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Travel / Re: JAPA Fever Among Nigerian Youths by chelsea1116(m): 5:06am On Sep 24, 2023
bro, i am in your shoe presently. I graduated with strong 2.1, narrowly missed first-class. I earn 25k monthly as a classroom teacher. I can't afford 2 square meal daily. Most of the jobs (either government or private) are being shared amongst the highest bidder. Nigerians are suffering. I was advised to consider applying to US graduate school with full funding. I can't even think straight anymore. Yet, i have siblings looking up to me. It's really frustrating bro

My brother i believe in japa for who can afford it..its not easy getting documentations here to start up but its worth it...if you can afford it, USA, Schengen EU regions, Australia, UK...these places will present opportunity for a good life to u.
Romance / Re: I Used To Gym To Impress My Female Mates In School by chelsea1116(m): 3:43pm On Sep 12, 2023
I grew and started living the day i learnt to live and not impress anybody but myself and my God.

I earn a very decent and healthy amount i work hard for ,i workout to look and be healthy..not for any human being but for that man i see in the mirror.

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Romance / Re: I Used To Gym To Impress My Female Mates In School by chelsea1116(m): 3:41pm On Sep 12, 2023
Money money more money that's what gets ladies attention not 6 packs.
Make money first then gym later

I have both, isnt jus about money.. workout, look good and be healthy.


Travel / Re: JAPA Fever Among Nigerian Youths by chelsea1116(m): 3:40pm On Sep 12, 2023
you are not being fair and just if you live in abroad and you are giving such an advise. Are you also aware that most african leaders prefer keeping their people in penury while sending their kids abroad or investing there. Look at ondo governor or even buhari. Do you know if buhari was not treated in uk, he would have been a dead man. So i say you guys giving these advise while outside Nigeria are very mean and wicked.

Very wicked people. I ve lived and still live in Rome since 2019, i got the first document i could use to work in 2021, between 2021 till today, i look at the money in my account and i want to curse Nigeria for trying to ruin my life, An Elect Elect Engr, A Masters in telecommunications holder but i begged for 45k job a month in Nigeria, not even up to what i make daily here.
Anyone abroad that makes this type of rubbish post is a lazy human being. Very wicked people and some people will take her advice.

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Travel / Re: Why A Nigerian Was Denied Schengen Visa (Refusal Letter) by chelsea1116(m): 3:36pm On Jul 30, 2023
Well.. then, it wasn't anything to do with God or grace, you were honest, did the right thing, followed the correct process. That's all many nigerians had to do to obtain visa, rathee some of them tell lies, all a white man wants is for you to be honest and be trustworthy to them, something many nigerians lack.

Do you earn 1.4 millon in naira or dollars? Is it after tax or before? grin i am guessing you don't pay rent, mortgage, or bills. You don't even buy food.

I will satisfy ur curiosity, as an igbo bachelor earning 1400 to 1700euro (and this is after tax)monthly.. i dont spend more than 100euro in feeding as food is cheap, i m not living a luxurious lifestyle as i have a future to plan on..i live in the smallest place u can ever find and i pay just 250euro a month. Big space isnt needed now since i m not a family man. Gas, water and light bills is 50euro inside the 250euro for rent.

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Travel / Re: Why A Nigerian Was Denied Schengen Visa (Refusal Letter) by chelsea1116(m): 1:05pm On Jul 30, 2023

Which year is this
Travel / Re: Why A Nigerian Was Denied Schengen Visa (Refusal Letter) by chelsea1116(m): 1:05pm On Jul 30, 2023

Please check your mail

Unfortunately the mail associated to this account dosnt work again.
Travel / Re: Why A Nigerian Was Denied Schengen Visa (Refusal Letter) by chelsea1116(m): 10:16am On Jul 30, 2023
When grace speaks for u, nothing is impossible.

I ve never been a religious freak or tied to any pastor..i m a normal daily sinner who loves God.

I applied my first even schengen visa with a bank statement showing i earn 30k naira a month. It was my honest earning, i didnt try to manipulate the statement.

My visa was approved, it was in kenya(transit) they tried to come between my grace because they queried how is it possible that the first stamp in my passport is schengen but God pass them. That was how i escaped Nigeria.

It was very rough at first but now i earn btw 1.2 to 1.4m monthly legit.

