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Sports / Re: Yakubu Chewing Gum In National Anthem by chidichris(m): 11:26pm On Jun 19, 2010
can u be reasonable for once.
we are talking abt poor performances and chances of moving on and u are here discussing chewing gum during national anthem.
who knows what u were doing during the national anthem?
u always try to be popular with foolish topics.
from mikel down to yakubu and the next one now, u will ask us who is better between yakubu and mikel.
Politics / Re: 150 Northern Leaders Insist On 2011 Presidency by chidichris(m): 11:14pm On Jun 19, 2010
i will not be happy if jonathan allows himself to be used by obasanjo.
before this time, we all know about the pdp zoning arrangements that brought obasanjo and yar adua to power respectively.
it is always 2 terms of 4 yrs each unless where the president tries to get third term for himself.
jonathan, jonathan, jonathan, u have not done anything so far to attract my vote so fighting or dying to be the next president will not worth it.
remember, all that glisters are not gold. do not allow ur goodluck to turn to badluck.
i wonder why an old man will sit at home and continue using others like tools.
Politics / Re: Pdp Conducts Aptitude Test For Aspirants - Funny? by chidichris(m): 11:02pm On Jun 19, 2010
so what exactly is your point, cos i dont get u and even if i get u am nt in support

is this an aptitude test for me or what? wether u support me or not, it does not make any difference,
since when has illerates in governance the problem of nigeria? if 2 of the councillors are illitrates and for that reason, they will not do well, what ever happens to the rest who are graduates and professors?
if the learned rulers have disappointed us enough, what is wrong in trying illitrates? who knows, that might be the only way out.
the idea of u getting me or supporting me is so irrelevant that i don't care abt ur position.
if u know abt califonia in the usa, find out the situations that brought anold swertziniger on board.
our country is in its present condition because of those who claim to know everything and are ready to prove that they did not conceal election rather they annulled it.
to me, pdp have failed so aptitude test has nothing to change.
Politics / Re: Pdp Readmits Alamesiegha by chidichris(m): 10:51pm On Jun 19, 2010
johnathan is a direct beneficiary of the system - he did not come in on a free and fair ticket, and it is the system that put him on the path to where he is today. in the end t will be business as usual.

there will be some token 'cleaning up' of the electoral process to appease obama and co - which is what whatshisnames ouster was about - but thats where it will end.

what u have said above is called THE BITTER TRUTH.
a snake can never give birth to a goat.
yar adua was on his way to go against this theory above but the forces of evil will not let him be.
jonathan is a won soul by the ottah dear devil so he is to be used as they wish.
we have only two tangible things to remember this jonathan and they include;
1. forcing ibori out of the country as part of the welcome gift to ribadu and el rufai
2. N10b celebration of 50 yrs of madness.

