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Politics / Re: I Am Not Dead & Have Not Withdrawn From The Presidential Campaign - Tinubu by africandollar: 10:01pm On Oct 02
Who is putting this old man through all these rigorous exercises? Your PR team is whack o! To convince us that you’re healthy you would need to run kilometres like Burna grin


Politics / Re: Reno Omokri: Peter Obi Will Help Tinubu To Become President by africandollar: 10:26pm On Oct 01
Very true... It is more like Obi and Atiku fighting for their already 2019 joint votes. Tinubu is not affected a bit.

The number of new votes or should i say voters that is adding to the 2019 own .. Is just 1m+ newly registered voters, after INEC screened the double registration out.

Even if the 1m+ people are to vote for obi, which is practically impossible, add it to the number of Atiku/obi votes in 2019(which is impossible because Atiku already have the northern voters in his bag) ... It wont be enough to even win an election.

Incase you dont understand what am trying to say. Even if you join Obi votes presently + Atiku's vote + the 1m newly registered voters, it isnt still enough to defeat a certain Tinubu APC if going by the Last general election.

Why am refferring to the last general elections is because nothing changes, nothing have change. Except the rallies and supposedly '2million' match which we witness almost every seconds.

The same people engaging in rallies or supporting obi, never voted for APC 2019.

The same set of people feeling marginalised on religious bases, because of the muslim-muslim ticket will never vote for APC in 2019 too.

The same christian bodies antagonising muslim muslim ticket, Never supported Buhari 2019 also.

The same Afenifere, never supported APC 2019

The same South East, South south.. Are traditionally PDP voters, their votes never changes the outcome of 2019.

Infact some of the muslims voted Atiku/obi 2019, but this time arround with the present political situation where the campaign as been turned into religious one, religous sentiments have found it way in Nigeria politics now, those votes are going to APC this time.

Undecided voters in 2019 like me, who voted for Atiku/obi will never ever vote for any of them this time, why? Because of the aggressive way of the obidients followers. I know so many of us here that are on that line or should i say clinging to that excuse.

The south-west voted overwhelming for Atiku/obi 2019, not because of the love for Atiku or Obi but because we felt the pain of the failed First tenure of buhari then.. Even lagos was almost lost by APC even with Tinubu.
I feel my analysis is right here because those states lost by APC 2019 in southwest, was won by same APC governors during the governorship election except Oyo state which was narrowly lost.
Now, coming to 2023, i feels a tribal sentiment will play major role here, APC will win massively in south west. But what if APC lost, they lost Overall in the southwest in 2019 in the presidential election. It still never changes anything. APC STILL WON THE ELECTION. BUHARI WON.

So when you take all this into consideration, analyse it without religious sentiment or hatred for any candidate. IT DOESN'T CHANGES ANYTHING. Infact the antagonism. of the Buhari candidature we witness in 2019, was far far more than the Tinubu candidature upset we are witness now. Because the anger of Buhari's first tenure which was marred by gross incompetency, insecurities upset alot of people and it cut across all regions. Be it yoruba, hausa,igbo, egede, idoma, ebira... Just name it.. People were angry with his first tenure.
And after the election? I think we all know what happened - Buhari won again.

Some people are saying, the youth, the youth!. Do they PVc's? Alright fine, someone also came out to say they registered because of Obi this year.
Then they didnt turn out massively like we are been deceivedto believe, the number of newly registered voters justify my point. Just 1m+ (which am sure the youth cant have more than 50% of 1m+)

So in my opinion, it takes more more than this childish rallies, photoshopping Tinubu's picture in an irritating manner, or throwing of insult and jabs. We, when i mean we, i mean i included engage in all this for Atiku/obi 2019, Buhari still won.

By simple logic and permutation and the little knowledge i have about politics, TINUBU may not win next year general election, but APC WILL DEFINITELY WIN. And it will be by landslide JUST LIKE 2019.

Na too much talk dem dey take cover lies...be Obidattified in Jesus name! Amen!
Crime / Re: Mary Odunayo Nwachukwu Declared Missing In Lagos (Photo) by africandollar: 9:41pm On Sep 27
Why always Ikorodu?! Na wa o!
Education / Re: Former US Teacher Of The Year Arrested For Having Sex With 17-Year-Old Student by africandollar: 7:54pm On Sep 26
What does islandlady have to say to this?! tongue tongue tongue
Romance / Re: Why Do Some Men Lie About Their Incomes & Salaries? (Screenshot) by africandollar: 3:14am On Sep 26
this islandlady sef no get work?! yen-yen-yen aproko talk all the time! i tire o!

