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Sports / Re: Drogba Or Rooney ? by chidichris(m): 7:27pm On Jun 10, 2010
na drogba abeg. drogba dey score from and with any part of his body and the pitch.
drogba is too good.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsernal Sign Joe Cole by chidichris(m): 7:18pm On Jun 10, 2010
the news is not confirmed yet.
the only thing that will make the transfer work here is that he is a free agent and wenger likes free things.
if i have my way, i will not allow joe cole to go to arsenal.
anyways, most of the players who go to arsenal do not last as they see the club as a passage to their destination.
the stingy professor will never buy a player in his life. chamakh - free, joe cole - free, campbell - free, i know he is still looking for goalkeeper that is also free and that will end the story at the end of the day, he will look forward to winning trophy.
Sports / Re: Lukman Haruna Vs Mikel Obi, Who Is Better? by chidichris(m): 7:09pm On Jun 10, 2010
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Politics / Re: What Kind Of Man Is Prof. Jega? by chidichris(m): 6:13pm On Jun 10, 2010
it is not about who jega was is or will be rather it is about certain laws that have come to stay and such laws include;
1. power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
2. he who pays the piper dictates the tone
3. jega will not bite this finger that is about to feed him - jonathan

we are all nigerians so let us be more concerned on how independent inec is and who will this man(jega) report to? will it be another ribadu reporting to obj for final decissions?
nigerians have been fighting for one thing and that is independence of inec and that will definitely make the chairman and independent man who only look upto the constitution in carrying out his duties.
at the end of the day, i don't have confidence in the obj led pdp.
Politics / Re: Nasir El-rufai: Education Is More Important Than Job Creation by chidichris(m): 5:37pm On Jun 10, 2010
today a leader, tomorrow a wanted man and next tomorrow he's excaped from the country.
when the fate of over 150 million nigerians are left in the hands of unpredictable criminals like el rufai, tell me why we will not continue in our round about movement even at 100yrs.
Politics / Re: Dubai Update: Ibori's Bail Revoked! by chidichris(m): 5:25pm On Jun 10, 2010
Gone are those days when the wicked are celebrated and the righteous are persecuted. I can see change coming to Nigeria; I can see God's hands in virtually every sphere of the Nigerian polity. When God is involved, no man can say no! Ibori never imagined this would be happening to him some day, but it is pay back time!

My message to all Nairalanders:

When God puts you in a position to serve, do not ever do otherwise because what goes around comes around. Let's all borrow a leaf from credible Nigerians like the Gani Fawehinmis, Nuhu Ribadus, Dora Akunyilis and Wole Soyinkas. If we do, Nigeria will be a better place.