at the end of the day, the poor gets poorer while the richer get richer with all the public armenities going down by the day.
the most annoying things here is that such opportunity has been the prayer of every well meaning easterner and if i am asked, 1 yr is more than enough todivide this country into any thinkable numbers.
why forcing ourselves to be together when we are all convienced that it is not working.
Politics / Re: Pdp Readmits Alamesiegha by chidichris(m): 10:21am On Jun 19, 2010
two words are useful here, LOYALITY AND SUPREMACY.
as long as u are loyal to obasanjo, u can do anything and get away with it. if u doubt me ask andy uba who was caught in a similar money laundary case in the usa via our presidential jet. andy uba was found guilty of the crime in the usa and was sentenced to prison with option of fine which he paid but our own ribadu told us it was a civil matter.
the second word is supremacy and this has to do with those who feel they have grown. if obasanjo feels threathened with ur popularity and influence, u will surely be brought down and that was what happened to alams, atiku and now ibori. the idea here is to bring u down to size.
as long as u are ready to play along, nigeria can be turned into a semi heaven for u. chris uba and andy uba are living witnesses while adedibu is a dead witness.
but if u think u can ask questions to sign documents, u will face the bars. okwele holdings is my dead witness while alams, atiku and ibori are all living witnesses.
Politics / Re: Pdp Conducts Aptitude Test For Aspirants - Funny? by chidichris(m): 10:00am On Jun 19, 2010
story, story, storyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
another round peg in a square hole.
have u not noticed, the more intelligent our leaders are, the more criminal minded they are.
it is obvious that our intellectuals have failed us.
if i have my ways, leadership in this country will be for those who are not lettered.
take a trip to our criminal records, u can't find an illiterate that is involved in these societal criminal activities.
ok let me mention a few names here, borrishade - proffessor, iwu - proffessor again u will agree with me that bode george is a big criminal and tafa balogun is also lettered.
the only national criminal that am not too sure of her educational status is mrs etteh but she must have these learned criminals arround her for her to have the gut to renovate house for N623m.
Sports / Re: Mikel Obi Is Not A Super Eagle And Using Him Will Ruin Us by chidichris(m): 8:49am On Jun 19, 2010
i just believe that nigerians are only greedy about the achievements of mikel otherwise, how can less priveledged nigerians not see what world class coaches have tested and trusted.
Sports / Re: Messi Is Not Going To Score Any World Cup Goal. What Do U Think by chidichris(m): 8:26am On Jun 19, 2010
and from the way u think, everything is about scoring goal?
Sports / Re: We Miss Amodu by chidichris(m): 11:10pm On Jun 18, 2010
gone are the days of appartied and that was amodu's era. if there is anything nigeria needs now, it is re-colonization.
i was going to tell the federal govt to swallow their pride and use the N10B mapped out to celebrate our 50 useless years and employ whitemen to come and run this country for us.
we are a very useless ppl. how can a normal person compare amodu with largersomething.
i saw larger yesterday arguing with the fourth official at the touchline. who among u have ever seen amodu come close to tpuchline while the game is on?
at the end of the day, the swede will go from there and amodu will come back to power.
amodu's coaching knowledge is limited to the super eagles hence it is either super eagles or he is jobless.
Sports / Re: Lukman Haruna Vs Mikel Obi, Who Is Better? by chidichris(m): 11:00pm On Jun 18, 2010
chidicris haruna is still better tan mikel. mikel played 4 seasons without goal or shot on target and his about to play his 5th season now, while lukman just have 2 average games in center midfield instead of attacking midfield. and by the way haruna lukman mother is from igbo land, his igbo name is ifeayi so all these igbo boys should chill with triabalism nonsence

lizard always make efforts to sit down but his long tail will not allow him.
u are like a ballon on top of the sea. u don't have directions of ur own rather u depend on the wind.
u make efforts to stand out of the crowd but u are far behind because u lack information.
under normal circumstances, ill informed ppl like u are not supposed to be my debate partners.
what does it take u to log in to www.chelseafc.com and know mikel's details before u make mockery of urself in public forum.
market women say mikel has not scored in his four seasons in chelsea and u bring that frustrated statement here.
mikel has scored 2 goals in chelsea jersey.
is not abt been igbo or not rather it is abt soccer.
can haruna play in chelsea? if u say yes, as what? and who in chelsea squad wld u want haruna to bench? haruna can score 98 goals in one season, yet he has not landed.
find out about solomon kalou. he was the highest goal scorer in holland league the season chelsea bought but has he done that in england or with chelsea?
soccer get level and like i always say, i pray that haruna will see his dreams come true.
Politics / Re: Jonathan’s Visit: Ig Orders Bomb Experts To Comb Ibori’s Hometown by chidichris(m): 9:58pm On Jun 18, 2010
is this visit part of the take over campeign since jonathan has forced ibori out of the country?
jonathan must learn to thread with caution.
to u jonathan, LET MY PEOPLE GO.
remember what happened to pharoh when he refused to let the ppl of isreal go back to their promised land.
the biafrans want to go and now u jonathan is our pharoh.
i wish u luck jonathan but if only u will mind aso rock and leave delta for ibori tpo avoid clash of interest now or in future.
Sports / Re: Mikel Obi Is Not A Super Eagle And Using Him Will Ruin Us by chidichris(m): 7:21pm On Jun 18, 2010
i thought this thread was dead already? why are we revisiting it now?
just because nigeria lost yesterday?

