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Agriculture / Re: Cost Of Setting Up Cucumber Plantation On 1 Hectare Of Land by Ade3000yrs(m): 2:28pm On Jun 24

Fall for this nonsense at your own risk.

You will take 10% and marketers take another 10%. Not bad if you really know what you are doing. But no one who has done cucumber successful will release the above estimation.

184k to employ boys to sow on 1 ha. You are not serious at all. O boy! Na straw you dey use milk this fool who falls for this?

Herbicides of N36k on 1 ha. You wan load the whole farm with chemicals?

Which yeye soil test N7,500?

N270k for workers in 3 months. Well if full time....may worth it...but with casual workers you want to use and you are estimating this......fear God na.

With your food booster and the choice of nutrients you are applying, if you.get 2 fruits per plant, you are lucky. And if you get 3,000 standing plants that will produce the 2 fruits, you are lucky.

No irrigation which is the most important cost and should take so much. You are not serious. Everything here is wrong. Imagine the yeye cost of fungicides. Downy Mldew will dance Azonto and Gbe Bodi onnthose plant. Without irrigation and we are heading to dry season, if you get 1 bag out of this which is N1k-N3k sales price, you are extremely lucky.

The one that annoyed me again is the cost of shaking. Walahi..... you need help. Jesus!

And some mumu will fall fo this, and later come online ranting that another Abiyamo has done them wayo.

Wahala stands on it's own and this OP deliberately is forcefully tempting it to strike him.

grin grin I am laughing at the useless investors. Healthserve......is this your work again? grin
Asise and Asasi is not far from you... Take your time and go through all my works here on Nairaland alone and then point out all your crap criticism with nothing to show for..!!! Your case is a big sorry case!!! Once again you have failed and has just shut yourself in the butt!! "Almaestro al culchilada". You are just looking for a master to use as a ladder to the top in the name of cheap audience. Go and get yourself a life. Success is not cheap my brother. You have to work hard and be smart enough for it... A life unexamined is not worth living. Homo hominid Lupus....!!! May you receive the light.
Crime / Re: Russia Is Ready To Pay Nigeria A Whooping $500billion To Provide Russia Military by Ade3000yrs(m): 2:07pm On Jun 24
Nigeria Emerging World Power. Signs $500billion Contract With Russia?

Today 24th june, 2021 is a great day in Nigeria's History. Russia is ready to pay Nigeria a whooping $500Billion to provide Russia military support no other nation can provide.

General Vladisko Mikil who represented the president of russia in this Historic day said russia has identified some key areas were Nigeria can help with their military. These areas are as follows.

1. African Bullet Proof

2. EGBE: Power to teleport (disappear and appear at another location)

3. Oruka. Magic ring. Which their spies can use to make their enemies fall and start shaking like fish out of water.

4. Ounde. Power belt that would make their soldiers invincible

5. Oyela. A tortoise shell necklace That would boost the intelligence of their troops and even make them able to hear the thoughts of their enemies.

6. Ina Aye. Mysterious spiritual fire.

7. Spiritual slaps. They see the applications of this in embarrassing other presidents in public.

8. "Enter and sweep" this works by hanging a broom at the door step, if anyone tries to steal from such a house, he wld endup sweeping the whole compound till he is released. This would be used to protect their presidential villa. No need for security alarms anymore.

9. Asasi. This would be used in making their enemies run mad. this has been tested on Donald Trump and russia are very pleased with the results

General Vladisko said paying $500 billion is a small price for them to pay to be able to have access to all this powers from Nigeria.

Nigeria's president said he is happy that our tradition is finally making the country more money than oil has made for the country in 16 years of our democracy.

Russian Researchers are presently in Ogun state and Anambra state to learn from our local priests so they can go back and boost their military.

Reacting to this development, America's Secretary General said the United States has always been scared of Nigeria because of the spiritual powers Nigeria possess. Which is more than all their technologies and military equipments.

Blah blah blah....

If all those stories you hear about African Power were true, this is the type of news that would be making our headlines


Pls if you are so sure all those powers are real. Do yourself and your generations to come some good. Go and get those powers, they are worth a lot of money in the hands of world powers. I am sure vladmir Putin is willing to pay billions to be able to disappear and appear inside the pentagon's top secret archives. Why use these powers for disappearing from accidents only?
Lols! grin grin You must be the greatest of all time Nigerian comdeian. grin grin grin


Education / Re: Impressive Stats Of Nigerian Americans And Their Academic Marvels In US (Video) by Ade3000yrs(m): 12:42pm On Jun 24

Rubbish! If you had the same opportunity you will join the Nigerian Americans here. Go and complain to your corrupt politicians, who are busy enriching themselves with the people's money. Nigerians abroad remit billions of dollars each year to the likes of you for your daily survival and yet you are ungrateful. Go and read the history of the United States of America to be knowledgeable about the importance of "immigration." The United States of America is a nation of immigrants from all over the planet and will continue to be that way. Be mindful of how you condemn US citizenship as I highlighted in your comment. We are "America" proud!

