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Politics / Re: President Goodluck Jonathan On Facebook by chidichris(m): 9:31am On Jun 29, 2010
i have seen the page but i can't find where to drop my comments.
Politics / Re: Declare Oct 1st As Day Of Mourning by chidichris(m): 9:12am On Jun 29, 2010
what u have writen here may look foolish especially to a typical nigeria.
what u wrote here will make no sense to the pdp led govt.
what u wrote here can never be writen by our journalists.
what u wrote here can never be used or considered by majority of nigerians but i tell u,
u did not write this as a human being but it takes a great form of inspiration to write deep-rooted points like this.
may God bless u for thinking beyond what others think.
may God bless you for voicning it out not minding the what or how we are going to look at it.

what is the happiness of a soldier without rank?
how do u celebrate failure?
if as a failed state, we are wasting N10b in celebration, one will be forced to ask how much it will cost successful states to celebrate their success?
we are doomed.
Politics / Re: Ojukwu's Best friend Threathens Nigerian President by chidichris(m): 7:23am On Jun 29, 2010
with the situation in nigeria, neither jonathan nor ibb is qualified to rule nigeria.
no matter how good jonathan appears to be, his destruction will surely come from the ppl he is working with.
if jonathan does not mind his steps, he may end up like soludo in the case of anambra state.
a goat can never be friend with lions.
Sports / Re: Haruna, Not Enyeama, Is Eagles’ Top Performer At World Cup by chidichris(m): 8:10pm On Jun 28, 2010
lie! lie!! lie!!!
the 3 lies highlighted above represent u(the poster), your source and fifa.
we all watched the matches and what we all saw was like a wrist watch that does not require a mirrow to see.
even blind nigerians know who played how in sa so if u, ur source and fifa think otherwise, u can tell that to the bird.
Politics / Re: Maurice Iwu’s Sister-in-law Abducted In Benin - News From Benin by chidichris(m): 12:20am On Jun 28, 2010
wow, the guys don hammer.
this is jackpot. this kind of transaction can set one up for the rest of his life.
at least, iwu can pay N10b.
these guys better collect better money from this guy and quit the kidnapping business.
i hope iwu will not be follish not to released some of our money to the guys.
Sports / Re: Nigerians Wake Up We Are Nigerians Not Ghanaians by chidichris(m): 9:11pm On Jun 27, 2010
@original poster,
if there is anyone to cover his face with shame, it has to be u.
one for associating with loosers, secondly for leaving ur country to run to ghana.
have u not heard, success has many relatives.
sports is known for happiness and if nigeria is not making u happy,. u can decide to get ur happiness from togo or burkina faso.
the idea here is to make ourselves happy by all means.
if the desired is not available, the available will become the desirable.
Sports / Re: Mikel Obi Is Not A Super Eagle And Using Him Will Ruin Us by chidichris(m): 11:34am On Jun 27, 2010
where are all the mikel haters? are they all dead or have they decided to hide their faces in shame?
let the originator of this useless thread show his face. where is the george ds and maitemas and the witches and wizards of this forum?
Politics / Re: Goodluck-jonathan-g8-observer-storms-canada-with-140-delegates by chidichris(m): 11:17am On Jun 27, 2010
if every politicians and public office holder wanted to be in south africa for 2010 world cup, what more canada?
140 is not even up to what i wld expect from these useless and baseless administration.
pdp is such an irresponsible party that they do not have even a single project for the development of this forsaken country.
i wonder what ever happened to plane crash.
Phones / Re: Nigeria Threatens To Shut Down Telecom Operators Breaking Rules by chidichris(m): 10:20am On Jun 27, 2010
@evil brain , what a name;please don't show your ignorance in public.in developed countries Sims are registered. which should see it as a welcome development and the question becomes ;the modality of doing this.it could cub crime to a degree, we cant keep on condemning on and on without advising and moving forward.

