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Politics / Re: "If Nigerians Vote For APC, Nigeria Will Sink" -primate Ayodele Warns by austinvsb: 11:48am On Feb 09, 2023
Voting for Tinubu is not voting for APC. Just like Voting Peter Obi is not Voting for Labor Party.

I thought we are going the personality route this election?
Politics / Re: Naira Redesign: You Have 12 Hours Left To Deposit Your Old Note..(CBN) by austinvsb: 11:43am On Feb 09, 2023

Detrimental to Tinubu bullion vans

You guys are really like Soludo described - 'A brainless Mob'


Politics / Re: Naira Redesign: You Have 12 Hours Left To Deposit Your Old Note..(CBN) by austinvsb: 11:35am On Feb 09, 2023
The 3 governors never saw anything wrong with the policy since December.. until it dwell on them that they need to buy votes.

Vote Peter Obi

This same 2-cell brained message that I am sure you guys are circulating in WhatsApp groups is why your Peter Obi has lost my vote.

Obi and Obidients supporting a publicly detrimental policy because of politics is something that mobs do and I HATE MOBS.

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Politics / Re: AGF Malami Is A Public Enemy - Tinubu Campaign by austinvsb: 11:29am On Feb 09, 2023

If Tinubu is fighting for the unity of Nigeria then he should step down and endorse obi

He endorsed buhari, a man that wasn't his protege, and look how that turned out. You now want him to endorse another man he doesn't know and trust to carry out the proper reforms needed to kickstart Nigeria.

Tinubu is one of the few politicians in Nigeria that I trust to use Nigeria's wealth in Nigeria. Most of the wealth he amassed in Lagos is concentrated in Lagos, unlike others that go stack it abroad.
Politics / Re: Don’t Buy Tinubu’s Parasitism - Abimbola Adelakun by austinvsb: 12:40pm On Feb 02, 2023

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Politics / Re: New Naira Notes: Who Is Suffering Now - The Politicians Or The Masses? by austinvsb: 12:30pm On Feb 02, 2023

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Business / Re: New Note Scarcity: ATM Queues Increase In Abeokuta (Pictures) by austinvsb: 11:40am On Feb 02, 2023
CBN is doing the right thing.

What i expect the scarcity of cash to achieve is that very soon, we begin to see payment systems for small businesses that will not require the use of cash. we will only need minimal cash, if bus drivers have payment system that will only require you to swipe a card on their device, you will not need to give them cash.

I expect supermarkets where you can make payments with your card to make more sales now than the open market where you must pay cash.
since i dont have much cash i will only go to the market where i can pay with my card.

Let our Fintech people go to work now.

Only a mad country and her mad supporters will not have this structures in place first before trying to force cashless economy down everyone's throats
Business / Re: New Naira Scarcity: Sokoto, Zamfara, Katsina Border Residents Trade In CFA by austinvsb: 8:26am On Feb 02, 2023

The banks should tell people how much they have received from CBN.

You are very slow if you think the banks will hoard cash from customers if they actually have enough from the CBN. Very very slow!
Business / Re: New Naira Scarcity: Sokoto, Zamfara, Katsina Border Residents Trade In CFA by austinvsb: 8:22am On Feb 02, 2023
Lol....and Tinubu is banking on votes from this states o. If they knew the resentment growing against the APC and its P candidate in the North, you urchins would keep your mouths shut. Atiku and Kwankwaso will get all APC expected votes while PO will get PDP expected votes all in the north

Tinubu already distanced himself from this catastrophe publicly! Only Obidients are still supporting the move because they somehow think it will help their candidate win. Tinubu will get so many sympathy votes for this reason alone


Politics / Re: Naira Swap: Atiku Demands ‘slight’ Extension, Says Nigerians Discomforted by austinvsb: 4:08pm On Jan 28, 2023
Some kidiots cant think past their nose because of tribal and political sentiments.

You don't have to like Tinubu to realize that it is a disastrous policy to politicize a country's money supply. It's why CBN was created to be apolotical in the first place.

There are several Nigerians in the diaspora that work/life makes it impossible for them to meet up with the 3-months timeline. Do they then lose the chance to exchange whatever naira they have saved up back home?

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Politics / Re: "Daddy You Will Win": Peter Obi Collects Crying Lady's Phone Number (Video/Pics) by austinvsb: 6:53am On Jan 22, 2023
ObiDatti's s campaign has to use this video everywhere!!! I mean everywhere!!!