which god is involved in this nigeria? i don't think it is the same God that i know.
this has been the same pattern. every year we gather to destroy one thief and initiate a million in replacement and that accounts for why at 50 we are yet to achieve what 2 yrs old babies have achieved.
personally, i don't follow the crowd. today, we are celebrating uk but let them tell our govt the truth tomorrow, wow! name calling will flow.
who is decieving who? andy uba while serving as the pa of our own obj was caught in the usa over this same money laundary issue and was jailed/fined in the usa law court and the crime in question was committed even with our presidential jet but till date, who is talking about that?
ibori has become too strong for nigeria that we are depending on uk to do justice to the matter or is money laundary not a crime in nigeria?
again, how did ibori leave nigeria? how did ribadu leave nigeria? how did el rufai leave nigeria? until these question are asked and answered, we will remain tools with which these fools get to their destinations.
how and where in this world will people run out of a country and come back as heroes? it is time nigerians ask questions on vital issues and security is one of them.
we must ask how these men go out and come in at will?
in a decent society i mean countries where nobody is even making noise about fighting corruption, an attorney general's death without trace can force the president out of office. in other countries, if a whole ship gets lost, i think the president will take the best action by resiging.
how long will it take nigerians to know why us$16b was invested in power suply and it got worst? when will the current chairman of nigerian ports authorities tell nigerians how far he went with N300b road contracts?
what are we celebrating in the arrest and persecution of opositions to the govt? will it not be funny if jonathan fails in becoming the pressident come 2011 and ibori will be made the all and all because his group is in charge?
where are we going from here?
Politics / Re: Sinnators Ask Nigerians Opinion On Jega by chidichris(m): 4:43pm On Jun 10, 2010
in my opinion, the first step or question will be finding out what this man(jega) thinks mourice iwu did not do well and how he is going to fight for the independence of inec.
jega also shld tell nigerians how ready he is to bite the finger that is about feeding him.
Career / Re: Highest Paid Professionals And Most Lucrative Profession In Nigeria by chidichris(m): 4:32pm On Jun 10, 2010
i know about three(3) and they include;
1. politics
2. politics and
3. politics
Politics / Re: Attahiru Jega, New Inec Chair. by chidichris(m): 11:47am On Jun 09, 2010
we can't go from one naughty professor to another. we just fought our ways out of the other professor now we are walking into another.
make pete edochie the inec chairman and i bet u nigeria and nigerians will think otherwise.
in reality, how can someone employed by jonathan work against him with the mentality of nigeria inside him?
can one appoint a judge in a case in which he is a party?
hell no, i don't know much about this jega of a man but i know much and enough about pdp and their appointees.
i have lost faith with this group of bandits(pdp).
why won't jonathan finish what he started along yar adua? why spending that much in uwais committee when u know it is irrelevant?
why is deciet the only way forward for this pdp?
Politics / Re: Declaring A State Of Emergency In Bayelsa State by chidichris(m): 11:19am On Jun 09, 2010
pdp is just been irresponsible here. what is it that is happening in bayelsa that is not happening in my state - imo?
the truth is the battles are not for justice rather they are battle of leadership, occupation and supremacy. since the gov of imo state (ohakim) cross carpeted into pdp, they have turned blind eyes to all his shortcomings and evil doings. what if he is still in ppa or in anyother party?
to me, declaring a state of emergency in bayelsa will not solve the problems rather let there be a declaration emergency in nigeria as nothing is working well at all.
it is obvious the man at the top is not making use of his brains rather he is using some old brains of another power thirsty man.
Sports / Re: Kanu Nwankwo Tremendous Overrated by chidichris(m): 10:38am On Jun 09, 2010
what u are displaying here is a great character of a never-do-well.
u lack education and information.
kanu is a great achiever and can never be said or called an over-rated player.
if u have access to any of our players, they tell u that in their camps, kanu is like a coach. they learn from kanu and he is a great motivation to the team.
if u can forget kanu and insult people here, that will serve ur purpose better.
it is only in nigeria that heros like kanu will be called useless by a non existing slowpoke like u.
what information do u have to give about a player u call over-rated?
i have asked u a very simple question but till next yr, i know u can't provide an answer to that.
who is over-rating kanu? nigerians of foriegn coaches?


try and be impartial !!!

both Chidicunt and 12lack are imbecilic doofuses !

they have no respect for their parents hence their open display of foolishness on a weblog . . .

one fellates constantly on Mikel, another is barking rubbish about Kanu

how slow can people get about other people's biz Huh

even the thread title sucks, the poster is all hogwash . . .

