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Programming / Re: How I Switched To Data Science From A Non IT Background - My Learning Experience by Avidcolz: 9:48pm On Jul 15, 2021

I like you. In fact, I "love love and love" you. Why? You are just plain and 100% honest. Not those inexperienced mentors I read on nairaland who know nothing about life before entering programming, and always curse when they are corrected, but they get the shock of their lives when they meet one who can face them word for word.

I have asked myself if I can take it easy with Nigerian programmers, but I will not. Why? How can brilliant minds earn so little they are paid and be glorifying in it even after 5 years? Yeah, small beginnings are great, but why sleep in peanuts for too long? I am not sure if my thread contributed to this post of yours, but mehn....I am always angry inside when people come here to say they dont have money to buy the basis tool for all programmers - a laptop. It is very annoying what Nigeria does to brilliant minds.

Oh! My paragraph above is the truth. BUT, there is another side of it. Hmmm. My dear, money dey Naija. When I mean money, I mean Ezeogu, kudi, owo, gold. Chai! But it is for a slim market if you get it right. However, I still think in your case, I agree that moving out is the way forward. And at last something who is sincere has just mentioned the truth about these remote jobs. You even said 2 things: 1) forex kills. 2) working different time zones to earn more kills faster, one's health is gonna suffer it. I am going to add one more - 3) Inflation. The cost of food especially has gone so high that N300k ($667) is nothing. N300k used to be something, but now, it is nothing. And salary range isn't that increasing as inflation and forex are getting bad. Well, the only consolation I have is that the debts and looting they are carrying out in Abuja, at least let them just continue the infrastructure development to allow us hustle better and efficiently.

No matter how anyone sweet talks it, (even I), it is right to just move out at the initial stage and hustle outside naija. I dont hate programmers, and I want them successful. But Nogeria is not a place to hustle with programming for too long. Just check out if you want to make it and not die before your time. Kshe, if you work and start earning low salary of $7,000 per month in the US, do you know the kind of house you can buy in just a year in Nigeria while working there? However, the road to getting residency or citizenship of another nation is tough also. It may distract one if there is a mistake. Hmmmm! It is well.

I chose AI cos its applicable to virtually everything, and I can apply it to small scale businesses. What I did was to find where money is. I am not ready to work for anyone, or do any online job. Never. Or course, my own small beginning was even far more challenging than what young boys and girls face today. It is even easier now cos jobs are there online. In my days, for where? I had to knock everything out to just get out of naija. I was desperate but I knew it must be a legitimate means. And to sustain it came at a very high cost that fellow Nigerians asked me why pay so much for the legal means when I could use fake or "computer village" aka "Oluwole".

And God will reward you. Dear, you will reap the fruit of your labor. Heavens will back you. Please, get closer to God and He will navigate your way. I just hope you are not an Atheist. Lol. Trust me, things will be smooth soon.

What helped you was that you used to be a business developer and you had cut across different industries. The experience is there, and you know the future you want. However, these kids dont even know the future they want. So telling them to do projects after learning is hard for them cos they dont know what to do. They pick programming faster,but they dont know what to use it for. So, the only way out is to look for job which is the way. But Naija will drain one. Since it's their first salaries, they are just OK with it which is normal. And these white folks already know this. It is why they offer low prices too. But programmers here sleep too long on such jobs, and this prevents them from thinking and innovating to earn super high. This is why I am so angry with them. But you know what's up. It is so clear from your write up. And for you to say design is not your thing.....I just smiled. Well, there are other aspects of designs that make huge cash, but that of web development....lol. While I appreciate people do it for pocket money, they need to move up after they are financially stabilized, but they choose to sleep there.

So, I starting thinking that hmmmmm....these people are only pushed to programming cos there is no job in Nigeria. If there were peanut jobs, they wouldn't go into programming. So, I should learn to forgive them. They are actually fulfilled in their peanut rewards. So, it's ok.

