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Properties / Re: How Do I Recover My Late Father's Property? by BigND(m): 1:45pm On Dec 19, 2020
Good morning guys, my dad died over 16 years ago. He left behind two plots of land and sitting on it is a 4 bedroom flat which we are currently residing in and an uncompleted 2 flats (6rooms)...

The main issue now is that we can't seem to find any documents pertaining to the land, since when his sister came to clear all the paperworks and documents in his bedroom a week after his death.

So please guys, I need your advice on how to obtain the necessary documents to claim ownership of the house.

You don’t really have a problem in my opinion.

First there is no issue of help to “recover” your property which is not lost in the first place. You have been in undisturbed peaceable possession for 16 years now. Also there is no question of help to claim ownership of your property; from your post, there is no adverse claimant against you for now. Documents are just prima facie evidence of ownership, and not ownership itself.

This situation is like when you lose title documents to fire, theft, etc. What you need to do is to do an affidavit stating the facts, then meet a Lawyer resident in the State where the land is located to help you through the process of getting replacement documents.

If you are sure your father’s sister took away the documents, then that is theft and you ought to have long ago reported the matter to the Police and get them to recover the documents from her. There is absolutely no basis on which your father’s sister can dispute your father’s property with you (whether under customary law, statutory law, common law or equity). However Statute of limitations do not apply to most crimes and so it is not too late to do so.

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Romance / Re: Why Ladies Prefer To Date 'Bad Boys' Rather Than 'Good Boys' - Nigerian Lady by BigND(m): 1:27pm On Dec 19, 2020
Las las, you will still cry when the bad boys finally show their true colors


Crime / Re: Leaked Chat: Queency Benna Threatening Dr Obi After She Wasn't Paid After Sex by BigND(m): 1:16pm On Dec 19, 2020

Seems you have never heard of a verbal contract. She can argue that she's not a prostitute and just a girl he promised money to in exchange for sex.

A promise of sex in exchange for money is PROSTITUTION; it’s not about arguments
Crime / Re: Leaked Chat: Queency Benna Threatening Dr Obi After She Wasn't Paid After Sex by BigND(m): 1:04pm On Dec 19, 2020
Telling someone u will transfer money and later didn't means fake. lie, evil.

He told a LIE; he did not make a “fake transfer”. There was no transfer at all, much less a “fake” one.

The last time I checked, lying is not a criminal offence anywhere in the world.

An example of fake transfer occurs when yahoo boys buy goods or something else on credit and purport to make a transfer; the seller gets a “bank alert” but when they contact their bank or want to transact, the money is not there because they received a cloned alert text

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Crime / Re: Leaked Chat: Queency Benna Threatening Dr Obi After She Wasn't Paid After Sex by BigND(m): 12:55pm On Dec 19, 2020
And the man too sued for breaching a contract.

Which breach of “contract”?

An immoral agreement is not enforceable in a Court of Law; perhaps in the Court of Public Opinion
Politics / Re: INEC Declares APC Winner Of Imo North Bye-Election by BigND(m): 12:49pm On Dec 06, 2020
This means the election is a nullity.

There must be a name of a person declared winner in the INEC Form EC 8E issued to the parties to the Election.

INEC cannot refuse to issue Form EC 8C to all the candidates who contested the election because APC did not put its House in order. If there is no candidate on the day of the election recognized by INEC, then they have no candidate
Politics / Re: Deola Smart's Bridal Shower (Pictures, Video) by BigND(m): 10:44am On Dec 05, 2020
After all this gragra, we don’t want to hear stories that touch the heart after a few months.

Happy married life to the couple
Politics / Re: Lawyers Ask Ayim To Apologise To Umahi Within Seven Days Or Face Legal Action by BigND(m): 10:32am On Dec 05, 2020
Jobless hungry jankara lawyers tarnishing the good name of the noble legal profession
Crime / Re: Bashir Ahmad Speaks On US Army Rescue Operation In Nigeria by BigND(m): 6:02pm On Nov 01, 2020
US forces had nothing to do with Niger Republic;

They did not set foot on Niger Republic;

They did not kill anyone in Niger Republic;

They did not rescue any hostage in Niger Republic;

All of the foregoing took place in Nigeria.