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Crime / Re: Two Blind Beggars "Caught Operating Their Phones" After Receiving Money (Video) by africandollar: 6:44pm On Sep 21
u sure say no be braille phone? grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: Oshiomhole: Peter Obi Can't Solve Fix Insecurity, He Failed In Anambra (Video) by africandollar: 4:43am On Sep 19
Sharrap dia! angry

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Foreign Affairs / Re: West Virginia Bans Abortion At Almost All Stages by africandollar: 8:10pm On Sep 16
Good one!
Politics / Re: Buhari Confers American, Spaniard, 200 Others With Nigeria Citizenship by africandollar: 4:26am On Sep 16
Is this playing? What type of playing is this?! Make I use holy water clean my face first...Ol'boy! I assume they just need the passport to be able to come and go at will to conduct business in Nigeria 'cause I'm sure as heaven that they ain't leaving their original countries to some and hug 'sapa' here in Naija. grin


Family / Re: 12-year-old Boy Destroys His Mothers House Because She Took His Phone Away by africandollar: 11:33pm On Sep 15
Oga lower your volume.

You people excuse male rascality too much. If a girl did that would you have the same sentiments?

Listen let me tell you, my neighbor had four boys, four boys and a girl and them no born any of her boys to misbehave or disrespect her. Meanwhile her husband died very very early when she just had her last.

Meanwhile another of mine has a son that's about 11 very stubborn. Both parents are there with him in a godly household and he's so stubborn it's starting to look like he might fight his mom anytime soon.

Now let me ask you, are you saying if a male child loses their father then they can no longer behave like a rational human being under their mother? Don't mothers also raise female kids ? Howcome girls never behave like this?

The statistics are there, children that grew up with both parents generally do better in life than kids from single homes.
Family / Re: My Parents Destroyed My Life In Guise Of Love, I'm Now Depressed Daily by africandollar: 8:52pm On Sep 13
Smoke some ganga and then go out to relate...see how your shyness disappears and thank me later. grin
Politics / Re: Sheikh Gumi: Nigeria Needs Experienced Leader. Muslim-Muslim Ticket Is Wayo by africandollar: 11:39pm On Sep 12
even a broken clock is right twice a day! grin
Politics / Re: Nigeria’s Oil Output Drops To 972,394 Bpd by africandollar: 10:55pm On Sep 08
Una do o!

Q: Which kain oil-thieves get the facility to steal thousands of barrels of oil without any visible trace i.e. vessels, ships etc?
A: The Federal government of Nigeria

Just to drive home the point, 1bbl = 159 liters.
So to steal about 100,000bbls is an equivalent of almost 16 million liters! Which kain bunkering wan steal that much crude
Our government is culprit in this matter. Shikena! angry

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Sports / Re: Tobiloba Amusan Wins Diamond League In Women's 100m Hurdles, Makes History by africandollar: 8:03pm On Sep 08
Our own darling Golden Girl! She has to be specially recieved in Aso rock. She has done us proud!
She is just amazing! God bless her!
check my signature for free stuffs!

abeg, abeg, abeg! make she never go see Bubu o if she still loves her career...ask Anthony Joshua wetin happen to am after he prostrated for Bubu embarassed
Family / Re: What Is The Best Way To Handle This Type Of Wildness In A Kid? by africandollar: 7:04pm On Sep 06
Could have been a setup by the probably white teacher 'cos I see no reason why she should be busy filming the child instead of trying to calm her down. undecided
Science/Technology / Re: 'Female Vampire' Shackled To Prevent Her Re-Incarnation Found In Poland (Graphic by africandollar: 4:36pm On Sep 03
Make una see o, after several years the remains were excavated and determined to be a 'she'!

I just pity these woke people using confusing pronouns to describe themselves nowadays because if their remains have to be exhumed to determine say cause of death, then they would confuse the FBI agent and leave their case unsolved since the agent would see no correlation between the bone structure and what records the deceased had while alive. grin
Crime / Re: New York Police Officer Punches Woman In The Face During Arrest (Video) by africandollar: 2:33pm On Sep 01
She got walloped while trying to obstruct an officer from carrying out his duties, if it were to be a man who did same and got smacked I am sure no noise would be made about it but because say na woman...yet feminists would keep shouting gender equality but keep mute or make noise when same women who misbehave are treated like this! tongue


Politics / Re: Obasanjo’s Presence At Wike-obi’s London Talks Rattles Tinubu’s Camp by africandollar: 5:03am On Aug 30
E don cast! last last! Na so BAT go chop breakfast! tongue

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Releases New Photo To Show He's Still Young, Agile And Capable by africandollar: 3:16pm On Aug 29

A whole Jagajaga cannot afford to make a video. Give us video, let's check something.

