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Crime / Re: Corporal Nwachukwu Dismissed From Police, Set For Prosecution Over Rape by bigerboy200: 6:48am On Sep 29
Imagine, ordinary corporal. I wonder what this one will do if he eventually becomes a DPO.

Sadly, many of these kind of man must have risen to positions above DPO. You can see why the NPF is a monstrous organization.
Politics / Re: Gunmen Ambush, Kill Obi Alex Edozieuno, Chauffeur by bigerboy200: 1:41pm On Sep 11
Where are we heading for in this country? Tomorrow is not guaranteed for anyone. Scary times.


Health / Re: Organizers Suspend S'arabia Recruitment, As DSS Disperses Doctors. by bigerboy200: 7:46am On Aug 27
Thank God for social media and public outcry.
Saudi Arabia would have taken away all our good medical hands in such an open manner that I see as an affront against the FG.
Even if the system isn't good, you don't carry out such exercise in a care free manner on a foreign land, just like that.
It was too glaring that they meant no good for our medical sector.
Let the FG also sit up and do the needful to take care of our professionals.
LoL.. but our minister of health said we have surplus number of doctors. Why then stop them from getting recruited by a foreign country??��‍♂️What law of the land has the Saudis broken in trying to recruit Nigerian doctors? ��‍♂️
Politics / Re: Why Uche Secondus Was Sacked By The Court by bigerboy200: 7:12am On Aug 24
His ward officials in RIvers state just finished reading and studying the books written by the Ward officials that ousted Oshiomole as APC national chairman.

Nigerian politicians are the most undisciplined homo-sapiens in the cosmos.
You are very correct. How can a party chairman who was elected at a national convention by Party delegates from all over the country be ousted by ward executives. It’s an highly Immoral precedent that was set with the case of Oshiomole. Now PDP has used same script for Secondus.

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Politics / Re: Banks, Shops Locked, Passengers Stranded As IPOB’s Sit-at-home Order Kicks In by bigerboy200: 12:16pm On Aug 10
The violence people are your Nigeria terrorist forces.

ESN have never been our problem but a solution to fulani terrorist herdsmen.
The food seller whose food was thrown away yesterday for coming out in defiance against IPOB sit at home order, the busses that were impounded, the secondary school students that were prevented from writing NECO yesterday are Fulani terrorists too? Mind you, I have deep eastern roots as well. I mean and wish well for y’all, but going the way of violence isn’t it at all. Wisdom like the Bible says is profitable to direct.
Politics / Re: Banks, Shops Locked, Passengers Stranded As IPOB’s Sit-at-home Order Kicks In by bigerboy200: 11:40am On Aug 10
He is Our leader.

I hope you all will maintain same energy when the violence of ESN hits close to home.
Politics / Re: Banks, Shops Locked, Passengers Stranded As IPOB’s Sit-at-home Order Kicks In by bigerboy200: 9:47am On Aug 10
He said our leader not your leader.

So why d cry?
He should have said “my leader”. Using our is ambiguously all inclusive. The images/footages from the east yesterday is deeply disturbing. You can’t keep inflicting pain and suffering on the same people you want to emancipate. You can’t violently demand people to believe your course.
Politics / Re: Banks, Shops Locked, Passengers Stranded As IPOB’s Sit-at-home Order Kicks In by bigerboy200: 4:57pm On Aug 09
good our leader cannot be in prison and people pretend as if all is well.
Our leader? Please speak for yourself ohh.. He is not my leader by any stretch of imagination. You can’t advocate for a course using mindless violence on people.
TV/Movies / Re: BbNaija's Whitemoney: I Once Sold ‘Puff Puff’ At Yaba by bigerboy200: 7:02am On Aug 06
Just to gada sympathy like Laycon

Guy are you related to lie mohammed?
What did Laycon say in the house to gather sympathy? Just asking oh..cos I never saw/heard him talking about how hard life has been for him. He was all about promoting his music.
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Yousef's Students Hit The Streets To Campaign For Him (Photos) by bigerboy200: 5:51pm On Aug 05
I thought the show was rated 18?
Business / Re: CBN’s Supply Ban Won’t Affect Us - BDCs by bigerboy200: 6:53am On Aug 04
Funny lots..
Politics / Re: House Of Reps Passes Electoral Amendment Bill, Adopts E-Transmission Of Results by bigerboy200: 1:29pm On Jul 16
Politics / Re: FG Appoints Jega, Udoma, Emenike, Others As Governing Council Chairs by bigerboy200: 6:06am On Jul 16
I hope this appointment won’t make Jega to stop speaking truth to power cos he has been rightly critical of PMB’s government in recent times.


