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Crime / Re: Woman Stabs Husband To Death In Ibadan by ANAKONDA: 2:34pm On Aug 30, 2016
Who have an idea of the tribe that bears that name?

Could be C. Rivers, A. Ibom, Benue, Plateau or Taraba but just hazarding a guess.
Crime / Re: Frustrated Igbo Man Jumps Into Lagos Rivers To Commit Suicide Because Of Buhari by ANAKONDA: 11:43am On Aug 30, 2016
Oba Akiolu really saw tomorrow.
Just that he didn't tell us we will be jumping in voluntarily.

I laughed till my face became dizzy.
You fit kill person with sarcasm.
Crime / Re: Frustrated Igbo Man Jumps Into Lagos Rivers To Commit Suicide Because Of Buhari by ANAKONDA: 11:40am On Aug 30, 2016
With that his attire and the quality, I doubt he's an Igbo man!

Odiaka, a fellow ibo, heard him well and also identified him as one. Pocket your shame.
Crime / Re: Frustrated Igbo Man Jumps Into Lagos Rivers To Commit Suicide Because Of Buhari by ANAKONDA: 11:39am On Aug 30, 2016

Lagoon things!

Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akiolu should be held responsible for this.

Seems this is the manifestation of his pre-election lagoon spell!

No. Not a spell but prophecy coming to pass.

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Politics / Re: Itsekiri Urge FG To Deal With Militants And Their Sponsors by ANAKONDA: 11:29am On Aug 30, 2016
Everyone is sick and tired of their silly games. They are just embarrassing honest, peace loving and hardworking Ijaws living among the rest of Nigerians. These Ijaw boys allegedly led by GEJ, messed up Big time and in fact, they made most Nigerians regret the day GEJ came to power on the trust of Nigerians in the North and South.

Are you Ijaw ? If yes, then i doff my hat for you.
Indeed, most Nigerians regretted voting Gej in 2000.
Yorubas voted massively for him out of sympathy, fairness and equity being Ijaw but we got our noses rubbished for it.
The activities of the Ijaw criminals in Arepo and its environs to the Yoruba was a rude shock to us because we were practically living as one family and freely inter-marrying.
The nuance now is once bitten twice shy.
Politics / Re: Itsekiris Are Planning To Attack Ijaw Communities - Warri Group by ANAKONDA: 11:11am On Aug 30, 2016
vagabond again. this guys are dividing Nigeria more than they are trying to achieved. blackmailing and creating factions is not doing any good. it only shows government running away from it responsibility.

Looks like one may have to go back to school to learn mind-reading to understand your message.
Politics / Re: Lagos Assembly Seeks Suspension Of Oil Exploration by ANAKONDA: 10:55am On Aug 30, 2016
Wicked people, so they know that what is happening in the niger delta is unfair yet they support the oppression! Karma is viscious so they must get the same treatment they wished for others. SELFISH & WICKED PEOPLE!!!!

Whoever tampered with your brain to render you so unrealistic ?
You are in a sorry state.

This issue should simply have made you realise that you lack caring and thoughtful leaders in your region. With all the funds acrued to Gej, Alams, Ibori, Uduaghan, Odili, Silva, etc plus heads of NDDC from your area, what did they do to improve the region and their people ?


Politics / Re: Igbo Presidency After Buhari by ANAKONDA: 9:43am On Aug 30, 2016
Yeeboes are born with, and can never do without, hatred. Period. No sane person will trust them with the presidency.
Azikiwe, without executive powers, attempted to usurp a large part Lagos Island for his people but failed. With executive powers, a yeeboe man shall will all choicy parts of Nigeria to yeeboes.
That was why they specifically begged PMB for FCT portfolio.
Would rather trust a serpent with power than a yeeboe.
Biafra is the best option.

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Politics / Re: Igbo Presidency After Buhari by ANAKONDA: 9:35am On Aug 30, 2016
Why can't diabolical people seek a separate country devoid of igbos, still stunned my imagination... what do they see in igbos?

I wonder. It beats my imagination.
Politics / Re: 41 Soldiers Out Of 42 Died On Their Way To Niger Delta by ANAKONDA: 9:25am On Aug 30, 2016

Didn't Anarchy and chaos delight the zombies when Ihejirika and GEJ were making life terrible for Shekau the good friend of Buhari and APC just last year?

