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Politics / Re: Restructure Nigeria, Gani Adams Charges Tinubu by austinvsb: 10:05am On Jan 27
Restructuring moves have already started and it's why some parts of the country are getting jittery


Politics / Re: Terror Sponsors Behind Air Crash That Killed Ibrahim Attahiru - Ali-Keffi by austinvsb: 3:10pm On Jan 22
Who was goes to read this long story

Information is power. If you are too slow to read, don't bother to comment at all

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Celebrities / Re: Mohbad’s Management Slams N200m Suit On Late Singer’s Father by austinvsb: 9:28pm On Jan 19
Mohbad's dad is doing a great job keeping discussions alive until justice is done but this Management and his wife are bent on keeping it hush-hush and moving on. They are serious suspects in that boy's death.

Don't worry, Nigerians will soon have your time again. Bullies!

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Politics / Re: MURIC To Adeleke: Don't waste this Talent, invest in A Dancing School by austinvsb: 7:09pm On Jan 16
I see nairaland is back to platforming this religious extremist. This is a disgrace @seun
Business / Re: Dangote Raid: Is This An End To "Sacred Cows" In The Business Community? by austinvsb: 8:32am On Jan 13
Only a strongheaded reformist like tinubu is capable of going against Nigeria's corrupt structure.

Other weak politicians will be intimidated into maintaining the status quo.


Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Mourns Rotimi Akeredolu by austinvsb: 8:51pm On Dec 27, 2023


A dog that while get lost never hears the hunters whistle
Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Mourns Rotimi Akeredolu by austinvsb: 8:37pm On Dec 27, 2023

what is the essence of this write up.. tell us

That in whatever you do, do not marry wrong. It will wreck and most likely kill you. That is the essence
Politics / Re: Powerful Nigerians Responsible For Kidnapping, Banditry, Illegal Mining – FG by austinvsb: 10:46pm On Dec 12, 2023
Powerful Nigerians kee you there

Do something about it and stop acting like you are the opposition party

If they don't announce before action now, you will be the same ones crying victimization, tribalism or religious persecution when they arrest this powerful people.

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Politics / Re: Passport Front Offices To Open Across UK By February 2024 – Interior Minister by austinvsb: 7:21am On Nov 30, 2023
This guy PR strong! Good for him though.
Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho's Press Statement After He Regained Freedom From Benin Republic by austinvsb: 8:24pm On Oct 09, 2023
Welcome back oosha
Culture / Re: Ifa Council Suspends Isese Festival In Ilorin by austinvsb: 8:10am On Aug 18, 2023
I hate this. Extremists are moving mad in Oodualand & it's time to wake up to their schemes and push back!

For every inch you give to this "Ishaq Akintola and his 100 rabbid dogs" group of Arab-wannabes, the more emboldened they feel to displace our live-and-let-live way of lives!

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Politics / Re: "We Shall Overcome": LP's Ngozi Okolie Reacts To Sack By Tribunal by austinvsb: 9:03pm On Jul 24, 2023
"I am deeply disappointed and saddened by the decision of the tribunal to sack me from my position. As an LP member, I have always believed in the ideals of our party and worked tirelessly to promote its values. This decision feels unjust and goes against the democratic principles that we, as a party, hold dear.

However, I remain steadfast in my commitment to the LP and the fight for justice, equality, and progress. The slogan 'We Shall Overcome' resonates strongly with me and I believe that despite this setback, we will prevail. I will continue to work towards the betterment of our party and the welfare of the Nigerian people.

I would like to express my gratitude to the LP members and supporters who have stood by me throughout this process. Your unwavering support means the world to me and I am determined to prove that this decision is a mistake. Together, we will rise above this setback and continue the work of building a stronger and more inclusive Nigeria.

I call on the LP leadership to reconsider this decision and ensure that due process is followed. It is crucial that we uphold the principles of fairness, transparency, and accountability within our party. I remain hopeful that justice will prevail and that I will be reinstated to my position.

In the face of adversity, I remain resolute and determined to use this setback as a catalyst for positive change. I will continue to fight for what I believe in, and I urge all LP members and Nigerians to do the same. We can and will overcome any obstacles that come our way.

Thank you once again to everyone who has shown their support. Your belief in me and our shared vision for a better Nigeria is what drives me forward. Together, we shall overcome this setback and work towards a brighter future for all."

Be original! Stop using chatgpt for all your comments. They are boring, repetitive, unnecessarily long and most disappointingly unnigerian.

Until chatgpt learns to speak pidgin, with our ever evolving street slangs, e no fit work for naija!