The photo shopper is obviously a novice. If I was the one employed by Tinubu, I will produce a picture of him holding Nigerian flag with one hand.

You for tell Tinubu to twerk na, let's see if his waist won't dislocate.

Family / Re: 24-year-old UK Woman Artificially Inseminated Herself; Gave Birth To A Baby Boy by africandollar: 2:36pm On Aug 29
This is totally absurd! You can't choose to be a lesbian yet desire the fruits that rightfully comes with a heterogenous relationship! That's cheating, so long you don't respect the relationship btw a man and a woman then means you see no need to have a child.

There should be a law banning gays or lesbians from procuring children through artificial insemination, I would rather they have it through proper knacking...yes, maybe by the time when dem enjoy the knacking e go done cure their lesbianism grin

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Now National Project, Says Ohanaeze by africandollar: 4:52am On Aug 27
OBI ti wole! This I have seen! grin

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Business / Re: Elon Musk Warns Low Birth Rates May Lead To Population Collapse by africandollar: 9:51am On Aug 26
I laugh in Swahili! This Elon thinks life only begins and ends in the West?! He never hear about my neighbour Musiliu wey him wife and concubines just dey drop pikin left right and center the way Burna dey drop hit back to back despite him being a mere vulcanizer?! Make dem no worry, we would compensate for their underpopulation with our overpopulation here. grin

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Sports / Re: Man City's Mendy Boasted About Having Sex With 10,000 Women - Rape Victim by africandollar: 11:16pm On Aug 20

Raped for 3 times within 15 minutes? Lies.
Is the man a sex machine?

No mind the hoelosho! Dem dey rape you yet you still get time to time how long dem take to knack you?! No be juju be dat?! angry

Na only CCTV go fit exonerate this guy aswear, I thought they should have had more sense by now and ensured there is always CCTV installed wherever dem wan knack? Dem never learn lesson from Neymar's case?
Politics / Re: Dino Melaye Blasts Keyamo: You Ar Defending A Man Who Takes More Drugs Than Food by africandollar: 11:37pm On Aug 19
Weyrey! E dey read am for paper on top the table grin tongue
Celebrities / Re: Buju BNXN Slapped By Police, Spits On Officer Who Tore His Shirt (Video) by africandollar: 2:47am On Aug 18
Why oh why would you even allow them into your car in the first place?! angry Well, what else should one expect from an artiste who didn't know to properly research available nicknames before settling for Buju only to later change it to BNXN? When you no go gree stay one place but go just dey confuse your ancestors upandan nko? angry

Well na indomie generation artiste so he fit no sabi the original Buju Banton yet that is no excuse not to do your proper research...in any case spitting in an officer's face is not considered a proper retaliation against a clean five-fingered slap, why would you feel good for mere spitting? You be cobra? undecided
Politics / Re: Kids Destroy And Burn Billboard With Photos Of Buhari And El-rufai In It (video) by africandollar: 2:17pm On Aug 15
This is just the beginning...I was on my way to the island and on third mainland bridge I saw that the mega poster of BAT with EMI Lo KAN written boldly on it had been ripped into two! We are awake...no sleep, no sleep, wake up! Collect your money!!! grin

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Politics / Re: 19-Year-Old Comedian Remanded In Prison Over Bank Robbery Prank by africandollar: 8:11am On Aug 15
As he should be! What an ass! He's lucky he didn't try that in USA, being a black man he would have been gunned down while exiting the bank premises. Infact, I heard of a guy in the States who loved going back to prison so much that his non-violent way to get back always was to drop threat notes for the cashier then walk out and wait at the curb for the police to arrive and throw him in jail.


Celebrities / Re: Denrele Distance Self From Bobrisky, James Brown, Says He Is Not A Crossdresser by africandollar: 7:51am On Aug 11
So you are

grin grin grin
Celebrities / Re: Denrele Distance Self From Bobrisky, James Brown, Says He Is Not A Crossdresser by africandollar: 7:50am On Aug 11
That 2nd pix ehn...the person that invented make up needs to be arrested and jailed for all these deceit! angry


Politics / Re: FG Borrows N2.45 Trillion From CBN Amid Fiscal Risks by africandollar: 6:56am On Aug 11
Please say this the correct way...CBN has been printing money for the FG!!! angry Thus the reason for the continual loss in value of the Naira!
Science/Technology / Re: This Fish is Able To Kill Snakes & Other Animals While Walking On Land (Video) by africandollar: 10:34pm On Aug 10
Hmmm...just like the Caucasians were an invasive species that almost destroyed Africa! grin
Celebrities / Re: A Man Doesn't Care If You Love Him Or Not, He Just Wants To Make Money - Rudeboy by africandollar: 10:04pm On Aug 05
You can say that again!

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