Lest I forget, those (Awolowo, Azikiwe and Balewa) you referenced are people from privileged background and do not represent the faces of Nigerians that are being praised for their academic feat abroad. Many of them did "menial work" to pay for their university education and a host of other things; some of you in Nigeria won't do any of those kind of work for survival! You are just angry for nothing!
Homo hominid lupus. Your ignorance is your property and yours alone. It is your cancer so deal with it and stop churning your nightmare and mediocrity on Nigerians. Everyman is your equal in humanity. Don't ever appraise yourself or assume that you are living a better life in the state than the people back home in Nigeria. As long as you can't play a second fiddle to anyone, so you think Nigerians are the condemned to take your crap, obscured and dysfunctional ideology. With all your silly American dream and yet you are still full of hate. A black man hating the black race? You are a disappointment to your root and color. What gives you the impression that you are living a better life in the state than all the Nigerians back home in what your likes call a shit hole. Great mind sees and ceases opportunity to solve a problem, while average minds like you only go about to complain about what your government or people cannot offer you, hiding your mediocrity behind unfounded excuses. I think a narcissist white man need to come after your black ass and get you fried so your senses can come back to factory reset. Don't ever abuse your privilege else you may soon be tossed on the other side of the fence to see what the abused downtrodden faces and yet keep their cool. Every man is a subject of privilege. Nobody chooses his country of birth so don't expect me to capitulate when sentimental elements and tyrants like you trumpet your guts. Its either I help you amplify your demons or I help you diminish it. Lets, I forget how much have you remitted back home in Nigeria to your needy country men and village extract... I think am going too far, how much help and hand outs have you given to your needy immediate family and siblings As your moniker says it all, "Mycommand," you are a narcissist tyrants living in the land of liberty. You deserve to be repartrated back to Nigeria or where your black root could be because mugwump gobbledygook like you don't belong in the USA.... For the likes of you... Let tyrants everywhere tremble. Even if you were a professor of anthropology, I must be quick to put it to you that you are a dissapointment to history and to the entire black race. I expected better from your likes of egg head but here you wallow in the dance of shame and in the bliss and feast of ignorance. May you receive the light....!!!
Foreign Affairs / Re: President Cyril Ramaphosa's Ipad 'Stolen' On Live TV by Ade3000yrs(m): 3:11am On Jun 24

1. Yeah, not all the points were gonna be relevant to your question coz it was an old discussion with its own unique history. The guy wanted me to state the value of black South Africans vs Nigerians.

2. Why Nigeria cannot afford a stand-off with South Africa


3. That South Africa produces your music videos and commercial adverts is an indictment, that was my point, for a country that considers itself the giant of Africa.

4. Please go ahead and state all the high-profile positions held by Nigeria in Africa over time, bearing in mind SA has only been on the scene for 27 years and you guys for 60. And many SA politicians were given inferior education under apartheid and yet still outsmart you in politics and economic development.

5. It's unfair to give credit to whites for apartheid era infrastructure and not blacks for democratic era infrastructure. If you gonna argue that it's white investment driving current black infrastructure then you should also admit foreign investment from Europe and the US was used to build white infrastructure during apartheid. Fact is that whoever is governing has the brains to attract good investment towards developing the country.

Checkout attachments for some black government successes. It doesn't even mention economic infrastructure, just social improvements. Things you still lack in Nigeria after 60 years of independence

6. Lol grin, are you done googling? It's something past-evening now.
This is no forum to promote narcissistic intentions nor superiority of an extraction over another. You must be a coward to come on a Nigerian forum to intimidate Nigerian and display your social and psychological misdemeanor. You have lost the fight already before you ever started..... Nigeria is not your refuse dump nor your garbage bin. Go and tell your government to fix your country and if you don't love the Nigerian faces then push for a Nigerian repatriation bill we still have a beautiful and a safer home to call a country.

I don't have to be in your country to tell the difference because the world is a global village and almost every one knows that. And whoever speak evil about you is either they envy your dexterity, your privilege and what you have or something is not right because only failures blame others or give excuses for their short comings. You and I know the figure and tally of Nigerians doing great things in the USA and the rest Nation of the world today just like every other well meaning person of other national extract. Stop your hate against Nigerians and other Nationals wherever you find them because Karma is real and you are sure to get served and probably the last man that may come to your rescue could be a Nigerian. So save your hate and blame game. You are not in a position to talk about Nigerian when you don't live in Nigeria nor endure what we endure. You cannot write a man story when you are not part of his struggle and glory. May you receive the light...
Foreign Affairs / Re: President Cyril Ramaphosa's Ipad 'Stolen' On Live TV by Ade3000yrs(m): 3:00am On Jun 24

Invoice us, we'll pay you back - we can afford it, even double cool But you wouldn't dare coz you know you're overstating your role.

Kenneth Kaunda just passed away and most South Africans were devastated, his passing and Zambia were top trends in SA, and we declared 10 whole days of mourning in SA for a foreign leader. Those are the people whose contribution is well documented and SA appreciates.

Truly, we know absolutely nothing about YOU "rescuing our black as*es from our white masters". But like I said, invoice us and we'll review your claims and mail you back an envelope full of antelope poo cool.