yet the inefficient mods allow this thread to continue unlocked

@Dr Kitaun,
ur support for silly posts against mikel gave birth to this thrash.
both mikel and kanu are heros and above all individual strugglers who out of their personal efforts have brought happiness into the lives of millions of ppl all over the world.
if u or anyother slowpoke will come here to display envy and greed, that one will die wretched.
Politics / Re: Hmmm: Iran Is Preparing For 3rd World War: Getting Stronger: by chidichris(m): 8:09am On Jun 09, 2010
funny enough, iranians are very very hungry.
empty threats at the end of the day.
iran is working towards the wiping out of isreal but how reastic will that be?
let us wait and see.
misplacement of priorities here.
what can turkey do in mordern wars?
Politics / Re: Ibori's Associates Sentenced To 21 Years In Prison ! by chidichris(m): 7:58am On Jun 09, 2010
yes, we are all celebrating uk today but who knows what happens to tomorrow maybe a documentary on nigerian leadership and we will all gather here to condem them.
how many year is bode george serving for stealing over N100b? how many did alams serve for drying up bayelsa? how many is ibb, obj, tony annenih and all the big looters have served or are serving.
let us continue decieving ourselves here.
Politics / Re: New Inec Chair Has A Long-standing Relationship With Maurice Iwu! by chidichris(m): 7:50am On Jun 09, 2010
So, you prefer a retired general to be INEC chairman abi? And if someone like IBB wins you will come back to state that the general rigged the election for another general.

What do we really want in this country?

this jonathan was part of the govt that set up uwais committee abi?
if jonathan was loyal to yar adua and they were together in their decissions, why all these changes?
for me, i have lost my confidence in pdp far back. do u see a jonathan appointed inec chairman working against him?
this is nigeria my dear.
certain sensitive positions must be made independent of the presidency.
efcc under obasanjo was totally tied to his personal decissons and so also was inec and this uwais electorial reforms recommends the independence of inec and inec's chairman's appointment.
why do we prefer a round about movement?
how far have we gone in our 12 years of uninterupted democracy?
we are not making head-ways hence the need for change.
the day jonathan became president, i made it open here on this forum that obj is back completely on the driving seat.
evidence of this can be seen on the immediate return of the run away criminals(ribadu and el rufai) yet the more we look the less we see.
the next we will see is ribadu as president and el rufai as the vice president.
we are doomed.
Sports / Re: Kanu Nwankwo Tremendous Overrated by chidichris(m): 7:25am On Jun 09, 2010
idiot that was that was 11years ago, the next time he had a good game was the next season

it is better to be envied than to be pitied. kanu has occupied the envious position of been over-rated so u take the pitiable position.
i have asked u, who is over-rating kanu? the foriegn coaches who play him in important matches or nigerians that he is trying to be patrotic for?
before it was mikel been over-rated and now kanu been over-rated.
if kanu scored the goals in 11 yrs ago, what about the winning goal that gave portsmouth the fa cup 2 yrs ago?
in ur village, how many lions will a man kill before u can call him a lion killer?
look at england, upon the injury of beckham, they want him to be in the team even as part of the coaching crew. that is giving honour to whom honour is due.
well, u are a frsutrated man with no relevance to ur immediate family, community and nigeria at large so been a nauisance is the best expected of u.
enjoy ur rampage but remember, kanu no send u and he is not even aware that things like u exists.
Sports / Re: John Obi Mikel Out Of World Cup by chidichris(m): 7:15am On Jun 09, 2010
why not start another thread on amodu and leave this one for the most popular guy on nairaland(mikel).
look at the number of responses this post is getting.
wow! mikel is a real brand name.
amodu is a born eagles coach. it is either eagles or no job.
the amodu of a man is not different from chief onigbinde when it comes to coaching nigerian team.
at the end of the day, amodu will be the next eagles coach at least the whiteman is leaving at the end of the world cup.
this coaching of the eagles is becoming amodu's birth right.
this time arround, he will have me to contend with.
as long as it is about inviting known players and pick 11 for a match and then hide behind the bars while matches are on only to speak to the pressmen at the end of the day, i will surely apply for the eagles job.
mumu sagamite, do u think u cannot do this, i mean what amodu is doing?
Sports / Re: John Obi Mikel Out Of World Cup by chidichris(m): 8:35pm On Jun 08, 2010
so you dont know amodu was disgraced out of Orlando pirates?

this is what i got on amodus page in wiki

obvious lack of technique Shocked Shocked Shocked
even wiki could not hold that away from his wiki page

will it be right to say here that amodu's annointing is on the coaching job of super eagles?

