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Politics / Re: #DignityInLabour Trends After Tinubu's 'Labour To Death' Comments by Aystarz: 11:36am On Jul 15
Must you call someone an idiot for his or her opinion that he or her didn't mention you? are you brain-dead or mischievous? can't you disagree without direct insult? if you have a good parenting in the south east will attack and malign people for stating their opinions with mentioning you? common hypocrite get out of my mention.

grin Typical!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Sri Lanka President Rajapaksa Resigns by Aystarz: 11:25am On Jul 15
Chai truly power belongs to the people
Not when you have too many ethno/religious bigoted illiterates in a country, as we have here in Nigeria
Politics / Re: #DignityInLabour Trends After Tinubu's 'Labour To Death' Comments by Aystarz: 11:21am On Jul 15
Good you are sighting your parents

You see them? Someone calls him an idiot and the next thing he's insulting the person's parents.
Parenting must be very dead in the Southwest, or how does anyone explain why every urchin on here, would leave their attacker and head straight for their attacker's parents? Your assailant is right there for the taking, but you'd rather not deal with him directly! Dumb, if you ask me.
Worse still is that when they're taken to the cleaners and taught some home lessons on here, they begin to cry about being bullied.
grin Very funny bunch
Politics / Re: Drone Shots Of PDP Governorship Grand Finale Mega Rally In Osogbo (Photos) by Aystarz: 11:05am On Jul 15

This vagabond stole money.
Are you not ashamed of yourself?
Hopeless and.pennyless urchin.
You're a disgrace to Nigerian youths .
I keep telling them!!!
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Pictured With Ibrahim Babangida by Aystarz: 10:51am On Jul 15
Anybody that insult elders on this forum is from Biafra land you don’t need to doubt about it

We are born to love and respect each other not to behave like bastard that don’t have any regard for elders

Asiwaju bola Ahmed tinubu


Urchins are nobody's elders. They're the country's worst assemblage of humans at the moment, going about supporting evil old politicians. When called out, they resort to insulting other people's parents. They are cursed with poor upbringing, and are lacking in important basic family values; which explains why they'd support an old politician who's been known to be corrupt at the expense of true patriots whom they know can change the nation.

These kids clearly have blurry vision when seeing things. Blame it on bad parenting.
Politics / Re: OBJ, IBB, Abdulsalami, Gusau, Abdullahi Are Supporting Peter Obi - Sowore by Aystarz: 10:33am On Jul 15
Sowore is deluded. He went to NLC and told them to support him instead of Peter Obi and they laughed at him.
That why he's so angry.
Buffoon wants to play spoiler role, forgetting that this is not the naive Nigeria of 2015.

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Politics / Re: OBJ, IBB, Abdulsalami, Gusau, Abdullahi Are Supporting Peter Obi - Sowore by Aystarz: 10:28am On Jul 15

Peter obi winning kaduna?

This your drugs is very strong

He will split every state you mentioned besides kaduna with atiku, he will win some, atiku will win most, pdps structure is much stronger. Atiku will win some NE states like his home state and maybe bauchi

The rest of the north, and SW, is for BAT, and he will cruise to victory on them

Singing the same song every day like parrots. Don't you urchins ever get tired of sounding like broken records
Upon all, una yeye thieving principal still won't win. So, go find something else to do abeg.

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Politics / Re: OBJ, IBB, Abdulsalami, Gusau, Abdullahi Are Supporting Peter Obi - Sowore by Aystarz: 10:26am On Jul 15
Make Sowore rest abeg
I cannot believe I voted that loose cannon back in 2019. He would have been a bigger disaster than Buhari.
Politics / Re: Lagos Assembly Denies Passing Sharia Law by Aystarz: 6:39am On Jul 15
For bat mind now he will be thinking that he is a great tactician with all this old tactics.

What tactics?
All he has is money, and poverty - every politician's favourite weapon - that they love to use on the masses.
There's nothing special about Nigerian politicians. 99% of them wouldn't even cut it in a civilized society. But, here we are.


Politics / Re: Tinubu’s Supporters Say The Decision On Shettima Is Final by Aystarz: 6:26am On Jul 15
Keep God Almighty out of this devilish arrangement to trample on the sensibility of sane people, outright spurn on participatory and inclusive democracy.