did i hear u say in developed countries sims are registered? is nigeria a developed country?
do we have identity here in nigeria? how do u register sim when people do not have identity. our drivers lincense are issued in absential so what is the guarrantee that these telecommunication companies will be dealing with the real persons at the point of registeration?
in places like the north, cows will be used as persons in registering sim cards.
it is simple as saying it loud, it will not work.
at the end of the day, FG shld be working towards fixing power problems and that will go ahead in solving a lot of problems including provission of job opportunities to many and providing adquate security options to the people.
most of these crimes are backed by our so-called security agents. sanitizing aso rock will do us a lot of good as that has been the headquatters of crime in the country.
as long as nigeria is concerned, telecommunication companies have very little to contribute in the crime rate of this country.
we as a ppl have refused to face the real situations always chasing shadows in the place of objects.
Sports / Re: Yakubu Targets Golden Boot ; Abeg Make Una Laugh by chidichris(m): 1:11pm On Jun 26, 2010
wonders shall never end.
yak targeted golden boot and ended up with diamond boot.
Sports / Re: Mikel Obi Is Not A Super Eagle And Using Him Will Ruin Us by chidichris(m): 1:03pm On Jun 26, 2010
@maitema, george -d, witch47 and co,
where are we now? ur prayer that mikel be removed from the super eagles worked and what result do we have now?
do u still want him out or can he come in now that it is obvious ur messiahs cld not deliever u?
soccer knowledge is is far different from greed, anvy and jealous.
the earlier u open ur eyes to the things that world renowed coaches have seen in mikel the better for u.
mikel is not a national star rather he is an international star.
if u don't respect mikel for who he is, u can respect him for where he plays or the trophies he has added to his shelf this season.
remember not to forget, the more he play, the more money he add to his account. these guys are out there in search of greener pastures and believe me, greener pastures have a lot to do with EGO - OWO - KWUTI and the guy is really doing well for himself, his family and nigeria as a whole.
Sports / Re: Mikel Obi! by chidichris(m): 12:41pm On Jun 26, 2010
hey chidi, sory it took a while.well i think mikels inclusion in the team would have made a difference although i hate to admit it.i think if lagerback had paired him wiv haruna, we would have had a good run (him playing as a DM instead of that rubbish etuhu).but.its all too late now

i was just asking for the sake of knowing.
ur opinion as the poster is always important.
i think i support ur idea above.
if all these world class coaches believe in mikel, if most world cup adverts have mikel and if world soccer analysts believe in mikel, i think nigerians have nothing to offer in the world football know how and that is exactly what we displayed in south africa.
Politics / Re: Efcc Discovers World's Costliest Toilets by chidichris(m): 9:57am On Jun 26, 2010
am bored and irritated with all these useless stories. the simple truth is that pdp is incapacitated but cannot quit.
for how long are we going to continue with these kind of useless stories? how far has this pdp led govt gone in handling these matters? because there is always a partial and selective decissions on these issues hence future rulers continue in this stealing madness.
the truth is that the situation in nigeria looks like there is a competition among these guys over who steals more.
our efcc is powerless as every decission over any case must be come from just one man not considering our constitutional position.
until we have an independent efcc, nothing will work here.
Politics / Re: I Can’t Be Bought Over – Jega by chidichris(m): 11:37pm On Jun 25, 2010
according to the mumu man, he said; not even a bribe of N50m will buy him. what is that amount compared to what they will offer him. in fact with that statement, that man will be ready to sale his family with the kind of funds that will be offered to him. he shld ask iwu.
on the other hand, is anybody expecting him to say money will buy him?
Politics / Re: Sen. Arthur Nzeribe Should Be Arrested Immediateltly. by chidichris(m): 11:32pm On Jun 25, 2010
if that is the case, i will like to be arrested along with him.
we need even more than a coup.
one of the points raised in the uwais electorial committee is the idea of conducting elections at least six months before handover to enable aggrieved parties to go to court before swearing in. this is june, nothing yet so when will all these arrangements come to pass.
i really do not know what pdp is doing with this country.
Politics / Re: Only 13 People Pass Imo's 10,000 Jobs Test! by chidichris(m): 10:53pm On Jun 24, 2010
EFCC! EFCC!! EFCC!!! where are u?
the said 13 must be connected to the big heads in the state otherwise let them face an open interview.
ohakim and co are showing the world the stuff they are made of.
nobody passed and nobody failed.
if there is anyone who failed here, it is ohakim and his gang of Robbers.
Sports / Re: Mikel Obi! by chidichris(m): 10:46pm On Jun 24, 2010
me miss mikel lai lai that won can never ever ever ever ever happen. the fact that one useless player is better than 2 useless players don't make the first useless player useless. mikel is going to play his 5th season now and as usual i expect him to just pass the ball sideways/backpass for the whole season. i rather take okoro and ibrahim

does mikel know about ur lineage?
at least mikel's weekly allowance will take care of ur mental rehab treatment.
even if u don't have money to go to hospital, why not try prayer houses? u sound intelligent but if u are not high on drugs, then u need to see a physco.
Sports / Re: At Last, Kanu Quits Eagles. by chidichris(m): 10:40pm On Jun 24, 2010
are this useless that we cannot celebrate heroes?
a man that has done his best in serving this country is termed useless by an slowpoke here just because u have access to internet.
kanu is worthy of having a national holidays over his international retirement.
kanu has on one or two occassions brought joy to 90% of nigerians.
kanu's type comes once in a long time.
long live kanu, long live kanu and long live kanu.
Sports / Re: Mikel Obi! by chidichris(m): 7:39pm On Jun 24, 2010
@ chidichris