Sports / Re: Kylian Mbappe: PSG Accepts Al Hilal's £259m For Wantaway French Forward by austinvsb: 7:44pm On Jul 24, 2023
Wow, that is an astronomical transfer fee for Kylian Mbappe! It's clear that Al Hilal is willing to go to great lengths to secure the services of the young French forward. Mbappe has been one of the most sought-after players in the world, and it's not surprising to see such a huge offer being made for him.

This move raises several questions about Mbappe's future and his desire to leave PSG. If the reports are true and PSG has accepted the offer, it suggests that the player might be looking for a fresh challenge and is ready to move on from Paris.

On the other hand, PSG may see this as a great opportunity to make a massive profit on a player who could potentially leave on a free transfer next summer when his contract expires. £259m is an astronomical sum, and it could provide PSG with the funds to strengthen their squad significantly.

However, it's worth noting that the final decision ultimately lies with Mbappe himself. He will need to agree to personal terms with Al Hilal and decide if a move to Saudi Arabia is something that interests him. Mbappe has previously stated that he wants to win titles and play in competitive leagues, so it remains to be seen if Al Hilal can offer him the same level of competition he desires.

Overall, if this transfer were to go through, it would undoubtedly be one of the biggest in football history. It would also signal a major shift in power and ambition within the game, with Al Hilal flexing their financial muscle to attract a global superstar like Mbappe.

Stop this chatgpt nonsense ogbeni. It sounds and looks inauthentic

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Politics / Re: Lagos Taskforce Clears Agege Railtrack by austinvsb: 7:23pm On Jul 24, 2023
"It's great to see the Lagos Taskforce taking action to clear the Agege railtrack. This is an important step towards enhancing safety and improving transportation efficiency in the area. By removing obstructions and ensuring a smooth functioning rail infrastructure, commuters can enjoy a more reliable and convenient public transportation system. This move also highlights the government's commitment to investing in sustainable and efficient transportation solutions. However, it is crucial that ongoing maintenance and monitoring efforts are sustained to prevent future obstructions and ensure the long-term success of this initiative."

Gtfo with this chatgpt nonsense, e no fit work for naija. Ode even included the quotation marks as always included in chatgpt answers.
Politics / Re: Tinubu May Appoint Ahmed Raji As Attorney General On Cjn’s Recommendation, Group by austinvsb: 9:15pm On Jul 21, 2023
Just like the fake meeting between PBAT and CJN in London, I wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be fake news again.

When you keep lying, at some point people stop listening to anything you have to say

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Politics / Re: Under Ayade, Govt Approvals Were Done Via Whatsapp - Ogbeche by austinvsb: 10:32am On Jul 11, 2023
From everything I read, This Ayade is a special kind of Evil!


Politics / Re: Who Go Settle The Fight Between Seun And Obidients Like This? by austinvsb: 8:03am On Jul 11, 2023
Abeg o make una no leave seun to the wolves to devour o. No matter what, He is still 'our' own

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Politics / Re: Nuhu Ribadu Appreciates Support Over Appointment As NSA by austinvsb: 10:35pm On Jun 25, 2023
Mark this - After Asiwaju, Ribadu is next president from the North
Politics / Re: President Tinubu And The Dangers Of Fuel Subsidy Removal - Kperogi by austinvsb: 11:20am On Jun 03, 2023
Very intelligent analysis

It's actually the opposite. It's an emotion-laden nonsense by someone I would guess is a beneficiary of those corrupt subsidy dollars
Politics / Re: President Tinubu And The Dangers Of Fuel Subsidy Removal - Kperogi by austinvsb: 11:00am On Jun 03, 2023
Mr kperogi, one would expect an intelligent comparative writeup from a PHd holder. This is far from that! You can't campaign for subsidy retention in nigeria using the US as an advocate without considering the costs to both nations. Its deceitful!

USA's budget expenditure in 2022 was $6.2 Trillion (with a T) while Nigeria's was ~$32 Billion BUT somehow you expect that Nigeria is able to afford the same $10B to subsidy payment like the US.

This writeup is drunken!


Politics / Re: If You're Earning Less Than 400k, You Must Support NLC Strike Now! by austinvsb: 7:22pm On Jun 02, 2023
Subsidy cabal have unleashed their pay-per-post online warriors because they don't want to lose their 10 Billion Dollar scam!

Subsidy is gone and gone for good!!! Deal with it.

Politics / Re: Benin Republic Citizens Bemoan Fuel Subsidy Removal, Nigerians React by austinvsb: 3:31pm On Jun 02, 2023
I knew that they will come out with this propaganda

We are waiting for Niger, Togo, Chad and Cameroon

All to justify this thoughtless decision by Tinubu

Instead of fixing refineries, blocking leakages, having an effective and efficient border patrol to arrest and prosecute these smugglers

The problem with your thought process is thinking that the subsidy cabal have not been fighting tooth and nail to stop the implementation of this processes you highlighted. PBAT will not carry spanner to go fix refineries himself, and as long as subsidy remains, the cabal will jeopardize any process possible that would stop their free moneys.


