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Business / Re: Dangote Refinery Rules Out 2020, As Refinery Gets New Date by Akanbiedu(m): 1:41am On Nov 01
Dangote's prices should be lower for two major reasons.

(i) The refinery is closer to source of raw material. Dangote by refining in Nigeria has eliminated the cost of shipping and other logistics to and fro somewhere in Europe or Asia.

(ii) Labour cost in Nigeria should be comparatively lower than those places.

So it is commonsense that prices should be lower.
Politics / Re: What Has Privatization Brought Nigeria Since 2000? by Akanbiedu(m): 1:24am On Nov 01

Please, who was nitel sold to?

Thanks in advance for your reply

I don't care. It doesn't matter to me. I am more than satisfied that I have access to Telecom service as against NITEL time, that the sector has created many more jobs and lifted many out of poverty than NITEL could ever.

If all these does not matter to you, and you are more interested in who bought what, Go and find out.
Politics / Re: The Shame Of South West On Sowore's Bail. by Akanbiedu(m): 3:19am On Oct 23
Igbo's want to try controlling Yoruba's, lmao. Igbo's that said they are so smart are the most hated ethnic group in Nigeria.

Yoruba control presidency and speaker, by 2023 they will win president election while yigbos will be wanting biafra on social media

Some morons already fell for their antics.

They want their traditional position, being vice Presidents to Fulani back. So they are always on Yoruba case making it look like Fulani is fighting Yoruba. They keep telling Yoruba you are marginalized in a government you have VP and Speaker. LOL.

They want PMBs government to be brought down but they cannot do it themselves.

But they have failed. Even the South south will soon abandon them in their hate fest.
Politics / Re: If Sowore Was Igbo, He Would Have Been Out By Now’ – Reno Omokri by Akanbiedu(m): 2:01pm On Oct 22
I think the point is made already.

Sowore acted as an activist, so he should be helped by the activists. This is clear enough. But people who have a permanent "we vs them" mentality will never understand. So, there is no point going in circles with such.

Never Argue With a Fool, Onlookers May Not Be Able To Tell the Difference.

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Politics / Re: Igbo Presidency: Ayo Adebanjo Speaking For Himself – Junaid Mohammed by Akanbiedu(m): 12:05pm On Oct 15

You are obviously a traitor within. One of those children of migrant lineages in Yorubaland probably from Fulani blood

What has Akintoye done for the yorubas?
1. He is one of the leading professors from Yorubaland, known worldwide
2. He is an authority on Yoruba history and has done a lot to bring to light the inherent greatness of the Yoruba as evident from our history
3. He is a man of immense love and dedication to the Yoruba nation and people
4. He is a disciple of Awolowo and a staunch Awoist in terms of political ideology
5. He is dedicated to restructuring or independence - what the Yoruba need and have needed for decades now

In what way has Akintoye acted against Tinubu? Why would Akintoye our leader need to struggle with Tinubu when he's not Bode Thomas?

Imagine the rubbish you wrote here.

Can you imagine this rubbish? Professor, Yoruba history, immense love, Awoist, and restructuring bla bla the question is what is his antecedence in leading a people, can you tell us? Has he ever won any election Like Awolowo did? So people should follow an unknown entity because of immense love for Yoruba nation? Wetin person no go read from these emotional cretins.

Na Fulaniphobia go kill you people.

candidtalk Tinubu is now a Nigerian Leader, he doesn't need to be called Yoruba leader abeg, he has grown past that.

Let the people who want to continue using Awo's name to claim some legitimacy continue living in the past.
Politics / Re: Saraki, His Wife, Toyin, Osinbajo And Tinubu At Bola Shagaya's 60th Birthday by Akanbiedu(m): 11:09am On Oct 14

Keep on speaking English. You will get to the Nigeria you want, in your dreams. Watch gangs of new York. That is where we are today. The Tinubus of today will give way to the Lee kan yeus of tomorrow.

Head in the sky idealism will get you nowhere if you do not adapt to the reality you are living in.

Feel free to Stan on Kingsley modalu, or jimi agbaje. It is easy to make noise from outside

See schooling.