Making life terrible by sharing funds meant for the procurement of sophisticated weapons, issuing outdated weapons to our soldiers to battle BH while the latter kept annexing territory upon territory ? It was at Ihejirika's tenure that the situation got so out of hand that other west African countries had to join the fight.
Do you think everybody else suffers from memory loss and brain haemorrage like you ?
It is equally on record that the US specifically called for Ihejirika's probe.
Ihejirika is an offshoot of those who prosecuted the civil war for the SE so his failure was no surprise..m
Politics / Re: Grazing Bill: Fani-Kayode Congratulates Fayose For Signing Bill Into Law by ANAKONDA: 6:36pm On Aug 29, 2016
And some ediots would compare this great man to Awolowo who died a coward. cool

And yet it took his masterful handling of the finance ministry and the famous "hunger is a weapon of war" to make your baby "commander-in-chief" to abandon millions of your forefathers for slaughter and flee duisgising as a lady.
An't you ashamed to say a "coward" disgraced your officers trained at Sandhurst ?
Can you compare the performance record of any of your leaders starting from Zik with this ciward's ?
Hatred kills slowly.

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Politics / Re: Grazing Bill: Fani-Kayode Congratulates Fayose For Signing Bill Into Law by ANAKONDA: 6:22pm On Aug 29, 2016
Hypocrisy, if it were to be Buhari, they will say it's anti democratic.

Is sharia law anti-democrcy or not ?

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Politics / Re: Grazing Bill: Fani-Kayode Congratulates Fayose For Signing Bill Into Law by ANAKONDA: 6:19pm On Aug 29, 2016
Fani fanning the ethnicity & religious intolerant

Go back to school.

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Politics / Re: Ondo 2016: ‘Bola Tinubu Prefers Me But I Wasn’t Imposed’ – Segun Abraham by ANAKONDA: 2:26pm On Aug 29, 2016
tinubu is a coward

Yet he made a mincemeat of applicant jews and their plans and hero.

A coward that rubbished the power of incombency is indeed a "coward" with a difference.
Politics / Re: Jimoh Ibrahim Emerges Ondo PDP Candidate For Sheriff's Faction by ANAKONDA: 2:10pm On Aug 29, 2016

He said “I have managed over 8,000 workers, 16 companies and have two national honours. And when you talk of integrity, I have first class integrity. shocked shocked shocked

All these qualifications are insufficient to govern Ondo democratically shocked

Useless qualifications angry

True word.
Events / Re: See What This Bride Wore On Her Wedding Day (pics) by ANAKONDA: 1:57pm On Aug 29, 2016

I dislike these set of Muslims. I hate make ppl too carry religion for head like gala. We cant be like the prophets and God knows that. Most of These over religious ppl that claims they are following God's way are wicked, heartless nd dangerous.

They shouldn't have used wedding gown sef.

These are the ISIS and BH types. Confused bunch of people. They condemn all things western but still use them.


Nairaland / General / Re: Coincidence?: Similarities Between The Lives Of Abraham Lincoln And John Kennedy by ANAKONDA: 7:01pm On Aug 28, 2016
Yeah, am wowed alright even though i've read it a couple of times before.
Politics / Re: Asari Dokubo Not Dead – IYC by ANAKONDA: 10:20pm On Aug 27, 2016
Niger Delta avengers announced ceasefire states demands and ready for dialog, then next the army deploys Military men I to the creek.

this government is confused. back and front.

Who asked the criminals for ceasefire ?
They dared the military to come meet them in the creeks and they now have. Let them back their bluff now that it has been called by the military.


Politics / Re: We Are Ready When Nigeria Is Government Is Ready - Niger Delta Avengers by ANAKONDA: 10:12pm On Aug 27, 2016
The saviours and backbones of IPOB and SE are begging for dialogue.
Suddenly, posts gleefully linking SE/SS have disappeared from NL. NDA have turned out to be a huge let-down to the wimpy cowards from SE.
What a shame.
Politics / Re: How Dogara, Gbajabiamila, Others Received N10bn In Illegal Allowances - Jibrin by ANAKONDA: 10:05pm On Aug 27, 2016
All of them are criminals.. You will never see Yorubas on this thread because Gbajabiamila name has been mentioned.. Bunch of cunning and treacherous set of people angry


Yaba left and Aro escapee on the loose.
Politics / Re: UK To Receive Cargo Of Lagos Oil In September For The First Time by ANAKONDA: 8:18am On Aug 26, 2016
Thank God

Mentality of AWA OYEL should disappear in a few years because Lagos oil is purer than their oil , Hydrocarbon % or is it Octa rating , i am not sure , But i read it somewhere though

and if the ""is awa Oyel"" people want to break up ?? Good luck selling inferior oil in the global market


grin grin grin

Whether you are sure or not, who cares ? What matters is ours is of a finer grade and we are winning. Ogun will soon join coupled with being an industrial hub. Party politics notwithstanding, SW states will subsidize and carry one another along to build a powerful, modern union that no schism can divide.
We've a good heritage to be proud of.
Haters can go hug a transformer as we move on unconcerned.