@george d,
nothing on this forum is dead. some issues were left to time and because their various seasons are over and the world cup is here without mikel, we can revisit useless topics like this one to remind useless ppl like u of the need to learn more about soccer and players before talking in public places and avoid demaging other ppl's names unnecessarily.
Sports / Re: Sani Kaita Vs Abdul Mutallab by chidichris(m): 7:14pm On Jun 18, 2010
latest report has it that kaita was showing his anger towards pdp for not honouring the presidential zoning system come 2011.
according to an insider, the guy is getting ready to score an own goal when next he is futured in a nigerian game.
Politics / Re: Prostitution Banned In Abuja by chidichris(m): 2:35pm On Jun 18, 2010
is not possible. these prostitutes are part our so-called national assembly.
our laws are made by the so-called senators in conjuction with the so-called prostitutes.
all in all, they are far from the truth and far from our problems.
we need steady power supply and just that for now.
Politics / Re: Breakdown Of ₦10 Billion Independence Celebration - Jonathan WTF? by chidichris(m): 9:40am On Jun 18, 2010
This is totally unacceptable u'll need 2 understand that it was yaradua'a budget and not jonathan's, jonathan is simply carrying out what yaradua has set in place.

did u type this? who told u that ur jonathan is acting on yar adua programmes? is it yar adua that asked jonathan to bring back ribadu and el rufai?
are u sure u reason with ur brains? how many times did yar adua spend N10B on independence? start using ur brians or u stand a chance of loosing it.

what we have in jonathan is a goodluck body with obasanjo's brain.
the N10B is to celebrate the take over of delta state as part of the chase of ibori out of nigeria campeign.
Politics / Re: Goodluck Again ! by chidichris(m): 9:25am On Jun 18, 2010
President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday moved to boost his determination to revamp the power sector with the composition of a new structure for power reform.

The new structure is to be driven by the Presidential Action Committee on Power chaired by him, supported by a Presidential Task Force on Power.

This comes as a major impediment to the realisation of stable power supply in the country seems surmounted with the Federal Government’s approval of a new gas supply/purchase template for the gas-to-power domestic market.

Speaking in Abuja at the signing of an agreement for the supply of 65mmcft between the Egbin Power Generating Company, a subsidiary of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN), and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation-Pan Ocean Joint Venture, Minister of Petroleum Diezani Alison-Madueke said the gas supply/purchase agreement would serve as format for all gas transactions in the domestic gas to power market.

this is a useless topic.
he is moving and he will continue moving until he is out of office.
remember the only good thing jonathan has done so far is to chase ibori out of nigeria.
to celebrate that, N10B has been mapped out to disolve come october 1.
useless thread, useless poster and useless,
Sports / Re: Kaita Deserved Red Card Says Yakubu by chidichris(m): 8:49am On Jun 18, 2010
to me, yakubu deserves more than a red card from our national team.
Sports / Re: Lukman Haruna Vs Mikel Obi, Who Is Better? by chidichris(m): 8:32am On Jun 18, 2010
threads like this always die a natural death with all the foolish anti mikels hiding away in shame and giving themselves some sort of break to think the next comparism.
i look forward to mikel/tuface idibia's comparism.
Sports / Re: Lagerback's Fate: Should He Be Sacked Too? by chidichris(m): 8:20am On Jun 18, 2010



the question of firing or not is not relevant because according to his agreement, he has no contract even with nigeria. he was brought in so that we will have a white as coach at the world cup owing to the kind of look amodu has and coupled with the way onigbinde disgraced himself in 2002.
nigeria and nff are jokers. even mourinho will need time to prepare a team talkless of larger. at the end of the day, there is one man whose call is all about nigerian national team. he has been arround and he is hanging arround. he is a very quality coach and he cannot work anyother place outside the super eagles. lager has no business with us so from south africa, amodu is warming up to continue his destruction job on the eagles.
my mind tells me that larger is not even in charge of this selections as he was brought in to cover some shits in the camp.
nff need muttalab's approach so that soccer will once again regain its dignity in nigeria but with the same nff and the amodus arround, thank God win or loss no longer mean anything to me when it comes to our national side.
Sports / Re: Sani Kaita Vs Abdul Mutallab by chidichris(m): 8:08am On Jun 18, 2010
Useless thread, foolish posters, and for all who has responded condemning kaita naa God go punish una one by one.some people can be extremely silly.