Nigerian forces took no part in the rescue; the “collaboration” was simply that Nigerian authorities were informed just before the Americans entered Nigerian Airspace.
Crime / Re: Stella Ifeoma Abugu Raped, Killed By SARS Officers After Arrest -Lawyer (Graphic by BigND(m): 2:24pm On Sep 19, 2020
Do we have a PRESIDENT in this Country
Is there any other Country in this world where an atrocity like this will not receive at least a Public Statement from the Presidency or it’s spokespersons??
Nigeria has gone to the dogs [color=#990000][/color]
Business / Re: False Allegations Of Slavery Against Inner Galaxy Steel Co. Ltd by BigND(m): 7:33am On Aug 15, 2020
Not every body is a wretched pauper like you who has to be paid before expressing an opinion. The cheap riposte by idiots on social media these days is “how much were you paid” once some body canvasses an opinion or makes a post you don’t agree with.
You are so empty upstairs that you cannot even come up with an original response other than the old worn out how much were you paid.
Once you can afford N50K data, you brainless twats start making a nuisance of yourselves on social media

How much did they pay you for this , show the world your prove. Someone was abused physicaly, another man leg was amputated without gratitude . I thought Racism is all about white against black, but worst racism have ever encounter black against black on behalf of their white master. NOT EVERY BLACK MAN IS YOUR BROTHER
Business / Re: False Allegations Of Slavery Against Inner Galaxy Steel Co. Ltd by BigND(m): 7:27am On Aug 15, 2020
When people have nothing upstairs and are too intellectually deficit to engage in a proper conversation, they resort to name-calling, insults and cursing.
Many of you live on gossips and rumors and once you hear an allegation, you believe it, swear by it and ready to kill for it even as you have not bothered to interrogate or verify it.
Wisdom dictates that there are always two sides to every story and the wise will always tarry, examine the allegations and the defence again and not just rush to take sides.
If I may ask, have you worked in the company?
Do you know anyone who works there?.
Are you one of those who believe that every Chinese is evil and a criminal and so an allegation against a Chinese by someone on Twitter, whose name, identity or motive is not known should be accepted as the GOSPEL TRUTH.
Some of you invite karma on your heads because one day someone will make false allegations against you; you will cry and proclaim your innocence but no one will bother to listen to you.
One day someone somewhere will label you a 419er or Yahoo-Yahoo boy or drug pusher with no evidence other than that you are a Nigerian and all Nigerians are criminals.

The OP is like the black man we see in historical movies about racism who has become expert at making other black slaves obey the white master, and in so doing, he becomes a higher rated slave than the others but still a slave nonetheless.

These sets of slaves are sometimes even was than the white man.