Bruv, wiki is written by ordinary people like you and me with opinions.

That was just someones opinion.

I have edited things on wiki, do you want me to take corrective action on that page?  Grin

at the end of the day, u are successfully making mikel the most popular person on nairaland.
at the end of the day, no matter which source u trust, it must be writen, editted and published by ppl.
pls what do u mean by ordinary ppl?
Sports / Re: Manchester United Owner's Debts Hit £1.1bn by chidichris(m): 7:39pm On Jun 08, 2010
u are right my dear. they can aas well sell fergie.
Sports / Re: Kanu Nwankwo Tremendous Overrated by chidichris(m): 7:00pm On Jun 08, 2010
if i may ask, who is over rating kanu? nigerians or foreign coaches abi fifa?
Sports / Re: John Obi Mikel Out Of World Cup by chidichris(m): 6:55pm On Jun 08, 2010
1) Onigbinde was only appointed to take Nigeria to Japan/Korea 02. He never signaled an intention to take up the job long-term, so I doubt you can say he was sacked.

2) Chukwu was sacked after about 3 years in charge during which we placed 3rd at the ANC and were fumbling to qualify for Germany 06. Eventually we failed to qualify.

3) Keshi has never been chief coach of the SE. The only instance of sacking was when he (as an assistant to Amodu) was fired after the nation cup in 02, despite helping qualifying us for the world cup after Jo Bonfere left us in a ditch.

To answer your question highlighted above. Yes he is in different class compared to the people you mentioned above. Amodu has a more impressive record as super eagles coach (rivaled only best Westerhof). He has qualified Nigeria for 2 world cups. Yet he has been fired even though he met the targets of his employment contract.

i love ur analysis and i will like u to be my friend because u have information.
well, like the nigerian greatest president who brought nigeria to its greatest developmental status, obasanjo wanted a third term despite its illegalities and many of us supported the idea, BASED ON THE ABOVE HIGHLIGHTED ACHIEVEMENTS OF AMODU, WOULD U WANT HIM TO CONTINUE AS THE NIGERIAN HEAD COACH TILL DEATH DO US PART?
like i said earlier on, u have quality and class in ur answers and i found no atom of insult in ur response hence i pray thee to continue in this act of gentility as u approach these few questions of mine.
Sports / Re: Nani Out Of World Cup by chidichris(m): 6:43pm On Jun 08, 2010
Stop sounding like a dead mic, if you read my comment pretty well, you'd see that most of the sentences was asking questions and i even ended the comment with a question, i wasn't saying an African is sure going to win it, i was only saying things might favor an African country.

Brazilian first choice GF is injured, they didn't come with most of their performing players so they are also not as strong as you think.

All the rest that you listed are likely to remove eachother before the quarter final stage, check the pairings, all the African countries need to do is first get out of their groups, once that's done, the round of 16 might still favor them.

All these depend on the Determination on the part of the African countries.
All the same, no one should rule out the possibility of an African country doing something extra-ordinarily.

do u think u are not making the matter worst by this life of assumption of urs.
ok, obama might play for the usa team in sa.
goodluck jonathan might be our goalkeeper in sa.
if only wishes are horses.
do u know why 3 goalkeepers are allowed in every team?
do u know the current brazilian coach's choice of number 1 goalkeeper can be another coach's choice as number 3?
that number 1 injured is not a good reason like someone rightly pointed out here, that might be the long awaited opportunity for the number 2 goalkeeper to showcase his abilities.
in chelsea, the injury of bosinga paved way for ivanovic and if u are current with the situation, u will know what it will take for bosinga to take back that position fromivanovic.
from ur calculations, i can't help but believe that u are an arsenal fan because while others are playing and enjoying their winning ways, arsenal fans will be drawing and calculating the rest matches of the season.
what is the guarrantee that the so-called african countries will come out of the lions' mouth in the name of group stages?
who are those players that are wonderful that these countries left behind?