Sports / Re: Real Madrid's Match Vs Valencia Halted After Vinicius Jnr Racially Abused by austinvsb: 12:07am On May 22, 2023

That's what everyone says or thinks till it gets to their turn...! Initially, the money takes the edge off the insults, but after a while, that thick skin begins to wear off!

What racially-abused people go through is beyond dehumanizing and despicable! You really have no idea!

Money good, but when you don chop am enough, there becomes more to life than money... Imagine being disrespected by people wey no suppose stand near you all because they feel superior based on skin color.

Don't mind this ones. They are famously called Ojuorolari (Never seen wealth before) in Yoruba.

They ignorantly believe that money solves everything and can't understand why rich people and elders always say 'Health is Wealth'.

In vinicius' case, Mental health is Wealth!


Politics / Re: Binani’s Acceptance Speech Confirms She’s Party To Illegal Declaration – Falana by austinvsb: 3:25pm On Apr 20, 2023
The same man supporting the illegality of INEC chairman is condemn another illegality .l

I know this is hard for you to comprehend, but rational minds tend to do this. They don't have blind loyalty to anyone or anything, they focus on issues!

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Politics / Re: China Reacts To Reports Of Funding Terror Groups In Nigeria. by austinvsb: 3:03pm On Apr 18, 2023
Lol cheesy grin very obvious anti-china propaganda is being pushed in Nigeria and all over Africa. You can tell by the non-Naija sounding comments on the first page here and the other earlier thread.

China is Africa's best Friend as it stands, it's never been involved in a war of conquest in Africa or middle east. NEVER!

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Health / Re: NIMSA Opposes The Brain Drain Bill (Official Statement) by austinvsb: 12:57pm On Apr 10, 2023

You guys make it sound as if the government is doing you a favour by subsidising education. Loool. Your educational fees has a direct correlation with your buying power as citizens. I.e poor country cheap education.

Everybody has access to cheap education and Even at that not everyone can afford it.

This is such nonsense! Do countries like Germany, Belgium, austria, Sweden etc with free or cheap education have low buying power too?

Common sense is free.
Health / Re: NIMSA Opposes The Brain Drain Bill (Official Statement) by austinvsb: 7:02pm On Apr 07, 2023
doctors have stopped fighting for facilities and equipments they only fight for salary and allowance.... I don't blame them for running away oh... What's d point of working and not earning enough? Even community health officers are running away not to talk of nurses

I don't blame then either. Everyone would opt for a better life 100% of the time!

Otoh, I also understand the FG, they subsidize the training of medical students and other professionals by A LOT only for same professionals to run out after to another country after they have trained and spent on.

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Health / Re: NIMSA Opposes The Brain Drain Bill (Official Statement) by austinvsb: 1:19pm On Apr 07, 2023

You make me laugh
You dare to compare a functional system to a dysfunctional one?

Every functional system you see today was once a dysfunctional one
Health / Re: NIMSA Opposes The Brain Drain Bill (Official Statement) by austinvsb: 1:17pm On Apr 07, 2023

Stop saying what you don’t know. Better to be quiet. I am a senior doctor myself. No such rules exists in the us. Most of the colleagues in the gulf states are American trained. Very few specialties have 7 residency programmes(neuro, trauma and orthopaedics) in the us. Most are 3 to 5 years. Go get your facts right first.

Up to 7 years I mean. Some like radiology reconstructive surgery are even required to make additional fellowship training after residency.

The point is, it helps to mitigate brain drain from the US in an essential field like medicine. Same will help Nigeria too.

We have the brightest minds on earth but we loose them rather easily after subsidizing their trainings.
Health / Re: NIMSA Opposes The Brain Drain Bill (Official Statement) by austinvsb: 12:14pm On Apr 07, 2023
An important bill! The US does the same through the ~7 years RESIDENCY programme that is Mandatory for anyone that wants to be a practicing doctor.

Looks like most people now want to go study medicine in Nigerian universities so as to be able to run away the next year after graduation!

That's not to take away from the need for the Government to provide proper financial compensations and facilities for our doctors!!!

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Politics / Re: I’m Too Old To Keep Quiet, Ethnic Division Must End – Obasanjo by austinvsb: 4:06pm On Apr 06, 2023
Obasanjo grin Dictator in civilian clothing!

Went on live TV to ask for an election to be cancelled while the process was still ongoing. Thank God Nobody in the corridor of power really takes him seriously anymore!

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Music/Radio / Re: Portable Releases New Song After His Release From Prison(video) by austinvsb: 1:24pm On Apr 05, 2023
This is just the same snippet we saw on Twitter. Is there a link to the full song yet?

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