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Family / Re: Please Help: How Do You Find A Mother You Have Never Met by abelswife(f): 7:54pm On May 29, 2020

Can't you see it's not adding up? Your mum can't have him and give him out at birth if he is your brother, meaning they lied to both of you.
At what age were you told he was adopted? It seems he was tough on them, they quickly baled out by telling him he was adopted, no wonder he was shipped off to seminary school. How old was he when he left the house? You need to find out from him how your step mum treated him the little time he stayed in the house.

Your step mum seem to have succeeded on your mum, him priest, you don't want to marry too obviously because of what you saw growing up and she is dreaming you are a reverend sister but her children are getting married.

that woman is a demon. imagine what shes doing. I'm sure the ops brother was given a choice he wouldnt want to be a preist. They brought bride price for her own daughter, she collected, chop and clean mouth. But another person's daughter should go to seminary against her wish. the way this thing is paining me ehn...


Family / Re: Is Someone That Averages At Least #6m Per Annum Good For Marriage? by abelswife(f): 9:09pm On May 23, 2020
over good sef
Romance / Re: How A Bank Ruined My Relationship. by abelswife(f): 9:08pm On May 23, 2020
did you or did you not say nasty things to her? I;m sure ingrate and scam where part of the things you said grin grin grin grin grin


Family / Re: Why Do Women Lose Interest In Their Husbands After Few Years In Marriage? by abelswife(f): 9:05pm On May 23, 2020
I'm hearing this for the first time. Its actually the other way round

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Nairaland / General / Re: Have You Ever Had A Near Death Experience? by abelswife(f): 10:11pm On May 09, 2020
IWas playing with my sister and neighbor inside their old refrigerator as kids. Brethren, the boy was the conductor leaning on the hand and shouting our pseudo destination. Next the fridge swayed, fell facedown and clamped shut with all 3 inside.Nobody was home.

It was God who sent his elder sis home and she wondering why their fridge was lying on the floor went out and got help to raise it up. That was how we fell out already dying. We quietly dispersed.

It was the beginning of my introverted nature. Till today, unless very necessary you would never see me in someone's house. How would my parents feel losing two children in a day,children they locked up inside and kept key for and we left the house.

I still shudder each time I remember it

Jesu Joba!
Nairaland / General / Re: Have You Ever Had A Near Death Experience? by abelswife(f): 10:09pm On May 09, 2020
I have had experiences which are not just near death, but also manifestation of divine grace/miracles - my irreligious disposition notwithstanding. 

One of the experiences is that one early Sunday morning, some years ago, I entered a utility room with a guarded window without my phone, while inside it I decided to find out the reason why the entrance door was often hard to unlock. So, I locked it while inside, unfortunately it knocked and all my efforts to unlock it proved abortive for more than 24 hours. I did everything possible to either use bare hands to open the door or unlock it with the keys to no avail. Worse still, it happened in a detached house in a gated compound and I was living alone; normally I do not entertain visitors without an invitation and I did not have a phone with me to call anyone to come to the house to break the doors and rescue me. I was hungry too, because I was so busy a night before it that I didn't eat before going to bed and I didn't take a breakfast before entering there.

I had resigned to fate, sobbing in tears when an ineffable thought came into me to try one more time to hold the doorknob and open it - the same thing I did several times without positive result - I did and the door opened with no extra force and tactics. But for the divine intervention, I could have stayed there for more than a month without anyone knowing my whereabouts, since it happened in a foreign land.

However, this isn't the main divine experience which changed a whole lot of things in me - the divine experience wasn't a near death one. Everyone has a divine authority guarding and guiding him/her, you'll know this if you're in tune with your subconscious.

wow. God is faithful
Health / Re: It Seems To Me That I Have Contracted Hiv With This Encounters, Am So Scared by abelswife(f): 5:49pm On Dec 07, 2019

Pls update your diary now cry cry cry
Edakun cry

Okay Ma.

Runs away...
Family / Re: Beautiful Pre Wedding Photos Of A Nairalander by abelswife(f): 5:48pm On Dec 07, 2019
See as una fine.
Health / Re: It Seems To Me That I Have Contracted Hiv With This Encounters, Am So Scared by abelswife(f): 4:59pm On Dec 02, 2019
Go run a HIV test. You'd never know until you do.
Career / Re: Why Did You Leave Your Last Job? by abelswife(f): 3:30pm On Nov 25, 2019

Honestly I don't. Uhnmm, what's the nature of your job. If you don't mind...