I have refrained from making this comment for a long time but i think you need to lay off comments on mikel sometimes. I am sure you dont support mikel as much as i do (am chelsea as well) but whenever i find you on threads with mikel i dont bother going any further.

Please this is getting very irritating and though am sure you are going to start spewing abuses now, i still had to state this moreorless. Please lets exercise a little more maturity

i said what i said about 12large because he always say negative thing abt mikel so i was surprised to see him missing mikel. more over, hackers might have hacked into his id to write that.

on the poster, is it wrong to ask ppl their own opinion on the topic they start?

as for ur been irritated, this is democracy so if that makes u happy, go ahead and be irritated.in fact u can be irrigation. remember am not here to please u. i can here to have fun so what u feel or think shld be ur secret because i no send u.
wether u are an arsenal fan or chelsea airconditioner am not interested.
by the ways, since when has been a chelsea fan become a guarranttee that u talk sense? this topic is not abt chelsea fans or airconditioner rather it was about missing mikel.
do u think that thing(12large) that always say mikel only plays sidepasses and backpasses will ever miss him?

talking abt maturity, this is only a sports forum and not adult section. kids are here and u don't expecvt maturity from kids.
Sports / Re: Yakubu Slaps Nff's Taiwo Ogunjobi by chidichris(m): 3:34pm On Jun 24, 2010
pls go and learn the abdul mutallab acts as that is ur calling.
Sports / 10 Hours Of A Tennis Match Still On At Wimbledon by chidichris(m): 10:05am On Jun 24, 2010
After 10 hours, 163 games and almost 1,000 points, American John Isner and Frenchman Nicolas Mahut were locked at 59-59 in the fifth set of their historic first-round match at Wimbledon when play was suspended for the second straight day due to darkness.

You read the score correctly: 59-59. When the Wimbledon final had a 16-14 final set last year, that seemed like a marathon. In comparison, this match was like running to the moon.

[PHOTOS: Isner and Mahut's exhausting battle]

The pair started play on Tuesday, splitting four sets before play was halted due to a lack of light. They resumed Wednesday afternoon and figured to be on the court for around an hour to finish their fifth set. Improbably and amazingly, the men were still on Court 18 as the sun set at the All England Club seven hours later. Isner could barely move. Mahut looked punch-drunk. Yet they soldiered on, playing in front of a stunned crowd and a worldwide audience which grew by the minute, as word of the match spread through the sports world. On a day where the World Cup figured to be the top story in sports, two unheralded players on a distant court at Wimbleon stole the show.

The tennis itself wasn't especially riveting for most of the play on Wednesday as big serves, the speedy grass court and fatigue made for quick rallies and short service games. There were very few break chances — Mahut only had one break point prior to the 147th game and Isner just had four break points of his own — but the drama and mind-boggling length of the set more than made up for it.

Consider: The longest previous set at Wimbledon lasted 46 games. Isner-Mahut didn't just shatter the record, they obliterated it.

Among the other remarkable statistics from the match:

— It's the longest match in tennis history: 10 hours. The previous record was 6 hours, 33 minutes.

— Longest set in tennis history: 118 games.

— Most games in tennis history: 163 (previous record was 112).

— Both players broke the ATP record for most aces in a match. Isner had 98, Mahut hit 95. The previous record was 78. Combined, the two had 193 aces, more than double the old record of 96.

— Mahut had just three break points during the entire match.

— The first four sets took 2 hours, 54 minutes. The fifth set is at 7 hours, 6 minutes and counting.

— Mahut won 448 points to Isner's 428. Isner had more winners: 333 to 318.

— The final set is longer than the previous longest match in tennis history. That was 6 hours, 33 minutes.

— Isner had four match points, one at 11-10, two others at 33-32 and another at 59-58. The first and last match points came nearly six hours apart.

