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Politics / Re: 2023: Intrigues Over Fresh Bid To Replace APC, PDP by austinvsb: 7:42pm On Jan 09, 2021
A quick look at how some ignorant hate-filled Nigerians are deriding sowore, one of the foremost activists for a better Nigeria, tells you a lot about the retrogressive mindset that has infiltrated the populace.

With that sort of prevailing mentality, Nigerians will continue to sabotage themselves and I won't be surprised if APC and PDP continue to rule for another 50 years

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Foreign Affairs / Re: US Election: Curfew Declared In Washington Amid Pro-Trump Protest by austinvsb: 9:37pm On Jan 06, 2021
Said it before that Trump and his MAGA cult are America's greatest enemies and should be dealt with like terrorists. The NSA should also take note of all this Trump supporters on nairaland, blacklist them and never let them anywhere near the states. They'd come here and contribute to the madness there already is rn

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Politics / Re: Release Sowore Or Yoruba Nation Will Rise Against Your Government, Ibadan Chief by austinvsb: 7:49pm On Jan 05, 2021
[s][/s]idiot, so you felt you should quote me to paste that sentence you copied undecided

A cheat thinking everyone else cheats too. Classic projection. Your wonky intellect doesn't mean everyone on the internet participates in social-plagiarism.

Own yourself kiddo; Stop claiming to be Yoruba when you are obviously not! It's the foundation for a sound mental health.

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Politics / Re: Release Sowore Or Yoruba Nation Will Rise Against Your Government, Ibadan Chief by austinvsb: 6:55pm On Jan 05, 2021
We Yoruba no send Sowore message, Sowore is ambitious and does not even care about the Yoruba interests so Sowore is on his own. Infact We Yorubas are beginning to suspect Sowore that him and the Fulanis are playing games against we Yorubas so Sowore should fck off

This has to be some sort of psychological disorder. Dismissing your identity in a bid to drive home a point. Madness

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Crime / Re: Interpol Traces €500,000 COVID-19 Fraud To Nigeria by austinvsb: 8:03am On Dec 30, 2020

As usual your focus is on me as you had to repeatedly use the pronouns "you" and "your". Face the subject man!

Oh I see, ill-informed and imprudent. A nasty combination but not surprising really.
Crime / Re: Interpol Traces €500,000 COVID-19 Fraud To Nigeria by austinvsb: 7:02am On Dec 30, 2020

Jeez. You just went beating about the subject by insults. Well its ok. The truth is an extremely bitter pill to swallow.

Well, despite the avalanche of information available at your fingertips today, you still chose to dabble in this poppycock that was sold to your parents as gospel: Now that's your choice, and if experience has taught anything, it will also be your choice to find out otherwise. Goodluck
Crime / Re: Interpol Traces €500,000 COVID-19 Fraud To Nigeria by austinvsb: 6:37am On Dec 30, 2020

I am not ignorant. Stop being sentimental. Answer the bloody question
"Who kidnapped and sold off Africans as slaves to the White man?"
"Africa had kings then. Why did they keep mute during slave trade if they were not benefiting from it?"

Like I said, your history has been revised to you so much that you believe it and sincerely I don't blame you. I actually wouldn't be surprised if you are one of those that bows their head to worship the poster of a white Jesus hanging at the wall in his house. Well, I do not have the responsibility to teach you anything since I am not your parent; moreover, you will grow better when you take the time to seek out information that you'd like to know more of. Ciao
Crime / Re: Interpol Traces €500,000 COVID-19 Fraud To Nigeria by austinvsb: 5:44am On Dec 30, 2020

Foolish statement. Would slave trade have gone on if Africans didn't accept to sell fellow Africans as slaves?

This is reductive thinking brought about by historical revicism but I doubt you are smart enough to know that or even willing to learn. Enjoy your ignorance, sure sounds good on you!

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Crime / Re: Interpol Traces €500,000 COVID-19 Fraud To Nigeria by austinvsb: 5:41am On Dec 30, 2020
Stop being stupid. Those captured as slaves are over there enjoying what you don't have in Africa. Go and work your ass off legitimately instead of talking deranged here.

I don't support fraudsters but you are the real deranged one here belittling what AAs went through and alluding they are enjoying. That mental enslavement you got there deserves several awards!

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Politics / Re: Ephraim Inyangeye Shares COVID-19 Palliative As Christmas Gifts (Photos) by austinvsb: 9:35pm On Dec 25, 2020
In all honesty, he's far more better than those that didn't share even as Christmas or birthday gift

You and your likes are the real problems of nigeria
Phones / Re: Chinese Court Finds Gionee Guilty Of Planting Malware On Mobile Phone by austinvsb: 2:38pm On Dec 08, 2020
I hope the ignorant kids up here shouting Chinese phones are aware that all their iPhones and Samsungs and most popular phone brands in the world are produced in china? If not for the massive industrial scaling in china, your newest iPhone will cost you upward of 3 million naira. And you can clearly see the government is against this, judging by the prosecution and indictment in the article.