Data Science is huge, and it is becoming clear it is the future just like AI. This is how I look at it: Data Science is for people who want to earn extremely high while being innovative working for top companies (most companies in need of huge data are established in my opinion), while AI can be deployed even for personal use (entrepreneurship) and also to land jobs with big companies too. I think Data Scientists job offers will be more than that of AI, but but will continue earning super high. Since you are into ML, I am sure you will implement AI in your journey too. Dear, you will then want to run back to Naija grin See eh! Move out now I support it. But I am telling you that down 5 to 10 years, you will chase yourself back to Naija.

Goodluck ma!

Nice write up pal. Especially in your advise to the accountant who want to navigate to tech.
I am actually leaning DS to get out of this country. Almost ready to start networking my way to US but no visa appointment till 2024! Maybe I will looking at other countries as this country can't reward one for his/her efforts.
Yes, I have being an entrepreneur since I left university but the country is not just allowing things to add up, hence my need to learn new skill set that will allow me create something Of value to my world.
Want to work as DS/ML first then do something on my own ( a unicorn) in DS or ML up to IA, still think if the idea, or maybe an innovation.
Wish to relate with you the more like your vibs

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Programming / Re: How I Switched To Data Science From A Non IT Background - My Learning Experience by Avidcolz: 2:53pm On Jun 30, 2021

You can get datasets from the links below depending on Industry of interest.

1 https://www.pewresearch.org/download-datasets/
2 https://www.makeovermonday.co.uk/data/

Always pick an industry, To gain domain knowledge

Thanks so alot. I will check it up
Programming / Re: How I Switched To Data Science From A Non IT Background - My Learning Experience by Avidcolz: 11:52pm On Jun 28, 2021
@ Kshe and all, I'm pleased to meet this thread.I'm a female and a working mom but I'm challenging myself to learn Data science. I study mostly between 12am to 4am when network is better and no distractions from world ppl.
Been brushing up with excel for a while and ready to delve into SQL.

I'm enthusiastic about this journey. Thanks for This thread .
Pls what's next after sql or what is the order?

You are welcome sis.
Programming / Re: How I Switched To Data Science From A Non IT Background - My Learning Experience by Avidcolz: 11:50pm On Jun 28, 2021
[quote author=Kshe post=103170558]

This is very dependent on where you plan to use this skill, If it's inside Nigeria chances are that you'll mostly use excel, google sheets seems to be go-to outside Nigeria because it's cloud-based. Learn excel, you can always take a crash course on google sheets.[/quote

Thanks alot. Will concentrate on Excel for now, it is actually massive. Doing it along SQL
Programming / Re: How I Switched To Data Science From A Non IT Background - My Learning Experience by Avidcolz: 7:02am On Jun 28, 2021
Hello house, will it be nice to do both Google spreadsheet along side excel or is excel alone okey?

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Programming / Re: Chronicle Of A Data Scientist/analyst by Avidcolz: 8:21am On Jun 24, 2021

Okay. Thank you.
I actually wanted to have some reviews about him and his products bc I intend making purchases from him.

This guy is not that regular seller. He only wanted to give to whoever want for a token.
I have the other regular seller too but try this guy
Programming / Re: How I Switched To Data Science From A Non IT Background - My Learning Experience by Avidcolz: 7:37am On Jun 24, 2021

Kaggle is a good place.

Thanks dear
Programming / Re: Chronicle Of A Data Scientist/analyst by Avidcolz: 7:20am On Jun 24, 2021
Pls who knows a certain guy here on NL that sells training videos on programming, etc?
Used to see his posts somewhere, but I cant remember his moniker anymore.

His real name is Emmanuel 0803 435 5443 that is his phone number.i haven't deal with him yet. Pls keep me posted when you contact him


Travel / Re: Cost Of A Nigeria International Passport by Avidcolz: 10:34am On Jun 12, 2021
I renewed my passport this week and it only took a few hours.

I spoke to several immigration officers and none of them could guarantee to deliver in less than a week. One of them referred me to the express center in maitama abuja.

The crowd there was terrible! And their capacity was about 150 persons a day or so. After 2 days of hanging around, i was finally able to get in. I was captured and 3 hours later i picked up my passport.

For those who desperately need pp and cant wait for the standard 6 weeks, express center is available.