Thanks. Goodnite.
A life unexamined is not worth living. You really need to unlearn to relearn. There is no inferior race in humanity as everyone is your equal in humanity though privileges may differ. You truly need to purge your self of the negative energy collapsing your world from the inside. Only then can you stop blaming others or Nigerians for your woes and shortcomings. I am not here to engage in a cyber warfare nor blind argument but on expedition for constructive discourse. May you receive the light.....!
Foreign Affairs / Re: President Cyril Ramaphosa's Ipad 'Stolen' On Live TV by Ade3000yrs(m): 2:54am On Jun 24

It's okay. It's pointless arguing with you because you know many bad things about Nigeria and Nigerians with some facts.

Because you will surely respond to every points raised.

But there's a Nigerian adage that says: "Na one day problem dey start, and na one day the problem dey end." No matter how long it takes to get there, we shall surely get there by any means necessary.
I disagree with you on this. Never condescend with an alien to humiliate your national existence. You are a Nigerian and you have to defend it because if you meet the beast of a lady in her home country, she may not wait for you to explain to her that you are one of the good Nigerians before she would rally a local mob to take your life.. I stand to defend my country no matter what... I don't speak ill of other Nationals and won't take any humiliation metted on me or anyone I know because of my National extraction. Everyone is your equal in humanity. Abuse of any sort is not an excuse.
Foreign Affairs / Re: President Cyril Ramaphosa's Ipad 'Stolen' On Live TV by Ade3000yrs(m): 2:43am On Jun 24

Yes,and we will keep on blaming them for the heneious crimes they commit here ;
Keep your blame game to yourself and the likes of inhumane debauched circle because nobody would buy it. You are a culprit here as your product and attack on Nigerians wont fly. If truly you have a beef or grievance on Nigerians and you want to prove it, be constructive and innovate or you die!!!!
Foreign Affairs / Re: President Cyril Ramaphosa's Ipad 'Stolen' On Live TV by Ade3000yrs(m): 2:26am On Jun 24

I repeat ; your passport is weak because of your toxic nature, in every country you go to ,your people are treated with suspicion. Facts! You need to work on that image yourselves before lecturing others ,dont you think ?
I have cautiously taken my time to know the true face and intent of your identity. I must say you are a victim of psychological abuse perhaps, hate and discrimination that is why everything you churn out is about negativity, hatred, xenophobic, perhaps due to your South African dysfunctional system. Let me educate your ignorance and go and do your facts check, Nigerian in its height of insecurity and political saga is about 10 times safer to live than your South African country and a host of developing and developed country that name blame and name shame Nigerians everywhere you find us. Your police system is strong but also not absolved from corruption and your South African government. Everywhere you see Nigerians, a good number of us excel far much better than our host nation wherever we find ourselves in a saner clime.

Back in your home country, a lot of you South African have hatred for Nigerians out of inferiority complex not really because we are better but because of your dysfunctional media hyped of Nigerians shortcomings. Unconsciously, you have assumed every Nigerian as your greatest Nightmare because our exposure to tough times dont break us but make us. That is why we are resilient and formidable where ever we find ourselves. I am not saying Nigeria is also not devoid of her share of bad elements or bad eggs as it exist in every extraction... But I must be quick here to diagnose you of your cancer and disease eating you up from the inside. You have a big hatred of social identity deep rooted within you or that has haunted you due to your dysfunctional social upbringing, that is fast killing you to a point of psychological extinction. The earlier the better you start seeing the good in every other extraction aside Nigerians, the better for your life.

Your country is a host to a lot of obscene crime that you most likely would not find in Nigeria and drug peddling by drug Cartels or drug Mafians is at the top of the long list. you owe every Nigerian and other National extraction you have ever hated a big apology and for the likes of your circle. If you want to be educated, ask a Nigerian, if you want to be informed ask a Nigerian, If you want to excel in whatever you do, ask a Nigerian and am sure you would get a candid and convincing opinion or point. Even if we were to tell a lie, we don't hide it as no one can fake a lie, we own up to our mess and our glory. So my dear, be honest with yourself first before you seek honesty and truth in others. You dont have to kill yourself nor continue to choke yourself in your hate twist.

Most of your country assets and economic strength and GDP are funded by Nigerian business Mogul who pumped fund into your country since the 60s and 70s, during your apartheid struggle before Nigerian was instrumental to the end of the apartheid struggle in the early 90s, Am sure you were not born then. Nigeria has long been a standing nation in Africa that most African countries has saddled on her back to get to wherever most of them find themselves today in the measure of economic strength. You need a time out to indulge yourself in constructive and perusal history. Only then can your ignorance be exposed and you can be a free man from your embroiled grief, bitterness and shackles that binds your heart and blanket your short sightedness. No doubt Nigeria as a country has its local and domiciled challenges like every other countries of the world own up to theirs, but sticking out your finger to pick out the speck in others eyes while you have a log of wood in your eyes is illogical or a logical delusion. I defend my father land and my people wherever I find myself because only a person with a lost identity would enjoin the packs and gang of arsonist would enjoin others to burn down is fathers house and root. Don't go about pointing gun at others if truly you don't intend to use it because its rebuff can be rebrutal.

