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Politics / Re: Oriental Hotel Invaded, Destroyed by austinvsb: 1:40pm On Oct 21, 2020
I am in complete support of the EndSARS protests and condemn the fatal heavy handed tactics of the military. But destroying properties that contribute to the welfare and beauty of our region is not in the interest of the South.

Even if the country splits up today, we need the infrastructures on ground to use and upgrade for the implementation of a country that works for us all. This oriental Hotel for instance is a solid infrastructure that can be utilized for something else in the future. Destroying it now and trying to erect a similar structure in the future would cost billions.

STOP DESTROYING PROPERTIES!!! That is how you lose support

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Politics / Re: Not All SARS Operatives Are Callous And Vicious – MURIC by austinvsb: 2:23am On Oct 19, 2020
I think we all can agree that Ishaq akintola is a disgusting piece of shitt
Politics / Re: Hear As Gov. Wike Addresses Endsars Protesters In Front Of Government House by austinvsb: 5:54pm On Oct 13, 2020
Wike is a tyrant-wannabe employing the very weak divide and conquer tactics to dissuade protesters. He should cover his eyes in shame, the youth told him to go Bleep himself despite his order for no protest to happen in rivers state
Celebrities / Re: EndSARS: Oxlade's Manager, Ojabodu Ademola Arrested During Protest (Video) by austinvsb: 9:51pm On Oct 12, 2020
Fool. Who is he crying out to. Yahoo boy forming artiste. All of you will rot in jail. Police needs to really deal with these miscreants Rubbish.

Brain dey your head so?


Politics / Re: #ENDSARS: Kalu Condemns Attack On Ogbomosho Palace by austinvsb: 10:41pm On Oct 11, 2020
The attack was unnecessary.

The South needs proper education. Especially their youths.

Your dad needed the pullout education
Politics / Re: #endsars Hits 5 Million Tweets On Twitter by austinvsb: 11:16am On Oct 11, 2020
They are wasting their time...

If all the people that protested are arrested, Nigeria's security and corruption problems will reduce by 99%..

But the problem is that 0.1% of these protesters are innocent law-abiding citizens.

According to Blackstone's Ratio (Criminal Law) by Sir William Blackstone, one of the great English jurists,

This is the reason I have been appealing to these few law-abiding protesters to withdraw from the protest. It has long been hijacked by criminal elements and enemies of this great country. If they all withdraw and the security agencies arrest the remaining criminal protesters, Nigeria's security problems will crash by 99%..

The remaining 1% are caused by the corrupt politicians sponsoring banditry and terrorism, and President Buhari is already dealing ruthlessly with them. Once he's done with them, security issue and corruption will crash 100% and Nigeria will become the only country on earth that's 100% corruption free..

May God help Nigeria.

Government sponsored miscreants have been very active on nairaland since this protests started. Piss off pig! Nigerians are tired of sars and want the end of it and this your divide and conquer shit only works on kids
Politics / Re: Zahra Buhari Joins EndSARS Protest by austinvsb: 7:06pm On Oct 10, 2020
SARS is an absolute menace! I remember that year for OAU. If you no sabi their boss for sabo and dey drive car or carry lappy for bag, na yawa.

I think a vast majority of youths have had some sort of bad experience with them.


Politics / Re: US Secretary Of States Issue Warnings To Rigging Of Election by austinvsb: 2:26pm On Oct 09, 2020

But you can collect aids and loans as independent nation!

Every country on earth asks for and collects loans. You probably do not know this, but the amount of US debts is now larger than it's whole economy and no one is arrogantly interfering in her elections because of that.

Aids isn't forced, and the Western countries that give aids do so mostly from a colonial or paternalistic perspective. This is something China has changed dramatically since it's emergence as a viable alternative for trade and treatment of African countries as economic partners and not children.

So your aids and loans excuse for election interference by the US is simply nonsense

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Politics / Re: US Secretary Of States Issue Warnings To Rigging Of Election by austinvsb: 9:51am On Oct 09, 2020
Stop moving this sort of nonsense to the frontpage. @seun @lalasticlala. We are an independent nation of proud and intelligent people that are well capable of running our own affairs. And giving this sort of tweets or statements nationwide attention as is being done here is absolutely degrading to us as functional humans.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Kayleigh McEnany Test Positive For COVID-19 by austinvsb: 5:18pm On Oct 05, 2020
The Value Given to Corona is Crazy!
So Many had the Virus without a Single Symptom..
Many others Contracted the Virus and came out of it without knowing..