IT/System analysis
Career / Re: Why Did You Leave Your Last Job? by abelswife(f): 9:01pm On Nov 24, 2019

That's sweet... Also, have you ever considered learning a foreign language?
It depends on your career though.

I've not thought about this o. Do you know anywhere I can pay to learn French, Italianor Greek in PH or Abuja?

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Celebrities / Re: Photo Of The Couple That Welcomed Quintuplets After 16 Years Of Childlessness. by abelswife(f): 9:26am On Nov 24, 2019
They really need help at this time. I heard from a reliable source that the womam has been in ICU since delivery. Please anyone who can support should reach them at Federal Medical Centre Jabi Abuja. 5children no be beans o
Career / Re: Why Did You Leave Your Last Job? by abelswife(f): 7:39am On Nov 24, 2019

I'm putting you in prayer. You ll resume your dream job February 2020


Thank you so much.

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Career / Re: Why Did You Leave Your Last Job? by abelswife(f): 7:38am On Nov 24, 2019

Hope you know that there's a PEAK point for this practice?

There's a point an employee gets that he would not be able to command certain amount as salary, no matter his age and experience.

This applies to jobs that require little expertise. That's why no matter how much some people change jobs, they may never earn 200k upwards.

For example, A regular office assistant may never earn as much as 200k because it requires less expertise, and cheaper alternatives are surplus.

My point is that, you should find something that'll make you an expert in your field. Get Certifications and master the latest tools that are required in your Field.

If these two are in place, youll get a very good job within three months.

Alright. I'm already on it. Have masters already, certifications is my next agenda for 2020


Career / Re: Why Did You Leave Your Last Job? by abelswife(f): 6:43am On Nov 24, 2019
I was underpaid and overworked.

Closing at 8pm. 30k salary for a graduate.

Transportation alone was like 25k for the month. But I needed to leave the house.
Worked there for only 3months and ran.

Got another one for 50k afterwards, I was going to work from Sunday to Sunday, the employer kept on owing. He will pay January salary on the 16th of February and pay February salary on the 30th of March, I worked for 2months and ran after I made enquiries and realized he's owing some staff for 6months.

I stayed at home for a long time before I got this one. I'm being paid just a little above the last one but salary comes every 26th. I observe all the public holidays, close at 5pm dot and I dont work weekends.
I'll keep searching for better offers until I get my miracle job. For me, a good offer is one that pays me well, doesn't owe, and still gives me time for myself. Come work no be come die.

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Family / Re: I Think My Husband Scammed Me by abelswife(f): 2:50pm On Nov 22, 2019

Stop being stvpid. You are just gloating over the woman's problem. That's evil. There is no scam in what the man did. He simply wants to go and hustle alone. A wife and 3 kids might hold him back. By the time he drops a Mercedes Benz 2017 model for the wife, all will be forgotten.

As long as he pays your house rent in Nigeria and gives you money to feed, leave the man alone. He simply wants to hustle for you all without hinderance.

You're a very big fool. Fok away from here now before I send you an e slap. It seems you don't know how to read or your comprehension skills are non existent. I guess you where blind when she said she's been taking care of all the bills. You're just her husband's type. We know them by the comments they make. Ozuo

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Family / Re: I Think My Husband Scammed Me by abelswife(f): 12:13pm On Nov 22, 2019
Yes he moved to the UK with his wife and children, you're just not them

But wait, how can someone scam you like this for 3times. Plus beatings?

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Celebrities / Re: Davido’s fiancee, Chioma Reveals The Secret Behind Her Huge Milk Production by abelswife(f): 2:12pm On Nov 21, 2019

But I don't remember asking undecided


Family / Re: Can A Man Sue His Wife In Nigeria If Child’s Paternity Test Comes Back Negative? by abelswife(f): 7:44pm On Nov 18, 2019
Yes. But make sure you also run a maternity test on the child first...
Make e nor be say na hospital run una street

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Religion / Re: Sinach Welcomes First Baby Five Years After Marriage by abelswife(f): 7:01pm On Nov 18, 2019
Congratulations on your new baby Sinach

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Celebrities / Re: Taiwo Ajai-Lycett: I Was Robbed & Raped At 65, Dropped Out At 16, Widowed At 52 by abelswife(f): 6:51pm On Nov 18, 2019
It will not be well with them. May their mothers be raped at 65.
Family / Re: If You're Happily Married, Please Share Your Story by abelswife(f): 11:45am On Nov 17, 2019
One of the greatest gifts a man or woman can have is to have a spouse that they would be able to work out their journey and make it work. When I was a teenager I used to read a lot of Christian marriage book and I was even counseling marriage couples on how to make my marriage work.

