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Politics / Re: Gbajabiamila To Tinubu: You’re An Eagle, Where You Are Going Is Destined by Billyddude: 10:52pm On Oct 11

But your disjointed mind won't comprehend that Lagos has the 5th largest economy in Africa. That means a stronger economy than 50 countries.
The only subnational that has a rail project in Africa
The owner of the So ON to be completed largest seaport in Africa which operations kicks off in Q2 2022
Has the best ternary hospital dwarfing all FG teaching hospitals that have existed decades before it.

IPOB won't drag their kerosene sharing Gov but will demonize Tinubu that is not your grandfather's mate both in vision and administration. If SE had anybody with just 1/10 of Tinubu vision you won't be as hopeless as you guys currently are

grin.!/!0 of vision of training touts and hooligans to cultist,to traffic robbers who smash and break people S car glasses to shooting unarmed protesters at the toll gate to running to UK to treat malaria bite while u supporting him will languish in Luth grin kontinu

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Politics / Re: Gbajabiamila To Tinubu: You’re An Eagle, Where You Are Going Is Destined by Billyddude: 10:47pm On Oct 11

What makes u think I’m SE? Many Yoruba’s don’t agree with Tinubu or how Lagos is being governed. Stop dragging SE into a family matter. undecided
no mind that guy
Politics / Re: Gbajabiamila To Tinubu: You’re An Eagle, Where You Are Going Is Destined by Billyddude: 10:47pm On Oct 11

E no go bad reach Buhari.

Tinubu no good but Buhari is worse
grin cheesy cool grin grin
Politics / Re: Lagos State Government Organised Welcome Party For Asiwaju Bola Tinubu (photos) by Billyddude: 8:49am On Oct 11
Tinubu is back,where are the haters

Will tinubu S return changee d cost of garri, cooking gas and inflation?
Politics / Re: NUPENG To Commence Strike On Monday. by Billyddude: 9:16am On Oct 10
Fashola failed as minister of power, that he became named as minister of darkness. Then Buhari removed him to save him from further mockery. Now as minister of works, all Federal road collapsed under his watch.
This is how overhyped "local champions" are disgraced. Seated in Lagos State, where he borrowed billions and received further billions, the people thought this failure was performing. Just imagine if this fellow was governor of a poor state, like Kogi, workers would have all died?
Who recall this same Fashola as chief of staff to TINUBU were unable to fix roads in Lagos, was busy then to be raising sign-posts "THIS IS FEDERAL GOVT ROAD ... PLEASE BEAR WITH US". Now as Federal Minister, he has failed.
He said that providing electricity was no rocket science, but 4 years on the saddle highest generation was 3000MW, same as what he inherited. Housing ooo, nothing to show. Now common Federal roads are impassible.

Always thought he was over hyped angry

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Phones / Re: My Wife Was Robbed Of Iphone 11 Yesterday In Lekki. How Can I Track It? by Billyddude: 9:14am On Oct 10
Why will your wife be working for someone and be using iPhone 11? People are really living above their means just to impress other people. Money she can use set up a business for herself and stop working for someone.

People don't have common sense when the urge to impress is always there.

No angry sir...this one na another topic for another day grin
Phones / Re: My Wife Was Robbed Of Iphone 11 Yesterday In Lekki. How Can I Track It? by Billyddude: 9:12am On Oct 10

Don't get it twisted Baba... Someone can own an iPhone 11 and still enter public transport - but only in a functional society. Na normal sighting for wales. But in Nigeria, things are different, very different. Majority are poor, crime and insecurity has also gone through the roof, also as of today Nigerians are responsible for their own personal security... Now tell me why would someone who owns an iPhone 11 take the huge risk of entering public transportation at that ungodly hour instead of ordering a bolt If them rob her for uber you think say we go dey lambast her like this?

...people still got robbed in uber, these days they smash the side glass and rob both driver and rider....there is no security in town...just buy kpalasa Android ,nokia torch and keep iPhone50 @home...hunger in d land. grin


Romance / Re: I Discovered That My Bride Has 3 Children On Our Wedding Day by Billyddude: 4:29pm On Oct 09
u mean fight go dey
grin grin

If it's fight alone ur lucky, , but she will come at u wit all...including poisoning ,stabbing...so no loose Guard at all oo
Romance / Re: I Discovered That My Bride Has 3 Children On Our Wedding Day by Billyddude: 4:17pm On Oct 09
I be jjc
I just com lagos last year
..chai..sorry brother..wah part of lag u in+?
Romance / Re: I Discovered That My Bride Has 3 Children On Our Wedding Day by Billyddude: 4:14pm On Oct 09
Please help, I need advice, I am very confused man, I don't know what to do in this situation

There is this girl I met in Lagos she help me find a house in Lagos from there we started dating.

