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Romance / Re: Ladies, Can You Marry A Guy That Still Lives With His Family? by Ade3000yrs(m): 4:55pm On May 26
Well am not a fan of a man living with his parents but if I must probe the premise of your discourse, It would be just to say your chasing cars blind folded on the high way. The last I checked, Adenuga, Dangote, Atiku, Orji Uzor Kalu, Otedola, Adebutu Kesington, Asiwaju Tinubu and the likes all have their married children living with them on the same compound so whats the fuss about here?
Romance / Re: How A Bank Ruined My Relationship. by Ade3000yrs(m): 6:25pm On May 24
Politics / Re: Bello Yabo Arrested For Calling El-Rufai A 'Small Bird' by Ade3000yrs(m): 6:22pm On May 24
Health / Re: I'm Ready To Sue One Of The Biggest Private Hospital In Lagos by Ade3000yrs(m): 6:03pm On May 24
go on and do it if you can
Politics / Re: Edo 2020: Sagay Backs Oshiomhole, Says Direct Primary More Democratic by Ade3000yrs(m): 6:00pm On May 24
hmmm are you serious that corruption is still a trending matter for discussion in Nigeria?
Politics / Re: Crises Brew In NASS Over Tenure Of Clerk, Others by Ade3000yrs(m): 5:58pm On May 24
it is well
Career / Re: Otorisirieze Obi-young Gets New Job After Sack by Ade3000yrs(m): 5:50pm On May 24
while we were dreaming
Celebrities / Re: Davido Reaches Out To Cynthia Morgan, Offers To Help by Ade3000yrs(m): 5:46pm On May 24
Straight from the heart
Celebrities / Re: Hana Kimura Dies At 22 After Facing Online Bullying by Ade3000yrs(m): 5:44pm On May 24
no sacrifice at all
Politics / Re: Thread On The Snipers Of The Nigerian Army (Pictures) by Ade3000yrs(m): 5:17pm On May 24
good one
Politics / Re: Speaker Mudashiru Obasa Reacts To Corruption Allegations Against Him by Ade3000yrs(m): 5:07pm On May 24
Its too hard slaving
Career / Re: American University Of Nigeria Sacks 400 Staff by Ade3000yrs(m): 8:31pm On May 05
Lol, do you mean to say Nigerian University of America smiley
Romance / Re: Husband Pees Inside Wife During Sex!!! by Ade3000yrs(m): 12:20pm On Apr 24
this is not possible, once a man is in a woman, urine naturally ceases until after sex
Romance / Re: What Does TOASTING Mean? by Ade3000yrs(m): 2:48pm On Apr 17
it means grilled beef, beacon or bread
Romance / Re: You Men Cheat On Your Wives All The Time by Ade3000yrs(m): 2:45pm On Apr 17
Whenever a man is cheating on his wife and the wife finds out, you men always tell her not to end the marriage and to take it to God in prayer. Well I would like to ask you male hypocrites a question. If you found out your wife was cheating on you would you

1. Throw her out of the house or

2. Take it to God in prayer, be honest

Why not? I will surely allow you to stay only if your conscience will not make you uncomfortable like grilled chicken
Health / A Reliable Research Of What Kills Us Everyday Faster Than Covid 19 by Ade3000yrs(m): 9:24am On Mar 24

Times are changing and the today world is in a panic mode like you have your name, address and picture given to an assassin. Here is the number of deaths in the world in the first two months of 2020

2,360: Corona virus
69,602: Common cold
140,584: Malaria
153,696: Suicide
193,479: Road accidents
240,950: HIV loss
358,471: Alcohol
716,498: Smoking
1,177,141: Cancer

Then do you think Corona is dangerous?
Or is the purpose of the media campaign to settle the trade war between China and America or to reduce financial markets to prepare the stage of financial markets for mergers and acquisitions or to sell US Treasury bonds to cover the fiscal deficit in them or is it a Panic created by Pharma companies to sell their products like sanitizer, masks, medicine etc.

