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Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho Blasts Oluwo Of Iwo Calls Him 'omo Ale Oba' by austinvsb: 4:46pm On Mar 22, 2021
Of course the oluwo is a bastard!
Politics / Re: Buhari Condemns Attack On Ortom, Says Incident Should Not Be Politicised by austinvsb: 6:12am On Mar 22, 2021
Can't Buhari go on LIVE television and condemn in very firm terms the atrocities by this criminals?!! Take questions from journalists, assuage Nigerians that all is well and he doesn't support the atrocities committed by them?

His silence may very well lead to the end of Nigeria as we know it! I am so fucking livid I supported this idiot in 2015!


Business / Re: Naira-4-dollar Scheme Ends May 8, Banks Tell Customers by austinvsb: 9:01pm On Mar 16, 2021
This is actually a very smart idea from the CBN.
Celebrities / Re: Iyabo Ojo: An Armed Robber Raped Me In My Husband’s House by austinvsb: 7:32pm On Mar 13, 2021
Only the second to the last story looked like a rape case and that's why she took her time to explain...

And anyone can haul insults at me, but you won't be dressed like a moderate girl should and still get raped 5 times.... Haba!
She must have a "street" attitude that made all these agberos see her as a dump hole

You are a disgusting pig and what you have just put out here will come back to haunt you 10 folds. Remember this day when it happens.


Politics / Re: SEC: Nigeria’s Rising Debt Servicing Is An Economic Threat by austinvsb: 6:24am On Mar 12, 2021
Africa will not develop until we come up with an economic system different from the predatory capitalism currently imposed on the continent and controlled by the west. We have every natural and human resource to be a wealthy people but have been coerced to trade our valuable resources for printed paper and at prices dictated by the West all in the name of capitalism.

bleeped doesn't even begin to describe Africa if we don't take direct control of our economies sooner, rather than later.


Politics / Re: Amaechi: I Won’t Descend To Wike’s Level, He Was My Employee by austinvsb: 4:20pm On Mar 11, 2021
I really do not like wike. He is too much trouble and violence.

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Politics / Re: Wakili: Why We Arrested OPC Operatives - Police by austinvsb: 9:34pm On Mar 07, 2021
The police whose public trust is already at its lowest have finally eroded any tiny bit of goodwill that was left. They are literally telling citizens that they are in the team of the enemy and will start getting treated as such if an urgent reversal isn't made.

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Politics / Re: Oluwo: Some Selfish Yoruba Leaders Behind Crisis In Southwest by austinvsb: 9:25pm On Mar 07, 2021
Stop giving this drug addicted sell-out bastard a platform @seun. Stop!!!

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Politics / Re: Shasa Crisis: Afenifere Condemns Prosecution Of Only Yoruba Suspects by austinvsb: 6:23am On Mar 06, 2021
Slave is a slave ..

Wives be submissive to your husband

A bigot and a dumbfuck. Nice combo


Politics / Re: PDP Rejects Imposition Of No-fly-zone On Zamfara by austinvsb: 3:37am On Mar 04, 2021
No be only no - fly zone Na no jump - zone, why didn't he declare no fly zone in katsina or niger state where bandit also kidnap student or the Ak 47 that the bandit use to kidnap student in katsina and Niger state fell from the sky.

Dude, I'm no fan of Buhari but the no-fly-zone in zamfara is the best decision he has made until now. External actors alongside internal saboteurs are working together to extract minerals from zamfara while distracting the federal government with violence. If Niger Delta oil is used for the whole nation, zamfara gold must also be similarly used.
Politics / Re: Hijab Crisis: Kwara Is Muslim State, Take Your Mission Schools To Rivers - MURIC by austinvsb: 8:06am On Feb 23, 2021
It's so stupid the kind of dumbfucks that get media attention in nigeria.

Omo ale Ishaq Akintola

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Foreign Affairs / Re: June Wisse: Nigerian Model At 7 Mimicking President Biden's Inaugural Speech by austinvsb: 8:00am On Feb 23, 2021
She is natural born public speaker. Her talent should be nourished. Kudos! cool


Politics / Re: Anxiety In Ogun As Herdsmen Write 8 Ogun Communities, Plot Fresh Attacks by austinvsb: 4:09pm On Feb 21, 2021
Lol. Igbos sha. Thread started by an Igbo and 100% of the mocking mischief against Yorubas on the thread contributed by Igbos.

Let's hope the hateful obsession of some Igbos with Yorubas won't choke some of you to death in the near future

Dude how tf did you make the transition from "fulani herdsmen threatening us in our land" about igbos? That's maddening tbh. Completely refusing to address the elephant in the room and going for an easy distraction. Goddamn stupid!

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Car Talk / Re: Car Manufacturing: Nigeria To Build Industrial Parks In Three States by austinvsb: 12:35am On Feb 17, 2021

So the govt realizes that local production creates employment but has been selling raw crude to Indians and Europeans to help them create high paying employment when they refine it.

