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Sports / Re: Amokachi: Pure Lies, Pinnick Still Desperate To Become NFF Boss Again by austinvsb: 12:18pm On Aug 20, 2022
Pinnick has done nothing to improve our local league. He has instead, contributed massively to its decline since he became NFF president.

If he doesn't leave that post, we may no longer have a domestic league by the time he finishes a third term. Such a useless NFF president!

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Politics / Re: What Obasanjo "Said" About PDP's Choice Of Atiku During Tinubu's Visit by austinvsb: 1:00pm On Aug 18, 2022
Atiku just wasted PDP's chances this election. If North takes power again after buhari, more people in the South will be sympathetic towards disintegration campaigns

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi: Bad Leadership Holding Nigeria Down, Not 1999 Constitution by austinvsb: 7:56am On Aug 16, 2022
Omo, this Peter Obi don dey fear me with him rhetorics oo, is this really the best Nigeria can do for 2023?!

How can you say with your full chest that 1999 Constitution is not the problem. Wahala dey o
Politics / Re: Atiku Group Begins Enlightenment Campaign In Sokoto, Kebbi, Zamfara by austinvsb: 9:37am On Jul 25, 2022
Atiku is a complete No-Go for me. North just finished her 8 years! Tinubu would have had my vote if not for the Muslim-Muslim ticket, especially with the choice of Boko-Shettima who will become President should anything happen to Asiwaju. I am leaning towards Obi but still unconvinced about his legacy as an Ex-Gov.

What does Anambra look like today? Can someone with extensive knowledge of the place describe it. Pictures would be nice too!


Politics / Re: 2023: Discard my earlier stand, I am now Voting Tinubu. by austinvsb: 5:41pm On Jul 23, 2022

Nobody on the presidential ballot has the luxury of anti corruption image, Peter Obi is also corrupt, he is no saint, Buhari has this anti corruption image yet lost elections severally in Nigeria before the coalition between North and South West birthed APC, if Obi was against corruption he wouldn't have ran with Atiku, that would have given him a better standing.
Don't be so surprised when Obi polls very weak number of votes, the "good man" can never rule Nigeria unless he has bad asses behind him pulling the strings while they sell him to us as the good man, the people pulling the strings matters alot, Obi don't have such people that will pull the strings, "the youth" mantra won't work.

I am not passing any judgements on whether Obi is corrupt or Not. My point is that, Obi is currently using the same marketing strategy that got other presidents before him elected, fortunately for him it seems more and more Nigerians are buying into it. Tinubu and Atiku do not have the luxury of that anti-corruption image at all!
Politics / Re: 2023: Discard my earlier stand, I am now Voting Tinubu. by austinvsb: 5:19pm On Jul 23, 2022
Ask the average Nigerian what they think, many people will tell you, I don't like any of the three candidates, if I don't feel like leaving my vote I will cast it for APC, some will tell you I will give it to PO.
I don't know what your political inclination is, you know why Buhari won his second tenure election?
No responsible candidate on the ballot against him a combination of Atiku and Peter Obi, that's exactly where we are today, no credible or responsible candidate on the ballot against Tinubu, it's not a failed calculation, the only thing that will stop him from ruling us( I doubt he has anything to offer) is if the APC bigwigs turn their backs on him, if they don't,he will pull block votes in their millions and thousands across the nation, forget the noise Obi guys are making online, they have been making this noise from year to year in every election, same people supporting Obi and noising it around support him and Atiku in 2019.

Peter Obi is using the same marketing that previous presidents have used. "One black shirt and Trouser, One shoe, Humble & non-corrupt" Hence, the "I left billions in Anambra treasury when I easily could have stolen it like other Politicians". And guess what? Its working again because his movement is the fastest growing in the country now.

Tinubu doesn't have the luxury of an anti-corruption image and his choice of a VP and recent media about drug-related past works against him. Truly, I am curious to see what his campaign message will look like when it officially kicks off
Politics / Re: 2023: Discard my earlier stand, I am now Voting Tinubu. by austinvsb: 5:04pm On Jul 23, 2022
You are asking how to market fish to cats? It is obvious you do not realize that Nigerians love their corrupt politicians.

On state level, Nigerians do not seem to care that much about 'corruption' but presidential elections have been a whole different ball game! Perhaps because deep down we all know that true power resides in Abuja not with state governors

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Politics / 2023: Discard my earlier stand, I am now Voting Tinubu. by austinvsb: 4:56pm On Jul 23, 2022
I created the earlier topic when I naively thought that Obidients were rational youths yearning for the betterment of Nigeria. Now I know they are nothing but Mobs only interested in Bullying anyone that politically differs with them.

I refuse to be a part of such political group and my vote is now for Bola Ahmed Tinubu

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Politics / Re: Lagos Hospital That Operated On Osinbajo Not Only For The Rich — Dr Shitta-bey by austinvsb: 9:40am On Jul 23, 2022

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Business / Everyday by austinvsb: 9:42pm On Jul 22, 2022
Politics / Re: Bishop David Abioye Condemns Tinubu's Muslim-Muslim Ticket by austinvsb: 11:48am On Jul 22, 2022
Tinubu could have been the first president to give the voice to the oppressed group in the north, Thereby curating favors from people all over! He might have lost the votes of fanatics up North but he will get large chunks from the South (SW & SS) as well as retain votes from Middle bet & NW.