For more details or to read more, click

Education / Re: Impressive Stats Of Nigerian Americans And Their Academic Marvels In US (Video) by Ade3000yrs(m): 10:51pm On Feb 16
As long as they have nothing to contribute back home to national development, this statistics and Academic marvels are outright nonsense, it appears to me that most Nigerians who go over seas to enjoy the privilege of a better life and a more enabling environment eventually grows into national redundancy. Honestly its a shameful thing i must say. In the days of our premier leaders such as Awolowo, Tafawa Balewa, Nnamdi Azikiwe, they go out, see good thing and come back to replicate the good things and give others the same privilege they have gone out to enjoy but instead our modern age minds travel out to come back to intimidate with the wealth they have acquired. Honestly I am begining to love the latest trump policy of clueless Africans who desecrate Africa and run to United State to enjoy the privilege of her citizenship as if it were a feast in heaven with untold spoils for her clueless guest. USA citizenship my foot. We live here together and we shall all die here in Africa as long as we continue to choke each other with our inhumane & unfair treatment to each other. Implore Americans to Ban all Africans running to its land for safety and Asylum as if it were a safe heaven, my be by then our dead brain clock would wake up and start ticking and working for quick result.
Politics / Re: Isa Pantami: Boko Haram Kicks Against New Sim Card Policy, Threatens Minister by Ade3000yrs(m): 9:44pm On Feb 16
Honestly i am speechless. The blood of the dead do not forgive the silence of the living. The war on insurgency can be brought to an end in 2 months at most if not in 1 day. I have said this many times in my thread and blog post, these guys are not as sophisticated as they claim and as the media paint them. Nigeria is too big for this rag tag men. However they might get all sort of support or efforts from internal and external source for its onslaught on the Nigerian territory. Nobody dears challenge the power of the government or the sovereign might of the military. I must say again that the government has really been too weak and too poor in its fight against insurgency and insecurity issue In Nigeria. The rate at which military die at the battle theater needlessly and the rate at which civilians are slain is alarming. In a 21st century age and tech age like ours, a campaign on insurgency like this is not supposed to last 2 months to nip it in the bud. It would be unnecessary and wasteful for the government to fire a bullet or a gun shot to smoke out these radicals and lawless element. I dont want to use the word wasteful but i must say the government procurement of exotic and sophisticated fighter jet to smoke out these guys is needless. I believe we have millions of security experts around the world and amongst Nigerian retired and active military service chief who know exactly the magnitude of what am talking about and its most preferred solution that could end this war in less than 2 months if not in 1 day. Government do not need to waste a single bullet shot to finish up this guys at all. Modern warfare is no longer about fire power, but brain power, our intelligent institutions, chiefs and personnel need to really wake up. Government needs to revamp our seemingly lame military apratuse and invest heavily on science, technology and medical and also invest heavily on weapon patency and inventions. May God grant use the needed wisdom and open our eyes to the danger of going to other nations and world power to beg for weapons with our money at hand to procure weapons needed to fight or end insurgency. Its really a show of military shame in this our modern tech age. Africa truly needs to wake up to see the truth. Imagine if the innocent civilians beign killed were your parents, siblings, brothers & risters, wife or husband, honestly you would agree that blood of the dead do not forgive the silence of the living.

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Crime / Re: Michael Nnadi Buried In Kaduna (Photos) by Ade3000yrs(m): 12:38am On Feb 13
Business / Re: Forbes 2020 World's Richest: Only 4 Nigerians Make Exclusive Billionaires List by Ade3000yrs(m): 12:01am On Feb 13
I for one do not believe in this misleading crap called forbes list, even when the late Abacha's wife said if after the Nigerian government has collected all the Abachas loot, her family cannot be as poor as Dangote, so imagine how many Nigerian serving and past government official who have amassed excess wealth from the poverty, pain and blood of the ordinary masses The world has evolved and we are now in the tech age. Even if Adenuga and Dangote together owns all the refineries and vessels in the world, they can never be as rich as Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerback in the next 100yrs. We are now in the age of tech money and no longer oil money. Yet these white guys can afford to give away all their wealth to charity and still make it back in the space of 2 years. I think we African should be ashamed of ourselves. Poverty is a thing of the mind and not about how fat your bank account is nor the size of your pocket. Wealth or Poverty is not measured in how much cash you lack nor have you made but how much sense, wisdom and brain power you have at your disposal.

