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Politics / Re: Nicholas Ukachukwu: Real Story On Demolition Of Igbo Man Property In Abuja– Wike by Benitoh: 10:41am On Apr 03
You have this kind of money why not invest it in anambra, enugu or owerri?? The earlier igbos understand that they're soft targets in Nigeria the better for them.

See why i respect people like innoson that have wisdom and put it into action.

The FG do usually imploy the service of south south people mainly ikwerre to execute their dirty jobs against the igbos and to further deepen and widen the divide between the igbos and create wider division with SS and SE.


Politics / Re: Nicholas Ukachukwu: Real Story On Demolition Of Igbo Man Property In Abuja– Wike by Benitoh: 10:16am On Apr 03
Wike is a chameleon, a green snake in a green grass. If you believe a thing that comes out of wikes mouth then you're irredeemably gullible.

I know they'll try white wash and deceive gullible people. Shameless lying politicians everywhere.

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Politics / Re: 'Why Nigeria’s Oil Belongs To The North' - Dr. Usman Bugaje by Benitoh: 8:24pm On Apr 02
Second page and still no sight of ndi “Igbo want to take our oyel”

Are they scared of the north
If an Igbo man was this ignorant and said this,the thread would have gotten to 40+ pages with insults and threats from our south south brothers and Yoruba brothers hiding behind their South south monickers
As in igbo people want to take over our oil. They've been brain washed beyond redemption. They usually see igbos in their individual dreams taking over their oil. Those South south guys are overly insecure.

If igbo man were to say these bull crap i bet this page will be reaching 300 today. They are too scared and not brave enough to confront their Hausa Fulani Lord.


Food / Re: Igbo Soups All Nigerian Tribes Enjoy by Benitoh: 9:27pm On Apr 01
In my hometown in anambra we it's called ogwusi/egwusi.
Crime / Re: Wife Bathes Hubby With Hot Water For Stopping Her From Calling Men by Benitoh: 10:13am On Mar 29
As a man you have to understand that you must act like a fool and ignore alot of insult for you to live longer in a marriage.

In case you don't know marriage is the most difficult institution ever, even more difficult and hellish than war. You swallow poison knowingly with your eyes open in the name of love and trying to please your woman.

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Politics / Re: Man Challenged IPOB Commander, As Security Agents Raid ESN Major Camp (video) by Benitoh: 1:44pm On Mar 25
I think it's good that they didn't stay to challenge the soldiers to avoid what happened at okuoma incident.

If they kill those men in military uniform, they'll vent their anger on innocent villagers and armless citizens.

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Politics / Re: Feb 2023 v Feb 2024: Prices Of Rice, Garri, Yam soar By Over 100% – NBS by Benitoh: 8:58pm On Mar 24
Meanwhile the journey is just starting.

We were feeding better under Good luck Jonathan but he was called a weakling and a woman.


Celebrities / Re: Nollywood Actor, Amaechi Muonagor, Dies Of Kidney Failure by Benitoh: 8:55pm On Mar 24
What a year,,, too many deaths this year, every nook and cranny what i keep hearing is that he/she has died.

Something must be wrong somewhere.

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Politics / Re: A Soldier Challenges IPOB To A Fight In The East (Video) by Benitoh: 2:16pm On Mar 22

He don challenge IPOB, it's left for them to show up
That's no challenge but an act of cowardice. Why put innocent citizens in harm's way by staging their challenge and assault in a village, endangering and putting the villagers lives at risk.

What do you call that?? An act of bravely or cowardness?. I maintain that Nigerian soldiers are bunch of cowards.


Politics / Re: A Soldier Challenges IPOB To A Fight In The East (Video) by Benitoh: 2:02pm On Mar 22
Nigeria soldiers are bunch of cowards pretending to tough when they meet civilians.

He can't even speak common english. He's looking for fight when they're only good at burning houses and killing innocent armless citizens.


Education / Re: 16-Year-Old Boy Arrested For Defiling His 11-Year-Old Schoolmate In Rivers by Benitoh: 9:51am On Mar 19
The rate at which this kids watch porn with their Android phone is heart breaking i mean frightening.

They're all spoilt.


Crime / Re: Soldiers Kill 50 Okuama Villagers – Fleeing Residents Say; Army Denies Claim by Benitoh: 9:27pm On Mar 18
Observing with rapt attention.

I pray the militants don't show up for direct and open confrontation with the soldiers.