You op are one idiotic slave driver. If you continue this your image laundering venture that continues to impoverish Nigerians an unexpected steel will send you out of this world
Business / False Allegations Of Slavery Against Inner Galaxy Steel Co. Ltd by BigND(m): 11:59pm On Aug 14, 2020
In the past few days, social media has been awash with cooked up, fabricated falsehoods and lies about the Inner Galaxy Steel Company Group with their associated companies located in Obehie, Ukwa West LGA, Abia State. The fabricated falsehoods posted by unknown persons on social media quickly went viral and has led to public outcry. Although, as at today, no one has written any formal petition or complaint against the Company to any authority in Nigeria, the Abia State Government felt compelled by the public outcry and agitation fed by unverified allegations, to send a fact-finding team to the company premises yesterday morning, Thursday the 13th day of August, 2020. In the afternoon of the same yesterday, the Federal Government also sent another inter-agency investigation team led by the FCCPC to the Company premises to find out what is going on there. Everyone is looking forward to their reports.
When I first read the allegations, I had to rub my eyes several times because this is a Company I know very well and have visited many times for a number of diverse reasons. This company is arguably the biggest in the entire South East and their premises is in fact a mini-City of its own.
I went back there yesterday to make enquiries having read these fantastic stories on the internet and I happen to have been on the premises when the Federal and State investigation teams arrived separately.
One thing that has become evident by these events is that Nigerians love to believe the very worst of every other person, individual or corporate. They love rumors and gossips. Otherwise, anyone who takes a deep breath and actually examines those allegations, THINKS ABOUT THE CLAIMS, will realize even without more, that it is not possible. The way Nigerians read something on social media, written by unknown persons and immediately accept it as Gospel truth, share and spread it until it goes viral, is worrying. Most of us have lost the capacity for critical thinking and taking a second look at a story to see whether it even makes sense on the face of it.
Now what are the allegations? They are a mishmash but I will debunk the notable ones.
It is alleged that Inner Galaxy held Nigerian workers in slavery on their premises, AGAINST THEIR WILL and in inhuman conditions. This is of course totally false. What I gathered from my investigation is that when Covid-19 started early this year, and factories in some other parts of the world were shut down because they became “super-spreaders” of the virus, Inner Galaxy took proactive steps to curtail spread of the virus in its premises. The first issue was that of the closure of interstate borders. This company is located on the border between Rivers and Abia States and many of the workers come to work from Rivers State, mainly living in Obigbo. Those workers, numbering in hundreds were at risk of not being able to come to work because the Rivers’ State borders were about to be closed. Also, the company imposed very rigorous COVID-19 safety protocols within the premises of the company, issuing one mask every day to each worker and ensuring they are worn properly, providing over 55 hand-washing/sanitizer stations in the premises, etc, but the challenge was that when staff leave and go home where those protocols are not in place, they could contract the virus, bring it to the complex and spread it.
Again, the company was at this time working at less than half-capacity as the closure of inter-state borders meant that many suppliers and other customers vital to the operations of the company could not have access. The company called a meeting of the staff and asked for those willing to stay in the company premises until the Covid-19 crises is over or reduced. Those who opted to do so will be housed in temporary accommodation to be hastily set up while a much better accommodation will be built for future purposes. Two buildings for temporary accommodations are being constructed as we speak; one has reached 90% completion while the second is at 65% completion.
Those workers who said they could not stay away from their families for an indeterminate period were furloughed in accordance with best practices, to be reabsorbed as soon as the COVID-19 crises is over and operations return to normal BUT ALL OF THEM are being paid N15K (fifteen thousand naira) a month each while at home and not working. Those who opted to remain in the premises are being paid substantial bonuses in addition to their full salaries and many have already left the temporary, hastily arranged accommodation back to their homes, as things have started normalizing but with strict instructions to strictly abide by Covid-19 safety protocols so as not to bring the virus to the complex from home.
Furthermore, on the issue of Nigerians being held on the company premises against their will, a visit to the Inner Galaxy City will show that it is not even possible. This company was established in Abia in 2012. In that time there has never been any complaint by anyone about its labor practices; even now, there is no formal complaint; only rumors and gossips on Internet. The complex is massive and a mini-City. While there are over 2000 workers in the employment of the company, there are less than 50 Chinese employed there; how can these number of Chinese hold hundred of workers against their will? Which number of security men can intimidate these number of workers to the extent alleged? Let us use our brains and think. The Complex does not even have a gate. Anyone can go there and verify.
The accusations of physical abuse of Nigerians by Nigerian security men attached to the company is ridiculous. Nigerians of course don’t trust their Policemen and soldiers but this is a stretch. There is no such thing from my enquiries.
At any given time, over 150 trailers are parked in the premises to transport the steel, iron and other products produced there or to supply raw materials & the transportation sector alone has scores of independent drivers, conductors, mechanics, vulcanizers, etc, etc. from all over the country.
There are hundreds of suppliers, customers, and other independent or semi-independent businesses on the premises such as restaurants, shops, etc to cater for people who come from all over the country for one thing or the other. You will find Hausas, Yorubas and all other ethnicities there. Is it possible that these hundreds of other Nigerians who are not staff of the company and are independent will also compromise and keep quiet over the past several years and not say a word when they see their compatriots being turned into slaves?
The management of the Company are aghast at this allegations because they pride themselves as one of the highest paying companies in Nigeria with first class staff welfare packages and top Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) provisions. Some of the pictures below show some of the activities staff of the company engage in, organized and paid for by the management; if this is the way slaves are treated, then I will love to be a slave. Other pictures show the CSR activities for Host communities, company premises and operations.

Austin Ndidi Iroegbu


TV/Movies / Re: Kemi Olunloyo: “Erica Will Be A Slut Outside The House, Laycon Will Win BBNaija” by BigND(m): 12:47am On Aug 11, 2020
A woman who had FOUR kids OUT OF WEDLOCK for FOUR DIFFERENT MEN is calling another lady a slut. #WereyMolete #WeedIsNotGoodForYou #Hypocrite
Health / Northerners Are Receiving Covid-19 Palliatives Two-fold by BigND(m): 10:08am On Apr 21, 2020
It appears that in some parts of Northern Nigeria, people there are being paid N20K COVID-19 Palliative. According to this woman in the video, she has received N20K twice in the last few days to bring the payment to her to a total of N40K.
Sports / Re: Neymar Rape Accuser Indicted For Extortion By Brazilian Police by BigND(m): 8:44am On Sep 11, 2019

It is not a good development. In the USA and developed world generally, alleged rape victims are not prosecuted. Rape is a grevious crime that takes a lot of courage to report by victims. Now when there is a penalty for reporting it in any form, it discourages TRUE and GENUINE victims from reporting the crime.