I dislike Buhari as much as the next guy but his govt has actually done well in trying to localize crude refining


Politics / Re: Nigeria Was Technologically Advanced Before European Colonialism - Evidence by austinvsb: 3:59am On Feb 16, 2021

I'm glad you've taken on a more mature approach to this topic, as expected.

Did you read the academic papers I posted on the previous page regarding the need to evolve a genuine indigenous industrial revolution based on our own technological heritage? I fully support the findings of that paper. I suggest you read it again to see the points made.

I don't subscribe to abandoning our traditional medIcine just because we've not had a government serious enough to elevate it like the Chinese did theirs. Why give up just like that? I'm surprised you suggested that. We must continue to develop that field until it reaches its appropriate place in our health system. It has shown to be more effective than western medicine on several occasions, as shown by the testimony of the great Dr Adeoye Lambo.

Also, the British DID force us to abandon our traditional religions.

They did this by insisting that any entrants to their missionary schools must abandon their traditional faiths and become CHRISTIAN.

They would baptize you, and issue you with a christian or English name, before you could enrol. This was enforced particularly strictly in Igboland, whose people they saw as fiercely independent, and thus requiring total transformation. This is why almost every Igbo person you see today has a christian or English name affixed to his or her native name.

They did not tolerate any person attending the missionary schools who was an African religionist. And they reinforced this rejection by wildly exaggerating or fabricating tales of traditional barbarism. So one or two villages engaging in twin infanticide, translated to ''Igbos killed their twins'', etc etc.

When a new power comes in and seizes the economic resources of your territory, and insists that the only way to access those resources is by attending his schools, speaking and writing his language, and adopting his religion, it amounts to subtle coercion to abandon your old ways, your old philosophies, your old technologies, your old educational systems, and adopt his.

And that is precisely what happened.

Upward mobility became dependent on trashing and dumping your own heritage, and adopting that of the colonizer.

The colonialists did not have this policy in the north. They accepted Islam was the religion there. The 18th century jihadists had essentially done their work for them, of disconnecting Africans from their powerful heritage, so they were happy with Islamic prevalence in the north.

But they did not tolerate African religion and philosophies practiced in the south, and insisted on christianization and westernization. That is why majority of southern Nigerians are christians today who look down on their traditional heritage, and regard it as 'backward, heathen, uncivilized' etc.

It was a process of deliberate social engineering by the British that was highly effective.

Oh man! I can read your write ups all day! Glad there are people like this still lurking around on NL smiley smiley smiley

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Was Technologically Advanced Before European Colonialism - Evidence by austinvsb: 3:35am On Feb 16, 2021

You are derailing your own thread.

Personally I want to see where all this ends, but while at it stick with the specifics, take away guess works like Kush and Egypt.

The part of the communication makes perfect sense but needs more in-depth research.

Not quite sure of the totality of the talking drum but the telepathy was spot on.

That's what IFA diviners and witches use. The reason why this things were easy to swept away I think as to do with the fact there were no conventional schools in pre-slavery/colonial Africa, so when the whole shit storm dead down there were no pre-defined structure to fall back on.

I disagree with your premise that Kush and egyptian history as it relates to black Africa are guess works. I have done a bit of my research in this and you'd never surprised how established our links are.

Nevertheless, I too am very interested in more research on our history with telepathy. In fact at some point, i'd like to travel back home to visit well established ifa worshipping shrines and authorities in a bid to gain more insight into the workings of ifa. Should you come across internet resources, please share some with a brother. Thanks smiley
Politics / Re: Nigeria Was Technologically Advanced Before European Colonialism - Evidence by austinvsb: 3:30am On Feb 16, 2021

No, it's you who has a malformed brain....

What's not obvious to u is that even ur Kings at that time procured cars and built modern houses with modern facilities and telephone.... They sent their kids to school....

Stop this nonsense

In a bid to sound smart, you keep sounding dumber and dumber with every reply! Kings at pre colonial times purchased telephones? What dumbfuckery! And to think you are confident enough to type this trope!

Either shut up if you aren't smart enough to comprehend the thread or contribute like someone with a working brain. Ode


Politics / Re: Nigeria Was Technologically Advanced Before European Colonialism - Evidence by austinvsb: 3:18am On Feb 16, 2021
This guy has a penchant for talking absolute rubbish.

And you have a penchant for mental slavery.


Politics / Re: I Don’t Believe That Buhari Is In Charge - Wole Soyinka by austinvsb: 2:44am On Feb 15, 2021
Oh prof! I believe he is definitely in charge............. of mastermind and orchestration.
Politics / Re: I Won’t Allow Any Religious, Ethnic To Stoke Hatred Against Others — Buhari by austinvsb: 2:35am On Feb 15, 2021
This man is a true Democrat
He knows when and what to say

Abi werey leleyi? Democrat ko, Republican ni. Gerrarahere!
Politics / Re: Fulani Herdsmen Kill Two And Set Amotekun Vehicle Ablaze In Ondo by austinvsb: 10:49am On Feb 12, 2021
Eyin omo karo O jire, asiko tito now! Enough of this nonsense!!! Our forebears are known for their resilience and battle hardened pride and it's time we came together and showed this nuisances that they are messing with the wrong tribe!