The Agenda behind Covid-19 is to push and Promote Fear which would lead to CONTROL..

The Media is their key Partner in this

The Stage is Being Set for the Following;
The One World Government
The One World Religion
The New world Order.

Look beyond Corona Virus! It's not more than a Flu!
Prepare your Soul for Eternity!
Prepare to Meet your God!

You are making a mockery of the Christian faith man

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Celebrities / Re: Area Scatter : Nigeria's First Crossdresser - Imo State (1970), Before Bobrisky by austinvsb: 11:59am On Sep 30, 2020

Just like the guy I quoted, I come from a large family that practiced African traditional religion until the mid 90's when we started converting to Christianity. Homosexuality, Adultery and other social vices where greatly frowned at from the onset even before our encounter with the missionaries. I am Isoko and I know my roots.

So again, speak for yourselt.

So you are speaking for yourself and your family and not the generality of traditional practitioners then. Good to know

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Travel / Re: Africans React To Pictures Of Slums In Madrid, Spain. by austinvsb: 5:00pm On Sep 29, 2020
atleast they are better than the slums in most African countries!

This slums you see are better?? Really?? Glue dey your eye?

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Travel / Re: Africans React To Pictures Of Slums In Madrid, Spain. by austinvsb: 4:54pm On Sep 29, 2020
ask yourself is the country even friendly to investors. I once worked in the treasury department of a bank in Nigeria. It is always hard for investors to move their money back home unless they do shady deals like Lebanese and Indians. I bring in 1m usd to invest in Nigeria. When its time to recoup my money naira don lose value. 306 per dollar will now be 383. To even access 383 na war with cbn then i have to go buy from aboki at 465. Is that not madness. You open factory and your staff begin to steal materials and chemicals. Abeg no sane investor should come here

You truly are an asslicking self-hater as rightly described. Nigeria Bonds yields some of the highest return rates in the world with several foreign investors always looking to buy in.

Are there problems in nigeria, yes! Are there problems elsewhere, hell to the fucking yeah! What is your problem always putting the country down and praising the white man's home to the high heavens. Mental Slavery is truly a thing!

A Yoruba adage says, a bastard is that which describes his father's house with a left finger.


Celebrities / Re: Area Scatter : Nigeria's First Crossdresser - Imo State (1970), Before Bobrisky by austinvsb: 4:06pm On Sep 29, 2020

igbo tradition don't take such Its is a Taboo , the "area scatter" might be seen as a Clown during his time. Igbo tradition doesn't support homosexuality

Support is a strong word to use here. You might not support but still be indifferent towards practices of others. Lack of acceptance of others is what the extremists in Christianity and Islam brought to Africa is what the OP is trying to say and I agree with him unless you have evidence to prove otherwise


Celebrities / Re: Area Scatter : Nigeria's First Crossdresser - Imo State (1970), Before Bobrisky by austinvsb: 4:01pm On Sep 29, 2020
you were referring to the Bible and was making a basic or should I say fundamental error most gays make by talking about the love of God instead of focusing on the truth therein. The Bible would NEVER support homosexuality in any way possible because God HIMSELF does not.

Perhaps learn to read and comprehend before attacking with that extremist mindset you got going young man. No one here is claiming that God loves or support homosexuality. If I recall correctly, that was the sin of the city of Sodom and Gomorrah and why God punished them.

What I and most open minded persons are saying is, you have no power to play God's role in judging, condemning or punishing homosexuals. Leave God to pass judgement or punishment as he wishes to this sinners. Trying otherwise is literally saying your God is a powerless one that relies on your help and when you start thinking along this line, you are already turning to a christian jihadist.


Celebrities / Re: Area Scatter : Nigeria's First Crossdresser - Imo State (1970), Before Bobrisky by austinvsb: 2:40pm On Sep 29, 2020
pls don't bring the Bible into your homosexual nonsense pls. The Bible I know is clearly against homosexuality in all its ramifications. Incase you don't know, the reason why God hates homosexuality so much is because it's goes against HIS entire purpose of creation. He created woman to be a companion for the man and to procreate and fill the earth. Homosexuals don't in anyway fulfill this plan..... know your Bible

So it is your duty to fight for the almighty, all-powerful God against homosexuals then? Or you want to pass judgement on sinners on God's behalf?


