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Health / Re: Why OAU Teaching Hospital Sacked Over 1500 Health Workers (Video) by brosom(m): 8:02pm On Feb 01
Wetin I know be say this regim go favour me and my family.

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Business / Re: We Will Resist Any Attempt To Sell Shell Assets - PENGASSAN by brosom(m): 10:14am On Jan 24

#The earlier you learn to read and understand the better your life become
I understand Ur own is right?

Thanks πŸ‘
Business / Re: We Will Resist Any Attempt To Sell Shell Assets - PENGASSAN by brosom(m): 5:50am On Jan 24
Can those with clear understanding explain in details please..

Long episode isn't my thing undecided

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Politics / Re: IMSU Students Chant NO LIGHT During Gov. Hope Uzodinma's Visit by brosom(m): 1:21pm On Nov 07, 2023
The only time majority of people get to see or know their governors is during election/campaign period.

The only time a president/governor needs Ur help is during those periods, after which they disappear..

It's all game for them, and the people is playing just exactly how they wanted it..

Our mumu still plenty for this country. sad

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Romance / Re: I'm Sad And Uninterested by brosom(m): 8:31am On Nov 04, 2023
I know that feeling of emptiness even when u have everything, and I know what is actually missing, not ur friends or family, but ur inner most self which is the purpose of ur reality.

You literally question everything around u, and sometimes u sound insane and ask crazy questions just like this one, but I tell u it's not crazy, not at all my dear.. what u re feeling is a clerion call, a call of ur true purpose in life, it's hidden deep down in u just that u don't know it yet or u know but u have any clue of how to stir it up.. Funny part of it is that something u feel like u re not meant to be here lol, and only about percentage of people around the world feel this way..I believe u have a very huge "PURPOSE"

The emptiness u always feel is love, ur heart is longing for love, not the love of any man but the true genuine love of Christ Jesus, I know even as u re reading this it sounds crazy to u just like the question u asked, but it's all true and nothing but the truth.

He's calling out to u, his love fills everything u could ever want or imagine, just taste and see my dear...

The choice is urs..


Politics / Re: On Presidential Yatch And Other Matters - Temitope Ajayi by brosom(m): 5:46am On Nov 03, 2023
Abeg 9ja news don tire me,

I no get strength to come dey ready episodes wey no go bring food for my table.


Politics / Re: Tinubu Mourns Prof Ben Nwabueze by brosom(m): 3:55pm On Oct 31, 2023

Mumu,so ds man never live life reach?shey u wn make he use your own join hm own wink angry
Block head like u, u no even know how to read talk of understanding it.

Na u mumu pass. grin grin
Politics / Re: Tinubu Mourns Prof Ben Nwabueze by brosom(m): 2:45pm On Oct 31, 2023
The kind of BP this administration dey give person enh, if u no strong for mind u no fit survive..

R. I. P Mr odogwu nwabueze..

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Romance / Re: Writing Exams In Dreams - My Experience by brosom(m): 11:13am On Oct 29, 2023
I fellowed it throughout.

I've been having dreams like this for years now but don't really understand it, sometimes I'll even pray against it thinking it was a set back until I came across a fellowship that gave me a deeper interpretation of it and what it means.

After which I no longer worry my self whenever see such dreams, in fact I count it joy whenever it happens.. I know it is to keep me in check and also to create consciousness in me that life is a process/stages.. More importantly, that life outside God is nothing but and illusion that trapped the real man (which is the spirit man) that makes the journey to the kingdom of God.. flesh of a man is also an illusion and not real, it is a temporal sack bag that hosts the spirit because one day the body(sack bag) will die and the spirit person continues the journey in the other side of existence..

Life entirely is the deepest mystery..


Romance / Re: What If's Of Life?(reality Check) by brosom(m): 10:47am On Oct 25, 2023
What if life is a dream and the only way to wake up is when u die?


Romance / Re: How To Woo A Girl And Have S*x With Her Same Day by brosom(m): 9:19pm On Oct 23, 2023
See this werey dey do long things,

Me Na cash dey talk for me..