It is like the Police asking a community for information on a crime with the proviso that if you give wrong information you will be jailed. How many people do you think will now come out to volunteer information?

The solution to reducing false rape allegations is to investigate the facts thoroughly before bringing charges against the accused, not that you penalize the accuser for any reason!

That is why since false whistle blowing was criminalized by Nigeria, people stopped blowing whistles and looters are happy for that. The purpose of whistle blowing has simply been defeated.

There is a difference between MALICIOUS falsehood and mere falsehood.
Let me give an example: (scenario 1) Suppose I quarreled with my neighbor over something and he threatens to deal with me saying that I have been feeling too big since I bought my car and that he will soon put me in my place. Then early the following morning my car gets missing from where I parked it in front of the house and I rush to the Police to report and tell them I suspect my neighbor who is then arrested but subsequently it is discovered that it was LASTMA officials who towed it away, that is false allegation by me against my neighbor made worse that neither myself or anyone saw him steal the car nor saw him driving it, etc.
(Scenario 2) I quarrel with my neighbor and in order to deal with him I rush to the Police to allege that he stole my car. In the course of investigation, it is discovered that I never had any car at all but made that false and malicious allegation just to undo my neighbor.
The consequences in the above scenarios of false information are radically different even though thy are both false accusations. In the first, the Police may not prosecute me for false information because it was a mistaken belief but in the second scenario where I knew that the info was false and acted out of MALICE, I will be prosecuted.
False Accusation of RAPE is as serious and destructive as RAPE itself; Rape is a crime which carries life imprisonment under our Criminal Code. A person convicted of it is finished for life. Perhaps most of you have not visited Nigerian prisons and think it is the sort of foreign ones you watch on foreign movies. That is not where you try to consign a person for the rest of his/her life on frivolous accusations only to come and say false accusers should not be punished because it will discourage genuine ones.
Busola and TIMI Dakolo are Lucky they are dealing with a Pastor whose circumstances limit how mean and ruthless he can be; if they had made such useless allegation against someone like me, I would have taught them a terrible lesson they will never forget. That their frivolous suit demanding N10m cost would have been the starting point and their albatross as I would have counter-claimed for false accusation and defamation in same suit and claimed over N200m in damages in addition to costs. After their suit is struck out for being Statute barred, I will take them to the cleaners.
They are lucky they chose a victim who is forced to hit back with soft gloves, if at all because of his Ministry.
While genuine victims of sexual assault must be encouraged to speak out, empty-heads like Busola and Timi must be slapped down

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Celebrities / Re: Busola Dakolo: I Didn’t Demand N10 Million Compensation From Pastor Fatoyinbo by BigND(m): 10:45pm On Sep 10, 2019

On the bolded, you are saying crap!
Rape is not statute barred.

I know Busola knows she is just trying to cash-in on some sex escapades she must have jad with the COZA Pastor in the past, but she wont ever win a rape case against him.
she will be the one begging him at the end of the day, after losing the criminal rape case in court, as he would go after her for legal cost, in a separate civil suit and may even add defmation to it

I am in two minds to ignore you as I do not want to be caught in a recurring decimal of arguments with morons who speak with authority about things they are totally ignorant about, but if I don’t correct your illiterate opinion, others might think you were saying something reasonable.
First of all, the suit by Busola under discussion is a Civil Case in Torts; Do you even know what TORTS is? Why do you people engage in discussions well over your head?
A Civil action in Torts has a limitation period of six (6) years in the FCT under the Limitation Act of 1966 which is in force in the FCT. I wonder why people like you engage in arguments in respect of subjects you are not qualified to discuss.
Even in Criminal Law, there are Limitation periods for some offenses in the Criminal Code itself. For instance there is a Limitation period of just two (2) months for what we call STATUTORY Rape: sex with a girl above 13 years but under 16 years where consent is not a defence and is irrelevant. Under the Criminal Code, prosecution (not even report/investigation) must be started within two months of the happening of the alleged offence; in this case, we are not even talking months but 17 years, so go figure.
The Law is the Law; I did not make it neither did Fatoyinbo.
Your emotions, sentiments, morality, etc are of no moment when the issue is the Law in force and applicable to issues under discussion.
Celebrities / Re: Busola Dakolo: I Didn’t Demand N10 Million Compensation From Pastor Fatoyinbo by BigND(m): 9:02am On Sep 10, 2019

You'll be surprised that it won't be tossed out. If you haven't noticed, there's something about the woman 'Busola' seems she has grace following her. There are some people you don't fight because they'll always win, she's one of them


Grace ko, Runs, ni.