Use your heads before typing stupid

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Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency:put Me To Shame, Zone Ticket To South East, Umahi Challenges PDP by austinvsb: 3:22pm On Nov 24, 2020
If PDP and APC are still the major parties by 2023 despite everything, then my brothers and sisters, forget it, Nigeria is doomed

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Politics / Re: UK Parliament: Gowon Stole Money 'Half Of The Central Bank Of Nigeria' by austinvsb: 1:18am On Nov 24, 2020
Gowon ole

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Keep dreaming.some xtian leaders including GEJ who ruled could'nt remove it,but u are here deceiving urself.we have so many electronics,products,etc with their instruction manuals written in arabic.Does that mean these things are islamic?..arabic numerals,roman numerals are being taught in our schools for long decades,does that mean the schools are arabic?.Some arab countries e.g lebanon,egypt,palastinia, with few christians have their bibles written in arabic. Arabic is just a language for God's sake..EVEN THE CURRENCY OF ISREAL(ur self acclaimed God's own country) HAS ARABIC WRITTINGS ON IT..See below;

Stop ignorantly bringing up israel. Isreal has Arabic inscriptions on its currency because there are literal Arabs living in the country. Do we have Arabs living in Nigeria?
Politics / Re: Reasons Why I Think Trump Is The Best Thing To Happen To America -- Fani Kayode by austinvsb: 3:37pm On Nov 11, 2020
The only reason this non-christ-like christians worship Trump and believe him their second Messiah is because Trump placed a travel ban on Muslim countries with one of his first executive orders in office. Virtue signalled to them, like a professional conman, and ever since, they have sucked his balls in belief that he is their David to take on the golliaths of the world.

The book of Matthew 25: 31 - 40 admonishes that we be welcoming and loving but all this extremist want to do is fight, fight and fight! Jesus says love your neighbors but fani kayode and his extremists preach and propagate hate and worship Trump, a professional hate-monger.

How can you have so much hate in your hearts and expect the God of love to let you into his kingdom? Look at this one below for instance. The crazy thing is this guys truly believe this things!

Foreign Affairs / Re: Kamala Harris Calls Joe Biden To Congratulate Him by austinvsb: 10:07pm On Nov 07, 2020
Expect righteousness89 to come preach here about how Joe and kamala are the Antichrist to usher in the Armageddon. Fucking ridiculous!!

How people who are literally the anti-thesis of what Jesus represented can claim to be Christians without getting heavenly slaps is the testament that God is indeed a gentle God grin

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Politics / Re: Tanko Muhammad Swears In Eight Supreme Court Judges by austinvsb: 12:16pm On Nov 06, 2020
This is ridiculously nepotistic and deserves more outrage than it is getting!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Protests Across America Over Post-Election Uncertainty (In Pictures) by austinvsb: 11:53pm On Nov 05, 2020

My Brother,Your Problem is Hidden Sins and Iniquities!
Humble yourself and Make Peace with GOD through JESUS Christ so you don't shocked on that Great day.

GOD BLESS President Donald Trump..

Oniranu, I think you have you just described your problem. Be guided, No hate-filled toxic heart enters the kingdom of heaven and all this your gragra is just preparation to dance alongside trump in hell.

A word is enough for the wise

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Protests Across America Over Post-Election Uncertainty (In Pictures) by austinvsb: 9:58pm On Nov 05, 2020
We Live in times of very thick uncertainties..

The times we Live in are Heavily Pregnant of Events, which will shake the Inhabitants and the Foundations of the Earth. And the time of Delivery is Here..

If there was Ever a time one needed to Personally Sit up and Make Personally Preparations that will Guarantee Safety Here on Earth and in Eternity! It is Now!

Come out From among the Crowd and Personally settle your Matter with JESUS..

Eternity is not a Community or Family Matter!
Even Identical twins will be separated!

JESUS Christ is the only Hope of Safety!!
There is No More time...

Dude you are embarrassing our Christian faith. Supporting a hate-monger, white supremacist and all round bigot because of some religious fanaticism are some of the things Jesus preached against. You and others like you have no place in God's kingdom and you better be ready to spend those eternity in hell if you keep going this way.

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Politics / Re: If Trump Looses The Election Then Christian Will Perish - Nigerian Boy Cries by austinvsb: 3:34pm On Nov 04, 2020
Religion really has brainwashed this people, has it not?!!

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Politics / Re: Jonathan’s Ex-aide, Reno Omokri Rejects Prayers Offered Him By A Muslim by austinvsb: 12:40pm On Nov 01, 2020

Using another moniker doesn't make you smart. Your writing style gives you away as the same bigot-kid I replied to earlier. Again go suck on mom's titties in case you didn't hear me properly the first time.
Politics / Re: Jonathan’s Ex-aide, Reno Omokri Rejects Prayers Offered Him By A Muslim by austinvsb: 9:05am On Nov 01, 2020
keep shut.. you were Yoruba before religion but you as a Yoruba Muslim will never marry your daughter to a follow Yoruba Christian why ?