I don jam few girls on the street, eatery places, schoosl, bank's etc, and demanded for scx. But first, I get to talking stage, then proceed to restaurant and boom pop out the wonder question with bondle of cash on my hand, this ranges from 20k, 30k, and 50k depending on the banny.

But I must tell u that out of 10 girls, 7 agreed.

End of story no time.


Religion / Re: God Does Not Live In Heaven - Pastor Abel Damina (Video) by brosom(m): 4:14pm On Sep 17, 2023
You must understand that heaven is classified, so only him know the one he's talking about.

But even before now i know that the kingdom of heaven neither here or there, but is within a man. That is to say that God is in a man, though is a whole lot of mystery to be interpreted..

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Approves Construction Of 1,000 Houses In Kebbi, Kastina, Kaduna, Others by brosom(m): 6:51am On Sep 09, 2023
Nigeria government is inceptionally designed to favour one particular region..


Politics / Re: NLC Agents Flog Diligent Worker In Ondo (Video) by brosom(m): 4:21pm On Sep 05, 2023
What's another name for a Zoooooo??

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Politics / Re: PEPT: Military, Police Warn Protesters As Tribunal Delivers Judgement Tomorrow by brosom(m): 5:51am On Sep 05, 2023
May we never experience Obi again
Having a loser like him is a great threat to national peace.
Losing an election means war to him and his supporters.
May Obi never happen to any country iseeeee
Soludo is the only man fit to contest a presidential election from Anambra
Please don't quote me, I'm emotional about my dislike for Obi 😭
We know u, u re not real but an imposter

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Politics / Re: PEPT: Military, Police Warn Protesters As Tribunal Delivers Judgement Tomorrow by brosom(m): 5:50am On Sep 05, 2023
It is gradually becoming real that nigeria forces are becoming puppies for FG.

O u poor man were is thine hope πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’


Romance / Re: How Do I Recieve Money From Usa To Nigeria by brosom(m): 8:42pm On Aug 17, 2023
If the money is genuine, tell the person to send it either any of these mediums.

Money gram, send waves, world remit, and western union..

With these channels, u can easily receive any amount of money in hard currency majorly in U.$.D, though the all have limits of money you'll send.

How do u go about it?? (1):- Send the person ur full names in capital latters. (2) Send the name of the country u are in.
(3) Send the city u would like to pick the money from. (4) Send ur phone number...

Country:- NIGERIA
Phone no, 080**585190.
That's all u need to do, but make sure u have valid I. D card, voters card or international passport. Any of these can go because sometimes bank do request for it, but I think banks now do thumb print. Also, make sure that the names u re sending to the person tally's with any of the cards u are to use in the bank else you'll find it difficult to collect ur money..

But if the money is not genuine, u better ask for account, be 100% assured I'll deliver.!!
Health / Re: Ever Lost Someone You Love To Hard Drugs? by brosom(m): 1:41pm On Aug 17, 2023

Probably from the same virtual... So no gain no loss... Bet is gambling and its 100% luck. Any day your luck shines, don't invest it back in the gambling... Just invest in goods, services or assets. Gambling is pure luck, enjoy it when you are lucky to win.
Just dey play
Health / Re: Ever Lost Someone You Love To Hard Drugs? by brosom(m): 10:51am On Aug 17, 2023
Same here. I tried twice didn't work. But for the third I did and never looked back. I assumed that I got robbed off all the money they took from me at gun point. That was the only way I could use to console myself and move. Cos if them rob you at gun point e no get wetin you go fit do na. The only option is to count your losses. Thank God you are still alive and move on.

That's why I always advise p people that are addicted to gambling or anything that drains them off financially to implement the method I used. Cos it works all the times and it makes you move on faster than you could ever move.
The money wey this people took from me then, I no fit give am myself. Like take are of myself with it..