Politics / Re: Reason Why Nigerians Must Demand Igbo President Come 2023 by Akanbiedu(m): 1:52pm On Oct 04

YOU have just one vote which may also end up being invalid.

You Muslim haters, you think we don't know.

We are all waiting for your day of reckoning.

And other mumus like pachukwudi44, threatening upandan with voting Notherners, we say bring it on, nothing spoil.

We in the SW will throw in our hat in 2023, whether una vote Northerner or not. We thought you would have learnt your lesson with Gbajabiamila experience. The people (SW/North) you abuse all the time are far ahead of you.
Politics / Re: Reason Why Nigerians Must Demand Igbo President Come 2023 by Akanbiedu(m): 9:49am On Oct 04
Demand Igbo President ke?

I am Muslim from Southwest, I am not voting Igbo until the President does not have control over Army especially, and other Security apparatus.

That's not hatred, That's self preservation.

May be twenty years from now, I will review my position.
Politics / Re: Your Planned Visit To South Africa Is An Insult To Nigerians - FFK Tells Buhari by Akanbiedu(m): 10:27am On Oct 02

As bad as Buhari most likely.

Thing is, most Nigerians in opposition are opposing because they want to get back into power.

When APC was out of power...they were really idealistic. Once they get into power...time to enjoy. Same for PDP.

Here on Nairaland...most PDP supporters are now supporitng true federalisim, right to seccede, resource control, anti-opression, anti-bigotry, anti Boko Haram, against Fulani herdsmen.

When their party was in power a few years ago...many of them either pretended that such problems did not exist, or lied that they were being solved (see how PDP guys yarn about GEJ's confrence report...which by the way did not discuss the right to seccede), or said the opposition is the soruce of the problems (PDP supporters routinely blamed Buhari for causing Boko Haram).

APC guys...many of them when PDP was in power were advocates of true federalsim, freedom of speech, economic development, and raged agqainst poor security. Now that they are in power...all those issues have been forgotten. Time to eat.

That's why I don't take Biafra, resource control, Sharia agitation, complaints about security , etc seriously...because most of those making the complaints are just doing so to make the other side look bad....so that they can get into power and keep on enjoying.

As seen here on Nairaland recently...when many Biafra apologists suddenly became Atiku supporters . Or when people like Omenka and company obsfucate the real problems that APC has failed to solve. To them, it's a game .....to make the other side look bad so as to gain brownie points before the next election.

Its politics. Dirty poltics. Idealist neutrals like me need not apply.

Wrong, APC is still very much on course to restructure. Watch


Politics / Re: Your Planned Visit To South Africa Is An Insult To Nigerians - FFK Tells Buhari by Akanbiedu(m): 10:23am On Oct 02

FFK became so bold after he married Precious Chikwendu.

Who says courage isn't sexually transmitted?

Rather, he got infected with more foolishness.


Politics / Re: "Stop Harassing People With Laptops" - Isa Ali-Pantami To Police by Akanbiedu(m): 9:26am On Oct 02
The best thing I have read from a minister this year.

We're in a digital world, and there's no way to work efficiently in this day and age without a digital gadget.

Our law enforcement agencies should grow up. Get a tech to monitor what goes out there. They should have surveillance techniques to monitor communications — emails, phone calls, etc — investigate suspicious dealings. Harassing everyone with a digital gadget is evil that must never be condoned.
Politics / Re: "Stop Harassing People With Laptops" - Isa Ali-Pantami To Police by Akanbiedu(m): 9:24am On Oct 02
Investigate them before taking further action is the way to go . His words does not make sense given the high rate of cybercrime in the country. how the hell does he wants police to catch them? let him give suggestion instead of currying favor with the fraudsters.

It's the police and other security agencies that need to upgrade their skill to combat modern crime. The security agencies need to invest in training their men in IT related crime instead of harassing Nigerians.

As the world is moving towards online, crimes are going to move in the same direction. The police cannot hold everybody down in their archaic methods.
Politics / Re: Yoruba Race Under Siege...time To Go Our Separate Ways Bayo Oluwasanmi by Akanbiedu(m): 1:08pm On Sep 30
Abeg who is under siege for holding Elzakzaky and Dasuki in jail?