I feel bad when i see people abroad discouraging those in Nigeria not to leave. Its wickedness.

If u find your way...japa..its worth it, US,UK, Australia, Schengen regions.

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Celebrities / Re: Sophia Momodu To Change Imade's Surname by chelsea1116(m): 1:06pm On Jun 06, 2023
Religion / Re: Nigerian Man Challenges Pastor Who Contracted Him To Give Fake Prophecies (Pix) by chelsea1116(m): 9:37pm On May 28, 2023
God is the goal, not the pastors/Revs
Heaven is the goal, not the church.

God never changes, Pastors/Rev are changing like the clock's hands...money affects what they say and believe in, thats why none of them have ever gone to a real hospital or psychiatrist hospital to perform a miracle..their miracle is only in their church with THEIR OWN SICK PEOPLE.

The first thing all these businessmen does is instilling fear in ur heart, making it look like when u doubt them u re doubting God.

Many of us are even closer to God than most of these businessmen.

There are just few good ones but i cant swear for any of them.

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Politics / Re: Travel Abroad With Purpose Of Returning To Develop Nigeria - Kukah Tells Youths by chelsea1116(m): 1:15pm On May 28, 2023
That is if police or army will not shoot us if we try to exercise our rights.

Even as a foreigner here..my rights are respected, with all the racism and all it still feels better here. Police and Army respects u.
Religion / Re: Last Sunday Before Inauguration What Will Be Your Prayer Point Today For Nigeria by chelsea1116(m): 10:03am On May 28, 2023
The election taught me alot, seeing the deep hatred that exists btw certain tribes, people of same skin color!! i understood more why some white people dont accept us whole heartedly in their country.

I pray for peace, love, harmony amongst ourselves, if we have this ...we will be a great country.

I pray against Islamisation of Nigeria.

I pray for true democracy, fairness.

These and more i pray.

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Education / Re: My First Semester University Result by chelsea1116(m): 2:10pm On Mar 31, 2023
Business / Re: Have You Ever Transferred Money To The Wrong Account? by chelsea1116(m): 2:37pm On Mar 30, 2023
No and never received.

Sent 500k instead of 50k like 2 times.

One was to a friend who returned 450k and the other was my mom who didnt return it.
She returned blessings and prayers instead of 450k.

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TV/Movies / Re: BBTitans: I Will Play With Your Clitoris A Lot More Next Time- Yemi Tells Blue by chelsea1116(m): 12:30pm On Feb 04, 2023
Are u aware Election is days away?

Are u aware the situations and suffering in Nigeria.

Be sensitive for once..private part this and that. Tufiakwa

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Politics / Re: Governor Sule's Son, Hassan Is Dead by chelsea1116(m): 9:08am On Jan 27, 2023
Good for him. Chaii... Fuel scarcity is my problem.undecided

Really? This is extreme man, its not fair.
Politics / Re: Gistlover Apologises Sarcastically To Dino Melaye by chelsea1116(m): 9:35pm On Jan 18, 2023
Dino is not worthy of a place at the table of our National cake

He is one of the reasons why I will never vote or support Atiku

I dont like him, something very indecent about him.

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TV/Movies / Re: BBTitans: My Baby Died At Six Months, Decayed In My Belly - Nana by chelsea1116(m): 11:35am On Jan 18, 2023
A south African will win this one because Nigerians are not interested in the shit show and just few will vote.

We have bigger issues.

If she really lost her child cos these guys can lie too much..so sad and such a pity. I feel for her.


Celebrities / Re: I’m Not Ashamed’ – Phyna Reveals Why She Had Two Abortions At Age 19, 24 by chelsea1116(m): 8:17pm On Jan 14, 2023
[quote author=AmazonTopaz post=120020275]
Since she did not want the pregnancy you should have carried them for her. [/quote

U know our mothers had two choices, either to keep us or to wash us away..
U ever wondered the potentials of the wasted children through abortion.

Abortion is murder..u can justify it all u want.

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Celebrities / Re: I’m Not Ashamed’ – Phyna Reveals Why She Had Two Abortions At Age 19, 24 by chelsea1116(m): 8:44am On Jan 14, 2023
U re not ashamed u killed a baby? A baby some women cry to have one for 10 to 20 years of not being able. And u re not ashamed of terminating 2?

There are somethings u just shut up about, open book my foot.