Very devilish addiction.
Health / Re: Ever Lost Someone You Love To Hard Drugs? by brosom(m): 8:53am On Aug 17, 2023
I’m a compulsive gambler I lost a lot of millions to d same bet9ja virtual and hv been playing it since 2015 I was 17 yrs old then but I don’t kill my self cuz nothing in this life wey fit make me take my own life never
U no nothing son, never say never.
Health / Re: Ever Lost Someone You Love To Hard Drugs? by brosom(m): 8:51am On Aug 17, 2023

So sad.... Gambling is not a small issue but most people don't know. It can wreck someone. Rip to him
very bad habit/demons
Health / Re: Ever Lost Someone You Love To Hard Drugs? by brosom(m): 8:50am On Aug 17, 2023
I think that bet9ja virtual have ruined more lives and dreams than any drug would. That shit is more deadlier than anything I have seen in this life but most people don't know.
yeah u re correct, was a victim of their bondage once.. but thank God today.

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Health / Re: Ever Lost Someone You Love To Hard Drugs? by brosom(m): 8:49am On Aug 17, 2023

How did he get the 2m? Just curious
Just dey play..
Romance / Re: Is She Deceiving Me About Her Virginity Status? by brosom(m): 10:11am On Aug 04, 2023

Lol... Wasn't talking about this type of opener, but still, thanks.

BTW, I'm not a kid, in my mid 30s, though you might be older but definitely not a kid. Thanks once more
Who said anything about opener? I'm not sure u understood what I wrote, read again, don't just rush to read and this is why people fail exams.
Romance / Re: Is She Deceiving Me About Her Virginity Status? by brosom(m): 9:42am On Aug 04, 2023

Wow! This your story is kind of a eye opener to some extent, I will up my game.

BTW, you are a legend o, 5 solid virgin is no joke, you must be very lucky
Maybe I'm not a legend, but here's what u have to do kid.

Call her on the phone, tell some sweet nice things, take her out and show her kindness, love and care, make her to have full confidence in u as her man that no what what you'll be with her, but u must look straight deep in to her eyes while telling her all these and never shy away, first thing you'll notice from her when eye contact is in motion is blink-blink of her eyes, that's ur first victory, second victory is when she'll look side ways to ascertain if anybody is watching u people, and ur third Victory will be when she bows her head, this is a sign of submission from her to u, but don't relax there, maintain the tempo until she yields completely by acting weird, note you'll know when she does that..

Then, take her home, but first assure her there will be no sex until marriage and u must mean it, yes u must control ur self to get ur long awaited answers. During the period when u both are in an aura of love with soft touch on her palms, feet like as though u re massaging her feet, toes, neck and the rest. Note: when these are going on, whispers silently to her ears with soft turns, I hope u no get frog voice πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, you'll see the magic, she'll lay down against the bed, this is a sign of free will from her..well make I stop here.
Romance / Re: Is She Deceiving Me About Her Virginity Status? by brosom(m): 7:50am On Aug 04, 2023
There's this church girl I'm currently dating, I love her so much and she loves me too. She claimed to be a virgin and insisted on no sex till marriage, I really do not have a problem with that cos I'm not a virgin and I told her about it and she said she's cool with it.

Now this is where the issue is, suddenly one day she chatted me up and asked if I know about hymen in ladies, I said yes and she popped another question asking if the hymen of a lady can be broken without penetration, I told her yes that sometimes the thickness of the hymen varies amongst ladies, some are very light that too much of heat and stress can make a lady discover a little discharge of blood underneath her thereby breaking the hymen ( I actually learnt this during school days). But the question got me curious and forced me to ask her if hers was still intact, she replied me by saying she doesn't know, that she only saw it online and decided to ask me cos she knew I'm knowledgeable, like how possible is this? Why shouldn't you know? We fought about this for days and she still insist that she's isn't aware, she was nearly crying saying this. Well, I noticed some innocence in her statements and let go of it.

Now my question is, is it possible for a lady not to know if her hymen is still intact or not? Ladies in the house please help me out.

Note: I'm not a simp, I be correct OG but decided to give love a chance and trusted this girl not because she's a church girl, not because she claimed to be a virgin, but because everyone tends to vouch for her including those kiss and tell guys around, none of them fit play her tape like they talk about other ladies around. Even in her uni days, I was opportuned to have a friend in her school hostel area of which he's unknown to her and the comments he gave about her are very impressive.
Even when I stylishly engage her in some sex topics, she tends to ask me the meaning of some erotic words.

