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Celebrities / Re: Clarion Chukwurah Goes Topless For Her 57th Birthday Photoshoot (Photos) by chelsea1116(m): 6:11pm On Jul 24
Madam Chukwurah has made a huge statement with her beautiful photos.

Her attire is very African. Nudity for the African woman is when she does not cover her vulva. She is well clothed from her waist down. Many women her age in rural African communities are relaxing topless with only their wrappers covering only what is below their navel.

If you spend 5 minutes at nursing departments in churches or pediatric wards at hospitals, you will definitely wonder if women really care about covering theirs breasts or they do it to fulfill all righteousness. They pull out their breasts without regard while discussing with adult males and place the nipples in their babies' mouths. They don't always seem to care if the man sees their breasts or not. I saw more than 100 bare breasts the last time I sat at a pediatric ward. I was 15+ and mature but the rule of the Federal Hospital was that I deal with the pediatric ward. I felt embarrassed then but my opinion has changed.

Uncovering one's breasts was not nudity in Africa until not more than 150 years ago. In Southern Africa, female Ph.d holders go topless annually to celebrate the Reed dance or Umemulo.

The most important message is her Clarion call to keep Africa's most populous country unified. That should be our focus.

Her message is well delivered and she deserves accolades. Let's not sexualize her please.

You are brilliant. I love ur sense of perception.

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Phones / Re: Whatsapp Warns Over GB WhatsApp That Mimics Features & Could Leave You Blocked by chelsea1116(m): 7:16am On Jul 06
gimme download link
Am using gb but whatsapp plus was once my love
Phones / Re: Whatsapp Warns Over GB WhatsApp That Mimics Features & Could Leave You Blocked by chelsea1116(m): 7:14pm On Jul 05
I downloaded it days ago.
At first, it was working really good.
I was invincible and all that.
I could view your status and it would be up to me to let you know or not.
You will delete message and I will still be seeing it fine and clear .

All of a sudden, I no come dey see message again. (Mark don nak my account 2x2 I guess ).

My status will remain unseen after many hours.

Pissed off, I reinstalled the real WhatsApp and messages came flooding in.

My neighbor complained of ds same issue but i healed it..i gave him whatsapp plus instead of GB watsap and hes grinding. I cant use normal watsap again.

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Politics / Re: Lady K Cried Out At Igboho's House During The Attack (Video) by chelsea1116(m): 2:03pm On Jul 01
An unfortunate situation happening in Nigeria.
Ipob rallied and showed solidarity support to Yoruba nation awareness in Rome on 12 june..seeing the crowd in unity, Igbo and Yoruba who knows very well who their common enemy is...made me remember Igbos and Yorubas constant hatred 4 each other on nairaland.

The sooner these 2 tribes realise they are not enemies..Nigeria will b better.
Phones / Re: Screenshot And Post Your Data Usage In The Month Of June by chelsea1116(m): 1:51pm On Jul 01
Chukwunna!!! This post made me realise what i actually use monthly. More than 104GB in a month, not my fault shaa..i try to use up my data d tin go finish..i no dey like waste my moni.

Religion / Re: Kano Hisbah Bans Use Of Mannequins For Display Of Clothes By Tailors, Boutique O by chelsea1116(m): 9:34pm On Jun 30
Politics / Re: ESN Kills, Beheads Native Doctor Over Charm Failure by chelsea1116(m): 8:15am On Jun 27
Politics / Re: Soldiers, Police, Amotekun Hunt Bandits Over Killing Of Ondo Farmer’s Children by chelsea1116(m): 9:10am On Jun 17

Amotekûn should do the job.

Nigerian soldiers and police are useless sets of saboteurs

Politics / Re: Herdsmen: Buhari To Governors 'Don’t Sit Idly Expecting Me To Do Everything' by chelsea1116(m): 10:21am On Jun 10
Nigeria would have honestly been a better country without you Buhari.

How did we get here?

Tribes educated as Yoruba and Igbos..being led by a man with an unverified WAEC certificate..

The unity of Yoruba and Igbo is wot will bring a huge change in Nigeria but this they know and they make sure of solid disunity amongst Igbos and yorubas.

This huge change starts with us..Igbo and Yoruba, stop d hate!!

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Politics / Re: "Twitter Suspension? I Will Keep That To Myself" - Buhari by chelsea1116(m): 10:19am On Jun 10
Hmmm. He is a wise old man. Since Twitter has reached out to FG, let's allow them to sort it out and in due time get an update. God bless President Muhammadu Buhari. God bless Nigeria.