— At 50-50, Mahut had two break points and Isner promptly served a 134 mph ace.

— With Mahut serving at 52-53, the pair exchanged a 16-shot rally which ended with a Mahut forehand winner. It was the longest rally of the match. On the next point, Mahut dove for a backhand at the baseline following another long rally.

— The players took their first bathroom break at 58-58. While walking in the tunnel, they exchanged pleasantries, the first time they had spoken all evening.

— Mahut only qualified for Wimbledon after winning a qualifying match in a 24-22 final set.

— The match is almost two hours longer than the longest Major League Baseball game in history (an 8:06 game between the White Sox and Brewers in 1984).

— The scoreboard stopped working at 47-47.

We'll never see the likes of this again.

The match is scheduled to be completed on Thursday afternoon. But Wimbledon organizers may want to keep a court open for Friday, just in case.

Politics / Fec Upturns El-rufai’s Land Revocations by chidichris(m): 9:58am On Jun 24, 2010
The Federal Executive Council yesterday approved the revocation of about 60 plots of the land within the costly Central District Area of Abuja and cancelled the revocation of all diplomatic plots previously revoked by the former Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister Nasir el-Rufai in 2004.

The council took the decisions yesterday at its weekly meeting presided over by Vice President Mohammed Namadi Sambo at the Council Chamber of the State House, Abuja.

Briefing newsmen shortly after the weekly meeting, Information and Communications Minister Dora Akunyili said the resolutions were to pave way for the restoration of the Boulevard project in the Central District Area initiated by former FCT Minister Aliyu Modibbo in 2008.

Akunyili argued that it was wrong in the first place to revoke lands allocated for embassies noting that it was not possible to give embassies deadlines as they represents countries.

Speaking on the verdicts, FCT Minister Bala Mohammed said foreign countries are at liberty to develop their plots in accordance with to their conveniences noting such actions are capable upsetting diplomatic relations.

He said Nigeria is equally keeping undeveloped plots of land across many countries that it has embassies, and if those plots were not revoked for lack of development, then it would be wrong for Nigeria to revoke diplomatic plots.

Akunyili said the FCT minister, on the assumption of duty, inaugurated a 17 man committee on the 27th April 2010 to access the problems of land Administration in FCT with a view to recommending ways to reposition it.

She said the committee conducted a verification exercise on all land allocations made from 2007 to date and mass housing allocations from 2004 to date and recommended ways of repositioning Abuja Geo-Information System (AGIS).

at the end of the day, el rufai still remain innocent while while men with less crimes are made the real fugitives.
tell me what jonathan is doing in bringing back those who ran away from justice?
obasanjo and his boys are in charge of this nation as long as we see the pictures of jonathan.
jonathan betrayed what yar adua started in reducing excessive powers among the power drunk dictators.
Politics / Re: I Am Not For Sale, Jega Tells Senate by chidichris(m): 9:52am On Jun 24, 2010
since jonathan and pdp are paying this piper and obasanjo has told us that even Jesus Christ cannot conduct a good election before nigerians so let us wait and see how jega will prove all these wrong.
obasanjo is the chairman of pdp board of trustees and he believes in do or die affairs so we are watching.
in fact, no need to wait or watch, pdp on several occassions have proved how incapacitated and irressponsible they can be and they are still those same guys so the story line remains the same.
Sports / Re: Government To Disband Eagles by chidichris(m): 9:23am On Jun 24, 2010
disband eagles?
just get the right ppl in the glass house(nff) and everything will be fine again.
our players lack motivation hence we don't see them play with any form of determination.
look back to the days of abacha. they players and the staff were rightly motivated and they gave it their best.
today, our sports has been politicized and u see mediocres in charge making the worst of decissions.
Sports / Re: Mikel Obi! by chidichris(m): 8:06am On Jun 24, 2010
well yes we could have done better, personally i don't like the way mikel plays for chelsea with all those sidepasses/backpasses, but for nigeria he is decent we could have used some of his long passes plus he can also play centrally, unlike haruna who is an attacking midfilder.

if u are not operating from a mental rehablitation center, then u are a risk to people arround you.

what is ur opinion on this issue?
Sports / Re: Yakubu Aiyegbeni Vs Sani Kaita: Who Caused Us More Pains? by chidichris(m): 10:48pm On Jun 23, 2010
Yakubu automatically wins worst miss of the World Cup

By Brooks Peck

Oh my. It hasn't been a good World Cup for Nigeria. They already have one of the silliest red cards of the tournament to their credit, sparking death threats for apologetic midfielder Sani Kaita, and now, with qualification for the knockout rounds and a $30,000 bonus for each member of the team on the line, they crash out with what has to be the worst miss of the World Cup.