Fast forward to my time, I won't say I regret my decision of a choice of spouse but I would have made a better choice if I didn't allow love to override my sense of reasoning. I never wanted to have a home of cold treatment, malice, lack of communication, not being able to manage financial situations, etc. I always told myself my hubby and I will share finances 50-50 and I will always take care of myself while we use our savings for investment. I had always say he would be my friend and not my husband.

But all that didn't turn out. Cos I ended up with a man that took my simplicity and his love for him to ride me and abuse me emotionally. No plans for the future, extended family needs comes before mine cos iyawo can always take care of herself.

A man that doesn't believe in communication, keeps malice at any slight issue. Talks and shout at you. Doesn't believe that women have a say in homes. That a man can have as many female friends as he wants and still talks to ex girlfriends without regard to his wife feelings. If a wife talks to a male colleague too much it is an abomination. A man who says don't try to justify it because you are a woman.

Advise to the singles, don't ignore warning signs. If you guys don't share the same ideas, values and goals concerning marriage. Take a long walk and don't say age is no more by my side. It is better to marry at 40 and be happy that marry at 20s and be miserable.

All the same, there are still good moments but the core areas that means a lot to me is missing.


Kai. I felt the pain in this write up. I'm still new myself in marriage so I can't really say much. I only pray for healing in your home. God bless you
Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by abelswife(f): 1:54pm On Nov 16, 2019
Hi everyone. I came for food variety and recipes. I'm hoping to get ideas on how to make several delicacies for Chief and myself.

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Family / Re: I Don't Know The Right Time To Tell My Husband About My Genotype by abelswife(f): 1:49pm On Nov 16, 2019

You need to stop apologizing for narrating your brother's story and your own experience as a whole.

I didn't see anything wrong with your first comment on this thread, which has caused some drama.

The OP and your sister in law, knew the right thing to do but deliberately chose not to do it. Your sister in law even went as far as falsifying documents - that is too cold & calculative for my liking and I am not even family, yet your family is expected to be sympathetic, kind and sweet in the face of such deliberate deceit.

Hian, you don't tell people how they should react or respond, on top of your bad behaviour again nah!

Okay dear.

It's just that, when I remember that people living with sickle cell go through alot, I don't have the strength to be angry about the situation again.
Family / Re: Is This Normal Or Spiritual? by abelswife(f): 12:37pm On Nov 16, 2019
umm. going through all that street when he can just use Viagra

I don't advice anyone to use Viagra. We're trying to naturally build his libido here.

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Family / Re: I Don't Know The Right Time To Tell My Husband About My Genotype by abelswife(f): 8:05am On Nov 16, 2019

How do you expect her to be sweet, pleasant and happy when her family has been thrown into turmoil because of this same issue. If you are in her shoes you will say more. Its not easy taking care of one person, talkless of two sicklers. @abelswife, i pray God grant your brother the grace to persevere. And the cash to take care of them.
OP, please don't build your home on a faulty foundation.

Amen. Thank you, we are with him all the way, family is still family. We always encourage and support him, it's not easy at all but God is faithful. Funny enough, I'm still expecting a miracle for both mother and child. I'm really sad my SIL is always depressed, even on days she's not sick she's unhappy. I don't know if it's fear or what. I've told her to always wear a cheerful countenance, because na who write im own for Face na im people go see. It is well.

@Poster Sorry I was harsh,
I pray for more strength for you and wisdom to do the right thing. May God show up for you on days you need him. It is well with you.


Family / Re: Is This Normal Or Spiritual? by abelswife(f): 9:24pm On Nov 15, 2019
have you tried the tiger nuts? And how can one get them?

If you live in the north or central, you can buy it from aboki. Ask them for Aya(tigernut) and debino(date).
Remove the seedlings from the dates and soak for about 5hrs. Soak the tigernuts for also same 5hrs. Put both in your blender and add alot of water. Blend until you see thick white milk then sieve. Drink the milk. You can add ginger and coconut.

It works truthfully, and for him that has a very low libido like this, he'd need to drink it everyday for like 2weeks. I said 2weeks because no matter how low his libido is, by day 7 he must have started charging bad bad grin

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