She's a good girl, never billed me before, though I do send her funds atimes, she dresses moderately and hates going out.

But considering how ladies pretends and how some good girls turns bad, I still have this doubt within me, what could make her asked me such question?

Please I need answers as I'm planning towards our marriage soon, she's in her mid 20s and now a grad
Bro, I want to sincerely tell u something I've never told anyone until now.

I don't know if it's nature on me or something I was born with. All my life I've dated 5 solid good girls, and all na virgins, would u believe? But hear what I have to say in all of them..

My first girl friend after secondary school was very tall, fair, beautiful, a virgin with good manners. We dated for just 9 months before she enter uni, but would u believe we naver had scx? Yes we didn't and I was ok with it because I happened to use my finger to checkmate her on steady if she had broken her hymen, yes I did that. But in those 9 months we had some erotic romance that surpasses sxc, how? We kissed, touch, fondled and give each other heads.

My 2nd girl friend was also beautiful and a good girl too and also a virgin. When she first told me she was a virgin after much woes from her, I didn't believe and I never would believed her until she let me touch her by still using my fingers just to prove her innocency for me and there I confirm her to be true, as usual we did a lot of things but not sex, but her breasts was one in town and I fondled it Wella..

My 3rd girl friend was a virgin too, but have some features of future bad girl, we did literally almost every thing but not scx.

My 4th girl friend was average, beautiful, a virgin but was super shy. This one was the one I tried to break after making some research online but I couldn't do it because she always scream in pains, in fact there is a mark on my right chest, a bite mark which was from her teeth during one of the days I tried to break in but still couldn't succeed because of the pains, after the bite I vowed never to date/marry a virgin. The bite is forever marked on my right chest.

So, my 5th girl friend was a virgin and also graduate, I know it's hard to believe that a girl can still be virgin after school right? Yes there are few of them out there.. as usual we did kisses, romance touches, and give heads, but the one that shook me was we were having ANEL $cx, yes u heard me right.. and she enjoyed it more than anything, but she won'tet me go to her pkekus and according to her its for her future hubby..

Mind u that all these girls I've dated appears gentle, respectful and innocent, but when u stay and live with them very closely, you'll become her best secret sharerer

So, what I'm trying to say Op? Girls re a lot of things this days, yes she could be a virgin, but what if she's receiving "Mr Thompson" from the back from someone else? And even sucks "grin" on steady? Maybe u don't know ur girl at all..

I'm not trying to talk u out from wifing her, but u must understand there's a lot of things u can never understand until u experience it ur self..
Phones / Re: Tiktok Introduces Text-only Posts To Compete With Twitter From Elon Musk by brosom(m): 9:44pm On Jul 25, 2023

The devils net.


Romance / Re: MY EX And Large Percent Of Naija Girls by brosom(m): 6:16am On Jul 24, 2023
Because u dont do it dosent mean others dont, maybe u are ugly and poor, an average guy who is used to the streets would have experienced this. Women would always come around if they love your game

See werey like u grin

As a guy u think say u fine without money? Abeg shift..

Me wey dey catch fun with the op na him u come dey carry for head, wait o, no be for 9ja we dey like this? Abi u think say I no get eyes to see say wetin op dey talk na true when it comes to 9ja women? Abeg shift to the extreme.
Nairaland / General / Re: What Is The Importance Of This Hole? (Photo) by brosom(m): 6:41pm On Jul 23, 2023
I think the hole is for something, but more especially it's a design to mark the company.

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Romance / Re: MY EX And Large Percent Of Naija Girls by brosom(m): 11:53am On Jul 23, 2023

Bro I won't sit down to start writing lies on Sunday morning. I am matured and too occupied for such things

This is a real life experience of mine and I can attest to it anywhere.
i know Nigerian women are fish brains, a good divk scatteres their reasons and they don't care irrespective of their status..

Though I know u re still lying my man grin


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