Celebrities / Re: Area Scatter : Nigeria's First Crossdresser - Imo State (1970), Before Bobrisky by austinvsb: 2:34pm On Sep 29, 2020

Perhaps your culture in Northern Nigeria embraces homosexuality. Over here in South South, many cultures abhor it. You have to remain in the closet till you die. So say the one you know and leave the rest. Don't act like you know every culture in Nigeria let alone Africa.

I hate personal generalizations presented as facts. Where is your evidence that homosexuality was historically abhorred in SS before the advent of christainity and Islam?


Celebrities / Re: Area Scatter : Nigeria's First Crossdresser - Imo State (1970), Before Bobrisky by austinvsb: 2:24pm On Sep 29, 2020

Prayer Request Against Escalation and Publicising of LGBT Activities in Nigeria

Dear Brothers/Sisters in Christ,

I had a dream over the night, the early hours of Saturday, 26th September, 2020, which suggests that the activities of LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders) Community might explode and become open in Nigeria.

As you may know LGBT means 'Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders. Such activities were what led to destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Kindly let us rise and pray against such in Nigeria.

-1. Let us pray to God to arrest all such agenda and activities in Nigeria.

-2. Let us pray that no gay festival or gay pride will hold in Nigeria.

3. Let us pray that God should deliver all that are into such activities in Nigeria.

Let us enthrone Jesus Christ as the Lord over Nigeria.

Thank you.

Jesus Christ is coming. Let us stay ready in absolute repentance, watchfulness and holiness.


Religious extremist. Didn't the Bible teach about love, acceptance and leaving judgement to God and God alone. If someone decides to be an homosexual and go to hell for it, how does that affect your promised eternal life?

Or are you a closet homosexual? Because it turns out that most that avid homophobes are homos themselves.

Save yourself and let others be as long they aren't harming you


Celebrities / Re: DJ Cuppy Offers To Ride With Israel Adesanya In His New Rolls Royce by austinvsb: 3:45pm On Sep 28, 2020

Oga you can continue Wailing and Weeping grin grin

That doesnt change the fact that you are a tiny self esteem man that doesn't appreciate his own until the white man tell him it's cool.
Health / Re: Nigeria Gets Medical Supplies From Dubai Ruler, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum by austinvsb: 4:04pm On Aug 16, 2020
This is just a way of appeasing the government for mishandling the hushpuppi case. They do not have extradition treaty with the US but still sent hushpuppi there despite Nigeria arguing against that

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Politics / Re: 2.4m Households To Benefit From FG’s Stimulus Package – Dr. Andrew Kwasari by austinvsb: 3:20pm On Aug 16, 2020
It's either majority of this first page commenters are kids (i mean literal primary school kids) or bots. No substance to add to the topic, just same soundbites in search for likes over and over again.

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Politics / Re: How Malami Stopped Prosecution Of Dino Melaye - Sahara Reporters by austinvsb: 12:49pm On Aug 14, 2020

Which of the politicians or business moguls in this country does not have foreign account. Is it a sin for somebody to have foreign account. Something that even students have.

I guess all the European, American and Asian countries with that rule for their public servants are the dumb ones then. Naijboy is smarter than every policymaker in the world combined.

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Politics / Re: Petrol Sold To Nigeria From Europe ‘dirtier’ Than Black Market ‘bush’ Fuel by austinvsb: 9:13am On Jul 01, 2020
Nigerian government past and present have failed Nigerians! They should all be hung in the gallows!
Nairaland / General / Re: Thoughts About African Americans? by austinvsb: 8:20pm On Jun 30, 2020

That is a nice response, thanks.

Always brother. If you ever need some help and are in Maryland. Hit me up.
Nairaland / General / Re: Thoughts About African Americans? by austinvsb: 8:00pm On Jun 30, 2020

It's nice that you believe me, from my interaction with African Americans, they seem to hate Africans, think of them as less, and use them as a convinient way to make themselves more proud, for example in the "Black is king" movie, Beyonce was never in Africa, Disney+ is not in Africa, but she is still making money and making false assumptions about Africa. Of course that doesn't mean every African American is like this but this was most of my interactions with them. What do you think?

I am not one to dismiss your personal experiences. I will never do that but I'd like to posit that I do not belive number of African Americans (which I assume is less than 100) that you have interacted with do not represent the larger population. Infact, in my experience, I have found them the most curious, willing to learn (about Africa) set of people that I have met.

I am presently doing my PhD at UMD and a large majority of my interactions with AAs have been nothing short of embracing and intriguing. Infact, I feel like they overrate my knowledge of Africa because they call or meet with me for clarifications at the slightest hurdle about Africa that they face.