I just wish God would stop allowing useless politicians to soil His Name. Shady Pastors and Imams have been doing this with their heretic nonsense for ages, and now thieving politicians think they have a right to do likewise?

The idiots would never ever try this with their Kurl, Sango, Ogun, Sanponna or Amadioha gods, whom they worship in secret because dem know say na instant judgement straight!

Awon oniyeye!
Politics / Re: Funke Akindele: My 20 Million Social Media Fans Will Vote For Me (Video) by Aystarz: 6:14am On Jul 15
What an effort in futility
The problem with naysayers like you is that even if PDP miraculously win through this enterprising woman, you will still have something to say about it
Make you come hol her fans you hear and stop them from voting her.
No be today armchair critics think say dem get opinion.
Politics / Re: PDP Sues INEC, APC, LP, Seeks Tinubu, Obi’s Disqualification by Aystarz: 6:10am On Jul 15
If Tinubu's name in not on the ballot,
I'll burn my PVC

Nobody cares!


Politics / Re: What Portable Did To Obafemi Awolowo's Statue In Osun Today (Photo) by Aystarz: 2:31am On Jul 15
I don't like this riffraff, he's a tearaway.

I don't know why our youths now celebrate such people, something is wrong somewhere.

I think Poor upbringing is responsible, parenting should be taken seriously.

If you are a young person on nairaland who look up to such people, then you need serious rehabilitation, please do self introspection as well

Tonnes of them on here. They're known simply as Thiefnubu Urchins
Politics / Re: Tinubu Should Tell Buhari To Release Funds To End ASUU Strike - Obi’s Camp by Aystarz: 2:25am On Jul 15
The same Obi that couldn’t pay workers salary for 14 months ? Werey dey disguise cheesy cheesy

Na your principal be werey wey dey disguise.
All those thousands of teenage and middle aged Omo ita in Lagos, who should be in school but have rather become useless to themselves and the society - who, but your Tinubu showed them to that kind of life?
Who is the King of Lagos urchins and Area Boys
Politics / Re: Osun 2022: Police Announce Restriction Of Movement, Vow To Arrest Vote Buyers by Aystarz: 2:14am On Jul 15
I see over 100 thousand lead for APC in this contest.
The permutations favour them.
Ife and Iwo will swing in their favour
Ede merging will be reduced for PDP
Workers will largely swing towards APC
Congratulations in advance Oyetola.
You forgot to mention vote buying?
Awon oniyeye!
Politics / Re: Terrorists: Wipe Them Off The Earth – Buhari Tells Nigerian Army Officers by Aystarz: 2:09am On Jul 15
Same terrorist you criticized Jonathan for? imagine Buhari that doubles as the Grand patron of terrorist and a Boko Haram sympathizer is talking about wiping out his flocks. Who una de deceive
Abegi make we hear word
They can't fool me grin
Politics / Re: Abike Dabiri: I Am Angry Over Kemi Badenoch's Comments by Aystarz: 2:02am On Jul 15
Nonsense woman if u people are angry then change for the better

No they won't change, even if that meant going to hell. As long as they keep having urchins who will continue to collect monkey pay to support and vote them into power, they will never change.
Politics / Re: Governor Hope Uzodinma Wore $800,000 Wrist Watch - Deji Adeyanju (Photos) by Aystarz: 11:05am On Jul 14
IPOB are useless, they criticise anything connected to APC

You can't grow with this character, useless people

But you think you're growing calling others 'useless' abi?
Not an IPOB member or from the Igbo extraction, but I know enough to agree with millions of Nigerians who believe that urchins are creatures who just can't think straight. Even their vision is blurry when seeing things, or how can one explain these slowpoke supporting old crooked politicians who've ruined this nation?
Urchins will always be urchins
Politics / Re: Young Girl Donates Her Life Saving To Obi/datti Campaign by Aystarz: 10:52am On Jul 14

I do and they didn't train me to call people urchins. Unlike some irresponsible souls who could not save their wards from unintelligence watched their children deteriorate into cretins. Such a sad story.

