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TV/Movies / Re: Where Is Chinny Ahaneku (main Character Alice My First Lady) by arogbowei: 1:29pm On Apr 29, 2013
I just saw the movie 'Alice My First Lady' once again, that movie is tight. I wish the lady 'Chinny Ahaneku' takes on more roles in Nollywood. It's a movie i'll see any day over and over again.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Roads Are Getting Better- ABC Transport by arogbowei: 9:15am On Mar 27, 2013
Only cynics and die hard ignorant critics will say that nothing is happening in Nigeria. I traveled by road from Lagos by 5:00 am to Umuahia and i arrived by 1:00pm same day. The roads are gradually looking good, however we want the government to do more.

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Travel / Re: Bayelsa Helicopter Crash: I suspect Foul Play – Governor Suswan by arogbowei: 9:57pm On Dec 21, 2012
The thing with us is that we often look or search answers in the wrong place. No one have asked why the roads that should connect the community of Oronto Douglas was not constructed since independence? That to me is the very first question we should seek answers to.

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Religion / Re: What's Your Favourite Verse(s)/chapter(s) In The Bible? by arogbowei: 10:04pm On Sep 16, 2012
Phillipians 4:6,7.  Do not be anxious over anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication along with thanksgiving let YOUR petitions be made known to God; and the peace of God that excels all thought will guard YOUR hearts and YOUR mental powers by means of Christ Jesus.
Music/Radio / Re: Nigezie Or Kennis Music Channel: Which Is Better. by arogbowei: 10:17pm On Aug 03, 2012
Both are good. I salute the courage of both men. Kwame is my man, i love his style of presentation and his dogged determination. I salute the boss of them all Kenny Ogungbe, he is the pioneer of them all. Through his efforts and his likes, the Nigerian entertainment industry is where it is today. Salute to both men. They made all the difference.
Education / Re: UNILAG Renamed 'Moshood Abiola University' by arogbowei: 11:04am On May 29, 2012
It is long overdue. MKO Abiola University Lagos, sounds right to me. Abiola gave his life for us to be where we are today.
Politics / Re: Democracy Day, Jonathan 1st year, How Is Power Supply In Your Area? by arogbowei: 9:58am On May 29, 2012
Power supply in my neighborhood has not improved, but we can see things being done differently with power supply, hence we're hopeful.
Politics / Re: Jonathan Embarrassing Nigerians, Says David- West by arogbowei: 12:33pm On Apr 24, 2012
I hate joining issues with professor Tam David West, but for sure everyone knows that we're below standard in everything, including the military. Is it not true that we were not prepared for terrorism, not even the basic intelligent gathering stage of the fight were we prepared for? When the West (USA) threatened to enlist Nigeria as a terror country, our dear brothers all shouted themselves hoarse that Nigeria is not a terrorist state, therefore instead of preparing our military's intelligence gathering ability we were busy playing the Ostrich. So the President was spot on when he admitted the fact, a fact that the entire military community in the world knows. And by the way, does Prof Tam David West have access to information as thus the President? Presumptuousness is one big gaffe though. our Prof is also guilty of that. So David West should take it easy, we're not fooled, by people like him, no matter how well read.

We still remember vividly, his acceptance of gift in his days as Petroleum minister and the inglorious aftermath. Professor, allow us to breath.
Politics / Re: Northern Nigeria Has Highest Child Illiteracy Rate In The World by arogbowei: 12:12pm On Apr 24, 2012
Does the constitution prevent President Goodluck Jonathan and the FG from intervening where there is acute need that threatens national security either north or south? This is why our media houses are not taken seriously, because when you expect them to make the right comment, they end up compromising. I least expect this from Punch newspaper where is the objectivity in this report? If we are to read this from the Nation newspaper or other pretenders, it is forgivable, certainly not Punch. Just like our lawyers and the entire judicial system, our journalists are part of the problems, they're good at spurning half truths and outright lies to further the interest of their paymasters. We are not fooled.
Politics / Re: The Ibori Sentencing: Live Updates by arogbowei: 4:33pm On Apr 17, 2012
Hurray, one down many more to go.
Politics / Re: NLNG Head-Quarters Moved To Port-Harcourt (From Victoria Island) by arogbowei: 10:19pm On Apr 12, 2012
It's good for business, good for the polity, good for the management. It is the practice all over the world for companies to site headquarters close to operations. As for Shell, Chevron Exxon Mobil, they just need to read the handwriting on the wall. Change is here. Lagos is overloaded with unnecessary burdens and old ideas of making money, it should be decongested, so as to allow fresh money spinning ideas to have space to thrive.