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Politics / Re: Bagudu: Ruga Is Not Fulani, But An Idea Of British Colonialists by Akanbiedu(m): 4:37am On Sep 25
I read this interview through.

I am surprised at the comments that followed, I am sure these guys don't read at all. Anyway, we have to carry on.

Nation building is a serious task.
Politics / Re: South Africans Are Violent People - 'I'm ashamed to be a South African' by Akanbiedu(m): 7:37pm On Sep 02
Since our black brothers started running that country, things have been going on the downward spiral.

This is not a manifestation of violent people rather of gradually failing state.

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Politics / Re: Tomakint Saw The Future About Buhari Through His Signature! by Akanbiedu(m): 7:33pm On Jul 17

What is closer than bombs flying left and right?

GEJ Era had most of her insecurity concentrated in the NE but currently the entire country is burning from an insecurity inferno. NE, NW, SE, SW and NC including Abuja are all experiencing the next level negative change you selfishly brought upon the hapless masses .. Even the current disaster home base is ravaged by incidences of brutal death and despair.

Under Mr. General, the famed "destroyer of the Maitasine sect" and the one who promised to lead a fight from the front, Nigeria has recorded approximately 20,000 deaths... A sad record that pails against the 13,000 recorded when GEJ held away with "bombs flying left and right and even in Abuja"...


Even before GEJ left.. The tide of the insurgents were brutally cut short until the current disaster took over

Who asked you all this?


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Politics / Re: Tomakint Saw The Future About Buhari Through His Signature! by Akanbiedu(m): 10:29am On Jul 17

How many countries do u have to your name?

Do quick, leave awa country for us.

Run run run, Fulani herdmen are behind you.
Politics / Re: Tomakint Saw The Future About Buhari Through His Signature! by Akanbiedu(m): 10:27am On Jul 17

Don't worry.. The gross insecurity situation has gotten closer than you can ever imagine.

Continue supporting a fatal disaster of your own selfish and self serving making.

Is that all?

Yes it is closer that bombing flying left and right even in Abuja. Kindly remind me who you were supporting then.

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Politics / Re: Tomakint Saw The Future About Buhari Through His Signature! by Akanbiedu(m): 5:09am On Jul 17
You people go cry tire.

Buhari no dey look Uche face.


Politics / Re: Ogun Assembly Reverses Ex Govt Activities. by Akanbiedu(m): 5:32pm On May 31
Lets see what APC will say in this, afterall they are condemning Makinde of Oyo State

Don't be a simpleton.

There is nothing wrong with APC supporting this move and crying foul in Oyo. This is politics.
Politics / Re: Ogun Assembly Reverses Ex Govt Activities. by Akanbiedu(m): 5:30pm On May 31

Bro, I pity you.
Better don't use politics to spoil your brand.

Don't compare yourself to anonymous posters here. You are representing a brand, no allow small children wey no reach you begin drag you.

Build your brand and stay apolitical. Don't use your brand to argue politics.

Nice advice.
Religion / Re: Why We Can’t Sanction Pastors Who Accuse Kids Of Being Witches – Former CAN Boss by Akanbiedu(m): 9:43am On May 28
Since witchcraft exists in the bible according to archbishop cletus, and let's face it Christians in Africa live in constant fear of witches, "men of God" justify what they're doing concerning witchcraft as biblical. Without claiming to have the "power" to cast out demons, witches and evil spirits you are doomed as a "man of God" in this part of the world. There's a popular demand for witches and "men of god" are in business precisely for that reason. Take away fear from them the minds of people and the church collapses.

Whao. Right on the money.
Politics / Re: Bariga Ferry Terminal And Access Road Will Be Commissioned Tomorrow (Pictures) by Akanbiedu(m): 6:12pm On May 13
More pictures

This is Bariga?

I stayed around here in my School days. I see change.
Politics / Re: Biography Of Hannatu Mohammed ICPC Board Member, Born 1992, Did NYSC In 2016 by Akanbiedu(m): 10:51pm On May 11
I had assumed this appointment will be celebrated by the not-too-young-to-run supporters as an achievement.