To a brother, Mr kaita learn from this mistake and move on.

don't be a terrorist okay? we are all having fun here. if kaita likes, let him score own goal, that is his problem.
the way i laughed yesterday on this forum, i have not done that in a very long time.
nigeria is a useless country but we are also very friendly ppl. imagine kaita been a columbian, he will be gone on his arrieval here in nigeria but i know it is never going to be like that.
we are all catching fun. amodu did his best in killing all our joy for the game of soccer so nothing is moving me soccerwise here in nigeria.
my fear is that ppl like u can even kill with the type of hot blood in u. just that u are a nobody, otherwise, it will be worth doing comparing u with mutallab and kaita.
Sports / Re: Mikel Obi Is Not A Super Eagle And Using Him Will Ruin Us by chidichris(m): 7:38am On Jun 18, 2010
where are we today that mikel is not here?
have we finally won the world cup?
look at his achievements at the end of this season and tell me anyother nigerian that achieved that much.
Sports / Re: Lukman Haruna Vs Mikel Obi, Who Is Better? by chidichris(m): 1:13am On Jun 18, 2010
abeg lukman is still better than obi mikel, but he has to play attacking midfield and not central midfield. whats the point of playing keita on the right when you can just play him in the middle and protect the back 4

in today's match, if there was any player we needed most, it was mikel.
it is mikel because as soon as kaita got the red card, greece got a new form and attacked us with all their strenght and speed so all we needed was a player who could hold on to the ball and and waste as much time as possible. by so doing, he wld get fouls which are time wasting on its own. that will serve as a slow down move on the greece team and frustration cld set in and fotced a red card on their side to balance the team.
at the moment, there is only one player who cld do this and his name is mikel.
haruna missed in action. he had no position in the game of today.
with ur several theories on goal scoring, one will expect haruna to score at least 6 goals in this group stage firing from all angles.
Sports / Re: Sani Kaita Vs Abdul Mutallab by chidichris(m): 10:38pm On Jun 17, 2010
And besides, I dont think the French went all out to criticise Zidane who did something worse back in 2006. We Nigerians are so quick in condemming ourselves, yet we want others to say good things about us. He should learn to control his anger no doubt, but he does not deserve all these bashing on the internet by fellow Nigerians.

why are ppl saying all these bla bla bla. this topic is abt kaita of today and abdul mutallab of december 25. is eighter u stick to this topic or u try the next topic.
u equally have a right to start a new topic.

since ppl have been clamouring for biafra, tolday, i have joined the race and i am telling jonathan in his own interest to let me and my ppl go. we want to go back and form our own team that will be free from terrorists and jackie chans.
if jonathan refuses to let us go, pharoh's case will be a child's play.

we want to be in the next world cup as biafrans and not nigerians.
Sports / Re: Lukman Haruna Vs Mikel Obi, Who Is Better? by chidichris(m): 10:23pm On Jun 17, 2010
The person who thought about the silly comparison of the players needs to be shot. The dude spotting jersey #15 for Nigeria could hardly stand on his feet not to talk about kicking the ball. Haruna Lukman’s inclusion in the team explains the depth of stupidity of country called Nigeria.

with the absence of mikel in the world cup coupled with the game of today, haruna has proved his worth.
the guy is not even big enough to stand the fans.

the problem with nigerians is that we blame nff not thinking about such useless ppl like 12large and kgdavid. if ppl like the two mention here are made members of the nff tomorrow, they will definitely put these out of order brains of their in work.
Sports / Re: Red Card: Was Sani Kaita's Lunacy Chemically Induced? by chidichris(m): 6:46pm On Jun 17, 2010
the team needs serious discipline. At the first place who even invited that silly Hausa  fool. now we will have to wait till Brazil 2014 for another world cup that is even if we make it among the qualifiers.