Politics / Re: Niger Delta Monarchs Meet FG, State Conditions For Peace (photo) by ANAKONDA: 2:40am On Aug 26, 2016
What about restructuring and our dilector ?
Literature / Re: Top 10 Novels To Read Before You Die by ANAKONDA: 10:33pm On Aug 25, 2016
Politics / Re: IPOB Splits Again: RE-IPOB Emerges, Sacks Nnamdi Kanu by ANAKONDA: 10:12pm On Aug 25, 2016
All this propaganda that IPOB is splitting and every Northerner & South-Westerner is happy,
shows that Nigeria need the IPOB people.

better beg them oh!

Because even the dullard said that everybody is entitled to self determination



Product of upturned brain.
Politics / Re: IPOB Splits Again: RE-IPOB Emerges, Sacks Nnamdi Kanu by ANAKONDA: 10:09pm On Aug 25, 2016
Lols.. It is just one of those things that happen in a meeting of the clueless pot belly politicians in Nigeria.
One fool comes up and says" do you know that we can extend what we did in the case of Niger Delta Avengers to the IPOB?". Then their will be nodding of idiotic heads and comments like "that's a good one, that's a good one". Then another says "but what are we going to give as the reason for the breakaway?". And then Rochas will ask his empty headed blokes to say, "we do not agree with Nnamdi Kanu's ways". And another will say, the Ibibios seem to be heavily with them; so let us add an Ibibio name to the "announcer" so that there will be shouts of saboteur when the Ibos see it; and with that, we can sow discord among them and weaken them; and after this, there will be shouts of, "that's a good one!".
Fools, fools , fools everywhere. A country made of mediocrity, made in mediocrity; and formed with mediocrity. and senselessness.
Is Biafra IPOB? Is IPOB Nnamdi Kanu?, Is Biafra about Nnamdi Kanu? So how can anyone in his right senses think that Ibos will be swayed by this idiocy? . If anyone burns Biafran flag, has he also burned up our minds?. And come to think of it , why don't they burn it at Ariaria Market?
These reprobates will soon think of asking Christians to renounce Jesus Christ. Of course they are already trying it. See how many pastors of the churches they have been killing recently in their place. It is part of it. They want an Imam to say "Jesus is Lord". They want Vladimir Putin to say "America is the worlds greatest country to live in". They want an Israelite of Jewish and Hebrew foundation to say "Allah Hu Akbar". Share madness. But I have this advice to these little senseless rodents of the Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba lineage.
I have discovered that a lot of old people like leaving confusion and trouble behind when they are about to die. That is what Buhari is doing to you now. I expect the youths who will be around tomorrow to be wiser and ask him to settle matters now whilst the Biafra demands and those of others snow ball. I know that with this last sentence, some of these numskulls have said, "Yes he should kill all of them before it gets serious". That is how empty headed most of them are. But listen now you little fools. We can talk now and ask for referendum, get killed by the day, imprisoned for the sake of our right without provocation by night. But it wont be for too long in your own days. Some of us are asking for a confederation so that we can exercise our
human right and determine our destinies to a greater extent. It is clear that, with the reaction of this highly desperate Hausa-Fulani/Yoruba click to survive on oil, and a snow balling effect of dissatisfaction in the East, the situation will get to the point whereby no one will be asking for referendum or confederation anymore but ' Outright separation" and with no option of dialogue". The oneness then, of the dissatisfied will be such that will supersede the animal-like tendencies your Buhari and Army are displaying now - and I can tell you that the bubble will burst in your own days. At that time, this gloried Almajiri would have gone and the situation will be such that we can no longer talk but fight. The situation will be such that even after the separation, we will no longer love to see anyone from the other side - even if we meet outside Africa. That is the place he is dragging us to. One more thing is that, at that time, these little rodents who are shouting anti Biafra slogans would have lost the Oil completely. Right now,
you have a chance of having a share if there is confederation. On that day, when the demand will be, "no more referendum, no more confederation" and the world will come to act, albeit on both sides, you will have no chance of even a cup of this Oil which is the reason for your madness. Take it from me, some dying old men like to leave problems behind, and Buhari is one.