African team winning World Cup MY FOOT!!!
What is the joy of watching the greatest soccer show on planet earth without its best gladiators?
Nani's injury is hurting me not cos am a United fan but he's one of the players i was out to watch at the mundial!!

South African's had better tell us with is wrong!! Angry Sad Shocked
Essien, ballack, mikel, drogba, robben now Nani. . . . . . who's next?
Maybe Xavi and Messi?

u are not a gentleman. so u kept quiet all these while everyother players were getting injuries only to talk now that a man u player is injured, abi?
u never halla.
u did not even sympathize with us (chelsea) when all our championship materials(essien, ballack, drogba and mikel) were all ruled out. i now believe that u man u fans are still having grudges against us(chelsea) for beating u home and away as well as winning the epl.
anyways, am sorry for nani but i still believe it all relates to a long season. can't u see, arsenal players are safe because they had nothing to worry abt through out the season.
Sports / Re: John Obi Mikel Out Of World Cup by chidichris(m): 6:25pm On Jun 08, 2010
why are u concentrating ur arguement only on amodu? what about other coaches of nigerian blood that have served this country and were sacked?
do u know chief onigbinde? what about chukwu? have u heard of keshi? why not add them in ur refference or are u saying amodu is in a different class as a coach?
Sports / Re: John Obi Mikel Out Of World Cup by chidichris(m): 4:59pm On Jun 08, 2010
Most people did not go against him because of the quality of his work.

He was condemned from the minute he got hired (mostly because the daft journalists only feel comfortable with whites).

He was condemned even when he won 6 straight games without the opponents scoring a single goal.

They continued to condemn and stepped up the condemnation when he drew with Mozambique like if it was a crime.

He was not given an inch (because of his skin colour) to settle down and apply his influence as freely as possible.

The same way he was treated after impressive outing in Confed cup 2005 and WC 2002 (when he lost a semi-final after a Minister came a day before to tell his team they were, as usual, not going to refund their air fare).

Nigeria played fairly well under Amodu but an unreasonable fan base stil living in euphoria of the 90s, not facing realities on the ground, did not notice. They expect to even thrash CIV 2-0 if SE met them. DREEEEEEEAMERS! This is the 2000s, we are mediocre! No player in out team is in the Top 10 in AFRICA, don't let us even go world.

The one and only match I will condemn him and find indefensible was vs Zambia. But every coach has a bad day even with WORLD CLASS players, not the burukutu players we have.

Nigeria is no better than USA at this very moment due to player quality.

nigeria is over 150 million in population. if amodu felt the players were not good enough, he had more than enough time to get new ones. a good coach must be able to bring in new good players.
don't tell me that good players were only available in nigeria in the 90s.
if this new coach has much time like amodu, new and beautiful players will be noticed and brought into the team.
if what amodu did(inviting already made players and hiding behind bars when matches are on) was the role of a coach, then every nigerian can be called a coach and paid like amodu was paid.
Sports / Re: Nani Out Of World Cup by chidichris(m): 4:27pm On Jun 08, 2010
This is the right time for an African country to win this Worldcup.

We can do it.

Apart from Mikel from Nigeria, all other countries from Africa aren't having issues with Injuries, (Drogba is sure going to make the worldcup).