I have to confess that personally, this is the only video that has made me emotionally connected to Peter Obi

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Business / Re: CBN Asks Nigerians To Reject Old Naira Notes From Banks by austinvsb: 10:02pm On Jan 19, 2023
This CBN will turn our currency and economy to a complete joke at this rate!

Wtf is wrong with Buhari and Emefiele?!!!

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Business / Re: Buhari, Emefiele, And Cabal Plot To Seize CBN by austinvsb: 9:41am On Jan 09, 2023
Stupid paid write-up! Everything about the new notes have been a failure from get-go! No serious country's CBN wakes up one day and suddenly announces new currency without giving her citizens enough time to prepare for the transition. None. Zero!

Not only are the new designs bad badd, circulation has been abysmal!! I wouldn't be surprised if this was a plot by the CBN to force the populace towards usage of the failed CBDC they launched last year


Crime / Re: Missing Person: Have You Seen Rejoice Sarima Dike ? (Photos) by austinvsb: 8:03am On Jan 08, 2023
Stupid kids on nairaland this days! All their pea-sized brains can think of is sex sex sex.

Someone is missing but rather than empathize or leave the comments for more useful information that could lead to her being found, this idiots above are making stupid sexual jokes like sex-starved creeps. What a disgrace!

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Politics / Re: Cash Limits Not Anti-People, CBN Insists, Reps Knock Emefiele by austinvsb: 12:59pm On Dec 23, 2022
CBN please keep pressing this guys down

You clowns just keep regurgitating online memes without thoughts. Recent CBN moves are authoritarian and risks destroying livelihood for a lot of families around the country.!

How can anyone rationalize 3-months notice to fade out old notes and adopt new ones in Nigeria! Not even UK or US could implement cash replacement that fast!

Emefiele is a clueless dumbdumb!
Music/Radio / Re: Kizz Daniel To Perform At World Cup, FIFA Confirms by austinvsb: 8:24pm On Nov 11, 2022
Perfect example of manifest whatever it is that you want and you shall have it

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Health / Re: Plot To Introduce Lethal Synthetic Opoids To The Market - NDLEA Alerts Nigerians by austinvsb: 7:56pm On Nov 08, 2022

Make Dem allow the drug flow jor...make we test am for body first grin grin...tramadol no even bad, Na overdose dey kill.

Oloriburuku. You have no idea what a fentanyl epidemic would cause to millions of families around the country!

Whatever fun you think you are having with fun will bite you hard in the ass in less than 20 years and then you start to organize gofundme for organ replacement!
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Calls For Closer Cooperation Among Developing Countries by austinvsb: 7:34pm On Nov 01, 2022
E pain me die say dem no give this guy chance to run this country sha
Politics / Re: Atiku Is A Tribal Jingoist, Stole PDP Ticket From South - Tinubu by austinvsb: 1:50pm On Oct 17, 2022
Ok guy! I have heard you!

You can now run along and eat shit cos a million flies can't be wrong!


What tf does this even mean? grin grin grin grin

Tinybrain trying to say something smart but ends up sounding dumber than thought
Politics / Re: Atiku Is A Tribal Jingoist, Stole PDP Ticket From South - Tinubu by austinvsb: 1:01pm On Oct 17, 2022
Jesus Fvcking Christ! What kind of pest are you?

Sincerely, you are the annoying mouse here that wants to steal food from the kitchen and still expect house owner to willfully drop crumbs on the floor for it to eat.
Politics / Re: Atiku Is A Tribal Jingoist, Stole PDP Ticket From South - Tinubu by austinvsb: 12:53pm On Oct 17, 2022
Just shut it already! Focus your attention on your push and start candidate and stop making futher fool of yourself.

Well congratulations, you have now successfully convinced another Nigerian to the side of Peter Obi. Clap for yourself

Are you people really this dumb? Or do you hate Peter Obi so much that you would sabotage him with your taliban-esque aggressions?
Politics / Re: Atiku Is A Tribal Jingoist, Stole PDP Ticket From South - Tinubu by austinvsb: 10:42am On Oct 17, 2022

Was Obi ever your friend? Even without offending you, were you ever going to change your mind?
Is there anything that would ever make you vote for him even if he was the only choice?

Please face the your unenviable and difficult task of packaging the unelectable push and start candidate you support and stop displaying horse poo here.

Before you spilled this bile, you could have taken just a second to look at my post history.

That just goes to confirm my theory that you extremists are Peter Obi's biggest enemy. If he losses the election, you have only yourselves (and your childish tantrums) to blame.
Politics / Re: Atiku Is A Tribal Jingoist, Stole PDP Ticket From South - Tinubu by austinvsb: 1:18am On Oct 17, 2022
Spare me the bull crap will you..