This is a proscribed terrorist group using our forests as a launch pad to attack Yoruba land. The right time for an aggressive push back was yesterday, the next best time is NOW!!!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Central Bank Of Kenya To Use Bitcoin As Reserve Currency by austinvsb: 7:26am On Feb 12, 2021
Buhari's government is an abject failure. For the first time in a long time, an African country was about to be the number one in a financial sector, a move that could have spiraled unprecedented economic growth but the bastards in Aso rock and their pee-sized brain dumbos in the CBN decided it's best to always keep the black man down!

First it was harassing youths with laptops using 'fraud' as an excuse. This resulted in massive regression in IT. Now, It's banning cryptocurrency based on same flimsy excuse of 'fraud' and depriving Nigerians a future where we can lead or at least share the top position with others.

Nigerian leaders are cursed!!!

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Politics / Re: Buhari Celebrates 50 Years Of Nigeria-China Diplomatic Relations by austinvsb: 1:04pm On Feb 10, 2021
You mean Nigeria China slavery..... Neo colonialism?

I despise Buhari in almost every way but Kids like this with little knowledge of their colonial history coming online to spout venom just enrages me! Your usage of 'China' and 'slavery' in the same sentence just goes to show how brainwashed the average African is about his colonial past.

Facts: china has been the best economic partner for Africa in decades!! Use your brain


Business / Re: FG Rejects IMF’s Call For Further Devaluation Of Naira by austinvsb: 6:18am On Feb 09, 2021
I don't understand why u guys are causing out the IMF, this are bodies of economic experts who works with economic, technical and fundamental analysis to make forcaste and recommendations.. Since the beginning of the recession, what economic road recovery plan has the government embarked on? A time like this the cost of governance ought to be reduced or least I forget aren't there economic implication for reckless borrowing the government has been doing over the years and running to the same IMF for loans?

Tell me a policy advices from IMF that has worked well for Nigeria?
Politics / Re: Cryptocurrency: All Exchange Mediums Are Subject To Fraud & Criminality- Moghalu by austinvsb: 5:57pm On Feb 08, 2021
Isn't this guy Igbo? Someone with his brains from the SE seems like the right pick for 2023 imho. It's high time this old clueless fools were removed from power.

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Politics / Re: 2023: Only God Can Tell Who Will Become Nigeria’s President – Rotimi Amaechi by austinvsb: 2:40pm On Feb 08, 2021
Amaechi had earlier said the Kano-Maradi (Niger Republic) rail project will cost the federal government $1.9bn.

The real issue here is why are we constructing a rail line to Niger republic when several major cities and towns in Nigeria still lack one.
Politics / Re: Why Security Forces Can't Find Bandits Gumi Located - Adamu Garba by austinvsb: 2:12pm On Feb 08, 2021
Stop giving this terrorist sympathizers media platform!

Imagine someone opining that dialogue not combat is the way to deal with Boko Haram savages and both PUNCH and NAIRALAND are giving him platform to spread that venom. WTF!

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Politics / Re: I'm Not Like Nnamdi Kanu Who Doesn't Carry His People Along... Sunday Igboho by austinvsb: 11:13am On Feb 08, 2021
They have started with the usual divide and conquer. Look at the OP's history. He is a Buhari ass-licker
Business / Re: How FBI Warned FG, CBN On Scammers Using Cryptocurrencies To Defraud The West by austinvsb: 6:51pm On Feb 07, 2021
If anyone tells you that the Nigerian government is interested in growing Nigerian economy, slap them across the face!

Just like the West has done since colonialism, they find constant ways to make sure the economy of African countries are comatose by every means. Including installing puppet leaders that sabotage any chance at growth.
Politics / Re: No More Herdsmen – Sunday Igboho Faces Soldiers, Policemen [video] by austinvsb: 8:13am On Jan 24, 2021
Omo akin o kin sojo. Awon irumole wa leyin e igholo! O to ge!!!


Foreign Affairs / Re: Meet Amanda Gorman, The Youngest Poet To Read At Presidential Inauguration by austinvsb: 10:37am On Jan 21, 2021

The fact that you live a life bereft of ambitions do not mean other black people are same.

She's done what you can NEVER EVER come close to doing and that alone puts her beyond your level of comprehension.

I hate haters. Especially haters of other excellent black people. Now kindly GO DIE!


Politics / Re: Osinbajo Hailed On Promotion Of Tech Opportunities For Youths by austinvsb: 3:35am On Jan 13, 2021
Osinbajo is literally the only mainstream politician in Nigeria that I have a little trust for to do right by nigerians. The others are dogshit!!


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