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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Amazon Recruitment Of Software Developers In Nigeria 2022. How To Apply by austinvsb: 1:51pm On Jul 05, 2022
If Nigeria doesn't get it's shit together fast!, there will be no talents left in this shores.

This open Amazon recruitment drive is only the beginning because the West is undergoing severe shortage in workers since the pandemic started. Westerners are revolting and multinationals will now start to look more to Africa and Asia to try to poke as much workers as possible.

For anyone that will be applying to this jobs, please know that your talents as a software developer is in EXTREME HIGH DEMAND around the world and that demand will only continue to rise!!! Ask for proper salary (hundreds of thousands in DOLLARS, yearly). Don't sell yourself too cheap on this one because of the promise of relocation from naija. Godspeed!

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Politics / Re: Relist Nigeria As A Violator Of Religious Freedom, US Senators Write Biden by austinvsb: 3:43pm On Jul 01, 2022
Muslim killing people because of blasphemy and Atiku a presidential aspirant apologized to the mob who killed Deborah.

That one called Atiku should never even smell the seat of power! E pain me say no be Wike win that primaries I swear & I am not even a fan of Wike but Atiku is another Buhari, if not deadlier!

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Religion / Re: The Earliest Images Of Jesus Show Him To Be A Black Man - Pics by austinvsb: 8:05am On Jun 24, 2022

The time you spend digging into how the white man lied to you should be invested in making your country work. Don't you think?

I have come to understand that the black will always play the victim in everything and accuse the white man of not being fair or being totally bias. However, what black people do to themselves is nothing compared to whatever they allege the white man does/did to them.

I always tell those who care to listen that given some of the terrible attitudes and behaviours I have seen among dubious and callous blacks, especially the ones in Nigeria, if the black man enjoyed the privileges and innovations that the white man brought to this world today, the white man would be their slaves till the end of the world. Let this sink in

Therefore, stop wailing about what someone did to you; start thinking of how you treat yourselves. Re-channel your energy to fighting tribalism, hate among black people, widespread injustice, ruthless and bad leadership, ethnic cleansing, human sacrifice, nepotism and favoruism, unfairness and inequity, etc.

You should be worried that black countries don't work and that every day, black people are moving in their droves to seek greener pastures in the lands of the same people you love to hate. Until you are able to deal with those vices, uncle, we have nothing to talk about here.

Deflect and then go on a tangent after realising how foolish his belief that Jesus revealed his face to a white woman in 1931 as the gospel truth. Typical of any brainwashed cultist when faced with an evidence of his foolery.


Religion / Re: The Earliest Images Of Jesus Show Him To Be A Black Man - Pics by austinvsb: 7:36am On Jun 24, 2022

Please where is it in the Bible that Prophet Isaiah saw Jesus? The last time I checked, he saw God's glory and holiness in the dream. In fact, Prophet Isaiah lived about 700 years before the birth of Jesus Christ. And mind you, nothing that was foretold in the old testament happened exactly the way it was told because (to the best of my knowledge) God doesn't want man to totally understand Him.

There's no record in the Bible where anyone moulded or drew Jesus Christ. According to Catholic teachings, one of the few persons Jesus Christ revealed Himself to was Maria Faustyna Kowalska on 22 Feb, 1931. As the story goes, she couldn't even draw and had to get a professional painter to draw Jesus under her supervision.

I still maintain that no serious Christian should be worried about what Jesus looked like. No Christian should concern himself or herself with that. Instead, preach the Gospel and lead a Christ-like lifestyle. This is the key to our salvation.

Like we have been repeatedly told, it is better to do all that and believe that heaven is real and later find out that we were deceived than live a terrible lifestyle and later find out that hellfire is real.

Your Jesus revealed himself to a white woman in 1931?!! Well, I am not surprised that is the teaching of the Catholic Church Lmao

More than the physical anguish, Mind enslavement was the most destructive thing that European colonizers did to Africa and her people.

