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Politics / Re: Prof. Gideon Christian Petitions ICC Over Bayo Ononuga's Ethnic Incitements by byteem: 3:28pm On Mar 27
Yorubas abroad should wake up and Write Daily too. Let the senseless ipob people home and abroad that have been using wicked Narrative to get USA Government Attention know that You are more better at Incriminating Obi and getting the International Community to ban him from ever stepping into any of their Countries. I trust Yorubas, unless they are never Ready to pay you back in your own Coin. Once they are tired of your nosense and wickedness, you are done for!

Yoruba and Northern Youths at Home should also start more severe daily Counter Protests as Fulanis did when these same Senseless Igbos rose up against Buhari's Swearing in 2015. After watching and discovering that the demonic envious Igbos are hellbent on getting USA, etc to work againt Buhari's Swearing, the Fualnis, Hausas plus some Yorubas Youths that supported Buhari started Violent Counter Protests too. The Merciless Blows and Heavy Slaps landed on Charlie Boy and others protesting in Abuja then, just like the recently Igbo Celebrities too, made him to scamper blindly as he rushed for Bike to flee from Wuse Market. That was the last day Igbos that were crying more than the bereaved Jonathan SS got their sense Reset to Factory Setting.

Southern Southerners, Fualnis, Yorubas, Hausas, the Shetima Kanuri Youths and every other Supporters of Tinubu's Victory as President must Rise up immediately to give the rabid myopic incorrigibly Sad Souls called Igbos same Treatment because that is the only Language they ever understand as they are always Permanently blinded with their Demonic Greed and Cancerous Envy until the People they are trying to Prevent from Greatness rise up against them. Q.E.D.

In your myopic mind everyone who is tired of the madness and for things to be done right is igbo.. too bad .. receive sense
Politics / Re: Festus Keyamo Circulates Fake Video To Accuse Labour Of Vote Rigging, Propaganda by byteem: 11:02am On Mar 27
Does Eluu Peee rigging of the election justify that of APC?

Thats the annoying part .. the narrative they try to push is sad...oh u rigged too so dont complain about us rigging.. oh obasanjo dint conduct a free and fair election during his time so he has no right to complain now.. oh we are all riggers the best rigger won so no one should complain.. oh he stole before and no one complained why is it now thats its our turn to steal you all found your voice .. a past illegality is no justification for the present or future one.. how did we get here


Politics / Re: I Am A Proud Yoruba Man , A Political Rascal With Agbero Mentality. by byteem: 5:02am On Mar 27
a rascal is a mean, unprincipled, or dishonest person. : So the poster proudly identifies as a criminal and justifies the criminal antecedents of touts . Just to score cheap points for their foot soldiers .

This. need to legalize criminality and rascality in the name of political gain will not end well.. shame.. ask


Politics / Re: I'll Never Validate An Illegitimate Outcome Of A Flawed Process - Atiku by byteem: 7:29am On Mar 26
It is process that is wrong not that Tinubu didn't winIt is process that is wrong not that Tinubu didn't win...

He dint win ..stop consoling urself..
Politics / Re: I'll Never Validate An Illegitimate Outcome Of A Flawed Process - Atiku by byteem: 7:28am On Mar 26
Karma! Your re-election along side your principal Obasanjo in 2003 was worse than this. Pray for mercy from God.

One bad election for a worse one.. right..
Politics / Re: Video: CJN Ariwoola Heading To Abuja Central Mosque Today For Friday Prayer by byteem: 8:14pm On Mar 24
From this video, the man has a leg problem, and no wonder he opted for a wheelchair for the long airport terminal walk

See walking stick format ...baba run come back naija .. pressure too much..

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Politics / Re: If You Don't Want To Watch Arise TV, Watch Maggi Series On NTA - Shehu Sani by byteem: 11:34am On Mar 24
One thing about the media is, when it favors you its the best and when its against you its the worst.

I am a PDP member, but from the very first moment BAT declared intentions, arise TV has been on his neck, if they exhibited neutrality,its different but you can see the hate and all in their transmissions...I can only imagine how they will feel when he is finally sworn in...Its like the fake news and DJT.

I just dont like that Oseni guy, same goat that threatened police with the governor for driving on a one way?

Nothing good can come out of him..I dare any obident to show me a clip where he drilled obi..just one..they ask him KG questions.