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Romance / Re: I'm A Fine Girl, I'll Get Married To A Fine Man So My Kids Will Be Fine - Lady by Benitoh: 10:58am On Mar 18
Are you still a virgin or holosho??

As the question first.
Crime / Re: POS Operator Arrests Lady With Fake 90,000 Naira Notes (photo) by Benitoh: 7:14pm On Mar 17
Hunger induced crime.

They should call tinubu and oluomo to come over and free her.
Foreign Affairs / Re: South Africa Says Citizens Fighting With Israeli Forces In Gaza Will Be Arrested by Benitoh: 9:34pm On Mar 13

How can you ignore decades of systematic abuse, occupation of Palestinian lands and oppression by the Israelis and only be focused on the October 7th incident.

We are all humans guy
I'm beginning to understand that you're too emotional. What do you think the Hamas and Palestinian,,,(Islam) would have done to the Israelis if reverse were to the case.

I used to live in Northern Nigeria and among Muslims and i understand and know what they do to Christian's and how they treat unbelievers.

I won't mince words with you take it if you desire the Israelis are far too humane than i expect.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: South Africa Says Citizens Fighting With Israeli Forces In Gaza Will Be Arrested by Benitoh: 9:15pm On Mar 13
After wasting its time and resources chasing the wind in the ICJ , the confused leadership of south africa continues to shoot itself .

One thing i have learnt in life is Whatever you try to do against GOD'S Elect ends up being good for GOD'S Elect

South Africa by this move is Helping to accelerate Fufillment of Bible prophecies.
Ezekiel prophecised that GOD will bring Jews Scattered all over the World back to their GOD given land.
Same with the increased antisemitism all over the world.
They are the raw Materials used to fufill scriptures as Jews are coming back home in Heavy numbers to fully Possess their GOD given land.





Forum Games / Re: You Have N1000 To Create The Perfect Woman. Choose Wisely by Benitoh: 11:19am On Feb 21
You have N1000 to create the perfect woman grin cheesy

Big Breasts = N500
Faithful= N300
Intelligence = N500
Beauty = N200
Godly= N300
Respectful= N300
Big Ass= N500
Good In Bed= N200
Good Cook = N200
Funny= N300

Let us see what guys will choose. No chance for loan.
Faithful #300
Respectful #300
Good in bed #200
Good cook #200
Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran Vows Revenge After Israeli Air Strike Kills Top General In Syria by Benitoh: 1:16pm On Dec 28, 2023
Israel and America knows all the secrets lran are hiding, that's why they're pressing their button.

Na see finish cause all this shits.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Mass Shooting At Prague University, Czech. 15 Killed, 24 Injured by Benitoh: 9:00pm On Dec 21, 2023

This was done by your terrorist Christian brother grin grin.
Your pope has agreed to same sex marriage for you guys, why don't u go Bleep your father in his dirty anus, u fucking pigs grin grin
I don't expect less from a religion where the god was born a bastard by a LovePeddler. Virgin LovePeddler mary grin
It has never been seen that someone with a supposed Christian name yelled Jesus is great while carrying out an act of terrorism.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Mass Shooting At Prague University, Czech. 15 Killed, 24 Injured by Benitoh: 8:57pm On Dec 21, 2023
A Christian terrorist
No such thing like Christian terrorists.

In the history of mankind it has never been recorded or seen that someone bearing a supposed Christian name committed an act of terrorism while shouting Jesus is great, unlike those that yell allahu Akbar.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Mass Shooting At Prague University, Czech. 15 Killed, 24 Injured by Benitoh: 8:42pm On Dec 21, 2023
Mental health issues

Czech republic is a peaceful country in central Europe.

Meanwhile I'm happy to see nairaland back, Mr seun should listen to several good suggestions and do the needful

Some people on this forum are too toxic with bad energy, please weed them out, desist from any act of bigotry guys
They're too toxic with bad energy because they refused to align with and support Hamas right??

Foreign Affairs / Re: Turkish MP Suffers Heart Attack Right After Cursing Israel ( Video) by Benitoh: 8:51pm On Dec 12, 2023
Hear what the Lord saith to the worshippers of dagon..

I the Lord shall bless whoever that bless Israel.

I the Lord shall curse whoever that lay curse on my people Israel. I the Lord hath spoken.


Foreign Affairs / Re: US Vetoes UN Security Council Demand For Humanitarian Ceasefire In Gaza by Benitoh: 11:06am On Dec 09, 2023
I have said it here repeatedly that as long as America support and help Israel, they'll for a long time be the world power.