What use is your money when you go to bed in fear of insecurity, terrorist, banditary, kidnappers, fulani herdsmen on killing spree and boko haram Of What use is your money when your fellow country men die of starvation and majority of our youths are graduate but jobless and at the edge of desperation just to survive with every hanging tendency to commit crime Forbe list with African names on the list my foot. Those acclaimed material wealth you see our celebrities and politicians flaunts in the media is nothing but audio money. It is high time Africa has long become united instead of fooling around and allowing the world powers in the committee of the United Nation stop tossing us around like our life were a dangling pendulum ball. Our life cannot continue to revolve around the USA, Europe (France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom), Russia, Saudi Arabia, Rome, Israel, China and Korea. Enough of the borrowed robe; we need our own robe and coat. Africa Unite.

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Romance / Re: Why Do Most Good Looking Persons Marry Someone Who Is Unattractive? by Ade3000yrs(m): 11:28pm On Feb 12
Your question is haphazard or rather not well posit. However, finding your type has nothing to do with beauty or how ugly, after all the beauty married the beast in that popular story book and it all ended well. It does not matter if your spouse is a demon, love is powerful and love can be blind to untold dents, even if your spouse were a criminal. But my point is this, good manners makes way for a man than the best of education and the best of beauty
Car Talk / Re: SON Certifies Innoson Vehicles, Issues MANCAP Certificate by Ade3000yrs(m): 10:55pm On Feb 12
God bless innoson. God bless Nigeria. We really need to look inward and beneath the surface as too many talents are buried than meet the eyes. I challenge us to do a few enquiry about this man and believe me what you will find out about him will shock you. This is a man who sees gold where every other investors in the Nigeria brand see stones.

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Science/Technology / Re: Orangutan Reaches Out Hand To Rescue Man Stuck In A River In Asia (Photos) by Ade3000yrs(m): 9:41pm On Feb 10
A man or woman who hate animal is worse than a demon and should be feared and avoided
Politics / Re: US, Nigeria Sign Agreement On Abacha Loot Return by Ade3000yrs(m): 2:20am On Feb 05
Hmmm well if u ask me, I will rather support the quote which says Abacha did not steal the Nigerian money but stashed them away in some safe hands and competent banks over seas because most of the banks in Nigeria back then were only skeleton and near collapse which many later did. Abacha only kept Nigerian government money in a 20 to 100yrs fixed deposit over seas which have all started already started to materialise. I do tell people repeatedly that the Nigerian money stashed overseas during Abachas regime is worth over $35 trillion USA dollars. Abeg mk una no stone me for here o.
Crime / Re: Onwuzuruike Kingsley Ikenna "Nwanta Anayoeze Yonaracha" Yahoo Arrested By EFCC by Ade3000yrs(m): 1:49am On Feb 05
I am not here to promote crime but i think a wool has been pulled over Africa long enough and Africa has been locked out in the game of the big boys and the 21st century tech game changers. Enough of the white man 21st Century slavery. The white man who sold weapons to our African government to fight crime are the same people calling us all criminals and corrupt folks, in the long run, who is the thief, How many African countries are on the top list of the world top 20 GDP Alot of water is already boiling in the kettle and Africans really needs to unite like the words of the Ghanian Kwame Nkruma from the ashes and from the dust of poverty these whites or so called developed countries has relegated us to. Not all money made through online dealings are proceeds of yahoo. Mack zuckerberg at a time made $ 4 billion dollars in 3 days via facebook, whatsapp and instagram alone while most of us kill time and data online everyday and till date every youth pray to be like him some day. Who is fooling who?? Who is scamming who Africa really needs to wake up to the benefits of the tech age.

Our African governments need to encourage youths to go online and make money and not scare them away in the name of yahoo and cyber crime. We need to kill poverty in the land and stop planting the seeds of poverty. Not all the guys indoors all day with their laptop or phone are into cyber crime nor are scammers. Lets stop being primitive in our approach to wealth. How many of us as Africa today have a blockchain or Luno account? If you dont its a pity for mother Africa weeps for you. Hope I have made enough sense to the concerned minds.