In the 66th minute of Tuesday's final group match against South Korea, trailing 2-1 and needing a win to have a shot at advancing, Nigerian striker Yakubu was set up with an absolutely perfect opportunity right in front of the goal. With the keeper sprawled out beside him and a wide open net waiting to be fed the ball, Yakubu tried to flick the pass in for the astonishingly easy score and he put it wide of the post. He missed. I still don't think it was possible, but he missed. Well, he did hit a water bottle, but that doesn't count for anything.

[Photos: See more of Yakubu Ayegbeni]

To be fair, The Yak kept his composure after his unbelievable goof-up and pounded a penalty kick in just three minutes later to pull even at 2-2, but still -- Nigeria just might be advancing had he not missed that 66th minute attempt. Of course, he wasn't the only one to miss fantastic chances -- strike partner Obafemi Martins blew a couple of his own, too. So the match ended with a draw and the Nigerian team now returns home to a disappointed nation without an extra $30,000 in each of their pockets. But other than all that, they did great!

who started this thread, i think he is high on very cheap skunk,must we blame somebody for all our losses, kaita now yakubu,other country win with ten men e.g australia vs ghana, stop putting blames on any one ,just accept your fate, punks

monkey, the lines on quote above are copied from yahoo now so feed ur empty brains.
i just asked who among these terrorists terrorised us the more.
is it wromng for people to accept responsibilities whenever they fail?
Politics / Re: Jonathan Is Falling For Obasanjo's Bait- Northern Elders Assembly by chidichris(m): 9:41pm On Jun 23, 2010
if we drop sentiments and face the truth, what they said abt jonathan playing the script of obj is nothing but the gospel truth.
jonathan was the vice of the late yar adua under whom rule of law was the motto and ppl like ribadu and el rufai became uncomfortable that they flew the country.
instead of of jonathan continuing what his boss started, he went back to the era of of thugs which gave room to the presidential welcome to those who refused to honour court invitations.
obj is using jonathan for his dangerious games but am afraid jonathan will pay the price.
nigerians known the truth and that truth will be made open one day.
the arrangement was supposed to be 8 yrs here and 8 yrs there so the idea of been clever is not a good one.
Politics / Re: We Have No Money To Fix Power Sector – Jebba Power Chief by chidichris(m): 8:35pm On Jun 23, 2010
Govt should spend its scarce resources on poverty alleviation schemes and social spending

Thats why the UN says most countries Govt budgets should allocate 30% to health care
another 20% to education and so on.  .

Govt should spend on better housing for the very poor
Reducing infant mortality
Reducing hunger.  .make sure all kids are in school,by giving them school lunches
and so on. . Thats what brazil does,and South Africa spends a huge part of its budget on such type of spending
That is poor/low income housing,Free Health care,Free Education and so on

However in  this same South Africa and Brazil Govt stays out of things like power
Because it can only lead to corruption and The money needed is huge and the knowhow is also complex,which Govt doesnt have

What does a GOVT appointee in ABUJA,Know about POWER supply in 2010?
When Bola ige claimed he will perform a miracle in POWER,what happened?

The problem is that u guys think there is money,but that is not how power works
u dont build a power plant by budgeting N10billion naira every yr for 5yrs(Like they are doing with the NIPP)

No.  .u BUILD a POWER plant,by getting your commited finances up front from a bank
and then do the FID(Final investment decision,after signing gas supply agreements and securing Transmission lines to evacuate the power u produce). . .IF there are delays in the ports u work round the clock to fix it
cause u know u are paying interest on your loan

In the case of GOVT,Turbines can rot in the PORTS,cause afterall its GOVT money who cares?
Next yr u will budget another N10billion abi?
Some power plants are built in locations with no way to transmit the power produced cause there are no transmission lines
Some are built with no pipelines to supply gas and so on. .