The Arabs are crying and suffering because they hate and work against the people of Israel. Do you know why they envy Igbo people today in the whole world??
One thing many do under Stand today is that the Greatness of America all these years has been because of its relationship with ISRAEL.
America became a super power because of founding fathers deep relationship with ISRAEL.

The relationship with ISRAEL will also be a major cause of her fall.
I know the present America leadership will soon turn its back on Israel as Nomerica today has turns its back on God.
Foreign Affairs / Re: ‘I Am Horrified’: UN Chief Guterres Condemns Israeli Attack On Gaza Ambulance by Benitoh: 11:29am On Nov 05, 2023
Death to Hamas. And whoever stands in the way of Israel. For 35 years, Hamas have been violently pursuing their cause. Israel have only responded to defend their territories. Not anymore. This time, cut off the head and scatter the body parts.

Hamas is not a country. Hamas is a terrorist group and have owned that tag wholeheartedly. Hamas miscalculated Israel's response, thinking it will be business as usual. They have murdered 1200 Israelis by crossing into Israeli borders. I don't think any of these countries calling for cease fire will take that from any nation.

If their strategy is to hide beneath the people to perpetuate evils, and the people let them do that willfully, then, the people have made their choice.
Seconded. Death to Hamas, family members and supporters.

When you're enemy makes an attempt to kill you and his family members and friends are sharing him up, but unfortunately he failed and you're now in a position to strike back will you spare his family members and his friends??
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel IDF Drops Leaflets For Hamas With Instructions On How To SURRENDER (pics) by Benitoh: 9:27pm On Oct 29, 2023

He doesn't need to go there. Israel is already doing the needful. More Hamas to go down. No be to de hide inside tunnel like bush rats and rabbits. Israel go smoke them out
grin grin grin
You people will kill me for nairaland with laughter. grin grin grin

Hiding inside tunnel like bush rat and rabbit grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: Defend Yourselves Against Bandits’ Invasion – CAN Tells Southern Kaduna by Benitoh: 11:18am On Sep 09, 2023
Then go hear....

If na to attack igbo people and insult nnamdi kanu them go get strength.


Politics / Re: Tinubu Receives Asari Dokubo, Others At State House by Benitoh: 12:24pm On Jun 16, 2023
I hope ateke tom, uwazuruike, mc oluomo, shekau, and every other agbero is in attendance not only asari dokubo.

There should be no partiality.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Receives Asari Dokubo, Others At State House by Benitoh: 12:24pm On Jun 16, 2023
I hope ateke tom, uwazuruike, mc oluomo, shekau, and every other agbero is in attendance not asari dokubo. My

There should be no partiality.

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Crime / Re: Police Arrest Kehinde Adekusibe Who tweeted 'Let's Kill All The Igbos' by Benitoh: 11:59am On Jun 16, 2023
Abeg release him

It doesn’t change a thing

No dey do like say Tinubu is against tribal wars

Nigeria is not one and can never be one

The solution na to divide

Bet me you’ll never hear about this guy again they’ll release him this night
Who is deceiving who Nigeria as a country will never work, the earlier they stop drama the better. You people have forgotten what happened at the just concluded governorship election in Lagos, how many people did they arrest.

They should free that man jare. If i may ask where's mc oluomo, bayo ononuga and fani kayode them, maybe because they arrested him for his common man status. What a poor man. I feel sorry for him.
Crime / Re: Suspected Yahoo Boys Bathed In Blood By Herbalist (Video) by Benitoh: 9:19pm On Jun 13, 2023
Damnnn niggar
This ain't no real niggars
The huzzle doesn't require those rubbish

You know nothing about life son

Native doctors, prophet and pastors and other spiritual men are smart people
They use the trick of "anything is possible " and the "time factor or time trick " to deceive people
1) everything is possible naturally that is why a native doctor will agree to do anything you are requesting from them to do
2) with "time" anything is possible....that is why a native doctor can not give a specific date and time his so called spiritual work will come...
The difference between you and dangote is time..the difference between you and a dead man in the grave is time

You're a real smartass nigga.

Many people are not aware of what you just said to that dude.

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Celebrities / Re: Davido Visits P'Square With His Maybach As They Celebrate Daughter's Birthday by Benitoh: 7:50pm On Jun 13, 2023
If you slap a poor man even when he's not the offender, he's always calling for peace.

Just give that poor man enough money then go ahead and slap him even when he's the offender then compare the two dramas.

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