A life unexamined is not worth living. A child who is not informed is deformed. Coming on a Nigeeian social media to attack Nigerian with your cyber war is a clueless expedition. I would be sorry for you if your account is not deactivated in no distance time before your hate and toxic and narcissistic perception of others choke you and kill you. May you receive the light.....!!!
Politics / Re: President Buhari Arrives London For His Routine Medical Checkup (Video) by Ade3000yrs(m): 6:32am On Mar 31
I don't want to believe this is true but if it truly is, then I must say "the voice of the people is the voice of God". I just hope the president and his kitchen and toilet cabinet of my dearly beloved Nigeria are watching this The voice of the people is Karma. When will the majority of African leaders desist from this shameful and degrading act of traveling overseas for medical tourism, fresh air and a life?? Why not just close down the health system in Nigeria or declare a state of emergency on national health matters.

The vast majority of Nigerian populace and economy is choking under the harsh leadership model and condition. Am sure this developed countries would be like hmmmm, 21st century slavery continue if the leader of the most populous black nations can always run to them for medical check up. This is the last thing the Chinese, Indian and Japanese president or Prime minister would want to be caught doing in this 21st century and tech age. This is a big embarrassment and disgrace on the entire black race. Once again, the voice of the people is Karma over every bigot African leader. When will the Nigerian government start taking the lead in the tech and military arena or lending bonds and grants to the USA, Russia, China, Germany, UK, India, France, Israel, Iran, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Ukrain, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt Our own na to dey collect like beggars.

Despite all the foreign aids been granted us like water pouring down the drain or into the basket. We here of the grant but see nothing here in Nigeria. Majority of our leaders are looters relooting the loots. With what is going on in the country and incompetency of the government, i would suggest we close down the country or put up the country for sell so that our leaders go home and rest at least to affirm the true words of Chinua Achebe there was a country. With the trends of unfolding events, the judgement for our bad African leaders surely and obviously begins here on Earth as we have to first remove God from this matter because our leaders can't surely escape the wrath of the people they have impoverished and enslaved with poverty.

Gone are those days where by our leaders ride on our ignorance of tribal and religious divisions like in the days of our premier leaders of Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe and Ahmadu Bello with Tafawa Balewa. Nobody is ready to die for the interest of any low gumption leader any more. As it stands, Nigerians are one of the most enlightened and exposed extractions of the black race and are too exposed to be fooled by anyone nor any leader. We all fight fore a common front of a better and improved life for one another regardless of tribal affiliation.


Crime / Re: Niger State Official Shot Dead By Suspected Bandits (Graphic Photo) by Ade3000yrs(m): 4:26pm On Mar 26


RIP to the dead.

A word is enough for the wise.
Business / Re: When Femi Otedola Was The Largest Owner Of Oil Tankers In Africa (Throwback Pix) by Ade3000yrs(m): 4:07pm On Mar 26


A word is enough for the wise
Politics / Re: Yoruba Nation: You Can’t Deceive Us, Akeredolu Knocks Akintoye, Others by Ade3000yrs(m): 3:59pm On Mar 26
*In an age where the rest of the world are talking about infrastructural development, industrialization, tech development, military armament, job provision for it's teeming youths, and human capital investment, I am alarmed we are still at this primitive level of unfounded talk of secession and tribalism. Instead of talking about building together, we are here talking about destruction, disintegration and disunity while the white man look at us from afar and laugh as we turn against each other like salvage beast with stones, sticks, arrows and clubbing.*

☝️ *Tribalism is the black man poison, sold to the white man, and now the white man has repackaged it and sold it back to us as racism. Read and research About, the Kushite, the Nimrod, the Persians, the Chaldeans, The Sumerians, The Han & Sun dynasty, the Isfahans, the Egyptian, the Arab world, Asyrians, the Israelites, Babylonians, The great Mansa Musa of Mali, and Ethiopian history so we can separate the facts from fiction. Jeremiah 13:23 also confirms this.*

*The earlier the better the blacks stop playing the victim of a carnage history of slavery and racism on blacks the better for us and the future of our unborn generations. Slavery first started amongst the blacks before the Arabs came into Africa and bought the idea, later the European bought the idea from the Arab world and now the whole matter is now a chaos and calling off the bluff of the white man advancing the black man agenda.*

*"Fear the black man", Marcus Garvey the frontier of the African union and interest once said because the same blacks he was protecting betrayed him in the end. Same is the story with all great black leaders in history, they were betrayed by their own black brothers. Like the feast of the vultures, we continue to prey on each other*


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Family / Re: My Wife’s Salary Was A Mystery Until I Discovered How Much She’s Truly Worth* by Ade3000yrs(m): 3:39pm On Mar 26
*Hmmmm, Mr man, your wife is innocent and I will for whatever reason not apportion any blame to her. Aside that I exempt women from taking blames for failures in marriage, many think I love women but hate men but it's not true, I love my male folks and wish we can always do better.*

*1st of all, I must say your wife married you because she knew you were a mugu and mugu u have always been and may always be Sir. You don't need to look through your wife's phone for evidence except your looking for excuses for you muguliciousness... Women are sleek and super fast in thinking than men and are good with figures that's why most of us believe women like money, but it is not. In marriage, almost every woman knows her place. Whatever hand a woman takes is exactly the space you have given.her because every woman knows the man is the head in every home without been told*