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Celebrities / Re: Busola Dakolo: I Didn’t Demand N10 Million Compensation From Pastor Fatoyinbo by BigND(m): 8:48am On Sep 10, 2019

Save your speech, this case has not come this far to be dragged under the Carpet, there are certain people you don't fight with, Busola is one of them. KOZA should have settled this out of court but he chose this route, you sit back and watch things unfold, after all it's not your money, or is it?

Go and take a seat my friend;
My post was not made for Airheads like you.
Which “case” has come so far? Do you have a case? You think everyone lacks reasoning faculty like you?
Your “case” may have come far but you can take it to the Bank right now that it has come to an end.
You people will just be disturbing us with nonsense fake stories everyday when we have more important pressing issues to talk about than Runs-Girls who have consensual sex only to turn around 17 years later to start shouting RAPE.
Because of pressure to account for use of the GoFundMe money already diverted for other purposes, you people quickly filed a frivolous case which is dead on arrival.
Fatoyinbo’s Lawyers will file a Preliminary Objection to the competence of the action which is Statute-Barred and that is the end. No one will even look at any merits you think your case has.
You think that the Law allows you to sleep on your rights and whenever you wake up you can go to Court? Is the Court your Parlour? If you don’t exercise your right of access to Court in time, it will be withdrawn, schikena; these are ELEMENTARY PRINCIPLES of Law.
But then, why do I even bother with your ilk? The only thing you will understand perfectly is how to drink Krest. RUBBISH

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Celebrities / Re: Busola Dakolo: I Didn’t Demand N10 Million Compensation From Pastor Fatoyinbo by BigND(m): 7:33am On Sep 10, 2019
Of Course, this suit is a load of tosh;
It became Statute-barred after 2008 as six (6) years is the Limitation period for TORTS in the FCT and the Cause of Action arose in 2002.
Even the merits of the case is a non-starter. Busola made claims about how Fatoyinbo will drive her to deserted areas and have sex with her. So after allegedly raping her in her father’s house, she subsequently was voluntarily entering the car of her alleged rapist?
These people must have EMPTY BRAINS with the sort of ridiculous and half-baked stories they always come up with; don’t they realize Busola will be cross-examined?
She is crying of Emotional distress but she will have a complete mental breakdown by the time she enters the witness box and Fatoyinbo’s Lawyers tear her fake stories to shreds under cross-examination.
Meanwhile, I too will start preparing a case to sue Arsenal for causing me emotional distress in the defeat against Liverpool. Come to think of it, I will also sue INEC for causing me Emotional distress by allowing Buhari to win; Emotional distress ko, Emotional distaste, ni


What's the basis for the cause of action and when did the cause of action arose and became actionable?
By the way, is the action not Statute barred assuming she has a genuine cause of action?

The emotional stress bullcrap is predicted on an alleged rape that has not been substantiated, how can she then prove her ancillary claims if the principal claim or if you wish , the arrowhead of her claim is dead?

Can you build something on nothing and expect it to stand?

But she will definitely need a dozen of medical experts and behavioural psychologist to prove her claims and the standard is quite an impossibility.

Ponder on that, as there are no cold hard evidence at this time, just stories and what happened, did happen, could have happened or didn't happen. These calls for speculations and drawing conjectures. The court is forbidden from embarking on a voyage of speculations or making conjectures.

To me, this is a face saving action that is nearly impossible to prove. Save the criminal allegation of rape suceeds. A smart lawyer will eat her alive on the stand, except perhaps it was arranged in such a way as to force or perhaps there is an arranged out of court settlement.

