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Politics / Re: El-Rufai Asks JAMB To Stop Giving Preferential Scores To Northern Students by Akanbiedu(m): 3:59am On Sep 07
This will not work. They have to start from Basic schools.
Politics / Re: Dethroned Ayiri Stormed River To Pay Homage To The gods: Video by Akanbiedu(m): 12:33pm On Sep 05
Ayiri that can barely communicate in good English

What has english got to do with this matter? Is speaking english a pre-requisite to being a warri chief?
Politics / Re: Dethroned Ayiri Stormed River To Pay Homage To The gods: Video by Akanbiedu(m): 12:32pm On Sep 05

Are you Itsekiri?

Do you know the Prince himself is married to a Benin Woman? That’s even by the way!

Now, the claim of this 1970s edict disqualifying a Prince because of his maternal connection is totally malicious and hold no ground in all sphere! It’s a totally irrelevant edict that was borne out of stupidity!

If you were a Prince and this claim was made when you’re fully qualified for the Stool. What would be your reaction?

And back to Ayiri, a rogue and illiterate who was made an Ologbosere out of the need to reward him for his support of the late Olu you think suddenly can lord over the process of choosing a king?!

Bros, Ogiame Atuwase III is BIOLOGICALLY qualified for the office he holds.

Hold you peace and pray for our King!


I am interested in learning something here. Could you respond to this assertion by the person you quoted.

"Your mother have to be ishekiri or Benin to be king the king's mother is Yoruba" Is this correct? Is the new Olu's mother Yoruba?

Politics / Re: Ooni Caucus Rallies Yoruba Leaders Over Sunday Igboho's Arrest by Akanbiedu(m): 10:42am On Jul 23
Why is Buckeyemedia1 crying all over this thread?
Dem swear for you?

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Politics / Re: NFIU Dismisses Officials Pushing For Atiku, Tinubu’s Probes by Akanbiedu(m): 3:32am On Jul 13
I can't even imagine this!
Officials writing external bodies without proper approval from Head of organization. I hope they were well paid by their sponsors.
Politics / Re: 4th Mainland Bridge To Gulp $2.5bn Now - Lagos Govt by Akanbiedu(m): 5:15pm On Jul 12
Lagos should include a law prohibiting illegal gathering on the bridge.
Protesters on such bridge should be treated as saboteurs dealt with appropriately
Politics / Re: PDP May Counter Southern Govs On Zoning, Throw Presidential Ticket Open by Akanbiedu(m): 4:37pm On Jul 10
Hatred has taken better part of you. Compare igbo stake in Nigeria under Obasanjo a Yoruba man and their stake under fulani man? I am not surprised though because I have heard a story of people going to herbalist not for their greatness but that no member of their family should be greater than them.

This comment, very funny.
Politics / Re: Tinubu's Camp Unhappy Over Caretaker Tenure Extension, Says We Are Strategising by Akanbiedu(m): 9:04am On Jul 08
People also forget that if the younger generation of Messrs Buni succeed, the political career of many of the northern old guard will come to screeching end.

Governors, like the guy in Kano, & other conservative political heavyweights will do everything in their power to protect their personal interest.

That means stopping Mr Rufai's clique from gaining control of the government post 2023.

Mr Ganduje will be well aware that he could end up in jail if those people come into power. So, I see him doing whatever it takes to frustrate them. I see him parking his political bus in Mr Tinubu's or someone else's garage.

Jail or not. If you were an APC stalwart, between Tinubu and those people, who would you trust post-PMB days?
Politics / Re: Ibom Air: Why Can't Lagos State Have An Airline Like Akwa Ibom State? by Akanbiedu(m): 12:13pm On Jul 04
Many airlines ply Lagos already. Not the case for Uyo.


Politics / Re: Yoruba APC Members: What's Your Plan-b When A Fulani Wins The 2023 Ticket? by Akanbiedu(m): 12:03pm On Jul 04

You’re a bigger fool than the Fulani cow you quoted if you think I’m IPOB. At your old age, you can’t use your brain to think logically apart from what your stomach would eat.