Tinubu was wise enough never to grace their station..a wise man..they will never have the honor of being in the same spot with him ..never hence they want to drag him so he would grace their station..it will never happen.

He over drilled Obi ,and over drilled everyone .. they are known for being very realistic and not dancing around.. asked very mad questions.. the truth is only the wicked are afraid of being exposed if your hands are clean why be wary of scrutiny and exposure.. if you live in a glass house dont throw stones. You might just destroy your own home.. thats the case here.. you throw tantrums and accuse everyone forgetting that the truth is a double edged sword it cuts either way.. Arise and channels have done more for Nigerian democracy than APC, PDP and INEC all put together . They are changing the narrative of envelope journalism that had become.the trend .. there was a time in this country where journalists were the bane of politicans and military.. they lost it at some point.. it nice to know that they finally found their voice ..

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Politics / Re: If You Don't Want To Watch Arise TV, Watch Maggi Series On NTA - Shehu Sani by byteem: 11:24am On Mar 24
Fvck Nigerian leaders who have grown soft.

I wish I was born in the generation of my father. Stupid people for hear am πŸ”₯

Dele Giwa no do reach Arise TV, IBB mail am letter πŸ˜‚- facts.

Those were days when men were men and women were women.

I call on patriotic Nigerians at the top to mail Arise TV the letter now!

Send them the envelope βœ‰οΈ Send them the package they deserve to bring back sanity in the media industry.

So let me understand you.. since you are pained by the reportage they should be killed by acts of terrorism.. Arise tv should be bombed if i get you correctly thats your solution.. ok Rufai should be eliminated like delegiwa since he is a thorn in your flesh..

Seun let it be on record that on this day ... This unknown person via this platform threathned to commit acts of terrorism against Arise network and called for the assassination of their personel .. if anything happens he has to be held responsible


Politics / Re: No Clandestine Meeting Between CJN Ariwoola & President-Elect Tinubu - Onanuga by byteem: 9:15am On Mar 24
That you see the Chief Justice of Nigeria on a wheelchair headed to a foreign country for checkup is not enough evidence to destroy the reputation of someone's father and grandfather who has been faithful to Allah.

If the Chief Justice had anything to hide, he wouldn't use the departure wing that ordinary Nigerians use. You won't even see when he travels.

The Chief Justice of Nigeria has paid his dues and young Muslim lawyers like me aspire to be like him.

He has defended Sharia and lived by the commandment of Allah regarding justice. You will never ridicule Islam and go Scot free . Never.

The seeds of the fake news will germinate and the tournament will be played home and away.

It will be televised on CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera.

Pray for disobidiots will top Twitter hashtags.

Putin and Zelensky will be relieved that the media has shifted from them.

Green πŸ’š Red β™₯️ Green πŸ’š will replace Yellow 🟑 and πŸ”΅ as profile pictures 😑.

For the umpteenth time, wetin una find una go see.

Allah 'Akbar β™₯️

Ψ§Ω„Ω„Ω‡ Ψ£ΩƒΨ¨Ψ± πŸ’£ πŸ”₯

This ur mental head needs to get examined..
Politics / Re: "He's Holding Meeting With Tinubu" - PDP Reacts To CJN Olukayode Ariwoola Photos by byteem: 7:06am On Mar 24
Bro, don't bother urself much about those two losers.

They think the only to win is to take the back door..

Who took back door ..
Politics / Re: Ramadan: Tinubu Prays For Peace, Unity And Harmony In Nigeria by byteem: 10:12pm On Mar 23
Another buhari.. if not worse ..the longest u saw ur president was during campaigns .. u wont see him again.. once he is sworn in our Big bros go dey use tweet and signed letter dey follow una talk .. Buhari already set the precedent.. so anything goes..welcome to the New Nigeria
Politics / Re: 10th Assembly: Why North West Deserve Speakership - Ibrahim Suleiman Posted by byteem: 10:08pm On Mar 23
If you think Gbajabiamila is leaving that seat, then you're PLAYING.

Dont.mind those jokers
Politics / Re: Why I’m Happy About Smear Campaign Against Peter Obi – Aisha Yesufu by byteem: 8:31pm On Mar 23
Then get it back quietly in the court and allow people to rest.