Now, it is shameful that many southerners have now turned themselves to cry-cry babies, crying over everything.
Business / Re: Dangote Cement Plant In Edo And Bua Cement Plant In Edo (Photos) by Akanbiedu(m): 12:36pm On May 08

May Edo never have the likes of Lucky Igbinedion in Osadebey House again. His regime took the state back by over 30 years. Though I still see his monumental failure as the fault of Edo electorate who voted for him in 1999 despite he campaigned with nothing meaningful as compared with Lucky Imasuen who offered a sound and compelling manifesto.

Don't be sure, results could have been written in his favour.
Business / Re: Photos From The Ongoing Protest In Computer Village, Lagos by Akanbiedu(m): 3:18pm On May 07
My dear, there are big markets in the east that sell computers, phones and electronic devices. There are no traditional market heads. Kindly visit facebook and see how Sensible yorubas are condemning this

As I said earlier, it doesn't matter. East is East, West is West. They are not the same. Its left for people to do business where they are ok with.
Celebrities / Re: Ebuka Obi-Uchendu: Umar Ganduje's Reelection As Governor Amazes Me by Akanbiedu(m): 3:12pm On May 07

They only show interest in states where people are actually trying to do something about their situation. But they have no interest in their backward states where no semblance of governance is happening turning many of them to economic refugees.


Business / Re: Photos From The Ongoing Protest In Computer Village, Lagos by Akanbiedu(m): 4:43pm On Apr 30
Not computer village. you can champion your Market header campaign at Oshodi or mushin. cheesy

I see. Computer village is in the East.
Business / Re: Photos From The Ongoing Protest In Computer Village, Lagos by Akanbiedu(m): 4:26pm On Apr 30
There is nothing like traditional heads of markets in the east. If you know anyone. say it out

It doesn't matter whether there is or not in the East. Market head is part and parcel of West.

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Politics / Re: Probing The SW Presidential Result by Akanbiedu(m): 9:03am On Apr 30

I would have been happier if the election was rigged in favour of PMB by ratio 76% to 24% sef.
Politics / Re: It Seems Out Of Every 20 Yorubas, Only One Will Vote Atiku by Akanbiedu(m): 9:41am On Feb 19
I think you can all enjoy your delusion while it lasts but here are my views on this...we yorubas are a very complex lot, very hard to please and we seldom follow leaders or have any. Since the days of Awolowo we never get enticed by the promise of the centre. Apart from Lagos, all other states have been at some point won by opposition. We are hard to please and Osun was a case study. Even Omisore may loose ife now simply because he traded our trust and votes for selfish gains. He may have lost Ife forever.

I can bet you PDP will surpise many here in the South West. In all fairness to Buhari he was good to us in appointments but the Yorubas he picked failed us. The only legacy of this govt so far is rail and that's kudos to Amaechi (non yoruba). The rail however hasn't changed the views of road users. In 4 years of APC Lagos Ibadan is still about 50% completed. Fashola could have done better. Ports remain congested. Akerodolu has been poor and Oyetola even seems less interested in being governor.

This election ought to be PDPs finally burial but the failure of APC gave PDP a new lifeline. Listen more to TVC hangout and hear Otitoloju speak. All sentiments apart Atiku seems more preferred. APC spent months saying Atiku cant enter America.. the rest is history ...

You are right about Yoruba being difficult to please though.

But to say Fashola didn't do well on that road is displaying your ignorance. Where were you when Saraki was boasting about cutting the budget of that road, year in year out? Abi Fashola is supposed to pull money out of the sky and build the road.

If BUhari loses this election, Its Yorubas loss. Well Yorubas have enough lousy mouths that will continue crying. This time around, nobody will listen.

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Politics / Re: It Seems Out Of Every 20 Yorubas, Only One Will Vote Atiku by Akanbiedu(m): 9:32am On Feb 19

The ones on ground are no different from the ones on NL

Sharp guy. My friend Oshigun, has allowed himself to be deceived by closet haters.

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