I have a reason for ignoring the Fulani cow you quoted because this is a Yoruba affair. But trust an old fool like you to keep being a slave to Fulanis. The Fulani cow can get brave all he wants on the internet but he won’t try it offline with me unless he wants his head disconnected from his body.

P.S: only people with brains who can post coherent logical replies are invited to the thread.

Why do you think people support only things that bring food to them? The problem with some of you and your undoing is your arrogance. I won't say more than that. Goodluck with conducting Yoruba affair on public forum.

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Politics / Re: Yoruba APC Members: What's Your Plan-b When A Fulani Wins The 2023 Ticket? by Akanbiedu(m): 10:48am On Jul 04
Why are IPOBs crying more than the concerned? Can't you mind your business and strategize how to win a presidential election too?

Their uprising has been crushed. Their next agenda will be to please the north by any means necessary including sabotaging any Yoruba that tries to contest election.

They are so predictable.

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Politics / Re: Those Instigating IGBOS And Yorubas On Nairaland by Akanbiedu(m): 7:06am On Jul 04

There's no gainsaying that Egbere Jonathan's govt was anti-yoruba however this present govt. which comprises of yorubas as No. 2 and No. 4 position is busy killing us in our homes and farms. Meanwhile, none of our so-called leaders have suddenly gone deaf, dumb and blind.

Look at it this way.

The killings are not only in the SW, in fact SW is the least affected going by statistics - not emotions. The person PMB we are all accusing of deliberately allowing the killings has much more killings at his backyard - NW.

We can accuse the government of incompetence but not ethnic.
Politics / Re: I Don't Get Why Exactly Yoruba Are Protesting by Akanbiedu(m): 3:57pm On Jul 03
what are yoruba people actually protesting for.? Let's be factual without emotions
For igbos they protest for marginalisation but same can't be said of the yorubas because they're not marginalised, even they mocked igbos after buhari won and said they put their eggs all in one basket to show they're part of the govt, so why exactly are they protesting and for what?

I am Yoruba, I don't understand too. May be somebody will come and tell us later. It is not marginalization because PMB has compensated us the most since the British left.

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Politics / Re: 2023 : Osinbajo A Leader On The Wings Of Grace by Akanbiedu(m): 10:14pm On Jun 28
Damnnn niggar
I perused through the article while blazing my weed

I must say the article is devoid of intellect

Just hyping and praising the mere house boy in aso rock

This guy cracks me up despite his mumu support for the useless PDP. Guy, don't worry. We are legalizing weed.

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Politics / Re: Southerners Provoking North To Spark Crisis — Arewa Consultative Forum by Akanbiedu(m): 12:31pm On Jun 25
Please it's only southeast that provoking you.

What is this rubbish?
Politics / Re: Only South West Has Properly Managed Its Diversity, Says Jonathan by Akanbiedu(m): 10:52am On Jun 24

He is right though. In the Nigerian context, being tolerant, accommodating and equitably open to hosting divergent group of people can be a big disadvantage and nuisance as has being the case for Yorubas and the SW.

Yes, if you are not an independent country with some form of control of things like the army, immigration, police etc. Your best bet is to be conservative. Especially when you have compatriots that are fiercely conservative like the Igbos and Fulani. How our people cannot see the danger in tolerance here beats me. We can easily be overrun by Federal power in the hands of an ethnic champion from one of the conservative groups. Although diversity has its own advantages like economic progress, but those advantages can be eroded in a twinkle of an eye.

I believe its the free education program of Awolowo that eroded local intelligence from our people. It was actually ok at that time because we had a semi-autonomous region.


Politics / Re: Only South West Has Properly Managed Its Diversity, Says Jonathan by Akanbiedu(m): 8:57am On Jun 24
If they praise you for your ethnic diversity know that one day, they are coming to take what is yours.

Diversity is a killer and a stealer. What diversity does is to take the opportunity meant for natives and give it to non indigenes, then you and non natives start fighting for resources and opportunities in your own land leading to ethnic tensions.