They went quietly .. u are the ones wailing .. at this point i dont even know who won cos the winners seem to be crying like they lost


Politics / Re: Alleged Incitement: Keyamo Petitions DSS, Demands Peter Obi’s Arrest by byteem: 8:19pm On Mar 23
It is noteworthy that Peter Obi and Datti Baba-Ahmed have submitted Elections Petitions to the courts for adjudication, but their conducts and utterances amount to a subversion of the processes they have instituted in court and a subversion of our Constitution and the laid-down processes for addressing disputes and grievances. These conduct and utterances are a build-up to something more sinister and it is important you rein them in now!

Imagine that ..

Please share the link of the conduct and utterances.. jokers ..Datti was on live television and he simply said the obvious .. any action beyond the constitution is an illegality.. was he lying .. the constitution says to win an election and be declared president you must win abuja.. the guy said its a constitutional issue an any action outside that is unconstitutional .. is that a lie.. .. touch them first ...take nigerians for granted at your own ... google whats is going on in sudan
Politics / Re: Enugu Governor-Elect, Peter Mbah Thanks Enugu Residents For Voting Him by byteem: 9:45am On Mar 23
Andrew liver salt people how far?

So una manage win just one state after the whole noise. Make una enter house joor.

7 senators,34 reps and 1 governor say Dem win presidential election. Clowns......

From.4 people tweeting in. Room. Despite all the hate and criminality..dont worry
Politics / Re: Presidential Election: Peter Obi Disputes INEC Results In 21 States by byteem: 12:13am On Mar 23
leave them alone! I know his petition won’t fly anywhere but should anything else happened, they will understand that both northerners and south westerners are just keeping mute for now, what will befall igbos will be worst than what happened during ojukwu war. This time it will be total wiped out

Wetin they make u wail like this.. u said he should go to court if he has issues with the outcome.. bros don go court u still dey wail .
Rantings of a homicidal bigot

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Politics / Re: Presidential Election: Peter Obi Disputes INEC Results In 21 States by byteem: 12:09am On Mar 23
you can handle who? I swear wetin happen during ojukwu war na play. This time na total wipe out, I just keep wondering how some of you thinks. Mind you northerners still have some scorers to settle with you for the soldiers you killed while questing for buaffra

See this heediot ..

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Politics / Re: Sue Tinubu With Evidence That He Rigged; Petition On Drug Won't Fly- Reno Omokri by byteem: 11:58pm On Mar 22
If you have gone through the petition, you would have seen where Obi claimed his votes was giving to Asiwaju in 21 states

Dont mind the ignorant mofos.. one trap does not catch a rat.. Obi set more than 20 if he escapes one the other will catch him.. .. even if Supreme court manage to scale it through and declare him winner which is very possible considering their antecedents. the bad press ,publicity and documentation on record of the entire case will forever cast a shadow on the legitimacy of his govt .it will forever be documented on record and in history that a suspected drug baron became president of the world most populous black nation..so win u loose , loose u loose either way its a loss

they dont understand.. ignoramus.. all they know how to do is abuse and rant racial slurs .. the document is out in public domain common read them no fit
Politics / Re: Sue Tinubu With Evidence That He Rigged; Petition On Drug Won't Fly- Reno Omokri by byteem: 11:47pm On Mar 22

You just said it yourself. He was not convicted, so what are you suing him for? Are you suing for not convicted?

No he was fined after a plea bargain deal.. the the constitution locks him out .. no way on this.. it will just be too messy ..even by chance he escapes this , he still gets trapped on other grounds .. if he wins he still looses if he looses he looses.. i dont envy those justices .. even if its said that bros has them on lockdown .. they still have their work cut out for them..
Politics / Re: PDP's Peter Ndubuisi Mbah Declared Governor-elect Of Enugu by byteem: 11:28pm On Mar 22
Wherever LP loses,na rigging. . ..Wherever it wins,na Well done.

Are these the fools that want to rule OUR NIGERIA?