Who in Africa is close enough to be counted as a contender?

which part of ur body is responsible for thinking in ur system?
africa winning the world cup? so brazil, argentina, england, portugal, spain, italy, germany, and other soccer power houses are in south africa for fun?
are u not aware that essien is out injured with muntari still a doubt?
beckham, ballack, nani, etc are all out with injuries and all their countries will do is just pray for them but with mikel injury, ask nigerians what they have to say?
injury is part of football especially in desperate situations.
Sports / Re: John Obi Mikel Out Of World Cup by chidichris(m): 4:16pm On Jun 08, 2010
@ sagamite
u're spot on. Most of the people that were excoriating Amodu were just band wagon followers. Some had valid reasons but most were just subscribing to popular opinion in order to blend in or not feel isolated. A classic case of the 'Spiral of Silence Theory'. Same thing goes for those that are against Kanu's inclusion in the team to SA.
I had an arguement with some dude and he said Amodu is a bad coach because he doesnt stand up to dish instructions during the course of play. Of all reasons. How does standing up to give instructions guarantee a team of victory? Besides, isnt it possible that he might have discussed every possible scenario with his players in the dressing room? Some based their arguements on his not inviting certain as if it is not job to decide who nr who doesnt play. The most popular of the anti Amodu comments is 'he is technically incompetent'. As popular as this comment was, it was never explained and in cases where they try to, they go back to the previous two.

yes mention my name here and nothing do u brother. amodu behaves like someone who is always afraid.
there is no such thing as telling the players everything in the dressing room.
the other thing(sagamite) mentioned allardyce and someother coaches that seat inside their bed room while games are one. so who is he in the coaching business? why not make refference with world renowed coaches like fergie, mourinho, ancelloti, pep, hiddink, scolari, mancini, wenger, benitez etc i mean men whose achievements in soccer move mountains.
a coach shld be able to monitor games and make tactical moves and changes when called for.if you think amodu is a coach, while is he not coaching anyother team outside super eagles?
can't he apply for jobs in england, spain, italy or even benin republic?
watch him, even when our big players are not doing fine on the pitch, he is afraid to change them.
tell amodu to prove us wrong like keshi did when he took togo to world cup and took mali to nation's cup. is this ur amodu trained strictly for the eagles? pls answer this simple question or pass it to that thing(sagamite) to asnwer.
Politics / Re: Obasanjo And Akinyele Fight Over Jonathan by chidichris(m): 8:44am On Jun 08, 2010
Does that mean the lazy you don't get tired?

If you work half of the time Baba do, you will either be in ICU or seeking medical attention in Saudi Arabia.

As old and weak as the brain is, his words in Nigeria today are authority. And Final.

and what have we achieved all these while? at 50, no steady power supply, no roads, no security, no pipe borne water, no hospitals, no quality education. what is good about these old and weak brains?
are u not seeing the respect south africans have for mandela? do u know what it means to have a personality in a person?
obasanjo has no respect even in his family where he defiled his son's wife. nigerians treat him like the dog he presents hiomself to be.
if at his age he still fight, kill and do all manner of things to hang arround power, it means he has no future for his children.
what is he afraid of and what is the official retirement age in nigeria and how old is obj?
nigerians must learn to reason with their brians and stop behaving like goats.
Politics / Re: Presidency To Deliver Power On Schedule by chidichris(m): 8:21am On Jun 08, 2010
i asked this question sometime ago and no one answered till now. i want to ask the same simple and short question again; WHEN?

because no one is answering this question, i want to believe that this promise is going to be the key in the forth-coming election campeign.
there is also the possibility of using it for the second term as well as the third term.

God pls have mercy on us.
Sports / Re: Manchester United Owner's Debts Hit £1.1bn by chidichris(m): 8:04am On Jun 08, 2010
They just have to sell players to raise fund to cancel debts. Sell ROONEY 50 MILL, Evra 25 million , Vidic 30 mill.