*Your woman knew you better than.you know yourself all along but it's unfortunate that out of lustfulness and blind love, you have chosen to disconnect yourself from the truth and the true identity of your wife*

*Sir, Your wife is innocent, she only saw an opportunity that she was dealing with a mumu and a mugu and she took advantage of it, I don't want you to confuse yourself with the thought that she loved her father and brother better than you, No she does not love them any better to shower them all the lovelies and nice gestures.*

*You have been.living with a stranger and never took the time to know her and understand her before you rushed into marriage with her Sir. Am not saying she is bad after all. But just that you gave her a very wrong impression about yourself that you were a big piece of cake waiting and begging to be eaten so don't be vex that she is now in your life to cut her piece of cake like the so called, termed "Nigerian national cake."*

*Even before marriage, she must have given you all the red flag to know the kind of troubled water you were running into but you foolishly ignored all in the name of Mr nice guy. As a man, never allow emotion overuse logic and reasons thereby marring your sense of judgement. That's why many marriages are perishing and many more would still perish. When a woman is like a fire, you either let her serve you as a good servant or a bad master. When a woman is like a water, she will only take the shape of the container you provide for her, most don't have a will power of their own except for divas.*

*Divas are kind of women never destined for marriage and a man must be smart enough to sight them hence you would endure the rest of your marriage in pains and agony because no matter what you do, they never bulge. Some are good as single ladies, lesbians, divorcees and baby mama or single mother.*

*Your mumu don do Sir* ✋���
Culture / The Shame Of Audio Money Amongst Africans Home And Abroad. A Poverty Mindset by Ade3000yrs(m): 12:08pm On Dec 19, 2020
*The Shame of Audio Money Amongst Africans Home And Abroad As It Concerns Our Self Esteem. A poverty Mindset. By Adewale O. K. Peters*

For real, in life we have what is called audio money, the type of money begging to be noticed wether in the social media or in the physical, some even pay for the hype of the glitz and glamour, real money is sound prove. It is unfortunate that most of us has for long imbibed the so called counter productive etched "Afro American Capitalist Culture" of "if you no get money hide your face"; To me this is a big lie, the real minds who control the wealth and economy of the world are quiet people and almost faceless because they have all chosen to stay quiet and allow forbes list to continue to fool and lie to the rest of the platoon world of lies. Little do we see Queen Elizabeth name on the world Forbe list and she owns about 1/5th of the worlds wealth to include Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Part USA all common wealth and English speaking countries put together.

Another striking examples are the top french Billionaires who control most of the resources in the French speaking colonies, same with the king of Saudi Arabia who control the wealth of the Arab world and Islamic countries, same with Putin of Russia who controls most of the proliferation of weapons of warfare and arms deals all over the world, same with the Germans who control bulk of the global machines cars, aircrafts, industrial machines and factories, best medicine and pharmaceuticals, all also world finance to include the entire Europe, the USA, the Africa, China, Asia, Australia and everywhere with the influence of the faceless Rothschild family who control bulk of the worlds wealth say 2/5th of the worlds wealth and are Germans and most have all changed their name today so that they can all live a normal live and never be noticed by anyone as the German culture warrant that the rich the must not make noise to discourage unwanted attention.

The same reason and fear of the German power that over shadows and intimidate the Queen of Englands power is possibly one of the reason why UK is pushing for Brexit because literarily the Germans controls the world finance. Yet bulk of this big shots and names have all chosen to remain anonymous and silent and not featured on the Forbe list.

Real money is silent, real money is evasive and it often goes unnoticed everyday. Don't allow anyone intimidate you with their show of material gains or asset because true wealth is in the heart and manifested in selfless service and value added to transform the world around us. True wealth is not manifested in cloths, cash, cars, mansions and private jets as most motivational speakers and pastors and even unscrupulous business men and fraudsters preaches around. Real money is not about what others have that you dont have.

That you know God alone makes you one of the richest man on earth, you may never notice this until your down in health and your finance is out of shape and its like the thin line between life and yourself is this very slim and narrow. Money is not everything bro, get the good name and see if that money, favour grace and mercy of God will not overwhelm you. It pays to know and serve God in truth and in spirit. John 4:24, and Matthew 12:43-45.

Believe me, "he get some kind money wey person go get for this life he no go fit shout i swear," Just like the case of Pablo Escobar of Colombia we all know who was so lousy that he even wanted fame despite it was obvious he profited from illicit cocaine deal. Same way Hushpuppi was so "stupid" that even common sense did not tell him to at least live up to his name of Hushpuppi which means "a quiet dog" until he attracted the audience of FBI and interpol despite it was obvious he was into online fraud, and money laundry just like most of us in Africa do home and abroad wether rich or poor or a politician as we have made fraud and corruption our second name, brand name, logo and culture all in the name of our poverty mentality.