I say no more.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Pastor Fatoyinbo Replies Busola Dakolo by BigND(m): 10:58pm On Sep 09, 2019
I have been consistent in saying that the Dakolos are DAFT in continuing to chase shadows.
Some half-baked Lawyers will just use them to eat and at the end mess them up.
Take this so-called suit filed against Pastor Biodun at the FCT High Court where N10m in costs is being claimed: IT IS DEAD ON ARRIVAL because it is Statute Barred. The LIMITATION ACT which is applicable in the FCT bars and nullifies suits brought after six years of the accrual of the Cause of Action in respect of suits in TORTS.
Even the Criminal Investigation is a joke: the alleged crime took place in Kwara State which operates the Penal Code not the Criminal Code. The Dakolos should find out the age of consent under the Penal Code and the prescriptions for establishing RAPE under the Penal Code.
They are just wasting everybody’s time.
Celebrities / Re: Busola Dakolo: I Didn’t Demand N10 Million Compensation From Pastor Fatoyinbo by BigND(m): 9:49pm On Sep 09, 2019
Honestly, the Dakolos are very funny.
You made a Video-taped interview and accused the Pastor of Rape. That accusation did not cause him Emotional distress;
It is his denial that caused you emotional distress?.
Please what is the Cause of Action again??
Which tort is it??
Brainless people everywhere
Politics / Re: Ibrahim Mohammed Sworn-in As Substantive CJN by BigND(m): 11:59am On Jul 24, 2019
It is sad that people can hide behind faceless monikers to make comments so they can hide their shamelessness.
How can anyone in full conscience support the hopelessness we have descended to in this country?
How is it that anyone with a molecule of sense can’t see anything beyond political, religious or tribal affiliation in these atrocities?.
We are talking about the well-being of our country and people are here showing how empty of conscience and brains they are.
Every University final year Jurisprudence student knows what a “Legal Technicality” is but a Supreme Court Judge who also claims to have a PH.D in Law does not know what a Legality Technicality is. (Jurisprudence is a COMPULSORY Course in all Law Faculties world wide).
But that is not the worst of it: 90% of 6 year olds know that you “FLY” an Airplane but a Supreme Court Judge talks about “DRIVING” an Airplane. He did not mention “driving” an Airplane once but three times. IS THIS NOT INSANE?.
And yet I see people who purport to be human beings celebrating such CALAMITY and incompetence?. They talk of “Wailers” and such nonsense.
My people say that the only thing worse than being a thief is being shameless

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Celebrities / Re: COZA: Busola And Timi Dakolo's Press Conference (Live Updates) by BigND(m): 12:17am On Jul 22, 2019
How was Ese Walters “MANIPULATION”?
You guys give these ladies free pass all the time.
By her own account, Ese went willingly with her two legs to visit Fatoyinbo in his London Hotel Room by 11pm; who does that?
Fatoyinbo then invited her to come sit on his laps and she agreed and according to her, one thing led to another and they ended up under the sheets and for the one week he was in London, they slept together and had sex every night.
Ese was not a teenager at the time by her own account but a full grown adult woman, who had worked for years in Abuja, then resigned her job to go do a two year’s Masters program in London and it was while there that she started having an affair with Fatoyinbo (according to her).
The affair lasted for quite sometime too until Fatoyinbo lost interest and moved on by her account, so how is that manipulation? It is just the ranting of a bitter, vengeful woman who feels scorned.
All these loose girls who cannot lock their legs together keep coming to disturb us with their tall tales.
Of course this is not saying that Fatoyinbo is faultless if the story is true as I believe that such conduct is unbecoming of a Pastor but these ladies, even by their mere dressing to Church deliberately go out of their way to seduce their Pastors (who are mere mortals anyway) only to complain once the affair turns sour and we say it’s “manipulation”.
When you toast a babe and make her swoon with flowery words, gifts and promises of everlasting love and she agrees to date you, have you not manipulated her feelings??.
Make una leave mata for Mathias jare grin cool


I am thinking we'll and i cannot put myself in her shoes because i don't believe her story or trust her honest motive. Neither should you. People have alterior motives these days and women have there own madness.

I believe only Ese walters. Why? because she is a honest woman. At least she admitted she was not raped. But manipulated. Thats a woman I can stand with and show emotion with. That guy is a stud. Hansome and we'll spoken with cash. he ticks all box as far as women attraction is concern. I will never rule out mutual attraction. Never and you should not. But if you do then let's all wait till court day.