They must not be trusted with power by all means!
Wailerman spotted
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Wants To Treat Tinubu Like IBB Did To MKO Abiola – Onanuga by byteem: 10:05pm On Mar 22

Want everything to scatter by preventing other Nigerians from voting in Lagos and some get killed?
You guys no get sense, always trying to be clever and trickish which you ain't good with, Coward tribe, keep playing victim card

U dey.mind them.. only you stab person only u dey shout sey dem wan kii you

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Wants To Treat Tinubu Like IBB Did To MKO Abiola – Onanuga by byteem: 10:04pm On Mar 22

Onanuga is the one stoking ethnic tensions

Seriously the tinubu camp need to call thier attack dog to order

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Politics / Re: Presidential Election: Peter Obi Disputes INEC Results In 21 States by byteem: 7:26pm On Mar 22
What even makes this man think he won all those states.... It's obvious that this Obi is desperately after this president post and the truth is that people like him doesn't have something good to offer but to achieve his selfish interest

Who is waling now.. you won the election why are you wailing

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Politics / Re: Presidential Election: Peter Obi Disputes INEC Results In 21 States by byteem: 7:25pm On Mar 22
this guy realy thinks he won instead....
its impossible....!!

you igbos seem to dont understand how disliked you are nationwide....

No this has nothing to do with Igbo get that into your thick dumb skull.. Snake

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Romance / Re: Campus Prostitution A Growing Concern In Nigeria by byteem: 2:35pm On Mar 22
Do they do this in Arabic countries?

Na dem do passs

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Politics / Re: "Okezie Ikpeazu Is Lazy And Weak" As Fight Burst Out In PDP Abia State Whatsapp by byteem: 2:33pm On Mar 22
The same confusion is heavy right now in the whatsapp group of urchins presently.

They where expecting PODATTI to hit on IREV, BVAS talk, but PODATTI hit them below the belt. dem no expect am at all.

See how senseless u are . It all there u just too dumb to see it . And thats the plan u wont see it coming
Politics / Re: Election Petition: Peter Obi Is The Most Dangerous Man In Nigeria by byteem: 8:47am On Mar 22

Bros remix section 137 at your own peril

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Politics / Re: Section 137: What Does The Law Say About Tinubu's Drug Case In the U.S? by byteem: 6:55am On Mar 22

That's true, but the United States, where the supposed issue occurred, have come out to say a bargaining between both parties occurred and a forfeiture was made by one party to the other, it looks complicated though.

That plea bargaining thats a consent judgement and a fine

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Politics / Re: Section 137: What Does The Law Say About Tinubu's Drug Case In the U.S? by byteem: 6:53am On Mar 22

If Tinubu committed the crime, he wouldn't have forfeited the money, he will be sentenced instead, remember it's Usa not Nigeria

Court or tribunal of competent authority .doesnt have to be nigeria
Politics / Re: Section 137: What Does The Law Say About Tinubu's Drug Case In the U.S? by byteem: 6:51am On Mar 22
The APC might have a case here, they might claim the case never took place under our jusridition and pray the court to strick out the prayers of the Lp

It doesnt have to.be in our jurisdiction any court of competent jurisdiction
Politics / Re: We Are Disappointed With Inec's Decision To Review Obingwa's Results - Abia PDP by byteem: 11:21pm On Mar 21
If the Igbos will not vote for a Yoruba indigene of a south east state if he contest for governor, then they should not condemn the Yorubas for not voting for an Igbo indigene of a south west state when he contested for governor.

Tribalism is not exclusive to any tribe or region in Nigeria, so I don't want to see any Igbo man throwing a tantrum because of tribalism in the south west because there is also tribalism in the south east, the south south and every part of Nigeria.

The sad tale of the Dog ,the Pig and the Snake..living under one house..
Politics / Re: Tinubu: Time For Politicking Is Over β€” We Must Begin The Healing Process by byteem: 11:06pm On Mar 21
The more I come across your comments, the more I realise how dumb you are, the reigning line for you guys now is stolen mandate, trying to give yourselves false hope.
After the Supreme Court verdict, the next line will be "Our judiciary has been raped"
Shioor, bunch of pained and sore losers. If you continue like this, you will end up reducing your life span because it's obvious u are heartbroken and u will remain heartbroken for the next four years

Dude we already know the judiciary is dead in Nigeria thats old news .. Supreme court they already have their judgement ready even before Obi filed so thats no brainier on that.. no one.is.loosing sleep.om that.

That said no one should come here and be forming truce or calling calling for calm.after stabbing and ripping open an old wound,covering it with a nylon becomes folly.. Actually liked that this happened the tribal card played by desperate yoruba politicians the divide and conquer rule oldest trick.in the book worked so now these ignorant youth who have become oblivious to history are reminded of the age.old Nigerian reality and sad truth ..snakes will always be snakes

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