Your parents failed and that's why you're here, miserable and out of sorts. And worse still you're there collecting stipends at the expense of your future, which is very bleak in all ramifications.
I don't pity you or your parents who raised you to insult the father of other people who want better for the country. I only pity the innocent children who will one day have a stupid urchin as yourself as a father.
Failed parenting is the one reason anyone would end up an hopeless online tout, supporting old criminals, in the name of stipends. You're a disgrace to your generation!
Big disgrace!!!
Politics / Re: Isaac Fayose: Jandor And Funke Akindele Ticket, Wedding In Government House? by Aystarz: 7:25am On Jul 14

Funke is NOT an idiot and the governorship candidate too doesn't appear like an idiot! Funke is a Lawyer if you don't know. It is wrong to call someone who's generally believed to be LEARNED an idiot. If the politicians had given thought to the recruitment process, Funke and Jandor would have been considered a bam. It is only a sound mind that could have created the Jennifer Television persona! It thus appears that someone else is the Idiot here. I'm not a politician though. May God punish ALL of them.

You get time bro. The idiots calling her an idiot forget very fast that they're being ruled by many fellow idiots at the state and national level.
I swear 'Critical Thinking' should be a subject in Elementary School level.


Politics / Re: Portable: I was Once Paid To Insult Tinubu, Now I Was Paid To Praise Him by Aystarz: 7:11am On Jul 14

who u Sabi that Rag called portable during End SARS? you dey believe someone that needs rehab?

The one you just quoted has a more urgent need for rehabilitation than Portable.
His urchin rating is far higher. You just need to go through his posts to verify.
Politics / Re: Portable: I was Once Paid To Insult Tinubu, Now I Was Paid To Praise Him by Aystarz: 7:09am On Jul 14
Only mad men would pay mad man to endorse mad man
It's a family affair

Aptly and succinctly put!
Politics / Re: 2023: Christians Have Nothing To Fear About APC Muslim-Muslim Ticket - Keyamo by Aystarz: 7:06am On Jul 14
No one takes this one serious even his ppl don't

Absolutely. Why the press keeps bringing his 'yeye releases' to the public is what I am never going to understand. This man, like Lie, clearly is a persona non grata that nobody likes to listen to.
Politics / Re: Take Responsibility And Stop The Blame Game – PDP Group Tells Diri by Aystarz: 6:58am On Jul 14
Since they rejected David Lyon by all means, I believe that they now have sense. Rubbish!

Same will be said of Ondo citizens too very soon.
Just wait for it.
You can't keep voting retrogression and expect progress. It's the highest form of insanity
Politics / Re: Young Girl Donates Her Life Saving To Obi/datti Campaign by Aystarz: 6:53am On Jul 14

Probably one of your parent's nickname in highschool

You no get parents to begin with. Only bastards resort to insulting other people's parents. So, no surprises here. Urchins will always play urchins. Can't expect sense from a dolt!
Politics / Re: Osun 2022: Lasun Yusuff Says LP Will Surprise Many By Winning The Election by Aystarz: 6:51am On Jul 14
We shall see,people be living in false hope.

At least they have some hope.
You nko? What has become of your hope on APC these past 7 years. What will become of it should the impending doom, that is your principal, takes power?
I feel nothing but pity for you and your hopeless hope oo. Ndo!
Politics / Re: Bola Ahmed Tinubu: From Drug Lord To Presidential Candidate By David Hundeyin by Aystarz: 6:44am On Jul 14
So? Is that the reason of closing this thread
Hundeyin:Tinubu's Daughters Paid $2.1M & $2.45M For Apartments In New York
and redirecting everyone to this as if they are of the same subject.. You guys are truly baised .

I've always known. I just wonder why Seun kept him this long as a mod.
Politics / Re: Bola Ahmed Tinubu: From Drug Lord To Presidential Candidate By David Hundeyin by Aystarz: 6:43am On Jul 14
Hundeyjn is a scam and pity Nigerians do listening to social media fraudsters like Kperogi,Sowore and Hundeyjn.

I'd rather listen to the aforementioned, barring Sowore, than listen to an urchin trying to defend his thieving principal.
Take note : Not everybody thinks the way you urchins do. Your vision is clearly blurred when seeing things.
Politics / Re: Seun Finally Agreed That Tinubu Is A Drug Lord and withdrew his support (photo) by Aystarz: 1:24am On Jul 14
Peter Pandora Obituary is a thief

Repeating this lie a million times over cannot change the fact that your principal is a smelly thief!

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