And your username is 'SmartPolitican' grin grin grin

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Religion / Re: The Earliest Images Of Jesus Show Him To Be A Black Man - Pics by austinvsb: 7:19am On Jun 24, 2022
you must have learnt those words here on NL

elaborate your point...don't just call names. How am I brainwashed?!

Because despite all the evidence-backed history in this thread, you puff your chest with a witty one-liner retort with zero evidence! Your pea-sized brain couldn't think for a second that the people that reside in a place in 2023 might radically differ from those that did 10,000 years ago?!

You are brainwashed because you want your Jesus to be white so much, you instantly dismiss pieces of evidence staring at you that counters that indoctrination!


Politics / Re: Owo Massacre: FG’s Conclusion On ISWAP Too Hasty – Gov Akeredolu by austinvsb: 7:18pm On Jun 10, 2022

How can a whole National Security Council issue such critical statement against ISWAP without confirmation just to cover up their cluelessness & incompetence.
Is that how they toy with issues of National Security.

Yeap! Absolutely incompetent and useless government! Southwest has been the most peaceful region that still is able to attract FDI into nigeria and now the government says ISWAP has conducted attack there.

The US even released a "concerned notice", something investors do not take lightly.

Clueless, absolutely clueless lot!


Politics / Re: Owo Massacre: FG’s Conclusion On ISWAP Too Hasty – Gov Akeredolu by austinvsb: 7:13pm On Jun 10, 2022

I thought it was Fulani herdsmen now. angry

Akeredolu never said that. Check his official press release on his Twitter & Facebook page. It was fake news by mischievous outlets like peoplegazzette
Politics / Re: Is Poverty Really The Cause?: Moghalu Reacts To Defeat At ADC Primary by austinvsb: 2:29pm On Jun 10, 2022
Later we say our leaders are our problems forgetting our roles in causing the problems

Dude the 'rulers' are the problem!!!

They get chosen by a few set of compromised souls called 'Delegates' and leave the masses with a choice of 'the best of 2 evils'

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Crime / Re: Owo Massacre: We Heard The Culprits Have Been Arrested - Olowo Of Owo by austinvsb: 4:03am On Jun 10, 2022
What if it was a drug war and not terrorist attack as we are meant to believe??

Before you counter out of sentiment, don't forget the Ozebulu church massacre sometime ago..

And when it comes to drugs, after the Igbos, Yorubas are next..

PS: Those found culpable should be severely dealt with, without appeal/mercy...

What a Braindead take!

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Politics / Re: Akeredolu Is Evil, Selfish And Wicked!!! by austinvsb: 12:28am On Jun 07, 2022
Akeredolu never made that statement. Read up his press release yourself on Facebook and Twitter. The mali and Syria claim is fake news they was suspiciously rushed to the front page
Politics / Re: European Union Turns To Nigeria As Alternative To Russian Oil And Gas Supplier by austinvsb: 9:14am On Apr 17, 2022
Resources are very limited but paper money can be endlessly printed everyday! It is important that resource-rich countries of Africa realize how powerful they are and act accordingly.

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Or Wike: Who Will Be A Better Candidate For PDP In 2023? by austinvsb: 6:44am On Apr 05, 2022
Woke doesn't have electoral value outside SS, Atiku will look like a continuation of the North after 8 years, I think Peter Obi is PDP's best bet for presidency

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Sports / Re: Nigeria Pretend To Be Big Boys, But They’re Our Little Babies – Ghana FA by austinvsb: 1:15pm On Mar 24, 2022
Ghana must go

You guys should stop this nonsense 'Ghana must go' bullshit that is actually a stain on our history with a brotherly country!

Banter is good, but relieving this nonsense like it's something to be proud of is stupid!

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Travel / Re: This Is Oba, Anambra State (Pictures, Video) by austinvsb: 4:35pm On Mar 21, 2022
Home of billionaires

How the igbos became so successful despite not holding unto presidency shock me

I sometimes wonder why they don't fight tooth and nail to be president like others in Lagos


Igbos are very industrious people. That's why!


Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Turns To China’s Unionpay System Amid Visa And Mastercard Departures by austinvsb: 7:54pm On Mar 07, 2022
and u dont know these 180 countries can block this chin sys of payment..very easy to do...nor be internet at times putin talks like an illitrate

If the 180 countries block union pay, china retaliates with blocking visa and mastercard in their country, everyone including the West loses. I think you have no idea how dependent on China Global manufacturing and economy is lol.


Politics / Re: Tinubu Dancing 'Ijo Eko' With Orji Uzor Kalu And Ngige (Throwback Video) by austinvsb: 6:40am On Mar 01, 2022
I see that Tinubu speaks in such a way that it is easy for opponents to take him out of context. He throws a lot of jibes but in a jokey way that the 'popular' yoruba Dad does in an owanbe party, a family meeting or in my dad's case, while watching a football match.

Still not convinced about him being the leader Nigeria needs going forward though.

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Politics / Re: Who Else Noticed The Big Difference Between European And African Wars by austinvsb: 2:58am On Mar 01, 2022

No one is calling Europeans to question. Africa is the basis of the conversation. And yes, if they were real assertions designed to prove his point, he ought to state verifiable references. There are many wrong and biased info on Google. He wanted to talk like a scholar, but the realities in Africa, especially that African leaders earn millions in the same continent where there citizens are wickedly impoverished, confounded his submission ab initio.

Guys, Stop engaging this clearly low IQ thing! He obviously has self-worth issues that requires the attention of a mental health professional

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Inspired Me To Manufacture SUVs, Pick-Up Vans ― Innoson by austinvsb: 2:02pm On Feb 09, 2022

I didnt say he isnt doing a good job did I? what makes you think I am not grateful? I said he isnt a car manufacturer, he is assembling and thats fact!!! ......just calling a spade a spade!!!

Your spade sounds like envy. Admire and move on, no need for all this plenty talk
Politics / Re: IMF Insists On Fuel Subsidy Removal by austinvsb: 11:30pm On Feb 07, 2022
Idiots that dont appreciate china and the largesse with their loans will soon learn that china has been Africa's best friend in a LONG time. As long as china sees that you are able to pay back, they lend you money. None of this exploitative IMF economic adjustment bullshit that results in serious hardship for citizens.


Travel / Re: NRC Expects Nigeria To Be Linked By Rail Line Within The Next 5 - 10 Years by austinvsb: 7:35pm On Jan 31, 2022
Thank God for China for believing that Africa is the continent with the most room to grow in the world and working to be the frontier partner to help achieve This development. This is one area where you can't fault buhari!

I will reiterate again, China has been Africa's best friend especially with infrastructural development!

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Politics / Re: 2023: Arewa Twitter, Northerners Drum Support For Osinbajo (PICTURES) by austinvsb: 12:15pm On Jan 23, 2022
I like osinbajo but I feel the northern Muslim Bloc are pushing for osinbajo for fear of loosing access to power if Tinubu a Muslim expectedly picks a Christian VP from the north.

Tinubu has his pitfalls, don't we all, but at some point the religious (and ethnic?) minorities in the North have to be given a chance especially with so many ISWAP/Bokoharam Apologists in power

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Sports / Re: AFCON 2021: Peseiro Has Not Signed Contract To Take Over From Eguavoen – NFF by austinvsb: 5:40am On Jan 21, 2022
Keep Austin Eguavon by all means!!! Even if we don't win AFCON, as long as he does well enough in the tournament, keep him!

He obviously understands the players, is a very good tactician, and to make matters sweetest, he is our son (A Nigerian)! Keep him!

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Sports / Re: Osimhen Says It "Feels So Good To Be Back", Praises Napoli Teammates by austinvsb: 6:40pm On Jan 18, 2022

This is why Taiwo Awoniyi needs to impress but the guy is fucking up big time

Awoniyi dey ball oo. Wetin him dey do for that front na why we dey shine as we dey so. Especially him combo with Moses. Go rewatch the matches, study his movements on and off the ball, you go know say na him be our main threat against defenders with his hold up play, strength, aerial threat and speed.