I Asked her to marry me and get pregnant for me. Later she got pregnant for me.
She started disturbing me about marriage rights.

On the wedding day I discovered that she has 3 children for one man.
I have asked her several times even before she got pregnant she keep saying no

A day before the wedding, one of my uncle called me and tell me that one babalawo said that the woman I want to marry has 3 kids already.

All that day I wasn't myself I woke her up at midnight and forced the truth out of her
She admitted and start begging me to forgive her, she said she has been looking for the best time to tell me. All this are happening on our wedding day, she beg me not to tell anyone that it can be secrets between me and her àlone, I insisted that I must tell my people from my state enugu to Lagos

My people discouraged me and said I should thank God for revealing this early.
That's how I cancelled the church wedding.

Court marriage 30th September
Church wedding 2nd October
But Before that wedding day, we did court marriage, I told her that I don't want to do court marriage because if she cheat on me I will divorce her and loose my half of my money she got angry, the first day we didn't talk, 2nd day same, Then 3rd day she start packing her loads, I beg her to stay that we have few days to church wedding she insisted that If I don't do the court that I should cancel the church wedding that she can't trust me without court marriage

We did the court marriage, without my parents consent cuz it didn't come from my heart, her junior brother is the one that sighn for me in the court

I don't know what to do in this situation oo

Her first son is 13 years
2nd son 8 years
3rd girl 6 years
And now she is pregnant for me aa

Am 30 years while I don't know her real age

We have lived together for 8 months before I could discover this
And during this period we have been together
She controls me alots and that make me sad
She shout at me too
If ask me to do something for her and I refuse it becomes problem

Please what do I do ?

At the age of thirty? angry grin
Business / Re: Let's Take Down This Loan Apps For Mbarrassing Us by Billyddude: 4:11pm On Oct 09
..am also a victim.. Yesterday they call for like 20 times self... Upon 3k haba... I dunno lcredit=sokoloan I for no collect their money very rude people... Let's go and report them on Playstore pals...
lol..if ur people call u, tell them say na scammers..


Family / Re: The Cost Of Getting Married To A Poor Family by Billyddude: 3:43pm On Oct 09
Guy notice how all the people supporting the marriage are all women. That's hypergamy speaking. Ask yourself this if you were uneducated and poor would any female doctor be willing to marry you.

Guy give yourself brain o. Doctors in Nigeria don't earn well and the responsibilities she will bring both from her and her family members will stall your dreams. I don't know if you are a resident planning to become a consultant or even writing foreign exams to japa but whichever route you take will require serious financial resources and concentration. Once you marry her now, prepare for her parents to ship at least two of her siblings to you. Don't say you don't care bla bla bla. This is Africa o. A cup of beans is 700 naira now. A cup of rice is 500. Food is expensive. Even on a salary of 500k as a doctor which you need to be senior resident to earn you will live hand to mouth. Better give yourself a working brain before you do what will you will regret for the rest of your life.

God bless u big time
Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by Billyddude: 3:17pm On Oct 09

But why can't u be true to yourself ??
is accident attached to earning millions or been a newbie ??

Haven't u heard random people driving that were involved in an accident?
It feels so bad some of you reason this way, but then you are entitled to whatever u post.
may the soul of the departed RIP.

...yes it is attached to making million when you over work yourself and doze off while driving ..driving all through d day chasing bonus,sleep on chevron road or oniru...it feels so bad u reason this way, you are entitled to whatever u post too.


Romance / Re: Uber And Bolt Drivers Are Harassing My Girlfriend by Billyddude: 8:40am On Oct 09

He doesn’t even have a wheel spanner talk less of screw driver
angry grin grin..u yaf vex more than me sef
Romance / Re: Uber And Bolt Drivers Are Harassing My Girlfriend by Billyddude: 8:03am On Oct 09

This OP wey dey talk like person wey dey suffer from complex doesn’t have a car.. I doubt it
grin grin grin

Typo error I guess,, you meant OP doesn't have a wheel cover,,talk more of tyre.......car was a typo error.