Religion / Re: Charles Omole: Biodun Fatoyinbo May Not Be Convicted, Busola Has No Evidence by BigND(m): 11:44pm On Jul 21, 2019
Who was this towering mentor father figure you are talking about? Biodun the Pastor of today or Biodun the young man of 20 years ago before even COZA was formed?
I will advise you go watch and listen carefully to the video interview of Busola and not just part 1 but particularly part 2 and also parts 3 and 4.
Many of you commenting and going high on emotions and sentiments did not even listen to what the woman herself said. If you did, you would VERY EASILY understand that this is certainly no case of Rape.
Equally, if you calculate the timelines properly and compare to available data such as Busola’s international passport, school records, etc which will all be made available to the Police/Court of Law, you will understand that Busola was above 17 years at the time.
The alleged offence took place in Kwara for those shouting “statutory rape”. Kwara is in Northern Nigeria and operates the Penal Code and statutory Rape under the Penal Code is sex with a girl 14 years and below.
In Southern Nigeria, Statutory Rape is sex with a girl under 16 years BUT NOTE that you must start prosecution within TWO months of the alleged crime, there must be corroborative evidence of a witness to the crime and it is a defence if the accused believed the girl to be over 16 years, even if she was not.
These ones are not the same technicalities as your CJN “DRIVING” an airplane grin
Chew on that for now.

Good analysis, "judge". But you can't say oral evidence would be discounted just because they are coming from relatives? Who else would a teenager turn to if she falls into trouble? and, if I recall correctly, she mentioned a couple of other church leaders who also intervened at that time, one of them even falling-out with Fatoyinbo.
By the way, is Fatoyinbo saying it was consensual? I thought his defense is It Didn't Happen?
You may be a judge and I'm just a layman, but I detect a conservative, patriarchal mindset here. We are talking here of abuse of a girl-child by some towering, mentor-spiritual-guide-father figure, and modern justice systems in most civilized climes are getting sensitized to do their best to protect our vulnerable children. You are also wrong about how your corollary (the boxing glove case) would be decided elsewhere.
In America, I can bet you that that husband would have been a jail bird - and the police would have produced the gloves in court for sure.

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Religion / Re: Charles Omole: Biodun Fatoyinbo May Not Be Convicted, Busola Has No Evidence by BigND(m): 11:42pm On Jul 21, 2019

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Religion / Re: Charles Omole: Biodun Fatoyinbo May Not Be Convicted, Busola Has No Evidence by BigND(m): 10:57pm On Jul 21, 2019
The Pastor already reported them to the Police for false allegations against him;
Police issued them a letter of invitation to come to make statement and state their side of the story.
Instead of collecting the letter of invitation and attending to the Police, they started calling press conference and inviting yeyebrities to rant all over social media questioning color of Vehicle Police used and why Police should be armed and similar inanities.
Let us see whether Busola Dakolo will not answer the Police invitation on Tuesday 23rd July, 2019.
The Law will surely take its course.


For you to go far in life, you have to shun sentiments and reason. i mean reason critically. So because a random lady granted an interview claiming she was raped 20 years ago then we all should believe her hook, line and sinker.

Let Timi and Busola keep seeking mere sympathy on social media, the pastor will sue them to the last kobo they have.

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Religion / Re: Charles Omole: Biodun Fatoyinbo May Not Be Convicted, Busola Has No Evidence by BigND(m): 10:50pm On Jul 21, 2019
The invitation is based on the complaint made by Fatoyinbo to the police in Abuja against TIMI and BUSOLA Dakolo.
It is not based on anything TIMI and wife reported to the police.

Why should a case Biodun filed in a Lagos court be taken to Abuja. Are there not forensic experts in Lagos for a simple issue of rape? How could a rape victim be told to be coming to Abuja to give evidence? The sad side of this is that girls will now be scared of shaming their abusers.

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Celebrities / Re: COZA: Busola And Timi Dakolo's Press Conference (Live Updates) by BigND(m): 8:47pm On Jul 21, 2019
Check out all my postings on this alleged Rape on Nairaland.
There was no RAPE. Full-stop and this is based entirely on analysis of Busola’s video interview which should be the first exhibit in Court.

Social media trial will not avail TIMI Dakolo.
I am against RAPE which is reprehensible but false accusations are also reprehensible.
Biodun may be guilty of fornication/adultery (if the unproven allegations by some women are true) but that will only make him unfit to be a Pastor and preacher of the Gospel;
Last time I checked, immorality is no crime under the Criminal Code.
20 or so years ago, Biodun was a young man and not even a Pastor (but running a fellowship which Busola referred to as a “CLUB”) and COZA had not been founded from the timeline provided by Busola in her interview. People shouldn’t talk as if it was the Biodun Fatoyinbo of today who had the affair with Busola.