The rantings of a deeply frustrated soul.
No Orchid for Miss Blandish so no tissues for your tears.
Car Talk / Re: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Buying Your Car From Cotonou by ANAKONDA: 8:01pm On Aug 21, 2016

The VIN check is carried out by accessing a pre-stored data usually through Carfax or Autocheck.

The 17 digit car VIN is required to carryout this check. The VIN is located at the lower part/driver's side of the car's windshield and on the B-pillar on the drivers side.


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Car Talk / Re: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Buying Your Car From Cotonou by ANAKONDA: 10:01pm On Aug 20, 2016
The car market in Cotonou is arguably the largest automobile market in West Africa as it thrives on Nigeria’s mega population. Many Nigerians have resolved to buying their cars from this market due to several challenges inherent in getting a good bargain within our fatherland. I recommend that you consider the following advantages and disadvantages before buying your first or next car through the Cotonou route:


1) Level of honesty: This market welcomes you with a lovely aura and a serene environment which gives you the opportunity to explore
without being exploited by those guys who always claim “nah my brother get the car”. The Cotonou dealers would calmly communicate the prices of their vehicles to you and they will not hassle or compel you to buy from their lot. Obviously, they are not over desperate to sell and this significantly reduces the extent to which they cheat their clients. However, this does not mean you should be gullible and fall for what they want you to believe as they also roll back mileages and refurbish several accidented cars
, but they will hardly sell a registered car to you as tokunbo like our brothers at Berger would.

2) Cleaner cars: The car dealers in Cotonou can afford to buy more cars that are not
accidented because they do not bare any import duty cost as the import duty is paid to the Government by the buyer after the car is sold by the dealer. Hence, they have a reasonable
amount of cars that are not accidented and the accidented ones are usually repaired by professional panel beaters and painters.

3) Relatively low import duty for high-end cars: Several luxury and recent cars that are considered to be high-end are usually brought into Nigeria through the Seme land border due to reduced duty. A major reason for the reduced duty is the fact that Benin Republic’s
Government charges a fixed import duty (500,000 CFA = 320,000 Naira) on all cars irrespective of its year or trim. Furthermore, the import duty at Seme border is less than Apapa and Tincan port as charges that accrue to shipping companies are waived, basic import duties are usually lower and smuggling is easier. I remember counting over 100 Landcruiser and Prado jeeps that came into Nigeria the only night I slept at Ilaro town about 2 years ago.

4) Varieties: If you want to get tired of
seeing cars, Cotonou car market is the place to be. You will be overwhelmed by the unlimited number of cars spread over the vast expanse of land. Do not make the mistake of doing your search by foot as those that move around the market on motorbikes still complain of being exhausted.

5) Market localization: This eliminates the stress of driving across a whole state or an entire city in search of a car as most of the cars are located within close proximity to one another.


1) Difficulty to run a VIN check: This will
not be an issue if you have internet data on your phone. However, it is a major issue for so many people who make payment for cars without
having information about its flooded history or rolled back mileage. I inspected some cars in Cotonou 3 weeks ago and only realized that the one we liked the most had its mileage reduced from 258,000 miles to 125,000 miles. Thank God we went back to Seme border to get network to run the VIN checks.

2) Relatively high import duty for cheaper cars: There is a myth that all cars from Cotonou are cheaper than cars which are cleared via
Lagos ports. This is actually false especially in the case of cars that are relatively old. e.g a 2003 Toyota Camry is usually cheaper if imported through Apapa sea ports as against routing it through Cotonou because you would pay double duty to two separate Governments in the latter.

3) Nigeria Customs’ palava: Customs’ issue is the king of all the challenges you can face when bringing your car into Nigeria from Cotonou. The issues ranges from vehicle seizure to exploitation. I do not hope for my enemy to
experience this as those Custom guys are not smiling no matter who you are or who you know. They even seize vehicles that belong to their fellow custom officials as well as that of top military officials. The simplest way to save your
car from being seized is by using a reliable and trustworthy agent and ensuring your car is taken into the Nigerian Customs’ compound at the border for proper duty assessment and payment.