Those that praise the south west for diversity will never allow it in their land, go to their universities and ministries, only natives works there.

They preach diversity when they want to take what is meant for you and then preach you are not from here when you go to their own land to seek opportunity.

Wow wow wow
Politics / Re: Wike Begins Construction Of Ada George Flyover: Pictures & Video by Akanbiedu(m): 9:46am On Jun 23

Yeah I guess your likes are contented with the mediocre governor that was shoved down the State's throat...keep enjoying the clueless one grin

The governor was elected by the majority of Ogun voters. You can move to a better run state like Rivers if you don't like Ogun anymore.
Politics / Re: Wike Begins Construction Of Ada George Flyover: Pictures & Video by Akanbiedu(m): 4:36am On Jun 23

It is very rare to have a Nigerian politician who possesses all qualities expected of one in a sane society.

I would rather have a project guru like Wike, than have one with manners but does close to nothing. After all, nah mad man fit handle mad man...People wey normal for naija no plenty. grin

They should please give me Wike and take Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State. grin That one, it took him 2 years to enter gear 1, even when he did, he reduced the sizes of all the roads he's been constructing...like what da hell In this age when the State's population is fast increasing

That's what Yorubas call " gba ma pami"...."just manage this and let me live in peace" grin

God forbid bad thing. Instead of Wike in my state, na you go move to Rivers.
Politics / Re: I Am Highly Impressed - Buhari Says As He Unveils 7 Projects In Borno (Photos) by Akanbiedu(m): 4:43pm On Jun 18
PMB and our next VP
Politics / Re: I Am Highly Impressed - Buhari Says As He Unveils 7 Projects In Borno (Photos) by Akanbiedu(m): 4:42pm On Jun 18

I do not have a career. My job is chatting on nairaland and keeping the place busy.

Politics / Re: Governor Dapo Abiodun Commissions Oke-Lantoro-Elite-Idi-Aba Road by Akanbiedu(m): 11:03am On Jun 17
Long overdue

Nice one

Development of Ogun state is very paramount.. As governor Abiodun is initiating and completing old projects, so he has been busy inviting investors to the state..

The business part of Abiodun is working

Very correct.

God bless our governor.
Politics / Re: Twitter Writes FG Over Suspension, Seeks Dialogue by Akanbiedu(m): 9:56pm On Jun 15

Twitter gives a running, swimming's aerodynamics phucks about numbers. If you think twitter don't care about loosing their largest African market then you my friend has no business Gene. You don't know about how the business mind works. It's all about numbers. That number drop I pint, investors will ask questions.

You just don't value yourself or take yourself Seriouse that's why they attempt to steam role you. You have more than 40million subscribers and you joking with it. You a clown my friend. a red nosed, green orange red hair, multi colored dress wearing clown.

You have never taken your country Seriouse and you don't have strong men to represent you.

White man is big on core human values. One if which is patriotism. Even if your country is shiit. You don't go about shouting it from the roof like you asssholes always do. That's how you will go abroad and call your country shiit in front of foreigners.

As advance as they are you saw a cops kneel in front to of a black man till he died that's their version of tribalism( herdsmen kiling based on perceived supremacy) . And with all their tech and iron Man movies they still record the most deaths in the covid series. What did you say about those? Nothing. You a slave so master will always be right.

They will still scream to your face how great their nation is and you will still believe. Because again you a slave in between thoughts.