The IG of Police is waiting for them and they are here giving press conference to sway emotions.
Kate Henshaw is there ready to badmouth anyone who is not buying their flimsy claims.

As always, let it be known that I stand with Biodun Fatoyinbo on this case.

Aside his great dress sense, I have never admired Biodun Fatoyinbo.
I have always opined he was rather too vain and superficially carnal to be called by God.
What time will a man who will rather shop for fashion houses' latest releases have to read the bible?

But that's not the case here.
The case is that rape is the new noose and every lady who has had sexual relationships with him now wants a pound of flesh.
I NwaAmaikpe will never partake in media trial without a rational forensic analysis of the facts presented.

And the facts presented point there was a long term consensual sexual relationship between the parties involved.
The disjointed details of a supposed rape which I'd term a 'victim-builder' makes no sense.
The motive behind this could be anything in this world and the strongest being scorn.

Now this is what I think.
Busola has had an age-long obsession with Biodun,
An obsession she's taken into marriage provoking Timi feeling an intense animosity towards Biodun.

Now she has to do what she has to do to make him feel adequate by shaming the object of her fantasies.

I have been accused of being one of Biodun's minions.
The truth is, I'd rather be one than be amongst a false accuser's myopic bandwagon sympathists.

So pardon me for not taking sides with Timi whose rage is apparently jelaousy-driven.
I can imagine what he feels realising that his spouse's unexplainable withdrawals and mood swings was because sex with him sucked and she could only orgasm from fantasising it was Biodun ramming her and not him.

It must surely hurt.
But if you expect me to blame Biodun for being a man most husbands will never be and for reminding them of their inadequacies, I won't.

Timi should find closure in the realization that Busola lost the key to the cookie-jar to an incredibly good-looking hunk and move on.
What of Mama Ramotu who willingly gave her virginity to Musbaliu the welder?

With that said, if Busola's story of the rape adds up to you then you need analytical help.

Enough of social media slander, enough of these press conferences that are only making their case a difficult one.
Timi and Busola shouldn't be scared but go to the police and let the course of the law begin if they truly are the victims.


Celebrities / Re: Rape: Amnesty International Calls Out Nigerian Police For Invading Timi Dakolo's by BigND(m): 8:28pm On Jul 21, 2019
How does delivering letter of invitation to answer to a complaint amount to intimidation and arrest? Or is Fatoyinbo no longer guaranteed the Constitutional right to file a complaint with the police whether or not such complaint will eventually be found to have merit?
It’s really funny. Questioning color and make of Vehicle used by policemen. Questioning why policemen should be armed.
Na wah.
All those thinking that social media trial will win the day will be eventually disappointed.

Celebrities / Re: Busola Vs Fatoyinbo: "Evil Persists When Good People Keep Quiet"— Kate Henshaw by BigND(m): 8:12pm On Jul 21, 2019

Don't mind them. They live in the imaginary world of social media. No matter how many social media business, relationship, socialization you do...you will still come down to the real world to finalize.

So let him trial on media all he want. Pastor is waiting for him in the real people court.

There was no RAPE; forget this media frenzy.
You may accuse Fatoyinbo of fornication, adultery, philandering, etc but not RAPE and I am basing my opinion on the story told by Busola herself in her video interview.
Timi Dakolo is a fool and a coward and if he continues with this rubbish, he will eventually damage his reputation. He is fighting for a girl who claims that months after she was purportedly “raped”, she went to the house of her “RAPIST” when his wife gave birth, felt safe and secure enough in the house of her supposed rapist that she slept over, cooked for them, washed dishes and cloths and when her supposed rapist was taking her back to her house the following day, they stopped by the road and had doggy-style sex in the car; WAS THE DOGGY SEX RAPE TOO?. This is Busola’s own account ON VIDEO.
This is what brainless people are ranting all over social media and disturbing us about. Any idiot who wants to trend now jumps on #CozaRapeCase to spew rubbish.
Wait until she is cross-examined in Court; ordinary police invitation and they are already crying and calling press interview when thousands of people are invited by Police everyday without making noise.
They have not started crying yet until the matter gets to court and they are exposed for the liars and attention seekers they are.


Celebrities / Re: Busola Vs Fatoyinbo: "Evil Persists When Good People Keep Quiet"— Kate Henshaw by BigND(m): 7:52pm On Jul 21, 2019
Evil persists when Runs Girls make false accusations of RAPE.


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