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Celebrities / Re: May Edochie Shares New Family Photo With A Cryptic Message by chelsea1116(m): 11:35pm On Jan 09, 2023
please someone should please help me, my daughter and I we are starving. Please help me. the last time we ate a good food was from our neighbor on Christmas day. Since then we have surviving on drinking garri since tuesday last week and the garri we use to have hope has finished. the little money I have I used it to pay for house rent so that we can at least have roof over our head. am pleading for help please, not for my sake but for my daughter please am a single mother. No matter how little it will go a long way to help us. May GOD bless you
Acct num; Faith
First Bank

You are a liar, a beggar and a 419 and we both know it.

Online begging is now trending.


Celebrities / Re: Alexx Ekubo Replies Fancy Acholonu's Apology (Photos) by chelsea1116(m): 8:49am On Jan 01, 2023
Nah adults elected and re-elected Buhari and are vigorously campaigning for Tinubu sha

Best ever comment i ve seen on nairaland.

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Romance / Re: What Was Your Favorite Song And Movie Of 2022? by chelsea1116(m): 3:59pm On Dec 30, 2022
Earth song by Wizard Chan.

Naija get talent i swear.

Ruger by Ruger was my best music this year till i heard Earth song.
Politics / Re: 213 Bodies Recovered As Troops Lose 10 Soldiers After Pounding Zamfara Bandits by chelsea1116(m): 12:17pm On Dec 21, 2022
Sports / Re: Mbappé Thanks Fans For Birthday Wishes As He Turns 24 (Photo) by chelsea1116(m): 11:40am On Dec 21, 2022
I respect ppl that still stand by Ronaldo as their GOAT over those who dumped Ronaldo for Mbappe.

Loyalty is rare.

At 24 Messi already had 3 ballon dor and ofcourse 3 champions league.

At 24 Ronaldo has a ballon d'Or and champions league.

Dont compare Mbappe with these two great players.

Compare Mbappe with Haaland, Joao Felix etc..thats where he belongs for now.

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Celebrities / Re: Court Dissolves Paul Okoye And Anita's Marriage by chelsea1116(m): 9:08pm On Dec 19, 2022
My bro is divorced, his Italian ex wife remains his best friend and their child has more than enough love and care from both.

They just realised and accepted they are better as very good friends and not as a couple.

Your ex wife/partner shouldnt be ur enemy..
It takes maturity and sense to realise divorce is best when its not working out.

Divorce shouldnt create hatred.

Goodluck to Anita and Paul.

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Celebrities / Re: Iyanya Grateful For Turnaround, Recalls Begging Last Year To Perform At Shows by chelsea1116(m): 8:50am On Dec 15, 2022
The most humble artist i v met.
Was with Iyanya last 2 months in Rome and u wont believe how down to earth he is. Not just with me but with everyone.
Crime / Re: Video Of Cult Clash In Uyo, Akwa Ibom State (Graphic Photos) by chelsea1116(m): 8:46am On Dec 15, 2022
Life wey dey sweet like this? And ppl stil dey do cult? Jesus Christ!!

Going to upgrade my "jew man" pendant into gold.

Hands in the air if you are a jew man and loving it.�

May God forgive them for they dont know any better.

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Politics / Re: 2023: My Performance Will Help Secure Victory For PDP In Abia - Ikpeazu (Video) by chelsea1116(m): 8:25am On Nov 25, 2022
Crime / Re: 21-Year-Old Man Stabbed To Death By His Girlfriend In Lekki (Photo) by chelsea1116(m): 8:42pm On Nov 20, 2022
All she needed was that extra 30seconds to think about it. If she did she wouldn't stab him.

Control ur anger, dont allow it control you.

A lady who allows anger control her is like a man who allows his dick control him.

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Health / Re: Photo Of Oko Poly Student Who Committed Suicide Over Failed Relationship by chelsea1116(m): 6:15pm On Nov 20, 2022
Rest in peace brother man. Love definitely makes one weak, you needed a thick skin for such game called love but you went in with your bare heart.

Love is indeed wicked.

Mind how you break hearts cos not all has the thick skin to protect their heart... especially the innocent hearts.

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Politics / Re: The Moment Bola Tinubu Screamed God Bless PDP At His Campaign Flag Off by chelsea1116(m): 4:10pm On Nov 15, 2022
God abeg

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