May your generation get equivalent of what Buhari is giving Nigerians.AMEN!!

May your generation experience the hunger, insecurity, unemployment etc that Buhari regime has given to Nigerians.AMEN!!

May justice see you and your generation and turn away like Buhari has seen justice and turned away. AMEN!!


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Politics / Re: "Twitter Suspension? I Will Keep That To Myself" - Buhari by chelsea1116(m): 10:14am On Jun 10
See president of a country.
Politics / Re: Twitter Ban: Mark Gbillah Threatens To Ground Plenary If House Prevents Debate by chelsea1116(m): 8:57pm On Jun 06
U see wetin i see?

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Politics / Re: Access To Twitter Denied From Nigeria Cyberspace - BBC Reports by chelsea1116(m): 11:16am On Jun 05
I fear for wot will b of "UAR" come 2023.

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Education / Re: CRUTECH Student 'Ford' Murdered On Campus By Phone Snatchers (Photos) by chelsea1116(m): 8:28am On Jun 05
Rest in peace bro, may ur killer suffer 4 stealing and killing u.

1st safety rule if u re about to be robbed, COMPLIANCE..dont find out if d knife is real or d gun is a toy or empty, though its nt 100% guaranteed but its safer.

CONSCIENCE, this word defines a man.

The type of conscience a man trains determines if he can kill or not, steal or not, etc..train urslf with positivity and stay on d line of right doing and ur conscience will be free of bad thoughts.

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Celebrities / Re: Chefchi Chioma Storms The Gym To Workout In Skin Tight Gym Wear by chelsea1116(m): 8:21am On Jun 05
My sister live your life to the fullnest, You can't kill yourself because one Afonja guy left you

The state of Nigeria ryt nw deserves unity amognst ourselves to fight this corrupt government. SAY NO 2 TRIBALISM.

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Celebrities / Re: Chefchi Chioma Storms The Gym To Workout In Skin Tight Gym Wear by chelsea1116(m): 8:20am On Jun 05
Twitter is banned and u r interested in Chioma going to the gym.

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Politics / Re: President Buhari, Goodluck Jonathan Meet In Aso Rock by chelsea1116(m): 1:21pm On May 28



Health / Re: Sanwo-Olu List Achievements In Health In 2 Years by chelsea1116(m): 11:43am On May 22
I always feel this man would have done great if his hands werent tied. I beliv he is a good man but being a politician in Nigeria u must be controlled by a zombie.

This same feelings I hav 4 Osinbajo, they have some peaceful vibes of Jonathan in them


Politics / Re: Adamu Garba: 'To Those Celebrating The Death Of Attahiru, I Have A News For You' by chelsea1116(m): 11:40am On May 22
Forgive me Lord for saying this, each time i hear of death of a politician, army or police i would just wish it was Buhari.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Guys, Could This Be Real?. What do YOU think about this Giveaway? by chelsea1116(m): 9:08am On May 19
I dont kn abt d authenticity of ds but the one i can assure u is fake is..u see this facebook scam? They will hack people's account and make a post with 99tags telling u how they made 100k in 45mins..
then the most annoying part is the comments..

"Thank u for ds opportunity" "are u sure its real cos i want to giv it a try" "God bless u for this opportunity" etc

Whenever u see a post like this on facebook..pls run!!

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Celebrities / Re: “We Contributed To Your Growth’ – Nigerians Slam Burna Boy by chelsea1116(m): 8:47am On May 19
U have to respect ur fans to stay on top!!

Ungrateful, arrogance and pride..how can 1 person have these at once? its really messed up..if naija comot hand for ur matter, its only a matter of months b4 u come begging.

The day Burna performed in Rome, this rubbish habit of his asking bodyguards to remove someone frm the crowd..he tried that rubbish in Rome..the guy they bundled wanted to call the police but the show organizers had to beg this guy for almost 30minutes, finally compensated him with 500euro..if he had called the police..the show would v ended, the guard will definitely be arrested and the organizers would lose money and the fans that paid to come watch u(including d one he ordered to b thrown out) will b disappointed.


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Celebrities / Re: Williams Uchemba And His Wife Brunelle Compete In Italian Language by chelsea1116(m): 10:12am On May 18
Come stai?(how r u)
Bene grazie e tu?(i'm fine thank u and u)
A posto.(ok)
Hai mangiato? (Hv u eaten)
Non ho fame(i'm not hungry)
Lingua italiana è molto complicata e difficile ma bella lingua.(italian language is very complicated and difficult but a beautiful language).