Politics / Re: Frank Kokori: Osinbajo Appointed Me NSITF Chairman But Cabal Reversed It by bigerboy200: 10:10pm On Jun 14

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Politics / Re: WTO: US Leaders Write Biden To Back Okonjo-Iweala by bigerboy200: 9:31am On Jan 24
Is Ngozi an American woman?
according to the article she became an American citizen in 2019. I think her claiming American citizenship rather than claiming to be a Nigerian or a Nigerian American will boost her chances of nailing the WTO job.
Celebrities / Re: Erica's Manager Slams Laycon For Sending A Heart-Warming Message To Erica by bigerboy200: 2:05pm On Nov 26, 2020
Ridiculous. She owes Laycon a personal apology and not the other way round. Besides Laycon was only responding to a direct question asked about Erica. They have been doing well without each other. So her manager should rest abeg.


Politics / Re: Pro-SARS Supporter Admits They Were Hired To Disrupt EndSARS Protest by bigerboy200: 5:19pm On Oct 20, 2020
Attacking people on credit...
Politics / Re: FG Moves To End DSTV's Monopoly, Says Multichoice Is Cheating Nigerians by bigerboy200: 1:23pm On Jul 05, 2020

It's very likely you are not in Kenya or ghana! You just lifted stuff on line..

Go to the countries and see the channels or contents that comes with the packages!

I Repeat ! Nigeria is being riped off!
Not true. I can talk about DSTV sub prices in South Africa ( the headquarters of multichoice), and they are at least 2000 naira more than what people pay in Nigeria. So it’s possible that Nigerians pay one of the lowest Sub prices across Africa.


Politics / Re: FG Moves To End DSTV's Monopoly, Says Multichoice Is Cheating Nigerians by bigerboy200: 1:16pm On Jul 05, 2020

Wetin you dey yarn sef?
Open your eyes and see the rubbish wey multi choice dey give naija.
No one pays for a subscription in order to watch repeated programs on daily basis.
Are you sure its not the multi choice cohorts that have been jeopardizing the efforts of other cable tv's?
The hand writing is glaring!!!!
Send multi choice packing and see how naija go do am more better

“Send multichoice packing and see how naija go do am much better” you made me laugh with this statement of yours. Tell me one service that is ran by Nigerians today for which Nigerians are getting good and proportionate value? Is it your banks? Is it PHCN? Is it your airports? Is it your schools? Is it your internet service providers? Is it even your government as a whole?? Take it or leave it, service delivery in Nigeria is very terrible. Back to the matter, your Abuja politicians are evidently ignorant of how TV rights work globally. The contents being showed on cable TV are bought from TV companies Worldwide for millions of dollars. For e.g, Multichoice pays sky sport about 250 million USD to broadcast EPL and this is in addition to the 100million Euros to broadcast UEFA champs league. In light of the embarrassing depreciation of the naira against international currencies, it is only fair that Multichoice increases their tariff to make reasonable profits. Multichoice is not a charity organization, it is a business entity. Let the Abuja politicians focus their energy on stabilizing the economy, stabilizing by the capital market, improving the earning power of ordinary Nigerians and providing good business environment for investors, rather than chasing shadows. If at all anything, Multichoice should be commended for providing a wide range of flexible plans to match customers financial strength. As for the many Nigerians supporting the Abuja politicians to fight multichoice, I shake my head for you. Instead of you to channel your energy into holding your leaders accountable and demanding for a better Nigeria, you are instead making noise over multichoice that never forced itself on anyone. If anyone thinks he/she is being ripped off, then he/she should quit subscribing. After all, cable TV is far from being a necessity of life.