@Andre Uweh,
uncle, we are talking about £1.1B.
who will buy vidic 30mil?
again, is this ur suggestion not a way to relegation?
if chelsea could beat man u home and away this season with all these players, tell me what will happen if they sale them.
i don't want premiership to be just for chelsea alone.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Real Madrid Track Taye Taiwo by chidichris(m): 7:37am On Jun 08, 2010
the thing is that worldwide taye taiwo is rated but not in nigeria
yes, because nigerians are as useless as greedy. non of our own makes sense to us. u are part of that nigerian foolishness. give a nigerian chance tomorrow, he will tell u we don't have players. when mikel signed for chelsea, 99% of nigerians were ready to stake their lives saying mikel will die on the bench but as God may have it, all of them have gone dumb.
mourinho believes so much in black players so if taye taiwo goes there, i will not be surprised after all, mourinho brought mikel, essien, kalou and drogba to chelsea and took muntari, etoo and the other kenyan boy to inter so with mourinho at madrid, anything is possible.
Sports / Re: John Obi Mikel Out Of World Cup by chidichris(m): 7:24am On Jun 08, 2010

If Lagerback does well, I will!!!

I am not against Lagerback, he has my support 100%.

I am against:

"Amodu is daft for selecting Yobo for ANC when he is recovering from injury" (Mikel is in WC list despite injuries)

"He is only taking Yak because they are from the same area" (Yak remains in the team under the oyinbo)

"Why are they drawing against Tunisia and Mozambique, teams which these SE is suppose to trash 10-0 under a good coach" (They will draw more teams as I said earlier: There is no more small teams in football)

"He has taken money from Olofinjana or he is awed by the players riches" (Maybe Olofinjana cannot afford to bribe Lagerback but Kanu and Utaka were?)

"he is useless for not infusing no home-based players in SE, a good coach will find some to replace the old legs" (Amodu said they were not good enough. He was right as they could not qualify for CHAN and Lagerback too has seen them as useless)

"He only invites big names as he is hopeless" (Lagerback invited all the big names too, so they are still the best?)

"He should be sacked if he does not win ANC or get to semi-finals of WC with these players" (The retards did not get it when I say our players are mediocre. Semis in ANC was the best target, anything over is a bonus. At WC, they would have done well to reach 2nd round)

"he has not won anything in Europe" (Silly. So his win in Africa is meaningless)

"the players' talent that lead to our wins, and when we lose it is the coach" (Moronic arguments when someone wins 75% of matches)

"Why is he taking a DM off and putting in a CM when we need to score a goal" (Even the "great" Guardiola has made similar/worse subs)

"Why is he playing Mikel in OM, when he is a DM" (Not minding Mikel started as OM)

"He should be sacked, he is clueless" (Part of moronic arguments)

"All his numerous wins are by luck" (Part of moronic arguments)

"we concede 'amateur' goals because the players don't respect him" (I should bigger teams with world class players conceding worse goals)

You youself are aware of these lame, ediotic, lame accusations that has no merit, and when white coaches does the same, it is rationalise or people keep quiet.

And then we wonder why other races look down on us when we look down on our own when he has not failed on his objectives.

Show me an individual/group that has no respect for itself but is highly respected, and I will show you pigs flying over the moon.

this thread is about the most popular person on nairaland(mikel) and not amodu.
i will suggest u come down with points promoting or demoting the man - mikel.
if u think amodu was the best thing that happened to nigerian football, u must be on your way to a surgeon as your brains need some operations.
amodu himself knows that he is not a coach and that is why even when coaches run towards the picth to pass instructions to their players, he will be hiding behind bars. the man does not stand up even when his team is loosing.
if your amodu is a coach as u claimed, why won't him get another job elsewhere since he was sacked? do u know that amodu is waiting till the end of the world cup when this whiteman will leave? if u are still saying that amodu is a coach, it means he was trained to be the eagles coach' only?
he is part of the reason why south african embassy is refusing visas to nigerians because such a man is going to south africa on sympathy can u imagine that?
no tell me, what is his role in south africa? again, differentiate amodu as a coach from that other yoruba chief - onigbinde?
do not push me to say things here because the much crticised mikel does not depend on nigeria and their money while these other yorubas thieves turned coaches cannot feed well without NFF funds yet imbeciles arround here see pleasure in praising them.