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Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by Billyddude: 7:51am On Oct 09
Before u as a newbie follow those claiming to be making millions, a matrix bolt driver had a terrible accident on third mainland bridge early this morning.died instantly..some say he slept off on wheels, others say over speding....but then he is dead.....the video is on drivers whatsapp group


Romance / Re: Uber And Bolt Drivers Are Harassing My Girlfriend by Billyddude: 11:29pm On Oct 08
[quote author=jaxxy post=106572110]

Vaddo grin cool[/quot...no mind that guy, , make him com put money mak I show am how many prickss d pass thru that gutter wey him use d run mouth.

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Romance / Re: Uber And Bolt Drivers Are Harassing My Girlfriend by Billyddude: 11:06pm On Oct 08

U funny o grin

Bt he said he’s a big tiper? grin

Big tipper abi truck kiiiiiiii him there grin grin..no be these useless girls na only hotel them sabi....nothing else...if u still carry naija girl matter for head or u still d dive in raw...na OYO be ur middle name

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Romance / Re: Uber And Bolt Drivers Are Harassing My Girlfriend by Billyddude: 10:58pm On Oct 08

Not all Uber drivers are doing it to earn a living or cos they are hungry, some it’s a 2nd source of income whenever they are free, Sm1 it’s for company on their trips or just to meet people and for the totally commercial ones it’s a main job to survive.

Many Uber drivers own their cars and many also don’t bt take a loan or hire purchase. Lol

Whichever case it’s wrong to harass their riders. U better look for a female Uber driver to pick ur gal or a decent Christian one. Make these randy ones no get idea and rape ur babe pls. Her fears may be valid.

Or get the local taxi service around ur area or hers and keep his no so u can use him regularly. They are not like these shine ur eyes Uber drivers. shocked grin

Him no get money for local taxi...na uber and taxify useless fares bring this see finish....all dick and Harry can afford bolt...make him go use local taxi nah


Romance / Re: Uber And Bolt Drivers Are Harassing My Girlfriend by Billyddude: 10:51pm On Oct 08

The OP na real slacked ,weak,boreholizd pooosy niiggur


Crime / Re: Kidnapping: Be Vigilant, Lekki Alerts Residents, Calls For Okada Ban by Billyddude: 4:58pm On May 20
Security votes from Abuja is enough to curb security issues we are facing, why can't we have CCTV CAMERAS in those hot spots? How about NICOMSAT that was launched in Abuja some years back? Why can't we use 21 century approach to address security challenges in Nigeria? Come on!

VERY sensible comment...
Crime / Re: Kidnapping: Be Vigilant, Lekki Alerts Residents, Calls For Okada Ban by Billyddude: 3:10pm On May 20

I swear, you no get sense.

Not one single sense.

There is no difference between " I swear you no get sense""not one single sense" and YOU.
Family / Re: Should I Tell My Fiancee That My Womb Was Removed Due To Abortions In My Past? by Billyddude: 1:15pm On May 20
Una go do couples life for uni finish,,them go shift una womb finish grin grin still Get mind comot d womb,, still got heart to lamba old things re passed away scripture grin
Family / Re: How Did U Survive In Lagos Without Knowing Anybody? by Billyddude: 11:46am On May 20

Hommie link your guy up as per that loan level. Abeg

Drop ur number
Crime / Re: Kidnapping: Be Vigilant, Lekki Alerts Residents, Calls For Okada Ban by Billyddude: 11:37am On May 20

Some policemen are armed robbers. Some are beasts in uniform because the police recruitment process is too weak to filter the bad eggs from the good ones. We hope the recruitment gets corrected ASAP. Pray never to fall into the hands of one chance. At least police answers to government, those ones answers to no one.

I pray not to fall into both of them..no difference

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Crime / Re: Armed Robbers Kill Guard, As Police Arrest One, Recover 2 Vehicles(pics) by Billyddude: 11:17am On May 20
grin if them no kill d guards, the warehouse owner for talk say na the guard collabo with d thieves to rob them.na the guard them for first arrest....ndi uwa
Crime / Re: Kidnapping: Be Vigilant, Lekki Alerts Residents, Calls For Okada Ban by Billyddude: 11:14am On May 20
So kidnappers and armed robbers can also be your problems?
During endsars, you Lekki people tried to show the world that Nigeria Police is the number 1 problem of the country. Now you have seen that there is a way more bigger evil, so you realize you need the lesser evil. I heard the places where the police stations were burnt down in Lekki are now a haven for cultists and criminals as the police does not plan to build a station there anytime. Las las we go all dey alright. I hope Lagos state government rolls out their buses ASAP so Lagosians will not have to consider private vehicles kidnappers use.