I see fresh investment opportunities for Lagos.

Kudos GEJ, kudos NLNG, and congratulations to Lagos for being free of this burden.
Politics / Re: Mass Deportation From South Africa: Another Sign Of Nigeria’s Fading Glory! by arogbowei: 10:05pm On Mar 07, 2012
It is good to be patriotic, we all must denounce this unprovoked humiliation by SA, a country that was liberated by Nigeria. Methinks that by now, Nigeria would have reviewed her foreign policy, and replace with the Nigerian being the centerpiece of our foreign policy. It is obvious that most African countries lack a sense of history, countries like SA that we assisted barely 20 years ago are now flexing muscles. A highly xenophobic country like South Africa, filled with minds that are below average making iyanga, na wah o.
Politics / Re: Describe Ojukwu In One Word. by arogbowei: 11:15pm On Feb 29, 2012
Politics / Re: Budget: North Rejects Southsouth’s Vote On Revenue Formula by arogbowei: 4:22pm On Feb 28, 2012
True/fiscal federalism is the solution to this bickering. We were not cross checking what the North was taking home, compared to the South South and South East during the good old days of groundnut pyramids in the 1960 decade. Now they are crying wolf, pretending not to appreciate the developmental challenges of the South South region.
A round table discussion on what each people expect from the federation and what they can contribute and fiscal federalism is now inevitable. They should not take the rest of us to be fools.
Properties / Re: Resolved by arogbowei: 5:46pm On Jan 28, 2012
My brother, i live in that axis, i witnessed everything as it unfolded. The court case spans decades, finally olorunfemi family was awarded the case. So every transaction with Akesan family is null and void, they had no authority to sell any portion to you in the first place. So in a way, Olorunfemi family was being humane by demarcating your property and leaving some portion for you. Do not waste scarce resources on pursuing a legal case that will only generate more bad blood blood between you and the family, and waste more funds.

Go about developing the other portion if you have not done so. wink
Politics / Re: News Governor Timipre Silva Of Bayelsa Switches To Apga! by arogbowei: 4:36pm On Nov 02, 2011
Good riddance to bad rubbish! We hope the next man will learn from this and work for the people.
Politics / Re: Bankole, The Sin Bearer - Sam Omatseye by arogbowei: 1:57pm On Jun 15, 2011
AribisalaO said my mind, we have the culture of celebrating half baked, what has the poster written that should excite me, nothing. The poster is also part of the problem here, this holier than though attitude is taking us nowhere.
Food / Re: Contaminated Water Causes Scare In Lagos by arogbowei: 1:36pm On Jun 15, 2011
Cheap publicity.
Politics / Re: George Kerley Responds To El Rufai's Rascally Rant by arogbowei: 12:58pm On Jun 15, 2011
Thanks for all your candid opinions, but let's all remember a press release by the Presidency in the run up to the elections, that only the Chief Press Secretary Mr. Ima Niboro, could speak for or respond to issues on behalf of the President. So I consider all other responses as not being that of GEJ. However, El Rufai has his points and the poster equally has his own points, we cannot run away from the facts presented by both.
Politics / Re: Tambuwal Is The New Speaker For The 7th Assembly by arogbowei: 10:19pm On Jun 06, 2011
Murtala you have seen the light, we hope the rest on this thread will do so soonest.
Politics / Re: Rivers State Target 24 Hours Power Supply by arogbowei: 9:01pm On May 31, 2011
Nice one from Amaechi, the man is doing pretty well. I'm a Lagosian, but visit PortHarcourt often, and I've seen his developmental strides, he's doing well.
Politics / Re: Lagos Tenancy Bill Passed To Fashola For Signing by arogbowei: 9:23pm On May 30, 2011
I quite agree with Lastpage, and Lagbaja, this bill is anti investment, anti entrepreneural spirit, retrogressive and unrealistic. How much is the government selling their so called low cost housing estates or their so called ultra modern markets that lacked basic facility of a modern modern market?