Go back and suck on mom's titties boy. It's too early to play with handsets now don't you think?
Politics / Re: Jonathan’s Ex-aide, Reno Omokri Rejects Prayers Offered Him By A Muslim by austinvsb: 8:27am On Nov 01, 2020
Reno is and has always been an extremist. In every Yoruba family, there is at least a christian or a muslim and the basic understanding that binds us in peace and harmony is that we are yorubas (humans) first before anything else. Reno would do well to inculcate this idea rather than continue to push this divide that even the Pope is advising against.

Religious divide is soo powerful in that if it goes away today, a sizeable portion of the world's problem would go away with it too.


Politics / Re: Why FG Needs To Regulate Social Media ― Lai Mohammed by austinvsb: 10:04pm On Oct 31, 2020

I am not responsible for your education.

What you are responsible for is evidence for your assertions. I can't seem to find any

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Politics / Re: Why FG Needs To Regulate Social Media ― Lai Mohammed by austinvsb: 9:46pm On Oct 31, 2020
China,Singapore, Germany and Australia regulates social media to fight fake news and hate speech. Nothing wrong if Nigeria does same.

Evidence of Germany and Australia regulating social media or did you pull that one off your arsehole?

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Politics / Re: US: Why We Oppose Okonjo-iweala’s Election As WTO DG by austinvsb: 12:47pm On Oct 29, 2020

My Brother forget that Trade talk!
If at all! Okonji iwela will be the one since she is a US Citizen!
It's beyond all that..
The Globalist are calling for a "Great Reset"!
Go search for the team of the Davis 2021 conference..
It's all about who decides World Economy !
They are pushing for Global One World! Global vaccination, Climate Change stuff,One World currency etc!
It's both Spiritual and Physical!
The likes of Gordon Brown, Bill gates, Rockefeller, Zuckerberg, Soros, and many others .
Trump is not for all that, at least for now!

Oh boy. This one is even more delusional than earlier thought. Boy find your way to Qanon, thats where you belong, not nairaland.
Politics / Re: US: Why We Oppose Okonjo-iweala’s Election As WTO DG by austinvsb: 12:45pm On Oct 29, 2020
I can understand why you believe what you typed but to think the Trump Administration is a force of good vs evil globalist forces out there is to admit how limited your knowledge horizon is. I will suggest you read more, learn more and have an open mind rather than spend all your time on white supremacist websites who are masquerading themselves as well meaning christians.

There are advantages and disadvantages to Globalism as there are to Nationalism. One is not necessarily better than the other. I could even argue that globalism is responsible for some of the things you as an individual enjoys today. Are you aware that corporations run the USA, and I mean both parties in the USA. Please how do you think corporations became so rich and powerful, you think it was by supporting nationalist ideas? It is sad that you cannot see Trump for who he truly is; a conman and a racist disguised as a populist and nationalist. If he did believe in his nationalist ideas, please tell me why would he be trying to setup hotels across the world and sub-contract some of his own company's manufacturing to china? Before you label me an anti-christ, go and read, learn and keep an open mind while doing so.

Now I get that you are in love with all things Trump but then every once in a while it never hurts to understand what you are supporting. Do not just listen to what is retorted, read and make up your own mind.

That guy is an righteousness89 is an extremist
Politics / Re: The US Vows Never To Recognize Okonjo Iweala’s Appointment As WTO DG by austinvsb: 2:10am On Oct 29, 2020
If you're Trump or an average American, will you trust a woman from corrupt Nigeria with such a sensitive office or a South Korean, a woman from an ally and friendly country?

SK and US have strong ties and it's no rocket science that they will stick with them at this time.

Ngozi will still win though whether US supports her or not.

Another waste of precious oxygen. Post history shows a trump supporter. Not surprised


Politics / Re: The US Vows Never To Recognize Okonjo Iweala’s Appointment As WTO DG by austinvsb: 2:09am On Oct 29, 2020
They feel China may have influence on the woman if appointed.

Despite her obtaining American citizenship? This is just Trump racism pure and simple


Politics / Re: COVID-19 Palliatives Were Not Hoarded - Nigerian Governors' Forum by austinvsb: 7:22pm On Oct 26, 2020
[quote author=GeneralShepherd post=95367629]Most nations are now planning for a second round of relief and support for their citizenry and these people are talking about a plan to share palliatives for a lockdown that happened 5 months ago.

The black man is indeed really dumb. [/]

Hit your parents, friends and family with that dumb-talk you got going. I am black and SMART!

Stupid kids everywhere. Can't believe this even got likes
Politics / Re: Adesina: PDP Wanted To Take  Advantage Of EndSARS To Return To Power In 2023 by austinvsb: 11:03pm On Oct 22, 2020
Both PDP and APC can go Bleep themselves! They are birds of a feather that have nothing but poverty and backwardness to offer Nigerians!

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Politics / Re: Breaking: Tinubu Oriental Hotel On Fire As Angry Youth Attack More Assets by austinvsb: 3:59am On Oct 22, 2020
What the Bleep is this madness?!! I am no longer in support of this destruction of infrastructures in the name of protest!!!


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