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Sports / Re: Kobe Bryant Dies In A Helicopter Crash by Ade3000yrs(m): 9:42pm On Jan 26
Religion / Re: Why Do I Wake Up With Mysterious Marks On My Body? by Ade3000yrs(m): 9:11pm On Jan 26
Lol, Having read through all the remarks and possible causes and solution, I must say Olodo plenty amongst us on Nairaland both within and outside Nigeria as cheap data and free wifi will never allow us to reason straight and well enough. Cuts on the body and blisters in the mouth or fire outbreak during harmattan has nothing to do with wall gecko nor any witch craft from your mother nor father's house.

Well aside the concern for the cause and cure to the sudden appearance of cuts on your body. Common sense should tell you that it is one of the adverse effects of harmattan at its peak. During harmattan, it should be expected that humidity and atmospheric temprature would drop, along with the rise of a few ailment such as pneumonia, bronchitis, dry and cracked lips, cracked skin and cuts on soft and frail skin like in the case of the OP or poster of this thread. In this case, you are not alone as a lot of ladies or persons out there with frail skin are also equally going through the same thing.

The Harmattan victims & subjects suffers almost the same thing with people in the glaciers region during winter but rather put on protective wears to minimise the effects of the snow using snow boots, gloves, glasses etc unlike our careless approach to harmattan in Africa. It must be noted that harmattan just like snow dries up the water from the body at the pace of a flicker. so to fight it, you must drink enough water, use enough skin moisturiser milk and take less beverages that may get you dehydrated more than necessary. It is at this time that people with sickle cell need more supports along with asthmatic patients as this tends to trigger asthma after pollen grains are activated or set in motion in the ravine winds.

Amazingly, the air in harmattan becomes more electrically charged that's why some even felt shocked or electrocuted touching ordinary object without a light source during harmattan. To confirm this charges if you are not a science student. Put of the light in your room at night to get a wrapper, chiffon or nylon or water proof and shake it until you see sparks of cracking light spec. If you are a science inclined or a practical physicist, you will come to terms with these facts without a fight.

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Family / Re: Cacudu Benson's First Wife Now Homeless (Video) by Ade3000yrs(m): 2:10pm On Jan 12
We came into this world with nothing and shall exit the world with nothing as we are all a bag of worm and a meal for termites. She should be happy that she still has a slum or shacks to call a home. Shes not better than you and I and we are not in any way better off. Person wey no suffer no fit get sense for this life lai lai ati laye! grin

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Family / Re: Cacudu Benson's First Wife Now Homeless (Video) by Ade3000yrs(m): 2:06pm On Jan 12
It's so sad her husband left her in this terrible situation i hope she sue him
Lol, sue fire
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel Will Not Join America In War Against Iran - Benjamin Netanyahu by Ade3000yrs(m): 5:17pm On Jan 08

Isreal in the bible is long time gone like the fictional tales, current Isreal ranks lower than Iran in military might, and has fewer population or soldiers than Iran(isreal 8 million, Iran 80 million), in fact they mostly survive on US finacial aides and military support(they dont have Oil).... and to make matters worst there are more Muslims in the current day isreal than christians, and current day Isrealis hate christians with passion

lonely Isreal has being trying to join African Union so as not to be alone just like Morroco also, Gulf GCC dont want them, Americans that like them are unstable, today Obama is indifferent tomorrow trumps hails them

google is your friend




God bless you for this remark
Foreign Affairs / Re: Netanyahu Warns Of ‘resounding Blow’ If Iran Attacks Israel by Ade3000yrs(m): 4:58pm On Jan 08

Out of chaos, beautiful dreams are born. I guess it is high time the Nigerian government had started furnishing its military armament with the contemporary war weapons so as not to be intimidated nor cower in the league of nations especially when the elephants fight. Nigeria need a tilted repositioning in the area of infrastructural development and stop playing stomach politics as usual.
Business / Re: Oil Prices Soar After Iran Attacks Airbases Housing US Troops In Iraq - CNN by Ade3000yrs(m): 4:47pm On Jan 08
It is amazing how war analysts on NL thinks it is wrong for the US to kill a man who has killed many US citizens and also planning to kill more
is his life more precious than anyone's
without concrete evidences against him, you all think US will just kill him just for fun?

You all need to stop siding with evil

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