I guess there is no reasoning with you extremists is there?!! An A P C chieftain said that!!!

Obasanjo is the biggest political figure behind Obi in Nigeria!!! Afenifere leaders and OPC have declared for Obi. This are prominent Yoruba leaders and groups but people like you keep doing your damnedest to malign Yorubas like me trying to support Obi while still applying common-sense!

Rather than be advocates, you lots are starting to turn to Obi's biggest enemy going into the election.

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Politics / Re: Atiku Is A Tribal Jingoist, Stole PDP Ticket From South - Tinubu by austinvsb: 1:01am On Oct 17, 2022
Clap for yourself Mr disingenuous!
Everyone you mentioned are guilty!

See, I understand Tinubu is not your preferred candidate, and that's very alright. But don't let your support of another cloud your ability to engage rationally. That is what separates Men from Boys

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Politics / Re: Atiku Is A Tribal Jingoist, Stole PDP Ticket From South - Tinubu by austinvsb: 12:39am On Oct 17, 2022
The phrase 'awa lokan' is full of tribalism.

No it is not. I am not a fan of Tinubu's but saying it is the turn of the Southwest (Awalokan) to be President is not different to saying it's the turn of the southeast (by several SE politicians) or it's the turn of the North Central (by someone like Yahaya bello).

This is way different to Atiku's dangerous bigoted utterance and you'd be disingenuous to equate both

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Politics / Re: FG Approved AK47 For Katsina Outfit, Ondo Will Buy For Amotekun - Akeredolu by austinvsb: 12:52pm On Sep 22, 2022
“If the Katsina situation conferring advantages on some, in the face of commonly faced existential threats, it means that our unitary policing system, which has failed, is a deliberate method of subjugation which must be challenged.”

This right here is the crux of the matter that some southern slaves are yet to realize!

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Politics / Re: You ‘ve No Right To Respond If A Policeman In Uniform Slaps You – Force PRO by austinvsb: 6:59pm On Sep 18, 2022
Abuse of power by the Nigerian Police is one of the MAJOR reasons why Diasporans are uncomfortable visiting home with their foreign friends & families. They would rather visit Ghana, Mozambique and other African countries with saner Policemen.

Stupid force staining Nigeria's image home and abroad!


Politics / Re: Tokunbo Awolowo: They Are Plotting To Get Rid Of Tinubu & Replace With Shettima by austinvsb: 10:51am On Sep 07, 2022

The president is the commander in chief of the Armed Forces and not the Vice President. Guy, stop exposing your crass ignorance to the entire world.

Is that why your candidate's VP has boldly come out to say he will be in charge of security and Tinubu (or his campaign team) never came out to correct that? Festus keyamo even came out to say there is nothing wrong with that statement and arrangement

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Politics / Re: Ogun Speaker, Oluomo Released From EFCC Custody, CAN Organises Praise Session by austinvsb: 5:01am On Sep 04, 2022
This headline reads like a cheap propaganda ploy to discredit CAN (I have seen an increase in this and ASUU-discrediting headlines in the past few weeks).

The leadership of CAN in IFO local government (so a local town branch, whose leader no one knows) is announced by the speaker's aide to be organizing a praise session alongside his supporters BUT this headline will have you think that CAN, the national Christain body is the one in charge of this praise session.

Looks like Buhari/Tinubu's team have hired professional propagandists for the election, so be ready for more misleading headlines and write-ups in the coming months

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Politics / Re: Gbemisola Saraki: Why Nigeria Is Linking Niger, Landlocked Countries With Rail by austinvsb: 5:33am On Aug 30, 2022
You didn’t build railways to ghana or even south africa,
Imagine niger, why for what economic benefits?
You are only deceiving yourselves!

Read the article again and this time around, do it with some foresight

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Politics / Re: Gbemisola Saraki: Why Nigeria Is Linking Niger, Landlocked Countries With Rail by austinvsb: 5:19am On Aug 30, 2022
I was just thinking about this last night: If Buhari had gotten security right, he easily would have been the best president the country ever had.

Some of this infrastructures (if properly maintained and improved upon) will be there to serve this generation and the next

If only the dunderheads of APC gave Osibanjo the ticket, the election would be over before it even started!

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Science/Technology / Re: Isah Auwal-Barde Invents Robot Using Exoskeleton Remote Control In Kano by austinvsb: 12:27pm On Aug 22, 2022
Tomorrow, the next news you read about him is that he has moved to study in Europe or US on scholarship!

Fix up Nigeria! Fix Up or you continue to lose bright minds!

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