Sports / Re: Osimhen Says It "Feels So Good To Be Back", Praises Napoli Teammates by austinvsb: 4:19pm On Jan 18, 2022
And this one will want to come to retake a starting role for the world Cup after ditching the nation with a fake covid-19 diagnosis


Sports / Re: NFF Doesn’t Believe In Nigerian Coaches, Says Christian Chukwu by austinvsb: 11:51am On Jan 17, 2022
I believe in competence not the colour of the skin of the coach

Let's go there

amotolongbo, paulolee, ojeemah, fergie001, Omicron007 Totilopussylick

Austin Eguavon is more than capable to lead the team and pinnick is a corrupt self-loathing bastard that wants to keep propagating the colonial mindset of 'White over Blacks' despite glaring evidence to the contrary in reality

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Politics / Re: Dele Momodu: I Endorsed Tinubu Two Years Ago, I Have Now Withdrawn My Support by austinvsb: 6:01am On Jan 16, 2022
I am not the biggest fan of tinubu but this continuous slander just tells me one thing - FEAR.

And I truly believe the people most scared about Tinubu's ambition are the northern power bloc. Tinubu as a SW Muslim is most likely to pick a Northern Christian as Vice. This i believe do not seat well with the power bloc in the North.
Politics / Re: See How Nigerians On Twitter Are Pleading Peter Obi To Declare For.president by austinvsb: 5:53am On Jan 16, 2022
It will be a great disservice to the igbos if PDP fails to have one as the flag bearer in 2023. I say PDP because the SE has given so much to the party and gotten so little till date..

My favourite igbo candidate still remains Moghalu though.


Sports / Re: Egypt Coach, Queiroz Apologizes To Nigerians by austinvsb: 7:57pm On Jan 15, 2022

Let's not count our chickens before they are hatched.....One good game and we are already going gaga.

What's so fantastic about Carlos than been Assistant to Sir Alex and then coaching Iran at the last World Cup? There is absolutely nothing world class about him.

Eguavoen was Caretaker coach at the AFCON in 2006 where we finished third. He was Technical Director before his new appointment... Immediately after the Nations Cup, let him return there.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves.....FOCUS is the Word!!!

Is that you pinnick?! Kindly F. off and leave eguavon alone to lead the team!

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Sports / Re: Egypt Coach, Queiroz Apologizes To Nigerians by austinvsb: 7:55pm On Jan 15, 2022
He failed woefully in Real Madrid,
Real Madrid was leading the table by 8 points before Queiroz was appointed, within 2 months, he has lost so many points and allowed Valencia to win the league in 2004. Real Madrid came 4th. The worst position I’ve seen Madrid on the table (*if my memory hasn’t failed me**)

Coincidentally, Carlos Queiroz assistant in failure at Real Madrid, Jose Peseiro is the newly appointed coach for the Super Eagles

This pinnick idiot at the NFF needs to be relieved of his job immediately! He seems to love sucking after foreign coaches that add nothing to the team!

At least let eguavon finish his outing at AFCON, judge his performance then before deciding to go for a failure of a coach because he is white

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Politics / Re: 2023: Amaechi Will Emerge Nigeria's President by austinvsb: 9:44pm On Jan 09, 2022
I like Amaechi and I always said if APC presents him as candidate, they will easily win based on his contribution to rail development alone
Politics / Re: 2023 Presidential Election: Kingsley Moghalu Releases Campaign Poster by austinvsb: 5:58am On Jan 09, 2022
If the presidency will be going to SE, please let it be Moghalu. Then SE will be the first region since 1999 to actually produce a progressive intellectual 'Youth' that can steer the nation right.

I am personally tired of old f*cks like buhari,obasanjo etc that can't keep up with current technological and geopolitical realities

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