A yr plus some months in Rome and i know all the basics.
My naija niggas go suffa for me d day i go come naija..i go jus dey speak d language anyhw.
Religion / Re: How Kayode Badru Died (Graphic Photos) by chelsea1116(m): 8:48am On May 09
Religion is a disaster.
R.I.P good man.

Christianity is man and Christ.
Religion is man and a businessman.

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Health / Re: 8 Lions In Indian Zoo Test Positive For COVID-19 by chelsea1116(m): 6:16pm On May 04
They should give them Johnson and Johnson Vaccine....

Very nice.
Cant bliv u jus cracked a joke,i was thinking u would relate this to d world ending soon...but sha ur words do move me.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu: Nigerians Will Be Safe Under Buhari by chelsea1116(m): 8:44am On May 04
EKWENSU. I hate all politicians in Nigeria.

Dis shows our votes dont count, how can a sane person support an Idiot like Buhari? Security for that matter!! After d idiot has ruled for 6yrs and showed nothing but catastrophic results.

A country where innocent citizens can shed tears again but blood.

And someone hoping to contest is praising a failure, it shows wot is expected if he wins.

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Sports / Re: Inter Milan Fans Celebrate 1st Serie A Title Victory Since 2010 (Photos) by chelsea1116(m): 8:33pm On May 02
Health / Re: Indian Hospitals Run Out Of Oxygen As Covid-19 Surges by chelsea1116(m): 8:50pm On Apr 23
Crime / Re: Nigerian Man, Omotola Hassan Caught With Cocaine In India by chelsea1116(m): 12:26pm On Apr 23
U hv no rights to condemn The whites when u read an article about racism if u are one of those that hates another because of tribe.

The yoruba and igbo hatred amongst each other is d biggest shame in nairaland, the bigger shame being that most are Christians.

If u re one of them..think about it and have a little change.

So far the hatred amongst ourselves grows strong, the thieves we inherited as leaders will always hv their way.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: How The New European Super League Will Work by chelsea1116(m): 7:16am On Apr 20
The uproar about super league is a clear indication that racism in football isnt going away.

Just imagine how people are speaking up against Super league but kept quiet on racism.

One day a white called me "scimmia" which means monkey, i was like na dis tin b d racism..i smiled and called him "bianca scimmia"(white monkey).
He walked out from d pitch very pissed.

Until blacks learn to put on coat of steel instead of tears wen called monkey racism wont go away.

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Religion / Re: Pls Help! A Church Is About To Render My Brother Useless by chelsea1116(m): 11:13am On Apr 12
I went to the church yesterday at ojo with some of my soldier friends, I took my brother and and his car, I called a truck to loose some of the AC and Fans, Electrical appliances having my brother's sticker, right now I tied him rope and I put him in my room until he return back to his senses, we calculated roughly Goods of 14 million naira that my brother donated to this church, to my surprise I took his phone and checked his history I almost cried, he just transferred 550k to the pastor yesterday being Sunday, his customers from North and middle belt has been texting him to know why he is not picking their calls, My brother was supposed to supply good worth 4million naira to one alhaji in Kano but he didn't care, I had to call the boss to act as if he is my brother and he should supply those goods but it should go with my brothers sticker ... the man has made transfer this morning... then I realized that my brother is loosing millions due to church activities he has put himself into.... At his age I never dreamed of having a car but God made it possible for him and he is misusing....

This one no be village people again but Church people.
Christianity and religion no b same at all.

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Family / Re: So This Is Marriage? by chelsea1116(m): 11:06am On Apr 12
Jus like life is sweet but we still know of the challenges it has.

That same way marriage is sweet and has its own challenges.

We build and prepare ourselves for the challenges of life

That same way..prepare and build urslf for the challenges of marriage.

I cant wait for d day i will be called "Dad" ..this alone has got me preparing and working hard to make sure that lady who will give me children will be well taken care of.

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Politics / Re: Shirtless Beach Photo: Reno Omokri Replies His Critics (Pictures) by chelsea1116(m): 10:07am On Apr 12
The day u accept religion has caused more harm dan good.
U will start finding the right answers, the truth about so many things.

I keep asking is it the d same Islam practiced in UAE,etc that is being practiced in 9ja.

The Christianity i see in Europe is so so far different and better than what i practiced in Nigeria.

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