That is why this appears the easiest way most of ply to etch for ourselves a good name or the man or woman is nice is "The Robbing Peter To Pay Paul" or "The Robbing Hood Style" of going to break the bank or loot public office treasury or scam others to pay and impress others or share looted money to everyone on the street like a pack of sweet and piece of cake and you will earn the title of a good man without concern for how you get the money. We have peoole who are ready to lick the ass just for the money. Thats how crazy the world today is, nobody is ready to be your friend when except there is something they are benefiting from you or your feeding them or you have honey and oily hands to lick from your fingers. The kind of impression and legacy we are leaving for our future generations only God knows in Africa as our poverty mindset as affected our sense of priority to material attachments which are just basic needs in other well to do or better developed countries. With our social media post of our lousy and lavished poverty of the brain lifestyle. May God save our sense of belonging in Africa as it concerns our self esteem.


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Family / Re: My Sister Wants Traditional Marriage In The City: Is It Normal? by Ade3000yrs(m): 4:15pm On Dec 14, 2020
Common sense is not common but i dont know how many of us are ready to die in the name of cultural, traditional, religious and conventional dogma, so if my fathers village is one of those captured enclave of boko haram or bandit, will common sense apply that we should all go and die like fowl in Dapchi or Sambisa in the name of culture?? Please lets use our head to think and be unconventional if we have to and not relegate our cerebral to our genitals. Are you going to be the one to take care of the logistics because you already said bulk of your relatives are in the city. Its high time the igbo tradition do away with a lot of cultural rights that has held the igbo nation hostage and tantamount to progressive ideals.
Agriculture / Re: FG Engages 17,000 Youths In Rabbit Farming by Ade3000yrs(m): 11:18am On Dec 03, 2020
This must be a big joke!!! Amongst all the livestock engagements, rabbit is now the subject Who are the brain child to this unscrupulous initiative Ahhhh this guys are sure nothing but arsonist and enemy of Nigeria. Very soon they would start telling people start farming locust and insects to farm their way out of poverty. This is the height of political quirgmire and preposterous nonsense. Quote me 5 to 10years down the line and reflect on the objective of this project and how it is all going to end on the table of corruption... Rabbit Hiann!!! Nwaanyi muta ite ofe mmiri mmiri, di ya
amuta ipi utara aka were suru ofe.
Celebrities / Re: Pretty Mike & His 6 Pregnant Girlfriends Appear In 30 Countries' Newspaper (Pics by Ade3000yrs(m): 11:02am On Dec 03, 2020
A child misinformed or miseducated is a child lost. After a painstaking inquisition into his life, i discovered the man suffered from juvenile deliquency or proper parental upbringing as regards respect for social norms and gender parity. Just like it is mandatory every African must treat malaria every 3 months, it is also expedient that 96% of Africans must go to the hospital to get their brains checked every 6 months. I watch alot of hollywood action packed movies and enjoy the trend shaping idea purported by these European guys but this my fellow African guy is trying to act and sell life movies uncensored. These are the type of randy elements that projects African or particularly Nigerian men in the negative light. In short "E remain make the guy dey appear for events naked just for the media tabloid." E really needs his brain checked because this is just more than an attention seeker; Him brain no correct!!!"

Crime / When Will Nigeria Start Mounting CCTV Cameras & Drones For Digital Policing? by Ade3000yrs(m): 2:14pm On Nov 16, 2020
When Will Nigeria Start Employing CCTV Cameras And Drones For Digital And E Policing?? By Adewale Peter

Nigeria is an amazing nation on the face of the earth. If am not mistaken some would agree with me that Nigerians are the second most populace race in the world next to China with a total population slightly more than that of india with a population of about 950 million persons if we are to go by head count all over the world. With 220 million persons bounded within the Nigerian boarder and territory and 730 million Nigerian Citizens dispersed or displaced all over the world for alot of economic, political, leadership and security reasons, like the Israelites of the world with presence in almost every country of the world today doing great things. On the average, 2 out of every 5 blacks or Africans are Nigerians.

It is appauling that lack of proper parameter for data collation has always undermine this fact for the greater economic advantage of the subject country. Unlike the way Nigeria has often been projected in a bad light all over the world like a third world, war thorn trashed site, Nigeria is an awesome country with hospitable and amiable people where you are free as a tourist to move around without mandatory tour guide like you would have in other countries. To be frank Nigeria with all the bad news hoozing out in volume and tons in the media about the decay of the security system in the country, Nigeria is by far safer to move about freely than in the USA, Russia, Ukrain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Uzebekistan, Thailand, Indonesia and a few other European, African and Asian countries.

This is not an attempt to cheapen the effort of the Nigerian security service chiefs and field operatives over the years to guarantee peace and protection of life and properties but to question the quality and efficiency of security services to the Nigerian populace and to put the Nigerian security architecture in the forefront of the global scurity map.

When is Nigeria of 1960 going to plug into the 21st century age of digital, cyber & E policing?? When are we going to start having security cameras in strategic areas and on telecommunication mast and high rise buildings for a close or ariel security glimpse of every nook and cranny of Nigeria to deter criminals?? Where are the CCTV camera on our roads and in our community and the space expedition projects to boost national security, information and intelligence gathering?
A situation where there is no digital central data base to profile and separate law abiding citizens and criminals.