Whoever his advisors are, they hate him! He has lost a lot of advantage because of his choice of Shettima!
Politics / Re: FAKE by austinvsb: 1:57pm On Jul 21, 2022
Fake Bishop
A true Bishop I'd one who stands up for his faith, asides that he is fake. Supporting a party that is disregards your faith means u are fake

The picture is misleading. It was taken April 26, 2022. see below

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Politics / Re: FAKE by austinvsb: 1:56pm On Jul 21, 2022
What's the proof that this same picture was taken at the inauguration?

If you want to lie,why don't you lie well?

Can we get pictures of this same man seated at the venue with other clowns bishops?

The picture is from April 2022. Update your post with this picture

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Politics / Re: "Ebubeagu Must Go!", Massive Protest Hits Imo State (Video, Pics) by austinvsb: 5:02pm On Jul 19, 2022
Nigerians should take a look at Sri Lanka to realize the power of the people! Stop pampering bad governance!!!

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Politics / Re: Why Is Peter Obi Not Talking About Restructuring. by austinvsb: 7:31am On Jul 16, 2022
Is Tinubu ), Kwankwaso and Atiku talking about it?

None of those 3 old cargos are getting my vote! It's why I am leaning towards Peter Obi but I'd like to know where he stands on restructuring. Personally, a positive posture on restructuring from him and he may very likely get my vote.
Politics / Re: Why Is Peter Obi Not Talking About Restructuring. by austinvsb: 7:13am On Jul 16, 2022

State policing is a major factor under restructuring. If you watched that video you will see where he hinted on time cuz he was touching his iPad constantly.

For him to talk about state policing tells you he knows Nigeria needs restructuring. What about other candidates what are they saying about it ?

I just saw the second video now and saw him talk about governors being in charge of security. That's definitely a step in the right direction but he also sidestepped the question of resource control. I hope be comes out and defines his restructuring policies more clearly.

I say this because I think we can both agree that the rot in Nigeria is well past the stage of 'hints' from potential leaders. Everyone agrees that we need to get it right in 2023, especially after the buhari catastrophe but this also means that we need leaders with sound and well defined policies. Not hints here or there.

If you (or anyone else) have a video or article where Peter Obi CLEARLY highlights his support and plans for restructuring, I'd love to see it!

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Politics / Re: Why Is Peter Obi Not Talking About Restructuring. by austinvsb: 5:07am On Jul 16, 2022

Obi is talking about restructuring. Watch the video below


He only talked about reduction of cost of governance in this video. What is his stance regarding proper restructuring i.e resource control, state policing etc?
Politics / Re: Why Is Peter Obi Not Talking About Restructuring. by austinvsb: 5:02am On Jul 16, 2022

Because you have not been paying attention, he has treated the issue of restructuring, state policing and challenging each state to be productive and many more that will make states to depend less on the center.

Can you send me an article or Youtube Link? Thanks
Politics / Re: Why Is Peter Obi Not Talking About Restructuring. by austinvsb: 5:01am On Jul 16, 2022
I was wondering this same thing yesterday. What is Peter Obi's stance on restructing? Anyone with a YouTube Video or Article about this should please forward to me. Thanks
Politics / Re: We Will Buy Guns For Ondo People If Terrorists’ Attacks Continue - Akeredolu by austinvsb: 4:45am On Jul 16, 2022
Ondo state does not mess around! If Arakunrin is saying this, you better believe it's the mood of the state!

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Politics / Re: UPDATE:A Counter Thread: Tinubu Doesn't Succeed In All His Controversies( Pic) by austinvsb: 3:19pm On Jul 15, 2022
oponu oshi , you are a little boy and normally I won't engage you . We don't need your votes. You are a poser and a shameless one at that. Suddenly you assume I must be for Peter obi, why didn't you think I am PDP. One can see a mad man from far away, but in your case I even smelled you sir. So stop being clever by half , acting like someone who just got a smart phone and wants to test it. I said what I said, if it makes you stop being neutral , then you never were neutral from the beginning. Mr agbado supporter wey dey disguise

I really hope that you are just an outliner and not the majority of Obi supporters. I really really hope so!

I can imagine deductive reasoning is not your forte, but a thread you created (https://www.nairaland.com/7201295/it-high-time-yoruba-igbo) is how I figured you are an Obi Supporter.

Hear this and hear it clearly! I am still undecided as to who to vote for but I know I won't be voting for Tinubu; if I encounter one more Obi supporter like yourself, just one more, Peter Obi can as well forget about my vote and that of my family!
Politics / Re: UPDATE:A Counter Thread: Tinubu Doesn't Succeed In All His Controversies( Pic) by austinvsb: 2:32pm On Jul 15, 2022
i don't fucking care what you think. It is a fact all I said. If you see that as an insult, then change and support the progressives. It is as simple as that. Werey wan disguise.