Just pay the N26k online and attach your documents. Select maitama abuja as location for capture. You will need the payment printout to gain entry. Prepare your heart for the huge crowd you will meet. But once you get in and captured, you will definitely get your passport in less than 24 hours.

I forgot to add that you will pay N30,000 before capture (express fee). You can only pay with card so go with your atm card.
So total is N56000.

Thanks for this info. I use the headquarters, can i go to Maitama for this express service of capturing and collection?
Note: the I am given 4 May 2022 and I want to change it and possibly get it done in few days
Travel / Re: Cost Of A Nigeria International Passport by Avidcolz: 3:42pm On Jun 10, 2021
I wish you went through this thread earlier, you would have seen people with similar issue and you won't have chosen NIS HQ. You would have gone for gwas. I applied yesterday and was given nxt week appointment.

Any clue on what I can do?
Travel / Re: Cost Of A Nigeria International Passport by Avidcolz: 7:30am On Jun 10, 2021
I just made my renewal application online and paid successfully but was given May 2022 for capturing or something. I really need the passport in less than 2 week what can I possibly do. My choice of office is Abuja headquarter
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: 3D Architectural Rendering Portfolio by Avidcolz: 8:57pm On Jan 30, 2021
Can you render a drawing to STP format?
Romance / Re: If You Are Tired Of Being Broke, Come In. (senior Men Only) by Avidcolz: 2:35pm On Jan 12, 2021
Politics / Re: #endsars: Reasons Why The South Should Leave Nigeria by Avidcolz: 7:10am On Oct 21, 2020
Politics / Re: #EndInsecurityNow: DSS Detains Northern Group Leaders Over Planned Protest by Avidcolz: 1:29pm On Oct 17, 2020
Jeez,this DSS was my first love before corruption killed that dream.
Notherners are either confused bastards or hypocrites: from anti-endsars protest to #endinsecurity.copycat bastards.
Enjoy your protests!

My tots also, I imagine how the southerners rub themselves in ashes when the news of killings in the north comes up but these animal were quick to counter our #Endsars campaign despite how glaring it is in our society

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Properties / Re: The Top Four Cheapest Places To Live In Abuja by Avidcolz: 11:58am On Sep 10, 2020

OP knows Nothing About Abuja. Maybe Na Of This People That Visited Or Served In Here. He Didn't Even Mention Cheap Areas Mpape, Nyanya, Zuba. Gwagwa, Juwa, Karmo and Its Areas, Peyi, Peze, Tunga-Maji and Its Areas, Bwari inside inside, Kabusa, Muko village, Jabu, Saburi inside Inside, Byazhin Across on Top Of Hill And Across Across, Suka Airport Road, Some Part Of Dei-Dei, Etc.

Bros, u sabi Abuja


Romance / Re: 31 Love Secrets Men Needs To Know About Women! by Avidcolz: 7:13pm On Aug 29, 2020

its possible, if only men can just follow by the rules

Women now write rule for men.
Nothing musa no go see for gate
Travel / Re: "Ebonyi International Airport To Be Completed In 2022" - Governor Umahi (photos) by Avidcolz: 7:43am On Aug 06, 2020
how many jobs has the ecuminical centre in abakaliki or international airport in jigawa provided for its people,you think asian tigers and Brazil brought millions out of poverty by building ecumincal centres and airports? Its by building industries that provide jobs,improving local content,its unfortunate ebonyi state has only one factory which is royal salt,what has he done in mining and agric section that ebonyi is known for,with all the solid minerals in ebonyi and the 1million naira tax he collects for each truck since 3yrs there is no chemical or scanning analysis centre,so you re forced to send any mineral to Jos,Kaduna,Lagos for analysis,i met a farmer from gombe that told me his story and how he got to own 10trucks that transport goods from north to south, he said govt provided tractors and water pumping machines etc, cos dey farm all through the year,and at the end govt buy all der farm produce at market price, after 3yrs he bought his first truck,its not magic,an average ebonyian is very hardworking,but the govt policies has neva favored him,forget abt all the media achievements, we re on ground and know the facts,its only in ebonyi I see water fountains in all round abouts running 24hrs, but no boreholes in the streets or taps running in houses,with all your education as u claim you think poverty is not a problem and should not be tackled,or 8yrs is too small to bring out 1/3 of population out of poverty,you know absolutely nothing abt macro/macro economics