Safety Tips
Please stop entering private vehicles doing transportation in that area especially Sienna vehicles.
If you are unsure of night movement, book uber or bolt.
If you are a lady going to work early morning or coming back late evenings, be a Liverpool fan. Never Walk Alone grin

There is no difference between SARS and one chance people..

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: The Day I Got Stranded At Lagos. by Billyddude: 11:07am On May 20
I saw an advert at mowe about a job vacancy,i decided i was going to apply for the post of hotel receptionist with basic salary 45k and free accomodation, i was so exited when i saw the benefit attached to the job.

So i called the number and i was directed to their office, on getting to the office,the secetary told me the agent fee is 2500, without hesitating i paid the money the following day.

I was given the address and the hotel is situated at festac, i packed few of my things and was set to go and resume work, i had to borrow tfare from my sister on that day.

To my greatest suprise i had spent almost all i have with me before getting the location, i knocked at the gate and i explain to the gateman about my mission, he told me they had employed someone about two month ago.

I felf like crying when i heard they had employed someone else, what comes to my mind is how i will get back to mowe from festac.

I had to beg for transport before i could get to mowe.

Have u ever experience such situation before?

Lol I Don strand for umuahia, ,was going to aba after several begging na one bro rescue me,, God bless him any where him dey


Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by Billyddude: 6:50pm On May 19

Haha... This ur ford show u shege I sweargrin I just remembered those days you and i used to talk over the phone concerning it I could feel how terified you where each time we talked honestly I wish I could buy over your worries then I wouldn't have had a 2nd thought about it.

Talking about drivers/problematic cars... My worse experience was with a 2002 Toyota camry I used late last yr/early this year... There was nothing I didn't experience with that car from leaking radiator/over heating, to AC flooding, bad tires, to dead tires, LAGS taskforce(we spent ova 160k on that), to shelf both legs, to AC blowimg out to high fuel consumption... And the list goes on and on... I remembered almost hitting a car on colleague road on 31st night due to failed breaks system if not for experience and God's mercies maybe I wouldn't have crossed over to 2021.

Bad car will make a good person/driver seems bad especially if the drivers is unprofessional about it, but thank God i was always putting the guy in loop each time matters arises but it got to an extent that he was even tired and scared each time he sees my in coming call.

My advise on daily/weekly complains about bad cars/constant driver's complain is:

Owner partners should try as much as possible to put car in good shape b4 renting out.

For partners with more cars on their fleet, do a swap with another driver and study the two cars for 2-4weeks, if problem persist with the subject car sell it off otherwise, sack the erring driver.

Partners should always make use of their mechanic weather trusted or not, don't get mechanic recommended to you by your driver unless you live in the same neighbourhood

For partners with just one car on their fleet, retrieve the car and carryout a thorough investigation and repairs on every complain about the car, don't borrow money from your driver to fix your car if you don't have cash park it till you're buoyant enough to do it.

If the body, shock absorbers, exhaust pipe did not have any issue all through the period of complains on other mechanical parts then partner can consider the driver to give the car to him after repair, otherwise, get another driver. Interior neatness is another area you can easily know a good driver, especially the boot and areas around the driver's seat.

Don't rush to tag a driver bad due to constant faulty cars, some cars are from the pit of hell.

Forget grammar..car owners no dey like fix the m car


Politics / Re: Okezie Ikpeazu Enrols At Footwear Academy To Learn Shoemaking by Billyddude: 4:21pm On May 19
Him still dey owe pensioners
Crime / Re: Kidnappers Storm Admiralty Way, Lekki, Lagos. Several Persons Abducted by Billyddude: 3:11pm On May 19

It’s not fake new bt more like arm robbery inform of kidnaps and abduction. This is pending anarchy caused by failed governance.

It’s until it gets to u or ur frnd b4 u believe it’s real. undecided
No mind am..last month some one reported seeing them
Crime / Re: How Do I Arrest This Scammer by Billyddude: 1:30pm On May 19
invest 5k to get 20k

say na giveaway him dey do
[center][/center] grin angry grin

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