Are we still waiting until the spate of insecurity start claiming the lives of our top uniform men and security service chiefs, our diplomats and senior states men and the rest of their family before we swing to action

What are we protecting as a national resource and asset?? The land, the water space, the air space, the crude oil, the gold deposit and other natural resource or the live of an average Nigerian to the last man on the street

Certainly Old security minds and experience hands matters at curbing or fighting crime but we need young, evolved and vibrant computer age thinkers to be incorporated into our security architecture else there is somebody some where with ulterior motives fooling somebody while while the rest of the nation is pitched on the steep lane of destruction.

Most of the crime perpetrated by criminals, hoodlums and miscreants are crimes that can be easily averted as the generic nature of the crime project a degenerative and low level of sophistication however they appear to look 2 to 4 times ahead of the Nigerian security operatives but except we kill our lukewarm, archaic and analog approach to security matters.

In a world where the rest of the advanced world are toeing space expedition, nuclear projects, digital and E policing and E military, It is appauling that we often try to play catch up with the rest of the world in terms of technology with is a tool and parameter to measure the pace of infrastructural and economic development. Our running to other countries to beg to buy weapon to protect our territories, boarders and the essence of our national unity is a disgraceful and shameful ones. If the USA and Russia or Germany must sell us weapon to fortify our military we should not expect the best of the best that can match their display of ammunition when we have a case of war and international face off as they would always sell us low grade weapons that would put them way ahead of us in terms of military strength.

Lack of adequate security measures would deter economic and infrastructural development and a lot of us know this.

*Lets picture the rippling effect of insecurity*

No doubt Nigeria is still by far better than a lot of country with sophistication in the rest of the world and I can mention categorically a list such as, Ghana, South Africa, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Many of the Arab nations, North and South Sudan, Namibia, Cameroon, Congo DR, Equitorial Guinea, Niger, Benin Republic, Togo, North and South Sudan, most mediteranean countries, Colombia, Haiti, Honduras, Venezuela and even some part of the USA states and Europe, and a host of others but we must not deviate to elucidate the problem as it concerns Nigeria so as to nip this issue in the bud.

1. Lots of multinational corporation has pulled out and alot are still contemplating leaving while a lot who still hope
2. Spate of joblessness and unemployment amongst Nigerian youths.
3. Unpatriotic and demoralised psyche and attitude of security operatives
4. Low revenue from tourism
5. Discouragement of SMEs
6. Discouragement of blue chip industries to moisten and rejuvenate the economic space
7. Low morals and low drive of our Judiciary and Legislative to communicate and dispense their civic duties.
8. Discouragement of Public and Private Partnership for infrastructural development.
9. Discouragement of research minds in project for patriotic interest.
10. Discouragement and lukewarmness of the youth and sport development industry.
11. Discouragement of Citizens and corporate bodies to execute social responsibilities as required.
12. Discouragement and lukewarmness of the entertainment industries.
13. Incompetency and inefficiency in our educational system and institution for ethics and moral codes.
14. Lack of night life and economic activities that could boost internal revenues amongst a host of others.
15. Low investment and asset value for the real estate industry and for the Naira in the forex market.
16. Epileptic or Poor utility at electricity service unit.
17. It hampers holistic intervention to stem high way crime and road accidents on the Nigerian high way

Billions and trillions of naira and dollars have been lost and allocated for security provision but till now no solution. A lot of innocent souls of over 30 millions have been needlessly lost to crime of one form or the other.

9 out of 10 potential criminal would abstain from crime if they know there is an eye or a Camera watching them and taking record of every clip of the crime or event.

We need to call our government and security service men to order on what is being done to the billions and trillions of Naira and Dollars allocated for security over the years which has often endanger the life of both security field men and the citizens they protect in the cold embrace of crime.

There is no doubt our security architecture has been overwelmed with too many fractures here and there and our service chiefs are working tirelessly to keep things together at dispensing their civic duty within the ambit of limited resources availed to this sensitive ministry for security service but it would be an aberration to shade off the reality at hand ridden of sentiments.
When will the rest of the world start coming to Nigeria to learn about modern policing and military training and ethics?

I want to believe our security chiefs are already having sleepless night over this issue before it ascend to the climax of the "hunter hunted."


Crime / Re: Missing Ijeoma Neke Found Dead In Maryland Enugu (Photos) by Ade3000yrs(m): 1:35pm On Nov 16, 2020
I am sorry your country failed you. RIP. When is Nigeria of 1960 going to plugging into the 21st century age of cyber & E policing?? When are we going to start having security cameras in strategic areas and on telecommunication for a close or aeriel security glimpse of every nook and cranny of Nigeria to deter criminals??

Are we still waiting until the spate of insecurity start claiming the lives of our top uniform men and security service chiefs, our diplomats and senior states men and the rest of their family

What are we protecting as a national resource and asset?? The land, the water space, the air space, the crude oil, the gold deposit and other natural resource or the live of an average Nigerian to the last man on the street

Old security minds and experience matters at curbing or fighting crime but we need young and vibrant computer age thinkers to be incorporated incorporated to our security architecture else there is somebody some where with ulterior motives fooling somebody.

Lack of adequate security measures would deter economic and infrastructural development and a lot of us know this.