Politics / Re: Adams Oshiomole's Suspension Has Been Lifted By APC Excos In Etsako, Edo State by bigerboy200: 6:16pm On Jun 20, 2020

Do party members at ward level have the power to lift a suspension that came from a Court of competent jurisdiction?
An interesting question, but don’t forget that the judgement was predicated on his suspension from the ward. The petitioners made a prayer to the court to remove Oshiomole as the national chairman since he was suspended from his ward, thus making him a non-member of the party. It’s quite laughable how the politicians have turned our courts to a play ground.

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Politics / Re: Not Because We Are Quite IPOB Shows Their Soldiers Ready To Bomb Zoo VIDEO by bigerboy200: 12:52pm On Jun 19, 2020
Just one small knock out will scatter them into different directions. Do they think war is traditional dance
Science/Technology / Re: Monkeys Killed In My Village In Abia (Pictures) by bigerboy200: 5:16pm On May 22, 2020
This is not right maaan.. Monkeys are meant to co habit with humans. We have a lot of monkeys roaming around my campus and on my street (abroad ohh). Nobody has ever thought of killing them for a meal. Why are we so primitive and hunger driven in Nigeria?? I won’t be surprised if these same people begin to kill and roast lizards under the pretense of hunger...
Business / Re: Why Is The Federal Government Not Printing Money Locally Instead Of Borrowing? by bigerboy200: 8:11am On May 04, 2020

First you need to understand what naira means ....naira is a second level money meaning it is backed by first class money

Here is what I mean 100 naira is a receipt that I have 100 naira worth of dollars lodged with the CBN and can take it anytime

In Nigeria this receipt can serve as money ...but if I want to import u have to change it back to real money then import what you want

When you earn dollars , CBN gives u naira and keeps the dollars ....printing more naira means CBN owing more people

More people would demand dollars , based on the fact no equivalent dollar was earned the price of dollars would raise

The naira I your hands lose value so you lose money ..so printing more money is like robbing you of your hard earned money
I really wish you can further break it down for “economics ignorant” people like us. Where is the US getting the billions of dollars continuously released as economic stimulus? Is it the savings they made over the years, or they are printing dollars? I really wish to understand. Thanks.


Politics / Re: Reps Insists On Two-Month Free Electricity For Nigerians by bigerboy200: 8:08am On May 01, 2020
The house of reps members should go and sit down somewhere jare..If they give it out for free, how will they make money considering that it’s a business?. Someone has to pay for the free electricity, and if the government is not ready to pay, they should shut up and stop giving people false hope..we no be mumu.

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Politics / Re: Buhari's Daughter Reunites With Family After 14 Days In Isolation (Photo) by bigerboy200: 11:28pm On Apr 02, 2020
Was she tested before breaking isolation?
Not necessary. If she had developed symptoms within 14 days, then it would have been necessary. At least she has saved NCDC from running a needless test that would have returned negative.
Education / Re: Is Spending N16M On A 3-Year Ph.D In The UK Worth It? by bigerboy200: 11:35am On Mar 26, 2020
If u have that kind of money abeg go Canada. At least u have a better chance of settling there as compared to the UK.
Politics / Re: Coronavirus: Fayemi Tells Ekiti Civil Servants To Work From Home by bigerboy200: 7:54pm On Mar 20, 2020
Work from home in Ekiti state civil service sounds funny to me sha..


Politics / Re: Osinbajo’s Convoy Involved In Accident, Escort Rider Killed by bigerboy200: 8:02am On Mar 14, 2020
God is warning u to resign ur position from the wicked and carlus administration, else the 3rd is to ur grave
Oshey.. PA to God on political matters..
Politics / Re: From Record; No Dethroned And Banished Traditional Ruler Can Grant Public Speech by bigerboy200: 4:16pm On Mar 10, 2020
You are talking in the nonsense, you are talking in the thing that does not have group experience..
Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by bigerboy200: 11:25am On Dec 17, 2019
Good morning mamas. Something sad happened and I felt we all may learn from it. The guy who handles electrical jobs for us just lost his wife during childbirth. The baby survived.He is in police custody as we speak because the wife's family are saying he killed their daughter. Their marriage is less than two years old and the late lady is not up to 30 years.

