and creative plots are top notch.
I am very sure in no distant future you will receive an international acclaim.
Well done. Keep up the good work.

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