Again I am not one to dismiss your personal experiences with African Americans but I judge people (African, European, American or Asian) based on individual interactions with them and never resort to generalizations as they tend to limit you in the long run.

So I am sorry that your experiences with our brothers and sisters in America hasn't been pleasant so far but I urge you to give every individual you meet a chance and I can assure you that you will find out that there are much more loving African Americans than there are the assholes.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Thoughts About African Americans? by austinvsb: 7:39pm On Jun 30, 2020


You are for real. That's actually good to know. So what reservations do you have about African Americans? Perhaps we can educate each other smiley
Nairaland / General / Re: Thoughts About African Americans? by austinvsb: 7:00pm On Jun 30, 2020

I am brother, do you want me to type in Hebrew? To send a pic of my hand + place of residence? To send pics of Ethiopian art I have at my house? Just tell me I will do it

You can write your nairaland username on a paper alongside today's date then take a picture showing your arm alongside the paper
Nairaland / General / Re: Thoughts About African Americans? by austinvsb: 5:51pm On Jun 30, 2020

Brother I am Ethiopian Jew. I am not a 4chan user, and I don't browse r/the_donald. And believe me when I tell you they don't like you and me.

I will need a proof that you are an Ethiopian jew. Otherwise you are just saying shit. Anyone can claim to be anything on the internet in a bid to try to push a message.

Whatever you say, African Americans are our brothers and sisters. A direct descendant of friends and families of hundreds of millions of US (Africans) and their fight for justice has had several positive effect for Africans around the world regardless of what you think or say.

Now I still need that proof you are an Ethiopian jew and not a incest bred trump supporter.


Nairaland / General / Re: Thoughts About African Americans? by austinvsb: 5:22pm On Jun 30, 2020
Another r/the_donald and 4chan user invading an African forum. Your presence everywhere trying to induce seperatism between Africans and our brothers and sisters in the US just shows that you guys are now desperate and scared.

A king can only be enslaved for so long before he rises to fight back for his throne.


Culture / Re: Christie Sells Nigerian Statues Of Igbo Deities That Were Looted by austinvsb: 4:26pm On Jun 30, 2020
The sale has been stopped. It was on BBC News yesterday.

That is a lie, The sale proceeded.
Culture / Re: Christie Sells Nigerian Statues Of Igbo Deities That Were Looted by austinvsb: 4:21pm On Jun 30, 2020
I visited a catholic monastery many years ago in Sankt Ottilien Germany, what I saw brought tears to my eyes. Authentic antique African art pieces on display and in good numbers. They sure didn't purchase these from the legitimate owners. As it stands, I'm still planning to sue then in a law court.

Why?. Because, according to German law, if a man breaks into your house and steals your belonging, then sells the stolen goods to another, even if the receiver indeed paid for the received goods, but since it is stolen from another, the receiver has committed a crime even if unwittingly, and must return the stolen goods to the rightful owner. The people who purportedly sold these masterpieces for a whistle were not the rightful owners, so the transfer could not have been lawful.

The European has always found a way to explain their cleptomania away when it comes to their dealings with Africa, and until citizens unite to sue France and Britain (nothing great about them) in their very own courts with attendant media attention, they will keep getting away with murdering a peoples culture and traditions.

I think Nigerian Authorities ought to seize any asset attributable to Christie's and whoever is behind the auction in Nigeria or use its clout to do the same in any African or allied country. This is the position Nigerian politicians ought to be struggling to stand the country instead of the asinine stealing and pauperizing the population that have become their stock in trade.

Who would think that priests are also thieves.

We should link up bro. I will be down with proceeding with that lawsuit.
Culture / Re: Christie Sells Nigerian Statues Of Igbo Deities That Were Looted by austinvsb: 4:18pm On Jun 30, 2020

Don't waste your precious time arguing with that bigot. He is not an African in case you haven't noticed. Many white supremacists have started infiltrating black forums because white supremacists are a mentally ill people so don't assume everyone on Nairaland is African. Careful who you choose to engage.

I realized this a couple of weeks ago and actually wanted to leave nairaland for good. But it is most dangerous to let this wicked people run rampage on our people psychs.

There are kids here whose brain are still in the maturation stage. They are the future of our country and continent at large and we absolutely should destroy every mental image of white supremacy in their minds, so that the future black man and woman can rise to be kings again!

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