The question is why would u continue to insist on the same Incompetence i listed above?
and dont tell me that a honest minister will do different. .this is a lie because the whole chain is corrupt
The public sector power workers are corrupt too. . .If they dont sabotage u at production,they will do it at transmission,if not transmission,then they will get u at maintanance

So there lies your problem. . .and its not unique to Nigeria though
Its just that GOVTs worldwide cannot run any business successfully,because they are too slow to adapt

so instead of spending another N150billion this yr to give u Darkness. .
spend it where u can help to get towards achieving our MDG goals(Water,low income housing,free health,free education etc )

@paddy lo,
did i hear u call our resources scarce?
the present no 10 highest oil producer in the world has scarece resources?
do u know what the percentage of our education that is presently in the hands of private individuals?
what is $6b dollars compare to the day to day lootings in our various sectors?
what is $6B compared to the claimed recovered loots by our so-called corruption fighting agents.
tell me, if our govt is a responsible one, how come the card meter is not popular? at the end of the day, even if they privitize electricity, with the same ppl in power, related policies will not be favourable either to the users or the producers.
what is the percentage of countries in the world using privatized electricity and the ones using govt subsidized power suply?
electricity is the pivot on which the economy of every country rotates.
the problem with nigeria and nigerians is that we are so used to poor life that any form of positivity looks the best for us otherwise how can most of our telecommunication companies be selling above their capacities and thereby take people's money without rendering the services.
nigeria has a very poor network and all the internet providers here are more of fraud yet no one is complaining because we have been waiting for anything in form of communication.
if we privatize electricity, let there be privatisation of politics too so that govt will not be responsible to anyone.
Politics / Re: We Have No Money To Fix Power Sector – Jebba Power Chief by chidichris(m): 2:02pm On Jun 23, 2010
For how long will u Nigerians continue to do the same thing over again and expect a different result?

Why in the world would u want the GOVT to put money into Power?

This news is the best thing that can happen
Let the GOVT hands off power immediately. . they should not spend one more dime on it

Privatise the damn thing,sell those Power plants and let those that Know how to run things come and run them

Your GOVT budgets peanuts every yr and u expect power to improve
what is budgeted is stolen,because even if u spend it well,it cannot do what is necessary to be done on Transmission Infrastructure alone
Never mind building of new Power plants

Power is capital Intensive. .we are talking tens of billions of dollars here
The day NEPA will be as irrelevant as NITEL in Nigeria is the day u guys should be praying for
Not useless GOVT spending that leads to nowhere

why dont u guys go and complain that GOVT is not spending money on NITEL too. . nonsense

@paddy lo,
u sound very very informed and wise. so on what do u think govt shld spend money? maybe on independent celebration? do u know the different between armenities and basic armenities? do u think the Fg shld also privatize our roads as we are about seeing in lagos - lekki axis in particular?
at the end of ur suggested privatization of all sectors, what wld u suggest for aso rock because there will be no need for a president, senators, govs and others?
Politics / Re: Jonathan’s Visit: Ig Orders Bomb Experts To Comb Ibori’s Hometown by chidichris(m): 1:41pm On Jun 23, 2010
i don't see delta state as a wahala state rather what i see is invaders.
the fg is hell bent on taking over ibori's shares of the national cake.
jonathan must learn to tread with caution.
Politics / Re: Proposed Breakdown For 10billion Independence Day Budget by chidichris(m): 1:00pm On Jun 23, 2010
having seen all the details, i have come to terms with the realities and importance of this celebration. i therefore suggest that FG increase this budget to N50B.
most countries of this world think we do not have money and maybe that is why we do not have steady power supply so it is very very important that we convience them through this expected colourful event that we have more than enough just that we are used to darkness.
let them be given too much gifts so that they will believe.
useless jonathan, useless pdp, useless obasanjo, useless nigeria.
Politics / Re: We Have No Money To Fix Power Sector – Jebba Power Chief by chidichris(m): 12:14pm On Jun 23, 2010
pdp fix power problems? no way. this party is dark and in darkness they will survive so expecting light under the pdp led administration means waiting forever.
remember, pdp is on a road project that will link nigeria with cameroun - a square peg in a round hole.
who said we have a problem of $6b? what happened to all the recovered loots of the abachas? what ever happened to the $16b contracts of the obasanjo's administration?
only ribadu can give nigeria the much needed electricity from the recovered loots.
all we need is to speak to obasanjo and inform him of this latest development and he will just tell either andy uba, el rufai, bode george, tony annenih or ribadu to just dash us that small money.
jonathan is just like another fool been used by these high way robbers to present their agenda.
how much did pdp raise within a few weeks to sponsor soludo in anambra state? how much did pdp raise for yar adua campeign? why do we have dnagotes, adenugas, and their likes?
they have more interest in sending ppl to dubai to monitor ibori's situation rather than fixing our pressing problems here.

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