4) Restricted movement: Most Nigerians who successfully bring in cars with
compromised import duty from Cotonou usually count their gains at the time of purchase.
However, this excitement fades away quickly as they begin to watch over their shoulders especially when travelling interstate. Some even travel without their cars due to fear of custom officials.

5) Possible damage when vehicle is in transit: A typical example of penny wise is when you save some bucks by bringing your car in from
Cotonou but the cost of damage sustained to
your car is commensurate to or higher than the anticipated savings. Some car crossing agents who smuggle cars without the owner’s consent still had a shootout with custom officials a few weeks back.

My verdict is for you to only bring in your car from Cotonou if you have a trusted hand who will not smuggle/fly your car and ensure full import
duty is paid after proper assessment at the custom’s office.

What is your verdict on this pertinent issue?


You are swell. Thanks.
But please how is the VIN check carried out ?
What details are required ?
Romance / Re: I Buried My Late Husband 4 Years Ago, But I Still Have S3x With Him Every Night by ANAKONDA: 1:54pm On Aug 19, 2016
Crime / Re: Prisoners Killed In Abakiliki Jail Break That Was Foiled by ANAKONDA: 8:35am On Aug 19, 2016
Nigerian prison system where inmates are trained to become hardened criminals. No reformation.
I pity all inmates at this time. How can a government thats making life miserable for the free take care of the caged ?

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Crime / Re: Prisoners Killed In Abakiliki Jail Break That Was Foiled by ANAKONDA: 8:26am On Aug 19, 2016
grin ask me why am smilling

No, let me tell you. - Rehearsal for Kuje ?

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Politics / Re: Ogun Emerges Nigeria’s Mining Capital by ANAKONDA: 8:20am On Aug 19, 2016
Yoruba and propaganda. See how they comfortably excluded coal and iron ore all in a bid to make ogun number one.

You are truely a typical Igbo who reads with his flattened brain turned upside-down.
The statement excluded Ogun for coal but refered to Gombe neither is Ogun the source but the national office of statistics. So how is it a propaganda ?
You highlighted the salient points yourself yet misinterpreted it.
If you went to a university at all (which i doubt), it must've been the UNN where pidgin english is their campus lingua franca.
Apparently, Yoruba has become Igbos' nightmare and it has only just started.
See what excesive drugs does to your brain ?

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Writes British Government by ANAKONDA: 12:14am On Aug 19, 2016

These were the exact words of Court of Appeal Justice Ibrahim Shata Bdilya today while reading the judgement in the case between Gov. Ikpeazu vs Uche Ogah.

Read for yourself the verdict of the Appeal Court:

“The issue of tax clearance which puts the burden of proof on the Governor on the tax issues, was not an issue, with regards to a civil servant or public officers whose tax is deducted at source and of which the first respondent was one.
his tax income will be assessed by the tax office.

“I do not agree with the trial judge that it is the second respondent that is the governor that supplied the information to the tax office.

“That would have been true if he had a private business on the side, for which he would have been required by law to declare to the tax office.

“But as a civil servant his tax is deducted at source and imputed by the tax office.

“If the trial judge cannot understand how civil servants tax clearance works he ought to have sought clarifications,” he stressed.

Explaining further, he pointed out that he could not agree that the tax documents submitted were irregular and false.

“The challenge in the originating summons in relation to tax clearance is not any where near the narrow view envisaged by the Electoral Act.

“There is no allegation of non-payment of tax but that the documentation was false. I therefore resolve this ground in favour of the pdp.

“It is my view that the judge committed a great injustice to the rules of natural justice by not listening to all sides In the case.

“By not listening to the Chief tax officer in defence of the Governor he had shut out their opportunity to defend themselves.

“By failing to consider the application of one James Okeji, a director in the Abia State tax office and on the other hand saying that it was an afterthought, the High Court Judge missed a golden opportunity to give all sides opportunity, thereby abandoning his training as a judge,” the Appeal Court held.

It also held that that except a person had participated in an election that he would not be issued a certificate of return and not that could not be decided by a court.

“That is why in the case of Rotimi Amechi the Supreme Court ordered that he should be sworn in and not issued a certificate of return.

“There is a laid down proceedings as to how a certificate of return should be issued to a person,” the Justice held.

Compiled by Chief Barr. Onyebuchi Ememanka

See an iboman degrading a thread on another iboman with an unrelated issue. Quite typical of a land where dogs eat dogs.

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