be mindful of what u think and what u say. there will not be any nigerian side in the next world cup. we are going there as biafrans so is either u are going there as oduduwa republic or any other befitting name(s).
the name nigeria has done more harm than good hence the need for this goodluck of a man to act and act now.
apart from kaita, is there anything going well in nigeria?
let us leave this shaddow(kaita) and address the object dividing nigeria.
Sports / Re: Sani Kaita Vs Abdul Mutallab by chidichris(m): 6:36pm On Jun 17, 2010
if not for quota system, Northerners are not into soccer.
the greek boy shld thank his stars that kaita did not come with his dagger. we for dey another story by now.
my prayer is that jonathan and goodluck will make it possible for us to go to the next world cup as biafrans and not nigerians.
we are tired of all the shameful acts of nigerians which include attempt to bomb americans - Mutallab, kicking players like football -kaita and going to jail at old age - bode george hence we want out as soon as possible.
jonathan! jonathan!! Jonathan!!! pls let my people go.
Sports / Re: Red Card: Was Sani Kaita's Lunacy Chemically Induced? by chidichris(m): 6:20pm On Jun 17, 2010
this dying country has now gotten a reason to die as quick as possible.
kaita only acted as a catalyst.
we are destined to die so what kaita did was to hasten our death.
why waiting when u know that u will die.
on the other hand, what will it look like if the three(3) major ethnic groups in nigeria go their seperate ways?
i think my side will do well especially in football.
we will not throw bomb and we will not kick other players and by so doing, we will earn international respect for ourselves and we have oil too.
old men from my side do not still and do not go to jail with white hair.
pls, jonathan, this is the time and the best time to divide this nonsense non-entity.
everything about this country is rubbish.
kaita has introduced another sense of destruction into our football lives. who is sure this is not his own way of protesting the pdp zoning cancellation that is about denying his ppl presidency come 2011.
do we still have another aboki in the team? if yes, i expect an own goal in the next match.
i pray that come next world cup, biafra will go there as a different country.
Sports / Re: Who To Be Blamed? The Coach Or The Whole Team Or Kaita? by chidichris(m): 5:53pm On Jun 17, 2010
abeg i would blame the coach. why should he drop our best striker, is greece argentina how can he play 2dms against greece yakubu juju is definetly working but i believe in god

u are a very useless . now that your mikel did not play, it has turned to be the problem of the coach.
why not die and re-incarnate so that we see the possibility of your becoming useful to your generation.

an aboki will remain aboki even if u take him to america at worst, he will become an american aboki. keita is a mordern fool.
Sports / Re: Lukman Haruna Vs Mikel Obi, Who Is Better? by chidichris(m): 5:48pm On Jun 17, 2010
where are the idiots in the house?
some have eyes, they cannot see, some have mouth, they cannot talk while 12large, kgdavid and their likes have brains but they can hardly think.
why not continue with ur useless and baseless arguements.
Politics / Re: Abia 2011: Kalu Backs Brother For Governorship by chidichris(m): 8:08am On Jun 17, 2010
orji uzor kalu made his stance known to everyone during the third term agenda. he said, he entered the base with obj the same day and that constitutionally, they were supposed to leave the same day hence he made it clear that if obj remained in power for 100 yrs, he will do the same. when third term failed, he was the first gov to hand over power.
today, obj has remained the hand behind the scene. controlling through his position as the bot chairman of pdp and if u look closely to the abia state politics, OUK is the power behind the scene.
my worries here is, why are ppl who are not even abians become uncomfortable with the situation in the state while our country is not better in anyway. what we have in abia state is a photocopy of the nigerian situation hence we must accept abia state as we have done in the situation in nigeria.

@poster, u are ill informed about the state and such topics must come from ppl with enough information. abaribe was never a gov in abia state and what u think does not make sense in a state where u know nothing.
which state are u from and is ur state doing better than abia?
if u mention ur state here, i personally will convience u that ur state is not different from abia state hence i urge u to begin ur charity from home.
Sports / Re: Lukman Haruna Vs Mikel Obi, Who Is Better? by chidichris(m): 7:36am On Jun 17, 2010
haruna is the best player but i still pray that he will improve to the extent that he will be a brand to be in demand by the premier league, la liga and seria a sides

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