It's being said that she has earlier been diagnosed of multiple uterine fibroids. The doctor advised an Elective CS be done, that any attempt at going into labor and vagina birth may further complicate things.

Her dear husband said no to the CS. In his words "My mother gave birth normally, my wife must do same". That's how this lady stayed till she fell into labour at 38 weeks.She wasn't even taken to the hospital where she registered for antenatal, he took her to a prayer house to deliver. He said many women testify on Sunday in church of how they came to church when they were in labour for long and baby came out easily while in the church.


That's how the women there (who are not even local midwives) were trying to force her to push. It wasn't long before she started bleeding badly. It was when they saw that she was dieing, that they rushed her to hospital. Then it was already too late,the young lady died on her way to hospital. The same CS they rejected was what was done to bring out the child because they could still detect a heartbeat.

All this was happening and the man didn't call any of the wife's family to let them know. The call he made was to tell them about how their child or sister is in d mortuary. The lady's brother's used police to go pick him up after serious beating.

I am still so pissed because in my opinion, the lady killed herself. As a human being and one in a delicate condition as pregnancy, you have to choose you. Even if that's how the marriage will scatter, so be it.

A doctor had already told u the risks involved with normal delivery based on the medical issues u have, yet she allowed a mere man in the name of husband use her life to gamble. The same man that will marry a fresh and finer woman after one year or less if anything happens to you?

Why I am bringing this here is so that we can all draw sense from it. It's your life, your body, your pregnancy. Don't allow love blind our common sense or allow wedding ring and Mrs title remove our individuality. Men are very good at choosing themselves, we should do same especially when it concerns your health in pregnancy . If anything happens (God forbid) you will bear the pains. Every pregnancy is to be cherished. Don't use your life and your unborn child to gamble. If you are not ok with anything, stand your ground. Don't keep delicate issues away from your family. Na here u jam the man, your family remains your family. If a man is having the same stance as the dead lady's husband, call a family meeting and let your people know. If he doesn't pay the medical bills, your family and friends can pay. In all, your life is more important. Nobody dies and is buried with their husband or wife. We came to this world alone nd will leave alone.
That lady would have been alive today if she insisted on CS like her doctor advised. Her husband will be released from cell, after 3-5 months, he would have gotten another babe. That's if he can wait that long. Wheras someone allowed herself to be killed because she wanted to obey her husband. What story would they tell that innocent child tomoro? Because I trust the lady's family to let thr child know the fathers part in the mothers untimely death!
Am not saying don't obey your husbands, but let's apply wisdom to being married. Think about your parents who have labored over you before you got married, think about your life and all you are yet to achieve. Mrs title is just a small part of life. Don't allow the zeal to stay married by all means make you docile to the point where a man will be the one telling u to do things that are not going to be ok for your health or things that are against doctors instructions.
I have seen women having sezzz 3 weeks after delivery, when doctors advise u wait 6 weeks. Why? To please their husband. Some take in 4 months after delivery because oga told them not to do family planning, and they relaxed. In the end, you the woman will suffer the consequences. Let's all be wise and choose ourselves and well being in times when it's necessary. I am so angry because the lady that died is someone I know. Maybe her crime in life was loving a man too much to the point of blind submission! Not all the times your husband will mean well for you. It may be out of ignorance as to the severity of the issue, that's when u let him know what's at stake and insist on doing the right thing. If he disagrees, pack a few things and go to your parents house till you are OK. It's better than saying "yes sir, yes my husband" to everything, until you say yes to what will lead you to early death all because you want to please your husband.

you have said it all. This true life story has broken my heart this morning. I find it very uncomfortable how some women keep allowing themselves to be treated in some very bad type of ways. Please permit me to copy this message onto some platform so people can learn a thing or two. Thank you.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Owes N25.7 Trillion – DMO by bigerboy200: 5:45am On Nov 26, 2019
Oluwa wetin dey happen? Naija matter just get as e be. Borrow borrow up and down yet no meaningful impact to society.


Career / Re: Is It Proper To Introduce Oneself As Miss Or Mrs? by bigerboy200: 4:44pm On Nov 25, 2019

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