Politics / Re: Asiwaju Bola Tinubu Returns To Nigeria (photos) by Akanbiedu(m): 9:07pm On Jun 15
Action po bi ogogo
Politics / Re: There Is Nothing Buhari Can Do To Please South Easterners by Akanbiedu(m): 12:48pm On Jun 14
just went through this thread https://www.nairaland.com/6601993/2nd-niger-bridge-opens-traffic and found out that the categories of igbos on this forum is full of hate.
Honestly I think those self acclaimed igbos on this forum don't even reside in the South East.
I recently passed by Onitsha and came across the Second Niger bridge and was so impressed by the speed of work that has been carried out, the bridge is almost near completion and even though I'm not a fan of Buhari but I must commend him on this one and this guy below has said it all

Now what baffles me the most is the way these guys were still ranting on that thread and some even said it's a project on paper which shows how ignorant and deluded these folks are and this is the same set of people that will still complain of marginalization and being the most hated tribe.
With this I can see that there is nothing Buhari/FG can do to please these guys. No need forcing them to be together just give them their 5 states and let them secede and go their way so the country can have peace.
The support they had for the UGM shows you how most of them are deluded, ignorant and bitter.

Appointments is what the Igbo people want, not projects. Afterall, they can ship their a-sses to Lagos and Kano if their land becomes unliveable

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Politics / Re: Cow Route And Southern Hypocrisy by Akanbiedu(m): 12:45pm On Jun 14
OP, so your own freedom of movement includes cows?
Politics / Re: NGF 30-Man Team Visits Lagos To Understudy State’s IGR Template by Akanbiedu(m): 6:42am On Jun 09
They should just vote Tinubu. They won't have to study at all.

Daz all

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Politics / Re: Fulanisation Of The North By The South by Akanbiedu(m): 8:19am On Jun 07

Tafawa was part Fulani.

The three Fulani presidents were elected, confirming my point of Fulani domination of the Northern Nigeria political landscape. Can you name me one ethnic Hausa president, Emir, Sultan or Governor?

I just do not agree it is their fault. Consider Buhari, he contested elections four times before he was able to win. Why do we want to blame such person for dominating?

Take for example. Why is it that Christian's in the North don't make serious effort like this to run for election? Abi they can not lobby and cajole Christian's in the south?

The problem is people don't want to do the work of networking, and sacrificing their immediate enjoyment for long term agenda. This is the kind of argument women make when they want a position to be given to them.

Other people that want to dominate will have to do the dirty work too. Have a course, stay the course even when losing.

People should put in the work and do politics. Not envy Fulani success.
Politics / Re: Fulanisation Of The North By The South by Akanbiedu(m): 6:31am On Jun 07
Farooq, this is a poor article, it paints all Southerners as monolithic in their outlook..........but Fulani dominates the political landscape in the North.

The Fulani domination is feudal in orientation and directly linked to the Sokoto and Adamawa empire of the 1800s, all Emirs are of Fulani descent, the Sokoto Sultanate has always been ruled by a Fulani, majority of the Governors are Fulani and Nigeria has had 3 Fulani president and 1 Fulani prime minister no other ethnic group in the North can compete with Fulani political domination.

The most ardent supporters don't have to speak fulfulde to be Fulani Nationalist.

Tafawa Balewa was not Fulani. The 3 fulani presidents emerged through elections i.e Sagari, Yar'adua and Buhari. That is no fault of theirs.
Politics / Re: Video Of Fulanis Caught And Killed In Igangan Today During Counter Attack by Akanbiedu(m): 9:01pm On Jun 06
Emotional children. DId fulani attacks stop Atiku from contesting presidential election against Buhari. Will the attacks stop another Fulani from contesting next election?
Politics / Re: Video Of Fulanis Caught And Killed In Igangan Today During Counter Attack by Akanbiedu(m): 8:58pm On Jun 06
No we need to stop living in denial,
The type Tinubu and APC are shoving down our throats, the type you used to sell on this forum,
We need to wake up from this presidency cool aid and start thinking about preserving our race, there is no time, we are being played, it's so obvious it's annoying we fell for it twice, at least some of you did!

Is Tinubu your president? Is he the governor of the state? isn't it obvious the governor of that state is clueless?
in all this, you have no blame for that mumu governor, only calling out your enemies. If you go that route, you will regret it.

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Politics / Re: 32 Cities Confirmed For Anti-Buhari Mega Protest On June 12. by Akanbiedu(m): 4:19am On Jun 04
They have to wait till 2023 and vote their choice. This blackmail will not work.

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