With due respect bro,, I understand ur frustration . But my point is the poverty thing is common to average Nigerian. But consider other governors both past and presence who didn't build anything neither did they alleviate poverty, let him do this he feel good to do. Maybe the next governor will concentrate in other areas u have mentioned.
Having said that, I am into mining in the past, every analysis used to be in Jo's (NMC) and lagos is private or multi national companies doing it. Kaduna was just recently. The Gombe you mentioned has its formal governor doing alot about roads in their rural areas. Don't forget government in the north doesn't play with building massive mosques in their states.
Most importantly bro, government is not good manager of industries that should provide jobs but private organisations. He is providing enabling environment for private organisations to thrive.
Finally bro, u got a business opportunity by mobilising capital inform of machine or agro inputs to local Ebonyian for profit, don't forget the analysis centre also, you could make good fortune solving all or any of the problems u identified above. I can be of help for ur set up fund if you have a good business plan.

Good morning
Travel / Re: "Ebonyi International Airport To Be Completed In 2022" - Governor Umahi (photos) by Avidcolz: 4:48pm On Aug 05, 2020
Ebonyi State and Akwa-Ibom are still the states in the Eastern part of Nigeria that are really growing.
As a upcoming business tycoon it would be good to take a look at this two states and try to invest there

Ifugo ife'm n'ekwu. Even me I am thinking in that direction. So will other big guns wish to aim their shot for big business.

God bless the state

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Travel / Re: "Ebonyi International Airport To Be Completed In 2022" - Governor Umahi (photos) by Avidcolz: 4:43pm On Aug 05, 2020
what ebonyi needs now is to create enabling environment for economic activities and encouraging local content,I have told sum myopic praise singers that you derive tax by creating jobs, and not fustrating already established businesses with outrageous tax for building international airport ,ecuminical center that govt will not earn anything meaningful from in the next 20yrs, all these re happening in the midst of hunger and joblessness, am happy that he has sacked1800 pa sa and sta s that always come here to attack pple, he told them point blank to go do business and stop relying on govt appointments, nobody is against infrastructural development,but pple need to be alive with corresponding knowledge to take care of that infrastructure

Oga, govt will do the infrastructure try go to school or send ur kids to school so that when those who will be attracted by today's infrastructure will land u or ur kids will gain a quality means of livelihood. Stop this quick fix to poverty. Go to southeast asia, they developed and made the place business friendly boom, investors troop in.
Agro, consumers and industrial producers and mining multinational companies can come in anytime if u didn't get educated or educate ur kid, u or ur kids will turn cleaner (no porn intended). Understand that it take time to move out of poverty. It take at least 2 generations if you send ur kids to school today I bet u, ur kids or grand kids will work in what the governor is setting up now as executive not labourers.
Read the history of Jew when they arive in America. U will understand what I am taling about.

Ka chineke mezie okwu.
Anyi aboo

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Travel / Re: "Ebonyi International Airport To Be Completed In 2022" - Governor Umahi (photos) by Avidcolz: 12:21pm On Aug 05, 2020
Waste of money and resources - God punish Nigerian politicians. Please focus on human capacity development and productive transformation of individual status and communities - These are the things that will banish poverty and not white elephant projects. How many planes will land in Ebonyi state? It is the planes and private jets of politicians and governors that will be landing there

Focus on capacity building for people and not all these billion white elephant projects that the Indians and Lebanese will end up putting up a poor quality work. The money Anambra and Ebonyi are using to build airports could put all roads and public water works to good standard and rehabilitate all the village primary and secondary schools that are dilapidated. But as usual, their praise singers will come after me. Who cares?

Have u landed in soweto Jalingo, Adamawa before? I bet within 6 months of opening Ebonyi airport it will surpass these states in terms of traffic.
Again, same thing was said of Asaba considering Benin and if you know Anambra airport has being in the news for a long , I remember back in the days when it was to be cited in the Oba.