So it is now a crime to invest in the property market in Lagos? Na wah o. What is the interest rate on loans from banks, where are the government mortgage institutions that should be giving loans to investors. My advice is let the government direct their energy towards ensuring that all the institutions established to ensure affordable housing for all are functional.
Politics / Re: Jonathan Suspends The Minister Responsible For Internal Security by arogbowei: 9:16am On Apr 20, 2011
Hmn!!!!!!!!!!!, these are interesting times indeed. If the minister has a conscience the best thing to do is to resign and then support any candidate of his choice, rather than staying on the PDP and then undermining the party he swore to work for. No anti party activities please, he deserve what he got.
Romance / Re: Relationship Quarrels And Friends by arogbowei: 9:29pm On Apr 04, 2011
Do not tell, try to communicate with your spouse, no need to involve third party, instead turn to God in prayer together, no relationship is perfect. Every relationship have to face some challenges at one point or the other, like now, wifey and i just had a minor disagreement, but we'll always work it out. No need to cry to mama or papa or uncle or aunt or sister or brother, or pastor or reverend. No need.
Literature / Re: What Kind Of Books Do Nigerian's Buy ? by arogbowei: 2:37pm On Apr 04, 2011
Posted by: Sisi_Kill
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OP you can't go wrong with books like these. . .

Conquering the conqueror of your Bank Account by Pastor Godman

Overcoming the overcomer of your pocket by Daddy Pastor Mangod

Preparing a home of people prepared to serve the church by Pastor (Mrs) Angelicita

Faith is all it takes By Pastor Mummy MJ

It shall be well through the power of tongue by Bishop Holier

How to fly high on the wings of majestic Angels - Pay your tithes by Evangelist (Dr) Rightman

How to think for yourself - 10 ways to absolute mind clarity by Mother Superior Immaculate

Witches and Wizard I don't belong to you by Reverend Olusho Aguntan

Harnessing the Holy Ghost fire from Heaven - Pastor Dr Mrs Fire Brigade.

Mentally embrace the spouse of your dreams and bring him/her to reality by Pastors Mrs. Young and Hip.

Subtract sorrow from your life by adding jubilation divided by congratulations multiplied by Celebration by General Overseer Mathematician Allswell.

Straightening the bad roads and lighten the darkness in your life through prayer by Pastor Engineer Goodluck

Building your Mansion in the heavenly realms by Bishop Architect Feelgood.

I dey laugh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poster make your choice.

At least this is pretty refreshing, different from the political posters that have been generating enmity and division.

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Politics / Re: "MEND" Calls Off Planned Bombings And Says Jonathan Has Failed by arogbowei: 1:29pm On Apr 04, 2011
However genuine their agitation, they should relax a bit and give GEJ a chance. Afterall, they have not had it so good. Oversee training, when it comes to agitation for true federalism, it should go beyond only them fomenting trouble for their kinsman, they should stop this crass display of naivete please. Unless they want to align with the enemies of the Niger Delta, they should hold their peace.
Politics / Re: The Curious Incident Of Mohammed Abacha: The Limits Of Mythomania. by arogbowei: 5:19pm On Apr 02, 2011
For a fact, Buhari followers knows fully well that he is not better than the rest when it comes to his stance on anti corruption. We know that Buhari is also corrupt, or how would you describe a ruler who closed banks that has the statutory function to sell forex, claiming inefficiency, but could hand such sensitive business over to his brothers Aboki from the north in the black market? We are still searching for the missing suitcases containing hard currency?