Proving to be unintelligent misrepresenting opinions as facts. Learn boy, differentiate between both!

If you think this sort of verbal militant attacks will win you supporters, I guess you can forget co-opting neutrals like myself as well as disgrunted APC members trying to pitch their tents elsewhere. Omo Ode
Politics / Re: UPDATE:A Counter Thread: Tinubu Doesn't Succeed In All His Controversies( Pic) by austinvsb: 2:17pm On Jul 15, 2022
Tinubu is an oduduwa agenda. Everyone knows that. Alot of the idiots who support and idolise him are yoruba. Like most yoruba , he has no Influence outside of the south west. And he thinks Nigeria starts and ends in lagos. Edo people taught him a lesson, it is time for Nigeria to teach him a lesson.

I can even shock you more, outside of lagos, some yoruba even hate him. So Op your analysis is Apt.

Tinubu didn't believe in one Nigeria and there is evidence of that, why is he then contesting for the highest office in a Nigeria he doesn't believe in.

This is how some of you idiots lose potential supporters. I (a proud omo oodua) for one have decided not to vote tinubu but you should know that lots of people are petty enough to vote for him out of spite for people like you generalizing the yoruba and insulting us!

How old are you? 15??
Politics / Re: Rev Oluoma: Muslim-Muslim Ticket Not A Religious Problem But Political Dexterity by austinvsb: 8:45pm On Jul 12, 2022
The idiots asking you not to complain about this Muslim Muslim ticket and just reply with your Votes are Deceivers and Master Manipulators. They want you to be silent so they can have the room to manipulate some unsuspecting voters to supporting their evil boko-haram-connected ticket!

Of course people will vote out the APC. Doesn't mean we stop talking about how evil and detrimental their Muslim Muslim ticket is to the peace and stability of the nation.

Both actions are not mutually exclusive just like paid sycophancy shouldn't equal stupidity.

Raise your voices! Complain! Complain! Complain!
Evil prevails when good men keep Quiet

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Politics / Re: Ayo Adebanjo Backs Peter Obi’s Presidential Bid by austinvsb: 8:33pm On Jul 12, 2022
As omo oodua rere, I am still yet to decide who to vote for but I know for sure I won't be voting for Tinubu


Politics / Re: Shettima Down-Plays Restructuring, Suggests Good Governance Instead (2017) by austinvsb: 5:29pm On Jul 12, 2022

He didn't lie sha.

Nonsense!!! Those countries now talking about nanotechnology etc are properly restructured societies!!! Ffs Borno state is bigger than Belgium (Almost twice it's size even!) but just one person wants to control the whole of Nigeria from Abuja!!!

He is VERY wrong!!!


Politics / Re: Tinubu-Shettima Ticket: Nigeria Needs Inclusive Politics – Atiku by austinvsb: 11:54am On Jul 11, 2022
Both Atiku and Tinubu will lose. Know this and Know peace!

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Politics / Re: Muslim-Muslim Ticket: Northern Elders Forum Lists 3 Things That Might Happen by austinvsb: 11:45am On Jul 11, 2022

You guys better go and arrange shock absorber instead cos it go do una na film tricks

Tinubu will lose in at least 3 states in the Southwest (Ondo, Ekiti and Ogun State). He will win Lagos(Not by a large margin) and Osun but Oyo will be a toss up because of the current Christian governor there!

What this means is that tinubu loses the South woefully! WOEFULLY!!!

Except Atiku steps down for Tinubu, He doesn't get more than 60% of the votes in the Core North! (I am being generous with my estimates here)

I think you should be the one arranging a shock absorber helienus

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Is An Islamic Project by austinvsb: 9:54pm On Jul 10, 2022
Leave the Mkpurummiri terrorists. We will teach them what it means to play real politics. Fvcking OBIdiotic goombahs. grin

So you think only South easterners are bothered by Tinubu's choice?

Ondo state, Ekiti state and Ogun State (the HQ of churches in Nigeria) with majority number of christians will vote against this ticket. Oyo governor will work against (or at most be indifferent) a Muslim-Muslim ticket! That leaves Tinubu with an overwhelming win in lagos (Will it even be overwhelming?)

Tinubu can forget SE and SS (I can't think of any state where he wins there).

Middle belt with large christian population that's been undergoing persecution this last years will vote against the ticket.

Northern Muslim votes will be split between Tinubu, Atiku and kwankwaso. And the christain population in the North will definitely not be voting for a muslim-muslim ticket. Tell me again, how does tinubu win?!!
Politics / Re: Bishop Mohammed: Shettima Has Done More For Christians In Borno by austinvsb: 9:53pm On Jul 10, 2022
I don't know of any other Yoruba person, but Tinubu has lost my vote and that of 7 others in my household. I wager I am not alone in the SouthWest
Politics / Re: Muslim-Muslim: Let's waste our votes for a party without structure-Pastor Sarah by austinvsb: 9:47pm On Jul 10, 2022
I've withdrawn my support for Tinubu, I have to vote a ticket with at least one christian in it.

Me too!


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