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Travel / Re: "Ebonyi International Airport To Be Completed In 2022" - Governor Umahi (photos) by Avidcolz: 12:11pm On Aug 05, 2020
Na who dey fly by air to this state? Total waste of state's resources, is this what is important to them in the state!? What a country and states of misplaced priorities

Tell me why sokoto, Jigawa, adamawa, Bernue, osun ondo even Platue states will have airport and Ebonyi wouldn't?
Let him fix the infrastructure and as he has the passion and he is doing it efficiently. another government will attract investors that will utilize the infrastructure . The locals will be challenged to develop themselves in other to get job as the investors troops in.


Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Redpillers Online Group by Avidcolz: 4:32pm On Jul 10, 2020
Politics / Re: 2023: Yerima Says President Of Igbo Extraction Will Stabilize Nigeria by Avidcolz: 3:11pm On Jul 10, 2020
Politics is not about opening 1000 threads saying everyone hates igbos when it's only 50%of a tribe that hate igbos

Igbo and north have been working underground ...those ones are floating in the air holding on to party as if party matter ....it's the people that matter

A certain man who just miraculous came out from prison is your next president ...I don't like him but the did is done

He can speak hausa ...has billions of investment in Igbo land ....youth lover , and all around fairly good guy

I know it. When orji uzor kalu got out of prison in that manner, he will be the next president. I foresee sgf as vice.
He has strong relationships with the north , thanks to the fact that he schooled there.
Not our best, but I stand with less evil
Politics / Re: 2023: Arewa Youths Drum Support For Igbo Presidency by Avidcolz: 1:00pm On Jul 10, 2020
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by Avidcolz: 6:01pm On Jul 08, 2020

All these na jokes nah.
The truith is that I don't invest as a fundamentalist but I know it thru my oga Cp.I need the 10% due to my blood is very hot over money this period the marriage is below 10 yrs.

When I approached to a certain age,I will like to see my children children by investing the way you do now.

It's never easy for me when I throw up to 3-5m in a stock all for 10%.I am withstanding any loss incurred due to younger age.

If Pa Emma try what I am doing now,nah burial alert we go hear(jokes) but God forbids.

In the next 10 yrs,I go try to grow up(using real fundamentals to invest) but not now.

Technicals that yields 10% and above all the way now.

10% within what time frame?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Zee Bello: UBA Set To Employ Lady Who Monitored The Construction Of Kubwa Branch by Avidcolz: 3:04pm On Jul 06, 2020
What part of Kubwa is this because there is already one UBA branch on Gado Nasko way...abi na only their ATM gallery I dey see for there before?

Yes it is ATM gallery. The branch is not far from that Atm gallery at ignonis. Adjacent to Fedelity before GTb

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Politics / Re: Do You Smell A Rat? by Avidcolz: 9:50am On Jun 30, 2020
Properties / Re: The Asokoro Rock Villa Abuja Now N42m! Call Us Now! by Avidcolz: 7:18pm On Jun 29, 2020
Any pix?
Properties / Re: MASSIVE DISCOUNT! APO ROCK VILLA ABUJA, NOW SELLING N60M. DON'T MISS IT! by Avidcolz: 7:01pm On Jun 29, 2020
What is the title? Is it a uniform house plan?
Politics / Re: Frm. Gov. Chimaraoke Says He Don't Want Igbo Presidency Nor Biafra But Restructu by Avidcolz: 8:27am On Jun 28, 2020
.I strongly believe that this is what we need as region. Presidency to me is over hyped especially in a long run. What do common man get to get in long run? A case of the northern region come to mind, it such the few elite that got political appointment and juicy contracts that enjot the northern presidency .
But if structured in such away that u feed and develop ur region on ur sweet, then that will spark competition and through capitalism, the main engine economic development
Left for me, if we are to have igbo presidential candidates my vote will go to him if am sure he will restructure.

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Business / Re: What Is Happening With Access Bank by Avidcolz: 5:52am On Jun 28, 2020
I suppose they have issue with their system. Expect reversals

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