Billions and trillions of naira and dollars have been lost and allocated for security provision but till now no solution. A lot of innocent souls of over 30 millions have been needlessly lost to crime of one form or the other.

8 out of 10 potential criminal would abstain from crime if they know there is an eye or a Camera watching them and taking record of every clip of the crime or event.

We need to call our government and security service men to order on what is being done to the billions and trillions of Naira and Dollars allocated for security over the years which has often endanger the life of both security field men and the citizens they protect in the cold embrace of crime.

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Politics / How To Make The Naira Become #4 To $1 Within 24hrs Without Too Much Grammar by Ade3000yrs(m): 6:21pm On Oct 24, 2020
*How To Make The Naira become #4 To $1 Within 24hours Without Too Much Grammar Using Simple Elementary Maths. By Adewale K.O.P*

*This is a Proposition For The Naira Currency Re Denomination Policy*

In The wake of agitation for systemic and government policy and administration reforms along the EndSARS Protest and for a better quality of life, Nigerians should not forget to make this one of the top priority on our list of agitation for system reform.

We need to redeem the integrity and image of our defaced and devalued Naira note amongst the committee of nations. This is not a tip off to burst open more concealed Covid 19 palliative centers by the government agents but for us to have a sense of purpose. As Nigerians, we should agitate for the implementation of this singular objective of currency re denomination for our seemingly lifeless Naira and kobo or purchasing power to be brought back to life once again. Our present and past leaders knows this but alot are not ready to speak up for the sake of selfish interest that further subvert and en thrench the economic importance of the country in a more worrisome financial mess and a night mare. Nothing is new under the sun as this was once a proposition chaired by the one time CBN governor Professor Chukwuma Charles Soludo. This not an idea cooked up out of the blues nor unfounded wishful dreams nor hallucination but an idea that has long been trending with feasible applications in many countries such as.

1. Ghana 2007
2. Croatia 1994
3. Finland 1963
4. Poland 1995
5. Uganda 1987

In the past several other countries have undertaken currency re-denomination including Israel, Turkey, Germany, South Korea, China, Brazil, etc.

*How Does This Work??*

This is simple as it involves simple elementary mathematics and logic.
All we need do is to simply remove two zeros from the last existing naira digits or divide the current market value of commodity by 100 to get an ideal value for our proposed currency.

Eg. If the current market value of a kilo of chicken were to be #1,500 Naira then the new market value would be #15 Naira after removing two Zeros from the value or dividing #1,500 naira by 100 or 1,500÷100= #15 naira,

If your house rent were #60,000 per year then the later when divided by 100 should #600 naira per year.

If you house rent were say #350,000 or #700,000 per year then simultenously it should be #3,500 or #7,000 naira per year.

If you earn #60,000 or #700,000 naira then in the new naira re denomination the salary equivalent should be #600 naira, or #7000 naira.

*The Naira Exchange Rate To The Dollars*

More so, if the so called dollars as were to be #400 = $1, then in the new re denomination currency the dollars would be 400÷100= #4=$1

The naira is also part of our national identity and a symbol of our national unity so lets not continue to treat it with disrespect. No more aboki give me leather or Ghana must go to carry this Naira any more because right now Ghanian Cedis is obviously the one smiling over our revered Naira in the name of trying to play catch up with the dollar. Enough is enough of this national insult on our beloved naira currency. Only enemies of Nigeria and enemy of the state would refute and try to kill this idea from seeing the light of the day as they have always been doing in the past internally and externally.

Like the one time CBN governor Professor Charles Soludo rightly once said and I quote, "Nigeria has long been living on a borrowed robe which is now looking like a rag that we all now share in its wanton shame and disgrace." Lets all together enjoin to fix things and proffer solution than to all continue contributing in its retrogression. It is out of share wickedness and conspiracy to sabotage the national interest that we came about the #1,000 naira note in print which Nigeria does not and would never need for now considering the global economic trend with a sense of patriotism at heart. The highest naira note in print and in circulation should be the #100 naira note. Our current naira denomination of #200, #500, and #1000 should be scrapped and considered obsolete in no distance time because they have all failed to serve the original intent of their purpose.

If your only interpretation tag to this is a Presidential Campaign flag for Professor Chukwuma Charles Soludo in 2023, then I just have to agree with you because this is one of the most credible national asset and brilliant mind of the eastern extract of Nigeria befitting to lead a nation like Nigeria as Anambra is just a small river for this great blue whale to swim. If you see number 6 from where you are standing, it could be number 9 from my end still leaving us both on the same page.

Publication Reference


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Romance / Re: Ladies, Can You Marry A Guy That Still Lives With His Family? by Ade3000yrs(m): 4:55pm On May 26, 2020
Well am not a fan of a man living with his parents but if I must probe the premise of your discourse, It would be just to say your chasing cars blind folded on the high way. The last I checked, Adenuga, Dangote, Atiku, Orji Uzor Kalu, Otedola, Adebutu Kesington, Asiwaju Tinubu and the likes all have their married children living with them on the same compound so whats the fuss about here?
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go on and do it if you can
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hmmm are you serious that corruption is still a trending matter for discussion in Nigeria?
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it is well
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Straight from the heart
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Its too hard slaving

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