For the benefit of those arguing with chidichris, please desist from doing so. I have been down that road and can emphatically tell you that you are wasting your time. He is an ignoramus and a slowpoke that has conceived an omnipotent opinion about Mikel Obi. His arrogant outbursts against those whose posts are suggestive to be anti-Mikel makes one wonder.

He’s not only belittled himself but has made alot of people in this forum categorize Ibo's because of his despicable attitude. Unfortunately majority of Ibo's are learned and well mannered but as usual there are always a few nuisance values like chidichris who resides in Dubai feeding on camel dung and semen.

research has proved that nigeria has no qualified coach as long as soccer in concerned hence the need for foriegn coaches whenever we are in need of quality games. if that research is to be worked with, i don't see a nigerian condeming a player world class coaches like mourinho - world best, ferguson - excellent, scolari - world cup winning coach, grant - very good, hiddink - extra quality and ancelloti - wonderful jointly said, mikel - u are good.
if all the above mentioned coaches give credit to a player, who in nigeria is qualified to say otherwise. not u, not your mother, not your father(if u have any) can say so.
in the year 2010, mikel won the community shield, fa cup, epl, bronze in angola and played very well in champions league- i then ask u, will this boy win your mother for u to say he is good?
in  your generation even the unborn, do u have any plans and believe that such greatness will show up in your lineage?
i can't waste my time with u because most of u here are born of cow rearing parents and the possibility that u operate with cow brian is there so why even arguing with u.

i dont know from whence you got your info. Drogba has been operated upon successfully but he's still a major doubt for the world cup. Besides, do you think Drogba will be 100% okay when the tournament begins? He might as well have opted out like Mikel did since the whole world knows he's injured but he wont cos of the passion and commitment. Do you think Essien or Ballack will rule themselves out if they were in Mikel's shoe?

essien has not played for ghana and chelsea since january, why is it that nobody is calling for his head? mikel made himself available in south africa for the games only to find out that he cannot do it, very simple. many were praying that mikel will be dropped now mikel has been dropped why are we crying again or has the boy turned out to be a good player?
our leaders have destroyed us. hunger has destroyed our ways of reasoning no wonder ibb said the youth cannot rule nigeria. look at the kind of youths we have on nairaland, can they bring about the change we need? the answer is no hence the need for third terms and fourth for the old fools who are far more better than these young imbeciles.
Sports / Re: Kanu Nwankwo Tremendous Overrated by chidichris(m): 10:19pm On Jun 07, 2010
dayokanu seriously you want me to give you dirty slap right now, never in your silly life ever compare kanu to ronaldo or ronaldinho. kanu is just a 15minutes player don't you ever compare him to ronnyaldo ever

u are yet to know that life is not about how far but how well? in ur ignorance, u have not known that 1 minute is enough to decide a world cup talkless of 15minutes.
in the game between arsenal and chelsea, how many minutes did it take kanu to come behind to win that game sole handedly?
in the game between arsenal and barca, how many minutes did it take messi to score 4 goals that destroyed arsenal?
if a player's 1 minute on the pitch decides a game, will it not worth commending?
it is not by labour but by favour.
the truth is that greed, anvy, jealous and frustration have finally destroyed ur sense of reasoning yet u have two irrelevant legs that cannot do what kanu and other players are doing with theirs.
ur type makes me wanting to believe that apes are the real source of human beings. u are more of ape than human being.
the favour of God is upon kanu and he has writen his name in the golden pages of history and ur backward position will have little or nothing to do with him.
as we write, kanu does not know if u exist or not and he no send u.
Politics / Re: Daddy Oyedepo Invokes The Ghost Of June Upon IBB by chidichris(m): 10:04pm On Jun 07, 2010
as i say amen to that, i hereby invoke the spirit of all the dead two communities in bayelsa and benue as well as the spirit of us$16b including the spirit of bola ige all on obasanjo. not forgetting the spirit of his defiled daughter inlaw.

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