Where is the justness in a man who will set a man (Shagari), head of government free simply because they are from the same place, but will detain his deputy (Alex Ekwueme) over crime that Ale Ekwueme was innocent? Yet other very corrupt individuals like Umaru Dikko were roving the streets of Europe and Saudi free. Where is the incorruptibility in a man who only recently openly endorsed the late dictator Sanni Abacha whom all of us know is corrupt as incorrupt? Buhari has a moral burden, he is stained, in fact his garments are reeking in corruption.

The blind ones may be fooled, but not those of us who are wise.

Buhari has no moral right to pontificate on corruption, neither does he have the moral right to preach democracy. The same man truncated democracy in 1983 and unleashed series of unpopular regimes on us thereby truncating our growth, development and the deepening of the roots of democracy. What are we talking about, he should just go.

He should leave us alone, the people we have on ground have not come out openly to endorse corrupt individuals like Abacha, neither are they tribalistic in their view or action.
Politics / Re: Breaking News: Entire NASS Election Postponed Till Monday April 4 - Jega by arogbowei: 4:45pm On Apr 02, 2011
Paper Tigers, please allow the man. Who of you that are making noise that have not made honest mistake in the past, what plan by man is fullproof? Not even Japanese nuclear technology, so what are we talking about? It is better to wait 72 hours and amend the last minute hitches than rush in and do a shoddy job.

No point to call for the man's head. He still enjoy my vote of confidence and that of over 140 million Nigerians
Politics / Re: Nigeria Sets Sights On Natural Gas by arogbowei: 3:52pm On Mar 26, 2011
Nairalanders, let's dignify our fellows in our contributions. I see no reason why discussion on gas will dovetail into SE SW war of words, we are all brothers. Contributions like these could only make some of us to look for other more matured platforms to rob minds. Let's dignify ourselves please. As for those who take to bashing of GEJ, he is not the cause of our problem, let's not be gullible.

Back to the topic at hand, if the government can fully implement this project as it promise to do it will lift us out of the current situation, i believe GEJ can pull it through, he has no choice than to perform. The devil/angel i know is far better than the one i do not know. Let's make make a difference with our own contribution on this platform. Let's not be like the same politicians we are criticizing. Please let's leave all the bashing please.
Investment / Re: 2010 Financial Result: Zenith Bank Vs Gtbank by arogbowei: 12:10am On Mar 26, 2011
Happy times are here again,based on the advice of my broker I invested in the market early part of this year. Intend to hold for a long long time before selling. Some i will offload as soon as it reaches my mark up point. Meanwhile, yesterday was the best time to invest in the stock market. The good times are here again, no political uncertainty can hinder the upward swing.
Nairaland / General / Re: Why Do You Visit Nairaland? by arogbowei: 10:03pm On Mar 05, 2011
i visit to feel the pulse of NL.
Politics / Re: Gej's Manifesto by arogbowei: 12:20am On Feb 07, 2011
The President has done a lot to stabilize this nation in the past 12 months, he has started the process of empowering the various institutions that will make for a stable nation. If nothing the president has stabilized the nation, despite the effort of unpatriotic nigerians to pull the nation down.

I laugh when I hear people mention opposition, change of the status quo. What opposition, where are they? The record of Buhari in power is there for all to read and decide whether he is better than GEJ, we all remember the banning of forex, and simultaneous favoring of the black market peopled by his people. Double standard. Who else is the face of the opposition, bring them on let's talk. Is it Ribadu? We all remember his selective prosecution of corrupt persons, and to cap it all he is back to his vomit, he is the one who refer to Bola Tinubu as very corrupt public official, but today just a few days down the line, he is in the same capm with Tinubu, huzzling for power, what happened to the very corrupt status of Tinubu? What a pity. Who else, bring them on and let's talk. Without an exception all in the opposition belong to the status quo, so do not bother talking about changing the status quo. I will rather GEJ than that bunch in the opposition. At least GEJ has some level of control over his emotions, an attribute critical to good leadership.

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